Foods To Eat When Pregnant For A Happy Healthy Baby

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					Every woman wants what's best for their baby. That's the main reason why so many
women breastfeed. But what about before your baby is born? Giving them the best
start possible means giving them all the nutrients they need. So here are the foods to
eat when pregnant for a happy, healthy baby.

The most important thing to help your baby develop properly is nutrients and vitamins.
These are essential for building bones, skin and even immune systems. These
nutrients and vitamins sometimes come from pills and tablets. But why spend your
day trying to swallow pill after pill when you can incorporate all these vitamins and
nutrients into your diet? So for example pasteurised milk, yogurt and hard cheeses are
all excellent sources of calcium, essential for fetal development of teeth and bones.
Green vegetables such as broccoli and lentils are high in folic acid, which assists in
preventing spina-bifida, while certain seafoods will provide omega-3 fatty acids
which help with behavioural development. A healthy, well balanced diet is key when
you are pregnant and will not only make your baby perfect but will also help you feel
better too.

Some women find pregnancy a struggle when the morning sickness kicks in, the
heartburn starts and the constant feeling of being uncomfortable rules your whole
body. Of course we know that it is all worth it but that doesn't make the pain any less
bearable. This may seem difficult but you should always put your health first. Your
baby will feed off you and unless you are in good shape and feeding your body the
nutrients it needs, your baby will not be healthy either. It is well known that happy
mummies make happy babies so if you are feeling under the weather or
uncomfortable, be sure to try and do something about it rather than just accept that
this is how pregnancy is supposed to be.

The main thing to remember is that all foods to eat when pregnant should have a high
nutritional value. They could be full of anti-oxidants, they could be full of vitamins or
they could be high in zinc. As long as you keep these foods to a maximum and keep
saturated fats to a minimum (found predominantly in fast foods, junk food, processed
foods, etc) then you will definitely have one happy baby on your hands!

Don't forget that in order to have a happy baby, you should be in tip top condition and
no more so than after the birth. It's proven that women who follow a healthy diet and
a low impact fitness routine throughout their pregnancy are more likely to recover
from childbirth quicker. Now that you know the foods to eat when pregnant you can
go ahead and start making that happy little bundle of joy that can't wait to meet you!

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