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             January - March 2004

Vote ANC on 14 April 2004

    Zwelinzima Vavi
  Bheki Ntshalintshali
    Patrick Craven
  Yolande Mokhantso
    Moloto Mothapo
     Oupa Bodibe
                           Editorial                                                        4

  EDITOR-IN-CHIEF          Why we are voting for the ANC                                  5-8
    Zwelinzima Vavi
                           CEC takes up challenge to implement Congress
                           strategy                                                        9 - 16

                           Union leaders meet Mandela                                        17
                           We want a living wage                                         18 - 20
                           May Day disaster                                                 21
                           COSATU unions take up unpatriotic retailers                   22 - 23
    Patrick Craven         Important lessons of the Shoprite Checkers strike             24 - 27

      MANAGER              COSATU’s three year education programme                       28 - 30
  Yolande Mokhantso
                           Reducing inequality and poverty - a BIG Solution              31 - 32
      WRITER &             HIV/ AIDS rollout plan                                        33 - 35
    Moloto Mothapo         Job Creation Project wins award                               36 - 37

 DESIGN & LAYOUT           South Africa hosts African Musicians Conference              38 - 40
  Yolande Mokhantso
                           U-fasimba - the dawn of Young Communists                      41 - 42
                           Zimbabwe - a country in crisis                                    43
    P.O Box 1019,
  Johannesburg 2000        Swaziland workers struggle                                    45 - 46
 PHYSCAL ADDRESS           Another world is possible                                     47 - 48
8th Floor, Cosatu House,
    1 Leyds Street,        Resolutions adopted by the CEC as mandated
  Braamfontein 2001        by the 8th National Congress                                  49 - 57

 Tel: (011) 339-4911
                           COSATU website redesign                                          58
 Fax: (011) 339-4060
                           Solidarity Forever                                               59
      (011) 339-6940



                                                                         January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 3

 COSATU campaigns for the workers

         he first two months of 2004         suspended sentence.                           Bill.
         have been exceptionally hectic          Appalling as these incidents are, they        This draconian piece of legislation
         for COSATU and this is              are not at all surprising. Farm workers in    threatened to take us back years in
reflected in this expanded edition of the    Kwa Zulu Natal have told COSATU and           industrial relations and turn ordinary
Shopsteward.                                 the Minister of Labour that violent abuse,    industrial disputes into ‘terrorist acts’.
    All our affiliates have been             poverty pay, squalid housing and unpaid       Our lawyers have confirmed that this Bill
mobilising their members in support of       overtime are the normal everyday life for     could have wiped out nearly all the gains
our ally, the African National Congress,     most of South Africa’s farm workers.          we have won over the last ten years in
in the campaign to win the 14 April              The unions, government and civil          establishing workers rights, especially
national and provincial elections. We are    society must unite in a concerted             the right to strike.
determined to see them back with an          campaign to force employers to obey the           We are convinced that the
increased majority and victory in every      law, pay the minimum wage and treat           Constitutional Court would have thrown
province.                                    their workers with respect. We cannot         out this Bill as a violation of our
    COSATU’s decision to back the ANC        tolerate, ten years after the establishment   constitution.
has been fully vindicated by the election    of democracy, having workers living in            COSATU also has strong reservations
campaigns of the main opposition parties.    conditions that are no better than under      about the Communal Land Rights Bill,
They are all talking about the need to       apartheid.                                    which we believe gives far too much
make the labour market ‘more flexible’,          Another group of workers we must          power in the allocation of land to
weakening the labour laws, more              help are the strikers at Equity Aviation      unelected chiefs and their appointees. We
privatisation and cutting government         Services (EAS). For more than two             shall be supporting those women’s and
spending. It would be a disaster for         months these comrades have been               land rights NGOs who have decided to
workers if any of these parties came to      suffering terrible hardship, fighting         refer this Act to the Constitutional Court.
power.                                       against an arrogant and intransigent              Other issues covered in this
    The ANC on the other hand has a          employer. They are not only struggling        Shopsteward include important
track record of strengthening democracy,     for themselves, but to establish an           campaigns our unions have been
extending workers’ rights and rolling out    important trade union principle – that        involved in – SACCAWU’s Shoprite
essential services. The ANC manifesto,       gains which have been won through             Checkers strike and SACTWU’s Proudly
following on from the resolutions of its     negotiation cannot be stolen back in the      South African campaign. There is an
2002 national conference, includes some      interests of maximising profits.              extensive report on CEC decisions, the
important commitments to create jobs             This dispute is also a vindication of     Living Wage Campaign and the Basic
and reduce poverty. This does not in any     COSATU’s opposition to privatisation.         Income Grant conference. We also look
way seek to gloss over some of our           EAS used to be part of Transnet and was       at the latest in the fight against
disagreements over several policies.         sold off to a private company. Just as we     HIV/AIDS, COSATU’s education
COSATU will call on its allies to initiate   warned, this has led to attempts to           programme and the situation in
a process to resolve disputes over these.    worsen working conditions. We must all        Swaziland and Zimbabwe.
    One of the top priorities for the next   unite to make sure that SATAWU and                COSATU will from April sell copies
ANC government will be to improve the        their members win this dispute.               of the video and DVD versions (as well
lives of farm workers. Recent events             This bitter battle at the airports,       as the CD which was launched in
have focussed attention on the abuse of      however, could seem like a Sunday             December) of Solidarity Forever, the
workers in rural areas. Nelson Shisane       school picnic compared to what might          recording of the concert at our 8th
was thrown to the lions by his former        have taken place if COSATU had not            National Congress. It is a brilliant
employer and an employer who admitted        managed to persuade the government, at        collection of some of the great songs
killing one of his workers by dragging       the eleventh hour, to withdraw the            performed by the elite of South Africa’s
him alongside his bakkie received a          Protection of Constitutional Democracy        musicians. Don’t miss out. See the order
derisory R36 000 rand fine and               Against Terrorist and Related Activities      form on Page 59. ☯

4 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                                              VOTE ANC

Why we are voting for the ANC
                                                                                                    improvement on the economic front,
                                                                                                    where the structure of society has

                                                                                     Photo: CDC
                                                                                                    changed little since the apartheid days.
                                                                                                    Wealth is still concentrated in the hand of
                                                                                                    a tiny rich elite who own and control the
                                                                                                    all-powerful banks and mines, while the
                                                                                                    majority still suffer from mass
                                                                                                    unemployment and poverty and far too
                                                                                                    many of our communities still lack the
                                                                                                    basic essentials of life.
                                                                                                        COSATU will do everything in its
                                                                                                    power to make sure not just that the ANC
                                                                                                    is victorious but that the votes it receives
                                                                                                    are repaid in real improvements to our
                                                                                                        The full text of the ANC manifesto
                                                                                                    can be found on their website –
                                                                                           - but these are some of
                                                                                                    its most important sections for workers
                           Queuing to vote in 1994 election                                         and the poor.

C        OSATU is throwing its full           society.
          weight behind the African               Our task now is first and foremost to               ‘A people's contract to create
                                              make sure that the ANC wins a                             work and fight poverty’
          National Congress in the 2004
                                              comprehensive victory, nationally and in              On 27 April 2004 we celebrate ten years
national and provincial elections. Last
                                              every province.                                       of freedom and democracy, ten years of
year’s 8th National Congress reaffirmed
                                                  Then we have the even bigger task of              peace and progress. We celebrate a South
the federation’s solid support for its old
                                              helping the new government to                         Africa that belongs to all who live in it.
ally. The ANC’s record in government
                                              implement its promises as quickly as                      In this period, we shall go out as
and a comparison of the ANC election
                                              possible. To do this we need a strong                 citizens to elect government at national
manifesto with those of all the other
                                              organisation on the ground. Trade unions,             and provincial levels. For the third time
parties makes it quite clear that it is the
                                              civic organisations, NGOs, and the ANC                as free South Africans, we shall cast our
only force that can take forward our
                                              itself, have to be strengthened so that               votes as equals - confirming our freedom
national democratic revolution and
                                              they can push from below to assist the                and giving it meaning.
complete the transformation of South
                                              government overcome any resistance to                     The change that happened 10 years
                                              their policies.                                       ago was a result of struggle and sacrifice.
    Although COSATU has at times
                                                  MPs and government ministers have                 Led by the African National Congress
disagreed with the ANC government over
                                              to play a leading role in transformation              (ANC), it was change that created an
certain issues, the government has a
                                              but they cannot do it alone. To help to               opportunity for us to chart our future
proud record of success in building a
                                              fight off the pressure from rich and                  together. Over the past ten years, after
democratic South Africa and improving
                                              powerful vested interests they need the               centuries of colonialism and apartheid, a
the lives of the majority.
                                              constant pressure of a mass movement to               new era has dawned for South Africa.
    Our occasional differences are
                                              drive them forward.                                       It is an era in which we have together
nothing compared to the gulf that
                                                  We have achieved massive advances                 laid the foundation for a better life. in
separates us from such parties as the
                                              in winning democracy and human rights.                which we have started implementing
Democratic Alliance, which would like
                                                  We have started improving the lives               programmes to secure a better life for all.
to put the ANC’s reforms into reverse
                                              of the majority but a vast amount more                As we gained experience and
and pursue policies that would deepen
                                              needs to be done to achieve a similar                 strengthened our country's unity, this has
rather than reduce the inequalities in our
                                                                                                    become an era in which we have started
                                                                                                  January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 5
        VOTE ANC

speeding up change.                          been expanded to more South Africans.         continent.
   The foundation is solid. Many             Free basic services like water and                Yes, we have made massive progress.
experiences have been gained and many        electricity are starting to be provided.      However much, much more still needs to
lessons learnt. We can now do more,          Free health care is provided to mothers,      be done. At the heart of our challenges
united in A People's Contract to Create      children under 6 and people with              are two linked concerns - we must create
Work and Fight Poverty.                      disabilities. But the quality of these        work and roll back poverty. These two
                                             services needs to be improved; and we         core objectives are the major focus of our
      Celebrating South Africa               need to create more jobs so that people       programmes for the second decade of
Today, South Africa is a democratic          can use these services more effectively       freedom. To achieve this we need
country with a government based on the       and in a sustainable manner.                  stronger partnership among all South
will of all the people. It has among the         The police, justice and other security    Africans, a people's contract for a better
best Constitutions in the world, ensuring    agencies have been changed to serve all       South Africa.
human rights and dignity to all,             South Africans, and they are making
irrespective of race, gender, religion and   progress against crime. But too many          Forward to the second decade of
language. All are equal before the law;      attacks occur against citizens; abuse of                 freedom
the rights of women are recognised and       women and children is too high; and           Guided by the Reconstruction and
are increasingly finding expression in       violence against individuals remains a        Development Programme (RDP), our
real life; and the same applies to the       problem.                                      vision is to build a society that is truly
rights of persons with disabilities.             Women have attained the right to          united, non-racial, non-sexist and
                                             equality, and more and more women are         democratic. Central to this is a single and
     Learning from experience:               found in leadership structures; land,         integrated economy that benefits all.
      We can do more, better                 health and housing programmes have                The combination of some of the most
Our Constitution and laws guarantee          favoured female-headed households. But        important targets and objectives making
equal rights for all South Africans. But     discrimination and abuse still take place,    up Vision 2014 are as follows:
discrimination and abuse continue - and      and women are found in very large                  Reduce unemployment by half
they need to be firmly dealt with - in       numbers among the poorest sections in         through new jobs, skills development,
some workplaces including farms, in          our society.                                  assistance to small businesses,
some schools and in social activities; and       Young people have benefited from          opportunities for self-employment and
the dignity of sustainable livelihoods       the environment and programmes of             sustainable community livelihoods.
eludes many families.                        freedom: from the improvements in the               Reduce poverty by half through

                              Together we can and we will do more an
                                          A better life for all!
    The economy has created 2 million        education system; from the outlawing of       economic development, comprehensive
net new jobs since 1995. But the number      discrimination in access to professions;      social security, land reform and improved
of people seeking work has sharply           from the opening up of opportunities in       household and community assets.
increased; many workers have lost their      sport and culture and from the provision            Provide the skills required by the
jobs; and many have been negatively          of electricity, water and other services to   economy, build capacity and provide
affected by casualisation and                millions of households. But too many          resources across society to encourage
outsourcing. As a result many, many          young people are unemployed, and              self-employment with an education
South Africans do not have jobs or           millions of them come from poor               system that is geared for productive
decent self-employment; poverty is still a   households.                                   work, good citizenship and a caring
reality for millions, as many do not have        South Africa has become a full and        society.
appropriate skills, while many cannot get    active member of the global family of               Ensure that all South Africans,
credit to start or improve their own         nations. We have built relations with         including especially the poor and those at
businesses.                                  most countries and our voice is heard         risk - children, youth, women, the aged,
    The programme to provide housing,        across the globe. But Africa remains the      and people with disabilities - are fully
electricity, water and health care has       least developed and most marginalised         able to exercise their constitutional rights

6 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                                                 VOTE ANC

   and enjoy the full dignity of freedom.
         Compassionate government service
   to the people; national, provincial and

                                                 Photo: CDC
   local public representatives who are
   accessible; and citizens who know their
   rights and insist on fair treatment and
   efficient service.
          Massively reduce cases of TB,
   diabetes, malnutrition and maternal
   deaths, and turn the tide against HIV and
   AIDS, and working with the rest of
   Southern Africa, strive to eliminate
   malaria, and improve services to achieve
   a better national health profile and
   reduction of preventable causes of death,
   including violent crime and road
         Significantly reduce the number of
   serious and priority crimes as well as
   cases awaiting trial, with a society that
   actively challenges crime and corruption,                                 ANC supporters hoping for a better life
   and with programmes that also address
                                                           Intensify assistance to youth              and introduce medium density housing
   the social roots of criminality.
                                                      agencies such as the Umsobomvu Youth            closer to places of work; and provide
        Position South Africa strategically as
                                                      Fund to provide skills training for             those who have as yet not received such
   an effective force in global relations,
                                                      employment and self-employment,                 housing with serviced stands for more
   with vibrant and balanced trade and other
                                                      ensure implementation of the National           decent living.
   relations with countries of the South and
                                                      Youth Service and help unemployed                     Improve services in health facilities
   the North, and in an Africa that is
                                                      graduates to get work skills.                   staffed by adequate well-trained and
   growing, prospering and benefiting all
                                                              Complete the land restitution           caring staff, with new funds added to the
   Africans, especially the poor
                                                      programme and speed up land reform,             budget to recruit and retain health
                                                      with 30% of agricultural land                   personnel, improve infrastructure,
                                                      redistributed by 2014, combined with            enhance health promotion and nutrition,

nd better!                                            comprehensive assistance to emergent
                                                                                                      promote awareness on, and provide
                                                                                                      comprehensive care, management and
                                                           Ensure involvement of communities          treatment of HIV and AIDS.
                                                      in local economic development                         Ensure that all children have decent
                                                      initiatives to provide work, build              classrooms, further reduce the
                                                      community infrastructure and ensure             teacher/pupil ratio, improve spending in
        The next five years: The                      access to local opportunities, and              favour of children and students from
            practical steps                           encourage the emergence of co-                  poor households, and expand the school
          Create 1 million job opportunities          operatives.                                     nutrition programme.
   through the Expanded Public Works                        Intensify efforts aimed at building a            Realise Batho Pele principles and
   Programme.                                         spirit of community, good citizenship,          improve services in government offices,
         Ensure that those who wish to start          social activism, moral regeneration and         through electronic means and by working
   and sustain their small businesses,                solidarity at the local level.                  with citizens to monitor those who work
   including youth and women, have access                                                             in these offices.
   to credit, through dedicated funding to                     Access to services
   support micro-loan financing, through                    Speed up programmes to provide             Comprehensive Social Security
   further reforms to existing support                water and sanitation, electricity and                Ensure that all who are eligible for
   agencies and through changes being                 telephone services to those who are not         social grants, including poor children up
   introduced in the financial system and             yet connected.                                  to 14 years of age, receive these grants
   institutions.                                           Build more subsidised housing              which increase at least at the rate of

                                                                                                    January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 7
        VOTE ANC

                                                                                                economic services, while building a
                                                                                                modern and competitive economy.
                                                                                                    As we enter the Second Decade of
                                                                                                Freedom, at the core of the challenges we
                                                                                                face is the task to speed up the creation
                                                                                                of work and further to strengthen the
                                                                                                fight against poverty.
                                                                                                    Our goal is to create a South Africa in
                                                                                                which all can experience an improving
                                                                                                quality of life, enjoying equal human
                                                                                                rights, with access to opportunities that
                                                                                                freedom has brought us, and bound
                                                                                                together as a nation by our humanity.
                                                                                                    The ANC speaks with confidence
                                                                                                because it has been at the head of this
                                                                                                national effort to change our country for
                                                                                                the better. We know that together with
                                                                                                you we can do more, better. We commit
                                         Viva ANC Viva                                          ourselves to do everything that is
inflation.                                                 Fully integrate the institution of   necessary and possible to meet these
     Improve the functioning of the              traditional leadership into democratic         objectives.
Unemployment Insurance Fund and                  governance and development.                        Working with you in a People's
ensure that it covers as many workers as                   Improve access to government         contract to create work and fight poverty,
practicable.                                     information so that citizens are aware of      we are confident of success.
     Introduce a national health insurance       their rights and take advantage of
system so that all citizens are covered by       opportunities provided by democracy,            Together we can and we will do more,
both the public and private health system        and ensure progressive realisation of              better! A better life for all! ☯
which they can afford.                           rights of persons with
      Speed up the programme to provide          disabilities.
free basic water and electricity so that                         Strengthen all
each family is ensured a basic minimum           i n s t i t u t i o n s o f democracy,
of these services.                               including the legislatures and
     Speed up the extension of free health       bodies             such      as    the
services to persons with disabilities.           Constitutional Court, Human
                                                 Rights Commission, Auditor-
      Constitutional rights and                  General and the Public
            governance                           Protector so as to improve
    Improve interaction between                  citizens' exercise of their
government and the people through                rights.
accountable public representatives, one-
stop government centres, izimbizo and                Confidence in the
the use of electronic government                          future
                                                 Over the past ten years,
      Ensure better co-operation among
                                                 working together, we have
national, provincial and local
                                                 built South Africa into a land
governments with integrated planning
                                                 of peace and harmony, a land
and monitoring of implementation, and a
                                                 of expanding opportunities.
common system of public service.
                                                 We have built a stable and
    Ensure quicker and more effective
                                                 growing economy. We have
intervention in local government and
                                                 created the possibility to
other spheres of government where there
                                                 release more and more
are problems in implementing
                                                 resources for social and
programmes agreed upon.

8 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                                 COSATU NEWS

  CEC takes up challenge to
implement Congress strategy

                                               COSATU’s 8th National Congress

C        OSATU’s Central Executive          collective power of the organised             for sectoral interventions and monitoring
         Committee (CEC) met from 24-       workers and working class in general.         and ensuring implementation of the GDS
         27 November 2003 and again         Elements of our political programme           agreements.
from 23-25 February 2004. They were         include strengthening the alliance,
the first CECs since the historic 8th       improving our participation on                                   Elections
National Congress and their main task       governance issues, building the ANC and       Both meetings reaffirmed that
was to develop an implementation            SACP, strengthening the mass                  COSATU’s immediate task is to ensure
strategy to take forward the                democratic movement, and developing           an overwhelming victory for the ANC,
Consolidating Working Class Power for       strategies for business and ideological       with an increased majority overall and
Quality Jobs - Towards 2015 programme       contestation.                                 victory in the Western Cape and
and other resolutions of the Congress. In       Central to our organisational             KwaZulu Natal. It was agreed that we
taking forward the 2015 plan and the        programme is the need for continuous          need to move the campaign and general
other decisions of the 8th National         organisational            development,        mobilisation to record heights.
Congress the CECs arrived at the            strengthening our capacity to provide             The CEC saluted the work of the
decisions below:                            service to members, a concrete                thousands of COSATU activists who are
                                            recruitment strategy, building unity          doing great work to realise our strategic
                                            within and outside COSATU and                 objective of helping return the ANC to
           Plan of Action
                                            achieving the realising our vision for        power with an even stronger majority in
The November CEC adopted a detailed
                                            ‘one country one federation’ and ‘one         all provinces, in particular in KwaZulu
strategy for the next three years to
                                            union one industry’.                          Natal.
implement its 12-year programme
                                                Job retention and creation will be at         It identified areas of weakness and
towards 2015. Central to the programme
                                            the centre of our socio-economic              committed all affiliates and regions to
is to build COSATU and strengthen the
                                            strategies. We seek to build our capacity     finalise their election plans and
                                                                                        January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 9

implement them efficiently and                They found that many workers on farms            The affiliates will buy the album in
enthusiastically.                             still face extreme exploitation and daily    bulk in proportion to their membership
    The February CEC agreed to use our        abuse. This includes murder, beatings        size. The album price would be reduced
experience in the general elections as a      and denial of the basic freedoms             progressively so that the more affiliates
launching pad for the local government        enshrined in the Constitution of our         buy in thousands, the more the price
elections, sustain the momentum and use       country and in legislation.                  would be reduced from the current
it to build our structures on the ground.          The CEC gave its full backing to two    R90,00.
The elections campaign must be used to        important marches in defence of                  In addition, the price structure should
recruit members, revitalise union             workers’ rights and living conditions - on   be such that affiliates could also share the
structures and rebuild COSATU locals.         28 February in Newcastle and on 13           surplus from the sales. This price
    The CEC expressed serious concerns        March in Utrecht. These marches              structure and incentives would be worked
about isolated but worrying incidents of      highlighted workers’ rights and protest      out immediately after the meeting.
political violence in KwaZulu Natal and       against abuse and poverty wages.             PAWE and MUSA would be roped in to
saluted all parties that signed the Code of        The Newcastle march on 28 February      assist with the promotion of the album.
Conduct for elections and urged them all      formed part of the broader COSATU            Further, NOBs have to resolve the issue
to ensure that their members’ actions         campaign led by its affiliate SACTWU to      of royalties with the POPCRU and
honour the undertakings they made.            put pressure on the remaining companies      SADTU choirs.
    The CEC was extremely concerned           that are refusing to sign the NEDLAC
                                                                                               Merger between PAWE &
                                                                                           A report on the progress to merge PAWE
                                                                                           and MUSA was noted. The target set to
                                                                                           form a new union remains the first six
                                                                                           months of 2004.

                                                                                           Public sector unions’ conference
                                                                                           The CEC resolved that the public sector
                                                                                           unions should meet and discuss their
                                                                                           objectives, agenda and financing. Indeed,
                                                                                           the public sector unions met during one
                                                                                           of the lunch breaks. They decided that a
                                                                                           conference would be held on 21-23 May.
                                                                                           The COSATU Public Sector Coordinator
                                                                                           would then ensure that each affiliate
SACP General Secretary, Blade Ndzimande,former COSATU G.S Jay Naidoo and Ronnie            prepares thoroughly and that the task
Kasril at launch at Solidarity Forever                                                     teams that were established do their
that IFP members have been shown twice        negotiated agreement on buying and
on national television displaying extreme     promoting Proudly South African
                                                                                           Growth & Development Summit
intolerance and called on the IFP to call     produced goods in their stores. Mr Price
                                                                                           The CEC decided that all affiliates must
its members to order and tell them that       is the latest company to sign the
                                                                                           audit the GDS agreement and identify
time for violence and intimidation            agreement.
                                                                                           specific areas that require action. On the
belongs to the past and elsewhere,               The COSATU General Secretary
                                                                                           basis of the audit, affiliates must develop
certainly not in KwaZulu Natal or in a        would lead a task team to look at ways to
                                                                                           a strategy to implement within their
democracy.                                    improve the organising of farm workers.
                                                                                           sectors. These plans must be submitted to
                                                                                           the Federation so that they form part of
            Abuse of workers                           Solidarity Forever                  the overall plan to implement the GDS
The CEC registered its outrage at the         The CEC adopted a proposal to appoint a      resolutions. Each affiliate must appoint a
murder of Nelson Shisane, the worker          person/company to deal with COSATU           comrade to be the contact point on GDS
who was thrown into the lions’ den. The       merchandise, including the Solidarity        matters. A meeting of coordinators and
COSATU leadership and the Minister of         Forever CD, tape, VHS Cassette and           general secretaries should be convened to
Labour have been inspecting farming           DVD. A sales and promotions strategy         assess the draft programme on the GDS
workplaces together in KwaZulu Natal.         was also considered.                         before the May CEC.

10 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                                     COSATU NEWS

The CEC resolved that COSATU must
develop a clear position on these issues
so that it can also guide affiliates.
Lawyers who want to bring cases to
settle historical issues are now
approaching affiliates, especially
NUMSA and NUM. The current
COSATU policy lacks detail and is
designed more to respond to litigation by
lawyers seeking reparations for victims
of apartheid in general.
    A paper should be drafted to respond
to specific litigations for workers, as well
as for the general approach to litigation
for all those who suffered under
apartheid. The CEC would then debate
the matter and formulate a detailed policy
for COSATU.                                          COSATU demonstration in support of Equity Aviation Services strikers
                                               the apartheid era style of confrontational     SATAWU and its members in their
Ten Year of Democracy Review                   negotiations and union bashing.                meetings in the first week of March. By
The CEC decided that:                              Equity Aviation has made it clear that     Thursday, 4 March, lunch hour pickets
a. May Day will be used to mark 10             even if workers ended the strike it would      and demonstrations were to be held in all
years of democracy. However, all May           continue with its lockout until every one      workplaces.
Days should be celebrated in a manner          of its over 1 000 workers has signed on        3. Mass marches in all our locals to be
consistent with the CEC framework that         the dotted line on new conditions of           held on the weekend of 6 March,
seeks to ensure that the content of May        employment. But its proposals include          particularly in areas near airports.
Day and its political control rests with       unacceptable downward variations on            4. From 6 March all COSATU members
the workers and not with the government;       existing conditions, including increasing      to refuse to touch all goods, including
b. A conference to reflect on the ten          working hours from the current 40 hours        petrol and post, to Equity Aviation.
years of democracy and to share                a week to 45, without compensation.            5. COSATU and all its affiliates will
experiences with unions from Africa and            The entire COSATU CEC, with top            cancel all bookings and boycott SAA
elsewhere should be held towards the end       leadership from every COSATU affiliate,        from 8 March until the strike is settled
of the year.                                   therefore staged a demonstration on            6. The unions with most direct linkages
c. A ten-year review booklet should be         Tuesday, 24 February 2004, at                  to Equity Aviation and airports generally
produced to analyse the ten years of           Johannesburg International Airport to          applying to go into a protected half-day
democracy from a working class                 express its anger over Equity Aviation.        strike on 11 March. These unions include
perspective.                                   They marched and toyi-toyied around the        POPCRU,           SAMWU,           FAWU,
                                               airport and submitted the attached             SACCAWU,             NEHAWU             and
      Living Wage Campaign                     memorandum to a representative of              CEPPWAWU, amongst others.
1. Strike At Equity Aviation                   Equity Aviation.                               7. The General Secretaries of COSATU
The February CEC was convinced that                The CEC further developed a                affiliates to meet again on 9 March to
the management of Equity Aviation was          programme of action for solidarity,            review this programme of action, if the
using a lockout to crush our affiliate,        which includes:                                strike was not resolved by then, and take
SATAWU, and unilaterally impose new            1. Calling on all COSATU members to            the programme to greater heights.
conditions of employment that would            donate to the strike fund that SATAWU          8. Calling on the ANC and the SACP to
reverse workers’ gains of many years.          has established to help the striking           support the strike and the solidarity
Throughout the dispute, management has         workers. COSATU itself has pledged             actions; asking some of the progressive
shown no interest whatsoever in settling       R30 000, and all COSATU affiliates will        shareholders to speak out against
the strike, which is now in its third          make further pledges. The CEC also             management strategy; and request the
month.                                         circulated forms for individual donations.     interventions of the chairperson and CEO
    This intransigence, displayed in           2. All COSATU locals developing                of Transnet.
particular by the CEO, is reminiscent of       proposals for practical solidarity with
                                                                                            January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 11

                                                                                                  a. The Cabinet statement issued in
                                                                                                  November 2003 that government would
                                                                                                  begin a rollout of ARV as part of its
                                                                                                  comprehensive strategy.
                                                                                                  b. Public statements that seems to
                                                                                                  suggest that treatment and better nutrition
                                                                                                  are substitutes in the battle against AIDS.
                                                                                                  This miscommunication undermines the
                                                                                                  broad thrust of government’s
                                                                                                  comprehensive strategy on HIV/AIDS
                                                                                                  and plays into the hands of the opposition
                                                                                                  and confuses the public.
                                                                                                  a. To call for a consistent message by
                                                                                                  government leaders on existing
                               May Day 2003 in Newtown, Johannesburg                              government policy which combines
                                                                                                  prevention, treatment and better nutrition.
2. CPIX versus CPI                                          DENOSA-SADNU                          b. To call on government to expedite the
SACTWU raised a concern that the                   It was agreed that COSATU NOBs must            roll out of ARVs as a matter of urgency.
living wage framework urges affiliates to          facilitate and kick starts the process of      c. To call on social partners, government
use CPI rather than CPIX.                          unity between DENOSA and SADNU,                and business, to conclude the NEDLAC
    The CEC clarified its position that            which has stalled around whether the end       Framework Agreement on Prevention
workers should use CPI or CPIX                     product is a merger or integration.            and Treatment.
depending on which best protects them                                                             c. That COSATU will make itself
against inflation, which in turn depends                                                          available to assist government in
on various factors. Unions should                                                                 whatever manner is possible, to expedite
                                                   NEDLAC negotiations on the HIV/AIDS
understand these indices and apply                                                                the roll of ARVs in the public health
                                                   Comprehensive Prevention and
whichever makes more sense for their                                                              system.
                                                   Treatment Plan stalled in early 2003 so
members, given the factors that actually
                                                   that government and business
affect their purchasing power. The aim
                                                   representatives could get mandates from
                                                                                                         HIV/AIDS education
should be to ensure that inflation does
                                                   their principals. Subsequently labour                    programme
not reduce workers’ real standard of                                                              Busi Makhanya, the HIV and AIDS
                                                   proposed the resumption of negotiation at
living and annual improvements.
                                                   the NEDLAC Management Committee in
                                                   February 2004. Government and business
                   May Day                         responded by arguing that the matter is
The theme for May Day 2004 will be                 now redundant, as government has now
"Save Jobs, Crush Poverty, Build                   unveiled a strategy that also includes
COSATU". The list of rallies and venues            treatment.
was to be finalised by the affiliates’                 The February CEC resolved that
General Secretaries. In the meantime the           labour must insist on the matter being
regions that have not finalised their              formally concluded at NEDLAC. Once
venues, times and budgets would finalise           the agreement is concluded it will be
these for presentation in the meeting of           possible to hold all parties accountable to
the General Secretaries.                           their commitments. Furthermore, the
                                                   agreement will also ensure employers
        SAAPAWU integration                        step up their actions on HIV/AIDS
The report and work plan to integrate              prevention and treatment.
SAAPAWU into FAWU was adopted by                       It was felt that as part of the election
the February CEC. The target remains 1             message, we must insist on a consistent
April 2004 to integrate SAAPAWU into               message on HIV/AIDS. To this end the
FAWU.                                              CEC passed the following resolution:
                                                                                                           COSATU General Secretary Zwelinzima Vav

12 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                                                  COSATU NEWS

         COSATU Educator, was introduced and
         the project, which the American Labour
         Centre is funding, was explained. She
         will also provide counselling services to
         COSATU staff and leadership, as well as
         develop a network for all progressive
         institutions that provide counselling in all
         provinces, for COSATU members.

                 Safety and Security
         The CEC endorsed POPCRU’s concern
         that crime remains a huge social problem
         facing our people. Government must be
         urged to do more to support ordinary
         police by supplying them with bullet
         proof vests and other equipment that will
         help them match heavily armed criminal                                 POPCRU members need protection
         gangs they have to deal with on a daily                                                           writing, material development and other
                                                                 Stop order facilities
         basis.                                                                                            important cadre development skills. This
                                                        SAMWU raised a concern that Treasury
                                                        is likely to regulate stop order facilities in     included the programme outline and the
             Budget and 2004 priorities                 an apparent encroachment on                        guidelines for the selection of the 20
         The budget, broad priorities and detailed      organisational rights. The matter was              comrades.
         programme were noted and accepted by           noted and referred to the meeting of the
         the CEC. The priorities are:                   public sector unions by the CEC. At the              Golden Arrow Bus Company
         1. Elections and celebrating ten years of      meeting of the public sector it was                The February CEC discussed a request
         democracy.                                     clarified that the treasury is not                 by the Western Cape REC that the CEC
         2. Living wage campaign.                       necessarily attempting to do away with             direct the SACTWU investment
         3. Building the alliance.                      stop orders, but wants to end all non-             company to withdraw from bidding for
         4. Picking up the gains of workers, and it     statutory deductions. This would end               the Golden Arrow Bus Company in Cape
         was also emphasised that leadership            deductions for things like insurance and           Town, on the grounds that this will give
         training on the political economy should       saving schemes for workers. The unions             workers in the company a chance to take
         be included among the priorities.              in the public service would share                  over through a co-operative.
                                                        experiences, but SAMWU must continue                   SAMWU said it does not support the
                                                        to resist this measure.                            bids by either the workers or the
                                                                                                           SACTWU Investment Company. It
                                                         SACTWU Section 77 - Proudly                       prefers that the local government take
                                                              South Africa                                 over the bus company, as it is an
                                                        CEC endorsed the SACTWU Proudly                    essential service.
                                                        South African campaign (See article on                 The CEC resolved that the NOBs
                                                        Page ) and urged all affiliates to support         must convene a meeting with Western
                                                        it. SACTWU in turn was urged to                    Cape and SACTWU and then table a
                                                        inform affiliates of details of the                report at the May CEC.
                                                        programme of action so as to improve
                                                        coordination and solidarity.                                  Employment data
                                                                                                           The CEC reaffirmed the correctness of
                                                                 Chris Hani Brigade                        COSATU’s Jobs and Poverty Campaign.
                                                        The CEC endorsed the programme for                 It discussed the recent claim, most
                                                        the establishment of a political education         notably in the government’s Ten Year
                                                        commissariat of 20 activists per region            Review, that two million new jobs have
                                                        who will undergo extensive training on             been created over the last ten years.
                                                        political analysis, class theory, design of        Workers’ experience suggests that these
Vavi speaks to media on HIV/AIDS Campaign               education programmes, facilitation,                claims are exaggerated, and CEC

                                                                                                         January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 13

therefore spent some time interrogating       and Development Summit agreed,                  formal job creation must be achieved to
the statistics.                               government, business and organised              reach the GDS target of halving
    CEC concluded that the definition of      labour must prioritise efforts to support       unemployment by 2014. Simple models
employment in the past eight years has        job-creating, equitable growth. That            show that, given the current poor
effectively changed to include workers        requires, above all, measures to                relationship between job creation and
engaged in survival strategies who            restructure the economy and overcome            growth, the economy would have to grow
previously would be considered                the marginalisation of the majority of our      by over 10% a year to reach this target.
economically inactive. This has led to a      people. Otherwise we cannot possibly            f. In fact, as the Budget Review pointed
substantial exaggeration of the growth in     reach the target of halving                     out, the overvaluation of the rand slowed
non-formal jobs, which accounts for 75%       unemployment by 2014.                           growth to well under 2% in the second
of the reported expansion in employment.          The CEC adopted a resolution on this        half of 2003.
In contrast, formal employment has            question, which reads as follows:               Resolves:
grown much more slowly than the               Noting:                                         a. Deeper analysis of the data shows that
population, and mostly in poorly paid         a. There is consensus that unemployment         it is simply inaccurate to say that the
sectors, especially retail.                   is a national crisis. Unemployment has          economy has turned the corner on job
    Despite these concerns, the CEC is        risen rapidly in the recent years to cover      creation and unemployment. Substantial
pleased with the national consensus on        over 40%, if we include workers who are         changes in economic strategy are needed
the basic facts of the unemployment           too discouraged to actively seek work.          to resolve the unemployment crisis.
crisis, namely:                               Unemployment hits particularly hard at          b. Unemployment is a problem because
1. Unemployment constitutes the main          young people, women, and Africans.              it is a major cause of poverty and social
economic crisis. It is at 31% if we use the   b. In contrast, the assertion that the          exclusion. It can therefore only be
narrow definition, or 42% if we count         economy has created two million jobs in         addressed by the creation of decent work,
workers too discouraged to actively look      the past ten years requires more careful        in the sense of employment that ensures
for work. This is several times higher        analysis. Analysis by the Employment            an adequate, sustainable income.
than unemployment in other middle-            Unit at the HSRC and the COSATU                 c. The data on employment creation
income countries.                             Policy Unit suggest these data exaggerate       must be improved by distinguishing more
2. Rising unemployment has increased          job growth.                                     clearly between real jobs, survival

       Job growth in the formal sector remains far below the rate of gr
                                    force and the economy
the burden on the employed and                c. Statistics South Africa counts very          strategies     and     unemployment.
deepened poverty. It hits particularly        poorly paid and casual labour as                Concretely, the employment data should
hard at young Africans, especially            employment. The figures on informal             only be reported classed by income, and
women, who constitute the vast majority       job growth, which accounts for 75% of           hours worked, rather than as a global
of the unemployed.                            total reported job growth, are therefore        figure.
3. Average wages have declined                entirely unreliable. It is impossible to tell   d. Unions should set up systems to track
substantially since 1995, and the wage        how much of the purported growth is             employment in their sectors, or at least in
gap has widened. In 2003 the share of         real, and how much results from                 workplaces where they are represented.
remuneration in the national income           reclassification of pre-existing activities.    e. Dealing with the unemployment
reached the lowest point recorded since       d. These factors mean that the job              problem requires stronger policies, as
1981.                                         growth reported by Statistics South             agreed at the GDS. Above all, economic
4. The net increase reported in formal        Africa has been associated with a               policies must prioritise job creation,
employment has been associated with           substantial decline in real pay. Around         rather than focusing narrowly on exports
substantial job losses, particularly in the   40% of the labour force has earned under        and inflation targets. COSATU will
parastatals, public service and large-scale   R1000 a month since 1995, while the             work with government and business to
private employers. We have lost quality       purchasing power of R1000 a month has           implement the following from the GDS
jobs and gained casual and informal           declined by over a third.                       agreement that seeks to restructure the
ones. That is not a solution to the poverty   e. Job growth in the formal sector              economy:
and alienation caused by the                  remains far below the rate of growth of         i. To increase the income-earning
unemployment crisis.                          the labour force and the economy. That          opportunities open to historically
5. In these circumstances, as the Growth      means a substantial improvement in              marginalized communities and

14 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                                        COSATU NEWS

   ii. To encourage employment-creating
   investments in the formal sector. This
   will require a substantial shift in existing
   policies and programmes.
   f. While the commitment to expanded
   public works programmes is welcome,
   the proposals in the recent budget should
   be expanded substantially, particularly to
   ensure greater involvement of the health,
   education and welfare departments.
   g. Government should urgently take
   action to address the overvaluation of the
   rand by reducing real interest rates to
   internationally comparable levels and
   taking a clear position opposed to the
   overvaluation of the rand. Even if this
   led to a slight increase in inflation, it
   would improve the overall position of
   our people.
                                                  the statements attributed to its President     Minister of Labour to discuss these issues
    Health workers unions meeting                 in the report of the health care unions.       and the commitment government made to
   The CEC resolved to support the                    Health unions have agreed to a             reduce working hours from 45 to 40 per
   transformation of the health sector while      workshop to look at the detail of the          week.
   defending SAMA’s right to defend its           National Health Bill and develop a
   members in the process. The CEC                common position.                                          Anti-terrorism bill
   congratulated SAMA on the march of                 The incident involving SAMA and            Legal advice on the so-called Protection
   doctors that highlighted critical shortages    NEHAWU underlines the need for a               of Constitutional Democracy Against
                                                  better induction of new affiliates by the      Terrorists and Related Activities Bill
                                                  Federation. To that end NOBs were
growth of the labour                              urged to hold meetings with the new
                                                                                                 suggests that it constitutes a massive
                                                                                                 attack to the constitutionally guaranteed
                                                  union to help them fully understand the        right to strike.
                                                  Federation’s policies. Such a meeting              The CEC called on President Thabo
   in the public health system. It agreed to      will also enable the Federation to better      Mbeki, as the leader of government and
   support the principle behind the               appreciate the position of the new unions.     the Tripartite Alliance, to intervene as a
   Community Health Bill, which seeks to                                                         matter of urgency to see that our
   redress imbalances in medical care                        Public holidays                     concerns are addressed. COSATU’s
   inherited from the apartheid era. At the       The CEC decided to continue to support         concerns are the following:
   same time, it supports SAMA’s right to         the present number and dates of public               The Bill has the effect of including
   defend its members if the application of       holidays, most especially those that           unprotected strikes – that is, strikes
   the law is not clearly defined to avoid        commemorate important events in our            where workers do not first try mediation
   unnecessary harm.                              liberation struggle. Any attempt by the        or give adequate notice – in the definition
       COSATU also supports and will              Minister of Home Affairs to use an             of terrorist activity. This returns us to the
   defend SAMA’s right to demand space            unrepresentative task team to reduce the       days of apartheid, when unprocedural
   and involvement in legislation affecting       number of public holidays or to move our       strikes could face criminal sanctions.
   its members.                                   days honouring our struggle against            The 1995 LRA explicitly proposed other
       SAMA clarified that it never said that     apartheid, shall be resisted.                  procedures to deal with unprotected
   conditions were better under apartheid.                                                       strikes.
   The CEC urged SAMA to issue a                                                                        The Bill lists certain sectors as
                                                          Working conditions
   statement to clarify its position.                                                            ‘essential services’ and any attempt to
                                                  The CEC endorsed a proposed study on
       NEHAWU stated that it regretted that                                                      disrupt them, including strikes, could be
                                                  working conditions. The study must also
   the matter went to the public, but still                                                      labelled ‘terrorist activity’ Again, this
                                                  analyse the extent of the violation of the
   insisted that there are issues requiring                                                      returns us to the days of apartheid, and
                                                  BCEA and other labour laws. COSATU
   discussion. Further, NEHAWU denied                                                            undermines the LRA’s more balanced
                                                  should also seek a meeting with the
                                                                                               January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 15

approach to essential services.                signatory.                                  with the apparent tensions between
     The broad wording of provisions                 Mobilising the ICFTU and all our      Health and Safety and Road Safety
linking acts that cause economic harm to       sisters unions to use everything in their   Legislation. As an illustration, the
terrorist activity could have direct           power to put pressure on our                Department of Labour seems wary to
implications for any strike and protest        government.                                 have inspections on the road to enquire
activity.                                      [Subsequently the government agreed to      about the safety of vehicles and whether
      The Bill could characterise any          withdraw the Bill.]                         drivers have had adequate rest. The
destruction of property or violence                                                        reason for this is that DOL believes it is
during strikes as terrorist activity. While      Communal Land Rights Bill                 the responsibility of the Department of
COSATU does not support this type of           The CEC also raised concerns about the      Transport.
action, it should be dealt with, as it is      Communal Land Rights Bill. It reiterated        On the other hand, under the
now, under normal criminal law.                our position that the Bill gives far too    Occupational Health and Safety Act, it is
If the Bill is rammed through in the           much influence to unelected local           incumbent on the employer to ensure
current form, the CEC decided that             traditional leaders at the expense of       safety at the workplace, but workers end
COSATU must use everything in its              elected representatives of the community.   up being liable for traffic fines for un-
power to protect our hard won                  This Bill sits in contradiction with        roadworthy vehicles. The CEC would in
constitutional right to strike. It adopted a   democratic       principles      and   is   future have a further debate on the
programme that included:                       unconstitutional. COSATU will support       campaign but in a manner that looks
                                                                                           comprehensively of all aspects of
                                                                                           transport and safety.

                                                                                           International issues were deferred to the
                                                                                           May CEC and they will be discussed on
                                                                                           the second day. Further, the international
                                                                                           report must also endeavour to capture
                                                                                           affiliates’ international activities.

                                                                                                   World Cup 2010 bid
                                                                                           Irvine Khoza, Chairperson of the SA
                                                                                           2010 World Cup bid committee,
                                                                                           addressed the November CEC. He
                                                                                           thanked COSATU for their support for
              Irvin Khoza gives 2010 bid book to COSATU General Secretary                  the bid and its General Secretary for
                                                                                           participating in the reception party for the
     Requesting an urgent intervention by      women’s groupings and land rights           FIFA Inspection Team. The CEC assured
President Thabo Mbeki and ANC                  activists who have indicated that they      him that COSATU members will be
Secretary General Kgalema Motlanthe.           intend to take the Bill to the              ambassadors for the bid and those on
     Immediately submitting a Section 77       Constitutional Court.                       international visits would need to be
notice to NEDLAC stating our intention
                                                                                           briefed on the case for the bid.
to go on a protected national general            Workers and road accidents
strike if our demands are not met through
                                               The CEC noted the partnership between                     Resolutions
the mediation process.
                                               COSATU and the Department of                The 8th National Congress had instructed
      Instructing our lawyers to prepare a
                                               Transport in KwaZulu Natal. The CEC         the CEC to discuss the 43 socio-
Constitutional Court challenge, the first
                                               however felt that the debate on road        economic resolutions that could not be
time COSATU would have had to take
                                               accidents must be situated more within      dealt with in the congress itself. These
government to the Court to protect
                                               the discussion on the COSATU demand         include resolutions on trade negotiations
workers’ rights.
                                               for a public transport that is cheap and    between SACU and US government,
     Filing a complaint with the
                                               accessible to the poor and the workers.     actions to be undertaken by labour on
International Labour Organisation (ILO),
                                               The Policy Unit was given a mandate to      mobilising against HIV and AIDS,
since the Bill undermines not only our
                                               investigate further how COSATU can          demands for accessible basic services,
own constitution, but also several ILO
                                               support the road safety campaign.           etc. These were discussed and a summary
conventions to which South Africa is a
                                                   The investigation should also deal      of them is on Page 49. ☯
16 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
           Union leaders meet Madiba
                                                        Moloto Mothapo

I    f even a nobody like me is able to be                                                   you. We are honoured to do this," said
     visited by leaders of trade unions, it                                                  Zokwana.
     means I did not betray. You are                                                             Receiving, the books, Madiba
important people, and are representing                                                       reminded the leaders about his mining
the country’s workers - while I am                                                           background. "Many mineworkers have
representing nobody". Former President                                                       forgotten that I started my work in
Nelson Mandela remarked with his usual                                                       Crown Mines when I came to Gauteng,"
charisma as he welcomed the leadership                                                       he said.
of the National Union of Mineworkers,                                                            Madiba also told the NUM leaders
who were accompanied by COSATU                                                               that he will like to attend their special
                                              infectious jokes, which left union leaders     congress, due to be held in Limpopo, this
general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi, at his
                                              in stitches while taking their seats. "We      year "if doors would be opened for me to
office at the Nelson Mandela Foundation
                                              are very happy to receive you. When            do so", he added humorously. His
on February 26.
                                              leaders of your calibre come to see us, it     appearance at the union’s scheduled
    The leaders, general secretary Gwede
                                              is really a great deal of inspiration," he     event could be among his last public
Mantashe and president Senzeni
                                              said in a rare show of seriousness.            appearance ever. "I want to go and rest in
Zokwana and and his deputy, Crosby
                                                  NUM President Zokwana said the             Qunu – and just watch the stones and
Moni, had came to present Madiba with
                                              books presented to Madiba were very            rivers". However, if one of his personal
three copies of the history of country’s
                                              important as they were a living record         assistance’s commends on the issue are
black mineworkers, launched last year.
                                              and acknowledgement of workers                 anything to go by, he is unlikely to do so.
Madiba is NUM’s honorary president.
                                              history. "As honorary President, we            He has apparently been postponing the
    In his usual self, the old man did not
                                              thought we should present this copies to       long overdue retirement.☯
miss an opportunity to dish out his

                                                                                           January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 17

            We want a living wage!
    By Kagiso Moleme, COSATU Labour Market Policy Coordinator and Wolf Braude, National Labour and
                             Economic Development Institute (NALEDI)

T          he COSATU Central Executive Committee (CEC) has adopted a framework for the coordination of our Living Wage
         Campaign. It assessed the campaign in the past two years, in order to consolidate COSATU’s key demands for wage
         negotiations in 2004 and beyond.
    The CEC noted with concern that workers have generally taken a pounding. The standard of living for the millions of South
Africa’s working poor has been consistently declining. Overall wages increased around 2% less than inflation in 2001-2002, with
part-time workers seeing the biggest losses. Meanwhile unemployment has continued to rise, so that workers have had to support
more dependants with their wages.
    The section of the population hardest hit by this is the large group of workers who receive wages below the poverty line. If we use
the Minimum Living Level (MLL) figures for basic survival of a family of five in 2002, then we get a monthly amount needed of
R1777.58. If this family need money for a few basic additional items such as more travel or toiletries, then the figure is called a
Supplemented Living Level (SLL). Wages for the poorest are well below the SLL for 2002 for a family of 5, which was set at R2330,
    Amongst the worst paying sectors are clothing, cleaning, domestic labour and farming. Sectoral determinations remain far below
a living wage, providing some relief, but not enough to sustain a family. We can then see from the table below that a large number of
workers are earning wages close to or under the SLL.
                               Table 1: Workers (employees and self-employed) by monthly income and sector

Monthly income                                   Formal            Informal           Domestic           Unspecified       Total
Total number of workers*                            8 223 000         2 265 000          1 005 000              73 000         11 565 000
None                                                   33 000           317 000                   *                    -           351 000
R1 - R500                                             693 000           899 000            578 000              11 000          2 182 000
R501 - R1 000                                       1 187 000           486 000            308 000                     *        1 991 000
R1 001 - R2 500                                     2 361 000           320 000            96 000               13 000          2 789 000
R2 501 - R8 000                                     2 526 000           131 000                   *             14 000          2 674 000
R8 001+                                               726 000            32 000                   -                    *           764 000
Don't know/Refused                                    679 000            76 000            16 000                      *           780 000
* For all values of 10 000 or lower the sample size is too small for reliable estimates. Due to rounding numbers do not necessarily
add up to totals. Source: Statistics South Africa, Labour Force Survey, March 2003

    In total, 51% of formal sector, 75%           previous regime. In other words,               account the cost of living which must be
of informal sector and 97% of domestic            redistribution is not reaching the             regularly reviewed". This could take the
sector workers earn salaries close to or          population at the lower echelons of            form of a social wage, incorporating
under the SLL.                                    society.                                       health care, transport, pensions, a basic
    At the same time there has been an                This is compounded by the fact that        income grant and even remittances from
increase in the last few months in the            our social security net cannot cover all       workers for supporting their relatives.
price of basic food and services, from            the people in the poverty trap. Whilst the         The government has improved the
bread to fuel - which leads to an increase        net reaches some of the poorest                living standards of the poor by providing
in transport fares. This takes place              households, quite a significant number         basic services but the continuing increase
against the background of an increase in          rely on the remittances from the wage          in unemployment, the declining quality
labour productivity, not coupled with             earners, which puts additional pressure        of jobs and low wages in some sectors of
rising wages at an equivalent pace.               on their low wages.                            the economy offset these gains.
    Research is showing that wages and                COSATU has defined the living                  This is why COSATU intends to
salaries are actually perpetuating the            wage as "a regulated monetary wage at          intensify its campaign on the living
structured inequality inherited from the          national/sectoral level, taking into           wage. We believe that this is at the core
18 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                               TRADE UNION NEWS

of creating a better life for all. The living
wage should not only focus on the
remuneration of workers but it should be
an all-encompassing mechanism to
tackle the legacy of the past – structural
    Wage bargaining, and the fight for a
living wage, aims to alleviate poverty
and reduce income inequality. Wage
policy has an important role to play in
restructuring the economy, reducing
inequality and alleviating poverty.
    Unfortunately         however         the
government’s push for inflation targeting
puts pressure on unions to moderate or
reduce their wage demands. Employers
and the Reserve Bank claim that wages
in South Africa are 'too high',
particularly those at the lower end, that
these have a negative impact on the                                  COSATU campaigning to stop privatisation
economy's international competitiveness
                                                "inappropriate rewards for top                themselves increases of 20-40% whilst
and its ability to create employment and
                                                management are a concern in both the          fighting workers over their 7-10% wage
push inflation upwards.
                                                private and public sectors".                  demands.
    Unions argue that it is not the wages
                                                    Organised labour must put pressure            The country is not closing the
at the bottom end that are high, but rather
                                                on government and employers to scale          apartheid wage gap and other
those of management. The chief
                                                                                              inequalities we inherited from apartheid.
                                                                                              In simple terms the rich are getting richer
                                                                                              and the poor poorer.
                                                                                                  We therefore propose a number of
                                                                                              measures that will eventually lead to a
                                                                                              living wage. These include strengthening
                                                                                              enforcement of all the labour legislation
                                                                                              aimed at improving the living and
                                                                                              working conditions of the poor,
                                                                                              including the Labour Relations Act, the
                                                                                              Basic Conditions of Employment Act,
                                                                                              the Employment Equity Act – a crucial
                                                                                              instrument aimed at reducing and
                                                                                              eventually eliminating discrimination
                                                                                              and inequality in the labour market – and
                                                                                              the Skills Development Act, one of the
                                                                                              crucial pieces of legislation that can
                                                                                              improve the position of historically
                                                                                              marginalised sections of the labour force.
                                                                                                  Through improved skills, workers’
                                                                                              position in the job hierarchy can be
                                                                                              enhanced and their working conditions
                                                down management bonuses, increases            and benefits improved. This has a direct
executive officers of many companies,
                                                and share options. COSATU supports the        implication on the achievement of
and in the public sector, continue to
                                                declaration of share options as a cost on     employment equity, which can be
award themselves increases well above
                                                the company balance sheet. For too long       facilitated through faster implementation
inflation. We fully agree with President
                                                management have been awarding                 of employment equity legislation.
Thabo Mbeki when he said,
                                                                                            January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 19

    To better coordinate trade union          and often still exclude a significant       subcontracting and for tight regulation of
efforts COSATU wants to start                 number of people – the poorest.             labour brokers. We shall use all the
collecting and analysing wage                     Certain economic sectors are still      victories and partial victories scored by
agreements across the affiliates, in          regulated through the promulgation of       our unions in 2002, including the strike
conjunction with NALEDI’s efforts to          sectoral      determinations,    which      led by SACCAWU at Shoprite checkers,
build a database of useful information for    essentially ‘vary down’ basic conditions.   which the CEC saluted as a shining
negotiators                                   Sectors in question include wholesale       example for all other unions of how to
    Most importantly, employers and           and retail, agriculture, domestic and       take forward COSATU policies on
trade unions must bargain centrally to        private security - often referred to as     defending part-time and ‘casual’
determine wage levels. The nature of          vulnerable sectors.                         workers. It will have given heart to
social dialogue in the post-1994 period           Workers in these sectors have for       thousands of workers.
shows the success that can be achieved        some time being paid low wages, with        4. Make more use of the provision of the
through cooperation. There is a strong        minimum benefits if any. Whilst sectoral    LRA to demand disclosure of
need for negotiators at bargaining            determinations are supposed to regulate     information, and use the provisions of
councils to begin to move from                wages and working conditions in these       the Freedom of Information Act to
adversarial, confrontational and              sectors, wages still fall far below the     compel companies to disclose
traditional positional type of bargaining     minimum living level.                       information on salaries of senior
towards a more cooperative type of                There is a growing belief amongst       executives and in that way expose the
bargaining for mutual gains.                  progressive economists that poverty         extent of the double standards and
    Labour and employers share an             holds back economic growth and drains       escalating apartheid wage gap.
important responsibility to play as a team    the society. The economy is still driven    5. Push for agency shops to discourage
in shaping the President’s idea of a          by wage earners spending their wages,       free riders who benefit immensely from
‘social compact’ or agreement, for            keeping domestic demand for goods           the collective strength of our members.

                        Our living wage can never succeed if our
                             organisations are not strong

growth for all. To achieve this however,      going. The government cannot keep           6. Intensify the recruitment campaign to
labour, business and government, need to      boosting the economy through tax cuts       reach the targets set by the 2015 plan.
jointly define a living wage and the          when poverty levels are so high. After a    7. A package of measures to deal with
poverty line, so that there can be a          while what is needed is growth in wages     the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We shall
common set of principles guiding the          and most importantly, growth in jobs.       negotiate for a workplace policy that
development path we need to take.                 That is another good reason for a       ends discrimination of those affected and
    A redefined living wage would take        living wage - to boost workers’             infected. As part of companies’
account of the actual expenses that           contribution to the economy.                comprehensive prevention and treatment
workers incur each month. Some                    To help to create jobs, working hours   we shall demand counselling facilities
researchers believe that the current          must form part of a living wage             and provision of antiretrovirals at the
measures used, such as the MLL and            definition, so as to protect the 40-hour    workplace.
SLL only provide enough money for             week and release hours that can             8. Define in more detail what we mean
survival, and should be called survival       contribute to increased employment for      by a living wage, including both wage
wages rather than minimum wages.              other workers.                              and non-wage demands. We shall
    In addition to the benefits                   The Living Wage Campaign is part of     publish annual surveys in ways that
(unemployment; illness; maternity;            our 2015 plan. In 2004 the CEC agreed       involve our members on economic
compensation as a result of injury on         to pursue the following demands:            developments and how they affect
duty etc) enjoyed by people in                1. Increases related to Consumer Price      workers and their living standards.
employment, we need a universal social        Index (CPI), as against CPIX.                   Our living wage can never succeed
protection system. The current set of         2. Settlements at 2-3% above CPI to         however if our organisations are not
social grants is a step in the right          compensate for the decline in wages in      strong and if we fail to build a sense of
direction but because they operate on a       2001-2002.                                  belonging and solidarity amongst
means-test basis, they are difficult to use   3. To fight against outsourcing,            members. ☯
20 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                                         TRADE UNION NEWS

 May Day disaster; how we are helping the
          survivors and families
                            By Jan Mahlangu, COSATU Retirement Funds Policy Coordinator

I    n May 2003 after the tragic accident      Organisation. This will minimise any tax                       Sundowns Football Club
      where 51 members of COSATU lost          liability and ensure that the money goes                 R50 000
                                               to the families and not the government.                       Goldfields Mining R50 000
      their lives at Saulspoort Dam,
                                                   In July 2003 First National Bank                          National Union of Mineworkers
Bethlehem, on their way to a May Day                                                                    (NUM) R50 000
Rally in Phuthaditshaba, COSATU                Retirement Funds Coordinator and the
                                                                                                             J Naidoo R50 000
National Office Bearers called a special       Liaison Committee of the families of the
                                                                                                             Score Supermarket R50 000
meeting with union and business leaders        disaster visited Kimberley to do a need                       NBC Holdings R50 000
to brief them about the accident and to        analysis of all the affected families and                     SA Post Office R50 000
inform them about a disaster fund, set up      also to provide counselling to the                            Food and Allied Workers Union
by the Peoples Bank, to help the               comrades who survived. It helped a lot                   (FAWU) R30 000
survivors and bereaved families.               because the survivors were still going                        Sarhwu Investments R25 000
                                               through the trauma of what happened                            New Africa Investment Ltd (NAIL)
    Business representatives and union
                                               that tragic day.                                         R25 000
leaders pledged donations and most of
                                                   For now, we are still waiting for the                     Placer Dome SA R25 000
these have been given to the fund.                                                                           African National Congress (ANC)
COSATU is pleased to announce that it          approval of the rules from the Master of
                                                                                                        R20 000
has now reached R1 711,167. However,           High Court’s office. Once they are                            Democratic Nursing Organisation of
this amount is still very minimal in           approved, a first board meeting will be                  SA (DENOSA)R20 000
comparison with the needs of the               convened to address all issues that affect                    Nampak Products R20 000
families bereaved by this tragic accident.     this fund including payments of grants to                     Mcubed R20 000
We still need to do a lot of fund-raising      the families.                                                 Safrican Insurance Company R20000
                                                   FNB Trust Services will thereafter                        Rand Water R20 000 African Bank
to be able to sustain this fund.
                                               attend to the reporting of each individual               R10 000
    We were confronted by the questions
                                               estate to the Master of the High Court or                     Community Growth Management
of whether we distribute this money                                                                     Company R10 000
straight to all the families or we create a    Magistrate, and will assist the family
                                                                                                             Masstores, Kimberley R10 000
trust which will provide families a            further in the collection of the estate
                                                                                                             SA Quantum R10 000
sustainable income. We opted for the           assets and payment of the estate debts                        SA Commercial, Catering and Allied
latter and a Trust Fund has been               and will ultimately ensure that each                     Workers Union R10 000
established. It will ensure that the money     estate is seen through to finalisation.                       MIC Investments R10 000
is all used to provide for the ongoing             We thank all those who have already                       Alliance Capital Management
maintenance and education of the               contributed to the fund, including the                   R10 000
immediate families of the victims of the       number of people, too many to mention                    *This is in addition to the money being
disaster.                                      here individually, who have contributed                  distributed by the Road Accident Fund
    This decision meant that we had to         small sums from their very limited                       under their statutory obligations.
draft rules for Trust Deed to be signed by     budgets. Every rand is important but we                      A new account has been opened with
all the trustees and submit it to the office   would mention the following large                        First National Bank for accepting funds
of the Master of High Court for approval.      donations for special thanks:
                                                                                                        from companies and individuals, as
This was done and we are waiting for                 SA M u n i c i p a l W o r k e r s ’ U n i o n
                                               (SAMWU) R160 000                                         donations to this trust. The account
approval. The trustees of the fund are:
                                                    Sanlam R100 000                                     details are: May Day Disaster Trust Fund
     Zwelinzima Vavi : COSATU
                                                    Peoples Bank R100 000                               First National Bank A/c no.
     Reginald Mabogoane: SAMWU
                                                    Old Mutual R100 000                                 62053140043 Branch 258605.
     Marteen Michau : FNB
                                                    Road Accident Fund R100 000*
     Yvonne Adams and Mpho Mononi,                                                                      Money can still also be paid into the
                                                    Telkom R80 000
representing the families                                                                               existing People’s Bank account and this
                                                    British TUC R70 000
    The Trust Fund will be administered             Eskom R60 000                                       will then be forwarded to the Trust. The
by FNB Trust Services. After it has been            AmetLife R51 000                                    details are: Workers Day Relief Fund
registered with the Master of the High              C ong r e s s o f S A T r a d e U n i o n s         People’s Bank A/c no 2947000013
Court, we will then register it with the       R50 000
                                                                                                        Branch 194705 ☯
SA Revenue Service as a Public Benefit                SA Clothing and Textile Workers
                                               Union (SACTWU) R50 000
                                                                                                      January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 21

                       COSATU unions take on
                        unpatriotic retailers
                                                                                           4. Introduce a label of origin on every
                                                                                           garment that will indicate the country in
                                                                                           which it is manufactured.
                                                                                           5. Engage the trade union on ways to
                                                                                           improve the performance of the local
                                                                                           manufacturing base, as well as to
                                                                                           promote the ‘buy local’ campaign.

                                                                                                The patriotic companies
                                                                                           The signatories to the Declaration with
                                                                                           the retail sector are:
                                                                                                Pick ‘n Pay
                                                                                                Foschini Group
                    20 000 jobs lost in 2003 in clothing and textiles                           Pepkor
                                                                                                LA Group

I     n 2003 the clothing, textile and       retailers and companies in the finance             Cape Union Mart
      footwear industry was devastated by    sector to sign an undertaking to actively          Mr Price Group
      job losses. The database of the SA     support the ‘buy local’ campaign, to               Keedo International
Clothing and Textile Workers Union           ensure the observance of the basic rights         The stores or franchises that are
(SACTWU) showed that in just the one         of workers, and to launch a label on all      owned by these companies include the
year more than 20 000 jobs were lost in      garments that will indicate the country in    following:
the sector through retrenchments, lay-       which they are manufactured.                       Woolworths
offs, factory closures and liquidations.         Detailed negotiations in October 2003          Foschini
    This came on top of a steady loss of     culminated       in     groundbreaking             Markhams
jobs in the sector over many years, as the   agreements signed on 6 December 2003               Exact Stores
industry faced declining import tariff       at the Cape Town Fashion Festival. The             Retail Jeans
levels. Now the industry is being            first agreement was with the retail sector,        Totalsports
devastated because of the overvaluation      and the second with the finance sector.            @Home
of the rand, which weakens exports and           The Declaration signed by retailers            Donna Claire
makes it hard for South African              commits signatory companies to:                    Fashion Express
manufacturers to compete with a flood of     1. Increase their level of locally sourced         Sports Scene
cheap imports. This destroys jobs in the     goods, in instances where they currently           Edgars
clothing, textile and leather industry,      source less than 75% of their goods from           Sales House
which is highly labour intensive.            South African manufacturers.                       Jet
Thousands of workers continue to work        2. Maintain their current level of goods,          Smileys
under sweatshop conditions in                where they currently source more than              Supermart
Newcastle, Botshabelo and other parts of     75% locally.                                       Ackermans
the country.                                 3. Source from South African                       Pep Stores
    This jobs crisis led to SACTWU           manufacturers who comply with basic                Dunns
tabling a formal notice on 4 August 2003     labour legislation and respect the rights          Hang Ten
at Nedlac, in which the union called on      and dignity of workers.                            Pick ‘n Pay

22 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                               TRADE UNION NEWS

    Hypermarket                                    Old Mutual Asset Managers                  companies who have not yet signed the
    Shoprite                                       Future Growth Asset Managers               Declaration.
    Checkers                                       Merit Asset Managers                            Nominations for the ‘least patriotic
    House and Home                                 Metropolitan Asset Managers                retailer’ award which will be announced
    OK Bazaars                                     Oasis Asset Managers                       in late August 2004, by COSATU.
    Checkers Hyper                                 Rockland Investments                            A major campaign against
    Carter Harris                                  Cerebral Investment                        unpatriotic businesses over the Christmas
    Polo                                           Tri-Linear Asset Managers                  period 2004.
    Skye Products                                  IBFMA
    Truworths                                      NBC Holdings                                         Congress resolution
    Truworths Man                                  Alexander Forbes                           The protest action carries the full backing
    In-wear                                       The purpose of the protest action is to     and support of COSATU. At its national
    LTD                                       persuade those businesses who have not          congress and the February CEC,
    Identity                                  yet signed the Declaration to do so. In the     COSATU committed itself to fully back
    Queenspark                                notice, these companies are referred to         and support any action taken by workers
    Cape Union Mart                           ‘unpatriotic businesses’, and the formal        in defence of their jobs in the clothing,
                                              notice to Nedlac seeks to persuade them         textiles and footwear industry.
   The unpatriotic companies                  to "cease their unSouth African business            At a press conference to launch the
Whilst a large proportion of the retail       practices".                                     campaign in Cape Town on 5 February
sector has in fact signed the Declaration,                                                    2004, COSATU President, Willie
there remain some retailers who have not                  Protest action                      Madisha said: "We regard the loss of jobs
done so. These include:                       The forms of the protest action will            in the clothing, textile and footwear
    Stuttafords                               include:                                        sector to be completely unacceptable.
    Massmart                                        Work stoppages and refusal to             Tens of thousands of ordinary South
    Platinum Group                            supply goods to the ‘unpatriotic                Africans are put out of work, through the
    Zoot                                      businesses’, especially the retailers;          greed of importers and this must stop.
    Uzzi                                            Rallies, demonstrations, pickets,         Every COSATU affiliate will mobilise
    Diesel                                    placard demonstrations and siyalalas at         for this campaign".
    Big Blue                                  or near the premises (including stores,             COSATU General Secretary,
    Choice Clothing                           warehouses, offices, distribution points,       Zwelinzima Vavi, added: "We have seen
    Moresport Holdings                        shopping malls and centres and other            examples of retailers sourcing from
    The effect of some retailers not          commercial centres) of the unpatriotic          sweatshops in places like Newcastle and
signing is that they are able to obtain       businesses;                                     Botshabelo, where workers are paid
competitive advantage in the marketplace           The engagement of customers of the         substantially below a living wage, and in
against signatories, through continuing       unpatriotic businesses to inform them of        fact where companies flout the labour
with unethical sourcing policies.             the reasons for the protest action and to       laws. This is not in keeping with the
                                              persuade them to support the action;            values of our constitution, and what this
Financial sector come on board                      Calls for consumer boycotts of the        new democracy means for ordinary
In addition to the retail signatories, a      unpatriotic businesses;                         South Africans."
number of key asset managers and other             Calls for provident funds to                   "When the country celebrates ten
institutions in the financial sector have     withdraw funds invested in the                  years of democracy, " said Ebrahim
signed a separate Declaration.                unpatriotic businesses; and                     Patel, General Secretary of SACTWU,
    This Declaration commits finance                Calls for solidarity campaigns that       "many workers in the clothing, textile
sector companies to:                          are aimed at the media, shareholders,           and leather struggle to attain basic rights
1. Buy all their local clothing and textile   employees, suppliers and others                 at work. This campaign will highlight
products from local companies                 associated with the unpatriotic                 abuses of our law, contraventions of our
2. Encourage retailers to support the         businesses.                                     minimum standards, and legal as well as
Proudly South African campaign                    The programme will commence on 28
                                                                                              illegal importing of goods into the
3. Take steps to review investments in        February 2004, and will continue for a
                                                                                              country. He said: "This action is intended
retailers who do not support the ‘buy         two-year period. Significant highlights of
                                                                                              to save local jobs, and promote the rights
local’ campaign and the Declaration.          the protest include:
                                                                                              and dignity of workers through promoting
    The institutions who have signed are:          A public call on 1 May, International
                                              Workers Day, for a boycott of specified         patriotic business practices".☯
                                                                                            January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 23

                    Important lessons of the
                    Shoprite Checkers Strike
 By Mduduzi Mbongwe, Deputy General Secretary of the SA Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union
                                                                                            casualisation and flexibility as early as
                                                                                            1990 bears testimony to this stubborn
                                                                                            fact. We would expect those who have
                                                                                            been following the evolution of the South
                                                                                            African labour movement to at least
                                                                                            acknowledge this.
                                                                                                We can only appreciate the need to
                                                                                            intensify the struggle against
                                                                                            casualisation if we compare key aspects
                                                                                            of the current Sectoral Determination to
                                                                                            Wage Determination 478 (WD 478), its
                                                                                            predecessor. Some of the relevant areas
                                                                                            of comparison are:
                                                                                            (a) Whereas WD 478 defined casual
                                                                                            employees as employees who do not
                                                                                            work more than 24 hours a week,
                                                                                            Sectoral Determination 9 (SD9)
                                                                                            essentially replaced casual labour with
     COSATU President Willie Madisha (right), ANC Secretary General Kgalema                 variable-time labour. Whereas casual
     Motlanthe, SACP General Secretary Blade Nzimande and ANC Youth League                  workers could work a maximum of 24
            President Malusi Gigaba join Shoprite workers on picket line.                   hours per week, variable time employees
                                                                                            can work up to 45 ordinary hours per

L          ast year’s historic strike by      product of negotiations. Those who do         week.
                                              not value the negotiation process will            The       current     determination
         thousands of SACCAWU
                                              invariably fail to appreciate the             accordingly removed the limit of 24
         members employed by Shoprite
                                              significance of the strike, since they        hours a week but did not introduce a
Checkers holds important lessons for all
                                              believe that Shoprite Checkers was            guaranteed minimum number of hours. It
unions. It proved that ‘variable-time’
                                              merely implementing what is in the            thus exposed these workers to the
workers, formerly known as ‘casual’, can
                                              determination.                                vagaries of the market and failed to
play a full part in union struggles and win
                                                  The strike would not have been            seriously improve employment security
important victories.
                                              possible if the union had failed to explore   for this category of workers.
                                              tactical options arising from the                 The transition from casual labour to
      The Strike and the Retail
                                              determination. Exploring such tactical        variable time employment had the
       Sectoral Determination                                                               potential to impact on the following
                                              options gave the union an opportunity to
The strike was essentially a response to                                                    aspects of the employment contract:
                                              limit levels of labour market flexibility
the way Shoprite Checkers went about                                                        (i) The hourly rate of pay, an issue
                                              within Shoprite Checkers and, perhaps,
implementing the Retail Sectoral                                                            which sparked the recent strike at
                                              the whole retail trade.
Determination. Whilst some have argued                                                      Shoprite Checkers,
that what Shoprite Checkers did flows                                                       (ii) The overtime rate, given the
directly from the determination, they fail     Labour market flexibility and
                                                     the retail trade                       averaging and compressing arrangements
to appreciate the need to negotiate the                                                     contained in the determination,
implementation process.                       The retail trade had been characterised by
                                              high levels of labour market flexibility      (iii) The rate for Sunday work, given
    We emphasise this, because the                                                          options in arranging working hours
determination calls for agreements on a       long before the ANC’s ascendancy to
                                              governmental office. The fact that            contained in the determination;
number of areas. To us, agreements are a                                                    (b) Whereas WD 478 stipulated a ratio
                                              SACCAWU started mobilising against
24 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                                 TRADE UNION NEWS

of full-time/part-time to casual labour,      casual workers within the sector.                 such contracts as a package as opposed to
the current determination stipulates no            These points were the basis for our          isolating issues of collective bargaining
ratio of full- time to variable time          work post the 1999 Congress. The                  from matters of rights. We believe the
employment. We contend that this is the       following developments were then                  strategy worked, in exposing the
most dangerous aspect of the                  informed by these principles:                     company’s backward and reactionary
determination, which may lead to the          (i) We participated in public hearings            approach.
disappearance of full-time employment         which gave birth to the current                       Whilst some labour law barons felt
within the sectors covered by the             determination,                                    that we could have approached the courts
determination.                                (ii) We developed a Growth Strategy,              on some aspects of the contracts, workers
(c) Whereas WD 478 had not been               which defines a clear orientation for our         believed that our demands constituted a
aligned to the Basic Conditions of            organisational work,                              package, which had to be pursued as such
Employment Act (BCEA) of 1997 the             (iii) T h e i n t r o d u c t i o n o f t h e     as opposed to an ad hoc and piecemeal
current determination, to a large extent,     determination gave our campaign,                  approach.
is. This is an achievement which is in        against casualisation, the much-needed
line with our campaigns as a union.           impetus. Within Shoprite Checkers alone           Tactical considerations on the duration
    In our view, the current determination    we were able to recruit close to 17 000                            of the strike
is full of contradictions. It certainly       workers during May last year,                     The union deliberately organised for a
contains a number of advances and             (iv) Shop stewards convened separate              relatively short strike, which had to
setbacks. The extent to which employers       meetings for casual workers, which were           deliver within a reasonable period. This
are able to use the determination to          organised separately, given the working           was informed by the fact that most casual
undermine and roll back our gains will        hours of casuals and the need to                  workers were going to participate in the
depend on our organisational strength, as     effectively address their problems.               first strike in their history, whilst we still
the Shoprite Checkers strike has proved.                                                        had to consolidate our organisational

  How the union conducted the
The union has been grappling with an
effective strategy to organise casual
workers for the past decade or so. The
6th National Congress held in 1999
eventually developed a more
comprehensive strategy whereas previous
strategies had been more of knee-jerk
reactions to the evils of casualisation.
The 6th National Congress resolution
was preceded by extensive research, on
the subject, and it specifically called for
the following measures amongst other
(a) Direct representation of casual and
other forms of flexible workers in the
(b) Encouraging maximum unity                                SACCAWU members march in support of their demands
between casual and full time workers,
(c) Fighting for the scrapping of WD                   Packaging of Demands                     strength within this conglomerate. We
478 and for the application of the Basic      Our demands arose from the problematic            also appreciated that full-time workers
Conditions of Employment Act within           manner in which the company                       participated in the strike, based on their
the sector,                                   implemented the determination –                   understanding of the need for worker
(d) Changing our orientation and              imposing draconian contracts of                   solidarity even though there were no
fighting the free market ideology by          employment. We consciously decided to             immediate and palpable gains for them.
moving away from largely serving full         raise all key aspects of such contracts,          We also anticipated problems for our
time workers,                                 including those that could be challenged          picket lines in shopping malls. We knew
(e) Campaigning to become a home for          through the courts. The union viewed              that shopping malls are owned by
                                                                                                companies like Old Mutual, Liberty Life
                                                                                              January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 25

                                                                                               The strike was waged on three fronts
                                                                                             The struggle was waged on the shop
                                                                                             floor, in the media and in the courts. We
                                                                                             knew the company was going to rely on
                                                                                             court interdicts to counter the impact of
                                                                                             the strike and were properly prepared for
                                                                                             this. We felt that strike rules had to be
                                                                                             formulated in a manner which limited the
                                                                                             company’s ability to obtain interdicts.
                                                                                             Whilst they did succeed in obtaining
                                                                                             interim orders, we were able to
                                                                                             successfully challenge at least one of
                                                                                             these. The strike was however settled
                                                                                             whilst our attorneys were busy preparing
                                                                                             papers to challenge the remaining interim
                                                                                             orders. We could thus defeat the
                                                                                             company on all these three fronts.

                                                                                               What did Shoprite Checkers
                  Shoprite Checkers strikers march through Johannesburg                         workers achieve from the
                                                                                             The strike essentially managed to do the
and Sanlam Properties and that they also      hour notice. The aim was to ensure that
                                                                                             following, amongst other things,
accommodate other businesses.                 top management did not have enough
                                                                                             (a) It forced the company to retreat from
    These are but some of the                 time to brief their middle management
                                                                                             its attack on the working conditions of
considerations that influenced the timing     about the looming strike.
of the strike.                                   The existence of strong shop-floor
    Whilst the evils of casualisation are     structures gave us an opportunity to
not restricted to Shoprite Checkers but       consider all these tactics. Strong shop-
are rife throughout the sector,               floor structures facilitated effective
SACCAWU deliberately targeted it,
given its strategic location and the level
                                              mobilisation and communication.
                                              Company based Regional Shopstewards
                                                                                                           Union membe
of shop floor organisation within this        Councils played a pivotal role in this
company.                                      process.
    Intense competition amongst retailers
                                                Factors that influenced the timing of        (b) It shifted the burden of payment, for
only compensated for some of our
                                                           the settlement                    benefits, from workers to management,
organisational weaknesses. Waging the
                                              We acknowledged from the onset the             (c) It re-defined the terrain of future
battle against one retailer meant that
                                              need to settle the dispute on our terms.       struggles within the company. The fact
consumers could then buy from
                                              We accordingly settled whilst morale           that parties will be negotiating a
competitors in support of our call for a
                                              was still high, instead of settling when       collective agreement, which regulates the
boycott of Shoprite. We accordingly had
                                              workers were already exhausted. We felt        working hours of part-time workers,
to choose one of the busiest trading
                                              this was important given the need to           bears testimony to this,
periods in the retail trade.
                                              boost the confidence of workers who            (d) The strike managed to unite part-
    We also resolved to call for a boycott
                                              participated in their first strike of this     time and full-time workers under the
of Shoprite Checkers from day one of the
                                              magnitude. It was also important for the       banner of SACCAWU. This unity augurs
strike, to ensure the maximum impact
                                              union to consolidate its organisational        well for future struggles given that
within the shortest possible period.
                                              strength after the strike. Our ability to      management will no longer be able to pit
    We consciously decided against build
                                              win our demands was thus assessed              one category of workers against the
up pickets since we wanted to catch
                                              against this critical organisational           other,
management off guard. We did not want
                                              consideration. We felt that the strike         (e) Union membership within the
to give the company enough time to
                                              would have achieved some of its key            company has almost doubled as a result
prepare for the strike, hence the decision
                                              objectives once it had been able to tilt the   of the strike, enhancing the union’s
to organise the first press conference on
                                              balances of power in favour of workers.        bargaining power.
the same day on which we served the 48-
26 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                                     TRADE UNION NEWS

       Broader Gains of the Strike                     Whilst our induction programmes do           fact that such owners utilise workers’
    The strike has also achieved the               not normally cater for new members in            investments to develop such properties,
    following,                                     organised companies, rapid membership            either through management of worker
    (a) It managed to focus all the energies       growth within Shoprite Checkers                  pension or provident funds and other
    of the union structures on one key issue,      compels the union to design an                   forms of social capital.
    (b) It also portrayed a positive image of      appropriate induction programme for                  Whilst the decentralised nature of the
    the union in the wake of n e g a t i v e       these new members. The programme will            industry made it possible to deal with one
    publicity of the past few months,              go a long way in consolidating union             retailer at a time, it is also evident that, as
    (c) It revived a culture of solidarity         membership within the company.                   the biggest employer and as one of the
    within the union and across sectors                The union has to collectively reflect        trendsetters within the sector, Shoprite
    within the federation,                         on lessons of the strike so that members         has already been followed by many in the
    (d) It has certainly revived the culture of    in other retail enterprises do not re-invent     downward variation of worker rights.
    activism amongst workers within the            the wheel but build from this recent             Their aim is to undermine or make a
    sector,                                        experience. Many workers, within the             mockery of the idea that the
    (e) It forged closer links between             sector, confront similar problems and the        determination is binding on them, given
    workers and the broader community. The         lessons of the strike can only enhance our       some loopholes eminent within the very
    strike did not only unite the Alliance         organisational strength.                         SD9 in that regard.
    around a common objective; it also                 Whilst SACCAWU has to deepen the                 Whilst therefore consolidating and
    assisted in uniting the broad mass             gains of the strike, we still need to            improving our gains within Shoprite
    democratic movement and even the               prepare our submissions for amendments           Checkers, we are also determined to
    ‘new’ social movements,                        to the determination. The experiences of         tackle the next retailer head-on. On top of
    (f) It has assisted in placing the evils of    the strike will go a long way in preparing       our priority list might be Woolworths, to
    casualisation firmly on the national           our submissions. A mass driven approach          be followed by a number of the so-called
    agenda. Thanks to the strike, our Minister     to submissions can only benefit workers          market leaders within both the retail and
    of Labour has now commissioned                 and the union.                                   wholesale sector – especially
    research on casualisation.                         The overwhelming support that the            food/grocery and furniture industry

bership has almost doubled as a result of the strike

                                                   strike received from other progressive           chains.
        Organisational challenges                  organisations only emphasizes the need               The first quarter of 2004 might be the
         flowing from the Strike                   for regular contact and interaction              period of action for SACCAWU to
    Whilst the strike demonstrated unity in        between the labour movement and other            endeavour to eliminate the evils of labour
    action between full-time and part-time         components of the democratic                     market flexibility. These have been used
    workers, some full-time workers did not        movement.                                        for years to our detriment, by creating a
    fully appreciate the significance of the           We cannot view trade union struggles         reservoir of cheap labour to undermine
    strike, as they did not participate in this    in isolation from the broader project            collective bargaining, especially
    important battle. The key challenge            aimed at social transformation. We hope
                                                                                                    picketing and the picket lines so as to
    therefore is to enhance the unity that         the recent strike will consolidate
                                                                                                    boast "Business as usual" against the
    emerged in the strike.                         fundamental transformation in the
                                                                                                    backdrop of " No work no pay".
        Whereas most full-time workers have        country.
                                                                                                        We are more convinced of the fact
    been part of previous struggles, part-time         The union is more convinced than
    workers still have a lot to learn from their   ever before of the need to challenge most        that whilst philosophers have only
    full-time counterparts. The unity between      of the mall owners, who most of the time         interpreted the world, in various ways,
    full-time and part-time workers can only       during our strikes collaborated with             the point is to change it. The strike, as
    enhance the learning process. Union            employers, that we have disputes with to         well as subsequent comments on it, has
    structures have a duty to give this unity      undermine the essence and legality of the        only confirmed the validity of these
    an organisational expression.                  strikes. This is despite the well-known          words of Karl Marx.☯

                                                                                                  January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 27

     COSATU’s three-year education
 programme takes up the 2015 challenge
                                          By Mahlengi Bhengu, COSATU Education Secretary

                                                                                                 Every shop steward a trained
                                                                                                        shop steward!
                                                                                                        When last did you, as a shop
                                                                                                 steward last participate in COSATU,
                                                                                                 union or Ditsela training?
                                                                                                      Were you inducted in the union?
                                                                                                      What other training programmes
                                                                                                 have you participated in the last three
                                                                                                       Was that training ever followed up
                                                                                                 to the more advanced level?
                                                                                                       Have you receive training on the
                                                                                                 latest amendments to labour laws?
                                                                                                     Our education has not been
                                                                                                 systematic, nor have we assessed the
                                                                                                 impact of programmes at the
                                                                                                 workplace. Reasons for this include a
                                                                                                 big mistake, that of underinvesting in
                                                                                                 education by many affiliates. In the
                         COSATU 2003 National Education Conference
                                                                                                 place of trade union education,

T          hroughout the federation, there       must win gains for workers at the             employers are seizing the opportunity
         has been a lot of talk lately           workplace, increase its involvement in        and delivering unsystematic and
         about the 2015 plan. But what is        wider community campaigns, and be a           sometimes superficial workplace
this plan? It is a set of plans explaining       decisive front in the offensive against the   training, all in order to claim money from
where COSATU wants to be in the future           power of capital.                             the SETAs. We cannot leave the task of
and how we hope to get there. The first              For all of this to occur, we must build   education to the bosses.
thing that union educators should do is to       strong affiliates and a strong federation.        That is why every shop steward must
help all members and shop stewards to            We must service members even better.          be a trained shop steward. COSATU will
discuss and implement this 2015 plan.            Our education must not shoot in the dark      develop guidelines and support unions in
     Education is one of the tools that          but must help the unions to grow where        the development and implementation of
will take us to 2015.                            they organise, and to consolidate strength    shop steward education. We kick off
     Education programmes help us                where they already exist. And more            2004 with several trainings in COSATU
confront the organisational political and        generally our education must help unions      regions, affiliates and in socialist forums
economic challenges we currently face.           retain membership. These members must         within locals. As a shop steward,
      Educating our members all the time         be transformed into good unionists and        education is your right. Find out more
means that no employer can mislead               working-class activists.                      from your local union office or COSATU
workers.                                             During the next three years,              local.
     Educating members and shop                  COSATU Education will support, guide              Alongside this, our living wage
stewards means a strong, democratic and          and deliver education actions that build      campaign will help us campaign for paid
accountable union leadership.                    organisational, policy, political and         education and training leave. COSATU
    So for trade union educators, the tasks                                                    has long demanded that employers agree
                                                 international policy skills among
spelt out in the 2015 plan are clear! If                                                       to paid education and training leave so
                                                 members. Below we discuss some of our
COSATU is to grow and be stronger by                                                           that workers can take time off for union
                                                 three-year priorities.                        and other training. Our living wage
2015, then it must not barely survive but

28 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                             COSATU EDUCATION

demands must take this campaign                  Investing in our
forward.                                        members - long live
                                                political education!
  Socialist forums - building                 A     political     education
 worker power where we work                   commissariat of twenty
      and where we live
                                              comrades per region is being
In the next three years, we must relaunch
                                              formed. This brigade will be
and consolidate socialist forums within
                                              trained and equipped to
every functioning COSATU local. Each
                                              promote and deliver political
socialist forum should meet at least once
                                              education throughout the
a month to do regular education for new
                                              federation. 160 comrades
and experienced shop stewards.
                                              should be trained by 2006 and
    Socialist forums will discuss different
                                              they in turn, must deliver
issues, including workplace policies and
                                              political training in unions,
procedures, bargaining, campaigns,
                                              regions and locals.
gender, political economy, and
                                                  With the Chris Hani
international solidarity.
                                              Institute, COSATU will hold
    We ask you, the shop steward, to
                                              the winter and summer schools
make sure your local has a socialist
                                              during May and October this
forum. Remember all activists in your
                                              year. The schools will revive
locality are welcome to participate at the
                                              old COSATU traditions where
socialist forums. ANC, SACP, SASCO,
                                              targeted unionists will
COSAS and other working class activists
                                              participate in the four
are welcome to join and be part of our
                                              programmes of each school.
discussions within socialist forums. This
can only improve our discussions.
    We will urge SALGA to open up
                                                Chris Hani Institute
municipal buildings so that all locals        COSATU education will build
                                              and support the Chris Hani         NLC Assistant General Secretary, Salihu Lukman
should have venues for meetings to take
place.                                        Institute to help us deliver
                                                        good       political              consciousness among members of
                                                        education. We have moved          COSATU unions.
                                                        further with this historic joint      As a shop steward, what can you do
                                                        project of COSATU and the         to ensure that we defend and promote
                                                        SACP. We work with the            education? Find out if your union has
                                                        Chris Hani Institute and with     developed an education programme.
                                                        affiliate education structures    Remember many COSATU affiliates do
                                                        to develop a good political       have good education plans. You will also
                                                        education programme over the      have to make sure that your union puts
                                                        next three years.                 aside money and has officials who will
                                                                                            ensure that education takes place. Make
                                                            Workers’ culture                sure that the programme is implemented
                                                        COSATU education will help          and that education resources are used
                                                        revive the recognition and          wisely and target all layers in the union.
                                                        celebration of worker culture.          COSATU also has a responsibility
                                                        Through an education and            towards supporting affiliate education.
                                                        culture festival taking place       Find out more about the activities of
                                                        annually, we will celebrate the     COSATU in your region and in the local
                                                        struggles and victories of          you belong to. Find out what educational
                                                        South African workers and in        programmes are run by COSATU,
                                                        the whole world. Using              Ditsela and the newly established Chris
                                                        poetry, song, dance, we hope        Hani Institute as well as how you can
                                                        to heighten working class           participate. ☯
                  Education in action

                                                                                          January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 29

           Cosatu Education 2004 Programme
                  Januar y                                  Februar y                                        Mar ch

20   REF - Cosatu N/C Free State              03 REF - Cosatu Wits Region                    08-10 Industrial policy education
23   REF - Cosatu Northern Province           04 REF - Cosatu Eastern Cape                   20 Socialist Forums
27   REF - Cosatu Western Cape                5-6 Ditsela Board Strategic Workshop           30-02 Launch of the Chris Hani Brigade
28   Cosatu Political Education Workshop      06 REF - Cosatu Western Transvaal                   Month of course development
29   REF - Cosatu Mpumalanga                  10-11 NEF Workshop and Educ Task
                                              12 HIV/AIDS Planning Workshop
                                              16-20 Gender Studies Course: Block 4
                                              21 Socialist Forums
                                              23-25 Central Executive Committee
                                                   Month of course development

                     April                                      May                                           June

05-08 IT Training                              03-07 National Winter School                  01 Education Task Team Workshop
15 Education Task Team Workshop                * Gender Studies Delegates                           19 Socialist Forums
(tentative)                                    * Economic Literacy
17 Socialist Forums                            * International Policy School                 28-30 Chris Hani Brigade training
19-21 Writing Skills Course                    * Political Education Commisarian             30 Ditsela Board meeting
8-29 Nedcom                                    10-13 Project Management
      Month of course development              22 Socialist Forums
                                               24-26 Central Executive Committee

                     July                                    August                                       September
                                                                                              06-10 Worker education and culture
2-30 10 Shopsteward education pilot           02-06 Treasurers Training                       festival
trainings                                     11-12 NEF & Education Task Teams                18 Socialist Forums
13-14 Legislation Training                    17-20 Administrators School                     20-24 Globilisation education exchange
24 Socialist Forums                           21 Socialist Forums                             with Cgil/Italy
29-30 Ditsela Board Workshop                  23-25 Central Executive Committee               29-30 National Staff meeting

                 October                                   November                                       December

11-14 National Summer School                  08-12 Moderator and assessors training         Cosatu 19th anniversary
Gender Studies                                17 NEF & Education Task Team                   Education Planning 2005
* Economic Literacy                           17 Ditsela Board meeting
* International Policy School                 Programme evaluation meetings 2005
* Political Education Commisarian             Education planning
21-22 Nedcom                                  27 Socialist Forums (last one)
23 Socialist Forums
Cosatu Education Unit ~ 2nd Floor Cosatu House, 1-5 Leyds Street Braamfontein ~ P O Box 1019 Johannesburg 2000 ~ Tel: 011 339 4911~ Fax:
011 339 6940 ~ Internet: Education Secretary: Mahlengi Bhengu ~
Educator: Kwena Mathathe ~ Administrator: Khanyi Fakude
30 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                             BASIC INCOME GRANT

Reducing inequality and poverty
                         - a BIG Solution
By Solange Rosa, Media Coordinator of the Alliance for Children’s Entitlement to Social Security, and Doug
                                            Tilton of the SA Council of Churches

                               Basic Income Grant Coalition National Conference, Soweto 2003

T       he Basic Income Grant Coalition      means a poor country but has one of the             The conference called for serious
         National Conference, at the         highest rates of inequality in the world.       engagement with government on this
         Ipelegeng Community Centre,         This is clearly unjust and unsustainable.       proposal, a year after the Taylor
Soweto, in December 2003, brought                The BIG Coalition proposes a                Committee of Inquiry submitted its
together a range of people united in the     monthly grant that would be paid by the         report. Poverty is a national challenge,
fight against poverty in South Africa,       state to everyone legally resident in           and we call for all parties to engage with
including government officials and           South Africa, regardless of age, income,        the BIG proposal in the upcoming
representatives of more than 30 civil        family status, or other factors. It is one      elections.
society organisations.                       way of giving effect to the right to social         Opening the Conference, Dr. Molefe
    On the table was the innovative Basic    security, guaranteed by the constitution.       Tsele, Secretary-General of the SA
Income Grant (BIG) - a proposal to           Supporters of the grant have                    Council of Churches strongly voiced his
provide all South Africans with the          recommended that it be set at R100 per          support, "What was it that drove us to be
means to survive and develop.                month at first, rising with inflation.          part of the struggle? It was a moral
Proponents of the grant include trade            In a recently launched book on the          struggle; it was not because at the end of
unions, churches, HIV/AIDS, youth,           BIG, researchers stressed the strong            it we would drive BMWs. The same
aged, children and human rights              connections between poverty reduction,          should be happening against poverty, the
organisations.                               improved nutrition, health and education        fight against poverty is a moral fight!
    More than half of all South Africans,    and labour market participation. There is       There is no better life, than what we are
including two out of three children, live    a strong link between severe inequality         calling for - a BIG solution!"
in poverty. Nearly 12 million of the         and low rates of economic growth.                   Yasmin Dada-Jones from the Office
poorest South Africans live in               Where similar initiatives have started,         of the Presidency outlined the South
households that currently receive no         they have promoted social cohesion and          African Government’s commitment to
social assistance. South African is by no    investor confidence. What more could            eradicating the poverty which debilitates
                                             we want for South Africa?                       families and communities. She stated:
                                                                                           January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 31

"We have a dual economy, and                 significantly less than means-tested          2. Endorses the recommendations of the
Government wants to create equity and        grants, given that there would continue to    government-appointed Committee of
expel exclusion."                            be a need for people to apply for a           Inquiry into a Social Security System for
    Graham Bendell of the Smartcard          universal grant and for applications to be    South Africa, and in particular, strongly
Society of South Africa demonstrated the     verified.                                     supports the Committee’s conclusions
smartcard technology currently in wide           Neva Makgetla, economist for              that:
use in South Africa for a variety of         COSATU, highlighted the role of                      A comprehensive social protection
applications, including old age pension      economic inequality in acting as an           package is essential to eradicate poverty
payments. The technology will be             obstacle to economic growth. She called       and to alleviate the immediate needs of
integral to the new Home Affairs             for improved social protection in ways        the most vulnerable;
National Identification System (HANIS),      that assist people to be economically               Income security is a core component
which is already being developed by          active.                                       of social protection;
government. It will enable social grants         Senator Eduardo Suplicy of Brazil                A universal BIG would be the most
to be paid more quickly and efficiently,     read an open letter the Brazilian             effective way of addressing the
whilst introducing new mechanisms to         ambassador to South Africa was going to       immediate needs of the most vulnerable;
prevent fraud. It would also make the        present to President Mbeki. It                and
delivery of a universal income grant         highlighted Brazil’s progress toward a              Such a package of social protection,
feasible at very low administrative costs.   universal income grant and urged the          including a basic income grant, is
    Elroy Paulus of the COSATU               President to consider a similar option for    affordable within the current macro-
Parliamentary Office, and a member of        South Africa. To sustained applause,          economic policies of South Africa.
the BIG Financing Reference Group,           Senator Suplicy announced that Brazil is      3. And declares that:
presented the findings of a six-month        on the verge of becoming the first                   A BIG is an affordable option for
investigation of potential methods of        country in the world to implement a           extending social security to the 11.8
financing the grant. The research, co-       Basic Income Grant.                           million poor South Africans who live in
ordinated by Black Sash, brought                 Finally the conference adopted the        households that do not presently have
together four leading economists to agree    following Ipelegeng Declaration:              access to social grants.
on a common set of assumptions about         In light of the information presented, the         There are a variety of feasible
the BIG to develop a consensus model to      Basic Income Grant Coalition:                 options for financing a basic income
assess the implications of various           1. Notes that:                                grant through a combination of income
financing options.                                 The majority of people in South         and expenditure taxes.
    Although the four economists looked      Africa face unacceptable levels of                 A BIG is sustainable and is
at different tax-based financing packages,   poverty and inequality on a daily basis.      developmental. It would introduce cash
they agreed on several important             Poverty        undermines        people’s     into poor societies, promote local
conclusions, namely:                         fundamental rights to dignity and             economic development and enable
      South Africa can afford a BIG, and     equality, frustrates the realisation of       people to develop sustainable
finance the grant without having to          human potential and retards social and        livelihoods.
increase deficit spending;                   economic development of our country                A BIG would enhance people’s
       There are a number of feasible        and the fulfilment of the struggle for        access to health services and would, in
financing options for a BIG, each of         social transformation.                        particular, be a valuable complement to
which has differing redistributive                 Government has committed itself to      government’s plans to rollout ARVs and
implications;                                addressing the structural causes of           implement a national HIV/AIDS
       The optimal financing package is      poverty. Its targeted poverty alleviation     prevention and treatment plan.
likely to involve a mix of revenue           programmes, including the programmes                Government’s commitment to social
sources;                                     arising out of the Growth and                 investment and addressing the immediate
      The BIG would substantially reduce     Development Summit in June 2003 are           needs of those living in intolerable
the poverty gap and would effectively        far-reaching in terms of trying to arrest     circumstances should be expressed in
eradicate extreme poverty;                   poverty in the medium to long term.           part through serious and formal
     The BIG would be developmental.              The Constitution guarantees the right    engagement with proponents of a BIG.
    Selwyn Jehoma, Chief Director:           to social assistance for those who are               The campaign for a BIG in South
Grants Administration for the                unable to provide for themselves and          Africa is in solidarity with the
Department of Social Development,            their dependants, specifically the most       international movement to eradicate
questioned whether the administrative        vulnerable, and those living in intolerable   poverty and to build a better world. ☯
costs of a universal grant would be          circumstances.

32 The Shopsteward January - March 2004

  What does the government HIV/AIDS
    rollout plan mean for workers?
                 By Jacqueline Mpolokeng, COSATU Health and Safety and HIV/AIDS Policy Coordinator

T       he campaign to defeat the                The aim of plan is, among others, to         treatment through public facilities. These
         HIV/Aids epidemic achieved a        ensure universal rollout of anti-retroviral      delays means people continue to die in
         massive victory in August 2003,     drugs to people living with HIV/AIDS,            large numbers of AIDS. It is therefore
when the Cabinet instructed the              especially patients with low CD4 counts.         urgent to ensure the medicines and
Department of Health to develop a            Its primary goals are:                           services that are promised in the plan are
detailed plan to roll out anti retroviral         "Provide comprehensive care and             delivered rapidly and within the time
(ARV) treatment in the public health         treatment for people living with AIDS;           frames that the plan itself sets out.
system by September 2003.                    and                                                  The department of health has
    Subsequently, the minister of health           To facilitate the strengthening of the     identified which facilities are ready to
appointed a national task team to develop    national health system."                         distribute ARV, and which facilities are
a detailed operational plan. The team            However, COSATU is concerned                 not ready. The table will indicates per
concluded its work and unveiled a            about the apparent lack of progress with         province, districts, facility name and type
detailed plan in November 2003. But is       the implementation of this plan. For             and whether the facility is ready or not.
this victory being translated into action    example the tender for procuring drugs               This will be indicated with a yes or
on the ground? Are the ARVs reaching         has not as yet been issued at the time of        no. Yes means that the site is ready to
the people who need them?                    writing; the majority public health              start ARV roll out in a couple of months
    The aim of this article is first to      institutions do not seem to be ready (as         with limited inputs to reach capacity for
briefly summarise the contents of the        illustrated below).                              ARV treatment. No means that the site
                                                 At the time of writing only the              requires high level of input to ensure that
plan, evaluate which hospitals and clinics
                                             Western Cape, parts of Gauteng and               capacities can support treatment
are ready to rollout ARVs, and to suggest
                                             KZN had commenced antiretroviral                 programme in 12 months.
what you can do as a shop steward.
Eastern Cape        Facility                 State of readiness         Kwa Zulu-Natal         Facility                State of readiness
                    Settlers                         Yes                                       King Edwards                  Yes
                    Cecilia Makiwanane/Frere         Yes                                       R.K Khan                      Yes
                    Dora Nginza                      Yes                                       Murchison                     Yes
                    Frontier                         No                                        Port Shepstone                 No
                    Umlamli/Empilisweni              Yes                                       Greys/Edendale                 No
                    Umtata General                   Yes                                       Ladysmith                     Yes
                    St. Elizabeth                    Yes                                       Dundee                        No
                    Rietvlei                         No                                        Church of Scotland            Yes
Gauteng                                                                                        New Castle                    No
                    Natalspruit                      No                                        Madadeni                      Yes
                    Helen Joseph                     No                                        Nkonjeni                      No
                    Coronation                       No                                        Mosvold                       No
                    Discoverer                       No                                        Mseleni                       Yes
                   Ga Rankuwa                        Yes                                       Ngwelezani                    Yes
                    Leratong                         Yes                                       Empangeni                     No
                    Kopanong                         No                                        Stanger                       No
                                                                                               Usher Memorial                No

                                                                                            January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 33

North West                         Facility       State of readiness        Mpumalanga                Facility         State of readiness
                                   Rustenburg              No                                         Evander                     No
                                   Mafikeng/Bophelong      Yes                                        Bethal                      Yes
                                   Taung                   No                                         Witbank                     Yes
                                   Klerksdorp/Tshepong     Yes                                        Rob Ferreira                Yes
Northern Cape                                                                                         Themba                      No
                                   Kuruman                 No               Free State
                                   Springbok               Yes                                        Diamant                     No
                                   De Aar                  No                                         Pelonome                    No
                                   Gordonia                No                                         National                    Yes
                                   Kimberley               Yes                                        Universitas                 No
Limpopo                                                                                               Bongani                     Yes
                                   Matlala                 No                                         Thusanong                   No
                                   St. Rita                No                                         Elizabeth Ross              Yes
                                   Hlogotlou               No                                         Phekolong                   No
                                   Jane Furse              No                                         Boitumelong                 No
                                   Mapulaneng              Yes              Western Cape
                                   Tintswalo               Yes                                        Vredenburg                  Yes
                                   Nkhensani               No                                         T.C Newman                  Yes
                                   Elim                    No                                         Hermanus                    No
                                   Musina                  No                                         George                      Yes
                                   Mankweng                Yes                                        Beufort West                No
                                   WF Knobel               No                                         Houtbay                     Yes
                                   Mokopane                Yes                                        Langa                       Yes
                                   Warmbaths               Yes                                        Khayelitsha                 Yes
                                                                                                      Gugulethu                   Yes

                                                   Source – Government Operational Plan

    What is our role as shop stewards and          of referred patients for special care?      e) And on human resources, does the
members of COSATU? After looking at                b) Is there a service of Voluntary          clinic have a core team to deal with HIV
the table above, this are the following            Counselling and Treatment (VCT),            patients, are these people available 24
question we must ask ourselves:                    Prevention of Mother To Child               hours, is there expert consultative care,
      Is the hospital or clinic where you          Transmission, TB management, Sexually       does it have management and support
are residing appearing on the list of              Transmitted Infections management, Post     staff, how confidential is patient
identified facilities?                             Exposure Prophylaxis, Nutrition, HIV        information, is there a system to deal
      If it does not appear what does this         Clinic, and finally can they provide        with patient information?
mean for people that must access ARV;              ARV?                                            After this assessment please compile
      If the hospital or clinic does appear        c) Does the facility have laboratory to     a report and submit to COSATU Head
and it is shown that it is ready what does         deal with CD4 count and viral load tests?   Office, alternatively to your local or
this mean:                                         d) Does the facility have a pharmacy on     region which will then pass the
a) In terms of people using the facility           site to order, dispense and store the       information.☯
and whether it can deal with the number            ARV?
34 The Shopsteward January - March 2004

  Settlement agreements in Hazel Hau and others v
 Glaxosmithkline (GSK) and Boehringer Ingelheim (BI)
                Background                   manufacturers while keeping their own          There are five key reasons why the

O          n September 19th 2002, the
           AIDS Law Project (ALP)
           lodged a complaint with the
Competition Commission against
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Boehringer
                                             prices high.
                                                 What were the prices of the ARV’s at
                                             the time the complaint was lodged in
                                                 The ex-manufacturer private sector
                                                                                            licences given to Aspen by GSK and BI
                                                                                            did not solve the problem of ensuring
                                                                                            access to a sustainable supply of
                                                                                            affordable ARVs.
                                                                                                First, more licensees are needed to
Ingelheim (BI) on behalf of four people      prices of the relevant ARVs (excluding         ensure that there is proper competition
living openly with HIV/AIDS, four            VAT) for a month’s supply were as              among generic drug companies. Proper
health care workers, the Treatment           follows:                                       competition will ensure that the prices of
Action Campaign (TAC), and COSATU                  AZT (Retrovir®): R582.00                 ARVs reach their lowest possible amount
and its affiliate CEPPWAWU.                        Lamivudine (3TC®): R640.00               and remain affordable.
    In February 2003, two further                  AZT/lamivudine(Combivir®):                   Second, Aspen’s AZT, lamivudine,
complainants joined—a police officer         R800.00                                        AZT/lamivudine combination and
living openly with HIV/AIDS (who                   Nevirapine (Viramune®): R360.00          nevirapine are not yet registered by South
subsequently passed away on June 16th        The prices for paediatric formulations         Africa’s Medicines Control Council
2003) and the AIDS Consortium                were as follows:                               (MCC) and therefore cannot yet be used
(representing more than a thousand                 AZT solution: R138.12 (for 200ml)        in South Africa.          Other generic
individual and organisational members).             Lamivudine solution: R235.00 (for       companies’ ARV products are already
    Alleging that the two multinational      240ml)                                         registered by the MCC. But GSK and BI
pharmaceutical groups were acting                ARVs should be given as a cocktail         would not allow such products to be sold
unlawfully by charging excessive prices      of at least three drugs (such as AZT,          in South Africa and other countries
for certain of their antiretroviral          lamivudine and nevirapine). This is also       where their patents apply.
medicines (ARVs) to the detriment of         known as highly active antiretroviral              Third, at least two generic companies
consumers, the complaint argued that the     therapy, or HAART.                             produce a single pill that contains three
prices charged by the groups for their           What licences had been granted at the      different ARVs. This is very important
essential and life saving medicines are      time the complaint was lodged?                 because patients can take this single pill
directly responsible for the premature,          Aspen Pharmacare, a South African          twice a day instead of having to take
predictable and avoidable deaths of          generic pharmaceutical company, was            many pills twice a day. Such fixed-dose
women, men and children living with          already licensed by GSK to manufacture         combination ARVs have been shown to
HIV/AIDS. The complaint showed that          and sell AZT and lamivudine products in        improve adherence to treatment regimens
even when allowance is made for the          South Africa to the government, NGOs           and ultimately improve patient health.
costs of research and development,           and employers who treat their workers              However, since all the ARVs that are
higher profits, licensing fees and the       who do not belong to medical schemes.          combined in the pill (stavudine,
incentive to develop new drugs, the          Such sales were subject to a 30%               lamivudine and nevirapine) are patented
prices of these ARVs were excessive.         licensing (or royalty) fee.                    in South Africa, the generic companies
    On October 16th 2003, the                    Aspen obtained a similar licence from      cannot legally sell the combination pill in
Competition Commission announced that        BI to manufacture and sell nevirapine in       South Africa unless they get licences
it had decided to refer the complaint to     South Africa to the government, NGOs           from the patent holders to do so. So far,
the Competition Tribunal for                 and employers who treat their workers          Bristol Myers-Squibb has agreed that it
adjudication. As a result of its year-long   who do not belong to medical schemes.          will not enforce its rights in its patented
investigation,       the   Competition       It is understood that such sales were          ARVs, one of which is d4T. W i t h o u t
Commission found evidence to support         initially subject to a 15% licensing (or       GSK doing the same (or granting
the referral on the basis of prohibited      royalty) fee. As with the GSK licence,         licences to generic companies) for
excessive pricing as well as two             this licence did not entitle Aspen to sell     lamivudine, and BI doing the same for
additional grounds, both of which deal       to the private sector. It is unclear           nevirapine, the combination pill cannot
with the failure of GSK and BI to license    whether Aspen was permitted to export          be sold in South Africa.
generic manufacturers in certain             even to Southern African Development               In addition, at least one generic
circumstances. GSK and BI were using         Community (SADC) countries.                    company produces another pill that
their patent monopolies to deny                  Why was a single license from GSK          contains a different combination of three
appropriate licences to other                and BI to Aspen not enough?
                                                                                                     Continued on page 44

                                                                                          January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 35

  Job Creation Trust project wins
            top award
                                                                                               create space for the sale of Labour Kit
                                                                                                   He promised that the workers’ money
                                                                                               in the LJCT is being well spent. "If we
                                                                                               misuse the trust’s money," he said,
                                                                                               "history will never forgive us." He
                                                                                               emphasised the fund’s priority for
                                                                                               helping youth, women, people with
                                                                                               disabilities and rural areas.
                                                                                                   Landiwe Mahlangu from the
                                                                                               Development Bank of Southern Africa
                                                                                               praised the project for demonstrating
                                                                                               three of the principles the LJCT stands
                                                                                               1. Small-scale job creation
                                                                                               2. Providing finance for project the big
                                                                                               banks tend to ignore
                                                                                               3. Using local resources, like the factory
                                 The Segooa Careworth workforce                                building, which was previously vacant.
                                                                                                   Obed Segooa thanked the Trust for

C          OSATU is delighted to hear that       confined to a wheelchair after being shop     the help it had given his company. He
          one of the projects funded by          in a car hijacking. "Crime" he said, "is      promised that he would operate by the
          the money donated by workers           one of he evils caused by unemployment        book in his treatment of the workers.
into the Labour Job Creation Trust               and it has got to stop.                           The LJCT was set up after the 1998
(LJCT) has won the North West Province               He urged Segooa to set up a stall to      Presidential Jobs Summit and is funded
Premier’s Excellence Award as the 2003           sell their products directly to the public    by donations of a day’s pay by workers.
Entrepreneur of the Year.                        and called upon retailers, in the spirit of   Below is a summary of how the R85
    The Segooa Careworth company,                the Proudly South African Campaign, to        million raised has been spent so far: ☯
trading as Labour Kit, manufactures
protective clothing, school and corporate
uniforms at its Ga-Rankuwa factory and
employs ten workers. It was awarded
R250 000 by the trust.
    At a ceremony to mark the award, on
11 February, Willie Madisha, COSATU
President, and Chairperson of the LJCT
trustees, said that unemployment was our
most serious problem and job creation
our top priority. He congratulated Segoa
and urged it to grow and grow and
employ as many people as possible. Even
one new job can feed not one but as
many as 20 family members who depend
on that one wage. Only this way can
unemployed people regain their dignity.
    He paid tribute to Obed Segooa, the
manager of the company, who is                           COSATU President Willie Madisha (3rd from left) at the ceremony

36 The Shopsteward January - March 2004

                              Projects considered for JCT funding
Province           Applications under         Projects being          Projects in                       Total projects
                       consideration          negotiated              implementation                    considered
Eastern Cape                        -                 4,229                       15,642                         19,871
Western Cape                        -                 1,490                             -                         1,490
Gauteng                           430                   831                         1,245                         2,506
Northern Cape                   2,330                 2,679                            -                          5,009
North West                      1,351                 1,713                           335                         3,399
KwaZulu/Natal                   9,622                 1,187                         1,812                        12,621
Mpumalanga                      1,900                 3,015                            80                         4,995
Free State                           -                  600                         1,850                         2,450
Limpopo                         4,481                 1,008                         5,292                        10,781
                               20,114                 16,752                       26,256                        63,122

                     The Segooa Careworth workers proudly display their award

                Estimated jobs oppotunities on projects in implementation
Province        Projects in implementation                     Estimated job oppotunities
Eastern Cape           15,642                                          2,228
Western Cape              -                                              -
Gauteng                 1,245                                            307
Northern Cape             -                                               -
North West                335                                             75
KwaZulu/Natal           1,812                                            741
Mpumalanga                    80                                             17
Free State              1,850                                            460
Limpopo                 5,292                                            833
                       26,256                                           4,661

                                                                       January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 37

                    South Africa hosts African
                    Musicians Conference
 InternationalDube, Musicians Union of South Africa
           By Basil
                                                                                               researched and designed for musicians
                                                                                               and other artists. It addresses socio-
                                                                                               economic and health needs and is also
                                                                                               relevant to artists operating in developing
                                                                                               and underdeveloped countries.
                                                                                                   The conference noted the risks and
                                                                                               problems that artists and musicians are
                                                                                               exposed to in their work environment,
                                                                                               particularly at live performance venues
                                                                                               where promoters and venue owners take
                                                                                               minimal or no interest in safety and
                                                                                               security measures for the protection of
                                                                                               performing artists and audiences.
                                                                                                   Most musicians are working in the
                                                                                               informal sector, with very few employed
                                                                                               and protected by labour laws. The few
                                                                                               musicians who enjoy employment status
                                                                                               are in a subordinate relationship, defined
                           SA Musicians performing Solidarity Forever
                                                                                               by a contract of employment. There is

W                e all enjoy listening to good    encouraging speech was well received by      only a small category of civil servant
             music. But how often do we           the local and international delegates, who   musicians who enjoy a certain degree of
             think about the workers              used it as a point of reference during the   job and social welfare security.
who provide us with such good                     discussions.                                     The benefits expected from the MHIS
entertainment? Musicians in South                     The main purpose of the conference       are:
Africa want the world to know more                was to examine the working conditions             Effective and quality health services
about the price that many of their                of African musicians and to formulate             Improvement in the quality of
members pay to keep you entertained.              strategies and programmes to deal with       healthcare
They are determined to fight to improve           the problems facing musicians in the              Access to care and extension of
their living standards and working                continent. The FIM had submitted two         protection to disadvantaged beneficiaries
conditions.                                       main proposals to guide the discussions:          Mobilisation of local resources
   That is why, from 10-16 December               1. The development of social security             Democratic governance: mutual
2003 in Cape Town, the Musicians                  schemes for musicians and their families     representation and social dialogue
Union of South Africa (MUSA) hosted               2. The development of a model for the              Presentation of health risks and their
the historic African International                establishment of musicians’ co-              remedies
Musicians Conference (AIMC).                      operatives                                       It was agreed to elect a Task Team to
   It was a follow-up to the first Pan-               The following critical issues were       develop the scheme, made up of
African Music Conference on the Status            identified:                                  individuals who are known and trusted
of the Musician held in Cameroon in                                                            within the industry, people of integrity
2001 and was organized under the                      1. Micro-health insurance                who enjoy the respect of musicians and
auspices of the Federation of                                  scheme                          other industry practitioners. It must:
International Musicians (FIM) and co-             Thomas Dayan, Assistant General                   Be gender representative
ordinated by MUSA.                                Secretary of the FIM, introduced the idea         Undertake a capacity building
   Professor Itumeleng Mosala,                    of a Micro-Health Insurance Scheme           exercise at the beginning to enhance its
Director-General of the Department of             (MHIS) for musicians in Africa. The          members’ capacity in financial, business
Arts and Culture opened the conference            FIM defines the scheme as a mutual           and project management and other
and delivered the keynote address. His            benefit social scheme, specifically          principles of micro health insurance. The

38 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                                        TRADE UNION NEWS

ILO would be a partner in such training.      co-operatives for music performers in                    They are usually self-employed without
     Draft a constitution to be adopted by    Africa.                                                  any job security. There are very few
members at a general meeting,                     Most African countries are short of                  written contracts and verbal agreements
specifically called for such purpose          resources for the investment necessary to                give promoters and producers unlimited
     Conduct research to determine the        develop cultural industries. Private                     freedom to determine the artists’ working
feasibility of the project, e.g. membership   initiatives are largely insufficient despite             conditions. Delegates highly condemned
v contributions v risk                        the people’s great interest in music. Also               this practice.
    It was also resolved to form              musical instruments and live concert                         There was strong support for enacting
partnerships with relevant stakeholders       material such as sound equipment,                        legislation to regulate the music industry
that form the value chain, comprising,        lighting etc. are prohibitively expensive,               in Africa but it was also agreed that it is
but not limited to:                           which has a direct impact on the growth                  the unions’ role to educate and
     Development institutions and             of music in a particular region.                         conscientise its members about the
agencies                                      Consequently many African musicians of                   importance of having working contracts.
     Service providers i.e. medical           great talent do not find the means to                    No artists should be engaged by either
practitioners, private hospitals, clinics,    record or distribute their music.                        promoter or producer without any written
     Community health care centres and            The ILO and UNESCO suggested                         contract. The FIM has developed
other providers of health services, which     that a co-operative project must                         standard contracts for its members which
may include traditional and homeopathic       contribute to:                                           will be circulated to all its affiliates.
doctors.                                           Developing local capacities                         Delegates pushed for these to be
    The FIM African Committee will                 Promoting cultural diversity by                     implemented throughout Africa.
facilitate exchange programmes for            enabling artists of all origins to develop
building         members’         capacity.   their own culture                                                        4. HIV/Aids
Consultation with relevant government                Developing forms of co-operatives                 The HIV/Aids pandemic and its effects
departments, including Arts & Culture,        which are suitable in the African context                on musicians and those related to them
Health, Labour, Social Welfare and                   Encouraging governments to give                   was a matter of serious concern.
Trade and Industry will be central to the     support to musicians and artists                         Discussion was facilitated by the ILO
MHIS’s implementation.                        participating in such co-operatives                      and focused on conditions and risks at
    Benefits to members and their                 The co-operative is an old concept                   work. The ILO’s statistics on world
families could include primary health         that is working effectively in other                     trends were shocking. Discussions
care, maternity cover, hospitalisation,       sectors such as farming. It is an                        centred on the search for mechanisms for
drug and alcohol rehabilitation,              empowerment vehicle that should lead to                  dealing with HIV/Aids in the workplace.
medication specialist consultation,           a situation where members have a stake                       It was noted that many musicians in
laboratory tests and psychiatric              in the value chains of the industries. Its               Africa still treated the subject covertly,
treatment.                                    key elements must be to:                                 with little information filtering down to
                                                   O ffer g o o d s a n d s e r v i c e s a t a        musicians and artists in rural
    2. Musicians co-operatives                discount to its members                                  communities. Musicians were considered
The establishment of musicians’ co-                Register the project and position                   to be at high risk due to the nature of
operatives was deemed highly important        themselves as a non-profit consortia                     their work. Unions were encouraged to
and progressive.                                   Forge strategic alliances with                      formulate strategies to combat the
    The International Co-operative            relevant industry stakeholders with                      pandemic.
Alliance (ICA) defines a co-operative as      whom deals can be made (manufacturers,                       The ILO outlined its national and
an autonomous association of people           event management companies, sound &                      international efforts to combat the spread
voluntarily brought together to satisfy       staging etc.)                                            of the virus, disseminated information on
their economic, social and cultural                Operate on sound business principles                the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/Aids
common aspirations and needs through          (a business model must be adopted)                       and encouraged unions to develop
an enterprise whose property is collective         Establish a social responsibility                   programs in their respective countries’
and where the capacity is exercised           vision and image                                         musical industries to assist victims and
democratically.                                    D eve l o p a c o n s t i t u t i o n a n d b e     non-victims.
    The discussion was facilitated by the     democratically run by members
ILO, assisted by UNESCO, the British                                                                                      5. Piracy
Musicians Union (BMU) and the FIM,                     3. Working contracts                            Piracy is a serious threat to the livelihood
which has assessed and carried out a          Delegates noted that many musicians in                   of all musicians, irrespective of where
feasibility study for the establishment of    Africa work in precarious conditions.                    they come from. It is one of the biggest

                                                                                                     January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 39

problems facing the world music industry          Delegates at the Cape Town                common interests objectives. Two pilot
and has necessitated some degree of           conference re-committed themselves to         projects will be launched in 2004, one in
unity among owners of the industry’s          its implementation. It encourages             an Anglophone country (South Africa)
value chain. Piracy not only deprives         partnership between unions from               and the other in a Francophone country
musicians, composers and writers of their     developing and developed countries,           (Senegal).
bread, but also puts the investments at       which can be beneficial in areas such as
risk.                                         information exchange and capacity             Resolution 2:
    Horace, from the BMU, spoke on the        building, with a strong emphasis on skills        Micro-Health Insurance Scheme
state of piracy in the UK. While the          development and training.                                      (MHIS)
dynamics of the situation in Britain are          South African delegates however           The creation of social protection schemes
similar to those of most African              cautioned that such partnerships should       that will address various health problems
countries, the difference was the extent to   not always be with European countries         and render services such as death and
which the union’s struggle had advanced       but must also happen between African          disability cover, retirement funds,
against this illegal tendency. Many anti-     countries. In terms of the programme          unemployment insurance, HIV/Aids
piracy campaigns in the UK are being          both partners must be prepared to teach       counselling, drug and alcohol abuse.
conducted in collaboration with other         and be taught. All nations have               These programmes will be achieved
agencies such as government and civil         something to share with the world,            through the establishment of strategic
society bodies.                               regardless of their economic status.          partnerships with relevant stakeholders in
    Free Internet downloading of music                                                      various countries.
has become one of the biggest problems          7. Training and development                     Member countries will implement the
facing the recording music industry.          The conference emphasized the need for        proposed MHISs for musicians based
Mechanical royalties are the worst hit by     unions in Africa to implement                 on the model researched
piracy. In the UK in some instances, the      programmes such as music education
music is downloaded and copied even           in schools and community centres.
before the product is available on the            There was also concern
shelves. "It’s a problem that record
                                                                    ht pirac
                                                             to fig
companies have created for themselves",
said Horace.
                                                 lla bora
                                      st a ll co                     and proposed by FIM.
                               We m                                       Additional Resolutions
                                                  that union members and officials need          Developing a regulatory framework
                                              capacity development, particularly in         regarding foreign musicians coming to
                                              administration and organisational             work in member countries. The union
            Latest studies show that there    development. The link between training        must play an active role in the reception
is usually a link between racketeers who      and the co-operatives was encouraged.         and protection of foreign artists in their
distribute pirated music and syndicates       Senegal, Kenya and Namibia shared their       respective countries.
who deal in hard drugs and other serious      experiences in music education and                  The development of policies on
crimes. There is a need to fight piracy as    training, and delegates agreed that           HIV/Aids and their implications for
a collaborative effort involving              training and development was at the core      musicians and other artists and cultural
government, police and the judicial           of their success.                             workers, and a strategy to address socio-
system. The heavy punishment and                                                            economic problems and challenges
prison sentences meted out to piracy                       Resolutions                      presented by the pandemic.
syndicates and individuals in Korea was                                                         To establish an African Music Office
                                              The following key resolutions were
highly appreciated and supported.                                                           (AMO) in collaboration with the African
                                              proposed and adopted:
                                                                                            Union and NEPAD
          6. Twinning schemes                               Resolution 1:                       The implementation of the Pan
The FIM is encouraging members to                     Musicians co-operatives               African Music Festival as forum to
communicate and collaborate among             The formation of musicians’ co-
                                                                                            showcase the diverse cultures of African
themselves. That is why the FIM 17th          operatives to act as a unifying vehicle for
Congress in Cuba in 2001 adopted the                                                        music and to lobby for the unity of
                                              musicians, and also serve as central
Twinning Scheme Programme.                    resource centres for groups of artists with   African musicians. ☯

40 The Shopsteward January - March 2004

           U-fasimba -
  the dawn of Young Communists
                            By Buti Manamela, National Secretary, Young Communist League
                                                                                               will do the same.

                                                                                                 The significance of the launch
                                                                                               This Congress was significant in three
                                                                                               ways. Firstly it has an historic
                                                                                               significance in that it was relaunched 53
                                                                                               years after the banning of the Young
                                                                                               Communist League in 1950, together
                                                                                               with the Communist Party of South
                                                                                               Africa, under the Suppression of
                                                                                               Communism Act.
                                                                                                   The relaunch of the YCL also has a
                                                                                               contemporary significance, in that, since
                                                                                               the collapse of the Soviet bloc in the
                                                                                               late1980s - 1990s, there has been much
                                                                                               propaganda that the ideas of communism
                                                                                               are outdated and that they failed. The
                  Young Communist League National Office Bearers
                                                                                               young people gathered in the Vaal
                                                                                               University declared that the ideas

O         n 12-14 December 2003 the
          Relaunching Congress of the
          Young Communist League
(YCL) took place at the Vaal University
                                                 The relationship between the
                                                     YCL and the SACP
                                               The YCL was launched after a resolution
                                               from the SACP 11th National Congress.
                                                                                               espoused by Marx and Engels are the
                                                                                               only progressive ideas that will free them
                                                                                               from the yoke of capitalism.
                                                                                                   The third significance is that it was
                                                                                               strategic - in that the relaunch is in line
of Technology. Over 500 delegates from         The YCL is the youth wing of the SACP
the nine provinces, local and                  and seeks to mobilise young communists          with the building of a strong SACP and
international guests, the General              behind the political vision and strategy of     mobilising the youth behind the banner
Secretaries of the SA Communist Party          the SACP. Although this is the case, the        of socialism.
(SACP) and of COSATU and the deputy            YCL will not be seen as a parrot that
president of the ANC and of the country        mimes the positions of the party. It will          Building a strong YCL and a
were there.                                    assert and influence positions within the                 strong SACP
    The launch came after 18 months of         party itself, and is an autonomous              The YCL National Committee will be
preparations, lengthy meetings,                organisation.                                   launching provincial, district and branch
provincial consultative conferences, a             To the SACP, the YCL will be U-             structures. We will be calling on all
national consultative conference and           fasimbe - Shaka’s youth army. U-fasimbe         young people from 14-35 years in
various other interactions with                means something that you will never see         workplaces, schools, universities,
progressive youth formations.                  from a distance; you will just see it           townships, farms, rural areas,
    The Congress was primarily meant to        appearing right in front of you. This army      government institutions and all other
cement the work that led to it, adopt the      would conquer without being deployed            places were young people are based to
constitution, and receive messages from        because they understood the medium              join the YCL, at R5 for the unemployed
the various organisations that are allied to   term vision of Shaka. U-fasimba shall be        and R10 for young workers.
the SACP and the progressive                   what the YCL is known as throughout                 The main objective is to build a mass-
movement. It was also meant to reinforce       the country and the world.                      based young communist that is clear
the policy and strategy discussions that           In the same way that the ANCYL of           ideologically, taught and armed with
took place led by the National Steering        the 1940s had to revive and redirect the        Marxism-Leninism to fight capitalism
Committee.                                     strategy and tactics of the ANC, the YCL        and its rotten agenda.

                                                                                             January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 41

    We will also encourage these
young people to join and
participate in the campaigns of the
SACP as the vanguard of the
working class. These are the
young people who will shape,
build and see a socialist future.
They will dismiss those who say
that socialism is a dream by telling
them that it is better than the
nightmare of unemployment, the
continued job loss bloodbath,
poverty, hunger, homelessness,
lack of water and insecurity, which
are the effects of capitalism.
    The hope of these young
people lies in socialism, a future
they are building by strengthening
the party and the YCL.

  Programmatic issues for                               Young Communist League National Working Committee
        the YCL
     Education.                              fight against HIV/AIDS. These will be        programme of mobilising young people
                                             known as HIV/AIDS Communist                  to vote for the ANC. This is because we
The YCL will campaign for free
                                             Brigades. They will educate young            believe that the ANC, together with the
education in South Africa, as embodied
                                             people about this enemy of the working       SACP and COSATU, are the only
in the Freedom Charter. With free
                                             class and the poor, and practice care with   organisations that can deliver South
education we mean the abolition of
                                             those who are affected and infected.         Africans from the national oppression
school fees, elimination of education that
                                                                                          and injustices of the past, as they have
seeks to create individualism,
                                                  Economy                                 done for the past 10 years.
democratisation and broad participation
                                             We will mobilise behind the SACP’s               This is the only way that they can
of communities in schools, the abolition
                                             campaign against the financial sector’s      determine the leadership of the country.
of private schools, with an initial
campaign against government funding          continued exclusion of workers and the
towards these schools.                       poor from the mainstream of the                           Conclusion
    We will mobilise young people and        economy, and the programme of the            The National Committee that met over
their organisations, trade unions, NGOs      SACP on co-operatives. We will find          the weekend of 16-18 January adopted a
and community organisations to realise       ways of making these key initiatives         clear framework for a programme of
these goals. We will set up community        create jobs for young people, directly and   action, and this and more issues were
forums that will debate and campaign for     indirectly.                                  covered and will be communicated to all
free education. We believe that with             As the YCL, we will engage the           young people.
proper state planning, free education can    Umsombovu Youth Fund to finance                  The leadership of the YCL is as
be realised.                                 youth co-operatives, and the National        follows:
Our strategic pillars in dealing with        Youth Commission to use their influence          National Secretary: Buti Manamela
problems in education are access to          in encouraging government to create              National Chairperson: David Masondo
quality education, equity, redress and the   jobs.                                            Deputy National Secretary:
democratisation of the governance of         We will be taking up issues of casualised,   Mazibuko Jara
education institutions in all levels of      workers because the majority of them are         Deputy National Chairperson:
education.                                   young and are highly exploited,              Hlengiwe Hlophe
                                             especially in the retail sector.                 National Treasurer: Jenny Jenkins
    HIV/AIDS                                                                              There are 15 other National Committee
                                                 2004 National Elections                  members.
Young people will volunteer, under the
                                             The YCL will be engaged into a clear            U-fasimba is here, and will stay and
banner of the SACP, to participate in the
                                                                                           fight for the realisation of our future.☯

42 The Shopsteward January - March 2004

       Zimbabwe – a country in crisis
                                   By Florinah Koko, COSATU Deputy International Secretary

L         ast year the COSATU 8th National              The late 1990s saw growing                     to the formation of a government-sponsored
          Congress came out clearly in support     dissatisfaction of the general populace in the      trade union movement, the Zimbabwe
          of its comrades in Zimbabwe.             way the country’s socio-economic situation          Federation of Trade Unions and also the
     Its resolution pledged to support the         was deteriorating. The formation of the             dismissal of legitimate trade union leaders of
Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions                  Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)                the ZCTU from their places of employment.
(ZCTU) in their struggle against the ongoing       and the results of the referendum on a              The most recent example of this is the
violations of worker rights, to encourage the      proposed new constitution in 2000, shook the        dismissal of ZCTU president, Lovemore
already continuing dialogue by various parties     ZANU-PF from its comfort zone. The results          Matombo from Zimpost, for having attended
in Zimbabwe and to support the call by the         of the parliamentary elections in 2000 were         the congress of the Organisation of African
international community for free political         unprecedented. A newly-formed opposition            Trade Union Unity in Sudan.The case against
activity; the repeal of the draconian laws that    party won 57 seats, making it the major             the dismissal is currently with the courts, but
limit freedom of speech and free political         opposition party. Both the parliamentary            one wonders what the outcome will be in a
activity, and the restoration of the rule of law   elections in 2000 and presidential elections in     country where the judiciary is not particularly
in Zimbabwe. How has this once prosperous          2002 were marred by politically motivated           independent from government, and that those
nation reached a crisis that has made it           violence and the next two years saw the             members of the judiciary that fought for its
necessary for COSATU to take such a stand?         passing of new laws that were intended to           independence have either been dismissed or
     In 1980. when Zimbabwe attained               further ensure that ZANU-PF retains power.          have resigned.
independence, there were hopes that it would            The legislative framework, through the             The international community has
be one of the leading economic engines in the      Access to Information and Protection of             consistently called for the restoration of the
Southern African region. The Zimbabwean            Privacy Act and the Public Order and                rule of law in Zimbabwe and respect for
people, like all societies after independence,     Security Act (POSA), was amended to make            human rights. All these calls seem to fall on
were euphoric, as their government made            it impossible for the opposition and the trade      deaf ears, more especially since Zimbabwe’s
initiatives to redress the imbalances that came    union movement to function properly.                immediate neighbours have been particularly
as a result of colonialism.                        Through the POSA, hundreds of trade                 quiet despite the worsening situation. The
     During the first ten years of                 unionists and members of civil society have         trade union movement in the SADC and the
independence, Zimbabwe saw a modest                been arbitrarily arrested and detained for up to    rest of the world have however been quite
growth in the economy and there was                48 hours without being charged.                     supportive of their comrades in Zimbabwe.
evidence of this in the improvements in health          The socio-economic situation in                    The support for the ZCTU and the respect
and education provision.                           Zimbabwe has for the past four years                that the trade union movement holds for its
     During the liberation struggle and the        deteriorated to the point that has seen             comrades in Zimbabwe was recently
early post-independence period, the labour         unemployment rise to more than 70%, and             demonstrated at the congress of the Southern
movement and ZANU-PF ruling party were             inflation at three digit figures. The health and    African Trade Union Coordinating Council
very close allies. The ZCTU was actually           education system have virtually collapsed,          SATUCC, where the 2nd Deputy President
affiliated to ZANU-PF. Economic challenges         and considering the prevalence of HIV/AIDS          of the ZCTU, Ms.Lucia Matibenga was
faced by Zimbabwe in the late 1980s saw            in the region, the situation is quite dire.         elected SATUCC president. Not only was
government adopting the Structural                      The land repossessions, which were done        this a display of confidence on the leadership
Adjustment Programme, which like                   in a haphazard fashion, without any proper          of the ZCTU but a victory for women in the
everywhere else where it was implemented,          redistribution, have resulted in land being         African continent itself!
led to various socio-economic problems,            taken from a few white people and placed in             The COSATU Congress resolved to send
unemployment being top of the list.                the hands of few black people, in senior            a fact-finding mission to Zimbabwe,
     At this point, it was becoming                government positions.                               comprised of all our affiliates and to
increasingly obvious that the honeymoon                 This has resulted in farm workers losing       demonstrate active solidarity with the workers
between ZANU-PF and the ZCTU was                   their livelihood and being displaced.               of Zimbabwe, by supporting their actions and
coming to an end. The ZCTU disaffiliated           Zimbabwe, which was previously called the           demonstrations. The Limpopo region will
from ZANU-PF in 1989. It is important to           breadbasket of the region, is facing severe         develop concrete programmes for
remember that at this point, ZANU-PF was           food shortages. All these factors have led to       demonstrations and pickets around the Beit
the only major political party in Zimbabwe,        the numerous protest actions on the streets of      Bridge area to highlight the plight of
with the smaller political parties only            Harare, that have resulted in trade union           Zimbabwean workers and to work with the
resurfacing at election time, and even then not    leaders being detained and even having their        federations in Mozambique and Botswana as
having much of an impact on the politics of        lives threatened. The government’s attempts         part of our campaign on this issue. An injury
the country.                                       to suppress the trade union movement has led        to one is an injury to all! ☯
                                                                                                      January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 43

                                                          From page 35

ARVs (AZT, lamivudine and                     with three companies being licensed to        per patient per year (± R80 per month)
nevirapine). But it cannot sell this          manufacture and/or import generic             represents a 74% savings on the previous
important combination pill in South           nevirapine products. All licensees will       best price of US$538 per patient per year
Africa until it gets licences to do so.       be entitled to combine AZT, 3TC and           (± R300 per month).
    Fourth, the GSK licence to Aspen did      nevirapine, both with each other and with         Based on the current international
not allow for exports, with the BI licence    other ARVs. All licensees will be             best price offers made by generic
possibly allowing for limited exports         entitled to sell their products to both the   companies and at current exchange rates,
only. It is important to note that            public and private sectors, with sales        we expect to see the same stavudine,
HIV/AIDS affects all countries – it does      being subject to a maximum 5% royalty         lamivudine and nevirapine regimen
not respect national borders. Solving the     rate.                                         costing in the range of US$200 – 250 per
issues of access in South Africa without          While all licensees will be strongly      patient per year (± R110 – 140 per
addressing similar issues in all other sub-   encouraged to manufacture generic             month), with the same regimen in a
Saharan African countries is both             ARVs in South Africa in the interests of      three-in-one fixed dose combination
problematic and immoral. In addition,         developing local pharmaceutical               form costing in the range of US$250 –
local generic manufacturers must have         manufacturing capacity and job creation,      290 per patient per year (± R140 – 160
economies of scale if they are to be able     they will nevertheless be entitled to use     per month).
to offer and sell at prices that are          their licences to import if they decide not       At current exchange rates, other
competitive.                                  to or are unable to manufacture locally.      ARVs are expected to cost consumers as
    Finally, excluding the private sector     Licensees that manufacture the ARVs in        follows:
from these licences is problematic for the    South Africa will be entitled to export             AZT: US$160 – 180 per patient per
following reasons:                            their products to all countries in sub-       year (± R90 – 100 per month);
       Many poor people, especially           Saharan Africa.                                      Lamivudine: US$65 – 100 per
in rural areas, buy their medicines from          As of the end of last week,               patient per year (± R35 – 55 per month);
doctors and pharmacies in the private         Thembalami Pharmaceuticals (a joint                  AZT/lamivudine combination:
sector.                                       venture between South Africa’s Adcock         US$200 – 250 per patient per year (±
      If more people can afford to buy the    Ingram       and      India’s    Ranbaxy      R110 – 140 per month);
medicines in the private sector, they are     Laboratories) had already concluded its              Nevirapine: US$100 – 150 per
less likely to use the public sector to get   licensing agreement with GSK, and was         patient per year (± R55 – 85 per month);
their ARVs. This can reduce the burden        poised to sign a similar agreement with              AZT paediatric solution: US$3 – 4
of HIV/AIDS on the public sector.             BI.                                           (± R20 – 27) for 200ml; and
      Medical schemes are under financial         On December 10th 2003, another                  Lamivudine paediatric solution:
pressure due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.        generic pharmaceutical company, Cipla-        US$5 – 6 (± R33 – 40) for 240ml.
To ensure that medical schemes provide        Medpro (a joint venture between South             Why did the complainants agreed to
reasonable and acceptable benefits to         Africa’s Medpro Pharmaceutica and             withdraw the complaint?
people living with HIV/AIDS and that          India’s Cipla), applied for licenses from         In return for the concessions made by
more people are able to access medical        both GSK and BI. The ALP and TAC              GSK and BI in the settlement
scheme cover, the prices of ARVs must         are in regular contact with Cipla-Medpro      agreements, the complainants agreed
be kept as low and as competitive as          and are monitoring the licensing process.     formally to withdraw the complaint.
possible.                                         What prices can we be expected to         This does not mean the complaint was
       The public sector may take up to       pay in the public and private sectors?        unjustified. It simply means that the
five years to reach all those who need        Government will now be free to procure        public interest is better served by
access to ARV treatment. Affordable           ARVs from a range of generic                  securing these gains now, at least for
prices in the private sector would make it    manufacturers, without first having to        South Africa and the whole of sub-
possible for many people to access ARV        issue compulsory licenses or negotiate        Saharan Africa, through a negotiated
treatment while the public sector             voluntary licences. In the public sector,     settlement.
programme is being rolled out.                the settlement agreements will open up            Although the complainants would
    What do the settlement agreements         access to the prices recently announced       have wanted GSK and BI to concede
with GSK and BI achieve?                      by the William J. Clinton Foundation,         more, they concluded after lengthy
    The settlement agreements will open       removing the last patent barriers to          negotiations that this is the best that can
up the ARV market to generic                  accessing AZT, lamivudine and/or              be achieved now. It goes well beyond
competitors.           Including Aspen        nevirapine products. For the standard         what could conceivably have been won
Pharmacare, four generic companies will       first-line regimen of stavudine,              by pursuing the prosecution of the
be licensed to manufacture and/or import      lamivudine and nevirapine, for example,       complaint under the Competition Act. ☯
generic AZT and lamivudine products,          the Clinton Foundation price of US$140
44 The Shopsteward January - March 2004

                     The crisis in Swaziland
The outrageous plan by King Mswati III to build nine palaces for each of his wives has once more
drawn attention to the undemocratic character of the Swazi kingdom. The following article is
based on an input by Bongani Masuku, Secretary General of Swaziland Solidarity Network, which
was presented to the SACP East Rand District Congress at Nigel on 1-2 November 2003

L        ike   the    rest   of   Africa,     expression of human dignity.                    reason explains the fact that the Swazi
         Swaziland’s legacy is bound up                                                       monarch invests Swazi money with the
         with      colonialism,      neo-          Background to the Swazi                    British Crown Agents, and is advised by
colonialism,         feudalism        and                revolution                           the British Executive Services Overseas
underdevelopment. It is a history of          After the Second World War, British             (BESO)?
dispossession and colonial conquest and       imperialism was going through a deep                This regime is a product of a
the struggle to defeat these evils.           and sustained structural crisis as a result     conspiracy against the poor and toiling
    Patriarchy defines the way society        of exhaustion from the war, struggles for       masses of our country, an integral part of
and power relations are organised in          national liberation by progressive forces       the global power structure for the
Swaziland. The monarchy is the apex of        throughout the Empire, and the inherent,        maintenance and perpetuation of
this patriarchal and backward structure,      internal crisis of global capitalism.           domination and exploitation.
which is subordinated only to the                 This led Britain to realise that direct         The 1973 king’s decree stated in no
predatory interests of imperialist            colonial rule in Swaziland, like                uncertain terms that, "I, King Sobhuza II,
accumulation.                                 everywhere else, was no longer                  King of Swaziland, have assumed
    As a gatekeeper of imperialism and        sustainable and saw the need to create          supreme power in Swaziland, and all
exploitative neo-colonial relations, this     new foundations for maintaining                 legislative, executive and judicial power
social group is an extension and auxiliary    imperialist accumulation. This required         is now vested in myself… and my
of the global forces of reaction, a direct    the creation of local parasitic classes.        security forces have been posted to all
representative of the most reactionary,           In Swaziland this was the royal             strategic places and have taken charge of
ruthlessly exploitative forces of global      family. It is the guarantor of imperialist      all public places… Political parties and
domination, acting on their behalf, and in    hegemony in this part of the world,             all other such bodies that bring about
its own interests as a beneficiary of that    carrying forward the duty of exploiting         disturbances are hereby dissolved and
domination.                                   the working and poor masses, with and           prohibited".

      They have been busy for the past seven years trying to make a constitution for the
                           people in the absence of the people

    Therefore the Swazi struggle is an        on behalf of, the former colonial master.          This is the most significant political
integral part of the world-wide working       This crude exploitation was, and still is,      declaration against the democratic rights
class struggle to broaden the frontiers of    dressed in nice Christmas gown of               of the people in the history of the
human dignity, roll back the evils of         "Swazi culture and tradition".                  country. It laid a firm basis for the
oppression and establish a society                The classes that enjoy supremacy in         stabilisation of the exploitative and
founded on real democracy and social          Swaziland comprise the royal                    oppressive relations in our society. It is
justice for all.                              aristocracy, comprador elements and             the iron curtain that protects the rotten
    The central objective of this             international capital, united by their          foundation of economic exploitation and
revolution now is the struggle for            enjoyment of juicy conditions for the           political supremacy of the royal family
national democracy, to secure basic           super exploitation of the working masses        and its international patrons.
democratic rights for all, the abolition of   for maximum profitability.                         The Swazi political system of
the feudal remnants, the defeat of                What other reason better explains the       Tinkhundla is an ideologically
underdevelopment and for the                  permanent military presence of the              determined instrument of royal
broadening of the space for the free          British MI6 in Swaziland? What better           hegemony, for the effective exploitation

                                                                                            January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 45

of the whole Swazi society and its              for the people in the absence of the               The recent electoral disaster and
international allies.                           people. The constitution is a royal-           drama, unfolded like some Disneyland
    When King Sobhuza II signed the             tailored process, exclusively designed to      circus or Hollywood script. It is not
secret non-aggression pact with the             protect the basis of royal supremacy,          believable to sane and democracy-loving
apartheid regime in 1982, it led to the         whilst effecting meaningless changes to        people that in this era we still have
massive onslaught against cadres of the         the political landscape. Amongst other         elections conducted under the barrel of a
South African liberation movement,              things it:                                     gun, under the following conditions:
particularly the ANC-led alliance. This              Provides no space for free political          No political parties or any form of
was immediately followed by the 1984            activity, particularly with its ban on         political grouping outside the royal
extradition treaty, which essentially           political parties                              cabals, allowed
enforced collaboration against a "threat             Entrenches slavery in the name of             The media and judiciary royal stage-
to any one of us".                              culture and tradition                          managed and not allowed to cover
                                                     Vests all minerals, land and natural      anything that is not in favour of the royal
    People’s United Democratic                  resources in the hands of the monarchy         cabals
             Movement                                Formalises the royal cabals that run          Only royal civic education and ideas
However, the people of Swaziland never          the country mafia-style                        allowed to flow and the people denied
took all this lying down. On 6 July 1983             Institutionalises royal hegemony in       access to alternative views about how
they formed a political champion of their       every sphere of Swazi society and              society can be organised
desire to be free, which became known as        enforces the ‘subject’, rather than                 No constitution, but fly-by-night
the People’s United Democratic                  ‘citizen’ identity of the people               royal decrees form the foundation of the
Movement (PUDEMO).                                   Fundamentally it is a product of an       election process, and no resort to an
     This entirely changed the whole face       illegitimate process and has never             independent arbiter for a constitutional
of Swazi political life and introduced the      enjoyed the support of the broad masses.       ruling in the case of a dispute, but the
dynamics of resistance and social               It is comparable to the tri-cameral system     royal word shall always be final
vibrancy into the fibre of our society. It      in apartheid South Africa, which                    Political activists, particularly
gave renewed confidence to workers,             attempted to co-opt a few from amongst         members of PUDEMO and SWAYOCO
students, youth, women and all social           the oppressed to join in at the table of       are in and out of jail. Comrades Roland
formations that have now openly                 mass oppression, in the name of                Rudd, Alex Langwenya, Kenneth
embraced the agenda for genuine change.         ‘democracy’.                                   Kunene, Chris Dlamini and Lovemore
     The climax was the famous treason               PUDEMO, as the historical custodian       Mabaso have just been released on bail
trial of the PUDEMO leadership in 1990,         and champion of the people’s interests,        for peacefully expressing their political
in which its President, Mario Masuku,           adopted a document in 1992, entitled           views.
was the first accused. The regime               "Towards a democratically elected
intended to bury PUDEMO "as the                 constituent assembly through a                      Tasks for revolutionaries
source of the trouble", but the opposite        negotiated settlement". This categorically         Building and participating in the work
was achieved and PUDEMO earned the              stated that "only a democratically elected     of the Swaziland Solidarity Network
title of leader of the people’s struggle for    constituent assembly can have the              structures
democracy. To this day it remains the           mandate to draw up a legitimate                    Organising the mass of Swazi people
prime symbol of identity for the                constitution for the country", and that        based in South Africa for the task of
oppressed masses.                               anything short of that is political suicide.   political mobilisation and participation in
     The Swazi ruling class has never been           The regime is always looking for          the work of the Swazi democratic forces
so divided and confused, with no                short cuts to "Tinkhundla stability",              Intensifying international solidarity
agreement about the direction the system        rather than genuine routes to the              work in all our structures and promoting
should take to bail itself out of the crisis.   fundamental resolution of the political        active debates about what could be done
Its crisis is reflected in the intimidation     problems of the country. It is always          on Swaziland and beyond
of judges by the security forces, the           resorting to military rather than political        For more details contact:
collapse of judicial institutions, the          solutions. This is why there is no real        Bongani Masuku, Secretary General,
clampdown on the media, constitutional          political breakthrough. The truth is that      Swaziland Solidarity Network
fraud, electoral confusion and the              no solution can fundamentally resolve
                                                                                               Tel: 011 339 3621/33
HIV/AIDS pandemic.                              the country’s problems without the
     They have been busy for the past           organised representatives of the people        Fax: 011 339 6880/4244
seven years trying to make a constitution       themselves.                                    Email: ☯

46 The Shopsteward January - March 2004

           ‘Another world is possible!’
                   World Social Forum unites against
                            By Simon Boshielo, COSATU International Relations Secretary

T         he World Social Forum (WSF)        throughout.                                      There were basic areas of agreement
          converged in the Indian city of        In the previous forums, delegations      from within all the 1300 conferences and
          Mumbai from 16-21 January          from the unions were often seen only in      workshops that took place in the
2004, under the slogan ‘Another world is     trade union forums, preaching to             Mumbai, including agreement to:
possible’. Representing the world’s          themselves about the problems facing the     1. Combat imperialism and globalisation
social movements, NGOs and trade             working peoples of the world.                that has caused many of world’s people
unions, the forum seeks to provide space         However, this time around, trade         to slip into poverty, unemployment,
for       exchanging         experiences,    union delegates were seen in forums          disease and all forms of problems that
strengthening alliances between              discussing the occupation of Iraq,           affect the poor in the south and the
organisations from around the world and      Palestinian independence, globalisation      working class as a whole.
discussing alternatives to the neo-liberal   and the role of international financial      2. Oppose the dehumanising poverty,
policies of the multinational corporations   institutions and the World Trade             destruction of people’s livelihoods,
(MNCs), the International Monetary           Organisation (WTO), child labour and         destruction of the environment and
Fund (IMF) and the World Bank..              militarisation, amongst other issues.        increasing degeneration of people’s
    The forum met for the first time in          South Africa, and the continent of       cultural life.
January 2001 to coincide with the            Africa, were represented by many trade       3. Fight the further infringement and
meeting of the World Economic Forum          unionists, including the President of        assault of sovereignty of oppressed
(WEF) that meets every year in the Swiss     COSATU, Willie Madisha, and                  countries        from      transnational
resort of Davos. Since 1971 the WEF has      representatives of numerous of its           corporations, World Bank, IMF and
been a club of chief executives of the       affiliates. Academics and members of the     WTO, amongst others.
world’s most powerful companies, heads       liberation movement were also present.       4. Resist Zionism and racism, which
of state and a select group of academics.        COSATU addressed various sessions,       have led to one community being pitted
    This year’s 4th WSF was attended by      including the ‘assessment of Cancun' and     against another. This has to be resisted
over 100 000 delegates from all over the     the role of G-20 group of countries. In      by all of our peace loving people.
world. Particularly impressive was the       this panel we shared a platform with the     5. Fight shoulder-to-shoulder with
presence of a broad range of forces          ambassadors of both India and Brazil.        countries that continue to endure the
fighting for independence and                    The COSATU President argued that         jackboot of imperialist aggression,
sovereignty, and against racism and          the fact that there was no agreement in      especially the US imperialism.
colonial oppression, in South East Asia.     Cancun at the WTO meeting was partly a       6. Fight for the scrapping of the debt
It was a landmark event where these          victory, in that the developed countries     owed to the World Bank and the IMF
oppressed peoples were there to express      could not steamroll trade agreements on      which are holding many of the poor and
their views, educate many thousands of       any new issues. In addition, the             the South countries to ransom. Our
people about their problems and pledge       developing countries were able to            governments must spend more resources
solidarity amongst each other.               withstand the pressure of the European       on dealing with disease and poverty.
    What was even more striking was the      Union (EU) and the US especially over            The WSF concluded that another
presence of trade unions. Unlike in the      agricultural subsidies. These two main       world could only be possible if all
three previous forums, the union             powers continue to provide subsidies to      oppressed peoples of the world stand
movement, under the banner of the            their farmers, while on the other hand       side-by-side with the people of Iraq,
World Federation of Trade Unions             they do not expect counties of Africa,       Afghanistan, the militarised zones of
(WFTU), World Council of Labour              Latin America and Asia to do the same.       Korea and elsewhere. Another world is
(WCL)        and     the    International    Therefore our farmers have to compete        only possible if all people unite against
Confederation of Free Trade Unions           with European and US farmers on              the ‘structural adjustment’ and ‘poverty
(ICFTU) showed signs of unity                unequal terms.                               relief’ strategies of the IMF and the

                                                                                        January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 47

World Bank.
    In conclusion, the global progressive
movement appears to be on the rise. It
continues to unite all progressive trade
                                                Worldwide unemployment
unions, NGOs and social movements in
opposition to the unilateralism that we
                                                    sets new record
saw with the invasion of Iraq.
    The forum is also aware that the

                                                     t is not only here in South Africa     heart of macroeconomic and social
Group of 20 that rejected the imposition                                                    policies."
                                                     that unemployment is rocketing
of a trade regime to many countries of                                                          The ILO says unemployment and
                                                     upwards. According to the
the world must not continue in the same
                                               International Labour Organisation (ILO),     underemployment during the first half of
old way. As a result, the forum was
                                               worldwide unemployment last year             2003 rose because of the slow pace of
unanimous that the G-20 needs to be
                                               reached a record level.                      the upturn in the industrialized world's
supported so that none of its members are
                                                   The number of people who were            economies and the negative impact of
forced through blackmail to accept a
                                               unemployed and looking for work in           Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
trade deal with the EU and US.
                                               2003 reached 185.9 million, or about         (SARS) on employment in Asia. A drop
    However, delegates were also aware
                                               6.2% of the total labour force - the         in tourism and travel employment also
that the task of guarding the interests of
                                               highest unemployment figure the ILO          resulted from armed conflicts.
the people does not lie in the WSF that
only meets once a year. The task of WSF        has ever recorded. In 2002 185.4 million         Some 108.1 million of the
activists is to ensure that all our mass       were jobless.                                unemployed were men, up 600,000 from
organisations remain mobilised to resist           But the ILO, in its annual jobs report   2002. Among women, there was a slight
any attempts by the US and European            released in January 2004, hopes that the     decline to 77.8 million in 2003 from 77.9
powers, after failing to get their way in      worldwide economic recovery in the           million in 2002. Hardest hit were some
WTO, to try to circumvent that by calling      second half of the year may have helped      88.2 million young people with a
for bilateral trade agreements.                to improve the situation.                    crushing unemployment rate of 14.4%,
    In the light of this, our organisations        The ILO Director-General, Juan           says the ILO.
in Africa should be careful that the EU        Somavia, tries to find some grounds for          In poorer countries, the ‘informal
and the US do not smuggle any such             hope. He concedes that "it's too early to    economy’ of people without fixed jobs or
agreements that they have failed to win        say the worst is over," but that, "if        steady self-employment has grown and
in the WTO, such as government                 current estimates of global growth and       the ‘working poor’, defined as those
procurement, competition policy and            domestic demand hold steady or improve       living on $1 a day or less, has remained
investment policies.                           over the coming year, the global             at an estimated 550 million.
    The WSF’s ideals cannot be realised        employment picture may brighten                  The ILO report reinforces
without changing the distribution and          somewhat in 2004."                           COSATU’s view that unemployment,
locus of power. This is the one issue that         The report reveals that, despite the     and the poverty that results from it, is the
many in the WSF felt should be                                                              number one issue for the global trade
                                               pickup in economic growth after a two-
concluded. Indeed we may not be able to                                                     union movement. The global ‘free
                                               year slump, the 2003 figures remained at
change the world balance of power                                                           market’ economy is clearly not solving
                                               record levels for men and women and
unless we have progressive governments
                                               escalated more sharply among young           these problems but is itself the main
that are able to stand up to the bullying of
                                               people, aged 15-24.                          problem.
the super powers.
                                                   "Our greatest concern is that if the        There     is   nothing    to   support
    Progressive political parties, be they
                                               recovery falters and our hopes for more      Somavia’s optimism about the world
in power or not, will not be able to grasp
the challenges of the poor and the             and better jobs are further delayed, many    economy. At best these may be a
working class unless there is                  countries will fail to cut poverty by half   marginal improvement. There is an
communication between themselves and           as targeted by the Millennium
                                                                                            urgent need for the progressive unions to
these world popular movement against           Development Goals for 2015," Mr.
                                                                                            join hands to fight for a new more
imperialism. It is essential that parties      Somavia adds. "But we can reverse this
                                                                                            democratic and just world economic
that consider themselves to be in the          trend and reduce poverty if policy-
                                               makers stop treating employment as an        system that puts jobs creation as its top
realm of anti-imperialist globalisation
come to the party. ☯                           afterthought and place decent work at the    priority and starts to eliminate poverty.☯

48 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                            TRADE UNION NEWS

 Resolutions adopted by the CEC as
mandated by the 8th National Congress
                                                                                           of workers in relation to job security,
                                                                                           conditions of employment and
                                                                                           centralised bargaining.
                                                                                           2. To meet with the competition
                                                                                           authorities to ensure that greater
                                                                                           emphasis is placed on employment

                                                                                                       Trade agreements
                                                                                           It was resolved:
                                                                                           1. To call on government to freeze the
                                                                                           current tariff phase-down programme.
                                                                                           2. The existing tariffs should be raised at
                                                                                           least to the level of the WTO binding
                                                                                           rate; if that is impossible, safeguard
                                                                                           tariffs should be introduced for
                                                                                           appropriate years for specific products
                                                                                           and sub-sectors that are experiencing
                                                                                           3. That Government must actively work
                   Delegates at COSATU ‘s 8th National Congress
                                                                                           to eradicate all non-tariff barriers

T       he last Shopsteward summarised       disparity.                                    affecting our local industries in foreign
        the resolutions passed at            3. Road building must be expanded and         markets; if that is impossible, it must
        COSATU’s        8th    National      telecommunication infrastructure should       introduce non-tariff barriers to protect
Congress. It also reported that Congress     be extended to the rural areas.               local industries against rising cheap
referred 42 resolutions to the Central                                                     imports.
Executive Committee. These were                        Supply-side Measures                4. To call for stronger labour
discussed at the CEC meeting on 25-27        1. Supply-side measures must be made          involvement in all trade negotiations.
November 2003. This is an edited             to support labour-intensive growth and        COSATU must assess and evaluate
summary of those resolutions, with only      encourage investment.                         participating in the WTO trade
the section on what was resolved. The        2. Supply-side measures must be linked        negotiations as part of the government
full text is available on the COSATU         to job creation.                              delegation. Where there are clear
website –                  3. Supply-side measures should not only       agreements on trade issues between
                                             be geared for exports, but should also        government and the federation, the
       Cluster 1: Economic                   focus on promoting local production.          federation can be part of the government
          development                        4. Government must make supply-side           delegation to influence the negotiations.
       Infrastructural investment            measures accessible to many potential             Where on balance there are
1. The government and public                 beneficiaries in the industries by            fundamental disagreements and
corporations        should        increase   marketing them better, and set up a team      participation is unlikely to yield positive
infrastructure investment at least to R45    that must link up with shop stewards to       results the federation should not form
billion to boost short-medium local          assist the industry to access the supply-     part of the government delegation.
demand, which will stimulate growth and      side measures.                                5. In all current and future trade
provide positive spin-offs to the economy                                                  negotiations, within SACU or elsewhere,
in general.                                       Jobs and competition policies            the approach should be to safeguard the
2. Government infrastructure investment      It was agreed:                                interests of workers and the poor,
must prioritise infrastructure in rural      1. To call for a review of the                including the safeguarding of jobs,
areas to close the urban and rural           Competition Act to strengthen the rights      political and economic sovereignty, and

                                                                                         January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 49

                                                                                         the position of the majority of the
                                                                                         developing countries.
                                                                                         17. To actively oppose the government’s
                                                                                         support of including the ‘new issues’ in
                                                                                         WTO negotiations.
                                                                                         18. To support struggles against
                                                                                         including the ‘new issues’ at the WTO
                                                                                         and for promotion of fair international
                                                                                         19. To connect with other international
                                                                                         trade unions struggling to promote fair
                                                                                         international trade.

                                                                                               Land reform and agricultural
                                                                                         It was agreed:
                                                                                         1. To call on government to increase the
                                                                                         budget allocation for land reform
social support to address the negative       10. This right to information must be       significantly in its 2004/5 budget.
consequences of trade agreements.            placed above the ‘confidentiality’          2. To call for an expanded and intense
    To that end we call for a publicly       demand of the foreign governments           rural development strategy, with speedy
funded impact study on the effects of all    acting as watchdogs on behalf of their      land reform as a key component.
current and planned bi- and multilateral     large multinational companies.              3. To campaign for government to begin
trade agreements, in particular the job-     11. The government must review any          utilising the expropriation clause in the
loss consequences.                           offer(s) made to allow proper               constitution without fear or favour.
6. Against this background the proposed      consultation and full engagement with all   4. To call on government to immediately
SACU-US free-trade agreement should          stakeholders. In order to fulfil this       abandon the policy of so-called sweat
be pursued only if:                          requirement, our government should call     equity, where applicants have to provide
6.1. If will not lead to job losses or the   for an immediate moratorium on any          resources upfront before benefiting from
closure of companies,                        further negotiations within the GATS        land reform.
6.2. It does not include the ‘new issues’,   framework.                                  5. To push government to avail unused
6.3. It does not cut tariffs below WTO       12. An Alliance meeting must be called      and under-utilised land in the ownership
rates, and                                   through COSATU to lobby for support         of parastatals and the three spheres of
6.4. It addresses US non-tariff barriers     for the contents of this resolution.        government for the purpose of fast-
against SACU goods.                          13. South Africa must co-operate fully
7. COSATU should work with Southern          with other African countries to achieve a
Africa Trade Union Coordination              common African stand and also
Council (SATUCC), the SACU countries         encourage like-minded governments
and US unions around the proposed            around the world.
SACU-US free-trade agreement, and            14. COSATU must play a leading role
conclude a balance sheet on the impact of    by actively participating in all
AGOA to inform its positions.                international trade-related events that
8. Concrete social adjustment                advance working class interests, subject
programmes to transfer workers into new      to the availability of resources and
jobs must be introduced when tariff          strategic importance.
reductions lead to retrenchments.            15. COSATU must also play a role in
9. To request an urgent meeting with the     making our communities and local
government and demand full disclosure        government aware of the disadvantages
of information on services they have         when services are opened up to the
been requested by GATS to liberalise in      market and tariff-reductions are fast-
terms of GATS, and to disclose which         tracked.
services they have offered to                16. To actively oppose negotiations on
open/liberalise.                             the ‘new issues’ at the WTO, in line with

50 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                              TRADE UNION NEWS

tracking land reform.                        democratic       control      of     Land       organisational activities.
6. To ensure that government provides        Administration Committees, not through
extension services and infrastructure        traditional councils, and the retention of             Cluster 2: Public sector
facilities such as public transport, road    communal ownership of productive land.                Restructuring of state-owned
and rail facilities, irrigation and damp                                                       enterprises (SOEs) and other public
schemes, etc.                                             Co-operatives                                       services
7. To call on the Primary Agriculture        1. COSATU supports the development              1. Affected affiliates establish a
Education and Training Authority             of the co-operative movement within the         restructuring co-ordinating team to focus
(PAETA) to expand its National Skill         framework of the international principles       and build capacity around restructuring
Fund programme to support land reform        of the movement.                                and engagement.
beneficiaries, irrespective of their
participation in the export market.
8. T o c a l l o n f a r m o w n e r s t o
immediately end all forms of human
rights abuses and violations; those
continuing with such practices should be
prosecuted without delay.
9. To call for a review of current
compensation formulas, such as the
Gildenhuys Formula, to secure better
arrangements with more favourable
10. To campaign for public works
programmes to be initiated in drought
stricken areas as a way of mitigating
drought effects and to combat
11. To urgently engage the ANC to            2. A comprehensive support project will         2. Affected affiliates should raise funds
amend proposals in the Communal Land         be developed by COSATU Education                to secure resources for a three-year
Rights Bill that entrench undemocratic       Department to assist affiliates to              programme including contracting
control of land by traditional leaders and   effectively utilise successful co-op            additional researchers and/or advisors;
privatise land currently in state hands.     development models in situations of             holding national and regional meetings
12. To campaign for amendment to the         retrenchments, plant closures and job           and workshops of workers in affected
Communal Land Right Bill to ensure           creation, and also in the provision of          serfdoms; and producing detailed reports
                                             services to members on a co-op basis.           and/or publications.
                                             3. COSATU should source funds to                3. To use every opportunity to demand
                                             build its own capacity in building co-          that government sticks to the letter and
                                             operatives.                                     spirit of the NFA. To that end, to call for
                                             4. COSATU will develop a co-operative           the comprehensive review of the NFA, to
                                             strategy that will be informed, among           ensure among others, that managers of
                                             others, by the experience of the affiliates     public utilities comply with agreements
                                             in promoting co-operatives (savings, and        arising from NFA.
                                             credit co-operatives, co-op insurance and       4. To continue to demand the NFA’s
                                             a co-op bank), consumer co-operatives           extension to provincial parastatals.
                                             and workers co-ops as key intervention
                                             areas.                                                   Electricity restructuring
                                             5. COSATU will work together with the           It was agreed:
                                             co-operative movement and the                   1. To reject the restructuring of the
                                             democratic state to ensure that capacity is     electricity industry in the form proposed
                                             built within the trade union movement to        by government, since it will result in
                                             strengthen the development of co-ops.           electricity being driven by market forces.
                                             This could include joint projects in            2. To call for a halt to the current
                                             education and training and financial and        process of ESI restructuring until a

                                                                                           January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 51

proper cost-benefit analysis of the              of COSATU and its affiliates of a               Cluster 3: Social protection
restructuring exercise is undertaken.            national democratic state with a                     Basic Income Grant (BIG)
Changes to the energy sources nexus              developmental agenda, to develop a more      It was decided:
must be factored into this exercise.             detailed approach to the spheres of          1. That we need to negotiate a solution
3. In our engagement on EDI                      government and what functions should         with government on the BIG, and that
restructuring, to maintain our position          be located with which sphere of              space must be opened up for this
that the EDI Holding Company be the              government, and the role of state entities   negotiation.
end-state situation and not a transitional       and SOEs.                                    2. That the current economic research of
arrangement as proposed by government            3. To support a stronger role for local      the BIG coalition on the economic
4. On EDI restructuring, to call for a           government as part of the process of         viability of BIG must constitute a major
proper analysis to deal with the                 asserting the need for more people-driven    part of our engagement.
following:                                       development, participatory democracy         3. The BIG be aligned with appropriate
4.1. The financial impact on local               and governance from below.                   socio-economic strategies to address
government of the transfer of electricity        4. Public-sector affiliates, together with   poverty including employment creation,
to the REDs.                                     COSATU, should meet urgently to              asset redistribution, social wage
4.2. The implications for municipal and          develop a common platform and address        measures and access to affordable public
Eskom electricity distribution workers.          in more detail issues raised above,          services.
4.3. The impact on the Constitutional            including the question of the appropriate    4. That BIG must be aligned to what has
responsibility of local government to            structures of forums through which to        flowed out of the Growth and
ensure all has access to decent services.        engage government and SALGA, the             Development Summit and become part
4.4. The electrification roll-out                nature of bargaining relations and other     of the discussions in the
programme and the ability of residents to        matters.
afford electricity.                              5. To demand that the integration and
4.5. The possible impact on cross-               restructuring process within
                                                                                                                   d uca       tion
                                                                                                            lity e
                                                                                          y qua
subsidisation and other measures to make
electricity more affordable for poor
                                                                                 omp ulsor
                                                               ee a      nd c
                                                    l f or f r                                        relevant chambers of NEDLAC in
                                          i   ts cal
                  rm s
                                                                                              taking forward GDS commitments.

        TU reaffi                                                                             5. That we continue to campaign for
    COSA                                                  the state cease to shed jobs and
                                                 be designed to increase employment in
                                                                                              mass support for the BIG within civil
                                                 permanent and quality jobs within the
                                                 public sector, in keeping with the                Food prices and food security
 Campaign on privatisation of prisons            outcomes of the Public Service Job           It was resolved:
It was agreed:                                   Summit and the Growth and                    1. To call on government to develop
1. To reject privatisation of prisons in all     Development Summit.                          parastatals to participate in key stages of
forms.                                           6. There must be a process to increase       the food chain, such as storage and
2. To engage in a campaign to stop               parity between rural and urban public-       infrastructure handling, milling,
further privatisation of prisons.                sector workers, particularly with regards    wholesale and retail trade facilities.
                                                 to skills development and for more           2. To discipline the markets through a
  Integration of public administration           equitable basic pay, no matter what a        parastatal that can stockpile basic foods
It was agreed:                                   worker’s location.                           when prices are low and charge cost
1. To support the broad thrust of                7. To call on managers in the public         price when prices are high.
rationalising conditions of employment                                                        3. To call on government to increase the
                                                 sector to be there because they have a
and remuneration across workers in all                                                        value and volume of social grants in real
                                                 commitment to nurturing an ethos of
spheres of government, to create an                                                           terms.
                                                 public service and the provision of
effective framework for the transfer of                                                       4. To campaign for government to put
                                                 quality public services, and not because
workers from the provincial and central                                                       measures (legislative, regulatory and
spheres of government, and in some               they want to line their own pocket and
                                                                                              otherwise) in place to prevent hoarding,
cases from SOEs, to local government             develop their skills to engage in business
                                                                                              big trader dominance, speculative and
and vice versa.                                  ventures. We need a cadre of managers
                                                                                              profiteering behaviour in the food supply
2. In the context of the common vision           committed to the public sector.

52 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                            TRADE UNION NEWS

5. To call on government to introduce         – be distributed in favour of
windfall taxation on companies located        poor schools.
in the food supply chain.                     3.4. The Education Department
6. To accelerate land reform in ways that     must commit itself to address
support household food security and           the apartheid backlogs in basic
production of basic foods.                    infrastructure – buildings,
                                              libraries, sanitation, etc. – by
            Public education                  2005.
1. COSATU reaffirms its call for free         3.5. The Department must
and compulsory quality education from         commit         itself     to      a
grade R to grade 12, and universally          comprehensive             teacher
accessible education for ECD, ABET and        development strategy, involving
FET.                                          the Ministry of Education,
2. COSATU confirms its support for            SAQA, unions and the ETDP
curriculum transformation to break from       SETA, to address the challenges
the apartheid curriculum of the past, with    in teacher development.
the following concerns:                       4. COSATU and SADTU must
2.1. There must be adequate training and      organise the unorganised in the
learning materials – particularly in poor     sector, particularly in ECD,
schools - to support curriculum change        ABET and tertiary education.
(including the introduction of the            5. COSATU confirms its call to
Revised National Curriculum Statements        members to join SGBs with the
and the new FET curriculum).                  following objectives:                      COSATU President Willie Madisha
2.2. Curriculum reform must adequately        5.1. To bring to bear their
address the values are reflected in our       organisational skills                       4. Similar meetings be held with
democratic non-racial and non-sexist          5.2. To develop a working class             provincial treasuries with the same
constitution; must impart basic               perspective within education                objective.
knowledge about our society and history,      5.3. To campaign for the ending of fees,    5. A Constitutional Court challenge to
without sacrificing a critical approach to    and in the meantime to ensure that the      this practice be investigated and taken
learning; and must offer a working-class      legal right to exemption from fees for      forward pending advice given, on the
perspective amongst the perspectives          poor families is enforced                   grounds that healthcare provision is a
provided.                                     5.4. To mobilise the community to           concurrent constitutional responsibility
3. COSATU reaffirms its commitment to         encourage a culture of learning, to fight   that government has to provide, and that
the principles of equity and redress as the   HIV/AIDS and to combat crime, drugs         the practice of differentiated amenities
foundation of education transformation.       and other social problems in our schools.   seriously infringes upon the quality of
This requires the following:                                                              healthcare provision for those who
3.1. The speedy removal of all barriers        Differentiated amenities in healthcare     cannot afford to pay.
to access, including addressing the                            provision                  6. The CEC to establish a task team to
problems around user fees, transport,         It was agreed                               review current and proposed government
uniforms, feeding schemes, physical           1. To take up an active campaign at         health policies against our existing
access and equipment for learners with        institutional level, with provincial        policies. The report should be tabled in
special needs.                                departments of health and with the          the February 2003 CEC.
3.2. The current post-provisioning model      national department to end the
for educators, which accounts for 90% of      discriminatory nature of differentiated           Access to free basic services
the education budget, must be                 amenities.                                  It was resolved:
transformed to ensure equity and redress,     2. Any revenue that a health institution    1. To build a campaign for the free basic
as has already been done with non-            raises should not be offset by a reduction  services policy to be implemented
personnel spending that accounts for only     in their operational budget.                immediately in all municipalities on a
10% of the budget.                            3. A meeting with the National Treasury     universal basis.
3.3. Proposals to make donations to           is convened to ensure that there is         2. To demand between 50-100 litres free
schools tax-deductible must ensure that       adequate healthcare financing at            water per person per day as the basic
the funds raised – which would be             institutional level across provinces so as  minimum necessary for sustaining and
subsidised in part from the public fiscus     to bring an end to this practice.           improving life. This increase is consistent

                                                                                         January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 53

with the RDP, which almost ten years         at a nominal, level and could be targeted   representation of labour, particularly
ago committed the government to              at specific residences or areas.            COSATU and its affiliates, on all labour
progressively increase the amount of free    3.3. Thereafter a sharply rising block      market institutions.
water.                                       tariff should be put in place, so that      3. To ensure that these institutions serve
3. To demand piped water into a yard or      heavy users of water are paying enough      the goals of social development and the
a house tap connection as the minimum        to allow for cross-subsidisation.           promotion of social justice.
service level.                                                                           4. To avoid the wholesale privatisation
4. To determine, as a matter of urgency,              Pre-payment meters                 of the functions of public institutions, by
and in consultation with the broader         It was agreed to reaffirm our               ensuring that they become quality
community, the minimum service levels        commitment and support to the               institutions that are the institutions of
for electricity to which each resident       Masakhane campaign. This will include       choice for all South Africans.
should be entitled.                          campaign to get all those who can afford    5. To campaign that Bargaining
5. To support the Masakhane campaign         to pay for service to pay and relief        Councils receive a full subsidy from the
in terms of its original principle that      measures for the poor. In that vein         Department of Labour for all dispute
                                             campaign for:                               resolution services that they provide.
those who can afford must pay for
                                             1.1 An appropriate billing system that      6. To develop, through NEDLAC,
                                             will take into account equity and           guidelines to improve the extension of
                                                                                         Bargaining Council agreements to non-
                                                                                         party employers.
                                                                                         7. To demand that the LRA be amended
                                                                                         to ensure that the CCMA and accredited
                                                                                         dispute-resolution centres in Bargaining
                                                                                         Councils are free at the point of service
                                                                                         and that no cost orders are awarded
                                                                                         against losing parties. For that reason
                                                                                         Section 138(10) of the LRA, which gives
                                                                                         the commissioner the power to award
                                                                                         costs, should be scrapped.
                                                                                         8. To further demand that the LRA be
                                                                                         amended to exclude advocates and
                                                                                         attorneys who practice for their own
                                                                                         account from representing parties in
                                                                                         individual dismissal cases, and that the
                                                                                         prohibition be as it was before the

                                             development considerations.                               Section 189A
                                             1.2 The outlawing of the pre-payment        1. The LRA must be amended to exclude
         Affordable tariffs policy
                                             meters as they have a detrimental impact    the thresholds in Section 189A.
1. We reject means testing as a way of
                                             on the poor and jobs of municipal           2. All of the rights conferred in Section
determining who should get access to
                                             workers. If local government are bent on    189A, including the right to strike, be
free or cheaper services.
                                             introducing these pre-paid meters then      extended to all workers and included in a
2. Instead we demand sufficient free
                                             they should install them in the richer      new section of the Act.
basic water or electricity per person per
                                             areas where the biggest defaulters are      3. The LRA should be amended to
day, coupled with a progressive rising
                                             found.                                      expressly exclude the implementation of
block tariff.
                                                                                         technological changes and the desire to
3. A national water and electricity tariff
                                             Cluster 4: Labour market issues             make more profits as bona fide
policy should be structured so that:
                                                                                         operational requirements.
3.1. The initial free amount should be            Dispute settlement institutions
                                                                                         4. In relation to severance packages, the
given free to everyone unconditionally       It was resolved:
                                                                                         Basic Conditions of Employment Act
(This means that nobody would ever be        1. To launch a campaign to publicise the
                                                                                         (BCEA) should be amended to a
disconnected from this amount of water).     benefits of these institutions, and to
                                                                                         minimum of one month’s pay for every
3.2. The next block should be an             defend them from attacks.
                                                                                         completed year of service.
equivalent amount, which is charged for      2. To develop systems to improve the

54 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                                     TRADE UNION NEWS

  Family responsibility and sick leave
1. Family responsibility leave be
increased to five days per occurrence.
2. F o r w o r k e r s s u f f e r i n g f r o m
HIV/AIDS or a terminal illness, the 36
days per three-year cycle be extended

        Unemployment Insurance
It was agreed to call for a comprehensive
review of the UIF to look at:
1.1. The performance of the Fund since
the introduction of the new legislation.
1.2. Review of the financing of the Fund
and the scope for including of public
1.3. Review the level of benefits,
including maternity benefits.
                                                   savings and credit co-operative                4. COSATU and affected affiliates to
1.4. Ensure that workers who resign are
                                                   movement based on principles of                meet with their counterparts in the
entitled to unemployment benefits.
                                                   collective saving and mutual solidarity as     industrialised countries responsible for
                                                   the working class alternative, and             poaching to develop policies and
       Essential service legislation
                                                   demand immediate implementation of the         strategies to protect Third World skilled
It was decided:
                                                   NEDLAC agreement to develop enabling           workers whilst they are working in the
1. To campaign against unreasonable
                                                   legislation for co-op banks.                   industrialised countries.
limits on the right to strike arising from
                                                   5. Continue our struggle for a living
the way in which essential services
                                                   wage and a society based on equality in           Cluster 5: Crime and prisons
legislation is interpreted.
                                                   the distribution of material resources.                   Prison overcrowding
2. To conclude progressive minimum
service agreements.                                                                               1. Petty crime offenders be put into
                                                    International poaching/recruitment of
3. The law should provide a system                       professionals from developing            community corrections programmes.
through which trade unions may                                      countries                     2. A criminal justice cluster must review
voluntarily enter into an agreement to             1. COSATU and affected affiliates              cases that warrant the setting of bail
maintain a minimum service once a                  should meet with relevant ministries and       conditions for petty crimes.
substantive dispute has been declared.             other stakeholders to develop policies         3. T h e i n f r a s t r u c t u r e o f t h e e n t i r e
4. The Parliamentary services and police           and strategies to combat poaching with a       judicial system must be improved to
must have the right to strike on the               few to further developing international        ensure efficient and adequate utilisation
principle as other essential-service               protocols to govern the trade in skilled       of resources.
workers.                                           labour.                                        4. More public correctional institutions
                                                   2. A joint team between government and         must be built to reduce overcrowding.
     Discouraging micro-loans and                  labour should be established to look at
      promoting collective saving                  the emigration of skilled personnel; the                     Police killings
1. Affiliates running such micro-loan              factors influencing the migration; and the     It was resolved:
schemes must inform COSATU so that                 conditions of South Africans working           1. To embark on a campaign aimed at
the Federation working with the affected           abroad. The investigation must also            integrating and realigning the policing
unions can find a way to phase them out.           interrogate the extent to which South          systems, culture and methodology within
2. Affiliates should support counselling           Africa is attracting skilled personnel         the South African context.
and education programmes for workers               from other African countries and on that       2. To engage the employer in making
to encourage them to avoid excessive               basis develop proposals for action.            sure that full responsibility is taken for
debt.                                              3. To call on the government to improve        the victims in all respects.
3. COSATU and affiliates must                      working conditions for public servants to      3. To further engage government to
discourage loan sharking by union                  stem the brain drain. To that end South        strengthen the current legislation on
members.                                           Africa requires an integrated HRD              sentences of people found guilty of
4. We should support and promote the               strategy to develop and retain skills.         killing police officers and to improve on

                                                                                                January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 55

the compensation announced to sustain a              8. To encourage affiliates to be part of      food safety and GMO summit in which
better life for the dependants.                      the CPF structures and ensure their           all civil society formations are invited to
4. The government should strategise the              continuous activism.                          participate and debate the role of GMOs.
operations of ICD in deeply dealing with             9. To maximise the anti-crime campaign        4. To convene a CEC workshop on Food
cases involving police vis-à-vis police              by involving schools, churches, workers       safety and genetically modified crops and
killings.                                            and the broader movement as well as the       food (GMOs) and develop a paper that
                                                     youth.                                        would serve as the COSATU position on
           Safety and security                       10. To ensure that crime summits are          this subject.
It was agreed:                                       held, involving all stakeholders, to debate
1. To embark on an integrated                        crime and its impact as well as related            Nuclear power and pebble bed
programme aimed at maximising and                    issues such as transformation, resources,            modular reactors (PBMR)
speeding up quality transformation in the            etc.                                          It was resolved:
criminal justice system.                             11. To engage other Alliance partners         1. To continue to oppose further
2. To engage in programmes aimed at                  and government on the issue of                development of nuclear energy.
transforming the training component of               legislative powers for CPFs.                  2. To call for the reallocation of
the whole criminal justice system, in                12. To ensure that COSATU takes part          resources from nuclear programmes to
terms of culture, methodology and                    in the peace and stability committees of      development of alternative clean and
content, and to inculcate a strong sense of          the ANC in particular at areas where we       renewable sources of energy.
patriotism.                                          are living in order to input positively at    3. To call for an energy-demand
3. To restructure the community policing             ward level.                                   management strategy that factors in
structures to have an ongoing active                 13. To encourage members of the               recent developments such as the
relationship with local government and               Alliance to join the reservist section of     discovery of gas on our shores.

                    COSATU must step up the HIV/AIDS campaign
SAPS, and to serve as catalysts in                   the police service.                           4. To immediately raise the issue within
relationship-building between all                    14. CPF to mobilise the entire society to     the Alliance.
community structures, and most                       actively participate in condemning the        5. To raise the issue of PBMRs within
importantly to serve as mentors to youth             killing of the law enforcement officers.      Eskom, in the NFA and in the IDC.
and parents on ethics and morality.                  15. To engage for Safety and Security to      6. To educate our members on dangers
4. T o m a x i m i s e o u r s t r u g g l e f o r   develop all the programmes needed,            of nuclear power.
equitable redistribution of resources in an          informed by legislation, to prevent police    7. To link up with progressive
integrated way, and to eliminate                     killings.                                     organisations who are opposed to the
duplication of responsibilities in the                                                             development of PBMRs and nuclear
criminal justice system.                             Cluster 6: Environmental issues               power.
5. In light of the unacceptable ratio of               Food safety and genetically modified
police to community, to engage all                           crops and food (GMOs).                       Cluster 7: HIV/AIDS
Ministries in the criminal justice system            It was decided:                                               HIV/AIDS
to increase the establishment in order to            1. To call on government to zone current      1. COSATU and its affiliates must step
be able to meet the needs of the                     trials on GMO experiments to limited          up the HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention
community and to reduce negative                     areas and ensure adequate protection          and voluntary counselling and testing
psychological pressure exerted on                    from human use and environmental              (VCT) campaign, by
members.                                             application.                                  1.1. Dedicating the month of November
6. To push for quality job creation and              2. To call on government to mobilise its      each year as a focus month on HIV/AIDS
better conditions of service.                        research agencies to join with the            issues in society and in every workplace.
7. To embark on programmes aimed at                  relevant university’s departments in          1.2. Encouraging disclosure of status
mobilising SANCO and other organs of                 conducting an independent and objective       after VCT, but emphasising the
civil society as well as the Ministries to           research project on the efficacy,             completely voluntary nature of testing
develop programmes and embark on                     efficiency and safety of GMOs, including      and disclosure.
processes aimed at rehabilitating both               for     human      consumption      and       1.3. Leading the process of mobilising
social delinquents and the prison                    environmental sustainability                  progressive institutions in civil society
population.                                          3. To call on government to convene a         behind a common programme of action

56 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
                                                                                                           TRADE UNION NEWS

for the annual November focus month.        programmes for shop stewards in dealing       funds for the National Prevention and
1.4. Distributing printed material on       with grievances of HIV positive workers.      Treatment Fund, from local and
HIV/AIDS to 1,5 million workers at their    2.5. Advocating for abstention,               international donors.
places of work every November, in line      faithfulness and the use of condoms.          4.2. Helping, together with community
with the theme decided by the CEC.          2.6. Training a minimum of 100 shop           organisations, to raise a minimum of R10
1.5. In December 2003, assisting in the     stewards per affiliate as DOTS-mentors.       million through National Big Walks and
distribution of the Department of           2.7. Training a minimum of 50 shop            other fundraising efforts, for a National
Health’s guidelines on the Treatment of     stewards per affiliate in home-based care     Prevention and Treatment Literacy
Opportunistic Infections to medical staff   skills.                                       Programme.
working in medical institutions run by      3. COSATU and its affiliates must step        4.3. Committing to mobilise members at
trade unions, or jointly controlled by      up their HIV/AIDS workplace and anti-         local level to assist and support orphans
trade unions.                               discrimination strategies by                  and vulnerable children with access to
1.6. Running a TB awareness blitz on
TB prevention and treatment in February
2004. In addition, we should run an
awareness campaign around sexually
transmitted diseases and other
opportunistic infections.
1.7. Launching a campaign to make shop
stewards and workers aware of the
provisions of the Promotion of Equality
and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination
Act, which protects them against unfair
discrimination, particularly on the
grounds of their disability and HIV
2. COSATU and its affiliates must step
                                              SAMWU President Petros Mashishi presented with award as longest serving office
up the HIV/AIDS training and education
campaign, by:
2.1. Campaigning for all workplace
skills plans to contain a HIV/AIDS          3.1. Campaigning for each COSATU-             schooling and other basic necessities and
training element for workers.               organised workplace to formulate, adopt       to encourage the adoption of orphans.
2.2. Nominating 4000 shop stewards for      and implement a HIV/AIDS workplace            4.4. Undertaking to mobilise members to
intensive training, in a SETA accredited    policy that addresses programmes of           participate in anti-retroviral treatment
training course, as Workplace Educators     workplace education and awareness on          pilots and implementation programs.
and Treatment Officers. Their function      HIV/AIDS, and workplace policies and          4.5. Encouraging shop stewards to
will be to do regular HIV/AIDS              programmes to end discrimination and          participate in home-based care initiatives.
awareness and treatment education at        ensure non-discriminatory benefits.           4.6. Launching a campaign to raise
workplace level as part of the campaign     3.2. Ensuring that the NEDLAC Code            awareness of the provisions of the child
to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, to        on HIV/AIDS at the workplace is               support grant, and registering at least 100
combat discrimination in the workplace      displayed on all company notice boards,       qualifying children per affiliate for this
and in the community, and to provide        and together with the ILO and SADC            grant.
social support for HIV positive persons     Codes on HIV/AIDS made available to           4.7. Developing strategies to ensure the
who are on treatment.                       all shop stewards.                            roll out of anti-retroviral drugs. To that
2.3. Training a minimum of 2500 shop        3.3. Ensuring that all collective             end, to ensure more training and
stewards to partake in support for people   bargaining agreements contain provisions      recruitment of more skilled personnel to
on treatment, which shall include home-     for a regular compulsory employer             assist with the roll out.
based care, promotion of openness in the    contribution to the HIV/AIDS programs         4.8. Initiating an annual "collect-a-can"
workplace and counselling of fellow-        of each affiliate.                            campaign, for distribution to HIV/AIDS
workers to ensure that a caring             4. COSATU and its affiliates must step        infected and affected COSATU members
environment is created.                     up the HIV/AIDS treatment and support         and their families.
2.4. Developing and, in conjunction with    campaign by                                   4.9. Campaigning for increased local
its affiliates, implement training          4.1. Committing to support the raising of     efforts in vaccine research. ☯

                                                                                        January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 57
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working or not.                                      The COSATU constitution          redesign and setting up the archive
    These are just some of the things you            Policy documents                 almost single-handed. ☯

58 The Shopsteward January - March 2004
January - March 2004 The Shopsteward 59
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