Flirting With Women - How to Make a Woman Laugh by aihaozhe2


									Flirting with women can easily put a man in a position where he suddenly feels tense,
nervous, and apprehensive. Most men seem to over think themselves when they are
flirting with a woman and so, they try to decipher every move that they make, she
makes, and anything in between. When you feel this way, you want to realize one
thing and one thing only. You are off track. Flirting with women should be an
enjoyable experience, nothing more and nothing less.

Being able to make a woman laugh can easily take away your nervousness and get
you into the flow of what you need to do in order to make her feel attracted to you.
With that being said, there are many guys out there that get stumped on how to make
a woman laugh.

You don't have to be a comedian or naturally the funniest guy around in order to make
a woman laugh.

Being able to point out things going on around the two of you is an easy way to get
her to ease up, giggle, and start to pay attention to you. And this is what you want to
be able to make happen.

Take a look out in Hollywood. Some of the most gorgeous women are with comedians
or with guys that just have a good sense of humor. And these are women that can
literally pick just about nay guy they want.

Sure says something about the power of being able to make a woman laugh.

Besides pointing out little things around you to make a woman laugh, teasing a
woman is a good way to get this going as well. When you are flirting with a woman,
your first reaction is probably to filter every thought, as to make sure that you don't
say the wrong thing.

This will usually work against you.

When you are comfortable and not nervous at all in a situation, you probably have no
problem at all poking a little light hearted fun with one of your buddies. Act the same
way when you are around a woman. It builds rapport, attraction, and a connection.

I'm not saying to treat her like one of your guy friends, just don't walk on egg shells
when you are flirting with a woman. If there is a little thing about her, nothing that
would fracture her self esteem, have a little fun with it.

It works, and it may surprise you just how well it does.

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