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            From the                                                                                     First DOD HIV and AIDS
      4     Editor's desk                       20        Launch of the
                                                          SADC BRIGADE                        31         International Conference

            Letters:                                      Female General in charge                       Infantrymen gearing up
      6     feedback from our readers           22        of mobilisation parade              32         for deployment to the Sudan

    10      Emails
            from abroad                         23        Brazil honours SANDF members
                                                          for meritorious service
                                                                                              34         Guns roar
                                                                                                         in Potchefstroom

            Defence Attaché                               Sergeant Major of SA Army                      Air Force cares for
    12      Conference                          24        officially visited USA              36         people with disabilities

    14      Naval power
            vital in the SADC                   26        Empowering women
                                                          for gender equity
                                                                                              37         526 Squadron
                                                                                                         does IsiXhosa

            The 90th SS Mendi                             Aim to turn the pyramid                        SANDF operations
    16      commemoration                       28        into a diamond                      38         communication workshop

    19      SA Gunners shoot
            for the Queen                       29        Dealing with
                                                          security issues                     40         Hosting the
                                                                                                         SA Post Office

                                                          Learner's job shadowing                        2007 SANDF
                                                30        week at Navy Office                 44         Rugby Week                                                                                   SA Sea Cadets active
                                                                                              46         for more than a century
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    SA SOLDIER                     SEPTEMBER 2007

Cpl Seipati Manyeka, Commander of the GV6, (right) and Cpl Vusi Maluleke, 2IC of the
GV6, with a young visitor on top of the GV6 - 155 mm self-propelled gun howitzer -
Renoster at the static display at the Artillery Open Day. (Photo: Cpl Elias Mahuma)

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        FRONT COVER: The front cover is enough to make one's heart melt:
        An adorable child in camouflage "driving" the impressive GV5 - 155 mm gun
        howitzer - Luiperd at the Artillery Open Day. Read more about this special
        day on pages 34 and 35. (Photo: Cpl Elias Mahuma)

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                              SEPTEMBER 2007                        SA SOLDIER

     From the                                                                       A bvaho
     Editor's desk                                                                  kha Munwaleli

    H                                                                Z
                 ooray it's spring again! May this wonderful                    wo itea, ndi lutabvula futhi! Ungari ino khalanwaha inga vha
                 season also be the beginning of a new season in                yavhudi na ndisa zwivhuya vhutshiloni hanu. Ndi phineni nga
                 your life. Enjoy the rays of our African sun!                  masana a duvha la Afrika!
                      … Sit back, relax and enjoy this edition                      … dzulani, ni awele, ni di phine nga ino bugu yo dalaho nga
                 packed with a variety of interesting articles to               mafhungo a takadzaho na a nyanyulaho vhukuma.
                 stir your imagination.                                             Siatari la phanda li kwama mbilu: Nwana uyu o ambaraho
                                                                                izwo zwiambaro zwa tshiswole u "reila" GV5 - 155 mm gun how-
                      The front cover is enough to make one's
                                                                                itzer - Luiperd. I vhani dzithadzi dza mimvumo i shushaho ya
    heart melt: The adorable child in camouflage "driving" the
                                                                     zwigidi na dziganuni ngei Potchefstroom kha siatari 34 na 35.
    impressive GV5 - 155 mm gun howitzer - Luiperd. Witness
                                                                         Ri thoma nga mafhungo a bvaho kha maswole o isiwaho u shuma lwa
    on pages 34 and 35 how the guns roared and fired "in great       tshifhinga nyana ngei Congo na Burundi. (vhalani nga zwine vha amba kha
    anger" in Potchefstroom.                                         siatari 10 na 11).
        We kick off with news from our soldiers deployed in the          Ri sengulusa na u amba ngaha zwidodombezwa zwa u shumisana ha dzi
    Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi (see pages 10           mmbi dza madini dza SADC kha siatari 14 na 15, ri sedzesesa nga maanda
    and 11).                                                         khau u fhelisa vhufobvu ha nwalula kana u fhata hu sina thendelano nahone
        We discuss and explore aspects of SADC naval co-oper-        nga ndila isiho mulayoni, u fhelisa khakhathi, u fhelisa vhufobvu ha u tswi-
    ation on pages 14 and 15, focusing on, inter alia, curbing       wa na u vhulahwa ha zwipuka na uregiselana zwidzidzivhadzi vhukati ha
    piracy, instability, poaching and drug trafficking on the        lwadzhe…
    high seas …                                                          Ubva afho ni nga vhala zwa uri bennde ya mmbi ya zwa-madini (SA
        Then you can read how the SA Navy Band wowed spec-           Navy band) ya kha lino lashu uri yo bvubvusa hani vhataleli ngei Trafalgar
                                                                     Square nga ngoma yavho ya tjembe. Vhathu vha ngei London vho nyanyul-
    tators at Trafalgar Square with their tjembe drumming.
                                                                     wa nga zwilidzo zwa Afrika musi hu tshi humbulwa tshikepe tsha SS Mendi
    Londoners were thrilled by the African sounds at the 90th
                                                                     nga murahu ha minwaha ya 90 tsho nupela lwadzheni. Uri na inwi nipfe
    SS Mendi commemoration at Trafalgar Square. Read pages           zwe zwa vha zwi tshi kho u itea musi hu tshi humbulwa tshikepe tsha SS
    16 to 18 to experience all that happened at the commemora-       Mendi ngei mavhidani a Hollybrook kha la Southampton nga dzi 21
    tion that took place at Hollybrook cemetery in Southampton       Fulwana 2007, kha u thonifha vho fhalalaho madini vha sa vhulungiwe
    on 21 July 2007 - for those with no known grave but the sea.     mavhidani, vhalani nga hezwo kha masiatari 16 uswika 18.
        17 August is a day to remember. On this day the SADC             Dzi 17 Thangule ndi nduvha lo tewaho u humbuliwa. Kha ilo nduvha
    BRIGADE was launched in Lusaka, Zambia. This brigade             SADC BRIGADE yo thomiwa ngei Lusaka khala Zambia. Brigade iyo ndi
    forms part of the African Standby Force, signifying that the     tshi pinda tsha mmbi ngoma madzula wo vhabwa. Izwi zwi sumbedza uri
    troops are to be deployed on the continent when needed.          maswole o dzula o luga u ya ushuma hunwe na hunwe dzhangoni arali hu
    Read all about this momentous day on pages 20 and 21.            na todea. Vhalani nga ha duvha ili lihulwane kha masiatari 20 na 21.
        2 Lt Phetogo Molawa (21) broke the gender divide and             2 Lt Phetogo Molawa (21) o ita zwine vhathu vha tshifumakadzini a vha
                                                                     humbulelwi uri vha nga zwi kona, musi a tshi kavha nga bupo-murutshe
    signalled the need for all to take a long and hard look at the
                                                                     livhidziwaho Oryx ngei Khonifarensini ya vhuraru ya vha fumakadzi vhane
    role of women in combat and peacekeeping missions when
                                                                     vha vha kha mmbi ya vhupileli. U kavha hawe lwa uthoma sa muthu wa
    she made her début public appearance by landing an Oryx          tshisadzini zwo ita uri vhathu vha humbule zwavhudi nga ha zwine vhathu
    helicopter at the 3rd National Conference on Women in            vhatshisadzini vha nga shuma nga tshifhinga tsha shishi na u ita uri huvhe
    Defence. (She is the first black SA Air Force female heli-       na mulalo. (2 Lt Phetogo Molawa ndi ene muthu wa uthoma wa tshisadzi-
    copter pilot.) Read more on pages 26 and 27 about this emo-      ni wa murema kha mmbi ya zwamuyani (SA Air Force) wa u thoma u
    tionally charged conference with participants clearly            fhufhisa bupo-murutshe) Vhalani nga vhudalo nga ino Khonifarensi kha
4   exhibiting a sense of ownership on the occasion.                 masiatari 26 na 27.
        Do you also want to save lives? Then follow the exam-            Naa ni a toda u thusa vhathu uri vhatshile? Arali zwo ralo edziniselani
    ple of the Reserve Force colonels who have between them          zwine the vha-kolonele vha welaho kha mmbi i dzulaho yo lindela u shuma
    made over 340 life-saving blood donations (see page 39).         musi hu na thodea (Reserve Force) vhane vha fha malofha uri a thuse vha a
    Blood donors of all types are always desperately needed.         todaho. Vhothe vho tangana, vho no netshedza malofha a ano fhira 340 (vha-
                                                                     lani siatari 39). Hu dzula hu na thodea ya vhathu vha ne vha nga nekedza
    The Blood Transfusion Service can be contacted on
                                                                     malofha o fhambananaho. Uri kone uwana zwidodombezwa nga ha u fha
    080 011 9031 for further information.
                                                                     malofha kwamani na vha tshumisano ya u fha malofha kha 080 011 9031.

    Until next month!                                                Salani zwavhudi, ri do ndovha ra amba nwedzi udaho!

    Nelda Pienaar                                                    Nelda Pienaar
    Editor                                                           Munwaleli
    SA SOLDIER                        SEPTEMBER 2007

                                                                                                                Winning letter
    I would like to thank the SANDF team           were fast and efficient and were kind to       ment that was rendered by the
    that was based at Osindisweni                  each and every patient, including the          SANDF. Therefore I would really like
    Hospital in Verulam (KZN) during the           visitors - no matter what race the people      to thank the SANDF members for their
    recent Public Service strike for their         were. They were very friendly to all.          assistance. With people like you, this
    assistance in the maternity (labour)               I really did feel very sorry for them      country will be a better and safer place
    ward.                                          as they really worked hard to serve and        to live in.
        My sister had given birth to a baby        protect the citizens in the Verulam area.          Thanks a million. A job well done!
    girl on 26 June 2007 and the team that         I had previously visited the above hos-        Dhanesh Deonarain Dwarika,
    was present really did a great job. They       pital and never received the same treat-       Verulam, KZN

     LETTER OF APPRECIATION                                                              REAL LEADERS
    We would like to express our             people. He is an extremely proud
                                                                                         As a member of the National Defence Force, I
    sincere appreciation to you, the         citizen of this wonderful country. It       am proud to state that the current Officer Com-
    South African National Defence           is wonderful to be able to retain           manding and RSM, Lt Col M. Hlalele and WO1
    Force and the South African              our intelligent youngsters in this          W. Frye, are the best leaders with all their lead-
    Government for affording our             country for training and eventually         ership qualities. I have worked under the RSM's
    son, Gideon Adriaan (Riaan)              have them apply their skills and            leadership in the Democratic Republic of Congo
    Channing, the opportunity to be          knowledge to the benefit of all.            (DRC). He does not fear to voice what is true. He
    employed in the SA Air Force as              Thank you for the vote of confi-        leads according to our Code of Conduct. Lt Col
    a Cadet Pilot/Navigator.                 dence bestowed on our son with              M. Hlalele is always encouraging other leaders
        It is indeed an honour afford-       this appointment and the opportu-           to follow suit. He sends more than twenty peo-
    ed to both Riaan and us as his           nity it offers him to follow a career       ple on courses within a year and promotes them.
    family members. He will at all           in the SA Air Force.                        Lt Col Hlalele is trying his best. I'm not writing
    times perform to the best of his         Percy and Linda Channing,                   this letter to impress, but to encourage other
    ability for his country and its          Aston Manor                                 leaders. L Cpl N.G. Mlahlwa, Lohatlha

     Even though I am not a marriage coun-        I was shocked when someone I know              involved with someone because he/she
     cilor, I have to discuss different cate-     said that he regretted the relationship he     is one of the respected guys in the com-
     gories of marriages. It took me a long       was involved in, because parents were          munity. Do you love that particular
     time to write this letter, because I want-   in favour of his spouse. Gone are the          someone or his status? The pre-marriage
     ed to write about something that was         days that parents take decisions for their     counselling is very important. We need
     real. I believe that we need to advise       children, eg parents forcing their chil-       to understand marriage clearly. Some
     each other if we want to be a better         dren to marry people that they (parents)       people evaluate and consider the family
     nation and if we realise that we as peo-     like. Who is going to live with that par-      background first and whether their
     ple involve ourselves in relationships. I    ticular person for the rest of his/her life?   spouse comes from a rich or poor family.
     decided to open the eyes of colleagues.      The end result of this is unfaithfulness,      Actually who is rich? Why is our first
         Why are we committing ourselves          cheating, divorce, an abusive relation-        concern whether or not they are from a
     to relationships that we did not intend.     ship, a disorganised family and an             rich family? Let us drop this attitude of
     Most of the people get married to            unhealthy lifestyle for the children.          making a choice according to wealth.
     someone because he/she has a lot of              Status, materialistic and conditional      Everyone must work for himself/herself.
     money. Do you love money or that par-        love are things causing this trouble. In            Happiness is very important in our
6    ticular person? Money can't buy love -       most cases you will find that someone is       daily lives. Do you want your parents to
                                                                                                 be happy or yourself? Get married to
    R200-00 prize for the best letter                                                            someone you are really sure that you
    SA SOLDIER welcomes letters to the Editor. Short letters are more likely to be pub-
    lished, and all letters may be edited for reasons of style, accuracy or space limita-             Let us know exactly what we want in
    tions. Letters should preferably be typewritten and double-spaced. All letters must          life. Life is all about taking good deci-
    include the writer's full name, address and home telephone number. The volume of             sions and making the right choices.
    letters we receive makes individual acknowledgement impossible. Please send                       Get married to someone that you
    your letters to: The Editor, SA SOLDIER Letters, Private Bag X158, Pretoria, 0001.           will love and trust for the rest of your
    Letters may also be faxed to (012) 355-6399 or sent via email to           life. Let us have unconditional love and
    We would like to hear your comments or ideas, particularly about matters affecting           remember that marriage is a lifelong
    members of the Department of Defence. Regrettably, anonymous letters cannot be               commitment. Sgt Mlangeni Paulos,
    answered officially or published - Editor.                                                   17 Squadron, Pretoria

    SA SOLDIER                      SEPTEMBER 2007
The Service Corps Regional Office             on the Bluff.                                    Another interesting activity in this
Durban is situated in the heart of the            The challenge lies with the recruit-     unit is the facilitation of the reskilling of
CBD of the Ethekwini Municipality in          ment of the Military Veterans. The strat-    MEM members and the redeployment
KwaZulu-Natal. This Regional Office           egy used by this regional office is to       of SANDF members to the SAPS.
has a vast area of responsibility, given      involve the Military Veterans' associa-          The unit staff members are actively
the fact that it is the most populated        tions, municipal leaders from Council-       involved in team building exercises,
province in the country. The Officer          lors to Mayors and various stakehold-        thanks to a hard working social com-
Commanding, Lt Col N.M. Nthunya,              ers in all regions of KwaZulu-Natal in       mittee. "Big Teas" are held once a
assumed duty at the beginning of 2006,        order to research employment opportu-        month, where Section Heads and unit
and since then the unit has gone from         nities for clients and this has proved to    members are acknowledged for their
strength to strength.                         be successful.                               work performance.
    The main focus of the unit has been           The regional office hosts Military           The unit participated in the dona-
the reskilling and upliftment of the          Veterans' association meetings on a          tion of toys to the East Coast Radio Toy
Military Veterans. The Military Veter-        monthly basis. The Officer Command-          Story 2006 Campaign and donated toi-
ans are being reskilled in several direc-     ing, Client Services, Employment Ser-        letries and toys to babies and children
tions for a variety of industries from        vices and the Training Section have          kept with their inmate mothers at
Adult Basic Education and Training            made several trips to outlying areas, eg     Westville Prison. Unit members have
(ABET) to Business Management.                Dundee, Newcastle and Pietermaritz-          been selected to participate in the
Operation VUSELELA has been run-              burg to distribute questionnaires to         SANDF Netball Championships in
ning for several years and currently 33       Military Veterans in order to get them       Bloemfontein in June 2007.
clients are employed in the eradication       verified and registered on the DOD           Mrs Sandy Clements, Service Corps
of alien vegetation at the military base      Database.                                    Regional Office Durban

A man will never be free as long as                                                        war must be found (eg negotiations) -
someone is still in possession of what                                                     irrespective who is wrong.
he needs, and Africa only needs peace                                                           We also need to mention here that
and development.                                                                           the timely support of facilities would
    It is a great pleasure for us at 15 SAI                                                be highly appreciated so that our com-
Bn to be deployed here in the                                                              manders can deploy their forces at the
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)                                                         right place, right time and with the cor-
where we have come to do our part in                                                       rect type of equipment. This is essential
planting the tree of peace and reconcili-                                                  because the threat is that lack of facili-
ation. Great honour deserves to be            Sgt E.B. Mphakama from 15 SAI Bn is          ties can lead to unnecessary casualties.
given to our South African Government         currently on deployment in the                    We wish to state that our morale is
for the stand it has taken in relation to     Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).          still high and that we will maintain it
deployments. Truly, our African people                                                     by doing our duties diligently and pro-
cannot continue to live like this. In trou-   who kidnap, rape and even kill their fel-    fessionally despite all odds.
bled areas like Kanyola here in the DRC       low countrymen.                                   We pass our greetings to all our
people are sleeping in forests at night,         Stick to your guts President Thabo        beloved ones back home.
having run away from these spoilers           Mbeki, tell them that an alternative to      Sgt E.B. Mphakama, 15 SAI Bn

The Moths of our local M.O.T.H.               look at the magazine from a more tech-       it! I hope you will accept that this is
Shellhole are delighted to be receiving       nical point of view than normal readers      meant as constructive criticism from
the SA Soldier magazine, which I pass         might. One criticism of SA Soldier maga-     readers who thoroughly enjoy your
on to them in time for their monthly          zine which constantly comes up is that       publication.
meetings.                                     the choice of photographs for the cover           Keep it up! 'Moth' J. Swanepoel,
    Despite being way beyond their            does not always excite the reader. I think   Mpumalanga Shellhole
active service "sell-by date", these old      we would all like to see more "military"
veterans enjoy keeping up with devel-         cover pictures. By that I mean more mil-          * Thank you for your keen Moth inter-
opments in the SANDF.                         itary hardware, more smoke, more fire,       est in SA Soldier. I hope you enjoy the front
    Many of the Moths here worked in          more dust and sweat!                         cover as much as I do. Please indulge in the
one way or another in the printing and            You have the perfect subject matter      military hardware pictures (on page 35) of
publishing industries after they              at your fingertips for some truly dramat-    the recent military demonstration held by
returned from the war in Italy and they       ic images, and we'd love to see more of      4 Artillery Regiment - Ed.

                                                                  SEPTEMBER 2007                                SA SOLDIER

     The SA National Defence Force               We owe them these tributes                  Liberty and peace
     Pays tribute to protect South Africa        For they have laid down their lives         Rest in peace
     To its crime fighters                       To make South Africa a safe country         We have recognised your sacrifice.
     Their lives were taken                      for us all.                                 I salute you!
     Because they protect ours.                  Heroes and warriors who create              Mr Amos Mokholoane, Mpumalanga

    There is always a solution to every             Do not gossip about a problem or         and available in a new relationship
    problem, and usually the solution is         bad-mouth a person behind his/her           until you heal the hurt and upsets of
    simple and does not involve anything         back, even if you feel they hurt you.       the past.
    drastic, unlike gossip. Try to see the       Treating them badly will hurt you more,         There is no future in gossiping.
    other person in a good light, approach       because it will dent your self-respect      After all, we are grown-ups and proud
    him in a polite, problem-solving way         and you will feel ashamed. It is worth it   soldiers in our environment. And it is
    to work things out. Every person in          because not only will you find peace of     obvious that you have an abundance of
    the world, no matter how much you            mind, you might even feel proud of          experience in dealing with disciplinary
    dislike him or her, is worthy of respect     yourself.                                   matters. Sgt N.S. Monyamane,
    and decent treatment.                           It is not possible to be truly present   AMHU Limpopo HQ

    Altesaam 45 lede (44 mans en 1 vrou)         iemand wat presteer.) Sy was van die            Sy is van Augustusmaand weer by
    het vir die masjiengeweerkursus by           eerste vroue wat infanterie-opleiding       die wapenopleidingsvleuel waar sy 'n
    Infanterieskool van 7 Mei tot 13 Julie       gekry het by die skool en toe noodged-      instrukteur is. Sy is al vir jare Infante-
    2007 aangemeld. Dié dame was sers            wonge daarna by Tenkafweer gaan             rieskool se fiksheids- en sweminstruk-
    Melissa van Rooyen. Ons het almal            werk het. Ja, almal sal kpl M. Booyse       teer. Sy het ook al talle sportprestasies
    gewonder of sy 'n instukteur of 'n stu-      (haar nooiensvan) onthou wat 'n 106         behaal en was al 'n paar keer die een-
    dent was en tot ons verbasing was sy 'n      mm kanon kon dra soos geen ander man        heid se Sportvrou van die Jaar gewees.
    student.                                     kon nie.                                        Die lede van die masjiengeweer-
        Van dag een tot die laaste dag,              Die mans was skepties, want hoe         kursus 2007/01 wil die sersant be-
    insluitend "Oefening NYATHI", was sy         kan 'n vrou 'n man se werk doen en          dank omdat sy 'n goeie mens, soldaat
    daar en sy het alles gedoen, trouens         boonop vir senior mans klas gee op 'n       en mede-kollega is. Sy is wonderlik. Al
    meer as al die ander. Sy het aan haarself    seniorkursus, maar sy het dit gedoen.       is sy sterker as 'n man het sy bewys
    en ons mans bewys sy kon dit doen.               Dis waarom ons die briefie stuur        dat sy 'n soldaat is met vroulikheid.
        Iets het my gepla: ek het die sersant    sodat almal moet weet: Sers Mel jy het      Masjiengeweerkursus-groete.
    al êrens gesien. (Ons hoor altyd van         dit in jou. Hou so aan!                     Infanterieskool

     SERGEANT OF STEEL * Translation done by Mr Eugene Muller - Ed:
     Altogether 45 members (44 men and 1         of the first women to undergo infantry      instructor. For years she has been the
     woman) reported for the machine-gun         training at the school, but who then had    fitness and swimming instructor of
     course at the Infantry School from 7        of necessity to work in the Anti-Tank       Infantry School. She has also had many
     May to 13 July 2007. One of the women       Section. Yes, everyone will remember        sporting achievements to her credit
     was Sgt Melissa van Rooyen. We all          Cpl M. Booysen (her maiden name) who        and has a few times been the unit's
     wondered if she was an instructor or a      could carry a 106 mm gun as no man          Sportswoman of the Year.
8    student, and to our surprise she was a      could.                                          The members of the 2007/01
     student.                                        The men were sceptical because they     machine-gun course wish to thank the
         From day one to the end, including      wondered how a woman could do a             Sergeant for being a good person, sol-
     "Exercise NYATHI", she was there and        man's work, and moreover present a          dier and colleague. She is a fantastic
     she did everything, in fact more than all   senior course to senior men, but she did    person. Even if she is stronger than
     the others. She proved to herself and us    it. We are sending this brief letter, so    many men, she has proved that she is a
     men that she could do it.                   that everyone must know: Sgt Mel, you       soldier with all the feminine qualities
         Something worried me: I had seen        have it in you. Keep it up!                 associated with being a woman.
     the Sergeant somewhere. (We always              As from August she will be at the       Machine-gun greetings.
     get to hear of an achiever.) She was one    weapon training wing again as an            Infantry School

    SA SOLDIER                       SEPTEMBER 2007
I have written this poem to encourage
all those soldiers who are unable to
work on account of medical conditions,
including those given light duties by
their doctors. I know most are under
pressure from their section heads. They
are seen to be unwilling to work, and
may include those who are HIV posi-
tive, those who have been on courses,
but have never been promoted, those
who never went on courses, but are
capable of passing them.
This is not me
Who am I? I am not what I am
Not what I plan to be
All my dreams have failed
I'm not in the position I plan to be
I dreamed of being in a right position
But circumstances forced me to fail
My dreams were right, My plans were good
I was filled with optimism
What can I do now?
Will things be like this forever?
Can my dignity be recovered?
If that is the case, by whom, by me?
Yes even by me, I say yes
That time will come
Time for fulfilment of dreams
I will reach the oasis of privilege
Rfn S. Ngumama, 14 SAI Bn

The honour of introducing my col-
leagues was bestowed upon me and I
wish to draw your attention to the fact
that I use the phrase "honour" not
frivolously, but that I regard this as an
opportunity to express my intention to
boast about their uniqueness and yes,
to blow our trumpet. The primary
responsibility      of    the   Defence
Diplomacy Section (DDS) at Defence
Foreign Relations (DFR) is to provide
an efficient defence diplomacy service
to the Department of Defence (DOD).
The tasks emanating from this impor-
tant mission entail the provision of a
protocol, consular and specialist for-
eign visits service rendered to all mem-                                                                                          9
bers within the DOD. Can you imagine
that only sixteen members render these
extraordinary services to the entire
DOD, bearing in mind that these efforts     Front Row : Maj J. Kwadi; Col J. Malan; Col J.C. Mothupi; Maj C. Pyper.
will probably go unnoticed, but that        Back Row : Ms W. Bredenhann; Ms J. Walker; Maj A. Nikodem, Lt Col C. du
                                            Plessis; Lt Cdr M. Ntleko; Maj N. Ditabe; Sgt M. Diedericks; Sgt E.
the members still continue to do it with
                                            Matshobane. Insert : WO I S. Ludick; Maj A. Matloa; WO I R van Schalkwyk.
implausible poise and professionalism
                                            PS: Photo taken during the absence of Maj J. Mabula.
despite personal sacrifices. To function
in this milieu, challenged by its           offer. Finally, I invite you to visit DDS    stances, ensure that the image of the
transnational cultures and traditional      and meet my amazing friends who,             DOD in the international defence com-
diversities, requires a sense of loyalty    regardless of the difficulties and limita-   munity is efficient and commendable at
and respect, which only friendship can      tions forced upon them by circum-

                                                                 SEPTEMBER 2007                            SA SOLDIER
     emails from abroad

      Establishing healthy relations in the Congo
      O   n 24 January 2007 a group of 13
          very eager and dedicated SANDF
                                                Commanding, Col X.G. Mabanga,
                                                joined SADAIT on 14 February.
                                                                                         they are referred to as team builders.
                                                                                             The integration process has pro-
      members left South Africa for the             SADAIT is a diplomatic mission,      gressed very well since it started in
      Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)        hence all the members of SADAIT          2005. SADAIT works closely with its
      to participate in Operation TEUTON-       have diplomatic status. The mis-         Congolese counterparts at the
      IC. The group was also referred to as     sion's mandate derives from agree-       Structure Militaire D'Integration
      the South African Detachment              ments between the South African,         (SMI). SADAIT and SMI share
      Assisting with Integration and            the DRC governments and the              offices in the same building.
      Training (SADAIT) in the DRC, and         involvement of other countries. The          Apart from their primary tasks,
      they were to be there for a period of     mission is responsible for assisting     the members of SADAIT also try to
      12 months.                                the integration of the armed forces of   enhance the image of the SANDF
          The group consisted of eight          the DRC, also referred to as the         and build healthy relationships with
      members for the SADAIT HQ and             FARDC. A professional group of           the Congolese. This relationship is,
      five members of the SAMHS. The            psychologists and social workers         however, not only restricted to the
      SAMHS members were psychologists          from SAMHS also assist in the pro-       armed forces but to Congo as a
      and social workers. They were joined      cess by means of team-building pro-      whole. Currently there is a very
      on 6 February by another four mem-        grammes at the different Centre de       good understanding and friendship
      bers for the SADAIT HQ. The Officer       Brassage Recyclage (CBRs), hence         between SADAIT and SMI.

      Sappers' achievements in Burundi
      It is said that history repeats itself.
       One could argue against the state-
                                                    The main effort was water pro-
                                                vision, an essential service, to the
                                                                                         ners-up in bundle sport and
                                                                                         received the overall winners award.
      ment, however. The retired Sappers,       rest of the contingent. The water            The above victories resulted
      the fallen heroes and heroines of the     was used for cooking, drinking and       from the spirit of cohesiveness
      South African Engineer Corp               in various ablution blocks (Task         among the sappers in Burundi.
      (SAEC), irrespective of race, cultural    Force HQ, Medical Task Force             They rendered an effective and
      background or ethnic association,         Group (MTG), the Mess, Infantry          efficient service to the stakehold-
      fought shoulder to shoulder and           Battalion, Maintenance, VIPs, LWT,       ers that were deployed in the
      contributed immensely to battles,         MP and maintenance platoon. The          mission area at Modderfontein
      skirmishes, wars and peacekeeping         Sappers proved against all odds          Base in Bujumbura, which meant
      missions to ensure that sustainable       that with determination, hard work,      customer satisfaction. The success-
      peace and development, particularly       perseverance and undivided focus,        es of the Sappers in Operation
      in Africa and the rest of the world,      nothing was insurmountable.              CURRICULUM 1 were remarkable.
      would someday become a reality.               The Engineers in Operation               As an Engineer Squadron
      The legacy that was left by our pre-      CURRICULUM 1 were an outstand-           Commander who was privileged to
      decessors, and the lessons learnt,        ing team who always portrayed            lead these gallant soldiers from the
      enabled the Sappers in Burundi to         esprit de corps and camaraderie          ranks of unsung heroes, I have to
      remain focused and to strive to be        among themselves. The latter is          mention Lt Z.P. Malgas, my
      the best during their tour of duty.       attributed to their sporting achieve-    Second-in-Command from 2 Field
          The Engineers consisted of 26         ments on Human Rights Day (21            Engineer Regiment, who contribut-
      personnel. The members made a             March 2007) when they won at soc-        ed enormously to Operation CUR-
10    great impact in ensuring that water       cer, were the runners-up in tug-of-      RICULUM 1. I can proudly say that
      purification and the provision of         war and came third in bundle sport.      he and other soldiers made history,
      water was achieved at Modder-             On 29 June 2007 on their recreation      consciously or unconsciously, and
      fontein Base. The Engineers were          day (sports) the Engineers main-         the experience gained from this
      also conducting base mainten-             tained the momentum by becoming          deployment will someday be cher-
      ance, which entailed construction         the overall victor in tug-of-war and     ished by future generations.
      related aspects such as road main-        as Scorpions (combined effort                My sincere appreciation is
      tenance, plumbing, carpentry, weld-       between LWT and CMIS) they               extended to the families of the
      ing, electrical work, bricklaying,        proved their worth. The Engineers        Engineers in Burundi for their sup-
      painting and ad hoc tasks. The            won in pool, both singles and dou-       port throughout the deployment
      tactical mission was conducted            bles, and in tug-of-war and              period (29 January 2007 to 31 July
      successfully.                             morabaraba. They were also the run-      2007) - sometimes it was a daunting

     SA SOLDIER                     SEPTEMBER 2007
    SADAIT deemed it necessary           tators. Afterwards both teams and         for deployed members, hence main-
and important to socialise with the      some of the spectators enjoyed drinks     taining esprit de corps among our
Congolese with whom it has been          at one of the local restaurants. It was   own members helps to alleviate these
working now for almost six months.       really an enjoyable day. The intention    difficulties.
A volleyball match was arranged on       is to make it a weekly event, and at a        SADAIT is committed to enhanc-
5 July 2007 at the logistical base of    later stage a combined SADAIT and         ing relations between the SANDF
the FARDC between SADAIT and             SMI team will play against other mil-     and the FARDC. We see the
SMI. The match attracted a lot of        itary and civilian teams.                 Congolese as our African brothers
interest among the local commu-              This was a real stepping stone to     and sisters. The "new" SADAIT team
nity and was played in a very good       many more matches and other events        created their own slogan: "Together
spirit.                                  to come and to enhance the image of       we can make a difference" according
    Unfortunately SMI was too            our beautiful country, South Africa. It   to which they intend to do everything
strong for our SADAIT team and           is not always easy to make the sacri-     in their ability to make their mission
won the match 3-2. The players were      fice of deploying for 6 to 12 months.     a great success. Viva SADAIT! Viva
all exhausted, but thoroughly            Deployments to foreign countries can      FARDC! Maj C. Krieger,
enjoyed themselves, as did the spec-     cause a lot of strain and low morale      SO2 Log SADAIT HQ

 challenge to be separated for six
 months from their loved ones.
 Indeed your support kept the
 Sappers in Operation CURRICU-
 LUM 1 going, inspired them and
 meant a lot to my subordinates.
 The Engineer soldiers made an
 enormous impact on this opera-
 tion, which was echoed and attest-
 ed to by the Task Force Com-
 mander, Col H.G. Visser, Brig Gen
 J.J. Hougaard and Brig Gen I.R.
 Johnson from Joint Operations HQ
 during their verification visit to
 Operation CURRICULUM 1.
      The Sappers knew that in order
 to accomplish our mission and
 reach our objectives they had to be
 optimistic and not succumb to any
 situation, and to make the best of
 the limited resources that were at
 their disposal. When socio-eco-                                                                                            11
 nomic, cultural and political stabil-
 ity prevails in Burundi, the Sappers
 will be able to say proudly that
 they had been there and had
 done what they were mandated
 to do, and that they had overcome
 all the odds.
      Farewell Sappers, I will re-
 member your contribution!
 Capt T. Willie, Engineer Squad-
 ron Commander in Burundi

                                                             SEPTEMBER 2007                         SA SOLDIER

     Attendees of the 2007 Defence Attaché Conference.

      2007 Defence Attaché
     By Amn Ally Rakoma                           you all know, Defence Foreign Relations           During his welcoming address the
     Photos: F Sgt David                          is responsible for liaison with foreign       Chief of Defence Foreign Relations told
     Nomtshongwana                                military establishments, co-ordination        defence attachés and advisers that it
                                                  of visits, good relationships, promoting      was expected of them to represent and

              he Chief of Defence Foreign         customer care, etc."                          liaise on behalf of the Minister and
              Relations, Maj Gen Dan                  Minister Lekota added that the work       Deputy Minister of Defence, the
              Mofokeng, hosted the biennial       of the DOD was to support the political       Secretary for Defence, the Chief of the
              Defence Attaché Conference in       and      diplomatic      initiatives    of    SANDF and the Service Chiefs. He
              Centurion from 25 to 29 June        Government, led by the Department of          emphasised that they were to enhance
              2007. The theme of the confer-      Foreign      Affairs.   He
              ence was "Evaluating Defence        emphasised that the task
     Foreign Relations Capacity".                 of any person deployed
         The primary objectives in hosting        by the South African
     the conference were to foster an under-      National Defence Force
     standing of the growing importance of        (SANDF) to a foreign
     defence diplomacy and defence foreign        country as a defence
     relations, to understand the link            attaché was to cultivate
     between national foreign policy and the      good relations, and that
     conduct of defence foreign relations, to     from such good relations
12   promote        interaction      between      between defence forces
     Department of Defence (DOD) role             stemmed peace and sta-
     players involved in defence foreign          bility, which might be
     relations and to stimulate debate and        expressed in a memoran-
     discussion concerning the future of          dum of understanding
     Defence Foreign Relations.                   (MOU), in exchange
         The Minister of Defence, Mr              training, or in joint exer-
     Mosiuoa Lekota, officially opened the        cises. In conclusion he
     conference. He said that it was impor-       urged the attachés and
     tant to understand the theme because it      advisers to represent             The Minister of Defence, Mr Mosiuoa Lekota,
     spoke of the impact of Defence Foreign       their country well in a           addressed the delegates at the opening of the
     Relations, not of the attachés per se. "As   foreign country.                  biennial Defence Attaché Conference.

     SA SOLDIER                     SEPTEMBER 2007
                                           bilateral defence relations with the       the Secretary for Defence, Mr January
                                           armed forces of the countries they         Masilela, said that our neighbouring
                                           were accredited to and had to co-          countries saw South Africa today as an
                                           operate within the mission, with spe-      ally and a defender and friend they
                                           cial emphasis on advising the Head         could depend on.
                                           of Mission concerning defence and              He made a clarion call on defence
                                           security-related issues.                   attachés to stand up and play their
                                               He encouraged them to foster and       essential role in leading Africa to
                                           broaden relations with other attachés      peace. "Several parts of the world and
                                           and advisers represented in their host     our continent are tragically beset by
                                           countries. In concluding his address       armed conflicts of various kinds, eg in
                                           he reminded them to focus on attachés      Ethiopia, Eritrea, the Democratic
                                           and advisers from African countries.       Republic of Congo (DRC), Burundi, the
                                           "We should actively counter the nega-      Central African Republic, and not for-
                                           tive perceptions concerning our conti-     getting the situation in Zimbabwe and
                                           nent and work against Afro-pes-            other parts of our continent. These are
                                           simism," added Maj Gen Mofokeng.           some of the issues that require urgent
                                               Towards the end of the conference,     attention," Mr Masilela concluded.

South Africa and Guinea Bissau
sign Agreement
By Amn Ally Rakoma                         tions between the two countries on 8    we affirm and demonstrate our mutu-
Photo: Cpl Elias Mahuma                    August 2007.                            al commitment to the formation and
                                               The signing of the agreement was    development of our defence relation-
   meeting between the South African
A  Minister of Defence, Mr Mosiuoa
                                           aimed at consolidating the relation-
                                           ship between the two countries.
                                                                                   ship," said Mr Lekota.
                                                                                       In his response, Minister Barbeiro
   Lekota, and his counterpart, the        Minister Lekota welcomed the Guinea     said that the two countries have had a
Minister of Defence of Guinea Bissau,      Bissau delegation and said that the     long diplomatic relationship and that
Mr Marciano Silva Barbeiro, and            collective participation in the signing since 1994 South Africa and Guinea
senior officers and officials of both      of this agreement marked an impor-      Bissau have exchanged diplomatic
delegations, took place at Defence         tant milestone in the formalisation of  visits that have culminated in the
Headquarters in Pretoria for the sign-     defence relations between the two       exchange of dialogue and consulta-
ing of an agreement on defence rela-       countries. "In signing this agreement,  tions. "We are continuing the walk of
                                                                                                     O.R. Tambo and
                                                                                                     Amilcar Cabral dur-
                                                                                                     ing their struggle for
                                                                                                     freedom and libera-
                                                                                                     tion from colonial-
                                                                                                     ism," said Minister
                                                                                                         The scope of the
                                                                                                     agreement signed
                                                                                                     entails, inter alia,
                                                                                                     training of military
                                                                                                     personnel, exchange        13
                                                                                                     of trainees, instruc-
                                                                                                     tors and observers,
                                                                                                     exchange of military
                                                                                                     information, defence
                                                                                                     industrial co-opera-
                                                                                                     tion, military health
                                                                                                     services, etc that will
                                                                                                     contribute to the
                                                                                                     promotion of peace
The Minister of Defence of Guinea Bissau, Mr Marciano Silva Barbeiro (left), and the                 and stability on our
SA Minister of Defence, Mr Mosiuoa Lekota, signing the agreement.                                    continent.

                                                               SEPTEMBER 2007                           SA SOLDIER

      Naval power vital
      in the SADC
      By Nomonde Vuthela
      Photos: Cpl Elias Mahuma

                he Standing Maritime Com-
                mittee of the Southern African
                Development Community's
                Maritime Conference for 2007
                was held in Simon's Town
                from 12 to 14 June 2007.
                     The Institute for Maritime
      Technology (IMT) assisted the SA Navy
      to make this conference a reality. The
      aim of the conference, entitled "Emerg-
      ing Maritime Concepts in Southern
      Africa", was to discuss and explore
      aspects of SADC naval co-operation.
          The first day of the conference took
      the form of a sea trip on board the SAS
      SPIOENKOP, which gave the represen-
                                                     Mr Mosiuoa Lekota, SA Minister of Defence (left), and Brig Gen S.S. Omar,
      tatives just a little taste of the capabili-
                                                     the Chairperson of the SADC Standing Maritime Committee and Tanzanian
      ties of the frigates. Elaborating on how       Navy Commander.
      all was well aboard, and in demonstra-
      tion of the great significance of the                                       things: "Maritime and naval power
                                                     Brig Gen S.S. Omar, addressed the
      moment, the SA Minister of Defence,                                         have become increasingly important,
                                                     media about the importance of the
      Mr Mosiuoa Lekota, held a media brief-                                      both in the region and on the conti-
                                                     SADC Maritime Conference and its
      ing on board the sailing frigate.                                           nent." He said that the most critical
                                                     significance to the whole region and
          Minister Lekota, the Chief of the          the African continent.       issues were those of working together
      SA Navy, V Adm Refiloe Mudimu,                                              against piracy and the poaching of
                                                         On the second day of the SADC
      the Chairperson of the SADC Stand-                                          marine resources and bringing stability
                                                     Conference, the SA Minister of
      ing Maritime Committee (SMC) and                                            to the shores of the continent. "We need
                                                     Defence officially opened the confer-
      the Tanzanian Navy Commander,                                               to direct special attention to the sea, for
                                                     ence. Mr Lekota said, among other
                                                                                           history has demonstrated that
                                                                                           most large conflicts which have
                                                                                           occupied landward forces have
                                                                                           come by way of the sea."
                                                                                               "Much can be achieved if we
14                                                                                         commit ourselves to ensuring
                                                                                           the effective functioning of the
                                                                                           SADC as a whole, with each
                                                                                           component influenced by, and
                                                                                           influencing others; and sup-
                                                                                           ported by, and supporting
                                                                                           other components."
                                                                                               High on the agenda was
      Fltr: Mr Sam Mkhwanazi, Director Ministerial Liaison, V Adm Refiloe Mudimu,
                                                                                           peace in Africa. To this end the
      the Chief of the SA Navy, Mr Mosiuoa Lekota, SA Minister of Defence, and
      Brig Gen S.S. Omar, the Chairperson of the SADC Standing Maritime Committee          conference promoted a plat-
      and Tanzanian Navy Commander, at the Standing Maritime Committee of the              form for working towards solu-
      Southern African Development Community's Maritime Conference for 2007.               tions to the emerging maritime

     SA SOLDIER                        SEPTEMBER 2007
                                                                                         and marine or naval forces in the region:
                                                                                         "This inhibits the pace at which the SMC
                                                                                         would like to see its work implemented."
                                                                                            After many deliberations and several
                                                                                         speeches the conference was concluded
                                                                                         with new resolutions being adopted by
                                                                                         delegates. These entailed, inter alia:
                                                                                            That a Standing Maritime Commit-
                                                                                            tee (SMC) Maritime Training Task
                                                                                            Team be created, with members from
                                                                                            each participating country, to imple-
Delegates to the conference experience the "crush-stop" on board the                        ment the Naval Training Co-opera-
SAS SPIOENKOP - another capability of the frigate.                                          tion Action Plan. It should be chaired
                                                                                            by (and have a secretariat in) South
threats currently faced by the SADC          and countries with large water bodies          Africa.
region. The conference focussed on four      have participated in naval and mar-            Centre of Excellence for Maritime
critical areas:                              itime training at all levels.                  Training Paper Language Resol-
    The formation of a maritime compo-           "Also, safer navigation of our seas        ution: It is reaffirmed that English
    nent of the SADC Brigade.                has been achieved through hydro-               should be the maritime operational lan-
    The creation of a centre of excellence   graphic co-operation and SADC littoral         guage of the SADC.
    for naval training in the SADC           countries are taking positive charge of        Resolution on Youth Maritime
    region.                                  the high seas as entrusted to them by          Training: That Simon's Town School be
    Naval co-ordination and guidance         the international community via the            used as a model for the education and
    for shipping.                            United Nations Convention of the Law           training of aspirant maritime personnel
    Addressing the future requirements       of the Sea (UNCLOS)."                          aged between 15 and 20.
    of sea-lift capabilities required for        "Despite the success, many chal-           Sea-lift Hardware Resolution: The
    peace support operations in Africa.      lenges still remain for the SADC SMC,"         acquisition of large landing ships and a
    These themes were of pivotal impor-      said V Adm Mudimu". "Firstly, the              helicopter dock for the combined use of
tance to the vision of the SADC, namely      challenges involve Africa's most critical      the SADC multi-national forces.
to promote peace and prosperity in the       threat, namely the endemic poverty of          Resolution on Naval Training Co-
region through maritime co-operation.        our people. Secondly, there remains a          operation: Contribution of Industry: to
    Later in the evening the Chief of the    very high level of ignorance about the         enhance the contribution of industry to
SA Navy hosted a welcoming function          maritime issues and benefits that              the creation of one advanced centre of
at Naval Base Simon's Town, where he         investment in the seas and associated          excellence for SADC naval training in
addressed the delegates. V Adm               resources can bring to the nations of the      South Africa.
Mudimu said the SMC had achieved a           continent and our region in the                Human Software Resolution: The
number of successes since its establish-     Southern Africa." He also emphasised           maritime components and the basing of
ment 13 years ago. He said: "The SADC        that these factors were reflected in the       the sea-lift part of the African Standby
maritime nations, landlocked countries       meagre resources available to maritime         Force be rapidly reviewed.


Front, middle: Mr Mosiuoa Lekota, SA Minister of Defence, flanked by V Adm Refiloe Mudimu, the Chief of the SA
Navy, and Brig Gen S.S. Omar, the Chairperson of the SADC Standing Maritime Committee and Tanzanian Navy
Commander, as well as SANDF members and visiting delegates.

                                                                 SEPTEMBER 2007                               SA SOLDIER

      The 90 SS Mendi
                                                                                            The SA Navy
                                                THE COMMEMORATIVE
     Article and photos by F Sgt David
     Nomtshongwana                              DINNER                                       Band wows
                                                    The various delegates in their for-
              ondoners were thrilled by the     mal military dress attended the               spectators

              African sounds of Marimba         evening dinner held at South Africa
              and tjembe drums of the SA
              Navy at the 90th SS Mendi
                                                House. Among the people who
                                                attended the commemorative dinner
                                                                                             at Trafalgar
              commemoration at Trafalgar        were Dr Zola Skweyiya, the SA
              Square on 19 July 2007.
                  The Marimba Section of
                                                Minister of Social Development, Lord
                                                Mark Malloch-Brown, Foreign and
                                                                                             Square with
     the SA Navy Band entertained
     Londoners and tourists before perform-
                                                Commonwealth Office Minister for
                                                Africa, the First Sea Lord, Adm Sir
     ing at the commemorative dinner at
     South Africa House. The Band did
                                                Jonathan Band and Lady Sarah Band,
                                                V Adm Refiloe Mudimu, the Chief of           drumming.
     not play only conventional military        the SA Navy, and his wife, Ms Yvonne
     music well, but also played other gen-     Mudimu, members of the Common-
     res, such as light classics, big band      wealth War Graves Commission,             onciliation in South Africa, we have
     music, traditional songs, African tjembe   High Commissioners, Ambassadors,          begun to take steps at last to properly
     drumming, solo features and jazz …         military advisers, sponsors, members      recognise and honour the memory of
     Each style of music accommodated the       of the Defence Staff and learners from    those who gave their lives at home
     varied cultural diversity.                 South Africa.                             and on foreign soil," said Dr Mabuza
                                                    On behalf of President Thabo          in her welcoming address.
                                                Mbeki, Dr Lindiwe Mabuza, the South           She said that the sinking of the SS
                                                African High Commissioner to the          Mendi was the greatest tragedy in the
                                                United Kingdom, welcomed all the          military history of South Africa and
                                                guests. "As part of the process of rec-   one of the worst maritime disasters of


     Overview of the Hollybrook cemetery during the 90th SS Mendi Commemoration. Dr Lindiwe Mabuza, South African
     High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, addressing the guard of honour and the spectators.

     SA SOLDIER                    SEPTEMBER 2007
                                                    fication from the authori-     African military history. In his conclu-
                                                    ties about what happened       sion he recited a poem written by S.E.
                                                    to their loved ones. The       Mqhayi, who also co-wrote our
                                                    families received no com-      National Anthem. The IsiXhosa poem
                                                    pensation, not even a          was translated into English and read
                                                    word of apology when the       as follows:
                                                    tragedy happened," she         Awu! Here come the strong men of
                                                    lamented. She added that       Africa!
                                                    the SS Mendi had brought       The load was too much for the ship, it
                                                    South Africa and the           sank,
                                                    United Kingdom together        Heroes and the king's soldiers perished,
                                                    to defeat the terrible lega-   Whose blood mattered to the king of kings.
                                                    cies of slavery, colonialism   Whose deaths will bear fruit and leave a
                                                    and apartheid that were        legacy.
                                                    bequeathed to Africa.          I wish to be counted with them at the res-
                                                        After her welcoming        urrection,
                                                    address it was the turn of     To be counted among those who sacrificed,
                                                    the SA Minister of Social      And shine bright like a brighter tomorrow.
                                                    Development to address         Together let us build a brighter tomorrow!
                                                    the delegates on behalf of     Let us do so, Proud of the efforts made by
                                                    the SA Minister of Foreign     these and many sons of Africa.
                                                    Affairs, Dr Nkosazana
                                                    Dlamini-Zuma.                  BACKGROUND ON
                                                        Concerning the great       THE SS MENDI
                                                    tragedy of the 616 young           Although black people were pro-
The SA Minister of Defence, Mr Mosiuoa              men who lost their lives       hibited from carrying weapons during
Lekota, laying a wreath on behalf of the            on the SS Mendi in 1917,       World War I, they were essential to
Department of Defence at Hollybrook cemetery        Dr Skhweyiya said that         their masters who used them as
in Southampton.                                     the story of the SS Mendi      labourers to dig trenches and perform
                                                    was one of supreme             hard labour. The SS Mendi was char-
the 20th century in British waters. "In  courage in the face of death, and that    tered by the British government as a
South Africa, many of the relatives of   the courage displayed by these men        troopship and sailed from Cape Town
the men who died never received noti-    had become legendary in South             to transport troops to France. It was a
                                                                                   steamship of the Elder Dempster Line.
                                                                                   She left Cape Town carrying the last
                                                                                   contingent of the South African
                                                                                   Native Labour Corps (SANLC) com-
                                                                                   prising 805 black privates, 5 white
                                                                                   officers, 17 non-commissioned officers
                                                                                   and 33 crew members. After a month
                                                                                   and five days the troopship arrived at
                                                                                   Plymouth, from where she proceeded
                                                                                   to Le Havre in France. The 370 foot
                                                                                   long ship with a beam of 46 ft, carried
                                                                                   the last contingent of the 5th Battalion
                                                                                   of the SANLC.
                                                                                       On a foggy morning on 21
                                                                                   February 1917, the SS Mendi (the 4 230       17
                                                                                   ton) was struck on the starboard side
                                                                                   by the SS Darro (100 000 ton) which
                                                                                   was travelling at full speed and had
                                                                                   emitted no warning signal. The SS
                                                                                   Mendi sank within 25 minutes. The
Fltr: The First Sea Lord, Adm Sir Jonathan Band, wife of the Chief of the SA       men sang and stamped their feet in
Navy, Ms Yvonne Mudimu, the South African High Commissioner to France,             the death dance as the SS Mendi sank,
Ms N.M. Sibanda-Thusi, the South African High Commissioner to the United           taking with her all on board. The
Kingdom, Dr Lindiwe Mabuza, wife of the First Sea Lord, Lady Sarah Band,           many who had leapt into the icy
SA Minister of Social Development, Dr Zola Skweyiya, Defence, Army and
                                                                                   waters also perished (607 black troops
Naval Adviser, Brig Gen Lindile Yam, and the Chief of the SA Navy,
V Adm Refiloe Mudimu.                                                              >> on page 18
                                                             SEPTEMBER 2007                           SA SOLDIER
      >> from page 17                                                                        sacrificed their lives so that a legacy
                                                                                             might be left for those who were to
                                                                                             come after. This is a legacy that speaks
                                                                                             of the communality that binds nations
                                                                                             of societies where democratic freedom
                                                                                             is enjoyed by all; where hope abounds
                                                                                             in a society where standards of living
                                                                                             and liberty are constantly expanding
                                                                                             and where the dreams of our forebears
                                                                                             may see their realisation," concluded
                                                                                             Mr Lekota.
                                                                                                 The names of those who suffered
                                                                                             the SS Mendi tragedy are on the
                                                                                             Hollybrook           memorial          in
                                                                                             Southampton. There is a bronze at the
                                                                                             Delville Wood Memorial in France and
                                                                                             numerous SS Mendi memorials in
                                                                                             South Africa. There is the Mendi
                                                                                             Memorial in Mendi Road, New
      The guard of honour standing to attention during the 90th SS Mendi                     Brighton,       Port     Elizabeth;    at
      commemoration at Hollybrook cemetery.                                                  Gamothaga Resort in Atteridgeville
                                                                                             and the one at Avalon Cementry in
      along with 9 of their fellow white          nearly forgotten tragedy was properly      Soweto.
      countrymen and all 33 crew mem-             recognised at last. She said that the          The wreath-laying ceremony at
      bers).                                      extraordinary contribution made by         Hollybrook was a significant recogni-
          There are many stories of the brav-     all South Africans during the two          tion of the fallen heroes. After the
      ery of the men as the ship went down.       world wars was slowly but surely           Chaplain General, Brig Gen (Rev)
      One of these involved the Reverend          emerging in the writing of a new peo-      Marius Cornelissen, conducted the
      Isaac Wauchope Dyobha. He raised            ple's history. South Africans are to be    blessing the South African High
      his voice and said: "Be quiet and calm,     found in the watery graves of the          Commissioner to the United Kingdom
      my countrymen, for what is taking           English Channel, in France, Belgium,       laid a wreath on behalf of the Republic
      place is exactly what you came to do.       Holland and various countries across       of    South      Africa.     The    High
      You are going to die, but that is what      Africa. She concluded by reading a         Commissioner of the United Kingdom
      you came to do. Brothers, we are            poem dedicated to a valiant son of         to South Africa, Mr Paul Boateng, laid
      drilling the death drill. I, a Xhosa, say   Africa (SS Mendi A Lament).                the wreath on behalf of the United
      you are my brothers. Zulus, Swazis,             Mr Mosiuoa Lekota, the SA              Kingdom, followed by the SA Minister
      Pondos, Basothos and all the others,        Minister of Defence, said in his           of Defence, who laid a wreath on
      let us die like warriors. We are the        address that collective histories had      behalf of the SA Department of
      sons of Africa. Raise your war cries        been forged across the centuries by        Defence. The Chief of the SA Navy laid
      my brothers, for though they made us        such acts of sacrifice, bravery and val-   a wreath on behalf of the SA Navy.
      leave our assegais back in the kraals,      our, acts inspired by visions and          The First Sea Lord laid a wreath on
      our voices are left with our bodies …"      dreams of a better life for all, and       behalf of the Royal Navy. The Mayor
                                                  underscored by a deep and abiding          of Southampton laid a wreath on
      FOR THE FIRST TIME                          commitment to those values that are        behalf of the Southampton community
      AT THE SPOT                                 so integral to democracy, ie justice and   and the Commonwealth War Graves
          "It is a very sad reality that we       humanity for all. He continued that it     Commission.
18    have had to wait for more that eight        was with the fundamental belief in the         The 90th SS Mendi commemora-
      decades until South Africa won the          importance of always advancing the         tion was concluded in SA Navy style.
      struggle for its freedom to properly        development of and contributing to         The SAS AMATOLA ferried the guests
      acknowledge and honour the role of          the well-being of society and the envi-    approximately 18 km off St Catherine's
      these courageous men who paid the           ronment that we have sought to             Point on the Isle off Wight where the
      supreme sacrifice in support of the         engage those within and beyond our         SS Mendi sank. It was quite an emo-
      British Empire," said Dr Mabuza.            borders.                                   tional affair for the guests to be on the
          On 21 July 2007 the commemora-              "The acts of valour and bravery,       spot where 90 years ago so many sons
      tion took place at Hollybrook ceme-         which characterise the sinking of the      of South Africa perished.
      tery in Southampton. The SA Army            SS Mendi, serve to remind us that              "For those with no known grave
      formed the guard of honour. Dr              we share a collective responsibili-        but the sea," reads one of the
      Mabuza was elated by the fact that the      ty authored by young men who               memorials.

     SA SOLDIER                      SEPTEMBER 2007
SA Gunners shoot
for the Queen
Article and photos courtesy              take part in the
Transvaal Horse Artillery                470th anniversary
                                         celebrations of the

         he Honorary Colonel of the      Honourable
         Transvaal Horse Artillery,      Artillery Company
         Maj Gen Roy Andersen, host-     (HAC) in London.
         ed a send-off dinner for the    The THA has been
         members of the Transvaal        affiliated     with
                                                                  Members of the Transvaal Horse Artillery firing the
         Horse Artillery (THA), under    them since August
                                                                  Royal Gun Salute.
         the leadership of Col Andy      1937.
Oelofse, Chief of Staff Artillery For-       The HAC performs all ceremonial         Queen Elizabeth II. They also paid a
mation, at the Rand Club in Johan-       duties within the City of London. They      visit to the Artillery Centre at Larkhill
nesburg on 29 May 2007. (The THA is      provide guards of honour for visiting       and watched RA Batteries training on
a volunteer SANDF Reserve Force          heads of state. They also perform cere-     Salisbury Plain, and paid visits to vari-
regiment under the SA Army Artillery     monial gun salute duties at the Tower       ous other British Army Force Structure
Formation.)                              of London on all state occasions,           Elements (FSEs), such as the King's
    The South African Gunners have       including the official birthday of Her      Troop Royal Horse Artillery and the
made history by becoming the first       Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The THA        Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.
foreign military contingent to fire an   performs the same duties for the Chief          This was a momentous occasion as
official gun salute in honour of a       of the SANDF in the Gauteng region          no South African National Defence
British royal.                           where they fire their guns on state occa-   Force Gunner had ever been part of a
    Twelve gunners from the THA,         sions.                                      ceremonial gun crew for any monarch
alongside their British counterparts,        In London on 11 June 2007 the THA       or other head of state on foreign soil,
fired 62 rounds from the saluting        participated in a ceremonial gun salute     and no other nation's troops have
battery at the Tower of London on        in honour of the official birthday of His   performed ceremonial gun salute
11 June 2007.                            Royal Highness Prince Phillip, the          duties for the British royalty on their
    The THA was officially invited to    Duke of Edinburgh and husband of            own soil.


Brig Gen Lindile Yam, Army and Naval Adviser (front, 5th from left), with members of the Signal Squadron of the
Honourable Artillery Company in whose presence the Transvaal Horse Artillery members fired the Royal Gun Salute in
honour of the birthday of HRH Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

                                                             SEPTEMBER 2007                             SA SOLDIER

      The launch of the SADC
      BRIGADE in Lusaka
      By Tebogo Dube, Defence TV
      Photos: Mampi Musweu, ZNBC TV

                he recent SADC Summit was
                held in Lusaka, Zambia, from
                15 to 17 August 2007. The
                highlight during the Summit
                was the launch of the SADC
                    The SADC BRIGADE
      was officially launched by the
      President of Zambia, Mr Levy Patrick
      Mwanawasa, in Lusaka on 17 August.
      This brigade forms part of the African
      Standby Force.
         The deterioration of security in
      Africa led to the formation of the
      African Standby Force. African heads
      of state realised that the scourge of     Brig Gen Lancaster Bottoman, Chief of Staff SADC BRIGADE, handing over
      conflicts in Africa constitutes a major   the SADC flag.
      impediment to the socio-economic          they needed to promote peace, securi-    Africa's development and integration.
      development of the continent and that     ty and stability as a prerequisite for   The Policy Framework Document for


     The President of Zambia, Mr Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, inspecting the parade.

     SA SOLDIER                     SEPTEMBER 2007
the establishment of the African
Standby Force was approved by
the African heads of state in
Addis Ababa in July 2004.
    The launch of the SADC
BRIGADE signified that the
troops were to be deployed on
the continent when needed. The
brigade is made up of resources
pledged by SADC member states
according to a standby arrange-
ment and comprises the military,
the police and a civilian compo-
nent. The only permanent struc-         The military and police that form part of the SADC BRIGADE taking part in the
ture SADC has is the Planning           parade on the day of the launch of the Brigade.
Element (PLANELM), which is
 located at the SADC Headquarters in             In his speech at the ceremony          Operations (SANDF), R Adm (JG)
 Gaborone and consists of the military,      President Mwanawasa, who is also the       Edward Ratala, was one of the officers
 the police and a civilian component.        SADC Chairperson, said: "I wish to         who received a medal as he has
 The PLANELM receives its guidance           commend the hard and laborious             served on the PLANELM since its
 from the SADC Chiefs of Defence Staff       work done by the SADC Organ on             inception. A plaque with the flags of
 Committee and the Committee of              Politics, Defence and Security Co-         all the SADC member states was also
 SADC Police Chiefs.                         operation for the realisation of this his- unveiled at the parade.
                                                      toric occasion today". He              As the SADC flag was being hoist-
                                                      awarded medals to officers        ed, the troops on parade sang the
                                                      who have served in the            SADC anthem to a gun salute and a
                                                      PLANELM for more than             fighter-jet fly-past in the background.
                                                      three months. This historic       It was a spectacular display and a per-
                                                      parade was attended by the        fect way to say the SADC BRIGADE
                                                      SA Deputy Minister of             was ready.
                                                      Defence, Mr Mluleki George,            The SADC Summit and the parade
                                                      and the Acting Chief of the       were attended by all African heads of
                                                      South     African     National    state. The President of South Africa,
                                                      Defence Force (SANDF), Lt         Mr Thabo Mbeki, said at the Summit
                                                      Gen Solly Shoke, and other        that he was really touched to see the
                                                      senior officials. Director Joint  different forces joined together.

The plaque of the SADC BRIGADE.
    The Brigade will take part in per-
forming observation and monitoring
missions, peace support missions, inter-
ventions for peace and security restora-
tion in grave circumstances at the
request of a member state, and prevent-
ing the spreading to neighbouring areas
or states of conflicts or the resurgence of
violence after agreements have been
                                              The President of Zambia, Mr Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, handing over a medal
reached, as envisaged in the African          to Director Joint Operations (SANDF), R Adm (JG) Edward Ratala. (He was
Union's Mandate with regard to peace          one of the officers who received a medal as he has served on the PLANELM
and security.                                 since its inception.)

                                                               SEPTEMBER 2007                             SA SOLDIER
      focus on women

      Female General in charge
      of mobilisation parade
      By Lebohang Letaoana                      tionary during the Mobilisation         signing of the Arusha Agreement,
      Photo: F Sgt David                        Parade for the contingent that was      which made a provision that a transi-
      Nomtshongwana                             leaving for Burundi under the African   tional government would protect the
                                                Union mission. The OPERATION            political leaders who returned from

                   omen are continuing to       CURRICULUM parade was held at           exile.
                   make their mark in the       the Mobilisation Centre at De Brug          Taking part in OPERATION CUR-
                   SANDF.       One     such    near Bloemfontein. WO1 Sheron           RICULUM are 781 members, of which
                   woman is the newly           Scheepers, the first appointed female   140 are women and 90% are from 5 SA
                   appointed Chief of Staff,    Divisional Warrant Officer of Joint     Infantry Battalion (5 SAI Bn).
                   Brig Gen Winnie Zini-        Operations Division, accompanied the    Addressing the parade Brig Gen Zini-
                   Bobelo, at the Operational   General.                                Bobelo said: "The previous contin-
      Headquarters.                                 SANDF involvement in Burundi        gents set a very high standard that
         On 27 July 2007 history was made       dates back to 2001, when the South      you will have to maintain. We cannot
      in the SANDF as, for the first time       African Protection and Support          afford to appear less professional or
      ever, a female Brigadier General - Brig   Detachment (SAPSD) members were         efficient than other forces. Therefore
      Gen Zini-Bobelo - was the chief func-     deployed in Bujumbura following the     the maintaining of discipline and high
                                                                                        morale will be required from you".
                                                                                        She added: "You must demonstrate
                                                                                        the true South African spirit of ubuntu.
                                                                                        Let this spirit also develop among the
                                                                                        people of Burundi in order for them to
                                                                                        prosper and find the peace they long
                                                                                            Rfn Joseph Selokela and Rfn
                                                                                        Goodness Mncwabe from 5 SAI Bn
                                                                                        were looking forward to rekindling
                                                                                        this spirit of ubuntu with the people of
                                                                                        Burundi as they were going back for
                                                                                        the second time to play their part in
                                                                                        the development of that country. "The
                                                                                        first time when I arrived in Burundi it
                                                                                        was very interesting and challenging
                                                                                        in terms of the language barrier, but
                                                                                        after a few weeks I was already speak-
22                                                                                      ing     their    language     (Swahili).
                                                                                        Burundians are very friendly people,"
                                                                                        said Rfn Selokela.
                                                                                            "I also want to remind you of the
                                                                                        fact that you should be seen as an
                                                                                        impartial force that respects the local
                                                                                        customs and traditions. Respect for
                                                                                        the local people should at all times be
                                                                                        in the forefront of your minds.
      Brig Gen Winnie Zini-Bobelo, Chief of Staff at the Operational Headquarters       Remember: we are the guests in
      (left), accompanied by WO1 Sheron Scheepers, Divisional Warrant Officer of        Burundi and not the hosts," concluded
      Joint Operations Division, at the parade.                                         Brig Gen Zini-Bobelo.

     SA SOLDIER                    SEPTEMBER 2007
Brazil honours SANDF
members for meritorious
Article and photos by Capt (SAN)            or coat of arms and to Brazilian or for-    V Adm Mudimu thanked the Brazilian
Lisa Hendricks, Naval PR                    eign military or civilian personalities,    Ambassador, Mr Lucio Piers De
                                            who have contributed towards impor-         Amorim, for presenting him with the
                                            tant services to the Brazilian Navy.        award. He emphasised the long-

          he Chief of the SA Navy,
          V Adm Refiloe Mudimu, and             Col André was awarded the               standing relationship shared by the
          Acting Director Performance       "Marechal Cordeiro de Farias" Medal,        South African and Brazilian Navies
          Audit at the Defence              which was created on 20 June 1983 by        and assured the Brazilian Ambassador
          Inspectorate Division, Col        the Commander and Director of               of the SA Navy's continued commit-
          Antonio André, were both          Education at the Senior War College in      ment to ensuring that this relationship
          recognised for meritorious        Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of this         flourishes. He concluded by saying:
service to Brazil at a medal awards cer-    medal is to honour and distinguish the      "… our greatest challenge is to navi-
emony held at the Brazilian Embassy         students of the Senior War College for      gate safely and survive the might of
in Pretoria on 25 July 2007.                competence and knowledge displayed.         the sea. This in itself bonds us as
    The Chief of the SA Navy was            Col André, who was nominated as the         brothers and sisters … through co-
awarded the Naval Order of Merit            "best overall achiever" on course, was      operation we can collectively counter
Medal, which was created by a decree        also recognised for the valuable guid-      such challenges."
on 11 July 1934. The purpose in award-      ance provided in the interests of               And to emphasise this bond, the
ing this particular medal is to recog-      improving the War College's curricu-        SAS MENDI, one of the SA Navy's
nise members who have distinguished         lum. Of note is the fact that this is the   four MEKO Valour Class frigates, is
themselves professionally and excep-        first time a member of the SANDF has        scheduled to participate in the
tionally in national or foreign military    been awarded this particular medal.         Brazilian Navy's bicentennial celebra-
and civilian institutions, to their flags       On completion of the ceremony,          tions in September this year.


                                                                   Capt (N) Jorge Guimaraes Dias, the Brazilian Attaché,
                                                                   congratulates Col Antonio André, Acting Director
Mr Lucio Amorim, the Brazilian Ambassador, awards                  Performance Audit at the Defence Inspectorate Division,
V Adm Refiloe Mudimu, Chief of the SA Navy, with the               on being honoured with the "Marechal Cordeiro de
Naval Order of Merit Medal.                                        Farias" Medal.

                                                               SEPTEMBER 2007                            SA SOLDIER
     official foreign visits

      Sergeant Major of
      SA Army officially
      visited the USA
      Article and photo by                     USAEUR hosted the first annual con-      was gained, while WO1 Kgaladi had
      WO1 Charles Laubscher,                   ference of European armies for Non-      the opportunity to establish a rapport
      SA Army WO Dress                         Commissioned Officers at his head-       with senior Warrant Officers of the
                                               quarters in Grafenwoehr, Germany.        various armies represented.

               he Sergeant Major of the SA     This conference was attended by the          The conference was opened by Lt
               Army,      WO1       Mothusi    Sergeant Majors of the Army of 40        Gen D. Speer, Deputy Commanding
               Kgaladi, was invited to visit   countries, mainly from Europe and        General US Army Europe, at a dinner
               the United States Army dur-     environs, as well as from Afghanistan,   on 20 June. Presentations and discus-
               ing June 2007. He was accom-    Canada and South Africa.                 sions during the conference included
               panied by WO1 Charles               The theme of the conference was      the following subjects:
               Laubscher. The visit was exe-   "Coalition Networks for Developing           NCO roles, responsibilities and
      cuted in three distinct phases, begin-   Professional      Non-Commissioned           authority in the joint/coalition
      ning with a visit to the United States   Officers" and speakers from different        environment.
      Army Europe (USAEUR), based in           countries addressed various topics           Institutional development of
      Germany, followed by a visit to Fort     under this heading. Insight and              NCOs.
      Bliss and the Pentagon in the USA.       understanding with regard to how the         Building a professional NCO
                                               European land forces could more              corps.
      Germany                                  effectively and efficiently train and        NCO roles in combat and nation
         The Command Sergeant Major of         develop a professional NCOs corps            building in their respective
                                                                                                          The discussions were
                                                                                                      augmented by a visit to
                                                                                                      the USAEUR NCO Aca-
                                                                                                      demy at Grafenwoehr
                                                                                                      where delegates were
                                                                                                      able to view the train-
                                                                                                      ing presented during the
                                                                                                      Warrior Leader Course
                                                                                                      at first hand and were
                                                                                                      also given a tour of the
                                                                                                      Academy facilities.
                                                                                                          This was followed by
24                                                                                                    a dem-onstration on the
                                                                                                      Grafenwoehr       range,
                                                                                                      where the 2nd Stryker
                                                                                                      Cavalry Regiment pre-
                                                                                                      sented a live firing
                                                                                                      demonstration of con-
                                                                                                      voy movement (ambush
                                                                                                      drills). The regiment
                                                                                                      was in the pre-deploy-
                                                                                                      ment training phase
                                                                                                      for     deployment    to

     SA SOLDIER                    SEPTEMBER 2007
                                                                                                invited to lay a wreath at
                                                                                                this tomb. This was impor-
                                                                                                tant because this was only
                                                                                                the second occasion in the
                                                                                                long history of the Tomb
                                                                                                of the Unknown Soldier
                                                                                                that a Warrant Officer was
                                                                                                invited to lay a wreath, as
                                                                                                this honour is normally
                                                                                                reserved for senior and
                                                                                                general officers. The cere-
                                                                                                mony was professionally
                                                                                                executed and touched all
                                                                                                the soldiers present. After
                                                                                                the wreath laying ceremo-
                                                                                                ny the group observed the
                                                                                                changing of the guard at
                                                                                                the tomb, which is guard-
                                                                                                ed by the 3rd Infantry
                                                                                                Regiment,       "The    Old
                                                                                                Guard", 24 hours a day.
                                                                                                    On the night of the
                                                                                                arrival of the SA contin-
                                                                                                gent in Washington we
Presentation of gifts by WO1 Mothusi Kgaladi, Sergeant Major of the SA Army (left),             attended a Sunset Cere-
 to the Battalion Commander of the Warrant Officer Course at the United States Army             mony (similar to our Re-
Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA), SGM ZaGarra, at the "Chevrons" in the                         treat Ceremony) present-
inner circle of USASMA.                                                                         ed by the US Marines at
                                                                                                the site of the Iwo Jima
Visit to the United States Army            Washington                               memorial. The quality of their brass
Sergeants Major Academy                        The contingent then moved to         band, in particular, made this a mem-
    From here the Sergeant Majors          Washington DC for a visit to the         orable occasion. Most of the "free"
flew to Fort Bliss at El Paso in Texas for Sergeant Major of the US Army, SGM       time in Washington was dedicated to
a visit to the United States Army          Preston. Owing to time constraints a     visiting as many war memorial sites
Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA).          courtesy call on the Chief Enlisted      as possible in the area. The popularity
The visit to USASMA began with a           Advisor to the Chairman of the Chiefs    of these memorials was obvious, as at
detailed briefing on the training pre-     of Staff had to be cancelled at the last all these memorials there were large
sented at the Academy, followed by a       minute.                                  numbers of civilian visitors. The effort
tour of the Academy facilities. At the         SGM Preston hosted the SA con-       put into maintaining these memorials
same time WO1 Kgaladi had the              tingent at a breakfast in the Army HQ    and the surrounding areas together
opportunity to meet with WO1               at the Pentagon. During the breakfast    with the fact that at all the memorials
Maggie Mawela, the SA Army student         the two Sergeant Majors discussed        fresh wreaths and other objects of
who is attending the course at the         items of mutual interest. A visit to the remembrance were visible in abun-
Academy until the middle of 2008.          US Army operations room followed,        dance, emphasised the pride of a           25
    USASMA both presents and has a         after which the contingent was treated   nation in their military.
role to play in a range of courses for     to a guided tour of the Pentagon, the        The SA contingent was highly
the United States Army NCOs and            highlight of which was the memorial      impressed by the professional manner
Sergeant Majors. Interesting is the fact   site where the plane hit the Pentagon    in which they were received and host-
that it also presents training for the     on 9/11.                                 ed throughout the visit, which
wives of members on two of the more            The visiting group, accompanied      spanned ten days. The visit was a
senior courses, which is aimed at          by the SA Assistant Attaché to           learning experience in both the mili-
empowering the wives of Sergeant           Washington, Col S. van Heerden,          tary and private spheres. It is hoped
Majors with the knowledge and abil-        were then taken to Arlington             that the good relations between these
ity to support the families of other       Cemetery and the Tomb of the             two proud armies will continue into
members when deployed.                     Unknown Soldier. WO1 Kgaladi was         the future.

                                                             SEPTEMBER 2007                            SA SOLDIER
      focus on women

      Empowering women
      for gender equity
      By Nomonde Vuthela                           matters of gender equity, it has been     laying down the way forward and
      Photos: Cpl Elias Mahuma                     slow and, "We are not there yet".         building consensus on how to max-
                                                       Having previously established         imise the utilisation of women in com-

                  h, yes! Women in Defence         through past conferences the objectives   bat. Considering that the DOD is a
                  are flying high, soaring         of gender equity and mainstreaming in     peculiar environment, the four-day
                  way up in the sky in pur-        the Department of Defence (DOD), this     long dialogue for women needed to
                  suit of self-fulfilment and      year's conference moved further in        establish realistic gender targets.
                  heightened professional-
                  ism. Introducing the first
                  black female helicopter
      pilot to the public, the media and a
      hall filled with women delegates
      attended the 3rd National Conference
      on Women in Defence at the Saint
      Georges Hotel outside Pretoria on 14
      August 2007.
          2 Lt Phetogo Molawa of the SA Air
      Force (SAAF) made her début public
      appearance by landing an Oryx heli-
      copter at the conference. She is the first
      black SAAF female helicopter pilot.
      She then proceeded to join the other
      women at the conference dressed in
      her pilot's gear and walked casually
      into the conference room to resound-
      ing applause. 2 Lt Molawa at 21 years
      broke the gender divide and signalled
      the need for all to take a long and hard
      look at the role of women in combat
      and peacekeeping missions. Things
      have definitely changed.
          This was the emotionally charged
      conference with participants clearly
26    exhibiting a sense of ownership
      towards the occasion. Women in
      Defence have positively embraced the
      theme: "Empowering Women for
      Gender Equity". The Deputy Minister
      of Defence, Mr Mluleki George, pro-
      nounced after meeting 2 Lt Molawa,
      "We need to take women achievers
      into our rural areas and show young
      women what women can do". The                Fltr: Chief Director Transformation Management, Maj Gen Ntsiki Motumi, the
      Deputy Minister also pointed out that        Deputy Minister of Defence, Mr Mluleki George, and the first black SA Air
      although there has been progress in          Force female helicopter pilot, 2 Lt Phetogo Molawa.

     SA SOLDIER                       SEPTEMBER 2007
National Conference on Women in Defence
                                                                                        like: "2.7% is the pool available in
                                                                                        terms of combat". She stressed that to
                                                                                        send the right message concerning
                                                                                        equity the SANDF had to improve on
                                                                                        the pool of women available for
                                                                                            Giving feedback on the 2006 DOD
                                                                                        Mainstreaming Action Plan, the high-
                                                                                        est ranking female officer in the
                                                                                        SANDF who heads the Chief
                                                                                        Directorate Transformation Manage-
                                                                                        ment Office, Maj Gen Ntsiki Motumi,
                                                                                        said everybody needed to be taken on
                                                                                        board. "We have already drafted a
                                                                                        strategy and it is ready," she said. She
                                                                                        indicated that the challenge now lay
                                                                                        with women to develop a deeper inter-
                                                                                        est in equity issues in order to believe
                                                                                        in the statement - "Nothing for us
    Most significant in the conference's        Emphasis was also placed on the         without us".
detailed programme were the break-          importance of adequate training of              Also in attendance were Members
away sessions where participants were       women for improved job performance          of Parliament who sat on the Joint
divided into eight commissions, each        so that a list of qualified women from      Standing Committee on Defence. They
consisting of 30 members. The attendees     which to choose would be readily            too gave an assurance that the com-
were then requested to become con-          available at all times. The matter of the   mittee would play an active role in
scious collaborators in promoting the       annual recruitment of youngsters into       ensuring gender equity in the DOD.
gender discourse by engaging, investi-      the DOD was also
gating and discussing the following         raised, with sugges-
topics:                                     tions that the means of
    The acceleration of the role of         reaching the desired
    women in peacekeeping and               gender figures ought
    peace-building processes.               to result from the
    Achieving gender equity targets         quota      of      young
    on for a yearly basis at all levels.    women recruited into
    Leadership development                  the DOD to fill specific
    programmes.                             roles. The commission
    The strengthening of Services and       recommendations
    Divisions' Equity Committees.           were to be forwarded
    When the different commissions          to the Office of the
presented the plan of action to the         Minister of Defence
house, the issue of equity committees       for his consideration.
stood out the most. It was generally            Breaking        down
found that there was a need for many        what it meant for the
managers and subordinates to be edu-        DOD to have reached
cated and to inform them of ideas ema-      the 30% representa-
nating from the equity committee.           tion mark, a senior
There was also a call for this critical     researcher on Peace                                                                    27
body to be established in all the various   and     Security,     Dr
areas deployment.                           Monica Juma, said
    Without a doubt the presence of         that since 1994 there
women in peacekeeping missions and          had been an almost
processes brought added advantages to       reluctant acceptance of
all levels of the mission. However, the     women into the force,
concern that the mission areas were still   paralleled by the non-
to be made "women friendly" remained.       existence of career
                                                                         The first black SA Air Force female helicopter pilot
The lack of suitable infrastructure         paths. She indicated
                                                                         breaks the gender divide. 2 Lt Phetogo Molawa is
including cultural attitudes, however,      what the 30% progress        introduced to the public and media at the 3rd
was one of the problems mentioned.          made really looked           National Conference on Women in Defence.

                                                              SEPTEMBER 2007                              SA SOLDIER
      focus on women

     Aim to turn the pyramid
     into a diamond
      By Leading Seaman Dineo Maleka,                                                    In her speech, the Executive Mayor
      Naval PR                                                                       of Tshwane, Dr Gwen Ramokgopa,
      Photos by LS Dineo Maleka and                                                  said how proud she was that the City
      Ms Cathy Coetzee, Department of                                                of Tshwane was hosting SAWID 2007.
      Trade and Industry                                                             She urged the women to continue
                                                                                     fighting and working tirelessly to keep

                outh African women of                                                this dialogue going among women
                all ages, races, cultures,                                           and, indeed, to take our country from
                creeds and professions met                                           dialogue to development.
                at the South African Women                                               The Deputy President of South
                In Dialogue Conference                                               Africa, Ms Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka,
                (SAWID) 2007, held at the                                            applauded all the participants for
                University of Pretoria from                                          attending the forum, especially those
      2 to 6 July 2007.                                                              who came from afar. Interestingly, she
          SAWID is not an organization, but                                          introduced the "Turning a Pyramid
      merely a platform where women can                                              into a Diamond" concept, saying:
      meet to address and find solutions to                                          "Imagine a pyramid; currently poor
      issues that affect them personally and                                         people are trapped at the bottom of
      in society at large. The theme for this                                        the pyramid. The top of the pyramid
      year's dialogue was: "From Dialogue                                            has the extremely rich people. An
      to Development: Women Uniting to                                               ideal society for us is diamond shaped
                                                The Deputy President of South
      Eradicate Poverty". The theme was         Africa, Ms Pumzile Mlambo-           with few rich people at the top, the
      the result of the 2003 and 2005 dia-      Ngcuka, during her address.          majority of people in the middle of the
      logues, where women agreed that                                                diamond and a few very poor people
      poverty was keeping many women           Throughout the week various           at the bottom of the diamond that
      from participating fully in the new  speakers from government depart-          depend on the State. Our efforts in the
      democratic dispensation in South     ments, the private sector, youth struc-   fight against poverty must be about
      Africa, especially in the rural areastures, faith-based and other organisa-    turning the pyramid into a diamond".
      and informal settlements within      tions addressed different topics that         On 3 and 5 July 2007 poverty alle-
      urban areas.                         affected women. Although very cold,       viation workshops were held where
                                                                   no    weather     groups discussed the different ways of
                                                                   condition         combating poverty. Our team, which
                                                                   could prevent     consisted of members of the SA Navy,
                                                                   these women       SA Army, SA Air Force and SA
                                                                   from complet-     Military Health Service discussed on
                                                                   ing the task at   both days how we, as the South
28                                                                 hand. Blan-       African National Defence Force
                                                                   kets were pro-    (SANDF), could assist and contribute
                                                                   vided every       towards the eradication of poverty. All
                                                                   day to keep       material compiled during the poverty
                                                                   them warm,        alleviation workshops will form part
                                                                   thus ensuring     of SAWID's action plan for the eradi-
                                                                   high concen-      cation of poverty in South Africa.
                                                                   tration levels.       We are extremely proud and hon-
                                                                   And of course     oured to have been part of a course of
                                                                   there was an      this magnitude. It also gave us an
     Our SANDF women representatives with the First Lady,          abundance of      opportunity to portray the SANDF as
     Mrs Zanele Mbeki.                                             coffee.           a force working for its people.

     SA SOLDIER                     SEPTEMBER 2007
Sustain defence foreign relations
By Lebohang Letaoana                   you for doing a ster-
Photo: Cpl Elias Mahuma                ling job. You have
                                       set a high standard
   he Chief of Defence Foreign
T  Relations, Maj Gen Dan Mofo-
                                       for your successors
                                       and on behalf of
   keng, welcomed the newly            Defence      Foreign
appointed military attachés to         Relations I want to
South Africa at an accreditation and   wish you all of the
de-accreditation ceremony held at      best with your per-
the SA Army College in Pretoria on     sonal lives and mili-
17 July 2007.                          tary careers; have a
    He welcomed Col Antonio            safe journey home",
Carlos Faillace (Brazil), Col (GS)     said Maj Gen Mo-
Marc van Laethem (Belgium), Col        fokeng when he
Gabriel Ondo Nguema (Gabon),           bade farewell to Col
Cmdr Hans Uwe Mergener                 Lauro Pires da Silva
(Germany), Group Capt Ashan            (Brazil), Col Biyo-
Muhammad Khan (Pakistan) and           ghe-Be-Nze (Gabon)
Capt (N) Patricia Anne Jackson         and Capt (N) Josef
(USA).                                 Demetris Hola (Ger-
    "Gentlemen, your hard work         many) during his         Capt (N) Patricia Anne Jackson, the Naval Attaché
and professional attitude made it a    speech at the            United States of America, at the accreditation
pleasure to work with you. Thank       ceremony.                ceremony.

Dealing with security issues
By Lebohang Letaoana
Photo: Cpl Elias Mahuma

                    presents an
“ T his programmea lifetime: dur-
    opportunity of
    ing the next twenty weeks you
will have the opportunity to devel-
op yourselves at the highest level
the SANDF has to offer," said the
Chief of Human Resources, Lt Gen
Temba Matanzima. This was at the
opening of the Executive National
Security Programme (ENSP) 16/07
at the SA National Defence College
on 17 July 2007.
    This programme, which has
been running for the past seven
years, deals with security issues.
    Members of the SANDF, inter-
                                       Fltr: Col P. Chitalima (Zambian Defence Force), Maj Gen G. Nawaf (Saudi
national members and other gov-
                                       Arabian Defence Force), Capt (NN) A. Shettima (Nigerian Navy),
ernment departments, such as           Lt Gen Temba Matanzima (Chief of Human Resources), Brig Gen CD
Correctional      Services,      the   Schoeman (Commandant SANDC), Maj Gen D. Sefu (Malawian Defence
Department of Intelligence and the     Force) and Col O. Souza (Brazilian Defence Force).
Department of Justice, as well as
SITA and Armscor are attending it.     everybody playing his or her part in     is not only for the military but for
    It is heart-warming to see         this programme, as national security     everyone.

                                                           SEPTEMBER 2007                        SA SOLDIER
     focus on youth

      Learner's job shadowing
      week at Navy Office

      Article and photo by Leading                and presentation, things that also         Chief of the SA Navy asked all the dif-
      Seaman Dineo Maleka, Naval PR               intrigued her. "When I asked him if I      ferent directorates in the Navy Office
                                                  could shadow him, it was merely to         and        departments      of      SAS
                ixteen-year-old Nandi Gan-        understand and appreciate the work         IMMORTELLE to orientate Nandi

                da from Wynberg Girl's            that he did. Now, having spent a day       regarding their different specialities.
                High School in Cape Town          with 'Uncle Refiloe' as the Chief of the   When asked which department she
                visited the Navy Office from      SA Navy, I realise the influence and       would like to work at, she said: "I
                26 to 29 June 2007. She is cur-   power that he has and the value of his     would definitely love to be the master-
                rently in Grade 11 and, as        work," she said.                           at-arms of SAS IMMORTELLE, as it is
                part of her life orientation          On her expectations of the Navy        a hands-on job and involves interac-
      syllabus she has to shadow an inter-        Office she said: "I thought I would be     tion with people and helps and solve
      esting career for a period of four days     going to this serious environment with     problems. I also see myself in the posi-
      to get a realistic perspective on that      the people stern and conservative".        tion of the Chief of the SA Navy,
      career.                                     Her verdict and impression after her       where I can make decisions that will
          One of Nandi's family friends is        first day was: "It was totally different   effect positive change".
      the Chief of the SA Navy, V Adm             from my expectations. I found the peo-         Nandi had the privilege of attend-
      Refiloe Mudimu. She said the Navy           ple friendly, welcoming and eager to       ing the Navy Staff Command Council.
      photos in his house always fascinated       help", she said.                           She said that because of the uniform
      her. She also loves discipline, order           Because of prior engagements, the      and level of seniority she initially felt
                                                                                             intimidated. But once everything was
                                                                                             explained to her she realised that the
                                                                                             order and proceedings were similar to
                                                                                             what they had been at school, where it
                                                                                             was called the Representative Council
                                                                                             of Learners. "It was impressive to see
                                                                                             the co-operation, efficiency and pas-
                                                                                             sion of the members of the council,"
                                                                                             she said.
                                                                                                 Nandi's words of gratitude to the
                                                                                             SA Navy were: "I am grateful to have
                                                                                             been given such an opportunity to
                                                                                             shadow not one, but fourteen people.
30                                                                                           From where I am standing the SA
                                                                                             Navy is doing a great job. I am now
                                                                                             more insightful about the SA Navy
                                                                                             and truly appreciate their work. I can
                                                                                             also see why the SA Navy is called the
                                                                                             People's Navy".
                                                                                                 We wish her success in her studies,
                                                                                             and who knows? Maybe one day she
                                                                                             will join the SA Navy and finally get to
                                                                                             wear the "ice cream suit" (SA Navy
                                                                                             dress No 1AW), which is her favourite
      Nandi Ganda visits the Navy Office for her job shadowing project.                      Navy uniform …

     SA SOLDIER                      SEPTEMBER 2007
First DOD HIV and AIDS International
By Col (Dr) L.C.D. Naidoo,                ongoing research and developmental
Academic Head of Project Phidisa          activities in the military milieu and
                                          also to provide an opportunity to con-

T  he Surgeon General is to host the
   first DOD HIV and AIDS
                                          tribute to the debate on how research
                                          findings can impact on health care,
International Conference in Pretoria      and in particular, on the combat readi-
from 12 to 14 November 2007. The          ness of our soldiers. Such debates are
theme will be: "The Impact of HIV and     expected to strengthen the foundation         The conference will be attended
AIDS on Combat Readiness".                for multidisciplinary, multifaceted       by the DOD HIV and AIDS managers
    South Africa, as a member of the      group research programmes in mili-        from the SADC countries and is also
SADC region, is interlinked in terms      tary health, and to identify funding      open to members of the DOD that are
of socio-economics, infectious disease    priorities upon which such pro-           involved or associated with HIV and
management and military operational       grammes would be based.                   AIDS in the Department. Any mem-
activities that necessitate the sharing       This conference thus also serves as   ber who wishes to attend the confer-
of experience and the exchange of         a unique opportunity for DOD HIV          ence should contact the Conference
knowledge in the region. In keeping       and AIDS managers of the SADC             Secretariat at Lotus Notes: Direct-
with national recommendations it is       countries to network with their coun-     orateHIVAIDS/SAMHS/DOD(g).DOD.
important that infectious diseases,       terparts. The exchange of knowledge           For updated information on the
including HIV and AIDS, are man-          that will take place during the confer-   conference and to view the require-
aged regionally.                          ence between academics, SADC repre-       ments for the first call for abstracts
    One of the objectives of this con-    sentatives, operational leaders and       please refer to the SAMHS intranet
ference is to inform participants and     policy makers will greatly benefit the    site ( and the DOD inter-
delegates attending the conference of     DOD HIV and AIDS Programme.               net site (


                                                             SEPTEMBER 2007                          SA SOLDIER
     mission training

      Infantrymen gearing
      up for deployment to
      the Sudan
      By Amn Ally Rakoma
      Photos: F Sgt David

               he         South        African
               Government has officially
               declared its commitment to
               playing a meaningful role in
               Africa and the rest of the
               international community,
               particularly in the war rav-
      aged countries. The White Paper also
      declares that it is in the South African
      national interest to assist people who
      suffer from famine, political repres-
      sion, natural disasters and the scourge
      of violent and armed conflict.
          On 1 and 2 August 2007 SA Soldier
      visited 7 SA Infantry Battalion (7 SAI
      Bn) in Ba-Phalaborwa in the Limpo-
      po Province to observe the retrain-
      ing Force preparation exercise. The        Mission training in action.
                                                                               purpose of the exercise was to prepare
                                                                               our soldiers for deployment to the
                                                                               Sudan. The retraining exercise and
                                                                               pre-deployment training phase, which
                                                                               included combat-readiness evalua-
                                                                               tions, were conducted at the General
                                                                               Ben Viljoen Training Area, outside Ba-
                                                                                   Lt Col Khathutshelo Nethononda,
                                                                               Officer Commanding of 7 SAI Bn, 2 Lt
                                                                               Ndivhuwo Makhado, Communication
                                                                               Officer of 7 SAI Bn, and other senior
                                                                               members of the unit welcomed the SA
                                                                               Soldier team and wished us a wonder-
                                                                               ful and pleasant outdoor stay in the
                                                                               bush. In the evening the tranquility of
                                                                               the bush was shattered by the power-
                                                                               ful roar of R4 rifles, LMGs, RPGs, light
                                                                               thunders, smoke grenades and combat
                                                                               vehicle movements.
                                                                                   Lt Col Nethononda briefed us on
                                                                               the aim and objectives of the retraining
                                                                               exercise, while WO1 Ronald Mugari,
      Soldiers demonstrating their firepower.                                  the Combat Readiness Warrant

     SA SOLDIER                      SEPTEMBER 2007
Officer, informed us about the night
defensive fire plan of a battalion in a
defensive position.
    The comprehensive retraining
exercise included section battle drills,
section attacks, platoon attacks, base
protection, vehicle control points, foot
and vehicle patrols, counter-ambush,
mine drills, firing movements (day
and night), combat life-saving proce-
dures, map reading, convoy and
escorts. Members also received train-
ing in driving and maintenance in
Upington in the Northern Cape to
enable them to drive Mambas in the
Kalahari sand in order to prepare
them to drive in the sandy desert of
the Sudan.
    The scenarios and approach of the
retraining exercise was closely based
on the real situation in the Sudan. Part   Soldiers dismounting from a 4X4 Mamba vehicle during attack.
of the contingents training and evalu-
ation was meant to show how mem-               Women demonstrated bravely               The deploying contingent of 7
bers would react if an incident            their high level of operational pre-     SAI Bn went through the Chaplains
occurred, and to forward all the neces-    paredness on their journey to the        Support Programme for the De-
sary information to the relevant per-      unknown. Speaking to SA Soldier,         ployment and Project Resilience
sonnel. Scenarios were demonstrated        2Lt Makhado said: "Each member of        presented by the chaplains and
where contingents of Alpha, Bravo          the unit is geared and prepared to go    social workers of the Unit. It was
and Charlie Companies practised            to the Sudan to answer this impor-       apparent that the contingent was
crowd management, negotiations             tant international demand as peace       positive, high spirited, commit-
skills, escorts, evacuation of person-     ambassadors".                            ted, enthusiastic and operation-
nel, diplomatic staff and other foreign        During counter-ambush and live       ally combat ready. The exercise
nationals caught up in local hostili-      firing movements Maj Mahlomola           demonstrated the firepower of the
ties, which are very real in the world     Motsitsi, Charlie Company Comman-        attacking force against an opposing
and could be possible incidents and        der, explained every action that would   force.
scenarios.                                 take place and why it was necessary.         7 SAI Bn is a motorised infan-
                                                                                                 try battalion in the
                                                                                                 SA Army that forms
                                                                                                 part of the rapid de-
                                                                                                 ployment force. Its
                                                                                                 headquarters are near
                                                                                                 the Kruger National
                                                                                                 Park gate and situat-
                                                                                                 ed a few kilometres to
                                                                                                     Of special note
                                                                                                 were the 50th anniver-
                                                                                                 sary celebrations of the
                                                                                                 Mopani district town
                                                                                                 of Ba-Phalaborwa on
                                                                                                 31 July 2007. The cele-
                                                                                                 brations culminated in
                                                                                                 the awarding of the
                                                                                                 Freedom of Entry to
                                                                                                 the town to 7 SAI Bn,
                                                                                                 which caused much
                                                                                                 excitement for the
Young women engaged in every aspect of the exercise.                                             locals.

                                                             SEPTEMBER 2007                        SA SOLDIER
      Artillery open day

      Guns roar in Potch

                              By Nelda Pienaar
                              Photos: Cpl Elias Mahuma                          Force. With the firepower demonstration
                                                                                that you will see now, you will witness the

                                       he SA Army Artillery Formation           capabilities that you have as the guns roar
                                       held an open day at 4 Artillery          and fire in great anger to ensure deterren-
                                       Regiment in Potchefstroom to             ce against any potential aggressor," said
                                       demonstrate its artillery capabilities   Brig Gen Notshweleka.
                                       to the public on 28 July 2007. This          "Today's demonstration is just that, a
                                       demo also formed the culmination         demo under peaceful conditions, but after
                                       of the Artillery Course Support One      witnessing what our men and women will
                              exercise.                                         display today, you will surely agree that suc-
                                 On a chilly winters day the event was          cess on the battlefield cannot be assured
                              opened with a bang! Parachutists land-            without gunners and their guns.
                              ed right in front of the VIP stand to the             "… All of you present here today will
                                                                                                    experience the perfor-
                                                                                                    mance of proud gunners
                                                                                                    and we believe that this
                                                                                                    will inspire present and
                                                                                                    future generations of
                                                                                                    young men and women
                                                                                                    to have the desire to
                                                                                                    serve the guns and to be
                                                                                                    part of this wonderful
                                                                                                    family around you!"
                                                                                                        He concluded by in-
                                                                                                    viting the guests: "… Sit
                                                                                                    back, relax and enjoy
                                                                                                    this special day with
                                                                                                    the SA Army Artillery
                              The children were thrilled by the face painting in camouflage.

                              excitement of the crowd. Then three
                              helicopters did a fly-past while drop-
34                            ping weapons. Everyone was excited
                              and looking forward to see more …
                                  Brig Gen Abe Notshweleka, the
                              GOC of the SA Army Artillery
                              Formation, heartily welcomed everyone
                              present to the annual Artillery Open
                              Day. "Ladies and gentlemen, what you
      A youngster "test       will see today, in a few minutes, will
      driving" a GV5 - 155    instil in you the confidence that your
      mm gun howitzer -       security and that of our neighbours is
      Luiperd at the
                              guaranteed in the hands of the SA
      Artillery Open Day.
                              Army and the SA National Defence

     SA SOLDIER              SEPTEMBER 2007
                                             … They were not
                                        disappointed. Many weapons
                                        were fired during the day: platoon                 An ecs
                                                                                          the va tic crowd ch
                                        weapons such as R4 assault rifles, Ap-65                rious w       e
                                                                                                       eapon ering after
                                        rifle grenades, multiple grenade launch-                            s were
Brig Gen Abe Notshweleka, the           ers - 40 mm, light machine guns, the
GOC of the SA Army Artillery            Patmor - 60 mm patrol mortars, as well
Formation, addressing the               as artillery systems, such as the M5 - 120
spectators.                             mm mortar, the GV5 - 155 mm gun

                                               Luiperd.                                                                      mort
                                  n howitzer -                                                                           mm en Day.
             the GV 5 - 155 mm gu                                                                                 - 120 ry Op
Firepower of                                                                                                 n M5       le
                                                                                                      g off a the Artil
                                                                                              sh owin nding
                                                                                         iers       atte
                                                                                     Sold people
                                                                                     to the                   howitzer - Luiperd,
                                                                                                     the GV6 - 155 mm self-pro-
                                                                                           pelled gun howitzer - Renoster and
                                                                                           the multiple rocket launcher -
                                                                                           Bateleur.                                 35
                                                                                               During the day platoon weapons
                                                                                           and artillery systems manned by
                                                                                           artillerymen and women were on dis-
                                                                                           play for the curious, while the tent of
                                                                                           the Gunners Association attracted
                                                                                           inquisitive visitors. To combat the
                                                                                           cold, hot beverages, curry and rice,
                                                                                           and much more could be bought from
                                                                                           the many food stalls.
Maj Gen Roy Andersen, Chief of Defence Reserves, salutes while the GV5 -
                                                                                               You are all invited to the next
155 mm gun howitzer - Luiperd passes by during the Artillery Open Day
parade.                                                                                    Open Day in 2008!

                                                             SEPTEMBER 2007                                 SA SOLDIER

      Air Force cares for
      people with disabilities
      By Lt Col J. Coetzee,
      SSO HR Plan Support

                he SA Air Force Fund Benevolent
                Affairs (SAAF FBA) was established to
                consolidate and prioritise donations
                and assistance from industry in order
                to fund certain activities, functions
                and events associated with SAAF
                image building and the preservation
      of the heritage of the SAAF.
           The Chief of the SAAF, however, was con-
      cerned that the limited funds utilised for
      benevolent activities compared to the other
      applications of the fund. From this concern
      came the idea to establish a project in which
      financial assistance could be made available
      from the fund to help serving members whose
      children had some form of disability. The aim
      is to provide for their needs where the military    Fltr: Lt Gen C. Gagiano, Chief of the SA Air Force, Mr M.J. Swart,
      medical services are not able to do so. Initially   Deputy Director DOD Disability Equity, Maj Gen H.A. Bhembe,
      this assistance would only be available to serv-    Chairperson of the SA Air Force Fund Benevolent Affairs (SAAF FBA).
      ing members who are also members of the             (R46 000 was donated by the SAAF FBA.)
      SAAF Fund. Depending on available funds
      and the needs analysis the assistance would be      point. Although it would not be           The Chief Directorate for
      extended at a later stage.                          wise to purchase a Jaws Braille           Transformation Management will
           The name of the project is SINOTHANDO,         printer package for any specific per-     supply the Braille Media Centre
      which is a Zulu word referring to love in the       son or any specific member, the           with a large enough computer to
      family and caring about each other. It explains     DOD Disability Equity Section is in       support the system and purchase
      what the project is about. The SAAF has             the process of establishing a Braille     the applicable software.
      always taken pride in caring for its people and     media centre for the utilisation of all       Mr M.J. Swart, Deputy
      this is just another way of showing it. Fourteen    blind personnel employed by the           Director DOD Disability Equity
      parents have already been assisted through the      DOD. Members are often required           (Chief Directorate Transfor-
      project. It provides assistance not only of a       to attend meetings and obtain writ-       mation Management), received
      monetary nature, but also provides informa-         ten agendas, minutes and other doc-       the donation at the Chief of the
      tion, assistance, etc that can improve the quali-   umentation, and since the DOD             SA Air Force Benevolent Golf Day
      ty of life for the parents or the children. Some    does not have a single Braille print-     Gala Function on 11 May 2007.
36    of the disabilities that are dealt with are cere-   er the members are required to take       This Golf Day was held in co-
      bral palsy, children with brain injuries, epilep-   the relevant documents to the             operation with all the donors to
      sy, Tourettes Syndrome, physical disabilities,      National Council for the Blind for        the SAAF FBA and has become
      muscular dystrophy and even children with           interpretation and printing.              part of a proud tradition. Without
      special learning impairments. Assistance has            The printer package mentioned         the participation and support of
      also been provided in one of only five known        is costly, but will enable several        the members of the Air Force
      cases of micro-syndrome in the world.               members to participate as equals in       Fund, the Fellows of the Air Force
           Since the budget for the first cycle of the    the workplace. The package trans-         Fund and many true friends of
      project made provision for it, an application       lates written, typed and electronic       the SAAF this project would not
      was made to the steering committee of the pro-      media, allows documents to be             be able to make a difference to the
      ject to donate the funds to establish a Braille     scanned and is able to print, read        lives of many serving members
      media centre at the DOD disability nodal            and store documentation in Braille.       and their children.

     SA SOLDIER                      SEPTEMBER 2007
526 Squadron
does IsiXhosa
By F Sgt M.A. Rensburg,
Kennel Master 526 Squadron

          n IsiXhosa language course
          was presented at 526 Squadron
          at Air Force Base Langebaan-
          weg from 4 to 22 June 2007.
          Twelve students (abafundi in
          IsiXhosa) were present of
          which nine were members of
526 Squadron. The Squadron Officer
Commanding, Lt Col N. Swarts, set the
example to his squadron members by
attending the course with them. The
teacher, (titshala in IsiXhosa) Chief Petty   The students who did the IsiXhosa Level 1 language course, front,
                                              fltr: F Sgt M.S. Mokapane, Capt C.J. Smith, CPO M.S. Mrabalala (Instructor),
Officer M.S. (Sydney) Mrabalala, is from
                                              Lt Col N. Swarts (OC 526 Sqn) and F Sgt M.A. Rensburg. Back, fltr:
the Language Section at Naval Base            Cpl G.A. Visser, F Sgt D. Malgas, Sgt A.J. Louw, Cpl L.E.G. Micheals,
Simon's Town.                                 F Sgt M.P. Madito, Sgt A.C. Faro, Cpl C.P. Fiallo and Sgt T.C. Nortjé.
    The aim during the first week of the
course was to take the students from the      dents had understood the work.              again to his squadron members. He
known English to the unknown                  Although this was only a Level 1 course     achieved an overall of 99%. The course
IsiXhosa. As students on this course we       for this specific language, it was some-    as a whole achieved an average of 95%.
wondered if we would ever survive the         thing that all the students had to get      The instructor was really impressed by
full duration of the course, as this lan-     accustomed to. There were many              this achievement and recommended
guage seemed so difficult. However, it        laughs as everyone tried to pronounce       that these specific course members
was possible to say: Uvavanyo lwethu          the words and phrases as correctly as       nominate themselves for the Level 2
lokuqala silubhale kwiveki yokuqala kwaye     possible. Sydney was pleased with the       course, which will take place in 2008.
bonke abafundi baphumelela emagqabini         progress we had made and he was                 The course ended in true West
kwiziphumo, meaning: "Our first exami-        always there to assist when problems        Coast style with the squadron members
nation also took place in week one and        regarding the pronunciation of the          taking the instructor and the visiting SA
all the students achieved outstanding         words were encountered.                     Air Force students from other units on a
results."                                          The third and final week was when      tour along the West Coast. It all ended
    The second week went a bit better as      all the evaluations took place. Uvavanyo    with a "snoek braai" at the squadron
we were now pronouncing words,                lokugqibela nolubhalwayo, uvavanyo          before everyone parted for the week-
phrases, building sentences and all the       ngokuncokola notitshala kwakunye noku-      end. We would like to thank Chief
students started to feel more at ease         funda kwenzeke kwiveki yokugqibela kwez-    Petty Officer Mrabalala for presenting
with the language. We also started read-      izifundo. Utitshala uye wazifumana, zaza-   the course to us in such a professional
ing small passages that later had to be       lisekiswa iminqeno yakhe, ukubeni           manner. We would also like to thank
translated into English. The English lan-     esithathe wasisa kwindawo ebesingayazi,     our fellow SA Air Force members from
guage has many more words, while the          kodwa saphumelela kuba yonke into ibisen-   Air Force Base Bloemspruit and
IsiXhosa language tends to combine            ziwa ngesi Xhosa, means: "A final writ-     Ysterplaat for attending the course with
words to make full sentences. It is for       ten examination, an oral conversation       us in true 526 Squadron style.
this reason that a sentence in IsiXhosa as    with the instructor and a reading exer-         Amazwi wokugqibela ndifuna ukuthi
we see it can sometimes consist of only       cise took place during the final week of    "Nihambe Kakuhle" kuwo wonke umntu
one word. An example of this is               this course. The instructor had achieved    obekunye nathi kwezizifundo nakubo bonke
"Ndiyasebenza" which actually means:          his goal of taking us from the known to     abafundi besisicatshulwa, means: "On a
"I am working" when translated into           the unknown and back again as these         final note I would like to say: "Hamba
English. The homework we had to do            evaluations were all in IsiXhosa."          kakule" which means "Good bye, go
was meant to ensure that everyone was              The results were excellent with Lt     well". This to everyone who attended
on the same level and that all the stu-       Col Swarts setting the example once         the course and to the readers."

                                                                 SEPTEMBER 2007                              SA SOLDIER

      SANDF operations
      communication workshop
      By WO1 Puseletso Molefi from DCC           his experienced staff members, Maj           tance of the communication officers.
      Photo: F Sgt E. Nelson                     Niko Allie and Maj Ronald Maseko.                 Col Louis Kirstein from SAMHS
                                                 This subject was made more interest-         presented the Crisis Communication

                he Directorate Corporate         ing by the various challenging practical     Plan and reassured the communication
                Communication (DCC) held an      scenarios that were presented to the         officers that they were playing a funda-
                operations      communication    participants. These scenarios were sim-      mental role in the organisation. He
                workshop at the SA Army          ulated to put the members in a "real"        advised them to have their Crisis
                Engineering Formation in         situation of dealing with the media at       Communication Plans in place at all
                Pretoria from 23 to 27 July      media conferences and during crises.         times and always to make themselves
                2007. Ten communication offi-         Col Motlhabane emphasised the           indispensable to the Unit and OC.
                cers from the four Services      importance of adhering to the                     The participants were also exposed
      attended the workshop.                     Ministerial Instruction 1/2000, which        to the subject of protocol, particularly
          Col Marthie Visser officially opened   dealt with the unauthorised release of       where it related to visits and invitations
      the workshop in her capacity as Acting     information. He elaborated on how            of senior people to units and deploy-
      Director Corporate Communication on        best to apply this instruction in order to   ment areas. The specialist in the field of
      23 July 2007. In her opening remarks       communicate or speak with one voice.         protocol, Col J. Mothupi from Defence
      Col Visser said: "Corporate Communi-       It was agreed that the best way of           Foreign Relations, presented proce-
      cation officers are not always included    building a good relationship with the        dures and regulations that were to be
      in the decision-making processes in the    media was to keep to the deadlines and       adhered to when inviting senior or for-
      Department. This prevents the commu-       arrange media conferences so that            eign guests to deployment areas.
      nication officers from providing advice    information could be given to the                 On 27 July Brig Gen Kwena
      to their Officers Commanding (OCs) on      media before they started hunting for        Mangope, Director Corporate Commu-
      the communication implications of such     it. They were reminded that the image        nication, declared the workshop closed.
      decisions taken."                          of the SANDF and the DOD was a pri-          In his closing remarks, he said: "We are
          She highlighted some of the activi-    ority in all their communication with        still not doing enough to profile the role
      ties that the SA National Defence Force    the media.                                   of the SANDF in support of govern-
      (SANDF) was involved in, eg peace               Although the workshop was very          ment's diplomatic initiatives, ie to be a
      missions in the Democratic Republic of     interesting and informative, all the par-    partner in bringing about peace and sta-
      Congo (DRC), the Comoros, Burundi          ticipants agreed that there were still       bility on the continent." He emphasised
      and the Sudan. She also mentioned that     many challenges facing the communi-          the need for the creation of public
      South Africa did not exist in isolation,   cation officers on the ground, especial-     awareness and appreciation of South
      but was part of Africa and the global      ly at unit level, because OCs often did      Africa's international relations at home
      community. Hence it had to take part in    not understand the role and impor-           and abroad.
      stabilising the continent and the world.
          Different communication experts
      within the Department of Defence
      (DOD) were invited to present and
      share their experiences. In every pre-
      sentation the phrase "organisational
      image" was the focal point. Col Daan
      Boshoff from Chief Joint Operations
      gave a lecture on the role of the com-
      munication officers during operations.
38    "You are the advisers to your OC; you
      must have a communication plan in the
      operational area, which you must pre-
      sent to the OC for approval," he said.
      He also emphasised the importance of
      close contact between corporate com-
      munication officers and OCs on a daily
      basis during operations. He added that
      the communication officers were not to
      take the Unit activities lightly.          Front, fltr: Capt H. Mathekga, Lt Col M.F. Dlali (convenor of the workshop),
          The participants showed special        Brig Gen K.D. Mangope (Director Corporate Communication),
      interest in the presentations by the       Lt Col S.E. Matomane and Cdr Z. Sithole. Back, fltr: Capt L. Gaga,
      Media Liaison Section of DCC headed        Lt F. Goodheart, S Lt S. Khasuli, Lt Cdr P.G. van der Berg, Lt Col V. Dlamini,
      by Col Petrus Motlhabane, assisted by      Ms N. de Ru and S Lt R. Khumalo.

     SA SOLDIER                    SEPTEMBER 2007
Reserve Force Colonels
save lives
By Col Peter Boulle, SSO                    anaemias and to prevent severe blood       lin. This is given to patients who have
Reserves, Engineer Formation                loss during surgery.                       been exposed to or bitten by a suspect
                                                Honorary Colonel Moe has blood         rabid animal to offer them immediate

            ol Pat Acutt, SSO KZN           type O Rh Negative. Such donors are        protection from contracting rabies,
            Regional Reserve Office, Col    known as "universal donors". Blood         which is a fatal disease. Post-exposure
            Derek Moe, Honorary             from these donors may be given to a        treatment includes wound cleaning
            Colonel 19 Field Engineer       patient belonging to any other blood       and the administration of the
            Regiment, and Col Peter         group. In cases of extreme emergency       immunoglobulin after which a course
            Boulle, SSO Reserves, SA        such transfusions are administered         of rabies vaccine is given.
            Army Engineer Formation,        without any prior testing. In addition,         South Africa is at present experi-
have between them made over 340             Col Moe has other blood group factors      encing its worst outbreak of rabies in
life-saving blood donations.                present and his blood may also be          30 years. KwaZulu-Natal, the worst
     Col Acutt is a platelet donor. After   used for laboratory purposes to help       affected area, reported deaths from the
platelets are collected from the donor's    find compatible blood for patients for     disease.
blood and processed through a cell          whom it is difficult to find suitable           The three Colonels all donate for
separator they are removed and pre-         blood.                                     different reasons, but no donor is more
served. The remaining blood compo-              Col Boulle, on the other hand, has     special than another. Blood donors of
nents are returned to the donor.            been immunised against rabies and his      all types are always desperately need-
     Platelets are used to control bleed-   immune system has responded by             ed. Anyone prepared to follow the
ing and to enable blood clotting. They      building up a high level of rabies anti-   example of the three Colonels is urged
are given to children and adults suf-       bodies in his plasma. These antibodies     to contact the Blood Transfusion
fering from cancer or leukemia who          may be harvested in the same way as        Service on 080 011 9031 for further
have received chemotherapy and radi-        platelets, using a cell separator, after   information.
ation treatment, transplant patients,       which they are further processed into a         It's in your hands, you may help
patients suffering from various             vial containing rabies immunoglobu-        save many lives.


Fltr: Col Pat Acutt, SSO KZN Regional Reserve Office, Col Derek Moe, Honorary Colonel 19 Field Engineer Regiment,
and Col Peter Boulle, SSO Reserves, Engineer Formation.

                                                               SEPTEMBER 2007                           SA SOLDIER

      Hosting the South
      African Post Office
     By Col L.A. Nilsen, SSO Corp Com
     CMIS Reserve Force

              Signal Regiment hosted senior
              Post Office officials at a func-
              tion in the passenger terminal
              at Air Force Base Waterkloof on
              30 March 2007. Project SHIELD
              sponsored the occasion. Guests
              were welcomed by Col Sam
     Madumane, Acting General Officer
     Commanding Air Force Base Water-
     kloof, and Brig Gen Charles Menze,
     General Officer Commanding Com-
     mand and Management Information
     Systems (CMIS) Operations Formation.
         The function was arranged to pro-        Fltr: Mr Janras Kotsi, Senior General Manager Mail Business, Lt Col Rudi van
     vide the Post Office with more informa-      Heerden, Officer Commanding 6 Signal Regiment, and Brig Gen Dennis
     tion on the Reserve Force, especially        Jelliman, Director CMIS Reserve Force, with a CMIS Shield presented to the
                                                  Post Office.
     the critical role played by the Reserve
     Force in supporting the SANDF during             The South African Post Office has             On landing the guests were shown
     deployments in peacekeeping opera-           been supporting the Reserve Force for         the new postal facility, Field Post
     tions. The occasion also provided an         some time. It is one of a few organisa-       Office 3, at the main entrance to Air
     opportunity to thank Post Office offi-       tions that allows its members to be           Force Base Waterkloof. This building
     cials for their unconditional support        deployed for up to three months so as to      had just been renovated in a very
     over many years to 11 Field Postal Unit,     provide an uninterrupted postal service       short time due to the efforts of Lt Col
     a Reserve Force unit that handles all        to deployed SANDF members and their           Rudi van Heerden, Maj Johnny Botha
     mail to and from deployed SANDF              families at home. These members are           and Maj Oscar van den Berg from
     members in the Democratic Republic of        not penalised in any way for the time         the Engineering Corps who was the
     Congo (DRC), Burundi and the Sudan.          spent in the Reserve Force and maintain       project leader.
         Brig Gen Dennis Jelliman, Director       their seniority and all other benefits that       With the assistance and support
     CMIS Reserve Force, briefed the guests       would accrue to them had they been at         offered by the South African Post
     on all aspects regarding the Reserve         their normal work. The South African          Office this facility is shortly to be
     Force and its utilisation. He specifically   Post Office is the only company sup-          upgraded to a fully-fledged post office
     referred to the vital role the South         porting the SANDF in this fashion and         that will provide all post office ser-
     African Post Office and its senior per-      is definitely setting a trend which it is     vices to personnel at the Air Force
     sonnel have played to date, and              hoped that industry will follow.              Base and civilians in the surrounding
40   stressed that without their continued            Guests were taken on a trip to the        areas.
     support and goodwill it would not be         Hartbeespoort Dam in an Oryx heli-                The day was a huge success as Post
     possible to render an efficient postal       copter by 21 Squadron, and experienced        Office officials supporting 11 Field
     service to the SANDF and its members.        a scenic tour of the dam and develop-         Postal Unit have for the first time
         Brig Gen Jelliman appealed to the        ments along its banks and the Pretoria        been given insight into the role and
     South African Post Office to continue        CBD from the air. The experience of the       function of the Reserve Force and the
     its co-operation and support and to          flight in a helicopter was a first for some   specific role they play in support-
     encourage its personnel to join the          and was clearly noticeable when the           ing the Government in bringing about
     Reserve Force so that this valuable ser-     chopper did some tight turns to show          peace and stability on the African
     vice could become more efficient and         off the view on one side or the other.        continent. The support of the South
     perhaps even expand to include value-        Those sitting close to the doors had to       African Post Office in this regard is not
     added services.                              hang on very tightly.                         to be underestimated.

     SA SOLDIER                     SEPTEMBER 2007


      Thumbs up for
      sign language course
      By Amn Ally Rakoma                          Mr Arios Bokaba, the assistant facilita-   Khensani Teffu, a Senior State
      Photo: Cpl Elias Mahuma                     tor from the Tshwane Sign Language         Accountant at the Division Financial
                                                  Centre. It was a great opportunity for     Control Services, said that the sign

               he Department of Defence is        the members from the different             language course had been an eye-
               sensitive to issues of disabili-   Services who attended to bridge the        opener and that she had learned many
               ty, and has once more              existing communication problems            signs. "It is our responsibility to make
               demonstrated to our mili-          with hearing impaired clients.             our working environments accessible
               tary community its commit-             SA Soldier conversed with Mr           to people with disabilities," concluded
               ment to raising awareness          Gouws who said that the plight of          Ms Teffu.
               about people with disabili-        hearing impaired people was very               This is a clear indication that the
      ties by conducting a sign language          close to his heart.                        DOD has accepted people with dis-
      course at the Naval Mess in Pretoria            He highlighted sensitive issues        abilities and has made their working
      in July 2007.                               facing people with disabilities and        environment more suitable for them
          The course was presented by Mr          encouraged members of the DOD              and raised awareness about their
      Peter Gouws, the main facilitator, and      to support and respect them. Ms            needs, contributions and potential.


      The top four learners on the sign language course, back row, fltr: S Sgt Sihle Nqenqa, Ms Khensani Teffu,
      Ms Antina Hlabela (Assistant Director, Disability Equity), WO1 Selema Mnguni and Sgt Lucky Ngobeni.
      Front, fltr: Mr Peter Gouws, the main course facilitator, and Mr Kobus Swart, Deputy Director, Disability Equity.

     SA SOLDIER                      SEPTEMBER 2007
The launch of Programme Phakamisa
By Lebohang Letaoana                         ing initiative a pro-
Photo: Cpl Elias Mahuma                      gramme as opposed
                                             to a project. A project,

T  he Surgeon General, Lt Gen
   Vejaynand Ramlakan, embarked on
                                             the way it is under-
                                             stood in Defence, is
a programme to improve the fitness           time-bound and ends
level in the Department of Defence           in the achievement of
(DOD) after witnessing the levels of         the required outputs.
high obesity and low physical fitness        Physical fitness is a
in the DOD. Programme Phakamisa,             prime requirement
the official SAMHS physical training         and an inherent one
programme, was launched at the               for us in the military.
Thaba Tshwane sports grounds on 1            This initiative to
June 2007. (Phakamisa means lift up or       revive physical train-
pull up.)                                    ing cannot therefore         Front, second from left: Lt Gen Vejaynand
    A large number of SAMHS mem-             be called a project, but     Ramlakan, the Surgeon General, in action at the
                                                                          launch of Programme Phakamisa.
bers from different units assembled at       is a programme".
the sports grounds to participate in             He added that for this initiative to      physical training.
this initiative. In his speech the           succeed the physical training sessions            "Physical fitness may be one of the
Surgeon General said: "Given how             had to be conducted during working            criteria used to determine a member's
inherent physical unfitness is to our        hours and not left to individuals training    eligibility for the proposed salary dis-
business in the military, we have been       after hours, and that a minimum of three      pensation for health care workers,"
deliberate in calling this physical train-   hours a week should be dedicated to           concluded Lt Gen Ramlakan.

Cultivating the culture of learning
By Amn Ally Rakoma                                                                                         for now everyone
Photo: F Sgt David Nomtshongwana                                                                           of us is at liberty to
                                                                                                           learn for free

A  s enshrined in the Constitution of
   the RSA, our Bill of Rights states that
                                                                                                           Come out of the

everyone has the right to have access to                                                                   darkness, upgrade
basic education and further education                                                                      your status, ex-
and training opportunities irrespective                                                                    press yourselves,
of gender, race, colour, sex or creed.                                                                     take a step ahead
    This was evident on 28 June 2007 at                                                                    and       have       a
Defence Headquarters in Pretoria at the                                                                    dream," said Ms
Armscor Adult Basic Education and                                                                          Pholose.
Training (ABET) certificate ceremony                                                                           To the recipi-
to honour 21 ABET learners from the          Mr Xolani Magojo, General Manager Human Resource:             ents: SA Soldier
Department of Defence (DOD),                 Armscor, congratulates Ms Agnes Mahlobo from the              hopes you reach
Armscor, Molly Mop and Cold Control.         SANDF who completed ABET Level 2 Communication.               beyond the ordi-
    This day was also set aside to give      (In the background Ms Nonto Seemela, an ABET facilita-        nary. One who              43
                                             tor (left), presents Ms Anastacia Maponyane from
credit to Ms Nonto Seemela, an ABET                                                                        believes that life
                                             Armscor, who completed ABET Level 2 Communication,
facilitator, Mr Xolani Magojo, General                                                                     has no meaning
                                             with a certificate.)
Manager Human Resources from                                                                               experiences a feel-
Armscor, and Capt Dorcus Masemola                SA Soldier asked Ms Rosemary         ing of hopelessness. Do not limit your
from JSB MOD Hospitality Services, for       Pholose, an ABET Level 4 learner from    knowledge. There is no substitute for
the significant role they played in          the DOD, about her future plans in the   knowledge. Never be afraid to try
developing these learners. Ms Yvonne         DOD. She replied that she was opti-      something new. Continue to read fur-
Mudimu, an ABET Assessor (wife of            mistic about her future in the DOD and   ther and use every moment in life to be
the Chief of the SA Navy), extended          would like to see herself occupying a    the person you always wanted to be. It
warm congratulations to the recipients       skilled higher position. "Many of us     is never too late to be what you might
of the certificates.                         have never had this chance before, but   have been. Congratulations!

                                                                 SEPTEMBER 2007                              SA SOLDIER

      SANDF Rugby Week 2007
      By Col G.S. van Eeden,                           Winner of the Senior League:          the development clinics commenced.
      Vice-President Media                             Boland.                               The aim was to introduce and promote
                                                       Winner of the President's League:     this form of rugby, specifically in

               he annual SA National De-               Free State B.                         preparation for an envisaged interna-
               fence Force Rugby Asso-                 Player of the Week of the Senior      tional 7-a-side tournament to be hosted
               ciation's (SANDFRA) Rugby               League: L. Hanekom (Boland).          by the SANDFRA in 2008.
               Week, one of the prestigious            Player of the Week of the                 Development clinics for previously
               events on the SANDF sport               President's League: D. Mahona         disadvantaged players in the Ikageng
               calendar, took place at                 (Free State).                         and Promosa townships of Potchef-
               Army Support Base (ASB)                 Referee of the Week: Petri Bosch.     stroom took place on 26 and 28 June
      Potchefstroom in June 2007.                      A 7-a-side demonstration match        2007 and went down very well.
         Sixteen teams participated in this         between a Gauteng and a Free State           A rugby team manager course was
      year's Rugby Week, in two leagues:            team took place on 26 June 2007 before   also presented during the week.
                                                                                                 A social function was hosted on 27
      SANDF Senior League                   President's League                               June 2007 to express the SANDF Rugby
      North West (NW)                       KwaZulu-Natal (KZN)                              Association's gratitude and apprecia-
                                                                                             tion to the organisers, supporters and
      Free State (FS) A                     Free State (FS) B
                                                                                             sponsors of SA Rugby. The main spon-
      Northern Cape (NC) A                  Northern Cape (NC) B                             sor of SANDF Rugby for 2007 was also
      Gauteng (GT) A                        Gauteng (GT) B                                   announced at this function, viz MANI-
      South Eastern Cape (SEC) A            South Eastern Cape (SEC) B                       TOU Southern Africa. Mr Lindsay
      Western Province (WP) A                                                                Shankland, Chief Executive Officer
                                            Western Province (WP) B
                                                                                             (CEO) of MANITOU, presented a
      Boland (Bol)                          Limpopo/Mpumalanga (Lim Pumas)                   cheque to the value of R150 000,00 to
      Botswana                              Potchefstroom Town Invitation XV (Potch XV)      Col (Rev) Pieter Oberholzer, President

          Botswana once again partici-
      pated in this year's Rugby Week,
      while Zambia declined the invita-
      tion at a late stage. An invitation
      team from the Potchefstroom
      Town Rugby Club also participat-
      ed this year.
44        The opening ceremony of the
      event took place on 25 June at the
      Johann du Randt Sports Stadium
      at ASB Potchefstroom. Mr Jannie
      Prinsloo, Chief Executive Officer
      (CEO) of the South African Rugby
      Union (SARU), was the main
      functionary at this event.
          Matches were played on 25, 27
      and 29 June 2007. The overall
      winners of the 2007 SANDFRA               Free State (white and orange jerseys) taking the gap during the Boland versus
      Rugby Week were as follows:               Free State match.

     SA SOLDIER                     SEPTEMBER 2007
                                                                                                      was the main
                                                                                                      functionary at
                                                                                                      this event. In his
                                                                                                      speech Lt Gen
                                                                                                      Matanzima con-
                                                                                                      SANDF Rugby
                                                                                                      on being fully
                                                                                                      integrated and
                                                                                                      normalised an
                                                                                                      which has also
                                                                                                      been recognised
                                                                                                      by SARU. He
                                                                                                      thanked MANI-
                                                                                                      TOU and all the
                                                                                                      other sponsors
                                                                                                      and donors for
Mr Lindsay Shankland, CEO of MANITOU Southern Africa (right), presents a cheque to the value
                                                                                                      their positive
of R150,000 to Col Pieter Oberholzer, President of SANDFR.
                                                                                                      attitudes     and
of the SANDFRA. Other sponsors/              The closing ceremony of the        financial support of SANDF Rugby.
donors who attended the function         SANDFRA Rugby Week 2007 took               The highlight of the Rugby Week
were Mr Piet Wilson of Gijima AST        place on 29 June at the Johan du Randt was undoubtedly the announcement
and Mr Paul Theron of Edward Snell       Sports Stadium. The Patron of SANDF    of the 2007 SANDF Senior and
& Co Ltd (Wellington VO Brandy).         Rugby, Lt Gen Temba Matanzima,         President's Teams.

Shooting in the UK
By Maj John Hall

T  he SANDF's Reserve Force Shooting
   Team recently returned from a suc-
cessful tour to Bisley in the United
Kingdom. They competed in the
Territorial Army (TARA) competition
against the best of the British Army's
reserve forces and the Falkland
    Lt Bekker and Lt Botha attained
Top Fifty status, while the SA Reserve                                                                                     45
Force team was awarded the Bronze
Medal in the international match. The
British Army was awarded Gold and
Falkland Islands Silver.
    Carbineer Dolly Mncwabe came
fourth in the women's competition,        The team relaxing between shoots during a rare moment of sunshine,
missing the Bronze Medal by a single      fltr: Maj Braam Korff, Lt Piet Spies, Rfn Dolly Mncwabe, Maj John Hall
                                          (Manager), Rfn Ngamela Dambuza, Rfn Bruce Mahlangu, L Cpl Rudi Mentor,
point. She joined the Reserve Force in
                                          Lt Piet Bekker and Lt Eben Botha.
2001. In 2003 she attended regular
shooting practices and training with     chosen for the SA Combat Rifle             Western Cape, where she earned her
the Natal Carbineers. In 2005 she was    Association Championships in the           Natal Team Colours.

                                                           SEPTEMBER 2007                           SA SOLDIER
      focus on youth

      SA Sea Cadets active for
      more than a century
      By Capt (SCC) W.M. Bartie                    disadvantaged and poor communi-             their corporate social investment ini-
                                                   ties. Altogether 47% were girls, not        tiatives. The SA Navy runs courses at
                                                                                               the end of the year at their training

                he South African Sea Cadets,       bad for gender representivity!
                a Section 21 Company,                  The cadets wear a uniform and are       facility, SAS SIMONSBERG, where
                recognises and subscribes to       subject to naval style discipline. Yet      cadets are introduced to various train-
                the     challenge      of   the    the training is not only about the mar-     ing programmes not available at their
                Government's initiatives in        itime world; in all cases, whatever the     own training bases.
                respect of youth training.         actual skill being imparted, the less           The Sea Cadet movement in South
                The response of the Sea            tangible values such as discipline, self-   Africa is grateful for the financial sup-
      Cadets has been to introduce new and         respect, self-esteem, self-worth, self-     port it receives from the private sector
      dynamic training for its cadets.             confidence, self-identity, resilience,      and individuals, while local training
          This training will result in the         attitude, successful teamwork, leader-      establishment support is funded by
      cadets qualifying for the Personal           ship and citizenship underlie the           the initiatives and efforts of the South
      Safety and Survival at Sea South             training. These values are at the core      African Sea Cadet Association. The
      African Qualifications Authority             of the Sea Cadets' ethos, and will          Sea Cadets runs on a tight annual bud-
      (SAQA) Unit Standard 114923, and for         translate into whatever field of            get estimated at R2M per year.
      the     internationally      recognised      endeavour the Cadets progress to on             For more information, readers may
      Standard of Training Certification and       reaching adulthood.                         contact Captain (SCC) W.M. Bartie on
      Watchkeeping (STCW) Able Seaman.                 The SA Navy recognises and sup-         083 400 5831 or via email on
      These qualifications will provide the        ports the endeavours of the Sea    or on the website
      boys and girls with a creditable quali-      Cadets, which are regarded as one of
      fication that will help them to seek
      employment in the maritime sector of
      the South African economy when they
      complete their schooling.
          But who are the South African Sea
      Cadets? The organisation was found-
      ed in Cape Town on 8 June 1905 and is
      the second oldest maritime youth
      training organisation in the world and
      the oldest such organisation on the
      African continent. It caters for boys
      and girls from the year in which they
      start Grade 6 at school, until they final-
46    ly leave school at the end of Grade 12.
          The organisation is not a school
      in itself as all its training is pure-
      ly extramural and voluntary. It is
      staffed by volunteer instructors who
      give their time freely and have a
      great dedication to training young
      people. The organisation has 14 active
      training establishments and 500 ca-
      dets throughout South Africa and
      has a demographic profile of over            The young Sea Cadets who were part of the initial project held in
      85% who come from the formerly               Port Elizabeth earlier this year.

     SA SOLDIER                       SEPTEMBER 2007
Love until it hurts
By Cpln Melanie Smit,                                                                          At lunchtime a young boy came cry-
Chaplain AFB Waterkloof                                                                   ing to Sophia. He was looking after his
                                                                                          younger sister because both their par-

        f you love me, you will do …"                                                     ents were dead. He had not been able to
        How many times have you heard                                                     feed his sister for two days and now she
        these words from a loved one?                                                     was very ill. Sophia thought about her
        How many times have you spo-                                                      Guest that might arrive at any moment,
        ken these words to the person that                                                but then she could not send the boy
        you love?                                                                         away empty-handed. She gave him
           We tend to measure people's                                                    enough food for himself and his sister
love for us by the decisions they make.                                                   and also the last medicine she had in
If his decisions are made according to                                                    her house. Before he left she told him a
my expectations and are what I want -                                                     few stories that he could share with his
then he obviously loves me. But if he                                                     sister to make her feel better.
chooses to do something that I did not                                                         By suppertime Sophia was still wait-
want or wish for, even though it is to                                                    ing for her Guest when a man asked her
my benefit, then I start doubting his                                                     if she could spare some food for him.
love for me.                                                                              He had been mugged and stabbed on
    As the women of South Africa and                                                      the train. Sophia knew that she only had
the women of the SANDF - what moti-                                                       enough food left for one person. If she
                                              Chaplain Melanie Smit.
vates our decisions that we make                                                          gave the food to this man, she would
regarding our families, our organisation      self. Sophia was very poor, but she still   not have anything to give to God. But
and our country? Do we feel loved only        worked very hard. She mended clothing       she could not send the man away. She
when our loved ones, organisation or          from early morning until late at night.     cleaned and dressed his wound and
country makes decisions that benefit              Because Sophia had to work so hard      then she gave him the last of the food
us? Is it self-love, or better described as   just to survive, she did not have time to   she had prepared for God.
selfishness, that influences my decisions     visit other people. Her only companion           When the man left it was nearly
about these parties? Or am I prepared to      was God. She would talk to Him the          time for bed and Sophia knew that it
love my family, my organisation and           whole day and tell Him what she was         was too late for anyone to visit her now.
my country without expecting anything         thinking and feeling. One day Sophia        She took her Bible and it fell open at
in return?                                    was very lonely and she asked God if He     Matthew 25:34-40: "… 'Come, you who
    Let us dream for a moment of a            would visit her. God said that she must     are blessed by my Father; take your
world where we love each other with a         look out for Him; He would visit her the    inheritance, the kingdom prepared for
sacrificial love. What happens in a rela-     following day. Sophia was so excited        you since the creation of the world. For
tionship where I am prepared to put the       that she nearly worked straight through     I was hungry and you gave me some-
other person's needs before my own?           the night to prepare a meal for her Guest   thing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave
How does my love for that person influ-       with the little she had.                    me something to drink, I was a stranger
ence my decisions? Take for instance              The next morning Sophia didn't          and you invited me in, I needed clothes
the relationship between a mother and         work. She waited for God to visit her. At   and you clothed me, I was sick and you
child. If she loves her child with a sacri-                                               looked after me, I was in prison and you
                                              mid-morning a woman came to her
ficial love, that child will never go hun-    house. She was badly beaten and             came to visit me.' Then the righteous
gry, but she will also always feel loved      explained that she was running away         will answer him, 'Lord, when did we
and protected.                                from her husband who was abusing her.       see you hungry and feed you …?' The
    How can we as the women of South          She asked if she could have some water      King will reply, 'I tell you the truth,
Africa make a difference in our coun-         and maybe something to eat. Sophia was      whatever you did for one of the least of
try? This reminds me of the story of          waiting for her Guest, but she could not    these brothers of mine, you did for me'."
Sophia …                                      allow this frightened woman to leave             Are you prepared to love your fam-
    Sophia was a lady of 75 that lived        hungry. So she gave her some of the         ily, your organisation and your country
alone in a very humble house in Ga            food that she prepared for God and they     with a selfless and sacrificial love? It
Rankua. All her family had died a long        talked. When the woman left Sophia had      will hurt, but the outcome will be some-
time ago, leaving her to provide for her-     a new friend.                               thing out of this world!

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