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									DECEMBER 2010

      N          e         w          s         l         e        t           t         e          r
 Little Manly Precinct      Latest News - SewerFix    Skiff Club Merger            NEXT MEETING:
 Community Forum            Traffic Plans Pg 2         Pg 3                         **WEDNESDAY **
                            New Plans for LM                                       15 December, 2010
 Chair & Editor:                                      Sewage Plant Licence
 Candy Bingham              Beach & Park Pg 2         Renewal Pg 3                 (CHANGE OF NIGHT!)                                                           Manly Yacht Club,
 Secretary John Crawford    Update Ombudsman’s        Local’s Celebrate Pg 4       East Esplanade.
 Phone: 9977 7808           Report Pg 2                                            All welcome! 7pm. Drinks &
                                                                                   BBQ ..$5 Donation


                                                                       WAS RECENT GRIDLOCK OF
                                                                     EASTERN HILL JUST A PREVIEW
                                                                        OF WHAT IS TO COME?
                                                                  Residents were simply dumb-founded
                                                                  when day one of Sydney Water’s Stage
                                                                  Two traffic detours slowed traffic to a
                                                                  crawl - but when the next day saw
                                                                  Energy Australia closing The Steyne too
                                                                  - everything stopped!
                                                                  Locals are concerned that Manly’s 2015
                                                                  Vision Plan would create similar traffic
                                                                           Photos sourced from the Manly Daily

   WEDNESDAY 15th December -
     Short Meeting followed by
      Christmas BBQ & Cheer

                                           THE NEXT MEETING
OK - if you have been thinking all year,
“I really should go to a Precinct
meeting but .....” well, how about         Guests include Mike Baird MLA, Mayor Jean Hay & Councillors.
December? It will be a short meeting           Traffic disruption caused by Sydney Water’s SewerFix Stage
(although of course we still have               Two Project - and future plans.
important issues to discuss) and               Manly Traffic Plan 2015 - see Breaking News on our website
provides the ideal opportunity to meet         Update on NSW Ombudsman’s Report
your neighbors in a relaxed                    Report on North Head Sewage Treatment Plant
atmosphere. You are most welcome!
                                               Review of the overall Little Manly Beach & Park environment
       Little Manly Precinct -

  LITTLE MA NLY LIFE                                                                                               PAGE 2

                                                                       Following a review by a Precinct Sub-Committee, and
Despite the Precinct’s request for the control site                    discussions with Council representatives, the
for Stage Two to remain in the current location                        following improvements to the LM Beach area are in
Sydney Water started initial work on their Stage                       progress:
Two SewerFix project on Darley Road (see web
                                                                       • Council has finally agreed to place a bin at the top
site for details). This created a totally
                                                                       of the steps on the left hand side of the pathway in
unacceptable situation on Eastern Hill on 16 & 17
                                                                       the centre of park. This will free up the area next to
N o v e m b e r w i t h t ra f f i c g r i d l o c k s e v e r e l y
                                                                       the entry path to the café for a bike rack.
inconveniencing residents and affecting hospital &
emergency services and local businesses.                               • Council cannot place a bin at the top of the steps
                                                                       at the eastern end of the beach because there is no
This was caused by both Sydney Water and
                                                                       safe access around or through the café for the
Energy Australia undertaking work which required
                                                                       garbage collectors to empty it.
closures on Darley Road and South Steyne.
                                                                       • Discussions are continuing with regard to the
The Chair wrote a strongly worded letter to
                                                                       installation of seating and a pathway around the
Sydney Water, the Mayor, Mike Baird MP and the
                                                                       outside of the café. The proposal is for bench seating
Traffic Committee stating residents’ annoyance
                                                                       to be attached to the outside wall of the café and a
and frustration with the problem and urging that
                                                                       pathway wide enough for prams, wheelchairs and
Stage Two be put on immediate hold and that the
                                                                       bins to move safely around the kiosk without having
overall situation be re-considered.
                                                                       to navigate through the café and over the steps.
Our thanks to Council and Mike Baird who were                          However this would further increase the footprint of
quick to respond. Emergency meetings were                              the building reducing the amount of grass area.
arranged and all work put on hold.
                                                                       The Precinct is also considering supporting a
LATEST NEWS SEWERFIX ....                                              proposal for the café to increase its outdoor seating,
                                                                       and providing better access to the eastern side of the
We have just been informed by Sydney Water
                                                                       beach. This will be discussed at our December
that the following changes have been made:
1. The existing compound will be moved from
   Dec 6 and Darley Road reinstated by Dec. 13.
                                                                           Little Manly Beach Cafe
2. They are reviewing the traffic management
   plan for Stage Two to improve the flow of
   traffic from Darley Road.
3. The new compound and Stage Two traffic
                                                                                                 Special thanks to all who
   changes will commence from 10th January.                                                      made our 4th Birthday
4. Weather permitting, all work should be                                                        Celebration such a success
   completed by end March 2011
(Check our website for updates)
Why is this necessary? Sydney Water is working
at Darley Road to repair the Northern Suburbs                                Great location, Great coffee!
Ocean Outfall Sewer (NSOOS), northern Sydney’s
largest sewer. It’s a $560m project to improve the                          Open every day, weather permitting, for coffee,
waste water. Roll-on April when it’s done!                                               lunch and snacks.
                                                                               Dinner Wed-Sat. - Bookings 99777104
UPDATE Manly Council is addressing the
recommendations raised in the
Ombudsman’s Report with the                                                                 Printing of this newsletter by:
establishment of a working committee.
                                                                                            Pioneer Clubhouse
A number of meetings have already been                                                      Phone: 990 79999
held and have been open to the public.                                                      Fax:   9948 3980
You can view the implementation plans on                                          
Council’s website under “News” -
Councillors’ Implementation Working Group                                   The Clubhouse supports individuals living with the
for Ombudsman’s Recommendations.                                                       effects of mental illness.

         Little Manly Precinct -
                                                                                               PAGE 3

The initial Plan was discussed at the November meeting
and copies of the street plan and an idea for a tram
route were distributed (see web site). It is emphasised
that the plan is a working document only and no
decision would be taken without community
The initial feeling of the meeting was that it was
unworkable. Even though the regeneration of the CBD
was good and welcomed, it was felt that the proposed
traffic plan would result in chaos for the 5,000 Eastern
Hill residents, students and Manly Hospital &
emergency services. Only East Esplanade (which is
encumbered with several traffic lights, pedestrian
crossings including the Wharf and intersections) would A diligent member of the precinct has brought to
provide access, other routes would be closed or ’shared the committee’s attention the status of the
zones’. It is also proposed to reduce parking in the CBD. Sydney Water North Head Sewage Treatment
Council will be seeking community input on the Plant licence (Licence No 378). The renewal of
vision from February 2011 - so be sure to be part this licence is currently under discussions
of the solution by attending our future meetings.         between the EPA and Sydney Water. The outfall
                                                          pollution limits were relaxed for the period to
MANLY 16’ SKIFF CLUB DEVELOPMENTS                         Sept 2010 while the $150m upgrade to the plant
Club President Rob Cohen & GM Matthew Hazel briefed
                                                          was undertaken. However there is also a
the meeting on their imminent amalgamation with St.
                                                          regulated requirement to revert to the more
George 16’ Skiff Club. This is an investment to prevent
                                                          onerous limits that existed at Sept 1996.
bankruptcy of St. George and to ensure ongoing
competitive numbers in a shrinking field of 16’ boats. It We have had discussions with EPA and they are
will have no effect on Manly membership.                  confident that these more onerous limits will be
Matthew took the opportunity to reassure residents on included in the new licence. We are also writing
Club activity and explain that membership numbers to both EPA and Sydney Water to make them
have been reduced over recent news by 900 and were formally aware of our position and requesting
now stable at 4,500. He also pointed out that security actual time series data for outfall pollution over
guards have been hired to ensure peaceful leaving of the past year. Our Precinct Champion, John
the premises at closing time. They undertook to Keegan, ( will be
increase their monitoring and control of noisy patrons. happy to answer any queries.

                                                            BOUQUETS & BRICKBATS
                                                        Bouquet To Sailability and Eli Demeny for the
                                                        launch of their new 23ft yacht which will provide
 New Listing                                            sailing opportunities for people with intellectual &
 15/24 Cove Ave                                         physical disabilities. The Yacht will be based at
 Manly.                                                 Manly Yacht Club.
 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom,
 harbour views.                                         Brickbat to the problem with Little Manly Kiosk
                                                        and its umbrellas and chairs. We all love the
                                                        facility provided, so let’s make it permissible.
                          Just sold                     Bouquet to Joan, well-known Little Manly
                          9/108 Addison Rd              identity, who celebrated her 90th birthday
                          $970,000                      recently and won the “best dressed lady” at the
                          3 bedroom apartment           Melbourne Cup.
                          2 bathrooms, 1 parking                      See you
                                                                                               You bet!
                                                                      at the
                                                                                               I wouldn’t
 I’d like to wish a Merry Christmas to                                Christmas
                                                                                               miss it.
 all and all the best for 2011. I look                                Meeting?
 forward to being of assistance in
 2011 with your real estate needs.
 Richard Davies      0414 517 658

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 L I TTL E M A N L Y L I F E                                                      PAGE 4

  Locals enjoying the 4th Birthday Celebrations at Little Manly Kiosk

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       The Wharf Bar would like to thank everyone for their
       patronage and wishes everyone a safe and merry xmas.
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