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									    SA SOLDIER
    The official monthly magazine of the SA Department of Defence

      4     From the
            Editor's desk                       17        Friendly evolution of
                                                          our continental unity                32          Nurturing skills
                                                                                                           through leadership

      6     Letters
            to the Editor                       18        International Women's Day
                                                          celebrated in the DOD                34          Workshop on disciplinary
                                                                                                           and incapacity hearings

    10      News
            from abroad                         19        Photo competition: 10 years of
                                                          SA participation in peace missions
                                                                                               36          Help to
                                                                                                           save energy

    11      Denel donates computers
            to Ngxwabangu School                20        SANDF Fittest
                                                          Soldier Championships                37          The story of cheetahs
                                                                                                           at our air force bases

    12      Forging interaction
            with the media                      24        Career Exhibition Day
                                                          at Manguzi
                                                                                               39          Ensuring safe drinking water
                                                                                                           to SANDF deployed members

    13      Outlining joint
            action of forces                    26        Inauguration of Col (Dr) Irvin
                                                          Khoza as Honorary Colonel            40          A night
                                                                                                           of triumph

    14      Towards effective maritime
            governance for Africa               28        Military policing
                                                          in Thaba Tshwane                     42          Committed to
                                                                                                           supporting our youth

                                                30        Your pension is
                                                          in good hands                        43          Benchmarking via
                                                                                                           a gentlemen's sport
                                                                                               44          Mastering the finer
                                                                                                           arts of musketry
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    SA SOLDIER                     APRIL 2009
    ABOVE: The SAS QUEEN MODJADJI 1 dives into the sea, showcasing her
    capability to the delegates on the SAS AMATOLA (background). Read more on
    pages 14 to 16. (Photo: S Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole)

     SA SOLDIER is published monthly - 12 issues per year. The views and opinions
     expressed by the authors of articles are those of the authors and do not neces-
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     stitute DOD endorsement or warranty in respect of goods or services therein
     described. The DOD does not assume any liability in respect of any claims made
     in advertisements.
     COPYRIGHT: No article or picture in this magazine may be reproduced without       3
     the written consent of the Editor.

    FRONT COVER: The SANDF Fittest Soldier Championships were held at the
    SA Army Gymnasium in Heidelberg in February 2009. Read all about the
    championships on pages 20 to 22.
    (Photo: S Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole)

For the latest news on defence matters in South Africa,
  visit our website at: www.sasoldier.mil.za

                                     APRIL 2009                  SA SOLDIER

     From the                                                             Van die
     Editor's                                                             redaktrise
     desk                                                                 se lessenaar

    A                                                                     A
                pril is a very significant month overflowing with                   pril is 'n betekenisvolle maand met etlike herdenkings-
                commemoration days. Many of us will be celebrat-                    dae. Baie van ons sal die Paasfees vier; Christene
                ing Easter; Christians especially are reminded how                  veral word daaraan herinner hoeveel die Almagtige
                much the Almighty loves all of us. He sacrificed His                ons almal lief het. Hy het Sy enigste Seun geoffer om
                only Son to be crucified for our sins. Fortunately it               vir ons sondes gekruisig te word. Gelukkig het dit nie
                did not end there. We can rejoice in the                            daar geëindig nie. Ons kan ons verheug in die
                Resurrection of Jesus Christ who ascended to                        Opstanding van Jesus Christus wat na die Hemel
     Heaven to prepare our places in eternal life with the Holy           opgevaar het om plekke vir ons in die ewige lewe met die Heilige
     Trinity. May all of you and your families spend this Easter in       Drie-eenheid voor te berei. Mag ons almal en ons gesinne hierdie
     harmony together.                                                    Paasfees in harmonie saam deurbring.

     Another reason for celebrations this month is the 15th               'n Ander rede vir vierings hierdie maand is die 15de herdenking
     anniversary of Freedom Day on 27 April. Let us all commem-           van Vryheidsdag op 27 April. Kom ons herdenk almal hierdie dag
     orate this day as one rainbow nation. And then, because of           as een reënboognasie. So ook, weens demokrasie in Suid-Afrika,
     democracy in South Africa, many South Africans, if not most,         sal baie Suid-Afrikaners, indien nie die meeste nie, op 22 April na
     will go to the polls to exercise their democratic rights on 22       die stembus gaan om hul demokratiese regte uit te oefen.
                                                                          Hoewel nie in April nie maar in September sal Suid-Afrika tien jaar
     Although not in April but in September - South Africa will           van deelname aan vredesendings vier. Om hierdie geleentheid te
     commemorate 10 years of participation in peace missions in           herdenk, is die Gesamentlike Operasionele Divisie van plan om 'n
     September 2009. To commemorate this event, the Joint                 pragboek uit te gee. Hierdie boek sal 'n breë oorsig van Suid-
     Operations Division intends publishing a coffee-table book.          Afrika se deelname aan elkeen van die vredesendings bied, met
     The book will provide a broad overview of South Africa's par-        aanvullende hoogtepunte en foto's. Om die Gesamentlike
     ticipation in each of the peace missions, supplemented with          Operasionele Divisie by te staan, word lede wat foto's van goeie
     highlights and photos. To assist Joint Operations Division,          gehalte besit wat tydens ontplooiings geneem is, versoek om dit
4    members who are in possession of good quality photos                 vir moontlike insluiting in die boek beskikbaar te stel. Maar dis nie
     taken during their deployments are requested to make these           al nie! Die Gesamentlike Operasionele Divisie bied ook 'n
     available for possible inclusion in the book. But that is not all!   fotokompetisie in dié verband aan. Vir meer besonderhede lees
     Joint Operations is also launching a photo competition in this       bladsy 19.
     regard. For more details see page 19.
                                                                          Geniet die lees van julle eie tydskrif in hierdie noemenswaardige
     Enjoy reading your very own magazine during this very                maand!
     significant month!
                                                                          Nelda Pienaar
     Nelda Pienaar                                                        Redaktrise
                                                                          * Translation (Afrikaans) by Mr Eugene Muller

    SA SOLDIER                         APRIL 2009

     letters to the editor
                                                                                                           Winning letter
    I was one of those South Africans who       with God. I have been fortunate to have     proud to be identified with them in
    could not wait to leave this country        travelled from South Africa to a number     Jesus. While Jesus is their and my Lord
    quick enough, that was until I attended     of countries and in all honesty I can say   and Saviour there is always hope for
    the All African Golden Jubilee Military     thank God for the wonderful people of       our future as a country and continent.
    Christian Conference in Kenya.              Africa whom I have met and learned to       Thank you God for the awesome privi-
    Whoever it was that coined Africa as        love in Jesus in such a short time. I was   lege of meeting your children in Africa.
    being the "Dark Continent" clearly did      humbled and blessed all at the same             I challenge anyone out there that
    not experience Africa as I did nor could    time.                                       thinks of leaving South Africa, do not.
    they ever have been exposed to what I           With such people living on this         God is present in our land, find Him
    was exposed to.                             beautiful continent I will never again      and you will find your peace and pur-
        Members from all over Africa were       think of Africa as the "Dark Continent".    pose here in "Light Africa". WO1
    present. I met the most wonderful, gen-     For me it will always be the "Light         Michele Bezuidenhout, South African
    uine, beautiful people. People who          Continent" because I know the calibre of    Military Christian Fellowship
    have real, true, living relationships       people living on this continent and I am    KwaZulu-Natal Military Region

     LIGHT                                      I CHANGED FOR THE BETTER
     This poem is dedicated to all the          I changed one thing in my life - myself -   beauty. I started to buy spiritual books,
     mothers in the SA Army for giving          and that changed everything for the         which helped me to lift myself up as a
     guidance to the youth.                     better.                                     young woman. I learned to confront the
                                                    One year ago my life was a mess. I      truth and to have self-control. I started
     Show them light my empresses               was in a foul mood. I knew I had to do      facing the challenges and the guilt.
     Show them that you are pure                something as my life was falling part.          Let me tell you something: my feel-
     African women lighten the nation           There were days when I did not want to      ings cannot be trusted to tell the truth,
     With your African assets                   get up.                                     only the inner voice can tell you the
     Show them light my empresses                   I started going to church and build-    truth. Makhosi P. (Masango) Zungu,
     You are a gift to mankind                  ing my relationship with my mother.         121 Battalion
                                                When I was a child my mother taught
     Show them light my empresses               me how to read the Bible and pray.
     You are mothers to the nation                  It's just that when you are older you
     A blessing to the youth with your          become proud and you want to take
     Light we don't get lost                    your own steps and follow your own          KEEN FOREIGN
     Guidance is in your veins and              rules; that is what happened in my life.
     Discipline in your lips                        When I started to build my relation-
     Inspiration in your face                   ship with my mother everything was          How are you? I am very well and hope
     Direction in your hands                    adjusted and it became normal. I started    that you are too. I got your address
     With wisdom that is brighter               to see myself as a beautiful woman. A       from the South African Embassy in
     Than the rainbow and courage               lot of things were changing physically      Germany, that's the reason of this letter.
     That is better than the storm              and functionally because I had an inner     Please publish my name and address in
     Show them light my empresses.                                                          your magazine. I should like to keep in
     Dr Zwelithini Mbatha, Evaton                                                           touch and enter into correspondence
6                                                                                           with South African collectors having
                                                                                            the same interests as I. Please help me.
    R200-00 prize for the best letter                                                           Thank you and I hope you'll assist
    SA SOLDIER welcomes letters to the Editor. Short letters are more likely to be pub-     me. With best wishes and greetings to
    lished, and all letters may be edited for reasons of style, accuracy or space limita-   you and all parachutists from South
    tions. Letters should preferably be typewritten and double-spaced. All letters must     Africa. COL CHESTER W DJCIK,
    include the writer's full name, address and home telephone number. The volume of        CZECH REPUBLIC (EU)
    letters we receive makes individual acknowledgement impossible. Please send
    your letters to: The Editor, SA SOLDIER Letters, Private Bag X158, Pretoria, 0001.         * SA collectors can contact COL
    Letters may also be faxed to (012) 355-6399 or sent via email to sasoldier@mil.za.
                                                                                            CHESTER WDJCIK at J. OPLETALA
    We would like to hear your comments or ideas, particularly about matters affecting
                                                                                            1634-78, CZ-43401, MOTS, CZECH
    members of the Department of Defence. Regrettably, anonymous letters cannot be
                                                                                            REPUBLIC (EU) - Ed.
    answered officially or published - Editor.

    SA SOLDIER                      APRIL 2009
On 8 March, International Women's           equipment. Women contradicted the              Transformation Management we have
Day, we reflected on the contribution       stereotype of being physically weak in         workable policies and strategies which
of women all over the world. We             performing combat duties, in fact some         the Services and Divisions need to
women in uniform remembered,                proved to be stronger than their male          employ, notwithstanding the strides
among others, all those women who           counterparts.                                  that have been made. Our country is
took part in both World Wars. In World          During the liberation struggle in          the only one with a two star female
War II, when women were excluded            Africa women played a vital role. Each         General in Africa. But is it enough, con-
from combat in the USA, Gen George          country has its own heroines. In               sidering the fact that we had two of
Marshall conducted an experiment on         Southern Africa Mozambique had Graça           them not so long ago? 2007 saw seven
how well women could perform on the         Machel,     Angola     had      Deolinda,      women promoted to the rank of
battlefield by including them in some       Zimbabwe had Mbuya Nehanda. South              Brigadier General, but in 2008 only two
American brigades.                          Africa has a number of its own heroines,       were promoted.
    The outcome was better perfor-          eg Thandi Modise, Marion Sparg and                 We are passionate about this organ-
mance of mixed brigades than the all        many more who served in the military           isation. All you young women within
male ones. The demand of military effi-     wings of the liberation struggle. South        the DOD, get started and try to know
ciency called for assigning more            Africa had particularly brave women            as much as you can about this organi-
women to combat. The Germans used           who when it was not fashionable chal-          sation so that when opportunities pre-
women and so inflicted many casual-         lenged the security forces by marching         sent themselves you can grab them
ties on British and American forces,        to the Union Buildings.                        knowing that you deserve them. If
and in turn many German women                   In our country there has never been a      your job is to distribute files, do it in
were captured, wounded and killed.          time when women were not involved in           such a way that when you are not there
Likewise the USSR and British women         some kind of struggle. They have               the Formation feels it. No job is too in-
fought bravely. As there was a greater      always been there in the vanguard of the       significant or to be regarded as useless.
demand for men to fight in Europe, the      struggle. Again I ask myself: why is it            Lastly, we congratulate all the
British decided to use women in the         that our Defence Force still lacks women       women who were promoted last year.
anti-aircraft role. Winston Churchill's     in senior positions? Are the capabilities      Coming immediately to mind are Brig
daughter Mary served in one of those        of women questioned in every country?          Gen Mohale, Chaplains Nonjonjo,
brigades.                                   Our country leads in having a sizable          Frantz and Francis, Col T.M. Magxwa-
    The British formed what they called     number of women in parliament, the             lisa, Col P.E. Nkosi, Col Lekalakala,
the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps.           cabinet and in different government            Capt (SAN) Gumede, Lt Col Mofokeng
On close inspection it was discovered       departments - women occupy very                (Training Formation) and all the others
that these Corps were outstanding in        senior positions.                              not mentioned here. I wish you would
their devotion to duty, willing to              The DOD still needs to match the           submit your names so that we can keep
absorb and grasp technical information      standard of the whole country. The             track and publish every name, from
concerning maintenance and tactical         police have covered some ground in             Lance Corporals to Generals.
disposition involving all types of          gender equity. As the Chief Directorate        Col D.N. Tshiloane, Pretoria

The Department of Defence (DOD)             own conduct to reflect pride and to ask        measured. The manner in which the
accepted the Batho Pele principles as the   the question: "what am I doing in the          telephone exchange personnel answer,
basis for delivering excellent service to   DOD?" Am I in the DOD for the job or is        the way people are treated by reception-
the South African population. In accor-     it a calling to be here and am I proud to      ists when they visit public institutions,
dance with the wishes of the Minister       be in the DOD or to be associated with         and the attitude of the people delivering
of Defence and the Chief of the             the DOD?                                       the service are all examples of cases in
SANDF, numerous programmes were                  One of the Military Strategic             which the general public may experi-           7
scheduled for training members to           Objectives is aimed at supporting the          ence excellent or poor service delivery.
understand these principles and to          people of South Africa. This objective             Organisations such as Daimler
apply them in the execution of their        constitutes support in operations and in       Chrysler and Honeywell Southern
duties.                                     activities other than war, such as disas-      Africa initiated quick reply and answer-
    Deriving from these principles is       ters, emergencies and occasions of             ing services at their first point of contact
the imperative of duty with honour          humanitarian need - when the responsi-         - the switchboard. They guarantee that
and pride in delivering excellent ser-      ble State departments do not have the          their exchange operator will answer
vice. This implies that members of the      capacity to do so. It is in such situations,   calls within twenty seconds - and they
DOD must conduct self-evaluation to         and in others where the public has its         maintain that level of excellence
determine whether they conform to the       first contact with DOD personnel, when         throughout the year. In the DOD, on the
requirements and, if not, to adjust their   the quality of the service delivery is         >>      on page 8

                                                                              APRIL 2009                       SA SOLDIER
     letters to the editor
     >>      from page 7
    contrary, calls are regularly answered       self-discipline expected of members of          behaviour that can be altered. The fun-
    after minutes of ringing - sometimes         the DOD (uniformed and civilian), is a          damental principle is to change the will
    seven minutes or more. Now if that is        quality lacking in the majority of the          of the individual portraying poor
    the level of excellence, pride and duty      members. In the private sector, where           behaviour and to ingrain a sense of
    with honour that the DOD portrays, it        performance is a prerequisite for sur-          pride and desire to change. Arguably all
    is a pathetic example of service. The        vival, individuals will in general work         people possess some ability and when
    attitude of the receptionists or others      harder and have the best attitude - nor-        this is augmented by an increase in the
    that people encounter is at best - poor.     mally what is expected of them, because         desire to execute a specific task, the
        Worst of all is that in many cases the   they know that if they fail to conform to       product is reflected in increased perfor-
    Batho Pele principles are proudly dis-       the requirements, they may lose the job         mance. The most difficult part of this
    played right behind those same indi-         to someone who is more inclined to con-         process will probably be in altering the
    viduals that are delivering pathetic ser-    form to the generally accepted norms            attitude of the people and instilling a
    vice. In most cases these individuals are    and standards. In the DOD, on the con-          sense of commitment, pride, honour
    bombastic and treat people with indif-       trary, it appears as though a number of         and duty.
    ference and in many cases without any        these individuals do not possess the nec-            Another question is when should
    respect for the person for whom they         essary potential to survive in the private      this change occur and who should initi-
    are providing the service. It is as          sector due to sub-standard performance,         ate the change? The answer is a twofold
    though they are doing the customer a         ability, attitude or skills. These members      reminder that (1) it must be an immedi-
    huge favour - I have, you want - I will      then stay in the comfort and secure envi-       ate process, and (2) everyone who iden-
    make it as difficult as possible for you     ronment provided for them in the DOD            tifies a deviation from the accepted
    to get it. The question is, have those       and they become reluctant to perform, or        standard should initiate the process -
    individuals not been elected to do the       at least to present an acceptable attitude      this could be either an individual or
    work or are they there just to earn a        or standard of discipline.                      someone else that observes behaviour
    salary?                                          It is, however, not and insurmount-         outside the norm.
        It appears as though the inherent        able problem as attitude is an element of       Col (Dr) J.I.C. Vermaak, Pretoria

    SUGGESTIONS                                  I AM THE ROOTS
    FOR EASTER                                   I am the roots                                  I am the roots
                                                 The roots of this nation (South Africa)         The roots of this nation
     I had the awesome pleasure of being         Buried in the rich mineral earth of Africa
     invited to the Christmas celebration        I anchor the nation and I provide inspiration   People have cried
     held at the Navy Station Durban on 12       I am the roots                                  And the pain has been felt
     December 2008. Wow, again wow! I            The roots of this nation                        Why now?
     was simply blown away. The pro-                                                             Let the tears of joy
     gramme was two hours long and the           Though the leaves, trunk and branches           Pass through the chains of sorrow
     entire base was blown away by the           Are struck by bullets                           And let us proudly stand up and say
     songs, dances, drama, poems and             And cannons, and the rain of hatred             We are the roots
     everything else. God was truly glorified    Has pierced through the branches                The roots of this nation. Able Seaman T.B.
     that day and everyone was deeply            I survive the dry white season                  Nxumalo, Naval Base Simonstown
     touched, especially myself.
         I was blessed by the fact that the      Military Christian Fellowship (SAMCF)
     Christians from the base got together       members and other Christians to get              TRANSFER
     and produced such an excellent pro-         motivated to follow suit and become all
     gramme. Furthermore it was the begin-       that God made you to become. You rest
8    ning of more excellent things to follow     you rust - Go Grow. If anyone wants a
                                                                                                  I just want to say that I really enjoy
     because now Christians from other           programme suggestion for Easter, feel            reading the magazine, as do many of
     bases joined forces with Navy Station       free to contact me - it's all to the glory of    the students here at the Military
     Durban to produce an Easter pro-            God. Well done, Navy Base Durban you             Academy. I was wondering if you
     gramme. Three bases will be involved.       are tops and God is happy; be blessed.           could possibly help me with some-
     This is a giant step forward in the unit-   WO1 Michele Bezuidenhout, South                  thing. I recently asked for a transfer to
     ing of Christians from various bases. It    African Military Christian Fellowship            another Service. However, my request
     is but one way of building esprit de        KwaZulu-Natal Military Region                    has been rejected by the formation. Is
     corps, reinforcing morals, inspiring                                                         there any other person or persons to
     hope and bringing joy to so many peo-          * Readers can contact WO1 Michele             whom I could speak that will help me
     ple.                                        Bezuidenhout on 031 451 0023 or                  with my situation. 2Lt D. Felix,
         I challenge all South African           083 728 7817 - Ed.                               09_FELX@ma2.sun.ac.za

    SA SOLDIER                     APRIL 2009
The SA Army Engineer Formation
wishes to thank the Assistant Editor of
the SA Soldier, Mr Lufuno Netshirembe,
for his participation during the
Communication Work Session at 35
Engineer Support Regiment on 10
February 2009. His presentation on
writing and the general function of the
SA Soldier was of great value to the
communication officers and helped
them understand the general outline of
what it meant to write an article for the
magazine. His discussion of the uses of
wordplay intrigued the communication
                                                Members who attended the communication work session at 35 Engineer
officers and motivated them to put
                                                Support Regiment with Mr Lufuno Netshirembe, Assistant Editor of SA
more effort into their articles. He also        Soldier. Front, fltr: Lt Neo Matsinyantsimbi, Lt Bobo Ngomane, CO Cynthia
urged them to use their imagination in          Zulu, Mr Lufuno Netshirembe and Lt Lerato Kgatitsoe. Back, fltr: Lt Col
describing the facts rather than report-        Annelize Rademeyer, Lt Franco Goodheart, Capt Erika Wesraadt, Ms A.D.
ing them as they were and so making             Engelbrecht and S Sgt Deon Liebenberg.
their articles more visually appealing to
readers. Advice was also given on how           then read their introductions to the               In all we hope the Work Session was
to write an introduction in which the           group and Mr Netshirembe gave them             just as enjoyable for Mr Netshirembe as
importance of answering the five "W's"          advice on how they could improve.              it was for the communication officers
was stressed. After this each communi-          These practical assignments were very          and we wish to thank him once again
cation officer had to write an introduc-        useful to the communication officers           for his time and effort.
tion to an article on a subject of his or       as they helped improve their writing           Lt Franco Goodheart, SO3 Com: SA
her choice that involved this unit. They        abilities.                                     Army Engineer Formation

Am proud to be who I am, am a soldier           the international world recognise me,          ing me to be where I am today
to be a soldier is a calling                    when I fall the world shakes                   I am a soldier now …
the angel never recognised                      when I lift up my hand the continent smiles    Always proud in my uniform.
the bull never to be pushed                     am not made but born to be                     Pte Mangena William Monyeki,
Discipline that is our motto                    I thank and salute my superiors for develop-   16 Maintenance Unit (2008 intake)
am not fat but fit
am not straight but raised
am not waving but saluting
am not walking but drilling
                                                 BOXES FULL OF SMILES!
am not running but keeping pace                                                                 Valentine's Day celebrations at 1
am not alone but we are many
                                                                                                Military Hospital brought a lot of
am not smart but dressed properly
                                                                                                smiles, joy and love to the little ones in
am not rough but rendering the service
                                                                                                the children's ward, Ward 5, this year
I did not choose but called for
                                                                                                when the Herberg Crèche in Thaba
am not working but serving the country
with pride                                                                                      Tshwane handed over teddy bears,
am not undermining but trained for-                                                             chocolates and boxes with crayons
this isn't about hard work but commitment                                                       and books to the patients.                   9
I do not talk back but rectify                                                                      "It was such a pleasure to see the
it's not a request but a command                                                                smiles on the patients' faces," said
am not stupid but take orders                                                                   Capt Karin Stoltz from 1 Military
am not great but build myself to be                                                             Hospital, while watching the children
to ask is not to demand but to accomplish                                                       opening the boxes. "Happiness is just a
it's not a meeting but a planning session for                                                   state of mind within the reach of
our mission                                                                                     everyone who takes the time to be
am not soft because am a man                    Ms Ina van Schalkwyk, the Principle             kind. Making others happy will make
am strong but am not an elephant                of the Herberg Creché, shares in the            you happy too, as the happiness one
peacekeeping is our primary task                excitement with some of the chil-               gives away returns to shine on you."
am the coin of Africa                           dren who receive gifts on Valentine's
                                                                                                Capt Karin Stoltz, Pretoria
when I jump,                                    Day. (Photo: Capt Karin Stoltz)

                                                                                  APRIL 2009                       SA SOLDIER
     news from abroad

     1 Military Hospital has filled my fami-    ences. The atmosphere during her               things to every patient out there. 1
     ly's hearts with gratitude. They reckon    hospital stay was incredible. It was a         Military Hospital will remain an
     1 Military Hospital is one of the          lovely, safe place with nice and friend-       excellent place if it carries on as at
     best military hospitals on the conti-      ly patients and staff members with a           present.
     nent. It is the one hospital that stands   fantastic sense of humour. Everything              This letter of appreciation serves
     head and shoulders above the rest in       went smoothly during the time of her           to acknowledge staff members of 1
     terms of providing first-class medical     almost one month's stay at 1 Military          Military Hospital. It has made a vast
     service.                                   Hospital. She now has distant support          difference.
         My family and relatives found          and an extended family, which is dear              God bless you in abundance, now
     love, peace and happiness during my        to her and, as her husband, I am very          and forever more. Amen.
     spouse's admission, and during the         happy and excited the way things                   Sincere thanks from S Sgt (pastor)
     regular visits thereafter. My spouse       were done.                                     T.D. Makiti's family and relatives. S
     says that her stay in 1 Military               We just hope and trust that the            Sgt T.D. Makiti, AMHU Gauteng,
     Hospital was one of her best experi-       hospital will carry on doing great             currently in Sudan with 15 SAI Bn

       WOMEN                                                             SPORTS DAY IN MALHA
                                                                         Rfn Malusi Isaac Leso of 15 SAI Bn recited the following
      I am a woman                                                       poem during the Sports Day held at Malha Base in the
      Beautiful flower of this house                                     Sudan
      Precious gold of this nation
      Comes in spring Red Rose                                           Viva South Africa Viva
      When passing men whisper at me                                     Let's wave the National Flag up in the sky
      Where there are women there is a nation                            Proudly all forces for stability
      Yes I am a woman                                                   Integrity and togetherness for protection
      A red rose of this society                                         Respectfully we support our continent
      I am the bread of life                                             Pepent from the entire corruption
      Take this woman with care                                          With pride host the 2010 tournament
      I am the cream of this world                                       Viva Mandela viva …
      Yes I am a red rose - a woman.
                                                                         Through Madiba's ideology we appreciate
      Rfn Malusi Isaac Leso, the Sudan, Malha Base
                                                                         Partnership of security and society
                                                                         In this terrible era of election time
                                                                         With honour and loyalty we support for unity
                                                                         With courage there shall be peace
                                                                         Good luck, carry it out with dignity
                                                                         Viva Africa Viva!


      Rfn T.S. Ramasunzi, the operational clerk of Bravo
      Company of 15 SA Infantry Battalion at Malha Base in the
      Sudan. (He is busy consolidating the daily operational
      situation report that must be sent to the Contingent
      Headquarters in Kutum to co-ordinate the air operational           WO2 T.J. Sebogodi (right) demonstrating the needle
      movements of personnel and to dispatch incoming                    and thread game during the potted sport played in
      correspondence as well.)                                           Malja, the Sudan.

     SA SOLDIER                     APRIL 2009
Denel donates computers
to Ngxwabangu School

Article and photo by Capt (SAN)            and actively encouraged members of         83 km east of Queenstown on the way
Sonica van Rooyen, SSO OPCOM:              the Defence Industry to contribute to      to Mthatha, which lies 154 km north-
J Ops Div                                  this initiative. Denel donated fifteen     west of it.

                                           computers and supplied skilled techni-         Lt Gen Matanzima reminded the
         t Gen Temba Matanzima,            cian to install the computers in the       community that Cofimvaba was home
         Chief of Joint Operations,        schools.                                   to two shining heroes of South Africa
         shared his idea with the stake-        Another partner in this venture       who showed how life could be turned
         holders and business partners     was the SA Air Force's Project             around through dedication and hard
         of the SANDF and reminded         Siyandisa. Siyandisa is an Aviation        work.
         them that there were those        Awareness Programme which was                  Cofimvaba was the birthplace of
         people less fortunate than oth-   launched by the SA Air Force to            the struggle stalwart Chris Hani, who
ers and any form of help, be it big or     encourage the youth to consider a          was assassinated fifteen years ago on
small, would play a significant role in    career in the SA Air Force. The SA Air     10 April 1993. He was the fifth child in
their lives. Donations such as comput-     Force played an indispensable role in      a family of six. His mother was com-
ers serve a very useful purpose for        transporting the computers.                pletely illiterate and his father semi-lit-
several years in a school somewhere in          Ngxwabangu School at Cofimvaba        erate. Despite these humble begin-
rural South Africa where the need for      in the Chris Hani District Municipality    nings, Chris Hani grew up to be a
such equipment is great.                   of the Eastern Cape was the receiver of    great leader and a visionary. He
    Mr Siphiwe Hamilton, Executive         these donations. Situated in the scenic    became a champion of the cause of
Director of the Aerospace Maritime         mountains of the Eastern Cape,             peace, who called for a spirit of toler-
Defence Industry Association (AMD),        Cofimvaba is a small town on the R61.      ance among all our people. He spent
bought into Lt Gen Matanzima's idea        It is in an impoverished rural district,
                                                                                      >>      on page 12


Learners and community members eagerly await the arrival of the helicopter and guests.

                                                                           APRIL 2009                    SA SOLDIER
                                                  get going. Today, at the age of 36,        attended classes diligently and took
     >>       from page 11                        Phindi Kema is the first and only black    careful note of what teachers said, they
     his life fighting for freedom, democra-      person to breed thoroughbred horses        would live the dream that Chris Hani
     cy and justice.                              commercially in South Africa. She          fought so hard for and leave the legacy
         The second example is a young            believes that life is not about money,     that Phindi Kema values above money.
     woman called Phindi Kema, whose              but about leaving a legacy.                    In closing the event Col George
     grandparents were farm labourers and             Lt Gen Matanzima appealed to the       Ramaramisa       of     the      Siyandisa
     whose parents bred pigs. She went to         learners to follow these two heroes        Programme addressed the students
     high school at the Zigudu Missionary         diligently and to strive to overcome       and parents and reminded them that if
     School near Cofimvaba. Phindi                difficulties and work towards a better     they were interested in a possible
     Kema's journey began when she                future. He urged them not to misuse        career in aviation, for example as
     bought a farm in the area in November        the equipment, but to take care of it so   pilots, navigators, air traffic controllers
     2007 through a loan. She faced serious       that their brothers and sisters would      or engineers in the SA Air Force, they
     challenges with no working capital           reap the benefits in years to come. He     needed to pursue subjects such as
     and it took much blood and sweat to          assured them that if they worked hard,     Science and Mathematics.

      Forging interaction
      with the media
     By L Cpl Ally Rakoma
     Photo: Sgt Elias Mahuma

              he Chief of the SA Army, Lt
              Gen Solly Shoke, hosted a
              media briefing on the state of
              the SA Army at the SA Army
              College in Thaba Tshwane on
              12 February 2009.
                  Addressing members of
     the media, Lt Gen Shoke highlighted
     the vision and mission of the SA
     Army. Its Vision 2020 will bolster its
     workforce and human resources. He
     also commented on the challenges and
     shortcomings facing the SA Army and
     the replacement of its prime mission
         Members of the media raised con-
12   cerns about Basic Military Training,
     old and inadequate equipment, tech-
     nical and biological expertise, ill disci-
                                                  Lt Gen Solly Shoke, the Chief of the SA Army, addressing concerns raised
     pline    and     combat      readiness.
                                                  by members of the media during the media briefing.
     Addressing the concerns raised by the
     media, the Chief of the SA Army men-         enough to make proper soldiers of our         He added that the SA Army had
     tioned that the SA Army recently             new MSDS recruits. We are focused          sent some of its members to Brazil and
     increased the length of Basic Military       on the necessities and working at          India to be trained as instructors in
     Training of its new Military Skills          resuscitating expertise in technical       jungle warfare and others to Tunisia to
     Development System (MSDS) recruits           fields, including chemical and biologi-    prepare for conditions in desert areas
     to six months (22 weeks).                    cal warfare, explosives and ordnance       where the SA Army might deploy on
         "The time spent in the past was not      disposal," said Lt Gen Shoke.              peacekeeping missions.

     SA SOLDIER                      APRIL 2009
Outlining joint
action of forces

By L Cpl Ally Rakoma
Photo: S Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole

             or South Africa to enjoy
             the fruits of democracy,
             the region and the conti-
             nent must be stable."
             That's the view of the
             South African government
             on national security and
economic prosperity.
    On 20 February 2009, at the Joint
Operations Division Headquarters at
Swartkop Park, the Chief of Joint
Operations,       Lt     Gen     Temba
Matanzima, held a media briefing to
highlight the role and functions of the
Joint Operations Division and to
reflect on the status of the SANDF's
internal and external operations and
    "The Joint Operations Division
stands tall in the face of adversity. We
continue to make progress in the
enhancement of joint force employ-
ment and SANDF capabilities despite
challenges and limited resources and
we continue to deliver our mandate to
create conditions for human existence
internally and abroad," said Lt Gen
Matanzima.                                 Lt Gen Temba Matanzima, Chief of Joint Operations, addressing members
    South Africa is rated the 15th         of the media.                                                                    13
largest contributor of troops to the
United Nations (UN) missions and           events, viz the elections, the          force preparation exercise and relates
this year heralds the 10th anniversary     Confederation Cup to be hosted in       to the establishment of the African
of the SANDF peacekeeping missions         June and the 2010 FIFA World Soccer     Standby Force. It is designed to test
in support of initiatives of the (UN)      Cup. He added that the SANDF            the SADC's armed forces' capability in
and the African Union (AU).                would host the biggest military exer-   managing complex operations. The
    Rear Admiral Philip Schöultz,          cise to date, Exercise GOLFINHO, in     exercise will involve the police, the
Chief Director of Operations, told         September 2009, which would involve     Department of Foreign Affairs, disas-
members of the media that the SANDF        the countries of the region.            ter management teams from the
was over-stretched but capable of              "Exercise GOLFINHO is a joint       SADC region and civilian compo-
assisting in the upcoming major            interdepartmental and multinational     nents," said R Adm Schöultz.

                                                                         APRIL 2009                 SA SOLDIER

      Towards effective
      maritime governance
      for Africa
      Article and photos by                         "It is a matter of national strategic   Review in 1997.
      S Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole                    interest. We are a maritime nation             The SA Navy hosted the third

                                                trading all over the world. We accept       Sea Power for Africa Symposium
               he sea is a vital national       our obligation to combine with other        in Cape Town from 8 to 12 March
               interest, and that is why we     maritime nations to uphold the free-        2009. The theme for the symposium
               maintain the SA Navy. Just       dom of the seas and to protect our          was "Towards Effective Maritime
               as we believe that all people    national interest through naval             Governance for Africa".
               should be free, so too as a      power," South Africa's former                  African Chiefs of navies, coast-
               nation we believe in the free-   President, Mr Nelson Mandela, said in       guards, countries without seacoasts
               dom of the seas.                 his address at the Presidential Fleet       and members of the international mar-


      The Chief of the Nigerian Navy, V Adm Isiah Iko Ibrahim (right), hands over the chairmanship of the Sea Power for
      Africa Symposium to the Chief of the SA Navy, V Adm Johannes Mudimu. They are flanked by the Acting Secretary for
      Defence, Mr Tsepe Motumi, and Cdr Prince Tshabalala from the Navy Office.

     SA SOLDIER                   APRIL 2009
The panel at the media briefing, fltr: The Chief of the SANDF, Gen Godfrey Ngwenya, the Minister of Defence,
Mr Charles Nqakula, the Acting Secretary for Defence, Mr Tsepe Motumi, the Chief of the SA Navy,
V Adm Johannes Mudimu, and the Chief of the Nigerian Navy, V Adm Isiah Iko Ibrahim, with the Head of
Communication, Mr Siphiwe Dlamini, in the background.

itime community attended the event.        itime sector an opportunity to discuss       ter quality of life and liberty of the
The symposium also witnessed the           issues of mutual interest in order to        citizens are part of the obligations
participation of academics from uni-       improve maritime awareness and to            and responsibilities of the maritime
versities and research institutes.         foster closer maritime ties and rela-        community.
    The passionate and continuous          tionships between the different                  Opening the symposium, the
work of this Sea Power for Africa          African navies. It also facilitated intel-   Minister of Defence, Mr Charles
Symposium is a landmark event for          lectual and socio-cultural interactions      Nqakula, said that the symposium was
the maritime community to discuss          and promoted further understanding           one of the most important events on
and proffer solutions to the common        of Africa's common maritime heritage.        the African calendar and dealt directly
maritime problems of the continent.            The freedom of the seas and the          with what Africans define as the
    It affords leaders, stakeholders and   effective use of its resources to            African Agenda.
key players in Africa's military mar-      enhance the expanding need for a bet-        >>     on page 16


Delegates on the flight deck of the SAS AMATOLA. Behind them on the deck is the Super Lynx.

                                                                            APRIL 2009                   SA SOLDIER

      >>      from page 15
         He hastened to explain that the
     African Agenda was not a political
     progamme that sought to shift Africa
     away from global developments, but a
     progamme seeking to empower the
     continent so that it could play an effec-
     tive role within the ranks of the world
     community of nations.
         It is a progamme that seeks to raise
     the input of all the countries of Africa to
     consolidate Africa's developmental
     agenda, especially as it relates to peace,
     stability, security and prosperity. He
     mentioned that there were many chal-
     lenges and that the navies of the world
     must help us to confront the issue of
     relating to the use of the sea for the sus-
     tenance of life.                              The Chief of the SA Navy, V Adm Johannes Mudimu, clarifies one of the
         "Our law in South Africa, among           points to the delegates.
     other things, enjoins the South African
     National Defence Force, in its service to         They affirmed the collaborative       unscrupulous rogues who engaged in
     the people inside the country or in           efforts of the members of the interna-    acts of maritime crime, piracy and
     international waters, to preserve life,       tional community in supporting the        other illegitimate activities that com-
     health, or property in emergency or           African maritime security agenda and      promised the maritime security of the
     humanitarian relief operations," said         urged that such support and collabo-      continent.
     Mr Nqakula.                                   ration continue through the Sea Power         The SA Navy also demonstrated
         The delegates, having engaged in          for Africa initiative in pursuit of the   its capabilities to the delegates: the
     dialogue on a number of matters crucial       peace and prosperity of the continent     SAS AMATOLA, SAS ISANDL-
     to the effective governance for Africa,       and its people and acknowledged the       WANA, SAS GALESHEWE, SAS
     recognised that such effective maritime       value of maritime resources to the        QUEEN MODJADJI 1, members of the
     governance was extricably linked to the       people of Africa and the inherent dan-    Maritime Reaction Squadron and the
     human security of the people of the           gers to all who used the seas for their   Super Lynx conducted an exercise that
     continent, and affirmed that such effec-      livelihoods that depended upon the        included how the ship would react,
     tive maritime governance was founded          waters bordering our continent.           evade and counter-attack when there
     upon structured collaboration and co-             The symposium also recognised         was a real threat, and how to land the
     operation underpinned by trust and the        the vulnerabilities of our oceans and     Super Lynx safely on the flight deck of
     consolidation of good relations               seas, both in environmental degrada-      a moving ship. It was time well spent
     between the navies of the continent.          tion and climate change, and also the     at sea with the delegates.


      The SAS QUEEN MODJADJI 1 and the SAS AMATOLA sail side by side.

     SA SOLDIER                      APRIL 2009
Friendly evolution of
our continental unity
By L Cpl Ally Rakoma                         Partnership for Africa's Development         military terms. Human security in
Photo: Sgt Elias Mahuma                      (NEPAD) and the African Union (AU).          terms of social and economic terms

                                                 The Military Attachés given accred-      will define the agenda of this century,"
            ne of the great Africans to      itation were: Capt (Navy) Franco Silva       said Lt Gen Motau.
            champion the struggle for        and Col Joao Tadeu Fiorentini from the            SA Soldier talked with Col Naha
            African unity, Sékou Touré       Embassy of Brazil, Maj Li Zhiguo from        Kolisang, Defence Attaché from the
            of Guinea, once said: "Not       the Embassy of the People's Republic of      High Commission of the Kingdom of
            only must there be no inter-     China, Maj Emam Morsy from the               Lesotho, and Col John Kasaija, Defence
            ference in the internal          Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt,       Attaché from the High Commission of
            affairs of any state by anoth-   Col Naha Kolisang from the High              Uganda, Lesotho and Uganda were
er, but each must help to resolve the        Commission of the Kingdom of                 inaugurated as the latest countries to
other's problems. If we do not rapidly       Lesotho, Col John Kasaija from the           establish Defence Attachés offices in
achieve such a framework of solidarity,      High Commission of Uganda, Col               South Africa.
permitting the peaceful evolution of         Richard Pickup from the High                      From the broader perspective,
our countries, we risk seeing the Cold       Commission of the United Kingdom,            according to Col Kolisang, the defence
War enter Africa and divide the              Col Kelly Langdorf from the Embassy          interests of the Kingdom of Lesotho
African states into antagonistic forces      of the United States of America, Capt        and South Africa are essentially mutu-
and blocs".                                  (Navy) Vitaly Timofeev and Capt              al and there is absolutely no reason
    The Chief of Defence Foreign             (Navy) Viktor Matsnev from the               why the Lesotho Defence Force and the
Relations, Maj Gen Dan Mofokeng,             Embassy of the Russian Federation and        SANDF could not promote joint oper-
hosted an accreditation ceremony, to         Cmdr Bruno Gerrits from the Embassy          ability and common security. "Our
welcome the incoming Military                of the Netherlands.                          areas of co-operation have explored
Attachés and Adviser Corps (MAAC),               Speaking at the accreditation cere-      mutual economic integration, the polit-
at the SA Army College in Thaba              mony Lt Gen Maomela Motau, the               ical, social and cultural dimensions
Tshwane on 5 March 2009. The event           Chief of Defence Intelligence, said that     and humanitarian co-operation, sci-
was used to encourage human cen-             this century started with a redefinition     ence and technology, good gover-
tered development relevant to the New        of world priorities in international rela-   nance, peace and security, and South
                                                                  tions    and     has    Africa has always been there to assist
                                                                  placed the pursuit      Lesotho during trying times," said Col
                                                                  of a better life for    Kolisang.
                                                                  all the people of            Colonel Kasaija on the other hand
                                                                  the world at center     mentioned that this commendable
                                                                  stage of the world      development was indeed a foothold
                                                                  agenda.                 and a milestone in the historical rela-
                                                                      "In this regard     tions between South Africa and
                                                                  regional economic       Uganda. Asked to express the impor-
                                                                  organisations and       tance of this worthy effort, he focused    17
                                                                  groupings are tak-      on the regional SADC perspective and
                                                                  ing centre stage in     said: "We jointly share a common des-
                                                                  world affairs. This     tiny for regional and continental peace
                                                                  is an important         and stability. With representatives of
                                                                  development that        SADC members states we are part of
                                                                  militaries should       the world. In search of prosperity we
                                                                  take into consider-     need to address security issues and
                                                                  ation and never         threats jointly and focus on achieving
Lt Gen Maomela Motau, Chief of Defence Intelligence
                                                                  again will threats      political and economic stability for a
(left), presenting a certificate of accreditation to
Col Naha Kolisang, Defence Attaché from the High                  to humanity be          better region and continent. The region
Commission of the Kingdom of Lesotho.                             defined in purely       is in dire need of capacity building".

                                                                               APRIL 2009                   SA SOLDIER

      International Women's Day
      celebrated in the DOD
      By Bibi Morgets
      Photo: Sgt Elias Mahuma

           nternational Women's Day is
           marked on 8 March annually. It is a
           major day of global celebration for
           the economic, political and social
           achievements of women.
              The idea of an International
           Women's Day first arose at the turn
      of the century, which in the industri-
      alised world was a period of expansion
      and turbulence, booming population
      growth and radical ideologies. The
      women in the Department of Defence
      hosted their seminar in remembrance
      of this great day at the SA Military
                                                    Fltr: Maj Gen Ntsiki Memela-Motumi, Chief Director Transformation
      Health Service Training Formation in
                                                    Management, Dr Monica Juma, Executive Director Research: Africa Institute
      Thaba Tshwane on 6 March 2009.
                                                    of Africa, and Brig Gen Tertia Jacobs, Director Corporate Staff Services,
          In opening the event Chaplain             interacting with the audience during the question and answer session.
      Monwabisi Jamangile directed these
      special words to the women saying:            around the world. It is such issues that   and will not change overnight as so
      "Have faith and dynamic courage in all        contributed to our country having this     much work was needed. Above all, the
      seasons, for you are the carriers of life."   vanguard role of maintaining peace         calibre of the organisation should not
          Women gathered from all Services          and building strong ties with our          be compromised just because there are
      and Divisions, and both uniformed             neighbouring countries.                    women involved and she encouraged
      members and Public Service Act                    She added that our country was         women in the organisation to seize
      Personnel (PSAP) came to share ideas          seen as a symbol in other countries,       opportunities presented to them by
      and challenges they had come across in        especially on the African continent.       said organisation and take it upon
      their workplaces. They often work in a        This comes after the decision made         themselves to further their education
      male dominated environment so sup-            by former President, Mr Nelson             and align themselves with these oppor-
      port from their male colleagues was           Mandela, of reconciling with the past      tunities now because they will not last.
      much appreciated, that is those brave         and having the courage to move on in           In an interview with Maj Gen Ntsiki
      men who took the time to attend the           1994.                                      Memela-Motumi, Chief Director Trans-
18    seminar.                                          Dr Juma reminded these women           formation Management, she pointed
          Dr Monica Juma, Executive                 that the seminar should be seen as a       out to the delegates that it was her
      Director Research: Africa Institute of        reviewing platform for the plans made      deepest desire that this message should
      Africa, emphasised the gratitude she          last August during the women's con-        reach the ears of women who strive to
      felt that women's careers took the            ference and that this was the time to      excel despite any challenges for the bet-
      women beyond themselves in serving            put in place all the policies and struc-   terment of the organisation. She plead-
      their country, in particular that women       tures that had been decided.               ed with the attendees that they should
      were doing the right thing by partici-            She furthermore suggested that         inform other women in their units
      pating in the peace and security agen-        there should be commitment to pro-         about these opportunities and she
      da around the continent. This is also         moting gender mainstreaming within         encouraged them to work collectively
      shown by the number of women                  the organisation, not forgetting that      against the perception of women as
      deployed in pursuance of peace                the ethos of the military is the same      minorities within the organisation.

     SA SOLDIER                       APRIL 2009
photo competition

Call for photos and stories
                                            JOINT OPERATIONS DIVISION
                                            PHOTO COMPETITION

            outh Africa will commemo-
            rate 10 years of participa-     R  eaders are invited to enter their pho-
                                               tographs in the Joint Operations Photo
                                                                                                      (Most digital cameras store photographs in
                                                                                                      this format and size.)
            tion in peace missions dur-     Competition, which will run from April to                 Only electronic entries will be accepted.
            ing September 2009. To          September 2009. Entries will be accepted in               Photographs may not be digitally
            commemorate this event,         three categories and all photographs com-                 enhanced or manipulated.
            the     Joint    Operations     plying with the set requirements will be                  Participants should only enter their best
            Division intends to publish a   published on the Intranet. Winning pho-                   photographs.
                                            tographs will be published in SA Soldier.
coffee-table book.                                                                                    Only photographs taken by the
     The book will provide a broad                                                                    participant may be entered.
                                            Competition rules
overview of South Africa's participa-       1. Entries for the photo competition must reach           Entries per participant are not limited.
tion in each of the peace missions,             the organisers by 2 October 2009 (12:00). No          Send only one photograph per email.
supplemented with highlights and                late entries will be accepted.                        Participants must provide a caption for
photos. To assist Joint Operations          2. When participating in this competition                 each photograph.
Division, members who are in posses-            participants accept all terms, rules and legal        Participants must provide their full
sion of good quality photos taken dur-          conditions.*                                          names and contact details with each
ing their deployments are requested to      3. Photographs of current operations, both inter-         entry.
make these available for possible               nal and external, and ongoing joint exercises         For each photograph entered, the
inclusion in the book.                          may be entered for this competition.              following information is to be included:
                                            4. All photo entries will become the property of
     Photos should include the                                                                        The category in which the photograph is
                                                the Joint Operations Division and may be pub-
following information:                                                                                entered;
                                                lished in any future Joint Operations and
     Name of the mission or operation.          DOD publications with credits to entrants.            A description of where and when the
     Name of the photographer.              5. Photographs that have been published before            photograph was taken;
     Broad description of the incident          may not be entered into this competition.             Confirmation of the operation during
     depicted on the photograph.            6. Entries are to be emailed to:                          which the photograph was taken; and
     Date that the photograph was               photos@jopsdiv.co.za or may be saved onto a           People on the photograph should be
     taken.                                     CD/DVD (with required information                     identified where possible.
     Place where the photograph was             included) and forwarded to SSO OPCOM
     taken.                                     at the Joint Operations Division.                 The judging
     Names of people in the                 7. Confirmation of receipt of each photograph             The judges' decision is final and no
                                                will be sent to the email address provided by
     photograph.                                                                                  correspondence will be entered into.
                                                the entrant or handed to the person delivering
     In addition to the submission of                                                                 The panel of judges reserves the right to
                                                the entries to SSO Opcom.
photographs, incidents or activities        8. Members currently deployed in mission areas            judge a photo in another category than
that members view as highlights or as           are encouraged to take part in the competition.       that for which it was entered; and
very important are also required.           9. All photographs received will be published on          refrain from announcing a winner in
These should be short and contain all           the Intranet on the Joint Operations page.            any category should the photographs
the relevant information of the incident    10. Members of the organising committee, the              received not fulfil the quality
or activity.                                    panel of judges or their families may not take        requirements.                                19
     CDs or DVDs with photographs               part in the competition.                              The winners in each category and the
and/or written activities or incidents                                                            overall winner will be announced between
should be delivered to the Joint
                                            Categories                                            19 and 23 October 2009 by DOD Info
                                                Photos may be entered in
Operations Division at Swartkop Park                                                              Bulletin.
                                            three categories:
in Thaba Tshwane for attention SSO                                                                    The winning photos will be published
                                                Internal Operations
Opcom: Capt (SAN) Sonica van                    External Operations                               in SA Soldier, the Joint Operations
Rooyen (Tel: 012 674 5496 or 082                Joint Exercises                                   Calendar 2010 and on the Intranet.
807 8063). Information and pho-                                                                       The prizes will be announced in a
tographs can also be forwarded by           Your entries                                          future edition of SA Soldier.
email to: photos@jopsdiv.co.za by 30            Photographs must be in JPG format                     Note *Details of legal conditions are
September 2009.                                 and about 1 meg (1 000 kb) in size.               on the Intranet; J Ops page.

                                                                                       APRIL 2009                        SA SOLDIER

      SANDF Fittest Soldier
      By L Cpl Ally Rakoma
      Photos: S Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole

                  n Monday morning, 23
                  February 2009, the SA Soldier
                  team drove to Heidelberg to
                  witness our SANDF sports
                  heroes and heroines from the
                  SA Army, SA Air Force, SA
                  Navy, SA Military Health
      Service, as well as the Chief of Human
      Resources      Team     from     Defence
      Headquarters displaying their superior
      fitness and willingness to overcome
      physical limits during the 2009 SANDF
      Fittest Soldier Championships held over
      the period 23 to 26 February 2009 at the
      SA Army Gymnasium in Heidelberg.
          On our arrival the atmosphere was
      welcoming, the environment tranquil
      and the weather ideal. At the morning
      sports parade, Brig Gen Aubrey Sedibe,
      the Director Physical Training, Sport
      and Recreation (PTSR), bolstered the
      participants' morale by saying that sport
      remained a factor in bringing people
      together in mutual friendship. He
      added: "The championships are not
      about winning; physical fitness will be
      the winner. Pain is temporary, pride is
      forever."                                   HANDS ON: Soldiers carrying heavy
          The SA Army Gymnasium became            sandbags.
      the testing ground of endurance, speed,
20    strength, toughness, bravery and excel-     march, obstacle course, surprise activi-
      lent sportsmanship as teams from the        ty, bleep test and multi-run. They also
      Services and Divisions, as well as indi-    had to participate in three categories of
      viduals contended against each other.       groupings, namely seniors, sub-veter-
      Some were not strangers to this prestige    ans and veterans and had to be quick
      event, while for others it was the first    on pace to cover the allotted time.
      time they took part.                            In seeing our soldiers persevering
          Our exemplary sports warriors took      against the odds and their willingness
      part in the following sporting codes: 2,4   to overcome extreme difficulties in a
      km run, shuttle runs, push-ups, sit-ups,    positive spirit, we felt that we were at
      sideways running, reverse running,          the right place at the right time with
      agility T test, endurance walk, route       some of us exhausted, dehydrated,           How do I get out of this?

     SA SOLDIER                     APRIL 2009
Determined to tame the extreme.

   muscles strained, blisters, bloody     was the brave novice female veteran     leys, but made it through the hardest
   toes and fatigue. Participation and    "Ouma" - WO1 Annette Tredoux (59)       events of the championships.
   fitness remained a factor that         from 2 Military Hospital, who               The other participant who com-
   brought them together. Of special      inspired everyone by taking on the      peted against his own limits was a
   note, and even more remarkable         obstacles, steep hills and huge val-
                                                                                  >>     on page 22


                                                                    WO1 Annette Tredoux (59) from 2 Military
Soldiers keeping their pace through the steep hills and valleys.    Hospital as fit as a fiddle.

                                                                     APRIL 2009                   SA SOLDIER

      >>      from page 21
      sub-veteran "Man of Steel" - PO Elias
      Sathekga (36) from Navy Office, who
      had had an open reduction and internal
      fixation operation to his right thigh, but
      proved he had what it took and endured
      to finish the championships and, as a
      Physical Training Instructor (PTI),
      offered motivation and mentoring to his
      naval team.
          The SA Army dominated the whole
      championships and claimed victory
      again for the second time. Speaking to
      SA Soldier, Lt Col Louise Janeke, SO1
      PTSR: SA Army, said that sport played a
      vital role in improving one's life and
      health, psychologically and physically.
      "Our ingredients for success are disci-
      pline, guts, determination and team
      spirit, and there is no turning back.
      Although some of our members trav-
      elled long distances to come and take
      part, this did not deter them from
      achieving their goals. In addition,          ALMOST THERE: L Cpl Molly Moaneno from 1 SA Tank Regiment (right)
                                                   and Pte Baleseng Motebele from 1 Parachute Battalion sticking together
      thanks are due to the SA Army
                                                   near the finish line.
      Foundation and Surefire for sponsoring
      us and WO1 Aaron Sibande, our team           Tank Regiment and Pte Baleseng          Winners - individual categories
      manager, for mentoring our members so        Motebele from 1 Parachute Battalion       Senior Male (34 years and younger)
      that they gave their whole," said Lt Col     were the leading participants in the      Rfn R. Mamanyuwa from 44
      Janeke.                                      female senior category. Asked by SA       Parachute Regiment
          SA Soldier conversed with the lead-      Soldier how they perceived the            Sub-Veteran Male (35 years to 44
      ing participant in the male senior cate-     championships they replied that in a      years) Sgt M. Phakadi from 7
      gory, Rfn Rudzani Mamanyuwa from 44          competition one must have a posi-         Medical Battaliion
      Parachute Regiment, who said: "The           tive attitude and determination to        Veterans Male (45 years and older)
      event embodies the spirit of participa-      succeed. "Even if the competitors are     Sgt O.P. Batantse from 4 Artillery
      tion. Participation is not about winning     tough, keep your pace and fix your        Regiment
      or losing, it is about a spirit of sports-   eyes on the finishing point and noth-     Senior Female (30 years and
      manship, perseverance and the will to        ing will deter you from achieving         younger) Pte M.L. Motebele from 1
      overcome obstacles".                         your desired results," the two iron       Parachute Battalion
          L Cpl Molly Moaneno from 1 SA            ladies enthusiastically agreed.           Sub-Veteran Female (31 years to 39
                                                                                             years) PO C. Roodman from SAS
                                                                                             Veteran Female (40 years and older)
                                                                                             Sgt M.M. Williams from 2 Military

22                                                                                         Team category
                                                                                             1st place - SA Army Team 1
                                                                                             2nd place - SA Military Health
                                                                                             Service Team 1
                                                                                             3rd place - SA Army Team 2

                                                                                           Team event - units/formations
                                                                                             1st place - SA Army Infantry
                                                                                             2nd place - Air Force Base Makhado
                                                                                             3rd place - SA Army Training
      Getting on with reverse running.                                                       Formation

     SA SOLDIER                      APRIL 2009

      rejuvenation of the DOD

      DOD Career Exhibition
      Day at Manguzi
      Article and photos by WO1 Manny          tion to the learners.                      south. There are no industries or big
      Gounden, PRO Naval Station                   A euphoric ovation greeted the         towns. The area is still developing, but
      Durban                                   Oryx helicopter from 15 Squadron as it     has some big shops. The population in

                                               touched down on the sports field in        this area varies owing to the number
                istory was made when the       Manguzi. Those who came over to            of illegal immigrants from the neigh-
                Department of Defence          look and listen to Lt Heinrich Thomas,     bouring states. The population census
                (DOD) held its first career    the co-pilot, who explained the opera-     (2001) indicated that there were 104
                day at Manguzi, KwaNgwa-       tions of the helicopter, were really       678 people and 19 611 households.
                nase on 21 February 2009.      amazed.                                    The racial distribution of people was
                Personnel from all four            Manguzi forms part of the              99% Blacks and 1% others. Of this
                Services of the SA National    Umhlabuyalingana Municipality. It          total 52% are women and 48% men.
      Defence Force (SANDF) - the SA           boundaries are Mozambique in the           Two hundred Grades 11 and 12 learn-
      Army, SA Air Force, SA Navy and SA       north, the Indian Ocean in the east, the   ers from nineteen schools in
      Military Health Service - were present   Pongola River to the west and              KwaNgwanase were present at this
      to give career guidance and informa-     Manzengwenya Plantation in the             historic event. The temperature


      Captain Ralph Warrin from the Navy Office welcomes Noxolo Precious Nyembe and Slindile Mthembu.

     SA SOLDIER                    APRIL 2009
reached a scorching 39 degrees            (MSDS) recruits to 10 000 for the        away from the places of employment.
Celsius, but this did not deter the       January 2010 intake. To ensure that      Today we see a light shining ahead that
learners from attending.                  this target is met, the Department has   will give those of us an opportunity
    Brig Gen Thandi Mohale from the       embarked on a recruitment drive to       who pass Grade 12 at the end of the
Directorate of Human Resource             attract deserving and qualified youth    year. I want to join the SA Military
Acquisition said in her address to the    to join the SANDF."                      Health Service and qualify as a nurse. If
assembled representatives from the            The following are entry require-     I am accepted, I will join for two years
Department of Education, educators        ments for the MSDS:                      and then return home to help the peo-
and learners: "Today marks a mile-            A South African citizen without      ple here to develop. For me it is about
stone in the history of this area. We         any criminal record and between      giving back to my people, as we have
have career opportunities in the              the ages of 18 to 22 years, with a   no large industries and factories."
SANDF, which can promote national             minimum Grade 12 certificate.             Sibelo Zikhali who passed his grade
development        programmes        in       If you are between ages 23 and 26    12 examination in 2008 with a pass rate
KwaNgwanase." She added: "Career              years, you must have a tertiary      of 83% in Mathematics and 71% in
opportunities in the SANDF are                qualification.                       Physical Science had this to say: "After
advertised in the Sunday Times, the           Female applicants should not be      listening to all the speakers wearing the
Sowetan, on the Internet and some-            pregnant when they apply for the     different uniforms I have completed
times via radio stations over the peri-       MSDS.                                my application form and want to be in
od January to August for the yearly           Preferably single and not area       the SA Navy. Capt Ralph Warrin
intakes."                                     bound.                               explained thoroughly how the SA
    Mr Sam Mkhwanazi, Director                Medically fit in order to meet the   Navy works and the various career
Ministerial Liaison in the DOD, said:         appointment criteria of the          opportunities it offers. My parents
"The DOD is to spend two hundred              SANDF.                               were very worried about my future,
million rands during the financial year       A Grade 12 learner from              but now I see the light. I am very thank-
2009/10 to increase the number of         Hambisanani High School, Noxolo          ful for this career day, not only for me,
Military Skills Development System        Precious Nyembe, said: "We are so far    but for everyone in Manguzi".

1 Military Hospital celebrates
National Condom Week
Article and photos by Capt Karin
Stoltz, SO3 Corp Com: 1 Military

N  ational Condom Week marks a sig-
   nificant period in our collective
fight against HIV and other sexually
transmitted diseases. During the week
of 9 to 13 February 2009, we were all
urged to use every ounce of our ener-
gy to raise awareness of sexually
transmitted diseases (STDs) and to                                                                                             25
encourage the use of condoms (male
and female) as one way of curbing the
spread of HIV and other STDs.
    The objective of National Condom
Week was to ensure awareness and
prevention of STDs.
                                          Posters on display during National Condom Week.
    National Condom Week was used
to break the silence about STDs and to
remind everybody that effective pre-      and AIDS. Remember the following         intercourse, by being faithful to our
vention or treatment of STDs is crucial   message: "We can reduce HIV trans-       spouses or partners and by always
to the prevention of the spread of HIV    mission through abstaining from          using a condom!"

                                                                        APRIL 2009                    SA SOLDIER

      Military honour bestowed
      upon Col (Dr) Irvin Khoza

      By L Cpl Ally Rakoma                                                         the day marked the official induction
                                              instrument for social unity and nation
      Photos: Sgt Elias Mahuma                building.                            parade for the man who is at the helm

                                                                                   of the FIFA's Local Organising
                                                  During South Africa's bid to stage
                  ith the modern world        the 2010 FIFA World Soccer Cup a     Committee (LOC) for the world's
                  currently experiencing      strong bond of unity among fellow    major soccer event, South Africa's 2010
                  crises of various kinds,    African countries on our continent   FIFA World Soccer Cup, viz Honorary
                  many of us would tend to                                         Colonel (Dr) Irvin Khoza, known as
                                              added a sense of belonging and togeth-
                  overlook the good role      erness in pioneering the development "Iron Duke" by the soccer fraternity.
                  that sport plays as a       of the socio-economic transformation The parade was held at the DOD
                  nation builder and social   of Africa. The 1995 Rugby World Cup  Logistic Support Formation at Tek
     unifier. Sport potrays and signals       and the 1996 Africa Cup of Nations   Base in Pretoria.
     messages of national unity, pride,       Soccer Tournament ignited the palpa-     Besides the senior ranks of the
     and feelings of a shared identity        ble sense of unity among Africans andSANDF were top businessmen, such
     that glue our nation together and        became an ideal tool for achieving   as Honorary Colonel Tokyo Sexwale
     extend beyond feelings of patriotism.    social and human development.        (Chairman of Mvelaphanda Holdings
     Taking into consideration South              History was made on 18 March     [Pty] Ltd), Mr Raymond Hack (CEO
     Africa's diverse cultures, sport is an   2009 at the DOD Logistic Division as of the South African Football Asso-
                                                                                                   ciation), Mr Kaizer Mo-
                                                                                                   taung (Kaizer Chiefs'
                                                                                                   boss), representatives
                                                                                                   from the South African
                                                                                                   Football Association
                                                                                                   (SAFA) and the Pre-
                                                                                                   mier Soccer League
                                                                                                   (PSL), as well as sports
                                                                                                   administrators and dis-
                                                                                                   tinguished guests from
                                                                                                   the soccer fraternity.
                                                                                                       Addressing the au-
                                                                                                   dience at the parade
                                                                                                   Brig Gen Aubrey Se-
26                                                                                                 dibe, the Director Phy-
                                                                                                   sical Training, Sport
                                                                                                   and Recreation
                                                                                                   (DPTSR), extended his
                                                                                                   good wishes to Col
                                                                                                   (Dr) Khoza. He said
                                                                                                   that the occasion was a
                                                                                                   milestone in the history
                                                                                                   of the DOD Logistic
                                                                                                   Division and DPTSR
                                                                                                   due to the benefit of
     Maj Gen Thulile Nkonyane, the General Officer Commanding DOD Logistic Division (left),
     conferring the title of Honorary Colonel on Col (Dr) Irvin Khoza.                             sport in the SANDF

     SA SOLDIER                  APRIL 2009
                                                                                                 be leaders." He quoted Mark
                                                                                                 Twain: "Courage is resistance
                                                                                                 to fear and mastery of fear, it is
                                                                                                 not the absence of fear".
                                                                                                     Football has a profound
                                                                                                 and undeniably positive effect
                                                                                                 on those who play and those
                                                                                                 who support the game, which
                                                                                                 contributes to an environment
                                                                                                 for social change. Col (Dr)
                                                                                                 Khoza, with his roots firmly
                                                                                                 grounded in Africa, is one of
                                                                                                 the great football stalwarts
                                                                                                 who does not forget where he
                                                                                                 comes from and now shares
                                                                                                 his dreams and beliefs that
                                                                                                 have moulded him into the
                                                                                                 extraordinary man he is today
                                                                                                 and a most respected man in
                                                                                                 the world of sport.
                                                                                                     Since soccer has elevated
                                                                                                 Col (Dr) Khoza to where he is
                                                                                                 today, he firmly believes in
Col (Dr) Irvin Khoza (left) and Kaizer Chiefs' boss, Mr Kaizer Motaung, the                      encouraging youth from all
South African football stalwarts who contributed to the development of                           walks of life and those living
football and its values in South Africa.                                                         in the realm of uncertainty
                                                                                                 with limited opportunities to
and that the DPTSR was reactivating          the establishment and integrity to the      engage in sport and build solid
interdepartmental and inter-organisa-        constitution of the state than the SA       bridges to contribute significantly to
tional relations with the South African      Army," said Col (Dr) Khoza. He added        promoting social change and be the
sporting fraternity.                         that one of the key challenges of our       driving force to eradicate social ills
    "The Department of Sports and            society was the socialisation of our        and so become responsible citizens.
Recreation, the SA sports Confeder-          nation towards service.                     That is the value and importance of
ation and Olympic Committee (SAS-                Col (Dr) Khoza's mission was fur-       service to the country.
COC) and the South African Football          ther defined when he quoted Dwight D.           His ideas were in keeping with the
Association (SAFA) are closing ranks         Eisenhower: "When you put on a uni-         words of the 35th President of the
with SANDF sport in order to create an       form, there are certain inhibitions that    United States, Mr John F. Kennedy,
integrated approach to the upliftment        you accept". It becomes important to        during his Inauguration Address
of sport in South Africa," said Brig Gen     note that one of the things that he has     when he said: "Ask not what your
Sedibe.                                      high on his agenda is moral discipline.     country can do for you, ask what you
    Accepting the honour bestowed            He quoted William Bainbridge who was        can do for your country". "As we
upon him as the Honorary Colonel in          a Sergeant Major in the British Army: "It   approach the 2010 FIFA World Soccer
the service of the DOD Log Division,         is intertwined with the discipline of       Cup, we say: Ask not what 2010 can
Col (Dr) Khoza said that he stood as a       physical and mental achievement. Total      do for you, ask what you can do for
proud protégé of the Army of the peo-        discipline overcomes adversity. This is     2010," concluded Col (Dr) Khoza.
ple and was deeply honoured to stand         the essence of being a soldier".                Col (Dr) Khoza was born on 27
there that day in that esteemed organ of         Having noticed the progress that the    January 1948 in the township of
state and be part of what future genera-     SANDF was making in social responsi-        Alexandra, north of Johannesburg.            27
tions would look back on as a genera-        bility to help build a better future and    With his eyes set on his goal, he
tion that returned this great nation to a    establish a programme aimed at youth        became instrumental in the develop-
path of progress.                            empowerment, viz the Military Skills        ment of football in South Africa and
    "Setting a nation on a path of           Development System (MSDS), Col (Dr)         made waves throughout the world of
progress is not an event, it is a process    Khoza said that the SANDF inspired          soccer. He is the Chairperson of
that particularly requires solid founda-     change in our societies and represented     FIFA's Local Organising Committee
tions steeped in a value system and          leadership and courage. "As the             (LOC), the Vice-President of the SA
practices that are fair, inclusive and       entrepreneur John Maxwell said: 'A          Football Association (SAFA), the
uplifting. Of all the assembly of institu-   leader is somebody who knows the            Chairman of Orlando Pirates Football
tions that have come to represent the        way, and goes the way and shows the         Club and of the Premier Soccer
modern state, none has more claim to         way'. In the SANDF you are trained to       League (PSL).

                                                                             APRIL 2009                    SA SOLDIER
      crime prevention

      Military policing
      in Thaba Tshwane
      Article and photos by                    Warrant: Thaba Tshwane Military            Department, the Tshwane Metro
      S Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole                   Police, and his dedicated team did a       Police and the SA Police Service.

                                               sterling job by arresting a civilian and       They also conduct general police
               rime prevention refers to       confiscating dagga plants at Ikageng       investigations, such as criminal inves-
               visible policing, public        Hostel (NMC) in Thaba Tshwane dur-         tigation directed from the military
               education and combating         ing a cime prevention operation.           premises, and vehicle accidents relat-
               easy access to drugs at             Speaking to SA Soldier, WO2            ing to military personnel, and cases
               home. These activities do       Ngema and F Sgt William Mothwa             involving fraud, assault, robbery and
               not depend on the Mili-         emphasised that Thaba Tshwane was          corruption that occur on the roads
               tary Police only, but on the    a zero tolerance area for criminals and    within the military area.
      community.                               that strategies that are put in place to       The Client Service Centre is open
         The Thaba Tshwane Military            tackle crime have recently begun to        daily and members are available on a
      Police regularly undertake crime pre-    yield good results.                        24-hour basis on stand by to attend to
      vention operations in the Thaba              "We want to prevent crime, raise       any complaints. It acts as an informa-
      Tshwane Military Area, as well as on     public confidence and increase the         tion centre. To report any criminal
      public roads. Roadblocks are held        rate of detection and arrest, but in       activities or any complaints, call the
      with other law enforcements agencies,    order to achieve that it is important      toll free number 0800 222 091.
      such as the SA Police Service, the       that the Military Community becomes            The importance of the Thaba
      Traffic Department and the Tshwane       involved in crime detection and            Tshwane Military Police succeeding
      Metro Police. Regular foot and vehicle   prevention in the military areas,"         cannot be overemphasised. Crime pre-
      patrols are also conducted in Thaba      concluded F Sgt Mothwa.                    vention cannot be done in isolation,
      Tshwane to prevent crime.                    They have excellent working rela-      but once the community is involved
         On Friday 27 February 2009, WO2       tionships with all other law enforce-      there is a possibility of winning the
      Mduduzi Ngema, Crime Prevention          ment agencies, such as the Traffic         war against crime.


     Seated, fltr: Commander G.R. Makhoka, Area Provost Marshall: Thaba Tshwane Military Police, Master Warrant Officer
     J.T. Sabasaba, Area Warrant Officer, WO2 M. Ngema, Crime Prevention Warrant in Charge. Standing, fltr: Sgt G.D.
     Dube, Cpl S.W. Nqgiwa, Pte M.M. Makobe, F Sgt W.M. Mothwa, Sgt M.L. Matsinya, L Cpl A. Molefe and Pte M.M. Msitini.

     SA SOLDIER                    APRIL 2009


      Your pension is
      in good hands

      By Brig Gen A.L. de Wit, Director
      Human Resources Strategy and

           t is my pleasure as the current
           elected Trustee for the SANDF
           uniformed members on the Board
           of Trustees of the Government
           Employees Pension Fund (GEPF)
           to report on key achievements of
           the GEPF. Over the last six months
      many newspapers and financial jour-
      nals have reported on the rough ride
      ahead for South African pensioners
      due to the impact of the current world-
      wide economic climate.
          Some economists have reported
      that pension funds could be in for a
      shock as their benefits have lost more
      than half of their value since the global
      credit crisis that has wreaked havoc in
      the United States, Britain and parts of
      Europe.                                      Brig Gen A.L. de Wit.
          The GEPF Board of Trustees is very
      mindful of the fact that the continued      pension payments at a level equal to        tain the value of pensions at retire-
      market growth at the rate that we have      the pension at retirement, adjusted         ment was achieved with the 2007
      seen over the last three years is not       fully for the effect of inflation.          pension increases.
      likely to continue. Taking the good             Five permanent Board Committees         The growth of the fund and good
      growth of the past few years into con-      ensure the effectiveness of the GEPF        governance of fund assets were
      sideration the Trustees of the Fund had     through the active involvement of           possible through the development
      the vision to lock in some of the gains     Board members in the Fund's strategic       and implementation of sound poli-
      and subsequently set aside reserves for     agenda and the promotion of good gov-       cies by the Committee, such as the
30    the inevitable market slowdown.             ernance, which has been a high priority     GEPF funding level policy, pension
      Following the conclusion of a detailed      for the Board throughout. The Benefits      increase policy, debt collection pol-
      asset liability study based on the 2006     and Administration Committee of the         icy and interest rate policy.
      actuarial valuation, the fund has set       Board of Trustees is chaired by myself      Remarkable strides have been
      aside a healthy solvency reserve of R42     and I am proud to announce the fol-         made towards operational efficien-
      billion to counter market volatility        lowing key achievements:                    cy of the GEPF administration,
      between valuations, as well as a pen-           Above expectation annual pension        which included research initiatives
      sion increase reserve of R57 billion to         increases that were supplemented        on best practice administration and
      allow Trustees greater discretion in            with additional adjustments over        the upgrading of the information
      targeting real pension increases each           the last three years to maintain the    technology infrastructure. These
      year. The latter reserve will to a large        real value of pensions. The fully       and related projects have culminat-
      extent allow the fund to maintain all           adjusted effect of inflation to main-   ed in a comprehensive administra-

     SA SOLDIER                      APRIL 2009
    tion business case and a long-term           The fund received unqualified           hundred percent attendance record at
    strategy that will guide the opera-          audit reports during the current        Board and Committee meetings dur-
    tional improvement process going             term of the Board.                      ing my current term as Trustee, I have
    forward.                                     As indicated above, I am the cur-       demonstrated       my      commitment
    There is a remarkable improvement        rent elected Trustee of the GEPF for the    towards the GEPF and have ensured
    in the turnaround time from the exit     SANDF (uniformed members) and am            service delivery improvement within
    of a member to the payment of the        highly respected by my fellow Trustees      the fund administration, good gover-
    first pension. This was achieved         for the work being done, specifically in    nance, pension benefit improvements
    through the centralisation of client     regard to the Benefits and Adminis-tra-     and I have taken the necessary steps to
    services, the expansion of client        tion Committee of the Board. The four-      protect the value of pensions during
    communication, the implementa-           year term of the current Board of           the current tough economic climate.
    tion of regional offices and the         Trustees comes to an end in June 2009       My election as a Trustee for a second
    improvement of employer interac-         and, after long consideration, I decided    term will ensure continuity and the
    tion.                                    to stand again for the next election to     achievement of the GEPF strategic
    The development and implementa-          be conducted in April 2009.                 objectives, including the improvement
    tion of a management information             Current indications are that the bal-   of SANDF members' pension benefits,
    grid with the aim of ensuring            lot paper will be attached to SANDF         which were initiated during my first
    improved visibility concerning           members' April 2009 pay sheet. With a       term as Trustee.
    aspects such as member/pensioner
    profiles, contribution and payment
    tendencies. This project is support-
    ed by an extensive data cleaning
    Apart from the above benefits and
Administration Committee achieve-
ments that were approved by the GEPF
Board of Trustees, the following gener-
al highlights achieved by the Board are
    In order to drive forward the
    GEPF's position as a responsible
    investor and founder signatory to
    the United Nations Principles of
    Responsible       Investment       the
    Investment Committee, under the
    stewardship of the Board, has com-
    piled a comprehensive responsible
    investment policy and strategy. The
    process to engage major stakehold-
    ers on this policy content is at an
    advanced stage.
    The fund and reserves have grown
    by 31,3%, 20,8% and 7,3% over the
    last three financial years and for the
    first time the funding level of the
    fund has exceeded the 100% mark
    to reach a level of 102%. The accu-
    mulated funds and reserves of the                                                                                              31
    GEPF amounted to R707 billion as
    at 31 March 2008. This makes it the
    seventh largest pension fund in the
    world with 1,2 million contributing
    members and more than 300 000
    The development and implementa-
    tion of a comprehensive Asset
    Liability Model with the aim of
    ensuring proper investment perfor-
    mance reports on a quarterly basis.

                                                                             APRIL 2009                   SA SOLDIER

      Nurturing skills
      through leadership
      By Kgomotso Seruba,
      Communication Officer
      Service Corps (Intern)
      Photo: Sgt Elias Mahuma

                The most important gift you
                can ever give to a human
                being is imparting education
                to their lives. In March 1998
                the Plenary Defence Staff
                Council (PDSC) approved the
                appointment of the Service
      Corps as the Redeployment Agent of
      the Department of Defence (DOD).
      The mandate of the redeployment
      agent is to ensure the successful devel-
      opment of soldiers so that they have
      vocational skills that they can use as a
      survival tool after their retirement.
          The main objective of the agent is
      to recruit and uplift the morale of the
      learners, and to develop skills. The
      Service Corps has opened one training
      institute, namely the Centre for Ad-
      vanced Training - also known as CAT
                                                 Staff Sergeant Norman Netsianda showing Ms Martha Vilakazi how to use a
      near Atteridgeville in Pretoria, as well
                                                 vice grip at the Centre for Advanced Training.
      as eight Regional Offices throughout
      the country. CAT is a training institute
      mandated to reskill DOD members            a service level agreement being signed     the necessary military discipline. This
      and military veterans to be self-sus-      between CAT and the Ifihlile Training      is a win-win partnership in that knowl-
      tainable or redeployable within other      Academy to assist further in training      edge, expertise and facilities are
      government departments.                    the      young       Military     Skills   utilised for training, both in the DOD
          This institute encompasses many        Development System (MSDS) mem-             and private sectors. He added that
32    fields of expertise, such as textile       bers who exited the SANDF, as well as      those learners who already had
      manufacturing, motor mechanic,             the community.                             employment would go back to their
      welding, air conditioner and refriger-         Mr Ben Ackerman, Branch                respective workplaces, while the
      ation, nature guiding, autotronics,        Manager of the Ifihlile Training           unemployed would be placed with var-
      machining, and the well-known              Academy, says this co-operation is a       ious employers in the industry.
      International Computer Driving Li-         step in the right direction as it forms
      cence (ICDL). The Manufacturing            the perfect partnership that develops          * For more information on how to enrol,
      Engineering and Related Services           infrastructure expertise of benefit to     the following persons can be contacted:
      SETA (MERSETA) recognises the              our youth. CAT complies with the           ·Col Z.A. Temba on (012) 355 0002
      courses offered by CAT.                    standards set by the South African         ·Lt Col J. Mothibi on (012) 674 4770/4180
          This recognised qualification          Qualification Authority (SAQA) and         ·Maj T.J. Morweng on (051) 447 8928
      offered by the institute has resulted in   will also help its students to maintain    ·Lt Col A. Botes on (021) 799 6602

     SA SOLDIER                     APRIL 2009

      PSAP discipline

      Workshop on disciplinary
      and incapacity hearings
      By Yvonne Naudé, Asst Dir PSAP           gressive discipline can therefore be         to educate employees to comply with
      Discipline                               seen as having a rehabilitative func-        these standards. Only after unsuccess-
      Photo: Sgt Elias Mahuma                  tion. Although it is accepted that in cer-   ful attempts have been made to correct

                                               tain circumstances dismissal may be          the employee's behaviour (and the
           n terms of section 7.3(b) of the    justified for a single instance of serious   employee has been given sufficient
           Public Service Act, 1994, (as amen- misconduct, the principles of corrective     opportunity to do this) will dismissal
           ded) the Head of Department         and progressive discipline view it as        be fair. However, dismissal can only
                                               the purpose of discipline (in less seri-
           (Secretary for Defence) is inter alia                                            be effected after the formal disciplinary
           responsible for the maintenance of  ous cases) to ensure that employees          procedure has been followed. Only
           discipline and the promotion of     know and understand what is required         then may the sanction of dismissal be
           sound labour relations in his       of them and to attempt, through a sys-       imposed.
      Department.                              tem of graduated disciplinary mea-               In line with the new Regulatory
          In order to perform these functions  sures, such as warnings, to persuade or      Framework for the Public Service, the
      effectively, rules and regula-
      tions are essential to any
      workplace where organised
      group action takes place, and
      where goals and targets are
      to be achieved. In terms of
      the Code of Good Practice:
      Dismissal, as contained in
      Schedule 8 to the Labour
      Relations Act, 1995, all
      employers should adopt dis-
      ciplinary rules that establish
      the standard of conduct
      required of their employees.
          For rules to be effective,
      they must be enforced, but in
      the interests of fairness, such
      enforcement should be con-
      strained by concern for the
      rights and needs of the indi-
      vidual. It is this interaction of
      enforcement, penalties and
34    rights that constitutes the
      complex fabric of discipline.
          The purpose of disci-
      plinary action is to change
      behaviour, and not solely to
      invoke penalties for offences.
      Discipline should thus aim at
      constructive support and
      reinforcement of approved
      action, while correcting
      wrong behaviour. The prin-
      ciples of corrective and pro-       Delegates attending the skills empowerment workshop.

     SA SOLDIER                  APRIL 2009
State as employer has negotiated and     of members of the SMS.                            The presentation consisted of a
adopted a collective agreement on a          Appreciating the above, the               mix of theory and practical applica-
Disciplinary Code and Procedures for     Director Labour and Service Relations         tion of knowledge learned through the
the Public Service, which came into      was proud to facilitate a skills empow-       use of exercises, case studies and
effect on 1 July 1999. As regards mis-   erment workshop for Departmental              role-play. The content of the work-
conduct the Public Service Co-ordinat-   Representatives and Chairpersons of           shop appeared to be one that is most
ing Bargaining Council (PSCBC)           Public Service Act Personnel (PSAP)           topical in the Department of Defence
Resolution 1/2003 envisages the issu-    Disciplinary/Incapacity Hearings in           (DOD) and where there is a thirst for
ing of a directive by the Minister for   Pretoria over the period 22 to 26             empowerment.
the Public Service and Administration    February 2009.                                    It is believed that the delegates
to cover disciplinary matters of mem-        The level of exposure and experi-         enjoyed the training and seemed moti-
bers of the Senior Management            ence of the forty delegates ranged            vated to apply the skills learnt in their
Service (SMS). The procedures for        from those who have not been                  working environments. All delegates
misconduct contained in Chapter 7 of     involved in the disciplinary process-         are therefore urged to keep up the
the SMS Handbook incorporate those       es of PSAP, to those who actively             good work and never to give up the
provisions of PSCBC Resolution           lead evidence or preside over hear-           challenge of promoting a culture of
1/2003, which were considered            ings and/or provide advice on                 professionalism in the performance of
appropriate and practicable in respect   the processes.                                their tasks.

                                                                           The processes to be followed for PSAP
                                                                       discipline is contained in the following
                                                                       SOPs/DODI/JDP (Standing Operating
                                                                       Procedures/Department of Defence
                                                                       Instruction/Joint Defence Publication) and can
                                                                       be obtained from the Regional Labour and
                                                                       Service Relations Officers (former Multi-skilled
                                                                           SOP C HRS/DLSR/04/01 (Chief Human
                                                                           Resources Support/Director Labour and
                                                                           Service Relations): Discipline of PSAP in
                                                                           the DOD in terms of the Disciplinary Code
                                                                           and Procedures for the Public Service
                                                                           (PSCBC Resolution 2/99).
                                                                           DODI: PERS (Personnel)/00041/2007
                                                                           (Edition 1): Policy for the Management of
                                                                           Incapacity (poor work performance) of
                                                                           PSAP (including SMS members) in                         35
                                                                           the DOD.
                                                                           JDP: PERS/00024/2006 (Edition 1):
                                                                           Process and Procedures for the
                                                                           Management of Incapacity (poor work
                                                                           performance) of PSAP (including SMS
                                                                           members) in the DOD.
                                                                           SOP C HRS/DLSR/02/01: Incapacity in
                                                                           respect of ill health or injury of PSAP in the
                                                                           DOD in terms of the Incapacity Code and
                                                                           Procedures in respect of ill health (PSCBC
                                                                           Resolution 12/99).

                                                                        APRIL 2009                       SA SOLDIER

      Help to
      save energy
      By Ms Nelisiwe Magubane,                     Ovens
      Chairperson of the National Energy               When you are cooking in your oven,
      Response Team                                there are a few steps you can take to

                                                   minimise your cooking time. Try to
               ake energy efficiency into the      avoid opening the oven door, as about
               kitchen. It is easy to make a big   20% of the hot air escapes every time
               difference by changing little       you do so. It is not necessary to preheat       bottoms (when they heat up, the metal
               habits. The kitchen - with all of   the oven unless you are baking, and you         expands and the bottom flattens out).
               its heating and cooling devices     can cut down on cooking time even               Buy copper-bottomed pans, but use
               - offers a wealth of opportuni-     more by turning off the heat when the           ceramic in the oven. Throw out cook-
               ties for cutting down on your       food is almost fully cooked. Make sure          ware when it becomes warped - you
      energy use. The National Energy              that air can circulate properly by keep-        can save about 50% in energy con-
      Efficiency Campaign Team found the           ing the oven racks clear and by not using       sumption by ensuring that the base of
      following useful tips - tips that we can     foil. And finally, make sure that the seal      your pan is in full contact with the ele-
      all take home as we strive to overcome       on the oven door is intact and closes           ment.
      our energy addiction as a nation.            tightly, so that heat cannot escape.
      Defrosting                                                                                       A refrigerator is one of the most
          It all starts with a bit of pre-plan-                                                    energy-intensive appliances in the
      ning. If you can think about what you                                                        home. The best way to cut down on the
      want to cook for dinner the day before,                                                      amount of power it uses is to adjust its
      you can take it out of the freezer and let                                                   thermostat according to the season. To
      it defrost in the fridge, rather than                                                        find out what the setting should be,
      using an electrical device to thaw it out.                                                   place a thermostat in a jar of water and
                                                                                                   leave it in the fridge overnight. In the
      Microwaves                                                                                   morning, it should read between 1 and
          Believe it or not, the most powerful                                                     5 degrees Celsius. The fridge setting
      energy-saving gadget in your kitchen                                                         can usually be reduced in winter.
      is your humble microwave. Micro-                                                                 If your freezer is only half full, plug
      waves use a lot of energy while in use,                                                      the gaps with empty milk bottles filled
      but cut down on your cooking time            Stoves                                          with water: when these freeze, they will
      dramatically. Overall, microwaves use            The most energy-efficient way to boil       help to keep the temperature down so
      only about half as much energy as con-       water is in a kettle, but it is important to    the freezer does not need to do so much
      ventional stoves. Large meals and meat       ensure that you only boil as much as you        work. Make sure that your freezer is
      should still be cooked in a convention-      need. When using a stove, use pots and          defrosted at least twice a year.
      al oven.                                     pans that completely cover the stove                Ensure that the cold air remains
36                                                 plate so that heat is not lost to the air. If   inside the fridge by checking the seal
                                                   you put lids on your pots, you will be          regularly. Replace if torn, and clean if it
                                                   able to turn the temperature a bit lower,       becomes caked with dirt. Avoid placing
                                                   and you can turn it off completely a few        your fridge near the stove, dishwasher,
                                                   minutes before your food is done.               or in direct sunlight and make sure that
                                                                                                   air can circulate around it properly.
                                                   Cookware                                        One large refrigerator is cheaper to run
                                                      The best way to cook stews and               than two small ones.
                                                   casseroles is in a pressure cooker, as this         Using just enough electricity for
                                                   can halve both cooking time and energy          what we need will make a major differ-
                                                   use. When buying pots and pans, invest          ence. So let us take the first step togeth-
                                                   in sturdy metal with slightly concave           er; one meal at a time.

     SA SOLDIER                      APRIL 2009
The story of cheetahs
at our air force bases

By Capt T. Snyman, AFB Makhado             movements         of    the    cheetahs.         Sadly, Steven was killed in 1998
Environmental Services Officer             Altogether 114 kills were recorded for       when a Pilatus Astra aircraft that came

                                           a one-year period (65% of the kills          in to land hit him as he chased a
          he secured area of Air Force     were warthogs, 10% impala, 10% duik-         warthog across the runway. Steven
          Base Makhado covers an area      er, 9% steenbok and 7% hares). Most of       was replaced by Bongani to keep Le
          of 2 602 hectares and approx-    the kills of the cheetahs are young ani-     Roux company.
          imately 70% of this area con-    mals, but large impala ram kills were            In 2003 it was decided to introduce
          sists of natural vegetation,     also recorded.                               a third cheetah at both AFB Makhado
          which is the preferred habitat       The cheetahs naturally roam in           and AFB Hoedspruit to increase the
          to some of the species of        open country where they can easily           predatory rate on problem animals
fauna and flora. Unfortunately some        spot their prey, which is the explana-       around the airfields. Le Roux and
of these animals were hazardous to         tion for their spending more than 80%        Bongani and their Hoedspruit cousins
aircraft, so they had to be removed.       of their time around the airfield. These     were sent to the Kapama Cheetah
    Following the successful introduc-     cheetah males stay together to form          Breeding Centre. It was noted that Le
tion at AFB Hoedspruit of cheetahs to      small bachelor groups, whereas the           Roux formed a stronger bond with the
control game around the airfield, two      females go their separate ways.              cheetahs of Hoedspruit and therefore
cheetahs, Steven and Le Roux, were         Therefore a single female feeds only on      Bongani returned with two new chee-
introduced to the secured area of AFB      a small part of its prey, which attracts     tahs, namely Coke and Victim. Three
Makhado on 6 September 1996.               vultures that could pose additional          years later Victim's carcass was found
Environmental personnel monitor the        threats to the high-speed jets in the air.   in the northern part of the AFB area
                                                                                        where it had died of natural causes.
                                                                                            Today Bongani and Coke still
                                                                                        enjoy the free life on the base without
                                                                                        any interference by other larger preda-
                                                                                        tors. Once a week environmental per-
                                                                                        sonnel track these majestic animals by
                                                                                        means of a radio tracking system and
                                                                                        continue to monitor their movements,
                                                                                        kills and well-being.

                                                                                        I'm watching you …
                                                                                            Since their introduction in 1996 a
                                                                                        total of 2 851 people have accompa-
                                                                                        nied the environmental personnel on
                                                                                        their monitoring duties. Most people
                                                                                        are base members and other South          37
                                                                                        African visitors. Foreign visitors from
                                                                                        other countries have also been taken
                                                                                        to see the cheetahs.
                                                                                            The radio collars on the cheetahs
                                                                                        have reached the end of their lifespans
                                                                                        and need changing. It was for this rea-
                                                                                        son that the environmental person-
                                                                                        nel temporarily ceased taking visitors
                                                                                        to the cheetahs. As soon as the new
                                                                                        collars have been fitted visits to the
A cheetah shows off his strong teeth.                                                   cheetahs will resume.

                                                                            APRIL 2009                   SA SOLDIER
     health matters

      Prevention is
      better than cure
      By Lt Amanda Brand,                                             Wash your hands each time after        water and mix it. Leave the water in the
      SO3 Corp Com: AMHU Limpopo                                      you have been to the toilet.           container overnight or for at least 2
      Photo: Sgt Elias Mahuma                                         Wash your hands each time before       hours before using the water.

                                                                      you touch food or work with food.           If little water is needed, add 5 drops
                    ith the recent outbreak of                        Wash fruit and vegetables before       of bleach to one litre of water and leave
                    cholera in Limpopo, the                           you eat them.                          it for half an hour before use.
                    Area Military Health Unit                         Do not use water unless you know
                    Limpopo decided to take                           that it is clean.                      How do we help someone who
                    the proactive approach by                                                                is sick with cholera?
                    creating awareness cam-                      How can water be made clean                     A person can die very quickly from
                    paigns on the causes, symp-                  and safe?                                   cholera. This is due to dehydration and
      toms and prevention of the disease to                      1.  Boil the water OR                       the loss of salt and sugar.
      maintain a healthy military community.                     2.  Add bleach to the water                     Most important is to give a water,
      After all, prevention is better than cure.                    If you need a lot of water, add 1 tea-   salt and sugar mixture or watery rice or
          The units in the affected areas, name-                 spoon of Jik or Javel to 25 litres of       maize porridge in large amounts.
      ly Madimbo and Musina, were visited to
      give lectures to and enlighten members
      about this disease. Health prevention
      lectures regarding cholera were also
      given for members at the Army Support
      Base Polokwane who were scheduled to
      deploy to the border region and who are
      living in and have dependants in affect-
      ed areas
          All the health centres and sickbays in
      the Area Military Health Unit Limpopo
      area of responsibility conducted aware-
      ness campaigns. Health education pam-
      phlets and posters were obtained from
      the Department of Health and distribut-
      ed to members attending the briefings.
      The situation is currently still being
      monitored. We are pleased to say that to
      date no SANDF members have been
      infected and we continue to maintain a
      healthy military community.
38        It is good to know how to prevent

      How can we stop cholera?
         There are a few things that people
      can do so that germs do not spread from
      one person to another:
                                                   Photo posed

         It is best to build and use a toilet.
         The toilet should be kept clean.
         The toilet should be far away from
         the river or stream that is used for
         drinking or washing.                                    Do not drink water unless you know that it is clean.

     SA SOLDIER                     APRIL 2009
Ensuring safe
drinking water to SANDF
deployed members
Article and photos by Lt Col             health risks.
Annelize Rademeyer, SO1 Com                  The new reverse osmosis system
SA Army Engineer Formation               was utilised to purify the water. It

                                         proved to be very efficient and did
         our members of the South        not have any chlorine taste as was the
         African Engineer Corps (sap-    case with water purified by the old
         pers) deployed just before      sand filter system.
         Christmas 2008 to the town of       During a staff visit to his unit mem-
         Musina. The mission was to      bers, the Acting Officer Commanding
         guarantee safe drinking         of 35 Engineer Support Regiment, Maj
         water to all SANDF deploy-      Simon Mokhunoane, was given a
ed members in the region of Musina,      guarantee by deployed infantry mem-
including members at the                 bers from 15 SA Infantry Battalion that
Mdimbu Base.                             the water purified by the field engi-
    As traces of cholera were found in   neers really made a difference to their
the Limpopo River and in other           daily task of border protection in the
regions of the northern part of the      heat of the bushveld sun.
Limpopo Province in early December           The members returned at the end
2008, it was important to Chief Joint    of February 2008 and once again the
Operations that soldiers deployed in     sappers could be proud of a mission
the area would not be exposed to any     well executed.

                                                                                     Lance Corporal Mlungiseleli Nxasana
                                                                                     filling containers with safe drinking
                                                                                     water purified by the reverse
                                                                                     osmosis system.


                                                                                     The reverse osmosis water purifica-
                                                                                     tion system, installed in the
Sergeant David Mofokeng, L Cpl Mlungiseleli Nxasana, Sgt Daniel Mathafeng            Waterbuffel vehicle used by field engi-
with the Acting Officer Commanding of 35 Engineer Support Regiment,                  neers of the South African Engineer
Maj Simon Mokhunoane, during a staff visit to the deployed members.                  Corps, was introduced early in 2008.

                                                                          APRIL 2009                   SA SOLDIER

      A night of triumph
     Article and photos by S Sgt                   Colonel Thembi Mkhulise and her       improved in sport as well as in the
     Lebogang Tlhaole                          team pulled out all the stops to ensure   SANDF Fittest Soldier Championships.

                                               that the evening was the most unfor-         In his opening address the Director
             he Bible says: "To everything     gettable in the minds of all those        PTSR, Brig Gen Aubrey Sedibe, quoted
             there is a season, a time to      attended. Lt Col Swayer did a sterling    E.R. Kelly who differentiated between
             plant and a time to harvest       job as the Master of Ceremonies and       a boss and a leader. "A boss will say go
             that which was planted." The      the National Ceremonial Guard Band        and a true leader will always say let's
             Directorate Physical Training,    entertained and mesmerised the guests     go - leaders lead by example." He con-
             Sport and Recreation (PTSR)       with their melodies during the night.     gratulated all the Generals who took
             hosted a glittering awards cer-       This awards ceremony focused on       part in the 8 km endurance walk dur-
     emony at Pretoria Military Sports Club    the acknowledgement of selected           ing the SANDF Fittest Soldier
     (PMSC) in Thaba Tshwane on 26             members in the Department of              Championships earlier in the day
     February 2009.                            Defence (DOD) that have excelled or       before the awards function. He said


      Lt Gen Derick Mgwebi, the Chief of Human Resources (right), conferred the SANDF Fittest Soldier Trophy on
      Rfn R. Mamanyuwa from 44 Parachute Regiment.

     SA SOLDIER                    APRIL 2009
Brig Gen Aubrey Sedibe, Director Physical Training, Sport and Recreation (right), hands over the sport merit award
(Administrator Military Pentathlon) to Capt Eugene de Wet from SA Army Gymnasium.

that by combining the sports and fit-            The Best Administrator of the Year        awards to continue excelling in their
ness awards they wanted to do away           Award was conferred upon Capt M.A.            different sporting codes. To the
with the SANDF perception that they          Prinsloo from Area Military Health            Administrators - thanks for your hard
only recognised sport in the                 Unit Gauteng (Badminton).                     work in coaching these sportsmen. To
Department.                                      The Best Sporting Code of the Year        the runners-up, you have made these
     He mentioned that fitness played        was presented to the Chairperson for          winners, you kept them on their toes
an important role in a soldier's life - as   Walking, Col E.O. Step from Air               to be the best," said Lt Gen Mgwebi.
part of force preparation and combat         Command.                                          In his closing remarks he uttered
readiness. "It is a tool that is used to         On behalf of the Chief of the             the words of Brig Gen Sedibe who had
show that our soldiers are capable and       SANDF, Gen Godfrey Ngwenya, who               said: "Pain is temporary and pride is     41
fit to face any situation, both internal-    could not attend owing to other work          forever". Referring to those who were
ly and externally." Brig Gen Sedibe          commitments, the Chief of Human               limping to receive their awards on
urged all present to celebrate together,     Resources, Lt Gen Derick Mgwebi,              stage as a result of the hardships they
to remain fit and to continue partici-       was the guest of honour. In his speech        went through during the SANDF
pating in sport.                             he touched on the commitment and              Fittest Soldier Championships, and
                                             dedication shown by the competi-              added that the smiles on their faces
Winners                                      tors, the esprit de corps and the spirit of   said it all. He thanked all those who
   The Best Achiever of the Year             competition among the competitors             had made the night a success and con-
Award was scooped by F Sgt M.                during the SANDF Fittest Soldier              gratulated all the recipients on a job
Lambrecht from AFB Waterkloof                Championships.                                well done on behalf of the Chief of the
(Practical Shooting).                            "I urge all who have received             SANDF.

                                                                                APRIL 2009                  SA SOLDIER
     social responsibility

      Committed to
      supporting our youth
      Article and photo by Sgt Chelsea            young people in the area. Most of the           Lt Stavridis shared words of wis-
      Mohlakoana, Corp Com NCO: Air               youth residing there are not active in      dom with the eager young ones and
      Force Mobile Deployment Wing                sport and there is not much to do after     told them that life's journey provided

                                                  school.                                     one with many special experiences
                ir Force Mobile Deployment            The Thaba Tshwane neighbour-            that become the building blocks of
                Wing (AF MDW) donated             hood is alleged to have become a place      one's life and that these experiences
                goal posts, nets, soccer bibs     where the youth are involved in drugs,      come in different ways at unpre-
                and soccer balls to learners at   alcohol abuse and violence. The aim of      dictable times. They can be powerful
                the Thaba Tshwane flats.          this initiative is to get them away from    emotional events or just small enlight-
                These     Paratus     Primary     the streets and support their interest in   ening moments.
                School learners share a vision    sporting activities. "As a way of uplift-       It was a breathtaking experience as
      of becoming football stars one day.         ing our communities, we must be             the Young Tigers FC pledged their
      Upon receiving the soccer kits, a new       mindful that we will be assessed by         promise to the Air Force Mobile
      team was formed with the name               the next generation waiting to be born.     Deployment Wing that they would be
      Young Tigers Football Club (FC).            They will want to know how many of          careful not to be involved in drugs,
          This dream had been slowly fad-         us really lived the pledge that we          alcohol abuse or violence. They fur-
      ing for WO1 Frederick van de Venter         made to make a difference to our coun-      ther stated that they would not
      (also a resident at Thaba Tshwane           try," said Lt Anna Stavridis, Physical      leave school, as that would guarantee
      flats). Peer pressure played a major        Training, Sport and Recreation Officer      their removal from the newly
      role in the anti-social behaviour of        at AF MDW.                                  formed team.


     Lt Anna Stavridis, Physical Training, Sport and Recreation Officer at Air Force Mobile Deployment Wing, posing with
     the Paratus Primary School learners.

     SA SOLDIER                      APRIL 2009
Benchmarking via a gentlemen's sport
By L Cpl Ally Rakoma
Photo: Sgt Elias Mahuma

F  or the Department of
   Defence (DOD) and the SA
National Defence Force
(SANDF) to interact and fos-
ter existing relations with
stakeholders, businessmen,
defence related industry, pri-
vate sector and government
officials, the Chief of the
SANDF,        Gen      Godfrey
Ngwenya, hosted his golf
day to benchmark the DOD
via this gentlemen's sport in
Pretoria on 27 February 2009.
    Senior members of the
SANDF kept their allies on
their feet in building the spir-
it of alliance and understand
that the DOD and SANDF
are all about. The participants      Gen Godfrey Ngwenya, Chief of the SANDF (right), handing over the Chief of the
gathered to enjoy a day of           SANDF Golf Floating Trophy to Dr Selepe Motuba (middle) and Lt Col Brent
                                     Chalmers (left), while Brig Gen Kwena Mangope, Director Corporate Communication,
golf in a relaxed atmosphere
                                     looks on.
where they could leave
behind the stress of decision-making         personal involvement. He also con-      his invitation and making the event a
in the corridors of power and board-         veyed his appreciation to Brig Gen      success. "Topping an excellent per-
rooms, and enjoy the greens instead.         Kwena Mangope, the Director             formance on the greens, what you
    Addressing his guests at the prize-      Corporate Communication, and the        portrayed reflects the spirit of friend-
giving ceremony, Gen Ngwenya                 entire Defence Corporate Commu-         ship, networking and building con-
expressed his gratitude to all the par-      nication Team, members of the           tacts with our stakeholders," said
ticipants for their professionalism and      SANDF and dignitaries for accepting     Gen Ngwenya.

Elevating CISM Day run
By J.M. Mabidikane,                        Support Base Potchefstroom decided          manding Army Support Base
SO3 Com ASB Potchefstroom                  to include walking on the list.             Potchefstroom, said that the event was     43
                                               The following units participated        meant to promote the principle of

T  he Army Support Base Potchef-
   stroom hosted the annual CISM
                                           during the march: Army Support Base
                                           Potchefstroom, 17 Maintenance Unit,
                                                                                       "sport for all" and to allow everybody,
                                                                                       regardless of sporting ability and
Day (motto: "Friendship Through            4 Artillery Regiment, Military Vete-        rank, to show up on the start line. It
Sport") on 20 February 2009. The event     rinary Institute, North West Area           was also an opportunity to build
is also observed internationally to pro-   Military Health Unit, 1 Tactical Intel-     endurable relations between our
mote sport in the military, in particu-    ligence Regiment, Artillery Mobili-         organisation and international sports
lar the International Sports Council       sation Regiment and 102 Field               organisations, armed forces and gov-
Day. The soldiers are invited to partic-   Workshop Unit.                              ernments. He also thanked the neigh-
ipate either in running or skiing              In his address to the participants,     bouring units for their participation on
events to promote peace. The Army          Col Phillip van Dyk, Officer Com-           this important historical day.

                                                                          APRIL 2009                     SA SOLDIER

     Mastering the finer
     arts of musketry
      Article and photos by                      could discuss issues of mutual interest    tem training (FIRST) simulator train-
      S Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole                     and concern and how to improve the         ing used by the SA Army to the dele-

                                                 musketry training within the SA Army       gates. He emphasised that simulators
               o enhance the actual combat       based on the competition's set of rules.   were a very cost-effective training
               fitness and rifle expertise       In addition it was intended to             asset, with shooter performance and a
               among personnel, it is essen-     exchange ideas and gain better insight     monitoring system that records or
               tial that Riflemen undergo        into worldwide musketry issues.            measures the shot on and wide of the
               regular cross-country assault         Numerous officials presented           target, trigger finger control, pressure
               training, carrying and using      papers, Lt Col Tshepo Seakamo from         and breathing control, sight position-
               the rifle expertly under all      Chief Defence Materiél spoke about         ing and follow-through, after which
      conditions to improve their musketry       the African warrior, new soldier of the    the shot can be measured electronical-
      skills and to handle weapon systems        future and new development, specifi-       ly before you fire live rounds on the
      professionally to be able to defend the    cally with regard to musketry how it       range.
      sovereignity and intergrity of the         fitted into the global picture. Mr             Major Joseph Carnagie and WO2
      Republic and its people.                   Hennie Vermaak from Pretoria Metal         Ritchie Hinnit from the British Peace
           1 SA Tank Regiment, under the         Press (PMP) discussed new trends and       Support and Advisory Team pre-
      auspices of Chief Army Force               developments concerning ammuni-            sented the United Kingdom Musket-
      Preparation, held the second SA Army       tion for small, medium and large           ry, while the SA Army presented
      Combat Rifle Shooting Competition          arms.                                      new strategy and complex war fight-
      for Regular and Reserve Force mem-             Mr Gerrie van der Merwe from           ing in built-up and urban areas, moun-
      bers at General De Wet Classification      British Aerospace Landystem also pre-      tains, jungles and desert areas to the
      Range in Bloemfontein from 2 to 7          sented the fixed installation rifle sys-   delegates.
      March 2009.
           Altogether 272 shottists (Regular
      Force), 310 (Reserves) and two foreign
      teams (Botswana and Lesotho Defence
      Forces) took part in this year's compe-
      tition - double the number compared
      to last year's participants.
           R4 and R5 rifles were used during
      the championships and the competi-
      tors fired between ranges of 100 m and
      200 m. There were Table 2 shooting
      groupings with four exercises in 200 m
      and two exercises in 100 m - five
44    rounds per exercise.
           During the championships, indi-
      viduals and teams had the opportuni-
      ty to participate in different competi-
      tions to accumulate points. Based on
      the number of points they scored, the
      winners of the individual and rank cat-
      egory as well as best teams and devel-
      opment teams were determined.
           On the first day of the competition   Brig Gen J.D. Malan, Director Army Doctrine and Policy (right), handing
      the musketry seminar was held at the       over a gold medal to WO1 P. Peschel from the School of Armour, while
      School of Armour where delegates           Mr M. Andrade from BST Landsystem looks on.

     SA SOLDIER                     APRIL 2009
                                                                                                  Rfn N.V. Mofokeng from
                                                                                                  5 SAI Bn (runner-up)
                                                                                                  Rfn M.M. Phatlane from
                                                                                                  5 SAI Bn (third place)

                                                                                                  Team category foreign
                                                                                                  Lesotho Defence Force
                                                                                                  Botswana Defence Force

                                                                                                  Reserve Force
                                                                                                   OPEN CATEGORY
                                                                                                       Ten gold medals were
                                                                                                   awarded to the ten best
Members of the Reserve Force participating in the shooting competition at                          1. WO2 A.F. Smythe
the Gen De Wet Classification Range.
                                                                                                       (Natal Carbineers)
                                                                                                   2. Cpl J.H. Karsten
    Our African brothers were intro-       the overall skills of the soldiers and to         (Regiment President Steyn)
duced to the simulators at the School      learn to use a rifle as the main weapon.    3.    Lt E. Irle (Witwatersrand Rifles)
of Armour to get the feeling of how to     They wanted to improve scores com-          4.    L Cpl R.W. Mentor
use the assault rifle of the SA Army, as   pared with last year, concluded the               (Regiment President Steyn)
it was the first time they shot with R4    Colonels.                                   5.    Lt J. Loock (Witwatersrand Rifles)
and R5 rifles. Then they were taken to                                                 6.    Bdr W.J. de Wet
the range for a live firing practice       Regular Force competition                         (Vrystaat Artillery Regiment)
before the actual competition started.     OPEN CATEGORY                               7.    Cpl K. Vos (SA Irish)
Lastly, the rules of the competition           Ten gold medals were awarded to         8.    Rfn R. Dalgleish
were explained to them.                    the ten best overall SA Army shottists:           (Witwatersrand Rifles)
    SA Soldier spoke to Lt Col Mau-        1. WO1 P. Peschel (School of Armour)        9.    Rfn S.J. Minnie
tenyane Mautenyane, Team Manager           2. Maj H. Terblanche                              (Cape Town Rifles)
of the Botswana Defence Force Team,            (1 Special Service Battalion)           10.   Lt P.G. Bekker
who was impressed with the con-            3. Capt W. Gerryts (Infantry School)              (Regiment President Steyn)
duct on the range and the fine shoot-      4. S Sgt J.J. Strydom (School of Armour)
ing standards of their South African       5. Cpl D.P.J. de Bus (School of Armour)     WHITE HORSE TROPHY
counterparts.                              6. S Sgt R.C. Els (School of Armour)        (Regular vs Reserve units)
    "We are here to establish existing     7. WO1 G.J. van Vollenstee                  School of Armour (winners)
friendships with our neighbouring              (ASB KwaZulu-Natal)                     1 Special Service Battalion
countries. It is the first time we have    8. Sgt A.H. Beukes                          (runners-up)
used R4 and R5 rifles, but the intro-          (8 SA Infantry Battalion)               Regiment President Steyn (third place)
duction we had on the simulators and       9. Maj W. de Jong (School of Armour)
the live firing practice on the range      10. Lt Col R. Botha                         GOLD CUP TROPHY (Teams)
boosted our confidence. You cannot             (School of Tactical Intelligence)       Regiment President Steyn (winners)
tell that it was the first time because                                                Vrystaat Artillery Regiment
our teams have done relatively well,"      TEAM CATEGORY                               (runners-up)
concluded Lt Col Mautenyane.                   Eight shottists per team (including a   Natal Carbineers (third place)
    Colonel RC Brand, Senior Staff         team captain and a team manager)
Officer (SSO) Education, Training and      School of Armour (winners)                  REMBRANDT TROPHY
Development, and Col Ray van               1 Special Service Battalion (runners-up)    (Individuals)
Zanten, SSO Infantry Reserve and           School of Tactical Intelligence (third      WO2 A.F. Smythe (Natal Carbineers)
Chairperson of the SA Army Reserve         place)                                      - winner
Shooting Association spoke to SA                                                       Cpl J.H. Karsten (Regiment President
Soldier. They said this competition was    NOVICE CATEGORY                             Steyn) - runner-up
a joint initiative between the SA Army     Rfn V.K. Khwerana from 5 SAI Bn             Lt E. Irle (Witwatersrand Rifles)
and Reserve Force Council to improve       (winner)                                    - third place

                                                                           APRIL 2009                     SA SOLDIER

      Never give up

      By Chaplain Brenda Siqaza
      (DOD TSU)

               ife is a journey full of surpris-
               es. There's a reason for what-
               ever happens in your life.
               When you meet challenges
               never think of quitting or
               dying, hating yourself, never,
               never, never give up.
          In times of sorrow, tribulation,
      persecution, difficulties, storm and
      hunger, when nothing seems to be
      possible, when nobody encourages
      you, when friends are turning against
      you, when there is no hope, no
      money in your pocket, never give up.
      Always strive to reach the goals you
      have set for yourself. "A hero is an
      ordinary individual who finds the
      strength to persevere and has courage
      in spite of overwhelming obstacles."
          In Luke chapter eight verses 43
      to 48, the Bible tells us about a woman
      who for twelve years suffered from
      severe bleeding. She had spent all
      she had on doctors, but no one had
      been able to cure her. Then she heard
      about the Healer, Jesus Christ, and          Chaplain Brenda Siqaza.
      through her determination to get
46    healed she believed that if only she         where you are going to get money.            Season of joy
      could touch the hem of His garment           God is Jehovah, Jireh, the Lord. Your        Season of getting back
      she would be healed. She never gave          Provider will provide. Maybe you             what you have lost
      up. Where there is no hope He                want a house, never give up, in the          Never give up. You can still surpass
      becomes hope.                                fullness of time you will receive.           all expectations.
          It does not matter what your sick-       Never give up.                               Accept no limits for good work.
      ness is and what people have named               Your season has come                     Do not let people water down your
      you, never give up. Seek healing and             Season of healing                    faith by their "it can't be done"
      you will be healed. You might be fac-            Season of peace                      attitudes.
      ing problems in your life, but never             Season to be loved                       In God our Lord the word impossi-
      give up. Perhaps you want to start a             Season to prosper                    ble does not exist, but in Him and
      business, but you are asking yourself            Season to be above and not beneath   through Him everything is possible.

     SA SOLDIER                        APRIL 2009


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