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SA Corrections Jul09.pdf - Scooping hundreds of medals at

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       Viva       Corrections     Honouring                          Airwaves are
                           MANAGEMENT NEWS
   Imbeleko           Contact       women                              cooking in

              3        centre
                  opens lines6                                   9      Brandvlei
                                                                            JULY/AUGUST 2009

                     Scooping hundreds
                     of medals at
                     international games
                     By Tshifhiwa Magadani and Braam Scheepers

                                                       A triumphant DCS team of 134
                                                          sportswomen and men returned
                                                            from Canada on 12 August
                                                              bringing home with them 216

                                JULY/AUGUST 2009                                            
                                              MANAGEMENT NEWS
SA Corrections Today is the national         From the editor...                                  mitment of DCS officials.
internal newsletter of the Department                                                              Project Imbeleko, initiated by the Ministry,

of Correctional Services, Republic of              his year will probably go down as a dif-      has sparked a renewed interest in the care of
South Africa                                       ficult year for most South Africans and       babies behind bars. Perhaps it is opportune to
                                                   for the rest of the world due to the global   take this initiative further to the visiting areas
                                             recession. However, it is in such times that        in our correctional centres.
                                             one should focus on factors that are causes           The UK’s Prison Service News recently
                                             for optimism. DCS members’ sport achieve-           reported on the effectiveness of their newly
                                             ments in Canada in August are a strong indi-        established children and family visiting
                                             cation that we can be counted on as some of         rooms. They reckoned that since a significant
                                             the best in the world.                              number of their offenders were fathers, they
                                               If one also consider ordinary members’            wanted to encourage safe and friendly con-
                                             compassion and selflessness on Mandela Day          tact between offender fathers and their chil-
                                             and the total effect their outreach projects        dren. And so an idea was born.
                                             have had on the poor and neglected, then it           Some of their NGO partners warmed to
                                             is easy to have faith in the abilities and com-     the idea of strengthening the parenting role
                                                                                                                   of male offenders and helped
                                                                                                                    them to establish child-
                                                                                                                    friendly rooms complete
                                                                                                                    with toys and books. It is
                                                                                                                    hoped that such parent-
                                                                                                                    child contact will aid the re-
                                                                                                                    habilitation process of their
                                                                                                                    offenders. And they might
                                                                                                                    be right.

Patron: Minister of Correctional
Services, Deputy Minister of
Correctional Services
Editor in Chief: Bheki Manzini
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Layout Editor: Nathan van den Bergh
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The opinions expressed in SA
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The editor reserves the right to alter any         aid Martie Van Eeden (DD Offender             save it and distribute it wisely.”
contribution or not to publish it.                 Information), “Knowing how to op-               Learning how to operate the MIS pro-
                                                   erate the MIS enables members to              gramme is fairly simple. However, it was
Letters to the editor that are published     handle offender enquiries hassle-free. If           a bit disappointing that members did not
in this newsletter represent the personal    you are a manager, the system will help             respond so keenly with their attend-
view of the writers and do not reflect the   you be a better manager because you                 ance.
views of the Department of Correctional      will know the nitty-gritty of the business            Mr Nkambule also regretted the ongo-
Services. The editor reserves the right      of corrections, particularly offender infor-        ing non-compliance that leads to the MIS
to amend or reject letters. Letters should   mation.”                                            link being updated late. “We are sup-
be sent to The Editor, SA Corrections          The training sessions were prompted by            posed to update the link on the third of
Today, Private Bag X136, Pretoria            the fact that correctional officials, includ-       every month with offender information
0001 and must be clearly marked “For         ing senior managers, kept on frequenting            from the 238 correctional centres. How-
publication in SA Corrections Today”.        the Information Management Directorate              ever, we cannot update the system as
It can also be e-mailed to:                  to request information that is available            and when we please because we only                   on every member’s computer, had they                load 100% accurate information. If one
                                             known how to access it.                             centre misses the deadline, we cannot
Copyright is reserved on all material in
                                               Joseph Nkambule (ASD Offender Infor-              update,” he said.
this publication. Permission has to be
                                             mation) conducted the sessions with the               Further dates of the ongoing course will
sought in writing.
                                             theme, “Information is the new currency,            be announced on the intranet.

2                                                     SA Corrections Today
                                                 MANAGEMENT NEWS
                                                                                                  Deputy Minister Hlengiwe Mkhize connects
                                                                                                  with one of the baby’s in the Eastern Cape’s
                                                                                                  Female Correctional Centre during the
                                                                                                  launch of the Imbeleko project.

                                                                                                  floor makes room for a carpet as babies spend
                                                                                                  lots of time on the floor. It is also here where
                                                                                                  colour should abound and space be created
                                                                                                  for a crèche complete with toys and a play-
                                                                                                  ground. The normal development of these
                                                                                                  toddlers is of paramount importance as well
                                                                                                  as exposure to the external environment.
                                                                                                    Eastern Cape Female Correctional Cen-
                                                                                                  tre lived up to all these expectations when
                                                                                                  Deputy Minister Hlengiwe Mkhize launched
                                                                                                  project Imbeleko at this East London facility
                                                                                                  on 26 August. With the help of NGOs, busi-
                                                                                                  ness and individuals as far afield as Port Eliz-
                                                                                                  abeth, the mother-and-baby communal cell,
                                                                                                  the crèche and the playground were trans-

Viva Imbeleko
By Estelle Coetzee

Eastern Cape Female Correctional Centre was abuzz on 26
August this year as preparations for the launch of the Imbeleko                                   Service providers who answered the call for
                                                                                                  assistance establishing a warm and friendly
project culminated into a successful event.                                                       environment in the crèche interact with

                                                                                                  some of the babies.
          lmost at the onset of their term in     With the Imbeleko initiative, the department
          May this year, Minister Nosivi-       is sending out a call to communities to pro-      formed into pastel-coloured cots and beds,
          we Mapisa-Nqakula and Deputy          vide the traditional warm skin, to hold these     colourful bed linen, neat curtains covering
         Minister Hlengiwe Mkhize made          babies close to their hearts and provide love     the window bars, lots of toys and a carpet in
          their intentions clear about the      and care so that they can return to society and   the crèche, and a simple yet functional play-
           plight of babies in correctional     grow up in a normal family situation.             ground in the courtyard.
            centres.                                                                                Both the Deputy Minister and the Regional
              Although the law determines                                                         Commissioner for Eastern Cape, Nontsikelelo
            that incarcerated mothers with                                                        Jolingana reiterated the department’s resolve
                   babies younger than two                                                        that “prison is not a place for children”.
                       years may keep their                                                         “Developmental psychologists have taught
                       infants with them                                                          us that the children’s physical, emotional, so-
                        behind bars it does                                                       cial and intellectual needs must all be met if
                         not prevent social                                                       they are to enjoy life, develop their full poten-
                          workers to seek                                                         tial and grow into participating, contributing
                          and find alterna-                                                       adults. There is no doubt the environment is
                          tive care for them                                                      of overriding importance to the development
                       before they reach                                                          of the child,” said Deputy Minister Mkhize.
                             the age of two,                                                        Further explaining Imbeleko project, the
                              should the cir-                                                     deputy minister said it “is a two-pronged
                                                Simple yet effective. The playground attests
                              cumstances of     to the fact that initiative and motivation        strategy which seeks to do what is in the best
                            the baby allow
                                                drive achievement.                                interest of the child. Firstly, we seek to cre-
                     for it.                      Imbeleko is a two-pronged strategy. Firstly,    ate a child friendly environment within our
                       Hence the birth of       it is about looking at alternative placement of   facilities, while the children are with their
                            project Imbeleko,   babies out of correctional centres. Secondly,     incarcerated mothers. Secondly, we seek to
                      which evokes the Af-      it focuses internally by creating conducive       find alternative, secure protection centres,
                      rican tradition of em-    environments for babies.                          either with the extended family or govern-
                       bracing a new born         At practical level in a correctional centre     ment institutions or private homes for these
                        and in this context     Imbeleko translates into establishing a warm      children.”
                        it invites the com-     and baby-friendly environment in the sec-           In 2008 the Correctional Services Act was
                       munity to embrace        tions where the mothers are kept with their       amended and one of the key features was to
                      babies behind bars.       babies. It is here where the usual cold cell      Continued on page 4

                                                         JULY/AUGUST 2009                                                                        
                                                      MANAGEMENT NEWS

Continued from page 3                             impact on their development.                       closely with the Imbeleko initiative . One
                                                    In August 2009 there were a total of 168 ba-     such is to entice community members to
                                                  bies within correctional centres. The regional     adopt a baby for a weekend so that the ba-
reduce the age at which babies stayed with        breakdown was as follows:                          bies can gradually become familiar with the
their incarcerated mothers from five to two       •    Gauteng – 87                                  outside world.
years. This amendment followed intensive          •    LMN – 20                                        The Branch Development and Care, in
desk research by the Directorate Social Work      •    KwaZulu-Natal – 23                            partnership with the Deputy Minister’s office
Services in which they compared internation-      •    Free State/Northern Cape – 12                 embraces the Imbeleko initiative, which is
al models. Practical research was conducted       •    Western Cape – 19                             to be spearheaded by the Directorate Social
by Nicro (2006) within DCS facilities attest-     •    Eastern Cape – 9                              Work Services in all the regions in order to
ing to the idea that keeping babies behind          Regional Commissioner Jolingana ex-              improve the lives of babies of incarcerated
bars beyond two years of age has an adverse       plained her region’s initiatives that tie in       mothers.

                                                                                                     Experts who are on course to establish
                                                                                                     the link between a person’s mental health
                                                                                                     status and the crimes they commit

                                                                                                     that will help us deal better with offenders in
                                                                                                     our care,” she said.
                                                                                                       Elaborating further she explained, “We
                                                                                                     want to determine whether the law adequately
                                                                                                     guides us in the trial processes and incarcera-
                                                                                                     tion of people with mental health challenges.
                                                                                                     We are in the process of reviewing the crimi-
                                                                                                     nal justice system. Experts need to contrib-

Medical experts research crime
                                                                                                     ute to this significant change so that proper
                                                                                                     amendments could be made,” she said.
                                                                                                       Prof Dan Mkize set the pace with his pres-

patterns                  By Molatelo Mokumo
                                                                                                     entation, saying that men and women with
                                                                                                     mental illnesses are more likely to be con-
                                                                                                     victed of violent crimes. He added that drug
At a workshop attended by mental health experts and hosted                                           abuse has contributed to the increase of
by Deputy Minister, Ms Hlengiwe Mkhize to discuss the                                                crime.
link between a person’s mental health status and the crime                                             Prof Anni Hesselink also attempted to solve
                                                                                                     the puzzle with her presentation on determin-
committed, the department was asked to develop a model for                                           ing the contributions of experts in the design,
managing recidivism (repeat offending) and establish a strategy                                      implementation and monitoring of effective
for managing the mentally ill in its centres.                                                        rehabilitation programmes in correctional

      he workshop, held on 25 August at the            programmes aimed at such inmates                Prof Tholene Sodi shared lessons learned
      national office was attended by revered     •    little collaboration for obtaining histori-   from strategies to reduce recidivism by not-
      giants in the fields of criminology, psy-        cal data about such offenders                 ing that cases that attract media attention of-
chiatry and psychology. They included Prof        •    the concept of mental illness is not          ten also attract the attention of psychologists,
Dan Mkize (Head of Clinical Medicine,                  widely understood.
University of KwaZulu-Natal), Prof Annie
Hesselink (Specialist Counselor in Criminol-        Deputy Minister Mkhize said there were
ogy, UNISA) and Prof Tholene Sodi (Clini-         two major challenges in the department,
cal Psychologist, University of Venda).           namely overcrowding and recidivism. “Our
  Within the context of recidivism and over-      facilities are almost 200% full. It is disturb-
crowding in correctional centres, experts are     ing to see offenders being rearrested hardly
seeking to discover the root causes of the        six months after their release. It is further
situation.                                        discouraging because they move from petty
  Prof Mkize said medical health experts in       crimes to aggressive crimes.”
South Africa have never attempted to inves-         Departmental statistics reveal that the age
tigate whether there is a link between a per-     at which people commit serious and violent         Prof Dan Mkize presenting the first
son’s mental health status and the crime they     crimes are getting younger and younger.            objective of the workshop.
committed. In view of this it was agreed that     The Deputy Minister said patterns such as          psychiatrists and criminologists while low
the department should decide on the approach      this have prompted her to arrange the work-        key cases, though equally serious and hor-
to follow, particularly with regard to manag-     shop. “We want to, through the wisdom of           rific in nature, escape this kind of attention.
ing the mental health of the imprisoned.          experts, ascertain whether the mental health         Many topics for research were raised by
  The experts learned about some of the chal-     status of offenders have contributed towards       participants from the department. Some of
lenges the department face in this regard:        them committing the type of crimes they are        them were: managing offenders who com-
•    undiagnosed cases of mental illness          serving time for. We hope that through your        mitted substance-induced crimes, screening
     among incarcerated offenders                 knowledge in the field of health and criminol-     offenders for psychological disorders and
•    insufficient resources for rehabilitation    ogy and related practices, we can get answers      referrals to psychiatric hospitals.

                                                          SA Corrections Today
                                                  MANAGEMENT NEWS
                                                                                                 Officials view the live transmission of court
                                                                                                 proceedings as offender Patrick Mawela
                                                                                                 (not real name) appears for culpable

                                                                                                   “It will mean that we do not have to trans-
                                                                                                 port remand detainees to and from the courts.
                                                                                                 It will reduce labour and transport costs. We
                                                                                                 will no longer bear the risk of escapes dur-
                                                                                                 ing transportation to and from the courts. The
                                                                                                 risk of smuggling of illegal substances will
                                                                                                 be minimal because once detainees reach our
                                                                                                 facilities, they will only be moved once their
                                                                                                 fate has been decided,” explained Mr Gov-
                                                                                                   “This is a great achievement and it will re-
                                                                                                 duce the risk to staff and the public as we
                                                                                                 strive to create a safer environment for all
                                                                                                 South Africans. The system will enable us
                                                                                                 to comply with the security regulations that
                                                                                                 require us to minimise the risk to the public

Video solution for detainees
                                                                                                 when moving detainees between locations,”
                                                                                                 added Mr Govender who is also the project
                                                                                                 leader of the broadcast solution.

awaiting trial                               By Molatelo Mokumo
                                                                                                   Mr Damons was among those who wit-
                                                                                                 nessed the testing on 28 August and he was

The effective management of detainees in correctional centres
who are awaiting trial has been a headache for the department
for a long while as it consumes a lot of resources in terms of
staff, overcrowding and finances.

        eedless to say, the department has been detainees and the magistrates tried them
        searching for solutions to some of the for various offences live from the magis-
        most pressing issues and it seems that trate court. The project was initially piloted
the time for relief has come in the form of in 2005 and 2006 at St Albans Correctional
technology.                                     Centre in the Eastern Cape.                   Trial proceedings are followed in real time
                                                                                              on the television screen.
  The Chief Directorate Remand Detention         Given the recession and the belt tightening
Systems and Security headed by Deputy measures that have hit the country and the ecstatic that the project was kicking off. He
Commissioner Willem Damons is on the department, the new system is, according to said the Department of Justice and Consti-
verge of implementing a broadcast so-                                                               tutional Development will become the
lution that will see remand detainees                                                               owner of the system and that depart-
being put on trial from within correc-                                                              ment will be responsible for its costs.
tional centres via a live satellite broad-                                                            “We are ready to implement this solu-
cast service.                                                                                       tion. Pretoria will be the first to go live
  The system involves cameras and                                                                   and 21 other centres will follow in this
monitors in two locations: in a court                                                               financial year. Forty seven magistrates’
room from where a magistrate or judge                                                               courts countrywide will be linked up to
will preside and a substitute court room                                                            the system during the first phase that in-
inside a correctional centre where the                                                              volves 22 centres,” he said.
offender will be seated. The trial will be                                                            The plan is to roll out the system to
transmitted live between the two loca-                                                              another nine centres in the 2010/11 fi-
tions via satellite recording.                                                                      nancial year.
  Witnesses, family members of the                                                                    At Pretoria Central, four rooms have
accused, the public and an interpreter, Remand detainee Patrick Sebanyoni’s (not real name) trial been set aside to serve as court rooms.
where needed, will still be attending a continues via live transmission.                              The success of the Video Arraignment
trial at the court room from where they                                                             Solution will go a long way towards
will follow proceedings.                        Mr Collin Govender (Director Security and easing the burden that came with the belt-
  The Video Arraignment Solution, as it has Infrastructure), exactly what the doctor have tightening measures to contain expenditure
been dubbed, was tested live on 28 August ordered. He said once the system is fully op- in the department. Of late budgets had to be
between Pretoria Correctional Centre and the erational, it will save the department millions shifted to make ends meet and the predica-
Pretoria Magistrate Court.                      of rands, time and bring relief from adminis- ment is said to remain until the end of the
  For the testing officials posed as remand trative red tape.                                 current financial year.

                                                         JULY/AUGUST 2009                                                                    5
                                                    MANAGEMENT NEWS

                                                                                                    are being visited by friends and family. This
                                                                                                    does not bode well for the eventual reinte-
                                                                                                    gration back into society when offenders are
                                                                                                    released as family ties are not strengthened
                                                                                                    when families do not visit their loved ones
                                                                                                    behind bars.
                                                                                                      In future offender visitors will call the con-
                                                                                                    tact centre to schedule their visit ahead of
                                                                                                    time. However, this is only part of phase 2
                                                                                                    of the project.
                                                                                                      Ms Schreiner said the contact centre can
                                                                                                    only be successful if management explores
                                                                                                    all its avenues and put it to good use.
                                                                                                      The custodian of the contact centre, DC
                                                                                                    GITO, Jack Shilubane, talked about another
                                                                                                    feature of the centre, that being its tracking
                                                                                                    device. ”We will be able to monitor the re-
                                                                                                    sponse time to calls and enquiries and there-
                                                                                                    by know how efficient we are in providing
                                                                                                    certain kinds of information.”
                                                                                                      Tshego Moyo, who is seven months into
                                                                                                    her job as a call centre agent described the
                                                                                                    experience of working with offender enquir-
Agents Joel Ntabane and Omphi Kepadisa showing DC Phiko Mbambo from the office of the
Commissioner and Western Cape RC James Smalberger how to operate the contact centre

Corrections Contact Centre
opens lines to officials
By Molatelo Mokumo

Acting National Commissioner Ms Jenny Schreiner marked yet
another milestone that enhances information access when she
launched the first phase of the Corrections Contact Centre (CCC)
for members’ use on 29 July.

                                                                                                    DC GITO, Jack Shilubane and FS & NC
      he contact centre serves as a single point   will certainly ease the load on my shoulders     Regional Commissioner Zack Modise
      of entry into the department for the pur-    and I’m glad this day has come,” he said be-     observe how agent Ingrid Da Fonseca
      pose of enhancing front office service       fore leading the Acting National Commis-         assists callers.

delivery and quality of service.                   sioner to officially launch the centre.          ies as eye opening particularly because she
  The launch started with a presentation of          “Our biggest challenge is to transform         knew nothing about Correctional Services
the centre’s planned and current programmes,       Correctional Services. Today we are imple-       when she took up the job. Some of the com-
followed by a tour of the facilities where 22      menting another milestone envisaged in the       mon enquiries they were dealing with were
call agents were on duty to guide the visi-        White Paper. We have delivered phase one         about the OSD and 7-day establishment.
tors.                                              by opening the centre to the internal publics.     Correctional officials are reminded to make
  The call centre agents flaunted their musi-                                                       use of the contact centre for any workplace
cal skills by singing a tune, ‘avulekile ama-      Correctional officials are                       related enquiry, be it about how many leave
sango’, meaning the heavens have opened                                                             credits you have to requests for documenta-
up for the department to prosper through the
                                                   reminded to make use of the                      tion.
contact centre.                                    contact centre for any workplace                   Two matters are guaranteed; one being that
  The department’s spokesperson, DC Com-           related enquiry                                  someone will always answer your call and
munications Manelisi Wolela expressed a                                                             secondly, someone will always get back to
sense of relief that the contact centre will       We must still work hard to make it a service     you with an answer, even if it takes a while.
ease the load of enquiries he has to deal with     delivery tool for all people of South Africa,”
on a daily basis.                                  Ms Schreiner said.
  ”My private line has been listed as an en-         She gave an example in which the contact       Dial your call centre now for any
quiry number of the department. I have to en-      centre can practically enhance service de-       staff-related query at

                                                                                                    0860 27 2273
tertain all sorts of enquiries, including people   livery. The department is concerned about
looking for employment sometimes in the            the low visitation rates its offenders experi-
wee hours of the morning. The contact centre       ence. Currently only about 27% of offenders

                                                           SA Corrections Today
                                      MANAGEMENT NEWS

New smoking legislation
in force                     Sapa

Two pieces of legislation that dramatically increase smoking
fines and crack down on tobacco companies have been signed
into law, the National Council Against Smoking said in August.

     he acts make it illegal for adults to      enclosed” public places such as covered
     smoke in a car where there is a child      patios, verandas, balconies, walkways
     under 12, and pave the way for pic-        and parking areas.
ture warnings such as diseased lungs on           Nor was it allowed on premises,
cigarette packs.                                including private homes used for
  “The new laws will have dramatic, im-         commercial childcare activities, or for        Also in the pipeline were regulations
portant and far-ranging effects on public       schooling or tutoring.                       to keep smoking away from entrances
health and the tobacco industry’s mar-            The tobacco industry was no longer         to buildings, and restrict it in sports sta-
keting activities,” said council director Dr    permitted to hold “parties” or use “viral”   diums, railway platforms, bus stops and
Yussuf Saloojee. Saloojee said fines for        marketing to target young people.            outdoor dining areas.
smoking or allowing smoking in a non-             The sale of tobacco products to and by       Saloojee said tobacco killed 44 000
smoking area increased with immediate           people under 18 years was prohibited,        South Africans every year, three times
effect.                                         as was the sale of confectionery or toys     more than vehicle accidents. “Our efforts
  The fine for the owner of a restaurant,       resembling tobacco products.                 to reduce the death toll will be helped by
pub, bar or workplace that breached the           The use of picture-based health warn-      the new legislation,” he said.
smoking laws was now a maximum of               ings on tobacco packaging would come           Prevalence of adult smoking in South
R50 000, and for the individual smoker          into effect only later this year, because    Africa had fallen by a third in the past
R500.                                           the health ministry was still finalising     decade, from 32 percent in 1995 to 22
  Smoking was now illegal in “partially         regulations.                                 percent in 2006.

                                                                                             and on the march that started the Sowe-
                                                                                             to uprising. They were protesting the use
                                                                                             of Afrikaans in schools. A reward was
                                                                                             posted for his capture and one afternoon
                                                                                             security police checked every student
                                                                                             leaving the grounds. Mashinini, who was
                                                                                             a prefect at Morris Isaacson, escaped
                                                                                             detection by dressing up as a girl. After
                                                                                             the march he never slept at home again
                                                                                             and fled the country two months later.
                                                                                               “Young officials should not be known
                                                                                             for their absenteeism, corruption or dis-
                                                                                             missals, but rather comply with the poli-
                                                                                             cies and regulations of the department,”
                                                                                             Nomandla said.
                                                                                               The young officials who attended the
Young officials elected onto Rooigrond’s Youth Structure did their first community service   launch participated in serious discus-
by cleaning the windows of a school for the disabled.
                                                                                             sions around their role in 2010, relation-

Youth reminded of history                                                                    ships in the work environment, HIV and
                                                                                             AIDS, drug and substance abuse and
                                                                                             career pathing.
By Lewies Davids                                                                               Keynote speaker Rev. Obakeng Ditsh-
                                                                                             wene said that officials should at an early
A Youth Structure for Rooigrond Management Area was                                          stage of their careers ensure that they
launched with a bang on 29 August this year. The structure will                              prioritise skills development and educa-
serve officials younger than 35 years.                                                       tion.
                                                                                               In a demonstration of their determina-

      ead of Rooigrond Correctional             were addressed”. Nomandla mentioned          tion to make a difference, the elected
      Centre Mr Jimmy Nomandla re-              Tsietsi Mashinini who is not known to        youth structure and about 80 other
      minded the young officials of the         many young officials today. At 8am on        young officials went to Retlhametswe
history of South Africa by saying, “the         June 16, 1976 Tsietsi Mashinini inter-       school for disabled children to pick up
youth of South Africa had assembled in          rupted the school assembly to lead the       garbage, clean the school yard and wash
small units to ensure that their issues         first group of students out of the gates     windows.

                                                        JULY/AUGUST 2009                                                               7
                                                                       S TA F F N E W S
                                                                                                   Mr Vaughan Owen Feder explaining the
                                                                                                   conditions of the Occupation Specific
                                                                                                   Dispensation to his colleagues Mr Shaiks
                                                                                                   Seatile and Mr Rantlane Molemela

                                                                                                   •    implementing measures to reduce mis-
                                                                                                        use of state funds
                                                                                                  •     utilising various compliance and im-
                                                                                                        provement tools, and monitoring and
                                                                                                        evaluation systems to ensure efficient,
                                                                                                        economical, transparent and account-
                                                                                                        able administration in the work place.
                                                                                                    He advises that officials need to practice
Good Governance ambassador tells                                                                  good governance at their respective work-
                                                                                                  places in order to become effective and pro-
how he achieved success                                                                           fessional in executing their work. Vaughan
                                                                                                  believes that all correctional officials have
By Puleng Mokhoane                                                                                the potential to showcase examples of excel-
Officials in the Free State and Northern Cape proved during                                         When asked whether his winning has in-
the Corrections Excellence Awards held earlier this year that                                     spired him to do more at work he answered,
                                                                                                  “Human beings need to be patted on their
individual excellence was in abundance in the region.                                             shoulders as a sign of acknowledgement of

       epresenting the region’s winning team place,“ he explained. .                              the good work they do in their field. This
       were Mr Vaughan Owen Feder (Good             Vaughan works as the Area Coordinator: award has inspired me to change the way I
       Governance award), Mr Johannes Prin- Corporate Services at Grootvlei. He has con- do things and start to work smarter. It has
sloo (Public Safety award) and Ms Seipati tributed towards placing Grootvlei Manage- made me even more sensitive towards com-
Dichabe (Masibambisane award).                                                                        pliance, more effective, open and trans-
  Vaughan explains how he bagged the                                                                  parent in my daily operations. But it has
Good Governance Award. He said when                                                                   also brought more pressure because all
his name was called that evening at Em-                                                               eyes are on me.”
perors Palace, his heart was beating fast                                                               “If circumstances allow me to enter in
with excitement.                                                                                      another category in future, I will partici-
  “Before the programme director an-                                                                  pate again. I don’t see it as a competition
nounced the first prize winner, I took                                                                but as a way of pushing myself to the
my wife’s hand and prayed. I then heard                                                               limit. I strive to be perfect in everything
my name being called. The moment was                                                                  I do and I take responsibility for all my
so great I cannot explain it in words.                                                                actions.”
Ascending the stage was like climbing                                                                   His then supervisor, Mr Langa Bikane
the steps to the Kingdom of God. I only                                                               who was the Area Commissioner of
later realized that I had achieved one of                                                             Grootvlei and is currently the Regional
the greatest milestones in my career.“                                                                Head: Corporate Services, said he would
  Vaughan said in the 23 years that he Routine checks: Mr Vaughan Owen Feder consulting with have been disappointed if Vaughan came
                                            his secretary Ms Sinah Xakane about business activities
has been with the department he always                                                                 back empty handed. He described Feder
tried his level best to comply with the de- ment Area in high esteem. Over time his ef- as a workaholic. “Feder remains focused in
partment’s Code of Conduct, policies and forts have led to:                                       everything he does. He is a hard-worker and
procedures and to live the White Paper on •            eliminating audit queries by ensuring always checks that whatever he does is with-
Corrections.                                           compliance                                 in the right policy framework of the depart-
  “I strive to be an ideal correctional official •     finalising disciplinary actions within the ment,” explained Mr Bikane.
at work. All my efforts have finally delivered         prescribed time frames                       Encouraging all his colleagues in the de-
results. I have a clear and decisive vision and •      reporting malpractices, fraud and cor- partment, Vaughan said, “Not all people can
goal in life which manifests to a high stand-          ruption to higher levels of authority      be chiefs. There has to be subjects of the chief
ard of service delivery. I went through all the •      developing anti-fraud and anti-cor- and all will be rewarded accordingly. All
categories and profiled myself as a candi-             ruption plans as proactive measures of members have God-given talents and abili-
date for Good Governance. I saw myself as              compliance                                 ties to shine. Members need to stay focused
a champion of efficiency and effectiveness, •          establishing an integrated debt and loss in life, make the right choices and decisions,
preventing corruption to ensure transforma-            control committees to recover debts due and share good practices and life experiences
tion and promoting integrity in my work                to the State                               with their fellow colleagues.”

                                                          SA Corrections Today
                                                              W O M E N ’ S D AY

IMBOKODO: the strength
of a woman
      ugust 9, 2009 marked 53 years since South African women led
      a massive protest march to the Union Building against the pass
      laws, which determined that people of colour had no freedom of
movement and had to carry passes with them all the time.
  In 1952 the Native Laws Amendment Act denied blacks access to
urban areas. In the same year the Natives Abolition of Passes and
Coordination of Documents Act was passed. According to this act,
all documents that black men were required to carry were replaced
with one document – the reference/pass book. It further stipulated that
African women had to also carry the reference book.
                                                                          Correctional officials Shanaaz de Klerk, Juanita Sass, Franzell
                                                                          Levendal and Jolene Crotz enjoying themselves at the occasion.

                                                                          Honouring women
                                                                               rea Commissioner, Jeremy Matheyse spoiled the female
                                                                               correctional officials of Drakenstein Management Area
                                                                               with a free breakfast to celebrate Women’s Month.
                                                                            The officials were inspired by the keynote speaker, Ms Eu-
                                                                          genia Jacobs, the local magistrate with her vibrant and dynam-
                                                                          ic presentation on the rights of women, especially within the
                                                                          domestic context. Besides being entertained by the chocolate
                                                                          dancers from Franschhoek and a pianist from Paarl, the wom-
                                                                          en jumped for joy when Mr Matheyse responded to a request
                                                                          and rendered an Elvis Presley song.

Fun in the sun: members and probationers enjoying a boat trip
during Women’s Month.

Mossel Bay mixes fun and
work on Women’s Day                                By Johan Pienaar

      uphemia Visser, social worker at Mossel Bay Correctional
      Centre did not let the department’s budget cuts and call for
      belt tightening prevent her from organising a special day
for her female colleagues and probationers during Women’s
Month as none of the activities she had organised had any fi-
nancial consequences for DCS.
The members started their day with a visit to the local provincial
hospital where astonished patients were cheered up, hugged
and each handed some reading material. Some members even
made their cellular phones available to patients for them to call
their families.
  Then it was off to the harbour where they boarded the Ro-
manza for a trip around Seals Island. Once the yacht left the             Acting Area Commissioner of Polokwane, Mr Arnold Sikhwivhilu
calm waters of the harbour, some of the women moved to safer              with Absa staff
positions while one or two tried to personify Kate Winslett in the
famous Titanic movie. While the boat trip was fun at the onset
for some, for others it meant the overcoming of fear.
  To round off the special day, the women gathered in the public
                                                                          Women benefit
                                                                          By Susan Minnaar
park for a traditional picnic and here they listened to a motiva-

tional speaker.                                                                 olokwane Correctional Centre was fortunate enough to receive
  The probationers, who are being monitored by Community                        baby clothes, toys, nappies, soap and baby powder from Absa
Corrections, spent their day after their boat trip on Santos                    Bank in view of Women’s Month. They made the donation on
beach where they participated in a sand castle competition, lis-          14 August.
tened to an expert on women issues and enjoyed a picnic on                 The Absa staff said they wanted to reach out to babies who were
the beach.                                                                with their mothers in correctional facilities.

                                                             JULY/AUGUST 2009
                                                           JULY/AUGUST 2009                                                                 9
                                                          M A N D E L A D AY

Extract from President Zuma’s address
“Mandela Day will be celebrated on 18 July each year. It will give people in South Africa and all over the
world the opportunity to do something good to help others. Madiba was politically active for 67 years, and
on Mandela Day people all over the world, in the workplace, at home and in schools, will be called upon to
spend at least 67 minutes of their time doing something useful within their communities, especially among
the less fortunate.”

                                                                           Children, youth, community members and officials gather around
In line: staff and children stand quietly for a moment of grace. At        the Mandela Statue after they had completed the fun walk in
the back third from right is Mr Kosie Sinclair, Area Commissioner of       Mandela Day.
Allandale Management Area.
                                                                           67 Minutes of goodwill at Drakenstein
Hawequa’s 67 minutes                                                       By Manfred Jacobs

H                                                                          O
       awequa Correctional Centre in Wellington has adopted the Blou              fficials and offenders at Drakenstein Management Area heeded
       Vlei Primary School in Wellington as part of its Madiba Day                the call of President Zuma to do something good for the many
       celebrations. Correctional officials have generated funds for the          poor and vulnerable people in our communities.
initiative out of their own pockets to feed the children of Blou Vlei.       Since the idea behind Mandela Day was to spend at least 67 minutes
                                                                           of one’s time doing good in the community, a group of 37 offenders
                                                                           (17 youth and 20 adults) were selected to clean the church grounds of
                                                                           the United Reformed Church in Paarl-East.
                                                                             Both the offenders and accompanying officials cleaned the almost
                                                                           three and a half hectares of church grounds. To crown the effort, a
                                                                           SABC news crew came to witness their work. Three offenders were
                                                                           given the opportunity to tell the rest of South Africa what Mandela
                                                                           Day meant to them and also what they endeavor to do on this day in
                                                                           future when they were no longer incarcerated.
                                                                             The officials back at Drakenstein also joined hands and responded
                                                                           positively to Area Commissioner, Jeremy Matheyse’s call to donate
                                                                           R40 each to purchase blankets and or to donate non-perishable food.
                                                                             Regional Commissioner James Smalberger handed over both the
                                                                           blankets and foodstuff to two needy organisations from the communi-
                                                                           ties of Franschhoek and Paarl respectively.
                                                                             Thereafter officials, school children and residents at Drakenstein
                                                                           walked the inaugural Liberty Fun walk, which covers the 3.5km road
67 Minutes spent with                                                      between Mandela House and the Mandela statue. A selected group of
                                                                           25 people then completed a relay walk from Madiba House to the of-

disabled persons                                                           fice of the Area Commissioner which ended in handing over a torch.
                                                                           The youngest torch carrier was four years old and he carried the torch
By Susan Minnaar
                                                                           about 300 meters.
                                                                             Area Commissioner Jeremy Matheyse received the torch at the ex-

     taff in the Area Commissioner’s office and Polokwane Correc-          act spot where Mr. Mandela got out of the vehicle for his first walk as
     tional Centre visited Polokwane Centenary House, a home for           a free person in 1990. Matheyse handed the torch over to the Regional
     the disabled, where they handed over non-perishable food dona-        Commissioner as the 27th recipient.
tions.                                                                       The event was rounded off by the marimba and brass band from
  Officials entertained the residents of Centenary House with danc-        Pollsmoor and the local youth offender band, Uprising Stars. At the
ing, and playing table tennis, fingerboard and soccer against them.        end everybody sang a birthday song for Tata Madiba.

0                                                         SA Corrections Today
                                                   M A N D E L A D AY 2 0 0 9

Offenders relish the rare opportunity of celebrating Mandela Day
with their families
                                                                      Mr Vusumzi Sontlaba (Acting Head: Dwarsrivier Correctional Centre)

Bringing families and                                                 with community members of Wolsely busy cleaning

offenders together                                                    Breede River on Madiba
By Advice Ramonnye
                                                                      Day         By Simphiwe Xaphe

T                                                                     B
     he expression, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
                                                                             reede River Management Area followed the call by President
     was significant for Klerksdorp Management Area when
                                                                             Jacob Zuma to spend at least 67 minutes rendering humanitar-
     they thought they should do more to bring families and
                                                                             ian service on 18 July in honour of former President Nelson
offenders together as part of the 67-minute campaign for Man-
                                                                      Rolihlahla Mandela’s birthday. The Management Area consists of
dela Day. Open days in which families of offenders visit them
                                                                      Robertson, Warmbokkeveld and Breede River Correctional Centres.
for a whole day were held at Potchefstroom Correctional Cen-
                                                                        Warmbokkeveld Correctional Centre led by the Head Correctional
tre on 16 and 17 July, on 23 and 24 July at Klerksdorp Centre
                                                                      Centre, Mr Vuyisile Koli, spent 67 minutes cleaning Sisonke Old Age
of Excellence, on 28 July at Wolmaranstad Satellite Unit and
                                                                      home in Nduli Township, Ceres. The cleaning focused on removing
Christiana Satellite Unit on 29 July.
                                                                      rubbish and weeds on the premises. About 10 officials were involved
                                                                      in this project.
                                                                        Dwarsrivier Correctional Centre went to Wolseley and assisted com-
                                                                      munity members in cleaning the streets of the town.
                                                                        Robertson Correctional Centre invited motivational speakers from
                                                                      the local municipality and a local economic development centre to
                                                                      address offenders on that day.
                                                                        Breede River’s Area Commissioner, Cecil Petersen, congratulated
                                                                      all those who volunteered and made the day a memorable one.

                                                                                                         Voorberg’s 67
Family reunion. The theme “Bringing families and offenders
together”, made it possible for the pictured offender to celebrate
Mandela Day with his family.                                                                             By Mariska Pietersen

  In his briefings to both offenders and their families, Area Com-                                             hirty eight learners of
missioner, Dr Rampou Mohoje said it was the first time for the                                                 Brandenberg Primary School
whole management area to have organised such a coordinated                                                     in the Voorberg Management
attempt at strengthening the bonds between families and of-                                              Area have received brand new
fenders.                                                                                                 school shoes and socks in view of
  “By doing this, we include families in the rehabilitation process                                      Madiba Day. The 38 learners were
as offenders come from families. The department wants to en-                                             identified by the head master as be-
sure that when offenders are released, they go to families that                                          ing most affected by poverty.
will welcome them back,” said Dr Mohoje. He lamented the fact                                              Brandenberg is a farm school
that every time a police vehicle brings an offender to the centre                                         and some of the learners walk two
                                                                      Area Commissioner of Voorberg,
to begin his sentence, one should know that the family or the         Mr. HJ Jansen hands out brand kilometres to school without shoes
community at large has failed that person.                            new school shoes and socks to a on in the winter, and Voorberg is a
  The events at each centre was characterised by a relaxed            happy beneficiary.
                                                                                                          cold place to be in during winter.
atmosphere, a braai and entertainment that spiced up the pro-           The staff of Voorberg Management Area gave true meaning to the
ceedings. These included songs rendered by offender choirs            expression, “The power of public good does not require public office,
and the Jouberton Marimba group.                                      just a well-placed heart and a determined mind”.

                                                         JULY/AUGUST 2009                                                                
                                                M A N D E L A D AY 2 0 0 9

Leading Madiba
celebrations in
style                    By Mapopozana Mashinini

Witbank Management Area started celebrating the
legacy of the world icon and leader of all time, ahead of
all scheduled celebrations on 17 July, days before his
birth date.

        house that was described by the       community work was Mpuma-
        Mayor of Steve Tshwete Munici-        langa MEC for Human Settle-
        pality, Mr Mathlakeng Mahlangu,       ment and rural development,
as being engulfed by social ills was          Mr Madala Masuku, Ms Zodwa
cleaned and restored to its former pride      Mahlangu from United Nations
by parolees a month earlier. On 17 July       and Mr Nhlanhla Khoza, HOD
the mayor handed it back to its owners,       for Safety and Security. These
the Maseko family from Tembisa, Mhluzi.       officials literally joined offend-
The parolees followed the leadership of       ers in mixing cement and sand to put fin-   Acting Regional Commissioner Ms Lunga
                                                                                          Tseana handing over the keys to granny Liz-
the head of community corrections, Mr         ishing touches to the house.                beth Mahlangu’s renovated house
Timothy Malinga, who collaborated with          The youth of Mhluzi Township, led by
Greater Middelburg Housing Associa-           the local Youth Council chairperson, Mr
tion, the municipality and a clothing store   Muzi Kunene rounded off the celebra-        clean and profitable lifestyles which will
in refurbishing and restoring the dilapi-     tions by returning a visit by offenders     result in a crime free South Africa and re-
dated house of the Maseko’s.                  from Middelburg Centre of Excellence.       sponsible citizenship.
  Acting Regional Commissioner of Lim-        Juvenile offenders were invited by SAPS       They then planted trees at the correc-
popo, Mpumalanga and North-West               to motivate and inspire them in an antic-   tional facility to symbolize their partner-
(LMN) region, Ms Lunga Tseana, handed         rime campaign held at the multi-purpose     ship and commitment to working towards
over another house renovated by offend-       centre. This time around Mr Kunene mo-      crime and poverty eradication. The of-
ers in Kwaggafontein on 18 July. The          tivated and informed the inmates of op-     fenders’ library also benefited from cop-
house belongs to granny Lizbeth Mahl-         portunities that the government has for     ies of “The long walk to freedom” by
angu who was a victim of violent crime.       them. He further encouraged them not        Madiba, which was donated by Govern-
  Among those who heeded the call for         to commit crime again and rather seek       ment Communication Information Sys-
committing 67 minutes of their time to        ways that will create opportunities for     tems.

                                                                                          Six hours and
                                                                                          seven minutes at
                                                                                          Rooigrond                 By Lewies Davids

                                                                                             nstead of giving 67 minutes of their time
                                                                                             to honour the legacy of Madiba, Rooigrond
                                                                                             offenders (pictured) gave six hours and
                                                                                          seven minutes a day for the entire week be-
                                                                                          fore Nelson Mandela’s birthday from 13 to
                                                                                          17 July to clean up Nelson Mandela drive
                                                                                          in Mafikeng. Nelson Mandela drive is the
                                                                                          nerve centre of Mafikeng as it runs straight
                                                                                          through town and connects South Africa with
                                                                                          Botswana at the Ramathlabama border post.
                                                                                          Recently Nelson Mandela drive received a
                                                                                          major face lift, with long bright street poles,
                                                                                          special grained stone artifacts, Aloe Vera
                                                                                          plants and cemented clay pots.

2                                                    SA Corrections Today
                                                     S E RV I C E D E L I V E RY
                                                                         Helping hand.
                                                                         Acting National
                                                                         Commissioner Ms
                                                                         Jenny Schreiner
                                                                         assists a young girl to
                                                                         prepare her bed and
                                                                         wall cabinet.

                                                                                                    A group of learners in a court yard inside
                                                                                                    a correctional centre listen attentively to
                                                                                                    what is explained to them.

Helping Tshwane Home of Hope                                                                        efforts for crime
By Tshifhiwa Magadani

“Let’s have a blossoming desert, let’s have flowers from                                            awareness pay
Tshwane Home of Hope,” said Acting National Commissioner Ms
Jenny Schreiner during a gift handover to this shelter for abused                                   off      By Moses Nkabinde

girls in Pretoria.                                                                                         itbank Management Area, in

      he gifts were donated by caring correc-     due to financial constraints but today it feels          partnership with the Nkan-
      tional officials throughout August and      good to say that we have 12 sponsors. Our                gala district departments
      handed over on 28 August.                   sincere gratitude goes to the Department of       of education, community safety
  The centre was opened as a shelter for          Correctional Services for always being will-      and security liaison have recently
abused girls seven years ago after an SABC        ing to open their hearts to help us,” said Ms     run a crime awareness campaign
broadcast showed children as young as seven       Martha Mohlala, director of Tshwane Home          by showing school learners what
sleeping on the streets of Sunnyside.             of Hope..                                         life behind bars is like while edu-
  The department deemed it fit to donate gifts      When asked about challenges in running          cating them about the corrections
in the form of non-perishable goods to the in-    the shelter, Martha said when good Samari-        system.
stitution that accommodates 25 young girls,       tans open their hearts to help, the challenges      The campaign reached more than
of which the youngest is nine years old.          are minimal. She did not mince her words          600 children from ten schools in
  Ms Schreiner had this motherly advice to        about people who take advantage of abused         the Nkangala District, plus their
the children, “When opportunities arise grab      children, referring to an Eastern Cape social     educators and representatives
them with both hands and never give up in         worker who was arrested for human traffick-       from the school governing bodies.
life,” she said directing her remarks to one      ing in young girls.                                 The visitors were shown the proc-
girl who has since matriculated and was             Officials went to the centre in numbers to      ess of admission to a correctional
working at a bank.                                provide services such as gardening, clean-        centre, the assessment of an of-
                                                  ing, and cooking. Ms Schreiner and Ms Dor-        fender and examples of rehabilita-
                                                  othy Makhuza (Director Gender Desk) were          tion programmes. They also toured
                                                  among them. Mr Hento Davids (DC Equity            the juvenile awaiting trial detainee
                                                  and Recreation) and Mr Sandile Mthembu            centre.
                                                  were manning the garden while Ms Makhuza            Accompanying the learners were
                                                  helped with cooking. She was spotted peel-        senior representatives of the three
                                                  ing fruit for the kids and said in Setswana, “A   departments mentioned.
                                                  refepeng bana” which loosely translates into,       The tour included a drama per-
                                                  “let’s feed our children.”                        formance by inmates, depicting
                                                    The stories about how some of the girls         the hardships of incarceration
                                                  ended up at the shelter can send shivers          which include time wasted, sepa-
DCS members with Tshwane Home of Hope             down one’s spine. The youngest girls at the       ration from loved ones and lack of
children and staff during the gifts handover
                                                  centre (9), was taken away from her mother        freedom.
  When asked what prompted a partnership          after being forced to undress for an elder man      The learners experienced the
with the shelter, Ms Schreiner said poverty       while they were drinking “unholy water” in        inside of a juvenile awaiting trial
alleviation was one of the department’s key       different “caves” around Sunnyside.               correctional centre and a special
concerns and “we want to establish friendly         Another girl, Dima (not her real name),         care unit where a sentenced juve-
partnerships with communities. We are help-       (12) struggled with holding back her tears        nile inmate related his life in a cor-
ing these girl children as part of our celebra-   when responding to a question about what          rectional centre.
tions in Women’s Month.                           she wanted to be when she grew up. A pilot,
  “This place nearly had to close its doors       she responded, sucking her thumb.

                                                           JULY/AUGUST 2009                                                                   
                                                    REGIONAL NEWS
                                                                     Impressed: from left
                                                                     are Molapisi Makau,
                                                                     Ramanee Hira,
                                                                     Hlophe Lucky and
                                                                     Gladys Rantete during
                                                                     the monitoring and
                                                                     evaluation visit.

Garden of Eden in Modimolle                                              By Lucky Hlophe
                                                                                                Pastor Jerome Samuels (acting AC: Devel-
                                                                                                opment & Care) responds to questions by
                                                                                                RSG presenter, Johnny Davids.

   n 2008 the HIV and AIDS Directo-            and span. The national officials visited
   rate and the HR Support Directorate
   adopted an orphanage, Dira o direloe
                                               the project with the view to offer support
                                               and assess the long term sustainability of
                                                                                                Live radio broadcast
in Modimolle, Limpopo. The orphanage
takes care of children whose parents
                                               it. What they found was a budding veg-
                                               etable garden, enough to nourish its 108         at Drakenstein
succumb to HIV and AIDS. At the time           children and 11 HIV positive adults. Lots        By Manfred Jacobs
of adoption the orphanage housed 68            of green beans, cabbage, spinach, car-

children. When officials from the national     rots, pumpkins and squashes were ready                   ell-known Afrikaans radio station,
office, accompanied by the head of the         to be harvested. The vegetables are har-                 RSG (Radio Sonder Grense)
correctional centre and project leader,        vested every Monday and Wednesday                        recently dedicated two hours of
Erastus Mocke visited the centre in early      by the seven voluntary care takers from          their morning show, ‘Oggend op RSG’
September, they found everything spick         the orphanage.                                   to the activities at Drakenstein Manage-
                                                                                                ment Area. RSG presenters Martelize
                                                                                                Brink, Pattra Mei and Johnny Davids

Lost son taken home                                                 By Advice Ramonnye
                                                                                                conducted interviews with officials, of-
                                                                                                fenders and external services providers
                                                                                                at Drakenstein and covered all aspects of
For the past two years there has been a man sleeping on the                                     programmes and service delivery in the
                                                                                                Management Area. A young offender had
sidewalk at the entrance to businesses in the small town of                                     an opportunity to recite a poem whereaf-
Bothaville in the Free State.                                                                   ter the adult offender choir, youth band

      hree generous business people in the     ment there. His family has been searching for    and gumboot dancers provided the lis-
      town took pity on him and they have      him ever since. It still remains a mystery how   teners with inspirational performances.
      been feeding him ever since.             Thanduxolo arrived in Bothaville.
  This came to the attention of Bothaville
Community Corrections’ officials and
                                                 His family arrived in Bothaville on 24 July
                                               to fetch him. They could not believe what        Employee
they undertook to investigate his situation.
Thanduxolo Bhuxa opened up to the caring
                                               they saw but were happy that their son was
                                               alive. His father, Mr Lumkile Bhuxa thanked
                                                                                                structures launched
officials and gave them the name and address
of his family. The officials phoned Moth-
                                               the officials and requested to be taken to the
                                               businessmen who have fed his son to person-
                                                                                                at Rooigrond
                                               ally thank them. The family arrived safely       By Sydney Makgoke
                                               back in the Eastern Cape and informed Both-

                                               aville Community Corrections that they have            arious employee committees were
                                                                                                      introduced to Rooigrond staff in July
                                                                                                      with the aim to strengthen a positive
                                                                                                organizational culture among members.
                                                                                                The structures include a health and well-
                                                                                                ness committee, a learning committee, a
                                                                                                youth structure and a members choir.
                                                                                                  Members are encouraged to participate
 Tseko Motloung and Thys Moletsane
rescued Thanduxolo (right) from the                                                             in the activities of these structures and
wilderness                                                                                      draw full benefit from their existence. For
erwell Police Station in the Eastern Cape,                                                      instance, the health and wellness com-
which was where the man said he came from.                                                      mittee aims to facilitate the physical,
                                               The estranged Thanduxolo living on the
The police assured the members that they       streets of Bothaville before being rescued       emotional social, mental and spiritual
will investigate the matter.                   by officials of Bothaville Community Correc-     wellness of members.
 They later revealed that Thanduxolo left      tions office.                                      Union representatives said they sup-
home in 2006 for Cape Town to visit his        held a cleansing, welcoming and thanking         port the initiatives and will encourage
younger sister who had just gotten employ-     ceremony for their lost son.                     their members to participate.

                                                      SA Corrections Today
                                                       R E H A B I L I T AT I O N

Orphanage helped
By Kennedy Botha

Tshwaraganang orphanage in Hammanskraal
has been fortunate to be “adopted” by officials
at Pretoria’s remand detention facility recently.

     ike most other places of safety there is not always enough
     resources for all the beneficiaries.
       The orphanage takes care of about 150 children, some
of whom are not orphans in the strictest sense of the word but
simply destitute and neglected children. About 50 children re-
side permanently at the orphanage.
  At a ceremony on 21 August this year, Area Commissioner
Ms Grace Molatedi and Koos Gerber, Head of the remand de-
tention centre made their intentions clear about focusing their           Area Commissioner Grace Molatedi hands over goodies to the
anti-poverty efforts and community service on the orphans at              children

Twsharaganang.                                                              On 2 September the orphanage was visited again and dona-
  Money, food, clothing, school uniforms and toiletries were do-          tions were once again handed over. Members are looking for-
nated by the members of centre. Some officials also donate                ward to visit the orphanage during December to give Christmas
money on a monthly basis to the orphanage.                                presents to the children.

                                                                         Sense of belonging:        There is a familiar song about a convict be-
                                                                         parolee Ansune
                                                                         Putter (back row, 3rd
                                                                                                  ing released from prison, asking his beloved
                                                                         from right) has been     to tie a yellow ribbon around an old oak tree,
                                                                         welcomed back            which will be a sign for him being welcomed
                                                                         into the fold of her
                                                                         family.                  back home. As he drove into town, he saw
                                                                                                  not one, but hundred yellow ribbons around
                                                                                                  the tree.

                                                                                                  Those exceptional people
                                                                                                  who are willing to forgive our
                                                                                                  wrongdoings and who are
                                                                                                  prepared to offer us a second
                                                                                                  chance in life are hugely
                                                                                                    As we drove into my home town on the day
                                                                                                  of my release, there were hundreds of yel-

The power of forgiveness
                                                                                                  low ribbons around the trees stretching from
                                                                                                  the town hall all the way to my home. These
                                                                                                  were symbols of being welcomed back to

A FIRSTHAND ACCOUNT                                  By parolee Ansune Putter
                                                                                                  where I truly belonged. It was a sign of ac-
                                                                                                  ceptance and love from my loved ones and
                                                                                                  of their joy that I was reunited with them. I
After having spent six and a half years in prison, I did not quite                                knew for certain then that I was welcomed in
know what to expect the day of my release on parole.                                              their hearts and in their lives.

   had been away from my family and loved         in myself and allow this to positively affect   What makes rehabilitation work?
   ones for a long time and I had grown and       people around me.                                 We can ponder the issue of effective reha-
   changed so much in those years. I was            I was a juvenile when I went to prison. My    bilitation within Correctional Services. Over
convicted and sentenced to prison for a seri-     future looked bleak with a long sentence. But   and above one’s participation in the rehabili-
ous crime after I became involved with the        I soon realised that I had to do something to   tation system, the ultimate choice lies within
wrong person.                                     change my own destiny. I completed grade        the individual. This does not diminish the
  There were many decisions I had to make         12 within the first year of my incarceration    impact that wonderful people who cross our
before my life changed for the better. I had      and went on to complete a degree in psychol-    path have on us. Those exceptional people
to learn to take responsibility for my own ac-    ogy. On the day I walked out of prison, I was   who are willing to forgive our wrongdoings
tions and the consequences which followed.        halfway through completing an honours de-       and who are prepared to offer us a second
I also had to accept the responsibility of mak-   gree in psychology. These achievements had      chance in life are hugely important. They are
ing new choices that will positively change       however not come easily. It took hard work      the angels who give us wings to fly.
my life. I had to choose to bring out the best    and much dedication.

                                                          JULY/AUGUST 2009                                                                  15
                                                     R E H A B I L I T AT I O N

                                                Talent comes in all
                                                packages By Thomo waga Nkgadima                   Lyons shares his artistic soul with fellow
                                                                                                offenders. Some consider him a teacher as he

                                                      convicted robber became a visual artist   sharpens their art skills in pencil drawing and
                                                      to make his maximum sentence more         painting.
                                                      bearable. Norman Lyons (28), a con-         “I decided to start a new life behind bars
                                                vict at Baviaanspoort Maximum correctional      when I realised that I deserve to be given a
                                                centre near Pretoria, is currently serving a    second chance when I finish serving my sen-
                                                15-year sentence for armed robbery with ag-     tence,” Lyons said.
                                                gravating circumstances.                          “I view skills transfer to fellow offenders
                                                  “I inherited a love for art from my mother    as a way to say sorry for the offence I com-
                                                who was a self taught artist. Unfortunately     mitted. I am learning through painful experi-
                                                she died before I realised my dream of be-      ence. I keep myself away from any tempta-
                                                coming a professional artist one day,” Lyons    tion to engage in gangsterism.”
                                                said. “Art is in my blood and I feel inspired     Lyons urged those willing to assist with art
                                                when officials and fellow inmates compli-       material and training to contact Baviaans-
                                                ment me on my work. It is a tribute to a poor   poort Maximum Correctional centre Head
Norman Lyons displaying some of his             woman who brought me into this world,” he       and Deputy Director, Sydney Maseko on
                                                explained.                                      (012) 841 8665.

Five years on parole and going                                                                  Ex offender sets pace
strong            By Nandipha Ramadikela                                                        By Lewies Davids and Dimpho Mongae

S                                                                                               S
     ome offenders leave correctional           ments and the South African Police                    imon Peloeareng Magapong (43) once
     centres as role models that will in-       Service.                                              broke the law and landed behind bars.
     spire others to live better lives whilst     Ms Marinda Viljoen, a social worker in              While serving time at Rooigrond Cor-
others succumb to a live of crime and           the Social Reintegration office said, “We       rectional Centre, Magapong finished grade 12
end up behind bars for life. In acknowl-        are marketing correctional supervision          and later enrolled for several courses, includ-
edgement of those offenders who are             as an alternative sentence option and we        ing theology and farming. In October 2004
rehabilitated and who open themselves           want to identify and recruit service pro-       he was paroled and re-united with his family
to be rehabilitated, Kroonstad’s Social         viders who can become involved in the           in Lotlhakane Village. To put food on the ta-
Reintegration office hosted an event on         skills development programmes for such          ble, he started selling hake fish for R5 to R7
30 July.                                        offenders.”                                     a piece until he felt he had saved enough to
                                                  Head of Social Reintegration, Mr Israel       pursue his dream of starting a piggery. Little
                                                Makwa said previously it was difficult          did he realise that his total savings of R3 000
                                                for parolees to serve their non-custodial       were not enough for the erection of build-
                                                sentences successfully due to a lack of         ings, fencing and buying the required pigs to
                                                supervision. “Some offenders returned           kick-start the project.
                                                to our centres and requested to be re-            Magapong then decided to form a coopera-
                                                admitted whilst others committed further        tive with five other guys. “We received a do-
                                                crimes,” said Mr Makwa.                         nation of R462 000 from Department of So-
                                                  The highlight of the day was when Char-       cial Development which really helped ease
                                                maine Phillips-Rabie, who is on parole          our burden,” said Magapong. He thanked the
                                                for life, spoke of her past and present life.   Department of Correctional Services “for
                                                She said, “At the age of seven, I experi-       the rehabilitation and the piggery lessons
                                                enced my family falling apart. As a result      they offered. It is up to an individual to grab
                                                I grew up in foster care and it was not         opportunities while serving a prison term. I
                                                easy. I rejected society because I felt that    plan to hire other ex-offenders so that they
                                                society had rejected me and I ended up          can keep themselves busy and keep away
                                                in prison.”                                     from wrong-doing,” he said.
                                                  Charmaine was arrested for four counts          Magapong, a self-proclaimed ‘rehabilita-
                                                of murder and three counts of theft. She        tion product’ said correctional officials mon-
Charmaine Phillips-Rabie talking about her
rehabilitation process                          came to believe that she would never            itored the progress of his cooperative on a
                                                leave prison. Yet today she is the proud        regular basis and offered free advise on how
  A further aim was to popularise the           owner of a successful hair salon. She           to properly care for the pigs.
concept of correctional supervision as          learned to be a hairdresser while at              The pigs receive medical check-ups from
an alternative sentencing option by the         Kroonstad Centre of Excellence.                 a veterinarian attached to North West Uni-
courts.                                           Charmaine also paints and sells art           versity. Mr Hennie Ebersohn, an agriculture
  The event was attended by representa-         while being involved in training other          manager in Correctional Services has as-
tives from various institutions including       offenders and assisting with emotional          sisted the coop to obtain wooden shavings,
churches, magistrate courts, Flavius            cases. She celebrated five years as a           which he said were essential bedding in the
Mareka College, government depart-              parolee on 20 August.                           piggery.

                                                       SA Corrections Today
                                                       R E H A B I L I T AT I O N
                                                                                                     and it is growing from strength to strength.
                                                                                                     The station managers are always on the look-
                                                                                                     out for partnerships. So it has come that sev-
                                                                                                     eral released offenders who have been trained
                                                                                                     by them have found employment at other sta-
                                                                                                     tions, such as Fresh FM (Pick ‘n Pay’s store
                                                                                                     station), Clicks Live and other local commu-
                                                                                                     nity radio stations.
                                                                                                       Funding for the station’s equipment came
                                                                                                     from the Royal Netherlands Embassy, the
                                                                                                     Weyerhauser Family Trust and the Open So-
                                                                                                     ciety Foundation.

                                                                                                       About 100 offenders have been trained in
                                                                                                     radio broadcasting over the years and the av-
                                                                                                     erage annual number is twelve. The course
                                                                                                     duration is eight months of theory and prac-
                                                                                                     tice, after which the offenders start working
                                                                                                     in the station. Although Ridwaan is an ac-
                                                                                                     credited assessor, the course as such has not
Ridwaan Adams, project manager (left) and Jonathan Lennert, operations manager are                   yet been accredited. Application for accredi-
keeping Basic Radio alive and kicking on 91.3fm                                                      tation has been submitted to SETA.

Airwaves are cooking in Brandvlei                                                                    The future
                                                                                                      When asked about future plans, Ridwaan
By Estelle Coetzee and Manual Rooms                                                                  was enthusiastic about the possibility that
                                                                                                     Basic Radio, as a successful case study, can
It is 91.3 broadcasting live from Brandvlei Youth Centre. If you                                     be replicated throughout the country with,
                                                                                                     perhaps, Brandvlei as the nerve centre of
haven’t known, welcome to Basic Radio, a radio station that
                                                                                                     a network of satellite radio stations across
broadcasts to the entire Brandvlei Management Area.                                                  DCS facilities.

      ehind the microphone are offenders and      4-months course in educational programme
      correctional officials alike doing what     production in the Netherlands, a course that
      they have learned to love and master.       Ridwaan also completed a while back.
Officials and offenders who want to listen          Whilst their focus is on skills development
to great music, stay informed of daily news       for juvenile offenders, some of the long term
updates and contemporary issues presented         offenders that they have trained have since
with a corrections flavour, can tune into their   migrated to the adult centre. They are al-
                                                  lowed to continue presenting programmes
                                                  with a different focus, for adult listeners and
                                                  so the station’s reach is growing.

                                                  Success                                            Offenders celebrating their achievements
                                                    Basic Radio’s recipe for content is simple
                                                  yet effective: alternate education with enter-
                                                  tainment. It therefore presents current affairs,
                                                  magazine, news and music programmes.
                                                                                                     Graduation at
                                                  Like any journalist, the presenters and sta-
                                                  tion managers tap into current affairs for pro-    Carolina
                                                  gramme ideas. For instance, a popular South        By Moses Nkabinde
                                                  African musician is accused of domestic vio-
                                                  lence. Basic Radio used this incident during         Carolina Correctional Unit under the
Keeping training exciting seems to come           Women’s Month to get their listeners talking       leadership of Ms Singile Khumalo held
easy for Jonathan                                 about women’s rights.                              a graduation ceremony in which four-
own homegrown radio productions.                    The station is kitted out well. It has a pro-    teen inmates and two parolees received
  The two officials behind the steering wheel,    duction/editing studio, an on-air studio, a        certificates for successfully completing a
Ridwaan Adams and Jonathan Lennert know           news generation department and a music             six months biblical course offered by the
their craft and they know their audiences. It     library where a dedicated music compiler           Seventh Day Adventist Church. About
is evident that their hearts belong to Basic      (offender) sits and compiles music for all the     250 churchgoers attended.
Radio. Ridwaan has completed several radio        different programmes.                                Three parolees are currently employed
broadcasting courses over the years, starting                                                        by Carolina municipality as an electri-
off with a Cape Technikon qualification in        Partnerships                                       cian, a maintenance official and a sewer-
this field. Jonathan is currently attending a      This year is the station’s 13th year running      age controller.

                                                           JULY/AUGUST 2009                                                                    17
                                        WORLD POLICE AND FIRE GAMES
                                                                                                      Golden Glory. Nare Makgakga, Kosie Botha
                                                                                                      and Enoch Skosana showcase their medals

                                                                                                      event she often participates in and also be-
                                                                                                      cause she was going to participate in the 10
                                                                                                      000 metre race the next day followed by a
                                                                                                      10km cross country race the day after that.
                                                                                                      Twenty three kilometres in three consecutive
                                                                                                      days is a huge task for any athlete.
                                                                                                        In the 800 metre open Charles Jantjies ran
                                                                                                      second in a very competitive race.
                                                                                                        In the 100 metre (50-54 years) Joseph War-
                                                                                                      ries was well ahead of the others to win a
                                                                                                      gold medal.

                                                                                                        Anchen Naudé at the national office also
                                                                                                      proved that dynamite came in small pack-

The dynamos at WPFG
By Braam Scheepers
                                                                                                      ets when she had fellow cyclists chasing her
                                                                                                      shadow on her way to winning the 40km road
                                                                                                      race. In total Anchen collected two gold, two
                                                                                                      silver medals and one bronze medal.

The national DCS athletics team showed once again why they are                                        Darts
considered world class.                                                                                 In the darts competition, Vicky Carnow of
                                                                                                      Malmesbury Management Area won three

      he 10 000 metre events were dominated          Ronel Thomas of Gauteng regional office          gold medals and one silver medal. She was
      by DCS officials and in total tallied five   dominated the women’s athletics events by          undisputedly the best female dart player at
      gold, one silver and four bronze med-        crossing the finish line first in the 10km cross   the event.
als, notwithstanding the fact that several top     country, 21km road race, 1500 metre race
athletes withdrew shortly before departure to      and the 5000 metre race. The little pocket
Vancouver.                                         rocket bagged no less than five gold and two
  Kosie Botha from Brandvlei Correctional          silver medals at the Games. Miriam Mooki
Centre scooped six gold medals in the 10km         and Lorraine Gradwell scooped the silver
cross country race, the 5000 metre, 10 000         and bronze medals respectively in this cat-
metre and 21km road race. The 53-year old          egory.
said he was on cloud nine and proud of him-
self. The other two medals were won in team        10km cross country
events.                                              The cross country events took place at the
  Enock Skosana of Pretoria Management             picturesque Jericho Beach Park in Vancou-
Area won five gold medals in the 10km cross        ver and the course included a tough stretch
                                                   of 400 metres on the beach.
                                                     The department’s athletes were challenged        Putting to perfection. Jacques van Wyk
                                                   strongly by the Russian athletes but they per-     aiming to Birdie whilst Gerhard Scheepers
                                                                                                      (overall winner) looks on
                                                   formed well by winning most of the medals
                                                   in this category.
                                                     In the Open Men category, Nare Makgakga          Golf
                                                   ran a very good second place and earned              Gerhard Scheepers of Pretoria Manage-
                                                   himself the silver medal. Aaron Gabonewe           ment Area defended his title as champion of
                                                   also ran a close second in the Men Senior          2007 successfully when he outplayed more
                                                   (A) category. Enoch Skosana took gold again        than 300 golfers to be crowned overall win-
                                                   when he not only won the Senior Men (B)            ner and champion for 2009. This was an ex-
                                                   category, but also crossed the line in less        cellent achievement to have won in two con-
                                                   than 50 seconds behind the overall winner.         secutive events.
DCS cyclist Anchen Naudé (right) with yet
another gold medal in the 40 km road race          The Master Men (A) category caused a lot
event is joined on the podium by second            of excitement as the finishing positions were      Lawn bowls
placed cyclist Allison Chisholm                    contested by three DCS athletes. Isaac Op-           The Lawn Bowling team, as was the case
country, the 5000 metre, 10 000 metre and          perman managed to beat Keith Court (silver)        with the rugby team, was declared champi-
21km road race. He said beating an Olympic         and Paul Nkosi (bronze) to the line.               ons of the World Police & Fire Games 2009.
silver medalist in the 10km race was an extra                                                         The lawn bowlers were a crowd favourite and
feather in his cap.                                  Lorraine Gradwell entered the 3000 metre         other countries lined up to have photos taken
  Kosie and Enock competed in different age        steeplechase and won a gold medal. This was        with this DCS team. The team took most of
groups.                                            an exceptional achievement as it is not an         the medals on offer in this code.

                                                          SA Corrections Today
                                       WORLD POLICE AND FIRE GAMES
                                                  the final two years ago. DCS took no chanc-
                                                  es in the first group match and punched out         Don’t be
                                                                                                      caught offside
                                                  a comfortable 40–0 win over the somewhat
                                                  shell-shocked SAPS team.
                                                    Elcardo Mintoor crossed the white wash
                                                  three times and converted four of the six tries     Heart disease is one of the leading
                                                  for a personal tally of 23 points. The sec-         causes of death worldwide, and people
                                                  ond group match against South Wales Fire            who have abnormally high pressure
                                                  Brigade witnessed the might of the talented         in their arteries are far more likely
                                                  DCS winning 48–0.                                   than others to die prematurely of heart
Lawn bowling the greens on fire. The DCS
                                                    This time Elton Mannaka scored three tries
team won gold as the best team at the                                                                 disease.
WPFG. Yolanda Watkins, Marius Roux,               as the opponents had no answer to the pace

Yolande Harmse, Joshua Radebe, Derêne             and skills of the DCS team. The Italian Fire             lthough a certain amount of pressure is
Fourie, Neels Kotze, Ronelle Kriel and
Gidion Vermeulen (from left to right)             Services came out firing and was the first team          needed to carry the blood through your
                                                  to score points against the South Africans.              body, if that pressure is too great, you
Karate / Taekwondo                                Although the Italians put up a spirited fight it    have high blood pressure, or hypertension.
  At the onset it was evident that the compe-     was to no avail as they lost 31–7. Elton Man-
tition was going to be the best seen in many      naka and Elcardo Mintoor scored two tries           Symptoms
years. To begin with Jan Badenhorst had to        each in this physical encounter. In the fourth        Hypertension is one of the main risk factors
face one of the strongest competitors in the      and final group match the DCS faced the             for heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure.
event, which incidentally was the same com-       unknown team of the North Vancouver Fire            It can occasionally cause headaches, vision
petitor he beat in the final of the 2007 Games.   Brigade. The South Africans were on song            problems, dizziness, or shortness of breath,
Jan ended up receiving bronze medals in the       again, scoring seven unanswered tries in a          but most people with hypertension have no
Kata team event and also in the Unison Kata.      victory of 41–0. In the four group matches          symptoms. This is why it is referred to as
Humphrey Skosana, the recently crowned            DCS scored 160 points (26 tries) and only           the “silent killer.” Hypertension is usually
Kumite Men Masters World Champion did             conceded seven points (1 try). This qualified       discovered during a medical checkup when
                                                                                 the team for         a doctor or nurse takes a blood pressure read-
                                                                                 the semi-final       ing.
                                                                                 match against          When blood pressure is measured, two
                                                                                 the Fire Serv-       measurements are taken and two numbers
                                                                                 ices of Italy.       are indicated, for example, “one-twenty
                                                                                   The       DCS      over eighty,” written as 120/80. This is be-
                                                                                 team had lit-        cause each heartbeat sends a pressure wave
                                                                                 tle trouble in       through the bloodstream. The higher figure
                                                                                 beating      their   (systolic blood pressure) is at the peak of the
                                                                                 opponents on         wave, when your heart contracts. The lower
                                                                                 the way to the       figure (diastolic blood pressure) is the lower
                                                                                 final. Elcardo       “dip” or trough of the wave, when your heart
                                                                                 Mintoor (three       relaxes.
                                                                                 tries)       once      In general, someone has high blood pres-
                                                                                 again rounded        sure if several measurements show readings
The victorious DCS 7’s Rugby team joined in       off most of the opportunities followed by El-       of 140/90 or higher.
song by the runners-up, SAPS. DCS won the
final match 46-12                                 ton Manakka with two tries of his own. The
                                                  South Africans won comfortably with a score         Causes
not have it all his own way. He managed to        of 38–0.                                              Primary (or essential) hypertension is when
win the silver medal in the Kumite and the          The final saw DCS versus SAPS. A rep-             the cause is unknown. The majority of hyper-
bronze medals in the Kata team event, Ku-         etition of the 2007 WPFG final was on the           tension cases are primary. When there is an
mite team event as well as the individual         cards. This time DCS was well prepared and          underlying problem such as kidney disease
Kata event.                                       ready for the SAPS onslaught. The result of         or hormonal derangements that can cause
  Two female officials, both newcomers to the     the first match as well as the unbeaten status      hypertension, it is called secondary hyper-
WPFG gave a good account of themselves.           merely provided motivation as it meant noth-        tension.
Ursula Skosana collected the gold medal in        ing if the final was lost against the SAPS.           When it is possible to correct the underly-
the Kumite team event and the bronze medal          SAPS scored two tries, but DCS was not            ing cause, high blood pressure usually im-
in the Kumite individual event whilst Mant-       going to be denied this year. It looked as if       proves or may even return to normal. Other
wa Motse made her home crowd proud by             they had hardly worked up a sweat as they           factors that can cause hypertension are age
winning the gold medal in another Kumite          ran off the field with a final score of 46–12.      (blood pressure usually increases with age),
team event and also won bronze medals in          They scored eight tries in the final game to        diet, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of
her Kata team event and the Kumite indi-          claim back their title as WPFG champions.           exercise, obesity and stress.
vidual event.                                     Mr Stu Ballantyne, the CEO of the WPFG                The last three: fat, stress and lack of exer-
                                                  commented that, “the South African DCS              cise characterize many people’s lifestyle, es-
Rugby 7s                                          team played like Springboks. The final be-          pecially those in urban areas. That is why it
  The DCS team was surprised to learn that        tween SAPS and DCS was probably the                 is so important to eat healthily, exercise the
their first match would be against the 2007       most watched and anticipated event of the           flabby tummy and buttocks on the treadmill,
champions, SAPS against whom they lost in         Games.”                                             and go out to smell the flowers!

                                                           JULY/AUGUST 2009                                                                      9
                                        WORLD POLICE AND FIRE GAMES
                                                                                                     cials were hanging and smiling from ear to
Continued from front page
                                                                                                     ear with their colleagues and their loved ones
Scooping hundreds of medals at international games                                                   who gave them a hero’s welcome.
                                                                                                       When asked what the mood was like during
By Tshifhiwa Magadani and Braam Scheepers
                                                                                                     the event, the team manager, Mr Hento Dav-
 This followed ten days of vigorous com-           scooping up 86 gold, 59 silver, and 71 bronze     ids (Deputy Commissioner Equity and Rec-
petition in the World Police and Fire Games        medals. They broke their own record of 2007       reation) replied, “The team was so focused
held in that country.                              in which they won 163 medals.                     and dedicated, the oomph and raring to go
 The tournament witnessed South African              Shortly after they landed at OR Tambo Air-      attitude of the officials were tangible.”
correctional officials at the top of their game,   port, the tired yet jubilant correctional offi-     The European teams jokingly accused Cor-
                                                                                                     rectional Services of having brought their na-
                                                                                                     tional team of “Springboks” to Canada. This
                                                                          The President of the       was after they beat their South African coun-
                                                                          WPFG, Mr Michael
                                                                          Graham, took some          terpart, the South Africa Police Services to
                                                                          time out to meet with      be crowned the champions of the 2009 World
                                                                          the DCS delegation
                                                                                                     Police and Fire Games.
                                                                          Mr Hento Davids,
                                                                          Mr Joseph Nkhabu              “You have done us proud. Your excellent
                                                                          and Mr Pravesh             performance at the games is an indicator that
                                                                                                     we have among us the best in the world”,
                                                                                                     said Minister Mapisa-Nqakula at a lunch for
                                                                                                     the athletes.
                                                                                                       “You have not done it only for us as Correc-
                                                                                                     tional Services, but you have placed South
                                                                                                     Africa on the world map as one of the top
                                                                                                     sporting nations of the world,” she contin-
                                                                                                       Correctional Services participated for the
                                                                                                     6th time in this stellar international event. The

Appreciation is a wonderful thing                                                                    theme of the games was, honour and respect
                                                                                                     for law enforcement officers. The games at-
                                                                                                     tracted over 10 000 participants from over 30
By Director Employee Sport and Recreation, Pravesh Bhoodram
                                                                                                     countries and more than 35 000 sports tour-
                                                                                                     ists. South Africa is gearing itself to bid for
Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in                                     the 2017 World Police and Fire Games.
others belong to us as well.

     xceptional competition, amazing vol-          was privileged to be invited to be part            Medals table
     unteers, several social events, and           of this team as this invitation is only re-        Sport code     Gold   Silver   Bronze   Totals
     new and renewed friendships with              served for successful bidders.
                                                                                                      Athletics      43       37      18        98
memories to last a lifetime exemplified              Stu Ballantyne the CEO of the WPFG
the 13th World Police and Fire Games               commented at the rugby finals where                Badminton       -        -        4        4
in Vancouver from 31 July to 9 August              South Africa took the Gold medal, “The             Biathlon        -        -        -        -
2009. The Game’s tribute to law enforce-           South African’s are playing like Spring-           Cycling         2        3        2        7
ment officers throughout the world was a           boks. The rugby final between the South
                                                                                                      Darts           6        6        9       21
spectacular international sporting event           African Police and Correctional Services
that offered police officers, fire fighters,       was the most watched and anticipated               Fresh           2        3        -        5
custom officials and correctional officials        event of the games.”                               Water
the opportunity to showcase their athletic           The head of the DCS delegation, Mr.              Angling
excellence. DCS sport stars took up the            Hento Davids had only words of praise
                                                                                                      Golf            3        3        3        9
challenge against the rest of the world            for those managers who went beyond
with their Vuvuzelas, singing, dancing             the call of duty to make this event the            Karate /        2        3        7       12
and eye catching attire. Wherever the              best ever. They overcame several chal-             Taekwando
DCS team went they captured and held               lenges through cooperation and commit-             Lawn           12        4        4       20
the attention of hundreds of civilians at          ment. All athletes conducted themselves            Bowls
the airport, at the accreditation venue            with integrity and were true ambassadors
and at all the venues where South Afri-            for South Africa.                                  Rugby          13        -        -       13
cans competed.                                       The DCS leadership, especially the               Soccer          -        -      20        20
  Management participated in the pro-              Minister, National Commissioner and                Squash          1        -        1        2
gramme for prospective bidders and                 CDC Corporate Services must be com-                Tennis          2        -        3        5
attended presentations by the winning              mended for allowing this world class
countries. They were also present when             team to participate in the WPFG amidst             Pistol          -        -        -        -
the games for 2015 were awarded to                 stringent cost cutting measures as the             Shooting
Fairfax, Virginia. The WPFG has devel-             team has exceeded all expectations and             Volleyball      -        -        -        -
oped an observer’s programme for suc-              has returned with an unprecedented 216             Totals         86       59      71      216
cessful bidders and DCS management                 medals.

20                                                          SA Corrections Today

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