Finding the Spark of Motivation for Success by aihaozhe2


									To drift without knowing what it is you want and desire is death. To simply yearn for
a better future will never bring it about. Though many realize this fundamental truth,
they continue to drift along, hoping something will move them toward their dreams.
Unfortunately it never happens.

The motivation to better your circumstances cannot come from an outside source,
whether it comes from the end of a gun or the necessity to act to avoid losing your
home. The only person who can motivate is you. The only person who can make life
better is you. Fear and doubt are mind killers and squelch any desire you may have to
reach your fondest dreams. But the fear to act, the fear of failure is in itself the final

There are many who have abandoned hope, their youthful dreams shattered. Have
your dreams become a memory? Or do you still long for some kind of redemption, an
angel that will turn back the clock so you can start over again?

Face the truth. It's not easy to make a self-assessment. In order to succeed in any stage
of life you must:

1.Know what it is you really want.

2.Have a plan you can take steps every day to reach your goal.

3.See the ultimate goal, the big picture, and how it can impact your life.

4.Make improvements in the areas you lack. This calls for education and taking the
time to learn. Experience is the best teacher and you can learn so much more simply
by trying.

5.Stay motivated no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

Getting motivated and staying that way means more than getting out of bed and
driving to work. While you must be able to find those factors within you that gets you
moving, your focus should be on what the results of what your motivated life will do
to those around you. Your family, a friend in desperate need of help can give you that
impetus to do something to relieve the problem. To be motivated requires you to set
aside selfishness and take up an attitude of service to others.

The very purpose of life is to learn and grow. You can never entertain the thought that
you have "made it" so you can relax and once again drift with the tide. You can only
grow in the company of the world and its citizens. No one can learn anything without
help or help someone else.

People exist to help and motivate one another. Conflicts will always arise, but it is the
way you handle them that helps you learn. Thus your motivation should become the
driving force that helps you and others.

Make it a point to uplift the spirits of those around you. In so doing you motivate
yourself and make others want to help you reach your dreams.

Find your motivating force. Keep it foremost in your mind. See how it can benefit the
ones you love most. Only then will you avoid the life of death that so many live today.

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