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					                  SKETCHLEY HILL
                  PRIMARY SCHOOL
                           For Boys and Girls
                             Aged 4 to 11

                          Mrs. S. Lees B.Phil. Ed.
                              Head Teacher
                             Sketchley Road
                                LE10 2DY

                          Tel: (01455) 238640
                          Fax: (01455) 614201
                E mail:
                Web site:

           This school is an all through Primary School made up of
                    Foundation Stage (4+ and Reception)
                    Key Stage One (Infants 5—7 years)
                    Key Stage Two (Juniors 8—11 years)

                       AIMS STATEMENT
               To recognise the talent in every child.
To provide an environment where every child feels valued and secure
                       and has fun learning!

                      We are a school with a lot to offer
 High academic expectations
 Recognition of individual needs
 Excellent standards of discipline and high moral values
 Active partnership with parents to enrich children’s learning
 A happy caring environment
 A vibrant outside area offering excellent sporting facilities, opportunities for
 imaginative play and environmental investigation.
The Governing Body and Head Teacher work in partnership with the Local
Authority to manage the school.

In order to achieve a balanced view of the school, the Governing Body includes
representatives from parents, teachers and the local community, all of whom
play an important role in the work and organisation of Sketchley Hill Primary

The governing Body has five important roles:

A steering role -
      Drawing up plans and policies.

A monitoring role -
    Checking on progress with plans, budgets, standards and achievements.

An executive role -
     Appointing the Head Teacher.

An accounting role -
     Annual reports and annual meetings.

A supportive role -
     Providing advice, information, encouragement and help.

A full list of Governors and committee structures are available from the school

The Chair of Governors is:
Mr. D. Banks c/o Sketchley Hill Primary School (01455 238640)
Please send written correspondence in a sealed envelope via the school office.
The Governors and Head Teacher strongly recommend the wearing of school

Royal blue sweatshirts/cardigans
Royal blue or gold polo shirts
Grey skirts or trousers
Navy/grey shorts during the summer months—Boys & Girls
Blue & white cotton dresses during the summer months

Royal blue fleeces are available for Year Six children only— to acknowledge
their last year at Sketchley Hill Primary School.

School sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts and fleeces can be ordered and
purchased through the school office. Cheques made payable to ‘SKETCHLEY

It is acceptable for pupils to wear uniform purchased from an alternative source
provided it remains in school colours as listed above.


Children are allowed to wear watches in school.
‘Stud’ earrings only are also allowed but must be removed for P.E., and any
other sports or dance activities including swimming.

Foundation Stage
Indoor kit—t-shirt and shorts, including the correct type of footwear—black

Indoor kit—t-shirt and shorts, including the correct type of footwear—black
and an outdoor kit in winter —t-shirt, shorts, tracksuit and trainers.

The use of shin pads is compulsory for Football.
Swim wear is required for pupils in Year 3.
Indoor kit—t-shirt and shorts, including the correct type of footwear—black
and an outdoor kit—t-shirt, shorts, tracksuit and trainers.

T-shirts are available to purchase from the office in the allocated Team Colours.

 A P.E. bag will be provided courtesy of the Sketchley Hill School Association.
                       WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME

Sketchley Hill Primary School runs a wide range of activities to suit all interests.
Every encouragement is given to all pupils to participate.

The school enters teams in a variety of local leagues and interschool

All sports and activities are equally available to both boys and girls wherever

Opportunities include:

Cross Country
Musical Instrument Tuition
Choir & Singing Club
Eco activities
Computer clubs
Table tennis

We have a very strong partnership with parents, to which we are very

This begins with the first visit to school and extends through our strong links
with the pre-school providers. Pre-school children are invited to join us for
special events throughout the year.

During the summer term prior to the children starting school parents are
invited with their child to join the school’s induction programme during which
parents have an opportunity to learn more about the curriculum and school

Parents and grandparents are actively encouraged to help in school as and
when they have time, to enrich the children’s learning. All volunteers are
required to undergo a full Criminal Records Clearance—CRB check - in line
with Government guidelines and will also be checked against the new ISA
Vetting and Barring Scheme by the LA.

Parents, grandparents and friends are invited to class assemblies and school

There will be many informal occasions for sharing of information as well as the
more formal ones. The formal ones take the form of:

Parent’s Curriculum meetings and information sheets
Parents evenings
An full annual report
‘The Sketch’ magazine—twice yearly

You are welcome to speak with your child’s teacher informally at the end of the
school day. We have an open-door policy at Sketchley Hill Primary School
whereby parents are always welcome in school. If you should have a problem,
however small, ask your child’s teacher to suggest a suitable time to discuss it.
Access to classrooms must be gained through the main school door by the office
and you will be asked to sign in and out.


All children have targets in reading, writing and mathematics which are
challenging and appropriate to individual needs. These targets are shared with
parents and reviewed regularly.


We value the help parents give at home sharing in the children’s learning and
enriching their experiences.

We promote a love of books and work in partnership with home to make
reading a positive shared experience.

We encourage the children to read a wide range of books and comments made
in the home-school reading record by parents and teachers support this aim.

All children are expected to learn their sounds/spellings each week.

At Foundation Stage and KS1 homework is given to support class work when

At KS2 homework is formalised, given out each week together with a
completion date.

                         SCHOOL ASSOCIATION

All parents/carers are members of the School Association and are welcome to
join the Committee at any time. The Committee is a very friendly pro-active
group that meets regularly during term time.

Our aim is to provide fun and interesting activities and events, some for
families and others just for the children. The Association raises money to
enrich your child’s education. Finance has been provided for help with the
installation of the Computer Suite, the refurbishment of the Food Technology
Area, stage blocks and costumes for plays and concerts, lighting and music
equipment for the main hall and a trim trail and various other projects to
support the playground re-development.

All parents of pupils at this school are automatically members of the School
Association, however, if you wish to become involved with the Association
Committee you will always be warmly welcomed. Please contact the school
office for further details.

Situated on the school site is Menphys Nursery, a unit specially dedicated to the
care and education of very young children with profound and multiple
disabilities. The School has a close partnership with the Nursery. Children
from Menphys Nursery are integrated as appropriate with some of our
Foundation Stage activities.

Menphys children and staff are regularly included in our Assembly

Children from Years 5 & 6 take part in an inclusion programme as part of their
Personal, Social & Health Education curriculum. This benefits both School and
the Nursery, offering experience and developing social and communication

                            CHILD PROTECTION

The school believes that all children have the right to grow up unharmed, to
have the opportunity to develop fully and to have their basic needs met.

Child abuse represents a failure, by omission or commission, to respect the
needs and rights of children.

The school recognises that abuse affects children of all ages, both sexes,
different races and cultures and occurs in all social classes.

Staff of the school recognise that their day to day contact and knowledge of
children attending the school means that they are well placed to identify abuse
and thus help children that are abused.

We have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the children in our care.
It may therefore be necessary in certain circumstances to contact outside
agencies in the first instance.


All information held by the school is dealt with in a confidential manor.
School information is dealt with in line with the Data Protection Act.
The Confidentiality Policy is available for reference from the school office.

                             SCHOOL SECURITY

Every effort is taken to ensure that Sketchley Hill Primary School is a safe and
secure environment for each individual child.

Adult entrance to the school is obtained via electronic ‘buzzer’ on the main
Reception door, operated by the school office staff. A signing in procedure is in
place for all visitors to the school. Should your child need to leave the school
premises during the day they must be accompanied by a known adult and
signed out. No child is ever allowed to leave school during the day
unaccompanied. All children taking part in after school activities must be
collected by a known adult.

We welcome volunteer helpers who help in school and they are all issued with a
dated visitor badge, to wear whilst in school. All volunteers must undertake a
Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) clearance before they are allowed to work with
the pupils in the classroom or on the sports field.

                              SAFETY IN SCHOOL

We have a comprehensive Health & Safety Policy which serves the interests of all
who work in or visit the school. It encompasses all the requirements of Government
legislation. This policy is available from the School Office.

                        SCHOOL HEALTH SERVICE

The school Medical Authorities carry out health checks, including height & weight,
vision, hearing and dental, at school. Parents consent is always sought before these
visits take place.

Parents are always informed, in writing, if there is any cause for concern or if a
further examination is felt to be necessary.

                       POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR POLICY

The Positive Behaviour Policy is available for reference from the school office.
The school is committed to working with families and their children to provide the
highest quality of education and we have a Home School Agreement which is signed
by all parents/carers and our Head Teacher to reinforce this.

                      SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS

Sketchley Hill Primary School provides education for children of all abilities.
Children identified with Special Needs are assessed regularly using criteria
explained in the National Code of Practice. The class teachers and the Special Needs
Co-ordinator organise a programme of work, a member of support staff works with
the children, supporting them with their work. Parental involvement is actively
encouraged at all stages. The Special Needs Co-ordinator liaises with outside
agencies as appropriate.

Gifted and talented children are set appropriate challenges designed to extend and
enrich their knowledge and skills.


Health and Sex education is taught as part of a structured programme of
Personal, Social and Health education across both Key Stages. All topics take
account of the age and experience of the children involved and are explored at
an appropriate level.

Parents of Year 5 & 6 children are invited into school at an appropriate time for
staff to outline the Health & Sex Education curriculum.

Our Sex education programme offers the opportunity to reflect on growth and
change of all living things as well as the development of communication skills.
We explore the attitudes and values that enable children to separate fact from
fiction and to make informed choices about their lives. Our wish is to prepare
all pupils to cope with the physical and emotional experiences of growing up
and to give them a safe and healthy knowledge and understanding of human
relationships. We always aim to promote self-esteem and foster a sense of
moral responsibility.


We are very fortunate, at Sketchley Hill Primary, to be able to offer pre and
after school provision for the children.

The After School Club is extremely popular and is provided by Jan Stoker
who has gained much experience in this field since opening her first club in
1991. The children are cared for in a safe, stimulating and caring environment
with lots of activities on offer both indoors and out.

Opening hours are 3.15 p.m. to 5.45 p.m. daily.

The Breakfast Club opens at 7.50 a.m. and breakfast is served from
8.00 a.m.—8.30 a.m. The children are escorted into school at 8.50 a.m.

Details are available from the school office or by telephoning Jan Stoker direct
on 01455 230799.

                              SCHOOL MEALS

The cook and her staff work hard to provide the children with a varied diet of
high quality well-balanced meals, including vegetarian meals. Water is
provided for the children but they may buy milk or fruit juice if they wish to do

Meals can be purchased on a daily basis or children may bring a packed lunch.
However, fizzy drinks and breakable containers are not allowed. Children’s
packed lunch boxes must be clearly named.

Application forms for free meals are available on request from the school office.

At lunchtime the children are cared for by our lunchtime supervisors
responsible to the Head Teacher for maintaining an acceptable standard of
behaviour at lunchtime. During the lunchtime, play equipment is available to
the children. This equipment encourages team work and helps to keep the
children fit.

All children are encouraged to stay at school during lunchtime.

All the children are allowed to bring a named water bottle into school to allow
them easy access to a constant source of plain cool water throughout the school
day. Filtered water taps are sited around the school to allow pupils to replenish
their water bottles.

It is also essential that any dietary problems are included in the registration
information given to the school office and are updated on a regular basis.

                              NUT ALLERGIES

   We have children at this school who have severe nut allergies,
therefore we do our best to prevent nut products from being brought
        into school, including in packed lunches and snacks.


The Governors wish to pursue a policy of free education for all as far as
possible. Most of schooling which requires material resources will be paid for
out of the school budget.

Voluntary contributions are requested for swimming and school visits as the
school budget is not sufficient to subsidise these activities. Those who take
advantage of these activities must be aware that these activities will be placed at
risk, and will have to be discontinued if they are not self-financing.

No pupil will be excluded from an activity based upon parental inability to

The Charging & Remissions Policy Document is available from the School

                          THE SCHOOL COUNCIL

Sketchley Hill Primary School Council is an elected group of children who are
chosen by their class to represent their views on school life at Sketchley Hill
Primary School.

Each Autumn term an election is held with every child able to vote for the
nominated children from their class. A polling station is set up in the small
hall, voting papers are checked and counted by ballot officers from Year 6. The
council members meet regularly in the library to discuss relevant issues. The
meeting is run by the Chairperson and minuted by the Secretary. The Council
members will then inform their classmates of decisions made and also hold
whole school meetings to tell everyone of things they have done.

School Council members are active in many areas of school life including
charity fund-raising events, environmental projects and other school initiatives.

Teachers support the School Council but it is run by and for the children.

                              School Travel Plan

The school holds regular ‘Walk to School’ weeks and assemblies, where the
children have a lot of fun learning about the chief benefits of walking to school
whenever possible. Two Junior Road Safety Officers are chosen each term in
Year 6 to highlight to all pupils the benefits of walking to school.

There is a ‘Walking Bus’ every Thursday and Friday morning, which is lead by a
group of parent/carer volunteers. For further information please see the school

We have also achieved a reduction of the speed limit outside of the school from
30mph to 20mph when the warning lights are flashing.

The school has cycle racks installed for the Year 6 cyclists and parent waiting
shelters in the playground areas.


At Sketchley Hill Primary School we have an electronic Library System called
‘Junior Librarian’.

Children can issue and return books independently. They can also access their
own library reading record and can write book reviews on the computer which
can be viewed by others.

We have over six thousand books in our Library, which included a
comprehensive selection of fiction/non fiction and poetry books to tempt our

Children have regular opportunities to change their books.

We offer library skills lessons in the Library.

Our ethos at Sketchley Hill Primary School is to encourage and promote
reading at every opportunity and to have fun and enjoy books and create
readers for life.
                             COMPLAINTS POLICY

Problems can often be sorted out by talking to your child’s teacher or the Head
Teacher as soon as they arise.

Here is our brief guide which you may find helpful if you have a matter you wish
to raise.


                                 See Class Teacher


                                 See Head Teacher


                    See Head Teacher again, with a friend if you wish

                                     Satisfied?                                    OK

            Request a meeting with a Governor or the Chair of the Governors

                                     Satisfied?                                    OK

                    Contact the Director of Education at County Hall


                       Contact your local County Councillor

                       THE TEACHING & LEARNING

 The Teaching and Learning at Sketchley Hill Primary School reflects differing
 learning styles to meet the learning needs of all our children.

 All the pupils are taught with their individual needs in mind and this can be
 with a class , in a small group or individually.

 Children are taught and progress relative to their prior attainment and
 capabilities. We recognise the differing learning styles of all children and our
 teaching methods meet these needs by using a variety of approaches.

 Teaching is planned thoroughly to cover all areas of the National Curriculum.

                         THE FOUNDATION STAGE

 At Sketchley Hill Primary School we aim to give our children solid foundations
 on which they can build.

 Our aim is to provide a high quality early education. The foundation stage of
 education will make a positive contribution to children’s early development and
 learning. The foundation stage is about developing key learning skills such as
 listening, speaking, concentration, persistence and learning to work together
 and co-operate with other children. It is also about developing early
 communication, literacy and numeracy skills that will prepare our children for
 Key Stage One of the National Curriculum.

 Our enthusiastic and caring early years team aim to give the children the
 opportunity to experience the very best possible start to their education.

                 KEY STAGE ONE & KEY STAGE TWO

The Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 curriculum is made up of:

             The core subjects
                  Information and Communication Technology
                  Religious Education

             The foundation subjects
                   Physical Education
                   Personal Social and Health Education & Citizenship
                   Design and Technology
                   French—from Year 3 onwards

Our aim is to help children enjoy mathematics and to use numbers confidently
and effectively. To develop the ability to apply mathematical knowledge in the
wider curriculum and the world beyond the school gates.

We encourage children to adopt a positive attitude towards mathematics and to
see it as an interesting, enjoyable and valuable part of the curriculum.

We follow the National Numeracy Strategy to teach mathematics, supported by
the Leicestershire Advisory Team. Through “Mathsweb” Teachers use a variety
of resources to make the most of learning opportunities.

It is recommended that children in Key Stage One take part in a numeracy
lesson or activities for 45 minutes each day. At Key Stage Two children have a
50 to 60 minute numeracy lesson daily. In these lessons the following strands
are covered:

                using and applying mathematics
                counting and understanding numbers
                knowing and using number facts
                handling data
                understanding shape and measures

Our aim is for children to see mathematics as an enjoyable part of the
curriculum.   We aim to develop children’s confidence in the use of
mathematical language and numbers and to be able to apply these skills with
understanding when solving problems.


The new National Literacy Strategy is now fully implemented in all year groups
and offers children the opportunity to learn literacy using a range of exciting

Staff plan, teach and assess English to challenge all children. They have high
expectations which match the children’s abilities.

Teachers use a range of interactive techniques and utilise the interactive white
boards to match learning objectives when appropriate.

A well resourced library supports the teaching of literacy and this, along with
the pace of lessons brings to life language and literacy for all children.

Children receive daily sessions of literacy, weekly spelling and group reading
sessions and one-to-one reading.

Along with discrete literacy lessons, children also learn the art of reading and
writing in their topic sessions.


ICT (Information and Communication Technology) provision has increased
greatly at Sketchley Hill Primary School over the past few years. Amongst the
facilities we can offer are:

                    A networked computer suite
                    Laptop units available in Years 5 and 6 within classrooms
                    Broadband access across the school
                    Multimedia projectors in every classroom
                    Computer access (including laptops) in every area
                    Interactive whiteboards in every area

As well as using computers, the children are also encouraged to use ICT related
equipment such as: remotely controlled devices, sensors, digital cameras and a
range of electronic toys for the younger pupils.

In terms of extra-curricular activities, there is a successful club for older
children called CCfG, which encourages Year 6 girls and boys to maintain their
interest in computing and take the skills learnt to High School.

A VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) is also in use, where pupils can access
their own virtual space from school and home.

Children are taught about how to keep themselves safe when using new
technologies in ‘e-safety’ lessons. Children are monitored when using these
new technologies and parents and children are required to sign an ‘acceptable
use policy’.

At Sketchley Hill Primary School children are assessed to ensure progression
through their learning programme. The child’s performance is regularly
measured against clearly defined criteria and shared objectives. Assessment is
recorded using a variety of formats and is used to inform the next teaching
steps as well as contribute to the final written report.

Formal written reports are issued at the end of each school year and there is an
opportunity to discuss these reports with staff. Verbal reports are given at
Parent Evenings. Contact with school can be made at any time in order to
discuss any concerns regarding a child’s progress at school.

                        THE PERFORMING ARTS

All children take part in Performing Arts here at Sketchley Hill Primary School.
Dance, drama, music and movement coincide naturally with Literacy and
support the children’s learning.

Along with this, children take part in assemblies and presentations on the
performing stage, perform in church and at other local venues when

The school choir is very successful and children are given the opportunity to
perform as part of the school orchestra. All children are given the chance to
learn a musical instrument individually or in small group lessons in partnership
with Leicestershire Arts.

                          PHYSICAL EDUCATION

All children across the school have two PE sessions a week. They can be either
indoor or outdoor and cover all aspects of PE: games, gymnastics, dance and
athletics. Year 3 swim each week for the whole year and at the end of the year
swim as far as they can in an hour. Outdoor education is mainly covered in Year
6 and Year 2 on their residential trips although other aspects of this are covered
throughout the school.

Children are expected to have indoor and outdoor named PE kit (as
appropriate) for all PE lessons. Hair has to be tied back and ear rings and other
jewellery has to be removed.

Professional coaches are used throughout the year for different year groups.
Each block of coaching sessions end with a festival against other schools. In
previous years we have taken part in basketball, hockey, rugby, multi sports,
athletics and inclusion sports.

Take ten activities are used across the school most days which involve the
children participating in a ten minute intense exercise session.

Huff and Puff lunchtime activities are on offer to different year groups on
different days and once a week a coach is bought in to provide alternative play
activities for the younger children. At playtimes each year group has a football
and a selected area to play in and Year 6 also have basketball and Years 5 and 6
table tennis.

After school clubs are available and currently we offer Street Dance for Years 1
and 2, cross country for Year 3-6, Bollywood Dance for Years 3 and 4, girls and
boys football for Years 5 and 6 and netball for Year 6.

Sketchley Hill Primary School also takes an active role in competitive sport
against local schools and has teams in the swimming gala, football leagues and
cups, netball leagues, cross country league, and athletics area sports as well as
other festivals that occur.


 Children have many opportunities to participate in music at Sketchley Hill
 Primary School, both in class and as an additional activity.

 Each year group follows the highly regarded ‘Music Express’ scheme of work,
 which ensures that every aspect of the national curriculum for music is covered.
 Through their class music lessons children have the opportunity to develop
 their skills in listening, performing and composing.

 In addition to their class music lessons all children take part in a weekly singing
 session in which we focus on singing skills whilst learning songs which can be
 sung in our school assemblies.

 Whilst at Sketchley Hill Primary School all children have the opportunity to
 learn to play a musical instrument. Our wider opportunities scheme allows
 every child in Year 4 to take part in a weekly samba drumming session which
 introduces them to music notation, percussion playing and gives the children
 the experience of playing an instrument in a large group. In addition to this all
 children in Year 2 are taught to play the recorder, taking part in weekly lessons
 using a recorder and book provided by the school.

 For those children wishing to learn to play a musical instrument we have a wide
 range available with lessons being provided by either Leicestershire Arts or by
 our own private instrument teachers. Lessons are available to all children in
 Key Stage 2 and are currently offered for the following instruments:
 Keyboard, Violin, Viola, ‘Cello, Double Bass, Guitar, Flute, Recorder, Clarinet,
 Oboe, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Percussion.

 Sketchley Hill Primary School has a very popular school choir, which is open to
 any enthusiastic singers in Key Stage 2. We remain the only state primary
 school to have won the coveted ‘BBC Songs of Praise Junior Choir of the Year’ in
 2006, of which we are very proud!

 The school also has a school orchestra, which all children who are having
 instrument lessons are invited to attend. The orchestra and choir enjoy
 performing at school events and our Summer music concerts are held annually
 to showcase our talented musicians.
                     MULTICULTURAL STATEMENT

This school is part of a multi-cultural society and aims to prepare children for
life in the wider community. It affirms that any form of racism is totally
unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Children will be encouraged to develop
an awareness and appreciation of the many cultures which contribute to the
richness of the society in which we live.

                         RELIGIOUS EDUCATION

Our children acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of Religious beliefs,
practices, values and traditions. Christianity is the major Religion taught. The
children also study other World Religions and how these affect ways of living.

We promote a reflective and caring approach to life, with an appreciation of the
natural world. The children are encouraged to develop a sense of self-worth in
the context of the school and the local community.

                         COLLECTIVE WORSHIP

Some of the school’s assemblies consist of an act of worship which is of a
broadly Christian nature, although not distinctive of any particular
denomination. Throughout the year we encompass multicultural education to
which our school is committed. We also hold regular assemblies for outside
visitors and year group presentations.

In accordance with the Education Act, parents may exercise the right to
withdraw their child from Religious Education or assemblies. Parents are
always invited to discuss these issues with the Head Teacher.

                         COMMUNITY COHESION

By community cohesion, we mean working towards a society in which there is a
common vision and sense of belonging by all communities; a society in which
the diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and
valued; a society in which similar life opportunities are available to all; and a
society in which strong and positive relationships exist and continue to be
developed in the workplace, in schools and in the wider community.

                                Eco Warriors

The ECO Warriors are a team of children who want to make our school a more
environmentally friendly environment. Their favourite lunchtime activities are
litter picking and working in the environmental area! They also meet each half
term to discuss our action plan which covers areas such as energy, litter, waste
minimisation, recycling, transport, healthy living and school grounds.

We have recently been awarded the Eco Schools award and the highest award,
the Green Flag.

                         The Environmental Area

This area of the school has recently been redeveloped thanks to voluntary help
from DHL, the Burbage Gardening Club, parents and grandparents! We now
have a wild flower meadow, a bog garden, vegetable plots, a green house, a
pond and a number of different habitats to encourage more wild life to the site.

A wildlife area ‘The Caterpillar Walk’ has been developed by personnel from
Caterpillar UK. This area is linked into aspects of the curriculum and is enjoyed
by everyone.

                          Healthy Schools Award

Sketchley Hill Primary School has recently achieved ‘Healthy School Status’.
In order to do this, the whole school has been working to develop the four core
themes of:-
Personal, Social & Health Education
Healthy Eating
Physical Activity
Emotional health and well being

Representatives of the Leicestershire Healthy Schools team carried out the
accreditation and we are very proud of this achievement. We continue to work
to ensure that our children receive the best possible guidance towards
responsibility for their own Healthy Lifestyles.

                      TRANSFER TO HIGH SCHOOL

At the end of their Key Stage Two education (Year 6) our children transfer to
High School. As parents you are entitled to select the High School of your
choice for your child, further details will be provided by the Local Authority at
the appropriate time.

Careful transfer arrangements exist so that each child makes as smooth a
transition as possible.

Relations between Hastings High School and Sketchley Hill Primary School are
excellent, as are relationships with other High Schools in the area.

The children have several opportunities to meet staff and to visit the High
School to help them become more familiar and at ease with their new

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