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									                                            CORNISH REX BREED CLUB

                                                 RESCUE DIVISION
                                               CORNISH REX FRIENDS

                                          FOSTER HOME APPLICATION

                                             Information or Assistance
                                                  Sherry Schwartz
                                             email CrnshRex@aol.com
                                                     Lisa Kuta
                                                email lisa@kuta.net
                                                  Barbara Morrow
                                            email twomorrows@aol.com

Are you twenty years of age or older?          YES              NO

Applicant Name                                       Date

City                   State                           Zip

Home Phone Number:

How long at above address?

Do you Own or Rent your Home?            OWN         RENT

If Renting. Does your landlord permit cats?            YES           NO

       Landlords Name:                                 Phone number:

Your Occupation:

Work Phone Number:

Email Address:

Personal Reference:
Phone:              Years Acquainted:

How many adults in the home?

Number and ages of Children in the family

How many pets do you currently have? Please list species, breed, sex and age of each

Are they spayed/neutered?      YES        NO
       If NO, explain why:

Name and Address and phone number of your Vet:

Do you have transportation readily available for picking up rescues and/or visits to the vet?   YES     NO

Are you or anyone in your family allergic to any animals? If yes, please list who and to what animals
How many cats have you owned in the past 5 years?

Where are they now?

Have you owned a Cornish Rex before?       YES         NO

       If NO, please explain why you are interested in fostering this particular breed:

What other cat breeds do you have experience with?

Do you have any special skills?(vet, groomer, vet tech, etc.)

Have you fostered a cat for any humane or rescue organization before? YES          NO

       If YES, for whom?
       If YES, what breed?

Are you willing to foster an older cat? YES      NO

Are you willing to foster a cat with special needs? YES     NO

Are you willing to foster a cat with litterbox or behavior problems?   YES    NO

Are you familiar & comfortable with administering medications? YES       NO

Are you willing to foster a Cornish Rex mixbreed?     YES        NO

Do you have a separate area in your home to quarantine a new foster cat to keep it away from your other pets or
foster cats? YES NO

Can you foster? SHORT TERM           LONG TERM          EITHER

Please tell us any additional information you feel you would like to share about yourself, your family or your
animals that you think would be helpful to us:

Will you allow a rescue agent to visit your home prior to approval?    YES    NO

Thank you for your time in completing this form and we look forward to working with you in our efforts to rescue,
protect and preserve the Cornish Rex breed.

The Cornish Rex Breed Club

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