Federer Needs To Check The Deeds On His Property Portfolio _A Satirical View_

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					With the recent World economic downturn which has had an impact on the housing
market it has come to light that Roger Federer has been inspecting his property

The business empire that has been built up over the past 6 or 7 years with many
properties dotted around the globe is now under scrutiny.

Looking back, it quickly becomes obvious that the fortunes of this company was built
around the now substantial Hotel he bought from the Swedish Borg organization in
Wimbledon, the apartment block in New York, the lovely house in Melbourne and the
apartment in Paris

Apparently the apartment he has in Paris is up for sale as it doesn't look as though he
will be spending a lot of time there in the future and the shadow cast over it by the
ever expanding Spanish hotel that stands opposite is keeping the light out. In fact on
Sunday after the French Open the apartment had no electricity and in fact needed
candles in most rooms to see what was happening.

There is now speculation about the large hotel he has at Wimbledon as there are
apparently buyouts on the close horizon from a Serbian company as well as a very
serious bid from the Spanish company who own the big Hotel in Paris.

The nice house in Melbourne and the Apartment block in New York are ok for the
moment but could well be affected by recent events in Paris and upcoming events in

All in all it's a worrying time for the Federer group as the boom times of the past few
years have slowed down and it's only the casino win in Estoril that is of note this
calendar year and if things don't change it is conceivable that they will not be the
number 1 real estate company by the end of the year as they have been for the last 4

Also there is now real doubt over whether they can overturn the record figures posted
by the American company Sampras a few years back, when it seemed a formality this
time last year.

But a year is a long time in this business and a slide in fortune by one company that
coincides with the upturn in fortune by one or two others quickly closes any gaps that
existed and shifts the momentum and tide in a completely different direction.

Unfortunately for Federer, the tide that carried them to record after record in recent
years seems to have shifted, bringing others players into the game whilst slowing
them down at the same time.
One could say they were now beginning to swim against this tide!

I hope they just don't swallow too much water along the way and can find a nice
island to relax on before they go under!

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