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					Orlando vacation home rentals offer you the vacation of a lifetime without you having
to give up any of the comforts of your own home. Whether you are seeking a villa, a
condo or a town house, there is a vacation home in Orlando to suit your needs.

People choose vacation homes for a number of different reasons - some just don't like
living in hotels for a week or more, and I can't blame them. A hotel room is OK for a
night or two, but if you are on vacation for 7 -14 days, you don't want to be living out
of a suitcase in a small room, possibly with the kids there are well.

Sure, the older kids can have their own room, but what about the youngsters? You
can't leave young children alone in a hotel room, and unless you can afford to splash
out for a suite, then you are going to be pretty cramped. And the eating out as well -
its great fun at first, but the wallet soon gets lighter with a whole family eating out in
restaurants every morning, afternoon and night. In fact that's a major reason for many
preferring an Orlando vacation home to Orlando hotel accommodation.

Many don't mind the hotel, it's the cost that bothers them. A vacation in Orlando can
be costly enough for families, particularly large families, and money doesn't last long
unless you can cater for yourself now and again. An Orlando vacation villa is ideal for
that, and you not only get your own kitchen, but it's fully appointed with cooker,
microwave, fridge, freezer and even your own washer and dryer. So that saves the
laundry costs if there are any little accidents.

How about the drinks - have you seen the prices in some bars these days? Particularly
hotel bars, and you really have no option because many don't allow you to bring in
your own drinks. It's the hotel bar or the minibar - both cost a fortune. Buy your own
drinks in a supermarket and drink them in your vacation home.

When you add up all of these financial benefits, the cost of the holiday home seems
pretty much irrelevant. But when you actually find out what your villa costs, you will
be amazed. A family of 6 can get an Orlando vacation home for $165 a night in the
high season. That's $27.50 each person - where do get a hotel at that price?

Imagine the saving if you had a party of 16! You can get a vacation villa at Emerald
Island resort in Orlando that sleeps 16 for $325 a night - that's just $20.00 each per
night. If you can't get 16, then it would be much roomier with just 12 of you, and then
it would cost only $27 each - for luxury Orlando vacation homes complete with a
private pool and spa, CD and DVD player, and a games room, plus all the facilities of
the resort such as tennis, volleyball, arcade games, high speed internet and much

This is not to suggest that you need spend time at these resorts, but they are handy
when you want to just cool down some day, and not go out doing the touristy thing.
Alternatively just relax in your own private pool drinking your own drinks and eating
your own sandwiches.

When you consider the total cost saving, not just the difference in accommodation
prices, but in catering, drinks, amenities and everything else, an Orlando vacation
villa is a fabulous bargain. It is one of those bargains that not only saves you money,
but you also get superior accommodation and a far more comfortable stay than you
would if you were all living in a hotel.

Nothing against hotels, but you can't beat an Orlando vacation home for a good restful
holiday. You don't have to move out to let the maid in for the daily clean, and you
aren't having to make do with instant coffee in the morning. In fact, you can do just as
you wish at any time of the day - even sit up all night drinking and singing songs. Try
doing that in a hotel!

Seriously, though, there are a lot of advantages in using an Orlando vacation rental for
your vacation, and although many of them are financial, they are by no means all
connected with your wallet. There is the luxury of a well-furnished and equipped villa,
and the privacy of having your own pool and spa. There is the convenience of your
own kitchen and not having other guests to avoid annoying.

You have more choice on the food front, because you can still eat out as you have to
do with a hotel, but can also eat in when you prefer it, and of course, if you have
young children it is immeasurably more convenient with respect to the cleaning,
washing and feeding situation. Entertainment is immeasurably better, with DVD
players, flat screen TVs and Playstations provided. Some offer Bose sound.

Irrespective of your feelings on the relative costs of hotel rooms and Orlando vacation
homes, there is no denying that their comfort and convenience far outweigh anything
that any but the very best hotels can offer, and these hotels are way above the cost of
the vacation homes, particularly for a large family or other group of people
vacationing together

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