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					The dictionary defines the word fate as, "The supposed force, principle, or power that
predetermines events," and "the inevitable events predestined by this force." It also
says, "An event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future: the
ultimate agency that predetermines the course of events."

There are many phrases that talk about fate, like, "Don't tempt fate," or, "That was a
twist of fate," or, "She deserves a better fate," or, "That will certainly seal his fate." In
Greek mythology, "The Fates" were three goddesses who controlled human destiny! I
say, "No thank you!"

Fate is also described and referred to in other ways, like, "Well that was just meant to
be", meaning that it was going to happen and that it was supposed to happen, and so
that's why it happened. If you follow that logic you end up with the conclusion that
whatever happens was meant to happen. But doesn't that take away all personal
responsibility for your actions? Yes it does, and that's the point.

Suppose I decide to have a sandwich for lunch. Is that fate? Was it meant to be? As I
eat that sandwich, am I to think that eating this sandwich right now is what was
supposed to have happened? Some would say, "Yes."

But what if I took the bread out to make the sandwich, and then stopped and said,
"Wait a minute - I think I'll have a salad instead." But the bread is already out and
sitting there! Wasn't I meant to have a sandwich?

Which one was meant to be, the sandwich or the salad? There are some who would
say that I was meant to get the bread out first, and then I was meant to change and go
with the salad. For those who think like that, everything is just meant to be.

The problem with that kind of thinking and rationale is that it eliminates free will. It
also eliminates any and all responsibility for your actions. And that's just the tip of the

No one is destined to be successful or destined to be a failure. Far too many people
accept that their lives are dictated by fate. They say things like, "This is my lot in life;
these are the cards that I've been dealt; I'm just a victim of circumstances and fate; this
is all I can really expect in life." To all of that I say, "No, no, no!"

How can a child of the Creator of the universe go through life accepting things as they
are, thinking that he cannot change them and just accepting that this is the way things
are supposed to be?

Have you ever considered that if your "fate is sealed," you have no free will?!

If you have no free will then it really doesn't matter what you do, good or bad,
because it is not your fault. It's what was supposed to have happened.

Are we all just robots?

The Creator gave each and every one of us free will to choose. Each one of us can
decide what we want to believe and what we want to do. And, with His help, there's
really no limit to what we can accomplish.

If anything is really "meant to be," it is that God wants us successful and blessed with
the life that we have to live. He has lovingly provided all that we need. But, he also
gave us free will to choose.

If we want to, we can accept "fate," or, we can choose to believe to have a great life.

You are in life today where you are because of what you have believed and accepted
as true. You can change your circumstances by changing your thinking. You can
choose to focus on the things that you do desire instead of settling for the way things
are now.

The only other choice is to accept fate. If you accept fate, well then, good luck. You'll
need it!

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