Fat Burning Workouts - Myths Busted

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					Fat burning workouts do not consist of walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes. Plain
and simple, out with the truth right up front. If you prefer to save a lot of time, believe
me, cardio just won't cut it. Aside from the research, studies, and other facts, I've seen
it personally many times. I actually have a couple friends who are aerobics instructors.
None of them would be considered in prime shape. Not to be mean at all, I'm just
saying. And unless you're one of the few who truly enjoy cardio (my husband is one
of those freaks!), I say, "If I can look good without it, let's skip it!"

Not to say there's no value in cardiovascular training, as can be noted by my tendency
to get out of breath easily at pathetic levels of cardio exertion. But for purposes of a
fat burning workout, a bit of cardio is simply incorporated, without the need for a
treadmill (ugh) or a time-consuming (albeit relaxing) walk. Because if you know me,
I tend to be crazy busy and I want to get the results in the shortest time possible. I'm
sure a lot of you feel that way, too.

Another big myth that I see repeatedly is from people who sign up for fat burning
workouts, but do nothing to change their eating habits. I simply can't emphasize
enough the need to incorporate BOTH exercise and good nutrition into your health
regimen. It's really important to go about your nutritional needs the right way. Please
do NOT buy into the hype of all these pills and potions promising "safe" weight loss
without diet or exercise. Come on, deep down you know that this mentality cannot be
good for you. I do recommend a few healthful types of dietary supplements that aid in
proper bodily function. However, I do not sell these items. I simply sincerely desire to
see you healthy, energized, and fully functional. I'm not just out to sell you pills or
gadgets. I do care.

OK, so yes, you do still need to decrease caloric intake (especially wasted junk
calories, mmm, junk food) in order to lose fat. If you maintain current eating trends,
you can simply maintain your current body shape. For the most part. I do see people
get initial results from a powerful fat burning workout, but then it tends to level off
rather sharply at some point, if the dietary changes aren't implemented.

And what is a fat burning workout, if not cardio? The focus is on muscle building
with a high intensity routine. And to give you the biggest result, target the biggest
muscle groups. Yes, sometimes just for vanity's sake, I do bicep curls and that kind of
stuff, but legs and back exercises will yield the most results in overall metabolism
boosting and fat burning. Well, since the holidays are about over, I guess I better go
do a fat burning workout right now. Won't you join me?

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