The Concept
                        Taste Festivals

Taste Festivals are truly unique events where discerning
and knowledgeable “foodies” can sample the best signature
dishes from the latest, greatest and most exciting restaurants
in the vicinity.

Our Festivals contain the perfect mixture of ingredients: an
inspiring and aspirational mix of brands, outstanding home
grown talent and a quality audience – which all create a
memorable experience and an electric atmosphere.

Taste Festivals have set a new benchmark for food and drink
events worldwide with 18 Taste Festivals across the world.
                     Taste Festivals (cont)

        “Stunning food, superb drink & outstanding entertainment,
                      set in a bustling summer city”

 Take the city’s most prestigious restaurants, add premium drink suppliers,
upmarket lifestyle brands, a fabulous programme of music and entertainment
      and combine them all in a number of great central city venues.

                              ‘You will be blown away by the Taste Festivals.
                              I truly believe this is one of the most important
                              and drink festivals we have had the privilege to
                              host in South Africa.

                              It will inspire you to eat, to drink and perhaps to
                              cook gorgeous things.’

                              Justine Drake
                              Festival Director
          Taste of Joburg 2009

 30 Sep- 04 Oct 2009, Joburg at Monte Casino
 20,000 expected footfall –ticket prices from R80(std entry)
to R170(get R100 back in crowns to purchase food and
 18 selected top restaurants
 Approximately 80 food and drink exhibitors
 Features including : Chefs’ Theatre, Wine Route, Speciality
Beer Academy
 Central entertainment stage with AV feed featuring a variety
of music & local entertainment
 Significant corporate audience, including hospitality options
 Very distinguished audience and event
                     In a nutshell
Taste is…
 Celebrating the spirit and culture of its host city
 A restaurant focused festival
 A restaurant based promotion
 A fun, outdoor eating experience
 Food, drink, learning, shopping and entertainment
 About restaurant talent more than celebrity chefs
 A corporate hospitality opportunity

Taste is not...
 A mass market event
 A food exhibition
       Taste International

Taste Festivals around the World
Taste Features
                   Main Ingredients

The Restaurants

A selection of the most distinguished restaurants from the vicinity showcase their
  finest dishes. Restaurants serve three of their signature dishes at the Festival.

 Sample-sized portions are served to ensure consumption of at least 5 dishes per
 person. Signature dishes matched with wines from the country’s best wineries

                                      “There are so many food shows these days;
                                      I didn't expect to be so impressed. I
                                      thought the concept was fantastic and I was
                                      blown away by the selection of restaurants
                                      involved. The food was fantastic and the
                                      whole show brilliantly put together.”

                                      Carianne Wilson
                                      Silwood Kitchen
                  Extras on the side

The Exhibitors

Retail therapy from approximately 80 food & drink related retailers including…

High quality wineries
Quality brewers,
Spirit suppliers & importers
Upmarket delis
Speciality bakeries
Coffee shops
Ice cream bars
Juice bars
Lifestyle products
                 Bite size entertainment
Live Performances

Chef’s Theatre

     Celebrity chef demo’s & interviews

The Entertainment Stage

     Program of local musical acts and talent

Wine, Spirit & Beer Academies

     Tutored tastings, and alternative recipes
The Taste
                     The Taste Visitor
Target Market

                                  Enjoy eating at the best restaurants
 43% male : 57% female

                                  Care passionately about the food
 Aged 25 – 54                    that they eat and the products they
 LSM 10+ income bracket
                                  Knowledgeable about food and
 high disposable income          drink and like to impress their
                                 friends with their ‘foodie’ insights
 Busy social lives
                                  Appreciate the finer things in life
                                 Value good quality food and are not
                                 particularly price sensitive
                       The Taste Visitor
Visitors at Taste of Jo Burg 2008            Visitors at Taste of Cape Town 2008

 14, 771 visitors attended                    15,432 visitors attended
 Over one third of exhibitors have already    Over two thirds of exhibitors have
rebooked for 2009                            already rebooked for 2009
 93% rated the overall show experience as     96% rated the overall show experience as
‘excellent’ while the remaining 7% rated     ‘excellent’ while the remaining 4% rated
it as ‘good’.                                it as ‘good’.
 86% thought the show offered ‘good’          83% thought the show offered ‘good’
value for money while the remaining 14%      value for money while the remaining 17%
rated it as average.                         rated it as average.
 100% would highly recommend the show         96% would highly recommend the show
to family and/or friends.                    to family and/or friends.
 56% eat out at restaurants at least once     59% eat out at restaurants at least once
a week.                                      a week.
 Over R1.2 million was spent in crowns        Over R1.4 million was spent in crowns
currency.                                    currency.
Media and Promotion

The Taste Festivals promotional campaign is valued in
excess R26 million and includes:

Media Partnerships

DSTV / Print / Radio / Online

Advertising Campaign

Advertising campaign through key broadsheets, leading
food and drink related titles and as well as local radio.

Leafleting Activity

Taste Festivals leaflets to be distributed though key consumer
 and hospitality trade media, leading hospitality associations,
 restaurants, hotels and tourist centres
                        Marketing (cont.)

Restaurant Marketing

A comprehensive, 10 week campaign through all
Taste restaurants to reach their clientele including
table tent cards, leaflets, posters and direct mail

PR Campaign

Full PR campaign covering key media, working with
Joburg’s leading chefs and restaurants to expand
activity, dedicated to exhibitor’s account management
Along with on-site press office function
Example of Campaign
                 Reasons to Participate

•Increase awareness of products and services
•On-site promotion opportunities
•Hospitality for clients and guest in a relaxed environment
•Reward loyal customers
•Showcases service, values and products to potential and existing clients
•Instant marketing and PR platform to reach prime target audience
•Discreet and limited resource commitment to achieve this
•Opportunity to network with the best 20 restaurants in Cape Town
•Make money out of the event i.e. Opportunity to sell product and tutoring at the

Cost     - 9sqm (3m deep x 3m wide)          R10,500-00 ex vat
         -18sqm (3m deep x 6m wide)          R20,100-00 ex vat
         -27sqm (3m deep x 9m wide)          R28,900-00 ex vat
         -36sqm (6m deep x 6m wide)          R38,500-00 ex vat
The price includes:
                  1) Shell scheme
                          -Solid back wall
                          -2.75 High walling on side
                          -wooden flooring
                          -Fascia with company name in generic font
                          -2x lights
                          -1 x 15amp plug point
                          -Part DB
Join us to create show stopping
events that everyone wants to be
              part of.

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