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Writers' Groups


									                          Writers’ Groups
                                Fraser Valley & Sunshine Coast
                                Last updated fall 2005

             Fraser Valley                                             Fraser Valley
               Abbotsford                                                     Delta
MSA Poets Potpourri Society                             Pen & Inkling of North Delta
When: once a month – 7:00pm                             When: every second Tuesday A.M.
Where: Legal Grounds Coffee House,                      Where: George Mackie Library
Abbotsford                                              Genre: mixed
Genre: poetry, creative prose
                                                        Level: mixed
Level: all
Tasks: workshops, readings, festivals,                  Tasks: writing support, critique
speakers, feedback, publishes anthologies               Size: 5 - new members welcome
and chap books                                          Contact: Dolores (604) 594-7173
Size: open, new members welcome,
running since 1981                                      Scribbling Scribes
Contact: Donna Bishop (604)859-2798                     When: 2nd & 4th. Tuesday nights
or Jaye Low (604)309-4070                               Where: member homes
                                                        Genre: mixed
                 Langley                                Level: mixed
                                                        Tasks: critique, writing exercises, guest
Langley Writers’ Guild
                                                        teachers, public readings
When: 2nd & 4th Thursday,
                                                        Size: new members welcome
12:30 to 2:30pm
                                                        Contact: Rita Alterio (604)594-7701 or
Where: Michaud House,
5202 - 204st., Langley
Genre: mixed
Level: mixed
Tasks: critique, readings, workshops, guest
speakers, published 8 books, writing                    Ocean Park Writers’ Group
workshops by Sylvia Taylor - 1 per month                When: Tuesday afternoon, 12:30 to 2:30pm
Size: new members welcome                               Where: townhouse clubhouse
Contact: Muriel at (604)533-1966                        Size: 4 – needs 2 more members
or Margaret (604)882-1294                               Contact: Judith Worbeck at
When: 2nd Monday, 7:00pm
Where: Langley Bypass                                   Acme Associated Writers
Contact: Frank Talaber (604)855-3880                    When: every other Monday
                                                        Where: member homes
                                                        Size: not seeking members
                                                        Contact: Len (604)581-6951
                                                        or Lucy (604)590-7034

                            Lower Mainland Writing Groups – Fall 2005 / p.1
               Surrey cntd.                             Ram's Head Writers' Group
                                                        When: weekly, Thursdays, 7 p.m.
Bard’s Ink                                              Where: 4936 - 198 Street, Langley
When: every Wednesday                                   Genre: mixed
Genre: mixed                                            Level: mixed
Level: mixed                                            Tasks: critiques, readings, speakers
Tasks: critique                                         Size:   new members welcome
Size: occasionally accepts new members                  Contact: Lisa Hatton 604-534-6536
Contact: Penny (604)589-5082                  , or Susan Flanagan
or                              604-574-3867

Circle of Writers                                       Sci-Fi & Fantasy Critique
         st                                             When: every Thursday 7:30pm
When: 1 Wednesday of month
Where: member homes, Surrey/W.Rock                      Where: ABC restaurant, Fraser Hwy & 152
Genre: mixed                                            Genre: mixed
Level: beginners                                        Level: mixed
Size: 6 - new members welcome                           Tasks: critique
Contact: Alice (604)536-1408 or                         Size: new members welcome                                    Contact: Dana (604)533-3977

Poetry Group                                            In Our Own Write
When: every 2nd Wednesday 7:30pm                        When: twice a month
Genre: poetry                                           Where: member homes,
Tasks: critique, publishes a quarterly poetry           Surrey/Delta/Langley
magazine                                                Tasks: writing practice, readings, critique
Contact: Angela (604)536-2825                           Size: new members welcome
                                                        Contact: John Lewis (604)951-0061
White Rock & South Surrey Writers
When: 3rd Wednesday of month, 7-9pm                     Now What? – inactive Jan 06
Where: White Rock Library - 15342 Buena                 When: 2nd Monday evening of month
Vista Drive, White Rock - est. 1973                     Where: The Pantry (Newton)
Genre: mixed                                            Genre: mixed
Level: mixed                                            Level: intermediate to advanced
Tasks: critique, readings, writing support              Size: 9 - not seeking new members,
Size: 12, new members welcome                           formed in 1991
Contact: Carol at 501-0934 or                           Contact: Pam (604)596-2114
The Write Stuff                                         When: every 2nd Friday, 12:30-2:30 PM
When: every 2nd week, daytime                           Where: member homes
Size: not seeking new members                           Genre: Mixed, mostly novels
Contact: Jody (604)541-8772                             Level: advanced
                                                        Tasks: critique, publication
Memoirs & Co.                                           Size: 4, accepting new members on
When: twice a month                                     occasion
Where: member homes                                     Contact: Ed Griffin
Tasks: critique, publishes collections
Size: not seeking new members
Contact: Laura(604)538-8438

                            Lower Mainland Writing Groups – Fall 2005 / p.2
               Maple Ridge                                                     Hope
Fraserview Writing Group                                Hope Writers’ Guild
When: 3rd. Wednesday of month – 1:30pm                  When: 2nd Monday of month
Where: Fraserview Rec. Ctr., Maple Ridge                Where: members’ home is Hope
Genre: mixed                                            Genre: mixed
Level: all                                              Level: mixed
Tasks: critique, guest speakers, events                 Tasks: critiques, speakers, chapbooks
Size: 8-15, new members welcome                         Size: new members welcome
Contact: Elsie Cohen (604)463-1255                      Contact: Marilyn Meden (604) 869-5254 or
Writer Guild
Contact: Brenda Mathews, Box 34, Lake
Errock, BC V0M 1N0
                                                                          Port Moody
                                                        Port Moody Writers’ Workshop
                Chilliwack                              When: Thursdays, 10 a.m. to noon. Three
Words Out Loud                                          semesters per year, and usually ten classes
Where: Chilliwack and Abbotsford                        per semester. We run September to
When: quarterly                                         December, January to March, and April to
Tasks: public events, readings                          June. - Instructor: Eileen Kernaghan
Contact: Zoe Dennison (604)793-0069 or                  Where: Kyle Centre, St. Johns Street, Port                                         Moody
                                                        Genre: all
Chilliwack Writers                                      Level: all
When: once a month                                      Tasks: critique, editing help, writing and
Where: Zoe Dennison’s home                              marketing tips, sharing info., support
Genre: mixed                                            Size: maximum 18
Level: mixed                                            Contact: For registration: Jacki Downey,
Tasks: readings, feedback, field trips,                 Kyle Centre, Port Moody Recreation &
writing exercises                                       Culture, 604-469-4561
Size: occasional new members
Contact: see ‘Words Out Loud’ above

                                                                     Sunshine Coast
Dog’s Head Theatre
When: varies                                            Forge Writing Group
Where: Yarrow area                                      When: last Sunday of month - 10am to 1pm
Genre: stage-play writing & performing                  Where: above the Marine Room, South
Level: mixed                                            Fletcher, Gibsons
Tasks: readings, critiques, guest speakers,             Genre: all
retreats, workshops, performances, writing              Level: all
contests                                                Tasks: critique
Size: 10 – new members by invitation                    Size: full at 7, wait list for new groups
Contact: John Carroll at                 Contact:Jan DeGrass (604)886-4692 or

                            Lower Mainland Writing Groups – Fall 2005 / p.3
                                                       NoName Writing Group
              Gibsons cntd.                            When: every 3rd Monday, 10:00am
                                                       Where: member home
Blue Pencil Group                                      Genre: fiction and (creative) nonfiction
When: every 2nd Wednesday 7pm to 9pm                   Level: advanced writing & workshopping
Where: Roberts Creek Community School                  Size: 3, new members considered by
Genre: all                                             submission
Level: all                                             Tasks: present, critique, support, share
Tasks: writing support, some critique, share           resources
resources, attend readings,                            Contact: A Penne at

Forge Writing Group                                                     Powell River                 Malaspina Writers’ Association
Size: full at 7, wait list for new groups              When: 1st Thursday of month
Contact: Carol Hodgson(604)886-8951 or                 Where: members’ homes                                 Genre: all
                                                       Level: all
                 Sechelt                               Tasks: critique, readings, workshops,
Blue Moon Writing Group                                registered organization
When: every Monday – 9:30am                            Size: 12, new members welcome
Where: Blue Moon Café, Sechelt                         Contact: Allan Brown (Artistic Director)
Genre: all                                             (604)485-5240 or
Level: all
Tasks: writing support, critique
Size: 5, new members welcome
Contact: Jim Elliott

Sunshine Coast Children’s Authors
When: alternating Tuesdays, 7pm to 9pm
Where: varies
Genre: children’s lit.
Level: all
Tasks: writing support, critique
Size: taking new members
Contact: Audrey Owen -

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