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									Congregation B’nai Torah
P.O. Box 3772, Antioch, CA 94509


Dear Prospective Member,

Thank you for considering becoming a member of Congregation B’nai Torah!

We were founded over twenty years ago – originally meeting in congregant’s
homes - as a “congregation without walls”. Now our congregation has a
membership of over thirty-five families and we share space with Saint George’s
Episcopal Church at 301 E. 13th Street in Antioch.

We continue to meet the needs of our diverse membership both spiritually and
socially. Our goal is to provide a welcoming sanctuary for all East Contra Costa
County Jews and their families to learn, to socialize and to pray.

Our congregation celebrates life’s special and joyous moments with our members’
families. We are also there when there is a need.

Come and get to know us. We are small in numbers and large in heart and we
know that you will enjoy being an important part of our B’nai Torah family.

Enclosed you will find information about Congregation B’nai Torah, a listing of
Board Members and Committee Chairs, an Application for Membership and
Information form regarding membership dues. Please feel free to call me if you
have any questions or if you need additional information. My home phone number
is (925) 779-9223. I look forward to hearing from you.


Ruth Goodin
Membership Chair
About Congregation B’nai Torah….
Congregation B’nai Torah was founded in 1988. It is the only synagogue serving the East Contra
Costa County Delta community. B’nai Torah endorses the ideological principles of Reform
Judaism, while conserving Jewish tradition in its practices.

As a result, it offers its membership many enlightened differences that distinguish it from the

   Spiritual Leadership is provided by Rabbi Ira Book.

   Religious and Hebrew School accommodates children from Kindergarten through Bar and
    Bat Mitzvah. We use the Mitkadem, a self-paced Hebrew curriculum, which was developed
    by the Union for Reform Judaism. The Judaic Studies component is based on the Union’s
    “CHAI “ core curriculum. The children also participate in hands-on, interactive activities
    such as making challah, Havdalah candles and going on field trips.
    Various Adult Education opportunities are offered throughout the year by Rabbi Ira, as well
    by members and guest instructors.

   Diversity within the congregation is one of our strongest assets. WE have single members,
    married members. Families with young children, grown children and no children. Young
    people, old people, mixed marriages, people who only come holidays and people that attend
    services every week. WE are here to allow you to participate at whatever level best fits your

   Social Activities expand members’ circle of friends. We have held many activities including
    Adult Socials, Family Pool Parties, Family Barbeques, Wine Tastings, Purim Festivals,
    Chanukah Parties, Shabbat Dinners and Passover Sedars. We also have social groups such as
    the Senior Connection and Sisterhood.

   Worship Services are conducted by Rabbi Ira the first Friday of each month from 7:30 –
    9:00 p.m. and the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. – noon. A Learner’s
    Service is conducted by our lay-leader David Mata the 3rd Saturday of each month from
    10:00 a.m – noon. Special services are held for holidays.

   Temple Library with many Jewish books for reference, biographical fiction and children’s
    books are available for checkout to all members.

Mailing Address:      Congregation B’nai Torah
                      P.O. Box 3772
                      Antioch, California 94531-3772

                      Synagogue Location:
                      301 E. 13th Street (at Saint George’s Episcopal Church)
                      Antioch, California
                      (925) 754-2545

Web-Site:           E-Mail:
                           Congregation B’nai Torah
Board of Trustees
       Darrell Goodin           (925) 779-9223

Executive Vice President
      Matt Cordova              (925) 706-2529

      Jamie Duran               (925) 513-2338

       Julie Einess             (925) 240-8869

Financial Secretary
      Mitch Oshinsky            (925)513-0581

     Chris Finetti              (925) 634-8099

Past President
       Vicki Mahoney            (925) 754-6875

Committee Chairpersons

Ritual Chair
       David Mata               (925) 625-3372

Membership Chair
     Ruth Goodin                (925) 779-9223

Education Director
      Kris Cordova              (925) 706-2529

Other Contacts

Sisterhood President
       Susan Wetzel             (925) 978-0349

Newsletter Editor
      Karen Moss                (925) 513-8769

        Rabbi Ira Book          (510) 733-7802

Date of Application

          First               Last             Hebrew Name             Birth Date

          First               Last             Hebrew Name             Birth Date

Single:_____ Widowed:_____ Divorced:_____ Married:_____ Anniversary Date:___________

            Street                                     City            Zip

Home Phone:                          E-mail:

Other phone numbers to reach you:

Occupation:                          Type of Business:

Name of Company:

Spouse’s Occupation: Type of Business:

Name of Company:

Family Members                Hebrew Name              Date of Birth                M/F

Are you interested in sending your children to religious school?
Deceased Loved Ones for Yartzeit Memorial Services:
If you do not know the Hebrew date, leave it blank and we will fill it in!

Name                    Relationship                  Hebrew Date Civil Date
Daniel Coven            Father of David Coven         Tishra 6, 5749 9/17/88

I/we are interested in participating and volunteering in the following activities: Please circle as
many as you like.

Board of Directors                            Education Committee

Sisterhood                                    Men’s Club

Membership Committee                          Ritual Committee

Newsletter Assistance                         Sabbath Services

Programs (Events) Committee                   Child Education

Facilities (Set-up) Committee                 Teach/Assist at Religious School


                             Please complete this form and return to:

                                           Ruth Goodin
                                        Membership Chair
                                       3211 Mountaire Drive
                                        Antioch, Ca 94509

Questions? Call me at 925-779-9223 or e-mail at
                      New Membership Commitment Information
As you know, we count on membership to support the operations of our synagogue so we can
continue to serve the Jewish community of East Contra Costa County. Your membership dues
assist us in paying the day-to-day expenses of the congregation. Membership dues go toward
paying the rabbi, running our school, and supporting our social events and other activities. They
also help to pay for prayer books, religious articles, supplies, rent, newsletters and other such

            Standard Dues are $750.00 per year per family.
            Single person membership dues are $375.00 per year.
            Members are also requested to contribute yearly to our Building Fund ($100 per
             family or $50 per single-person membership suggested).

                             All membership pledges are confidential.

Our fiscal year is from August to July, therefore all dues are pro-rated according to the date of
your membership pledge. Please contact Mitch Oshinsky at (925)513-0581 if you are joining
after the beginning of the fiscal year.

As you join in membership of Congregation B’nai Torah, we ask that you take time to make your
annual membership commitment with the temple a priority in your giving.

I wish to make a pledge to Congregation B’nai Torah of $_______per year,
plus $______ for the Building Fund.

Signature:                                                           Date:

Signature:                                                           Date:

If you need to make special financial arrangements due to your current circumstances, please call
Mitch Oshinsky, our Financial Secretary to discuss the options at (925) 465-5058.

We accept credit cards as well as monthly payments. Upon receiving your first invoice you can
work with our treasurer, Jamie Durand to make arrangements as necessary.

To ensure confidentiality, please send this form separately from the other forms to:
       Mitch Oshinsky
       2049 Newton Drive
       Brentwood, CA 94513

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