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									W in n i peg   2011   V is iT o r s   g u ide

                                                                               La Festival du Voyageur
WeLcome To

                                                                               Fort Gibraltar


                           a message from marina r. James
                           On behalf of Tourism Winnipeg, thank you for choosing to visit our great city! Whether you are
                           here for business or for leisure, for a day or for a week, we invite you to experience Winnipeg’s
                           diverse character, including our flourishing arts scene, tantalizing regionally inspired cuisine,
                           world-class festivals and events, and rich history dating back to the fur trade.
                           Your senses will be engaged as you groove to the sounds of our live indie music scene, take
                           a sight-seeing tour through the historic Exchange District complete with its turn-of-the-last-
                           century architecture, and feel the cold crisp air on your nose and cheeks as you sip Caribou,
                           a beverage of choice at Festival du Voyageur’s hip ice bar.
                           As you soak it all in, you will soon discover that the heart of our city is our warm hospitality
                           imparted by the creative and innovative people who have chosen to call Winnipeg home.
                           As a proud ‘pegger, let me share a taste of the Winnipeg I know and love…
                           Who I’m currently following in the local music scene: Vocal quintet Chic Gamine is
                           innovative and enjoyable. Très bien!
                           What I consider to be a Winnipeg “must-see”: The Hermetic Code Tour at the Legislative
                           Building. Thanks to Frank Albo for the extensive research he did in uncovering this city treasure.
                           Where I go for a great meal: Wasabi on Broadway for their Wil San roll, The Current at Inn
                           at the Forks for the bricken chicken and Paradise Restaurant for their homemade ravioli.
                           When I’m most aware of Winnipeg’s culturally diverse community: When riding the elevator
                           at the Richardson Building, walking downtown on Portage Avenue, shopping for groceries
                           at Sun Wah Supermarket or ordering dim sum at Kum Koon Garden.
                           Why I love weekends in the city: I go mansion gazing through Armstrong’s Point
                           (also known as “the gates”) and then pop-in at The Nook for sausage and eggs.
                           Try it smothered in Frank’s hot sauce with a dash of ketchup on the side and wash it
                           down with a cup of coffee. It doesn’t get any better than this!
                           Winnipeg offers you a vibrant landscape of theatrical and visual arts expression,
                           an eclectic music and dining scene, and a vast array of hip and trendy shops tucked
                           away in cool, pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods.
                           We trust that the information you glean from our Visitor’s Guide will whet your appetite and
                           appeal to your inner modern-day explorer, translating into a truly unique and memorable visit.
                           Our website,, will also assist you in making the most of your vacation,
                           with many a la carte and itinerary options to choose from.
                           Enjoy your time here and come back and visit us again soon!

                           Marina R. James, President & CEO, Economic Development Winnipeg Inc.                                        3
W in n i peg   2011   V is iT o r s    g u ide

                a message from minisTer rob moore
                On behalf of the Harper Government, I encourage you to explore the wonderfully diverse city
                of Winnipeg. Full of excitement and charm, Winnipeg has an eclectic mix of arts and culture
                that is sure to appeal to all travellers.
                From world-renowned festivals and museums, to historic sites parks and to shopping and spas,
                Winnipeg has something for everyone. This urban ambience is coupled with the warmth and
                friendliness of the city’s small-town roots, making Winnipeg a truly unforgettable destination.
                Whether you are already here or are considering a visit, the city, the province and the rest
                of the country welcome you with open arms.
                We are always happy to see you.
                The Honourable Rob Moore, Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism

                a message from minisTer Lynne yeLich
                Welcome to Manitoba where small-town hospitality and big city adventures heighten your senses.
                The friendly spirit of the people ignite this province with vibrant energy. Be captivated by the
                splendour of the lakes and forests, the untamed beauty of the tundra, and the freedom of the
                prairie skies.
                I love to visit Manitoba. When in Winnipeg, I enjoy the historic and contemporary architecture,
                the skyline and, of course, the shopping!
                Be part of the spirit of Manitoba, at the heart of this amazing country of Canada - our place
                and yours.
                The Honourable Lynne Yelich, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification

                a message from premier greg seLinger
                Welcome to Manitoba’s capital city! I am pleased to invite you to discover Winnipeg with the
                essential 2011 Winnipeg Visitor’s Guide as a map.
                Our communities are vibrant and diverse, making for an extraordinary assortment of music,
                international cuisine, cultural events and visual arts. Every season is unique in its offerings,
                from the Winnipeg Folk Festival to kick off the summer or the Festival de Voyageur to celebrate
                our French heritage in winter, come and learn more about the heart of the continent and the
                spirit of Manitobans.
                We are proud of our history and heritage, the strength of our neighbourhoods, and the
                great fun to be had here all year long. I invite you to come and explore one great city.
                Greg Selinger, Premier of Manitoba


                           a message from minisTer fLor marceLino
                           Thank you for choosing to visit Winnipeg, the vibrant capital city of Manitoba. You have just
                           taken the first step toward a very memorable holiday experience!
                           Renowned for its outstanding quality of life, diversity and community spirit, Winnipeg continues
                           to welcome visitors from around the world. Friendly people, world-class accommodations and
                           entertainment make Winnipeg a very desirable locale for those planning leisurely vacations
                           or full-scale conventions. As you explore the many wonders of the city, you will find that
                           outstanding service and genuine hospitality are as bountiful and free as our blue skies
                           and fresh air, all year-round.
                           I am often asked to recommend specific restaurants, hotels, festivals and any of the other
                           features that add to Winnipeg’s popularity and personality. The city’s amazing diversity and
                           depth of creative and culinary talent, combined with our unparalleled Manitoba hospitality,
                           make it impossible to single out any one experience as the very best!
                           I invite you to discover, for yourself, why visitors continue to return to Winnipeg and
                           recommend this very special city to others.
                           Flor Marcelino, Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism

                           a message from mayor sam KaTz
                           On behalf of the City of Winnipeg, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the
                           Heart of the Continent. I encourage you to take advantage of all that Winnipeg has to offer.
                           I have always said that what makes Winnipeg truly great is the people and they are why I am
                           proud to be Mayor of our City. When it comes to community spirit our citizens are committed to
                           excellence and demonstrate pride, class and passion. Winnipeg is a vibrant city, rich in culture
                           and taste, offering a variety of restaurants, shopping, sporting events, and cultural activities
                           and entertainment that I am sure you will enjoy. We truly have something for everyone.
                           On behalf of the Citizens of Winnipeg, and my City Council Colleagues, welcome to Winnipeg.
                           Enjoy the experience and take in all our great city has to offer.
                           Yours sincerely,
                           Sam Katz, Mayor of Winnipeg                                        5

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