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Summary: excellent leadership skills, broad architectural experience in software research, proven solver for system engineering
Andrew Pandre, Ph.D.
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 Excellent problem solver: multiple successes in taking large complex projects from customer requirements
 phase to definition - design - development - deployment and then to production, maintenance and support mode.
 Management skills: technical leadership, people, project & product management and planning, team building.
 Communications: proven ability to maintain the best relationship with Customers, Sales, Marketing & Support.
 Software design: requirements, specifications, architecture, SDLC & quality, UI wireframes, QA engineering.

 Products Built/Shipped
 Senior Engineering executive whose career has spanned from hands-on Principal Software Architect to Software
 Director with a track record of shipping multiple successful software products (some designed from scratch):
 Lotus 1-2-3, Rational Robot & Test Studio, ESRI AtlasGIS, Borland SilkTest, OmniReplicator, Intersystems Caché,
 NetSuite Development Suite, GeoTrust Signing SDK, IntelliReach MessageInsight, Perillon Dashboards &FasTrak…

 Technologies: Data Collection and DataCloud Visualization, DBMS, ETL, ODBC, Database replication, BI,
 Monitoring, Reporting, Analytics; File, Application & System Cloning Systems; Cryptography, Security, Digital
 Signature, PKI; Network Discovery, VLAN; UI, Diagramming tools; Source Control & Change Management Systems.
 Development: 20+ years of experience with Microsoft tools and OSS, Web & SaaS development technologies.


VP of Advanced Data Visualization, 2009 - present, Confidential.
* Designed and Leading the software development of advanced SaaS Visualization of multi-Cube DataCloud with
ability to drill-down any DataCube while synchronizing all Dashboards and with Excel as designing tool for end users
and Excel-like Zero-Footprint WebClient for run-time.

Director of Advanced Software Development, 2006 – 2009, Perillon Software Inc., Littleton, MA.
* Designed Performance Measurement and Management SaaS applications for BI, Analytics & Data Visualization for
environmental and energy management systems, including Green House Gases, Sustainability, Emission Monitoring,
Incidents, Audits, Inspections, Alerts and Executive Dashboards (QlikView, SQL Server 2005-2008, .NET);
* Managed the development (C#, ASP.NET, SQL 2005) of the complex SaaS applications for ETL, data collection,
alerting, reporting & incident management for large environment monitoring & operational compliance systems;
* Designed the Datacenter for initial SaaS deployment, researched, selected and purchased hardware and software
for it (initially 80 CPUs with 20 TBs per rack, doubled in a year).

Director of Development, 2004 – 06, Intellireach Corp., Dedham MA (acquired by Infocrossing Inc.):
* Managed the development (C#, ASP.NET, SQL) of the complex reporting & monitoring system for large messaging
servers & anti-spam appliances; 2 commercial releases of system were delivered on-time .
* Managed the design of advanced messaging platform (protocols: SMTP, IMAP, MAPI, POP3, LDAP), including email
management, message archiving and reporting products, led software architecture and design, developed User
Wireframes for entire system; helped to build the team (C#, ASP.NET, SQL, HTML, XML, C, PHP).

Consulting Software Director and Architect, 2001 – 05, Multiple Software Companies near Boston
* Proposed & Designed PLSI-based metadata & concept discovery technology for searching huge repositories,
managed the project to win SBIR Phase I (2006) award. Proposal later won SBIR Phase II award (2007).
* Architected large distributed multi-user Case Management system for federal government and managed its C#
implementation (with dual GUI, using both Webforms & Winforms); migrated large distributed database from
Adabas and FoxPro to SQL Server.
* Developed the method of discovery of the remote target system and designed the automated remote system
cloning (with support of dissimilar hardware) for it.
* Designed the secure real-time file replication & instant disaster recovery (over LAN & Internet) toolkit (C#, .NET).
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Summary: excellent leadership skills, broad architectural experience in software research, proven solver for system engineering
* Invented the algorithm of the remote measurement of the freshness of data within multi-DB replication network.
* Designed load-balanced, scalable & recoverable file transmission of trade data between Order Management &
Accounting systems.

Director of Engineering, 1999 - 2001: GeoTrust Inc., Wellesley, MA (acquired by Verisign, Inc.)
* Provided technical Leadership, managed Design & Development of GeoTrust’s SDK for Content Signing, Identity
Management and SSO web services (J2EE, XML, JDBC, Oracle, C++, OpenSSL) for B2B eCommerce.
* Built (from scratch) the engineering & QA team and the software architecture of signing and SSO web services.

Engineering Manager & Principal Architect, 1998-99: NetSuite, Concord, MA (acquired by Visionael)
* Managed Virtual LAN project, with 10+ engineers in VLAN team involved, architected entire VLAN product.
* Managed development (C++, STL) of Object Framework for modeling of network components (4+ developers).
* Developed (C++) the ATL DLL for comparison & reconciliation of different networks discoveries & designs.
* Invented & implemented (as the COM server, in C++) the hierarchical model of Virtual LANs & algorithms for
computation of VLAN Domains & validation of membership of 7 existing types of VLANs [IEEE 802.1Q, proprietary
port-based & MAC-address based VLANs & Layer-3-based VLANs (IP-, IPX-, Decnet- & AppleTalk-based VLANs)].

Principal Software Architect, 1996 - 98, InterSystems Corporation, Cambridge, MA
* Designed (C++) multithreaded TCP/IP-based RPC protocol, SQL Gateway & APIs (COM, DLL) for Caché DBMS.
* Architected & developed (C++) Active M COM Server for exposing M language to WWW servers & browsers.
* Implemented (C++) COM-based Visual M as Visual Studio Add-In as the client for Caché Object DBMS.

Principal Software Architect, 1995 - 96, Praxis, Framingham, MA (acquired by LakeView Tech)
* Redesigned and ported OmniReplicator (now Vision® replicate1™) to Win32 with ODBC support of the
heterogeneous, bi-directional, near real-time database replication (including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase)
* ODBC-enabled the OmniReplicator, developed (C++, SQL) full ODBC emulation for SequeLink middleware

Senior Software Architect, 1993-94, ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute), Lowell, MA
(TerraLogics acquired by Strategic Mapping, which was acquired by Environmental Systems Research Institute)
* Project leader for development of AtlasGIS/TerraView mapping SDK for Win32 (best mapping SDK, DDJ 8/93).
* Improving (230%) the speed of the vector graphics engine in TerraView SDK for Win32 (known as Atlas GIS).
* Implemented GDI-based printing for TerraView for Windows NT; ported TerraView into DOS.

Senior & Principal Software Engineer, 1990-93, International Business Machines (IBM Corp.):
Principal Software Engineer, 1992 - 93, IBM (SQA acquired by Rational, Rational acquired by IBM), Lexington, MA
* Designed SQA:Image Comparator with support for DDB & DIB image formats & superfast image differencing.
* Implemented the synchronization for cooperative multitasking under non-preemptive Windows 3.xx OS.
* Improved the precision of the playback for Rational Robot, implemented multi-user testing over network.
* Designed and implemented GPF & UAE bug trapping technology and tools.
Senior Software Engineer, 1990 - 92, IBM (LOTUS acquired by IBM), Cambridge, MA
* Implemented CallTree tracing & code profiling for Lotus 1-2-3, redesigned segmentation structure, reduced the
number of intersegment calls, decreased loading & swapping time, improved performance in low memory.
* Developed the first Image Capturing & Comparison tool for Windows, with quick image differencing.

Background. Mathematical modeling, Scientific algorithms, optimization & Monte-Carlo modeling for large systems
and experiments, UI design (GUI, Web, CUI, CLI) and software internationalization; Image comparison, GIS and
Mapping technologies, Automated technologies for memory management, performance tuning, code analysis,
software testing and QA. Huge and successful Start-up experience. Invented “Service monitoring and reporting
system", US Patent Application 20020143920, Series Code: 10, Serial No.: 113119, filed 3/28/02.

EDUCATION: Ph.D. in Computer Science, MIS Research Institute, Moscow; MS in Math, Moscow University
CERTIFICATION: Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP ID #389220) since 1997, Certified Project Manager (BU,
2005), Certified QlikView Developer (Qliktech, 2007).
PERSONAL: US Citizen, held Security Clearance before, married, 2 children. Good tennis, soccer & chess player.

                                                                       EXCELLENT REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

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