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					   CNPS, Inc.                                              Rancho La Orquidea, Inc.
    5951 Olgesby Road                                      1124 Pearson Road
    Milton, Fl. 32570                                      Milton, Fl. 32583
    (850) 623-6287                                         (850) 983-8948
   Contact: Sarah Davis                                     Contact: Alice Lezcano                                         e-mail                                    Wholesale only. Supplies plants for mitigation
 Specializes in Sea Oats and native coastal   plants   projects. Specializes in trees, shrubs,
                                                       wildflowers, herbs, orchids, ferns, ornamental
                                                       grasses, wiregrass, vines

  Southern Native Plants Specialties, Inc.                 The Garden Gate
    6322 Mary Kitchens Road                                3268 Fordham Parkway
    Milton, Florida 32583                                  Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
    (850) 983-9121                                         (850) 932-9066
     Contact: Paul Humbert                                 Contact: Emily, Elizabeth & Eleanor Peterson
   Large selection of native upland, coastal and       Large selection of native plants, gardening supplies
emergent plants.                                       and lawn and garden decorations
  The Gourd Garden & Curiosity Shop                       Evergreen Landscaping, Inc.
    4808 East County Road 30-A                              P.O. box 2270
    Sanata Rosa Beach, Fl.                                  Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. 32459
    (850) 231-2007                                          (850) 267-1717
     Contact: Randy Harelson                                Contact: Toni Wheeler                                    e-mail
   Specializes in native perennials and herbs               Specializes in landscape maintenances and
                                                       retail native plants, like saw palmetto, wax myrtle,
                                                       ornamental grasses, and goldenrod.

    Apalachee Native Nursery                                  Emerald Coast Growers
    Rt. 3, Box 156                                            7410 Klondike Road
    Monticello, FL 32344                                      Pensacola, Fl 32526
    (850) 997-8976                                            (850) 944-0808
    Contact: William Dickerson                                Contact: Paul Babikow
    Specializes in large trees                                 www.                                         Wholesale to the trade only. Specializes in
    specializes in large trees                                 ornamental grasses.

  Morningstar Nursery                                  Niceville’s Garden Center
   Jim Morningstar                                     Dan & Tammy Winchenbach
   2207 Stacey Road                                    1502 John Sims Parkway
   Cantonement, Fl. 32533                              Niceville, Fl 32578
   (850) 968-2251                                      (850) 678-4105
                                                       Large selection of native plants.

E.A. Hauss Nursery                                     Joshua Timberlands Nursery
Alabama Wildlife Nursery                               29650 Comstock Rd.
4165 Ross Rd.                                          Elberta, Al 36530
Atmore, Al 36502                                       (334) 986-5210
(334) 368-4854
The Echo Center                                          Superior Trees
1055 Echo Circle                                         P.O. Box 9325
Pensacola, Fl 32514                                      Lee, Fl. 32059
Contact: Ed & Perrin Penniman                            Contact: Alan Webb
(850) 478-1985                                           (850) 971-5159
e-mail                              Wholesale only. Specializes in native trees and
Specializes in native trees, shrubs, perennials. Sales   shrubs, containers and bareroot.
and education. By appointment only.

Greenup Santa Rosa                                       Molino Aquatic Plants Nursery
Santa Rosa Clean Community System Gardens                3809 Crabtree Road
304 Park Ave., NE                                        Molino, Fl 32577
Milton, Fl. 32570                                        Contact: Ken and Dianne Collar
Contact: John Tonkin                                     (850) 587-2776
(850) 623-1930                                           e-mail
e-mail                                 Specializes in freshwater emergents: duck potato,
Nice selection of native trees and perennials.           pickerel weed, lance-leaf arrowhead, golden club,
                                                         water primrose, small restoration projects.

Go Native Nursery                                        Santa Rosa Gardens
4877 Thoroughbred Road                                   P.O. Box 1187
Milton, Fl. 32583                                        Gulf Breeze, Fl. 32562
(850) 626-8823                                           Contact: Paul Babikow
Contact: Eleanor Williams                      
Specializes in native trees and shrubs.                  Specializes in Perennials, hostas, irises, daylilies
                                                         Order On-line or by fax. Ship UPS.
Florida Department of Environmental Protection           Dune Doctors
Ecosystem Restoration Greenhouse                         Contact: Frederique Perret
Ellyson Field                                            (850) 939-7737
Pensacola, Florida                                       Coastal dune restoration and erosion control
(850) 475-5590                                           Consultant, and plant broker
Contact: Cary Levins                           
Restoration projects and propagation of native fresh
and saltwater emergent plants.

University of Florida                                    Greenbriar Farms Nursery
Milton Gardens                                           170 Underwood Road
P.O. Box 3634                                            Monticello, Fl. 32344
Milton, Florida 32572                                    (850) 997-8343
Contact: Dr. Mack Thetford                               cell (850) 933-0805
(850) 985-2632                                 
e-mail                                  Large selection of native plants.

Mail Order Native                                        Trillium Gardens
P.O. Box 9366                                            3532 Trillium Court
Lee, Fl. 32059                                           Tallahassee, FL. 32312
Contact: Amy Webb                                        Contact: Dan Miller
(850) 973-4688                                           (850) 893-5757
Retail supplier of hard to find native plants. Mail      e-mail
order only, ship UPS.
                                                         Specializes in wildflowers of the deep south, native
                                                         trees and shrubs
Florida Native Nursery directory The Florida Natural Areas Inventory, good info about natural communities and
endangered species are listed by county! good guide to vascular plants of Florida, contains pictures,
descriptions and occurrences U.S. Geological Service, lots of good natural resource info The Nature Conservancy, natural resource and conservation information


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