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Dear Holy Rosary Family
                                                     FEAST DAY!

This week we celebrated Holy Rosary’s birthday and the Feast Day of our
Lady of the Holy Rosary.

                Our school is 69 years old! Can you believe it?

As with all birthdays, it is a day on which to reflect on the story of our 69 year
journey – and what a story it is!

Like all good stories it begins, “Once upon a time”, with our founder, Bishop
Shanahan having a vision of spreading the love of Christ by educating young
women in Africa. The faith and dedication of this wonderful man and the
religious sisters who answered his call, transformed his vision into a lived
reality. Their faith-filled trust remains a testament of courage for all those of
us who have been privileged to follow in their footsteps.

I would like once more to share the poem “Some People” (which is on a
separate sheet.) It says everything about those who have walked the journey
with this special school of ours over the years and about each and every
person who walks it with us now. You have all contributed in so many loving
ways to make Holy Rosary the incredible school it is today – and each one of
you has left footprints on our hearts.

I wish you a week of remembering all the people in your own lives who have
left footprints on your hearts.
                                                      LARAINE ROBERTS

                      THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK
      It is only with the heart that one can see properly; what is
                      essential is invisible to the eye.
                                               (Antoine de Saint-Exupery )

Please pray for :
  Mrs Roberts who is recovering from foot surgery.
  Those of the Holy Rosary Sisters who are not well.
  Ms Stanbridge and Cayla (Gr 7) whose Father and Grandfather is receiving
  Mrs Meerholz whose Father is receiving chemotherapy.
  Mrs Burnell who is recovering from surgery.
  Megan Brink (Gr 4K) whose Aunt in Scotland is receiving radiation.
  Devan Cerrai (Gr 3P) whose Aunt is very ill.
  Claudia Maia (Gr 7B) whose Aunt is starting Chemotherapy again on
  Allegra van der Westhuizen (4G) whose Mother is recovering from surgery.
  Simone Correia (Gr 2B) whose Grandfather has been diagnosed with cancer.
  Ashly Fowler (Gr 5T) whose Granny is recovering from open heart surgery.
  Robyn Armfield (Gr 4K) whose Grandfather is recovering from a triple heart
  Katja van der Merwe (Gr 2K) whose Mother is not well.
  Alexia D’Alessio (Gr 6L) whose Grandfather is receiving chemotherapy.
  Robyn Dennis (Gr 5V) whose Mother is receiving chemotherapy again.
  Giana Kovago (Gr 0L) whose Grandfather is receiving chemotherapy.
  Skylar Taylor (Gr 4S) whose Grandmother is in hospital.
  Eryn (Gr 0A) and Amy (Gr 0H) Voogt whose Great Grandmother passed
  Zarina Cooper (Gr 5V) whose Grandmother has been diagnosed with cancer.
  Courtney Stewart (Gr 7V) whose Grandmother in England is recovering
from a fall and whose other Grandmother has been diagnosed with cancer.
  Drew-Ann (Gr 3P) and Theané (Gr 6L) Dietrich whose Grandfather passed

We pray for all those members of our Holy Rosary Family who have been
held-up or hijacked recently.

To Chiara Contomathios (Gr 4G) and family on the birth of their little girl,


    • Congratulations to all our girls who participated in their very first Sports Day.
      We are so proud of them.
    • Please note that swimming has started. We will be swimming on Mondays
      and Wednesdays.
    • Thank you to all the moms who came to help at our concert workshop.
    • Reminder that school closes at 12:00pm on Thursday for the midterm break.
      Gym masters will take place from 12:00 to 12:30pm.


One of the most loved and well-known saints is Saint Francis of Assisi. He
was born in 1811. His father was a wealthy businessman but Francis spurned
wealth and materialism.

The Saint had a deep love for God and he decided to teach people about Jesus
so that they too, could share in the joy of the love of the Lord. He devoted his
life to helping the poor and the sick. Francis founded the Religious order of
the Franciscans so that other men could help him in his mission.

Saint Francis marvelled in the wonders of nature. He saw God in all creation
and he was at one with creation. Saint Francis is the Patron Saint of animals
because of the care and compassion which he displayed towards them.

Saint Francis was a peacemaker and he wrote this beautiful prayer, which I
feel is especially relevant in south Africa.

“Make me a channel of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me bring you love.
Where there is injury, let me bring pardon.
Where there is despair, let me bring hope.
Where there is darkness, let me bring light.
Where there is sadness, let me bring joy.
Oh, Master, grant that I may never seek so much to be consoled as to
To be understood as to understand.
To be loved as to love with all my heart.”
                                                     MRS FITZPATRICK
                                                HEAD OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
The current measles outbreak in South Africa has once again highlighted the
importance of vaccinating our children. Measles is a serious illness and is
therefore best avoided. In response to the Measles outbreak, the Department
of Health has started a mass vaccination campaign. It is really important that
we all participate in this campaign.
All school-going children will be vaccinated against Measles to increase the
population’s immunity against Measles. Children should be vaccinated
regardless of whether their vaccinations are up to date or not. There is no
harm in having the vaccine again and again. Each time you have the vaccine
your individual immunity just gets better. The vaccine is safe with an
extremely low side effect profile so you may have a little pain at the injection
site and a few children may have a slight flu-like illness 10-14 days after the
vaccine. The only children who should not have the vaccine are those who
have a life threatening allergic reaction to egg. A slight rash or an upset
tummy when eating egg is not a reason to avoid the vaccine.

I strongly recommend that all parents support this very important
initiative. So please respond positively and vaccinate your children.

Dr Simon Strachan
Tel: 011 622 2771
Fax: 011 622 6517


Congratulations to our new, special High School leaders! Our new Head Girl
is Michelle Voerman; our Deputy Head Girl and Head of Religion is Gabriela
Figueira. We have every confidence that these young women will grasp these
new roles with both hands and lead our school to new heights in 2010.

We also congratulate:

Fatima House Captain:   Leanne Welch
Lourdes House Captain:  Kim Gunnell
Rosary House Captain:   Shannon Macqueen
Shanahan House Captain: Gabriella de Pretto

Your support and assistance with the tea at Eric Smith’s funeral was greatly
Several parents have mentioned that they are unable to get through to the
school telephone. Please ensure you have the correct number 011 – 457
0900, as some parents are still using the old number (453 0714) which we
stopped using several years ago and has now been disconnected.

Each week you will be given the vocab enrichment words that the girls receive
at Assembly on a Friday morning. We encourage you to try and use them as
often as possible with your children :

     Delicious     Humble      Intercept   Subjective

All staff and pupils are encouraged to wear bandanas on 14th October. These
may be purchased from Pick n Pay. Please support this worthy cause.

Please note that the recycling bags are now back in stock and available from
the Accounts Office at R20 per packet.
Please note that these bags may only be dropped off in Adjutant Road outside
Shanahan on a Wednesday morning before 09h00.

We are looking for another Mom to help out in the Second Hand Shop. This
shop is situated next to the Tuckshop and opens on a Tuesday from 13h00 -
14h30. If you are able to assist please contact Nicola on 084 424 4321 or June
on 082 564 6387.

We wish our Matrics of 2009 a wonderful last day at school before the start of
their final examinations on Wednesday as they celebrate with a special Mass,
lunch and their Valedictory. Good luck to you all!

Monday           Drama (Gr 1-3)    14:00 – 15:00
                 Chess (Gr 1-4)    14:15 – 15:15
Tuesday          Computer (Gr 1-2) 13:30 – 14:30
                 Computer (Gr 2-3) 14:00 – 15:00
                 Drama (Gr 4-7)    14:15 – 15:15
Wednesday        Art (Gr 4-7)      14:15 – 15:45

Well done to the Grade 4 and Grade 5 Tennis girls who attended the Festival
on Saturday 3rd Oct @ Brescia. The Tennis players had lots of fun and played
some very good Tennis. Congratulations to Tayla Lerena and her partner
Samantha Whelan who were unbeaten all morning.

U13 Tennis Results from Thursday Oct 1st 2009
U13 A v St Dominics A HRS won 15-13
U13 B v St Dominics B HRS won 20-8
U13 C v Sacred Heart HRS won 21-7

U11 Tennis Results from Tuesday 6th Oct 2009
HRS A lost to St Andrews 12-16
HRS B beat Sacred Heart 22-6
HRS C lost to Leeuwenhof 8-20

Inter House Athletics 2009 Results
On Tuesday Oct 6th we held our annual Inter House Athletics events and the
results were as follows:
Junior Primary
1st Lourdes 98 pts
2nd Fatima 70 pts
3rd Shanahan 59 pts
4th Rosary 38pts
Curr Trophy : Emma Boake(Lourdes)
Junior Victrix : Amy Law (Shanahan)
Senior Primary
1st Lourdes 562.1 pts
2nd Shanahan 519.1 pts
3rd Fatima 492.6 pts
4th Rosary 456.5 pts
Combined totals
1st Lourdes 832 pts
2nd Shanahan 751pts
3rd Fatima 731.3 pts
4th Rosary 665.5 pts
U10 Victrix : Adriana Tasovac
U11 Victrix : Kaitlyn Hunt
U12 Victrix : Kayla Da Costa
Open Victrix : Leandra Abreu
Massicetti Trophy : Robyn Hock
Lane Trophy : Leandra Abreu
Hrs Trophy 150m : Tannith Joubert
Unimex Trophy : Ciara Giannoccaro
HRS Trophy 800m : Leandra Abreu
Hard Luck Trophy : Rosary
Spirit Trophy : Fatima
Siniscalchi Trophy for the Winning House : Lourdes
Long Jump Trophy : Jessica Starkey
High Jump Trophy : Christey Harris
Hockey Ball Throw Trophy : Stacey Burrowes
Field Events Trophy : Lourdes


HRS Regatta
Holy Rosary hosted the regatta this past weekend and it was a great success. I
would like to thank each parent and each U14 and U15 rower who assisted in
making this day such a success. As always, thank you to our towers, Jane Du
Bourg and Tommy Shawe for their assistance with towing on Saturday as well
as Gaynor Jones for organizing all the towing.

Stella Vega
We will be having a Boat Naming Ceremony at the Wemmer Sprints regatta
on Saturday. All Holy Rosary Rowing Families are welcome. All members of
the Holy Rosary Rowing Club are expected to be there. Please remember that
the girls need to pack their full school uniforms for the Prize-giving. The
ceremony will take place at approximately 13:30. Champagne and orange
juice will be served for the Holy Rosary Rowing parents attending.

The week ahead
              Monday           Tuesday        Wed             Thursday
                                              School closes   School closes
                                              at 12:00        at 12:00
U14            14:30 – 15:30   15:00 –        6:00 – 7:00     14:00 –
               Gym at HRS      16:30 @ VLC    Gym @ HRS       15:30 @ VLC
U15            17:00 –         6:00 – 7:00    16:30 –         TBA
               18:30 @ VLC     Gym @ HRS      18:00 @ VLC      Gym @ HRS

The Mid-term Weekend
A letter was sent out today but please note the training times for the Mid-term
weekend in light of the KZN Champs regatta being cancelled
                Friday 16th     Saturday 17th Sunday 18th Monday 19th
U14             U14 A quads 11:00 – 13:00 Off                   U14 A quads
                7:00 – 9:00                                     8:00 – 10:00
                @ VLC
U15             14:30 –         7:00 – 9:00     9:00 – 11:00 17:00 –
                16:30 @ VLC @ VLC               @ VLC           18:30
                                                                Normal time

                          DATES TO DIARISE
                         KEEP IN A SAFE PLACE

OCTOBER           15      School closes at 12:00 for mid term
                  20      School re-opens
                  21      Grade 4K Mass 07h45
                  23      Grade 7 Entrepreneurs’ Day
                  24      Grade 7 – 8 Amazing Race 09H00 – 11H00
                          Compulsory all Gr7’s going to Holy Rosary
                          High School

                             SOME PEOPLE

                       Some people come into our lives
        and leave footprints on our hearts
        and we are never quite the same.

        Some people come into our lives
     and quickly go … Some stay for a while
        and embrace our silent dreams.

           They help us become aware
         of the delicate winds of hope …
    and we discover within every human spirit
         there are wings yearning to fly.

         They help our hearts to see that
          the only stairway to the stars
            is woven with dreams …
              and we find ourselves
             unafraid to reach high.

         They celebrate the true essence
                of who we are …
              and have faith in all
             that we may become.

             Some people awaken us
        to new and deeper realisations…
               for we gain insight
    from the passing whisper of their wisdom.

       Throughout our lives we are sent
               precious souls …
          meant to share our journey.
       However brief or lasting their stay
       they remind us why we are here…

    To learn … to teach… to nurture… to love.

        Some people come into our lives
               to cast a steady light
     upon our path and guide our every step.
            Their shining belief in us
         helps us to believe in ourselves.
        Some people come into our lives
             to teach us about love …
       The love that rests within ourselves.

           Let us reach out to others
           and feel the bliss of giving
           for love is far richer in action
              than it ever is in words.

         Some people come into our lives
         and they move our souls to sing
           and make our spirits dance.

    They help us to see that everything on earth
        is part of the incredibility of life…
            and that it is always there
              for us to take of its joy.

         Some people come into our lives
        and leave footprints on our hearts
         and we are never ever the same.
A few thoughts from one of our school psychologists:

                         RECESSION AND STRESS
                          LIVING WITH TODAY

The fear of recession has become a worldwide phenomenon, and within the
borders of South Africa we all have not escaped the impact. Accompanying
this fear are the fears of job loss, retrenchment, not meeting monthly budget
targets, not being able to provide for children and family, of losing the family
home, not being able to put food on the table, and, of credit collectors
knocking on the door.

These fears impact both individuals and families at many levels besides
financial and material, including psychological, emotional, physical, social,
family and spiritual. This because the situation itself has a sense of trauma to
it, in that there is a misconception that this is something that happens to
other people. Consequently many felt South Africa would not be as severely
impacted as other countries, and due to this preparations to meet changing
economic and social needs have often been neglected. However, as the impact
of recession grows more people are experiencing feeling out of control, feeling
a failure, a sense of helplessness and hopelessness, and, are unable to find a
way of resolving this crisis at a personal level.

The consequence of all this is that more and more individuals appear to be
experiencing mental and physical ill health. Symptoms that impact with such
pervasiveness that they interfere with people’s ability to live their daily lives.
Symptoms commonly reported include a combination of any of the following:
reoccurring and intrusive thoughts; avoiding unpleasant tasks and duties, and
procrastinating where this was not the case before; short term memory
difficulties; loss of interest in daily activities; difficulty focusing at work;
disturbed sleeping and appetite patterns; feeling a sense of detachment from
friends and family; emotions either numbed or exaggerated (irritability or
anger); constantly tense and alert; sense of panic and loss of control; and,
generally not able to find happiness with anything any more.

Consequently, in times of a recession there is a prevalence of reported
illnesses, including: not coping with stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety,
headaches, panic attacks, gastric disturbances, neck and back problems, skin
disorders, and general malaise.

Assistance in coping with this situation and the associated symptoms include:
- learning to cope with emotions such as fear, anger, irritability and reduced
frustration tolerance;
- helping the individual re-establish a sense of control in their lives;
- not remaining a victim of life circumstances but taking positive steps to deal
with today’s issues;
- building a positive outlook on life despite the circumstances;
- going for debt and financial counselling;
- and, cutting expenses; are amongst the various forms of first basic steps

In this context a useful combination of financial management advice,
psychotherapy and medication as required, goes a long way toward assisting
people in this process.