Facebook Marketing- Groups and Pages by aihaozhe2


									One of the hottest trends in marketing today is Facebook marketing. While you do
have to use it pretty carefully, it does offer a fair amount of potential and opportunity
to its users. Advertising options, various groups, and multiple pages are just a few
ways that you can promote your brand.

Facebook Marketing with Groups

Community building is still a popular method of online marketing. You can set up
your company as a group, and it can be the center of everything that has to do with
your brand. You can encourage your customers and prospects to take part in
discussions about your company or brand. Then you may want to encourage them to
share the information with others. Setting up a group can be a great way to stay in
touch with your potential and existing customers.

While the group function does offer quite a few advantages, it also has some
disadvantages. If your group is larger than 1500 members, you cannot send a message
to the entire group. This restriction really narrows your ability to communicate with
everyone quickly and easily. Groups are also like spam magnets, and you may find
that the amount of time that you spend dealing with spam is not worth setting up the

Facebook Marketing with Pages

Pages are similar to groups, but there are some distinct differences between the two.
Pages are a fairly new Facebook marketing technique, and they were designed
specifically for business to help advertise their brands as well as to constructively
engage their customers.

One of the things that is really different between pages and groups is pages have more
ability to be customized. You can incorporate Flash, Facebook applications and
HTML to help customize your page. Groups, on the other hand, promote a brand on
each member's profile page. Pages are more noticeable, and you can send a message
to the entire membership with the click of a button.

Even if a prospect is not registered on Facebook, they can still see your company
Facebook page, because Google will index it and display it in the search list. As you
look more strongly at SEO options, you will find that since search engines index the
page and not the group, incorporating a Facebook page for your company may be well
worth your time.

Pages also offer you a customizable URL name. Having your domain name with
imbedded keywords can really help when you start dealing with SEO criteria. Being
able to create a simple URL for people to remember is also great marketing on a
human level as well.
Using Facebook marketing techniques you can look at statistics, schedule events, and
even invite members to your event. You can also promote any page with a social ad.

After reading through the pros and cons of pages versus groups, it may seem like
pages win hands down, but really they are just a little different from each other. Pages
will work best for brand promotion that needs to happen in the long term, and groups
will work better for grabbing quick attention in a short amount of time.

So it is not really a question of which is better, page or group, because it all depends
on your marketing goal. Which one you choose simply depends on what you are
trying to accomplish with your Facebook marketing plan.

Pages as well as groups are just a couple of methods for advertising on Facebook. Do
your best to tailor them to your company's specific needs, and you may just be
surprised at the successes that appear when social networking is part of your
Facebook marketing plan.

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