Facebook Business Page FBML Templates by aihaozhe2


									What's worse than not having a Facebook business page? Having one that sucks. You
are probably not a web developer and hiring one just to create a Facebook fan page in
HTML or FBML may not be feasible. The good news is that there are other options.
With a simple Google search you can find resources to create an FMBL template for
you or you can purchase a pre-made template to make your Facebook business page

Don't just go for the cheapest or the flashiest option. Do your research and make sure
the template you purchase really fits your brand, company, profession and appeals to
your target market. You want to make this page a great place for your clients and
potential customers to interact with you and each other. Your Facebook business page
should foster a sense of community and provide multiple experiences for those in the
community to participate in.

You may also find a contractor who would gladly create a custom business page for
you as well as a custom twitter page for very little. There are many web designers
who only work on a contracting basis and they already have some great design to
choose from and customize the look and feel for your business or personal brand. So
what makes a good FBML page? Well, in short, the more interactive and
representative of your brand, the better. But as a warning, don't offer all of your
products or information in on space. Make sure you give enough information, but just
enough. Typically one call to action is all that you need or want on a facebook page or
landing page. In fact, if you follow the rules of creating a good landing page, you will
have a great facebook page!

Make use of other facebook apps you can use on your business page. Start discussions,
foster your facebook community and encourage them to take of their virtual coats and
stay a while. Make the experience fun for your fans and, as with all of your efforts,
give them a reason to keep coming back for more.

Leave the FBML writing and design up to the professionals. Your time is valuable and
if you have limited resources this may be the best option for you. Check out some
templates for your business page—the bigger your budget, the more plentiful
your options. Make your business page a place where your community can grow and
where they can be social with you. Make the best impression!

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