Eyebrow Stencilling and Synthetic Eyebrows by aihaozhe2


									If the eyes are windows to the soul then the eyebrows show our feelings to the world
with a little help from our lips.

The loss of our eyebrows can mean the loss of much of our facial expressions whereas
accentuating the eyebrows will add personality and character to our faces.

Eyebrows can be stylish, sleek or arched and by using brow stencils you are able to
change their look whenever you like and to suit your mood.

Illness, in particular chemotherapy and other treatments for cancer, can result in the
complete loss of eyebrows.

Overuse of the tweezers will make eyebrows look sparse or patchy or they can just
become suffer from thinning as age creeps up on us.

Whatever the cause of your eyebrow problems, do not worry as there are effective
solutions which will enhance and glamorise your looks.


Eyebrow stencils provide a versatile way of changing or correcting your look and they
can be quickly applied at home once you have mastered the technique.

There are a number of eyebrow stencil catalogues and these are best accessed on-line.

You can select one or more of your choice and you can even have celebrity or film
star look-a-like brows to stencil on.

It is easiest to buy a special headband that will hold the stencil in place and leave both
your hands free while you apply the powder in your choice of a natural shade that
suits your coloring.

Be careful not to apply too heavily, gently blend onto the skin with a soft brush or
cotton wool pad and outline with an eyebrow pencil.

Remember to check on any hairs that grow outside the stenciled area and pluck them
fast. They seem to be able to appear from nowhere.

False Eyebrows

Natural looking flexible false eyebrows are glued over your existing eyebrows with a
special adhesive and can be purchased in a choice of popular shades.

They are ideal for concealing over plucked, thinning or patchy eyebrows to restore a
natural and attractive look to the area around your eyes.

They are becoming increasingly popular with younger women who want a really
glamorous look to their eyebrows, perhaps for a special occasion, without having to
check regularly that they don't need touching up with an eyebrow pencil.

The BIG plus is that you can choose a color that you think will best suit you for that
big party or special dinner date and feel confident that at least your eyebrows will
look their best for hours.

The false eyebrows we have been looking at can be reused a number of times, are
easy to apply and remove and are good value for the money.

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