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                                                  Volume 4, Issue 2
                                                          February 2005
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            Page 2 / Editorial                                                                                                                                              2005.02 .


                      Diatribe Magazine
                                                                                             Volume 4 . Issue 2                           February, 2005
                       Editorial Board

                                                                                                     Marmoream relinquo, quam latericiam accepi
                         Catherine Shea

                          Layout Editor                         recent episode of CBC's The Current                         investment in the going concern of the compa-
                         Lenko Grigorov                         took a critical look at what some                           ny or is it unreasonable to put shareholders'
                                                                members of the business community                           money towards a political party that they do
                          Photographer                are doing in order to aid the tsunami relief.                         not support? In this case, both sides can be
                           Matt Aikins                They vaguely described these activities as                            argued.
                                                      "corporate social responsibility" (CSR)                                       What about donating to a charity that
                          Writing Staff:              although I beg to differ. Looking at Holt                             not all shareholders may support or throwing
                           Matt Aikins                Renfrew's pledge to donate 10% of one day's                           "corporate bonding" functions on the compa-
                          Ashleigh Allen              revenue to the relief fund, and similar                               ny's expense? These expenses could poten-
                          James Boyer                 arrangements made by Starbuck's, The                                  tially have benefits beyond the warm and
                           Ashley Dunn
                                                      Current criticized these aid efforts as being                         fuzzy feelings that they bring about, but can
                           Chris Green
                                                      sly public relations stunts and "cheap" by                            the benefits actually be measured and thus
                         Sarah Gregory
                                                      donations standards.                                                  justified?
                         Lenko Grigorov
                                                              Not exclusive to Holt Renfrew and                                     Although initially envisioned to outline
                         Allison Innocent
                                                      Starbucks, numerous companies, both public                            a more ethical approach to doing business in
                         Kasra Nejatian
                                                      and private, have donated large sums of                               the long-term, CSR has been transformed into
                          Sarah Ogden
                          Putnam Pius
                                                      money to the relief efforts even though many                          a public relations buzz word synonymous with
                         Catherine Shea
                                                      have no ties to the devastated region. Many                           ethics to encompass anything "good" a compa-
                            Oyu Wesh                  groups are applauding the actions of such                             ny may do, be it ethical or not. The gray area
                                                      companies for taking leadership to solve this                         of CSR will no doubt be debated to encompass
                           Web Editor                 problem, yet are still criticizing those same                         a broad range of self-interested items, includ-
                            Vacant                    companies for not doing enough in the name                            ing, but not limited to charitable donations
                                                      of CSR, making one wonder if any amount of                            for show and company morale parties, all
                                                      CSR will ever be enough.                                              while setting out to redefine the word respon-
                    The opinions expressed in                 But what was never addressed is what                          sibility in the corporate setting.
                    this publication are those        right publicly traded companies have in the                                   Forgotten in the midst of this CSR
                    of the authors and do not         first place to give away their shareholders'                          craze are the millions of shareholders who, in
                  necessarily reflect those of the    money. At the end of the day, people invest in                        theory, are the owners of the company yet
                     Editors, Staff Members,          companies in order to earn money and not to                           have little or no say in how company
                   the Alma Mater Society, or         delegate their charitable donations responsi-                         resources are spent. People invest in compa-
                        Queen’s University.           bilities to these companies. A corporate                              nies to make money as opposed to making a
                                                      donation to the tsunami means less profit                             personal-value statement and companies
                     Diatribe is printed by           received by shareholders, making them worse                           should respect this. Giving money to the
                    1000 Islands Publishers,          off.                                                                  tsunami fund as a cheap PR trick or a self-
                      Gananoque, Ontario                      The recent push towards the ambiguous                         actualizing statement on the part of an execu-
                                                      concept of CSR has had many people wonder                             tive has, in my opinion, crossed the CSR
                       Diatribe Magazine
                                                      exactly constitutes "socially responsible".                           threshold and ventured into the land of corpo-
                     c/o Alma Mater Society
                                                      Cleaning up environmental damage or treat-                            rate frivolousness as it in no way benefits
                       Queen’s University
                                                      ing workers with dignity definitely falls under                       business operations or the shareholders. Not
                        Kingston, Ontario
                                                      this notion, but where does the company's                             spending other people's money, no matter
                            K7L 3N6
                                                      responsibility end and another stakeholders'                          how good the cause, is what I would like to
                                                      responsibility begin?                                                 call corporate social responsibility.
                                                              Could supporting a business-friendly
                   613-533-6000 ext. 75511
                                                      political party be viewed as a long-term                                                         - Catherine Shea

                      Additional design by
                         Mark Janson                  Letter to the Editor
                          Cover art by
                         Kiel Perchinig               Two articles in your November issue troubled me. In the article                 More distressing, however, is Green's attack on univer-
                            Kingston                  on Canada's military by K. Nejatian the author refers to              sal health care. I will admit that I am unfamiliar with the
                         February 2005                Americans feeling the draft during the Vietnam War as "cow-           methodology of the OECD's ranking of health care systems, but
                                                      ardly draft-dodging Americans." There is nothing cowardly             Canada has one of the highest life expectancies in the world and
                                                      about not wanting to die for a cause you believe is unjust or for     outperforms the American system in virtually every aspect.
                                                      something you simply do not believe in. No one should be com-         Countries that outperform Canada in areas of health tend to be
                                                      pelled to give up his or her life for any reason.                     countries like Scandinavian countries, which systems even more
                                                                I also believe that C. Green's article on Canada's place    socialized than ours.
                                                      in the world is misguided. Green laments that our military now                  However, all that is beside the point. Why would any-
                                                      uses "outdated an[d] inferior equipment." Our military has            one want to challenge a set of values that says that everyone
                                                      always used outdated and inferior equipment. There is no glori-       regardless of income deserves the best medical care possible?
                                                      ous past in which we had the newest and the best. Even when           That is the Canadian value behind the defence of
                                                      Canada was at the height of its power we our navy was equipped        universal healthcare, a concern for one's fellow human beings.
                                                      with used British ships.                                                                           - Chris Davidson, Arts 05
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                  2005.02                                                                                                                                       Politics / Page 3

                            Liquor sales privatization might be just around the corner store
                            Some thoughts by Kasra Nejatian

                            here are things that one just            paigns to fend of any reform. In     retail outlet, with the exception           until about 1970, Ontario's bars
                            cannot do. No matter how hard            fact the LCBO is so good at this     of Holt Renfrew, the LCBO is                were required to have a separate
                            you try, you just can't make a           that even the Harris Tories, the     actively promoting its products.            ladies' entrance and a room
                            timely trip from Toronto to              self proclaimed anti-govern-                                                     where escorted gentlewomen
                            Ottawa on Via Rail. Trust me- I          ment, did not dare privatize the     So why is the LCBO still owned              might enjoy a beverage with a
                            have spent four years trying. No         LCBO despite promising to do         by the government? There are                respectable male companion.
                            matter how hard you try, you             so at various times.                 many arguments made in favour               After all, the drunken men
                            will not be able to get a cheap          The move is significant because      of the LCBO, unfortunately,                 might otherwise take advantage
                            meal at the Skydome. And, until          this is an idea that is long over-   none of them are of any sub-                of these defenceless ladies. In
                            recently, it seemed that no mat-                                                                                          another attempt to curb drunk-
                            ter how hard you tried, you                                                                                               en brawling, patrons were for-
                            couldn't buy wine at your corner                                                                                          bidden from standing up with a
                            store in Ontario.                                                                                                         drink in hand. Some of these
                                                                                                                                                      laws were withdrawn, thankful-
                            After all, there is no government                                                                                         ly, in the mid 1970's, but the
                            institution more treasured and                                                                                            LCBO remained. The govern-
                            more tightly-protected from any                                                                                           ment argued that if the LCBO
                            form of reform than the Liquor                                                                                            were privatized alcohol prices
                            Control Board of Ontario                                                                                                  would rise dramatically. This
                            (LCBO). Since the inception of                                                                                            was just double-speak. Today,
                            the LCBO in 1927, governments                                                                                             LCBO has a profit of about $1.1
                            have moved to privatize health-                                                                                           billion annually. It earns this
                            care, education, the penal sys-                                                                                           much despite being one of the
                            tem, and the water system. Yet,                                                                                           most inefficient and highly-
                            no one has ever dared to bring                                                                                            unionized operations in the
                            private competition to Ontario's                                                                                          country. Various studies, even
                            wine cellar.                                                                                                              those out of the Socialist
                                                                                                                                                      Republic of York University,
                            In fact, if you were an alien                                                                                             have argued against such rea-
                            landing in one of Toronto's more                                                                                          soning.
                            affluent neighbourhoods, the
                            most visible government institu-                                                                                          The latter reason, of a govern-
                            tion you would see would be the                                                                                           ment addicted to revenue, is
                                                                                                                                 photo by M. Aikins
                            local liquor store. So you would                                                                                          even sillier. Case after case has
                                                                 Why buy a slurpee?
                            not be totally out of place to                                                                                            shown that governments are
                            assume that the constitutional                                                                                            able to increase their "sin tax"
                            philosophy of this province was          due. The LCBO was launched in        stance and have been discredit-             revenue through licensing. This
                            to ensure that its citizens were         1927 to control the sale of alco-    ed ad nauseum. The main rea-                was proven most recently in
                            off their rockers at all times - a       hol and to ensure that you felt as   son for the existence of the                Alberta where the government
                            province filled with Axle Roses.                                              LCBO seems to be that a) the                privatized liquor retail but
                            After all, which government                                                   government of Ontario is still              added a percentage tax. Since
                            institution is more welcoming:                                                suffering from the post-                    privatization, in order to keep
                            the LCBO or the hospital?                 “If implemented this                Prohibition hangover, and b) is             revenues to the pre-privatization
                                                                     will be the gutsiest and             addicted to the $1.1 billion                levels, the government of
                            So it was with great surprise             perhaps the most sig-               brought in by the LCBO like a               Alberta has had to cut the alco-
                            that I watched the province's              nificant accomplish-               crack-whore.                                hol tax four times. Last year
                            Liberal government float the                  ment of Dalton                                                              Alberta, which consumes less
                            idea of turning the LCBO into an                McGuinty.”                                                                than a quarter of Ontario's alco-
                            Income Trust or at the very least                                                                                         hol, collected over $500 million
                            allowing corner stores to sell
                                                                                                           “... 30 years ago going                    from its alcohol tax. It seems
                            beer and wine. If implemented                                                  to the LCBO was about                      logical that Ontario should be
                            this will be the gutsiest and per-       crappy as possible when buying       as glamorous an experi-                     able to collect at least its current
                            haps the most significant                it. In fact, 30 years ago going to   ence as visiting an adult                   $1 billion.
                            accomplishment of Dalton                 the LCBO was about as glam-                video store.”
                            McGuinty.                                orous an experience as visiting                                                  Although this may be the first
                                                                     an adult video store. The stores                                                 time I have praised them, it is
                            The move is gutsy because the            were dark and dirty with poor                                                    great to see that Dalton
                            Ontario Liquor Board's                   customer service. Today, the         Let us look at the former first.            McGuinty and his government
                            Employee's Union is one of the           LCBO is anything but the nanny       At the end of prohibition in                have decided to take on the
                            province's best lobbyists. It has        state's tool to ensure some          1927, the government of Ontario             LCBO. You never know, I may
                            in place an army of well-paid            moral conviction against alco-       implemented laws to ensure that             even salute them with my first
                            lobbyists and has launched               hol. In fact, by spending more       the province's men did not drink            glass of corner-store-bought
                            numerous TV and radio cam-               on its stores than any other         their lives away. For example,              wine.
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            Page 4 / Politics                                                                                                                               2005.02 .

                          Canada’s identity is intertwined with the Monarchy
                          Chris Green

                          he British Royal Family has had
                          its share of public relations dis-
                          asters in recent years.
                          Unfortunately, it seems that the
                          good work they do is completely
                          overshadowed by the antics so
                          often displayed (and overblown)
                          in the British tabloid papers.
                          The recent spectacle of Prince
                          Harry, third in the line of suc-
                          cession, appearing at a costume
                          party dressed as a Nazi officer
                          (complete with Swastika arm-
                          band) has brought cries of out-
                          rage from around the world- and
                          justifiably so. The Prince's
                          actions, in addition to illustrat-
                          ing a complete lack of under-
                          standing of the catastrophic con-
                          sequences of the Second World
                          War, shows a tremendous disre-
                          spect both to his fellow country-
                          men who suffered greatly at the
                          hands of the Nazis, and to his
                                                                                                                                                             photo by M. Aikins
                          own family. After all, it was the
                          Prince's Great Grandparents,         Is the Monarchy worth our cash?
                          King George VI and Queen
                          Elizabeth, the Queen Mother,         security, even though it is the      tainly not disappear- and could       ly a national crises, and certainly
                          whose symbolic leadership and        RCMP - without input from            very likely skyrocket - under a       deserves no comparison (nor is
                          steadfast resolve throughout the     Rideau Hall - that makes securi-     Republican system.                    it any way related to) the blatant
                          Second World War was an              ty decisions for senior govern-                                            cronyism and waste of taxpayer
                          invaluable source of inspiration     ment officials. This pertains        If Mme. Clarkson can be criti-        dollars that we have seen
                          and courage not only for the         also to the Governor General's       cized for something, it is her        throughout the Chretien/Martin
                          British people but also for many     use of government jets for per-      sometimes elitist and arrogant        era. Though she is by no means
                          around the world. Instead of         sonal travel, as security con-       attitude. This was exemplified        perfect, Governor General
                          focusing on the juvenile             cerns have also lead the RCMP        by her comment that "I am             Clarkson has done a great ser-
                          behaviour of the Prince at a cos-    to mandate that neither the          above politics" when she was          vice to her country.
                          tume party, we would be better       Governor General nor the Prime       asked to appear before a
                          served by remembering the            Minister should travel on com-       Parliamentary Committee               At a time when many are ques-
                          great contributions made by his      mercial airlines. As for the         charged with investigating            tioning what in fact it is that we
                          family in helping lead their         selection of those who accompa-      spending at Rideau Hall. But I        stand for as a nation, why
                          country through the real strug-      nied the Mme. Clarkson on her        think that it is important to dif-    should we be anxious to do away
                          gle against Nazism.                  recent trips, let us lay the blame   ferentiate between the individu-      with one of the great institutions
                                                               for that where it belongs: with      al who currently holds the Office     that makes Canada unique? As
                          In recent years, Canada has had      former Foreign Affairs Minister      of Governor General and the           former Lieutenant-Governor of
                          its own debate over the rele-        Bill Graham, who selected the        Office itself. Much as having a       Ontario, the Honourable Henry
                          vance of the Monarchy to our         members of her entourage.            poor Prime Minister is not justi-     Jackman said, "the Monarchy is
                          country, particularly with the                                            fication for eliminating the posi-    much more than a person. It
                          furor over the alleged spending      Given all of this, surely we can-    tion, nor is a dislike for the cur-   embodies the constitutional
                          habits of Governor General           not condemn the Governor             rent Governor General reason to       framework of our freedoms, the
                          Clarkson. Whether it be the size     General or her husband for deci-     sever our ties with the               set of beliefs and attitudes of tol-
                          of her entourage on recent for-      sions they did not make or over      Monarchy. It is true, in principle    erance that make up this great
                          eign trips, or her use of govern-    which they had no control.           that the Queen, and accordingly       country and make it distinctive.
                          ment jets to travel to her private   What they do deserve credit for,     her Vice-Regal representative, is     The Queen is the symbol of what
                          residence in the Muskokas,           however, is increasing the visi-     "above politics" - that is to say,    we are today and the history of
                          many anti-Monarchist                 bility of the Office of the          they bear no allegiance to any        which we are the result and
                          Canadians have used these            Governor General to a degree         political party or interest group;    which is part of us. If Canada
                          opportunities to disparage the       not seen in recent Canadian his-     they are to represent Canadians       were to abolish the Monarchy
                          Governor General and for some        tory. Mme. Clarkson engages in       as a whole, not one small faction     we would be abolishing the sym-
                          to even call for the severing of     over 900 events annually, and in     that served to elect them. In a       bol of our distinctiveness."
                          ties with the Monarchy altogeth-     sharp contrast to some of her        time of incessant scandals and
                          er. I must admit that, not being     predecessors has opened up the       accusations of political crony-       In delivering the 1997 speech
                          of the same political ideology as    doors of Rideau Hall to count-       ism, the idea of a Head of State      from the throne, Queen
                          the Vice-Regal couple, I have        less visitors by encouraging a       who serves all Canadians is a         Elizabeth II said "I dedicate
                          never been the greatest fan of       wide range of activities from tra-   heartening one- as many could         myself anew to the people and
                          Mme. Clarkson or her husband,        ditional programs to the popular     argue it has been a long time         the nation I am proud to serve."
                          Mr. Ralston Saul. That being         "Rock on the Rideau." In terms       since we have had a Government        The Queen, and the Monarchy
                          said, the rage that has been         of expenditures, the Office of the   that was interested in serving        have served our country well;
                          directed towards them through-       Governor General costs slightly      those other than their friends.       not only today, but in years past.
                          out Clarkson's term is far from      more than $1 per Canadian            While Mme. Clarkson's attitude        It is one reason why we should
                          deserved. She was criticized for     annually, hardly an extrava-         may be insulting to some,             be proud to be Canadian.
                          increased post-9/11 spending in      gance, and a cost that would cer-    spending at Rideau Hall is hard-             God save the Queen!
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                  2005.02                                                                                                                                                     Versus / Page 5

                      POINT / COUNTER-POINT
                        Should Dennis Crawford be exempt because of his religious views?

          WE MUST RESPECT CRAWFORD’S RIGHT TO                                                                                            FREEDOM OF RELIGION IS ONLY
          FREEDOM OF RELIGION                                                                                                                FREEDOM FROM RELIGION
          by Sarah Gregory                                                                                                                                   by Allison Innocent
          On January 18 the Queen's Journal             science and religion". Crawford's religious   The AMS's decision to grant students reli-         damentalist Christians believe that, fol-
          reported that, in a reversal of an earlier    beliefs, and those of many other students,    gious exemptions from the SHRC fee                 lowing the literal instructions of the Old
          decision by the AMS, students would now       mean that abortion is entirely against        based on 'freedom of religion' is charac-          Testament chapters of Leviticus and
          be able to have their 85-cent mandatory       their consciences. If we force Crawford to    teristic of a common misconception of the          Deuteronomy, homosexuals should be put
          Sexual Health and Resources Centre            violate his conscience by requiring him to    nature of the right to 'freedom of religion'.      to death. Such an action is clearly forbid-
          (SHRC) fee redirected based on religious      fund pro-choice abortion literature, then     Properly understood, the right to 'free-           den by our society, regardless of the reli-
          grounds. The issue was initially brought                                                                                                       gious convictions involved. In this case
          forward by student Dennis Crawford,                                                                                                            freedom of religion is restricted by more
          ArtSci '06, who argued that the SHRC's                                                                                                         important social considerations. If I
          provision of pro-choice abortion literature                                                                                                    claimed to believe in a religion that for-
          violated his right to religious pro-life                                                                                                       bade me to pay taxes, would Revenue
          beliefs. Students wishing to be exempted                                                                                                       Canada be very understanding? If I
          are required to submit a written state-                                                                                                        claimed to believe in a religion that
          ment to the AMS requesting that their fee                                                                                                      required me to genitally mutilate my
          be redirected.                                                                                                                                 daughters, would society allow me to?
                                                                                                                                                         Freedom of religion cannot be an unre-
          While controversial, this new decision                                                                                                         stricted freedom to practice our religious
          was a correct one. The right of students to                                                                                                    beliefs. Individuals can never have an
          freely practice their religious beliefs                                                                                                        unrestricted right to any sort of action,
          should be taken seriously, as it strikes at                                                                                                    whether that action is motivated by their
          the heart of our individual moral free-                                                                                                        religion or by their conscience.
          doms. While I do not personally agree
          with Crawford's stance on abortion, I                                                                                                          Freedom of religion only makes sense if
          believe it is absolutely essential that his                                                                                                    we view it as a freedom from religion.
          beliefs be accommodated. Without a                                                                                                             Thus we are forbidden to impose our reli-
          shared willingness to allow a diversity of                                                                                                     gious beliefs on others. We cannot dis-
          opinions at Queen's, we run the danger of                                                                                                      criminate based on religion. We cannot
          restricting our fundamental freedoms of                                                                                                        arrive at valid political decisions based on
          thought. The right to freedom of religion                                                                                                      religious arguments. We are still subject,
          is an important facet of those rights.                                                                                                         however, to all Canadian laws, regardless
                                                                                                                                                         of our religious orientation.
                                                                                                                    photo by M. Aikins
          One of the greatest aspects of Canadian
          society is that it wholeheartedly embraces    we violate his freedom of religion and        dom of religion' is not a right to freedom         When this viewpoint is adopted, the AMS
          diversity. We should make it a priority to    conscience. No matter how much we             of religion, that is, it is not a right to prac-   decision is clearly mistaken. Crawford
          extend this aspect to Queen's. It is impor-   might disagree with his personal beliefs,     tice our religious beliefs, but rather a right     does not have a right to be exempted from
          tant that we craft laws and institutions      they are his own, and we must respect         to freedom from religion, a freedom from           mandatory student obligations, such as
          that recognise and protect this diversity.    them as we would wish our own to be           other's religious beliefs. The validity of         paying for the SHRC. The decision to pro-
          While a majority of Queen's students          respected.                                    this statement can be demonstrated fairly          vide pro-choice literature to students is a
          might be pro-choice, we must respect the                                                    quickly by examining its antithesis, that          decision based upon medical and social
          minority who are not. By allowing stu-        The issue then is one of principles. It is    freedom of religion is in fact freedom to          arguments, not religious ones. This deci-
          dents to make their own decisions regard-     not important whether the SHRC is justi-      practice our religious beliefs.                    sion mirrors one taken by Canadian soci-
          ing the SHRC we allow students the free-      fied in providing pro-choice literature. It                                                      ety in general. Our taxes go towards fund-
          dom to express their own opinions. Such       is not important that only a tiny fraction    If freedom of religion is the freedom to           ing pro-choice programs- there are no
          freedoms should be cherished anf protect-     of Crawford's 85-cent fee will go to fund-    practice our religious beliefs, as is com-         exemptions. If you wish to be a member
          ed.                                           ing the literature. What is important is      monly accepted, we quickly run into an             of Canadian society then you must agree
                                                        that we categorically uphold the most fun-    absurd situation. For surely religion can-         to be equal under its laws.
          As stated in part 1 of the Canadian           damental values of our society though our     not be used to justify any practice. No one
          Charter of Rights and Freedoms, every         student government. The AMS has made          would argue that freedom of religion               The same logic should apply to the AMS.
          Canadian has a right to "freedom of con-      the right decision.                           means freedom to do anything because of            If you wish to be a member of the AMS
                                                                                                      our religious beliefs. Some extreme fun-           and Queen's University, then you must
                                                                                                                                                         agree to be equal under AMS regulations.
                                                                                                                                                         As long as those regulations are deter-

                                                           Writers Photography                                                                           mined solely through consensual, rational
                                                                                                                                                         debate and not through religious argu-
                                                                                                                                                         ments then your right to freedom from
                                                            Articles Opinions                                                                            religion is not being violated. What is
                                                                                                                                                         being violated in this case is the rest of
                                                                                                                                                         the student body's right to be treated
                                                                                                                                                         equally by the AMS. Whether or not
                                                                        We need these things!                                                            Crawford still has to pay an equivalent fee
                                                                                                                                                         is irrelevant. His religion does not entitle
                                                                                                                        him to special treatment. His rights are
                                                                                                                                                         not being violated. Ours are.
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            Page 6 / Opinions                                                                                                                                             2005.02 .

          FOR A DAY?
                          Ideas for relief efforts and recognition
                          Opinioned by, Sarah Ogden

                      he recent tsunami disaster in   spending and donate the savings? I can       ing to form a group of countries who          goes on. This is not to discount or
                      south East Asia: there are an   picture the rolling eyes and exasperated     will coordinate relief efforts. This is not   reduce the importance of the aid given
                      endless myriad of questions     sighs. Of course the US administration       a bad idea. But why doesn't he heed           for the tsunami relief. Rather, it is a
          that have already been raised about this    would never do that. But such a thing        ideas such as the "crazy" idea I have         suggestion that perhaps the tsunami
          disaster, and it is debatable that by       would not be uncalled for in this situa-     suggested here? A humane person               disaster could give privileged people in
          putting forth more ideas and questions      tion. The US administration has had an       would recognize that while perhaps            Western society an opportunity, albeit a
          the suffering will be alleviated. Saying    embarrassing last few years, with both       implausible without proper planning           sad and unfortunate opportunity, to
          there should have been warning sys-         domestic and international problems,         and organization, it's not that "crazy" at    enlighten themselves and others on the
          tems in place (and there very well          the most public of which has been the        all. And given the unfathomable horrors       other horrific occurrences that largely
          should have been) will do little for peo-                                                that those living in the affected coun-       go unreported in Western media. This
          ple whose lives, whose day to day exis-                                                  tries have endured, why don't we try to       might allow for a chance to spread
          tences, have been ruined. Imagine your           “... perhaps the tsuna-                 do as much as we can, no matter what it       awareness of these events and allow for
          life as you know it literally ripped out          mi disaster could give                 takes?                                        help to be given to these people.
          from under you and knowing you                                                                                                         Overall, we should let this horrific dis-
                                                             privileged people in
          could've had "warning" to elude it. How                                                  Proceeding to a related line of thought:      aster genuinely change those of us that
                                                             Western society an
          would that knowledge sit with you? I                                                     every time a disaster occurs in a coun-       usually go back into our routines. It is
                                                            opportunity, albeit a
          can't imagine how it would sit. Maybe                                                    try a world away and receives tons of         of course depressing that it would take
          some would be comforted by it, while
                                                            sad and unfortunate                    Western media attention, we take a few        a horrid incident such as this to change
          others might be stunned into further
                                                           opportunity, to enlight-                minutes to appreciate our comparably          some of us. But sometimes, regrettably,
          spirals of endless grief, but for most it           en themselves and                    great lives and then most of us move          that is what it takes to change. Why
          is irrelevant at this stage, where people               others ...”                      quickly back into our routine. But why        don't we do what we can to help out in
          are concerned only with finding surviv-                                                  should we move back this time?                the places struck by the disaster, and
          ing family and obtaining the basic                                                       Instead, we should volunteer at a soup        then take that back to our everyday
          necessities of life.                        Iraq "war." It has been shown by now         kitchen in Kingston, or at a retirement       lives and change our worldview?
                                                      that George W. Bush's original reasons       residence, or sponsor a child in a pover-     Because if we don't, yet another disas-
          So a middle-class, female, university       for entering Iraq were false and             ty-stricken country, or donate to a food      ter that has received tons of Western
          student in largely prosperous Canada        unfounded, which means many inno-            bank, or give blood. There are so many        media attention and occurred a world
          whose biggest present worry should be       cent people including civilians, soldiers    ways to give, and many are ridiculously       away will, once again, change us only
          the essay due next week, what can she       and members of media, have died for a        convenient. On a sign outside a local         for a day.
          do? I feel powerless. I hear the            sad and unfortunate empty purpose.           business I noticed the message: "if you
          Canadian government's pledge of mil-        Anti-Bush movements have been                can't feed a hundred people, then feed
          lions of dollars and I am pleased. But      spurred on as a result.                      one." Simple, but reassuring to those of
          what else could Canada do? There is                                                      us who can't feed a hundred.
          something else, and what comes to           Overall, George W. Bush and his
          mind specifically is fresh water. I was     administration have taken much from          It is also important to remember that,
          thinking bottled water, but a friend        the world and not given a lot back.          although the tsunami disaster is hor-
          recently pointed out that purifying sys-    Bush often speaks as if he is fulfilling     rific in its toll of human lives lost
          tems would be more efficient. So, why       God's purpose, and there is a twisted        and damage rendered to the
          doesn't Canada really lead the way and      "religiosity" to his political mantra.       Earth, there are many other
          donate as many systems as possible and      Hey, if we want to work at Bush's level,     disasters and appalling
          make it completely no-strings-attached      let's ask him: doesn't God allow us to       events that are ongoing in
          aid? Fresh, clean water is needed with      redeem ourselves and earn deliverance        the world and have a far
          an unimaginable desperation in coun-        from our sins? Why don't you take this       larger toll in human lives
          tries affected by the disaster, so why      opportunity then to make up for the          that don't receive nearly the
          doesn't Canada specifically give water?     horrific unnatural damage you have           amount of Western media
          Although DART does include water            wrecked upon the world and give back?        attention. These include
          purification systems, DART also serves      Why don't you freely, with no strings        ethnic cleansings, mass
          other functions. I am curious to know if    attached, provide aid in every form to       torture of popula-
          there are groups, companies or organi-      the countries of Asia affected by the        tions, unfair
          zations in Canada who focus specifically    natural disaster? You have created           imprison-
          on water purification systems and           unnatural disasters for so many people       ment- the
          would be able to donate systems in          in the last couple years: poor families in   list
          abundance. Maybe if this was done,          the US, civilian and military families in
          other countries with access to purifying    Iraq, families of soldiers in the US, the
          systems would follow suit and then the      list goes on, so why don't you give in
          specific need for fresh, clean water        abundance to those in Asia affected by
          could be satiated somewhat if not           the natural disaster? Why don't you
          entirely.                                   attempt to redeem yourself, George, or
                                                      at least start to?
          What else can I suggest? An easy target:
          what about the US administration? Why       So maybe Bush will listen to these ideas
          don't they slash their "military/defense"   or ideas like them. At present he is try-
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                  2005.02                                                                                                                                                 Opinions / Page 7

                        Why natural disasters force us to re-examine our beliefs
                        by Matt Aikins

                       e are all familiar with the        ly natural evils in the world. For if God       behind such an event. When we try, at          God- his all-powerfulness and goodness
                       recent natural disaster in the     has created the world, if God ultimately        the expense of reason, to read meaning         is challenged every time a child with cys-
                       Southwest Pacific, a tragedy       holds sway in the world, then He is             into these events we end up seeing what-       tic fibrosis or Tay-Sachts disease is born.
          that inflicted suffering and death on a         responsible for all that occurs in it, aside    ever it is we'd like to see.                   But natural disasters such as these force
          magnitude beyond our ability to compre-         from perhaps our own actions.                                                                  us to acknowledge the fact that pointless,
          hend. If any good comes of it, it will be                                                       Let me get back to the philosophical           random evil does occur, even if it does
          because events of this kind this force us       In ancient India, a caste system existed        problem of evil. Its propositions are stat-    not affect us directly. The great Lisbon
          to reflect on our own places within the         where certain groups in society were con-       ed as such: if God is all-powerful and all-    earthquake of 1755, which 'destroyed
          universe, as well as the place of humanity      signed to lives of drudgery and poverty         loving, then He could have, and He             thirty thousand persons in six minutes',
          in general. We must have the courage to         while others lived lives of luxury and          would have wanted to, prevent the occur-       is what turned the French philosopher
          ask the hard questions about our own            power, simply because they were born            rence of natural evils such as the tsunami     Voltaire away from the Spinozan 'best-of-
          existences, even if they seem unanswer-         into a certain social class. This caste sys-    disaster. Thus, He cannot be both all-         all-possible-worlds' God, and fuelled the
          able and make us uneasy. To those who           tem was believed to be the result of peo-       powerful and all-loving. This means that       savage irony of his masterpiece, Candide.
          believe in an all-powerful, all-loving God,     ples' good or bad deeds in previous lives-      the God of the Christian, Jewish, and          If such cataclysms force us to re-examine
          that is, the majority of Canadians and the      their 'karma'. Thus the 'untouchables',         Muslim religions cannot exist. There is        our beliefs, then they can have meaning,
          overwhelming majority of the world, I           the impoverished street sweepers,               no being in the sky that loves you. Your       and those thousands have not lost their
          ask: 'How could God allow this to hap-          deserved their lowliness because of their       prayers will not be answered. There is no      lives completely in vain.
          pen? Why would a just God cause the             past sins. By contrast, the upper-caste         Heaven or Hell. It would be nice if these
          deaths of so many innocents?' I wish to         'brahmins' richly deserved their inherited      things were true, but they are not. Events     You will hear arguments against the ones
          show you that these questions have only         wealth and status because of their good         like the tsunami disaster disprove them.       I have just made. You will hear exhorta-
          one answer: He does not exist.                  deeds in previous lives. Unsurprisingly,        We might desperately wish otherwise,           tions to have faith. But what is faith in
                                                          the priestly class was composed primarily       but the truth exists independently of our      the absence of reason? It is mere irra-
          The philosophical problem of 'natural           of brahmins, and brahmins donated lav-          own desires.                                   tionality. Others might claim that God
          evils', such as earthquakes and tsunamis,       ishly to the temples. What seemed like                                                         exists, but that He cannot alter the natu-
          is as old as philosophy itself. It is perhaps   prima facie injustice was transformed,          This sounds bleak, I know. But there is a      ral order of things. While such a position
          most succinctly phrased by Epicurus, an         ironically, into justice.                       silver lining inside this existential cloud.   might be compatible with the existence of
          ancient Greek philosopher:                                                                      The realisation that God does not exist        natural evils, it is not compatible with
                                                          I believe that all these religious answers                                                     any major religion. If God cannot inter-
          Is God willing to prevent evil, but not         to the problem of natural evil ring hol-                                                       vene in the natural world, then He can-
          able? Then he is not omnipotent.                low. To imagine that somehow the Asian                                                         not answer your prayers. He cannot have
          Is he able, but not willing? Then he is         tsunami will result in a better world is               “Thus, He cannot be                     sent His son into the world. He cannot
          malevolent.                                     absurd. Not only were hundreds of thou-               both all-powerful and                    have 'divinely inspired' any prophets, and
          Is he both able and willing? Then whence        sands of lives ended or crippled abruptly,            all-loving. This means                   thus all supposed 'holy books', such as
          cometh evil?                                    but the long term suffering caused by the               that the God of the                    the Bible or the Quran, are just books
          Is he neither able nor willing? Then why        economic devastation will linger for                  Christian, Jewish, and                   written by humans. You will hear exhor-
          call him God?                                   many years. To imagine that this was                 Muslim religions cannot                   tations to find some special meaning; to
                                                          somehow the result of our own actions is             exist. There is no being                  do logical backflips in order to make the
          Humans have always been confronted by           worse than absurd. It is a crime that                  in the sky that loves                   unjust seem just. You will hear: 'God will
          the fact that certain natural evils seem as     falsely accuses the innocent. On                      you. Your prayers will                   make it up to them in Heaven.' But where
          meaningless and random as they are              December 28, two days after the disaster,                                                      do we get these ideas about God's justice?
                                                                                                               not be answered. There
          cruel. Why should this child be born with       on the front page of the National Post,                                                        Remember that all our ideas and beliefs
                                                                                                                is no Heaven or Hell.”
          a crippling and fatal disease? Why should       Bruce Garvey claimed the event was a                                                           are based on our experiences of the
          this tree have fallen upon that family?         message from God:                                                                              world, including our idea of God. To
          Our answers have been numerous, yet                                                                                                            imagine that Heaven exists because God
          the issue seems beyond our power to             Why, God, why?                                  means that we are free to put aside the        is just, and then to imagine that God is
          comprehend. We cannot say why this              And if - for even a fleeting second - we dare   religions that divide us. It means that we     just because Heaven exists is circular rea-
          child is born with looks and a healthy          pose the question, then God gives us the        are free to act according to the dictates of   soning.
          body that ensure it a good life, while this     courage to answer it.                           our own reason, that we are free to put
          one is born with a deformed face that           Yes, of course it's a warning. To all of us.*   away the superstitious trappings of our        Behind these deceptive arguments lie
          ensures it a life of misery and loneliness.                                                     ancestors. It means we are free to do          political motivations, ideological motiva-
          Life simply happens that way, and we            What kind of God, we must ask, would            whatever we feel and know is right, not        tions, or motivations borne simply out of
          must deal with it.                              use such an event as a 'warning'? Is it a       what some book or priest tells us. We are      our natural fear of the unknown and of
                                                          just God who sacrifices the innocent to         free to pursue our own happiness togeth-       the meaningless. But we must have the
          Yet our religions counsel us otherwise.         warn the guilty? Is it an intelligent God       er, arm in arm, beneath a meaningless          courage to recognise the truth, in spite of
          They say that God is good, and that all         who uses an ambiguous, seemingly natu-          sky.                                           our emotion. In the face of a meaningless
          this suffering must have meaning, that          ral disaster as a message to us? Surely He                                                     universe, humanity's greatest and most
          there must be some compensation for it,         could have found a way to warn the              Many of you will not agree with what I         noble act of courage is to acknowledge
          if only in another life. Or our religions       human race that would have been more            am saying. The issue of God is a nebulous      this truth and carry on in spite of it. We
          tell us that all these apparent evils are       obvious and less cruel. For example, if He      one, as it relies on vague and undefinable     must trust our reason. We must conquer
          actually good events in disguise, and that      can move the earth's crust, then surely         concepts such as 'all-powerful' and 'per-      our fear, we must conquer the built-up
          some greater good will result. Or, per-         He could have caused a glowing golden           fect'. There will always be some loophole      layers of superstition and religious ideol-
          haps most perversely, they tell us that         leaflet to appear at each of our bedsides,      through which we can slip our cherished        ogy, and we must face the facts of our
          these natural evils are somehow the             detailing the ways in which we were dis-        beliefs, provided we believe strongly          existence. There is no God, there is only
          result of our own sins. God cannot be           pleasing Him. Perhaps He could have             enough. But I urge you to deeply scruti-       humanity, and it is to each other that we
          evil, they say, so the source of these evils    even made such a leaflet edible, so as to       nise these beliefs. Let the stunning sav-      must turn for comfort.
          must be ourselves. Any religion that            eliminate some of the widespread starva-        agery of this disaster be a catalyst for
          believes in an all-powerful, all-loving         tion upon His earth. Garvey's preposter-        self-examination. Some good may then           * "A wake-up call for the world", Bruce
          God, such as the Christian religion, sim-       ous hypothesis does not stand up to logic       come of it. It does not necessarily take an    Garvey, National Post, December 28,
          ply cannot allow there to be any genuine-       for an instant. There is no meaning             event like this to challenge our idea of       2004.
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            Page 8 / Versus                                                                                                                                             2005.02 .

                        A look inside the ‘Doors of Queen’s’
                        Observed and photographed by, Lenko Grigorov

                  'm in Ottawa. Ontario. Yesterday      ered they are actually the Kingston       like Mackintosh-Corry Hall, there are      is that of an observer. I observe that the
                  I went outside for a 20-minute        Regional Cancer Centre and Fraser         small jewels such as the Department of     new buildings are ugly. Stauffer is rea-
                  walk and gained a better under-       Armstrong Patient Care Centre, respec-    Film Studies building. Have you walked     sonably ugly (actually, I like it on the
          standing of how polar animals feel.           tively. I guess neither one was consid-   in the small inter-building space behind   inside). However, the ILC easily sur-
          That is, it's Christmas time.                 ered important enough to be on the leg-   Summerhill? Have you gone up to the        passes the library in ugliness. Is it just
                                                        end. A real mastery of disguise, howev-   Biosciences greenhouse? Have you seen      my "European taste" that's wrong? I
          Anyway, this experience made me think         er, is found in building 49, a house on   the entrance to Grad School? There are     think not. Walking together with an
          of summer, last summer to be                                                                                                                Iranian friend through the
          specific. Perhaps you've                                                                                                                     hallways of the recently open
          noticed that during a warm and                                                                                                               ILC we exclaimed simultane-
          relaxing summer (especially                                                                                                                  ously: why do they use these
          that of a grad student) your                                                            C A M P U S                                          ugly, painted bricks in the
          brain starts producing interest-                                                                                                             design of the interior of a
          ing ideas. Last summer I                                                                 D O O R S                                           brand-new building? And,
          thought: wouldn't it be fun to                                                                                                               mind you, the Persian civiliza-
          walk around Queen's campus                                                                                                                   tion has something to say. The
          and check out all the cool eli-                                                                                                              same ugly bricks can be found
          tarian wooden doors depicted                                                                                                                 in the interior design of
          on the infamous "Queen's                                                                                                                     Goodwin Hall. However,
          Doors" poster? Or even better-                                                                                                               Goodwin Hall is decades
          check out all doors found on                                                                                                                 older-built during economic
          Queen's buildings. So one day,                                                                                                               recession. Furthermore, it's
          equipped with a small Campus                                                                                                                 the hideout of a bunch of
          Map (printed in April 2001),                                                                                                                 geeks, not the shiny gem in
          my trusty digital camera and                                                                                                                 the advertisement crown of
          lots of skepticism, I headed on                                                                                                              Queen's University.
          a trip around campus to take
          snapshots of all entrances I                                                                                                                 Other questions that bother
          might come across.                                                                                                                           me when I walk around the
                                                                                                                                                       campus are, for example, who
          Let me tell you, Queen's cam-                                                                                                                decided to lock students out of
          pus is large! I spent several                                                                                                                the nice terrace in Stauffer?
          hours walking from entrance to                                                                                                               Who decided to paint the
          entrance and taking pictures. I                                                                                                              departmental crests on the
          don't know if we should be                                                                                                                   sidewalks using glossy paint?
          proud of this fact or not, but,                                                                                                              Speaking about crests, I think
          hey, we got plenty of doors! My                                                                                                              the one in front of the PEC is
          first observation was, when you                                                                                                              the most striking example.
          think of it, quite obvious: on                                                                                                               Last winter on three occasions
          campus there are about as                                                                                                                    I slipped and almost fell on
          many cool elitarian wooden                                                                                                                   this crest, so seeing this crest
          doors as there are on the afore-                                                                                                             being freshly repainted in the
          mentioned poster. If there were                                                                                                              beginning of September surely
          more, they'd put them on the                                                                                                                 warmed my heart. One would
          poster, right? The second                                                                                                                    think people from Physical
          observation was that some of                                                                                                                 Education would know more
          these depicted doors are actu-                                                                                                               about Physical Injuries.
          ally "fake", i.e., they are locked
          and not used at all.                                                                                                                        Did I forget about West
          "Decorative" doors are, for                                                                                                                 Campus? Not really. I paid a
          example, the old doors to                                                                                                                   visit there, too (I was paying
          Goodes Hall or the old doors to                                                                                                             visits more frequently before
          the Engineering Library.                                                                                                                    someone stole my bike there).
                                                                                                                                                      The entrances on West
          The story gets more difficult if                                                                                                            Campus are in line with the
          you want to match doorways                                                                                                                  entrances on Main Campus,
          you see to the names of the                                                                                                                 i.e., quite ugly-looking.
          corresponding buildings. You                                                                                                                However, occasionally they
          cannot always rely on name-signs being        St. Lawrence St. The house is not men-    many things you can do to get better       have free muffins in the foyer of Jean
          present. The official Campus Map was          tioned in the legend of the map and       acquainted with your environment.          Royce Hall.
          very helpful in most cases but others         there is no name-sign in front of any
          left me wondering if the map's creators       house on St. Lawrence St. Thus the        This brings me also to the question of     So, how should I conclude? It's still
          have actually tried using it. It identifies   mystery surrounding building 49           the sprawling new buildings. Beamish-      cold outside. Now I have only the 60 or
          the big building on Arch St. as "Earl         remains.                                  Munro Hall (or the ILC, as it is better    so pictures I took that day to look at
          Hall/Biosciences Complex" but, no mat-                                                  known), Chernoff Hall, Watts Hall and      and remember the summer. All in all,
          ter how I tried, I couldn't figure out        Wandering around campus lets you dis-     Leggett Hall (complete with a fireplace    the entrances didn't prove to be the
          where exactly Earl Hall is hidden. The        cover many surprises or simply things     lounge). Many opinions have been           important thing. What was important
          buildings numbered 40 and 43 (both            that make you think for a bit. Besides    expressed about the wisdom of invest-      was that I got to know my beloved cam-
          wings of the KGH) are not named in the        grandiose projects like Watson Hall       ment in new buildings and on the value     pus better.
          map legend. Further research discov-          (what an entrance, man!) and mazes        we got for the money. My personal view
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                  2005.02                                                                                                                                                    Culture / Page 9

                           ARTS AND LITERATURE
          ED PIEN,
                                                                                                         a time. It is as if once entering the world     but amongst the celestial beings.
                                                                                                         of celestial beings, via the hole in the can-            One cannot help but wonder
                                                                                                         vas (which they are painted on), you can        what experience Pien wanted the viewer

          CELESTIAL BODIES                                                                               no longer see them. Only once the viewer
                                                                                                         pulls themselves out of the hole, and
                                                                                                         recedes back to where they can see the
                                                                                                                                                         to have. He incorporates sight and sound
                                                                                                                                                         while requiring the viewer to physically
                                                                                                                                                         move themselves in such a way that they
                        An other-wordly experience                                                       whole canvas are they fully able examine        must analyse the celestial bodies from all
                                                                                                         the work. Celestial Bodies allows its view-     sides, while taking into consideration all
                        Experienced by Ashleigh Allen
                                                                                                         ers to explore for themselves the world of      aspects and senses the work projects and

                   he work Celestial Bodies is an        wise black. The figures on the canvas are       celestial beings in such a way that if you      ignites. If this is properly executed, the
                   experience in which the viewer        in motion and seem to play and interact         stand in its room long enough, you may          experience Ed Pien creates is 'other-
                   partakes rather than a work of        with each other while inviting the viewer.      realize that you are in fact not faced with,    worldly.'
          art that is admired from a single stance.      The canvas is at first high enough that
          The Agnes Etherington Art Centre dis-          you can stand fully upright, but as you
          played Ed Pien's Celestial Bodies until the    advance you are forced to crouch down,
          end of January. The exhibit is located in      only being able to stand upright once you
          its own room and consists of numerous          have popped your head through the hole
          canvasses assembled as one complete            in the canvas. Once you, the viewer, are
          wavelike canopy covering the entire area       standing upright in the hole you are faced
          of the room parallel with the floor and        with a completely different experience. It
          ceiling with the exception of a hole, rough-   is as if you have appeared from under the
          ly a metre in diameter at the far end of the   crust of the planet as an adventurer, or a
          room. It should be noted that the first        ground hog, joining the celestial beings
          time Pien saw his piece Celestial Bodies in    you just walked under to arrive at the
          its entirety was at the Agnes Etherington      hole. You may notice the bird noises, the
          Art Centre.                                    sound of what seems to be a heartbeat, as
                    Upon entering the room the           well as a murmuring, making the work
          viewer may assume that they are                multi-sensorial. On the wall in front of
          approaching the earth (or any other plan-      you are projected flecks of light that
          et) from beneath its surface. What may         dance in a mocking way resembling fire-
          catch the viewers attention at first are the   flies. There is a sense of uniqueness expe-
          vibrant red, orange, and purple fairy-like     rienced by the viewer standing in this
          mythical figures, translucent on the other-    hole that is restricted to one individual at                                                                                photo by M. Aikins

          M. TOURETTE, NUNT
                                                                                                         underbelly of human existence. His              not especially surprising given the title of
                                                                                                         poignant portrayal of the American land-        the book. This profanity is clearly related
                                                                                                         scape is as bleak as his portrayal of him-      to an angry atheism, and Tourette
                                                                                                         self. He sketches the contours of an alien-     denounces the American God and the
                       A self-destructive journey,                                                       ated America- its ignorant inhabitants, its     hypocrisy he perceives in His followers:
                       by Putnam Pius                                                                    vulgar superstitious, its hypocrisy, its vio-
                                                                                                         lence. He addresses these lines to a "shit-     "your god never existed in the first place

               Nunt’ is a combination of the words       and fucking various men and women.              sniffing redneck/ who calls himself the         we're just dirty fucking animals
               'nun' and 'cunt'. A nun's cunt, so to     With terse descriptions and a deft, dry-        southern bard", whom he fought in a bar         a bunch of god damned shaved apes
               speak. Perhaps it's meant to symbol-      humoured vocabulary that includes               parking lot:                                    wearing ties"
          ise some sort of dichotomy, an idiosyn-        "polyandrous experimentation", Tourette
          cratic pairing of purity and pleasure, the     vividly portrays a life lived on the visceral   "why don't you fuck the fuck off before I       Tourette is obviously an in-your-face kind
          slut and virgin schizophrenia of contem-       edge of human recklessness.                     nail you up on a cross                          of guy, and he plays the role nimbly and
          porary sexuality- I'm not exactly sure. In                                                     like the KKK crucifying Malcom                  with flair. His main fault might simply be
          any case it's the title of Western Canadian    However it is not simply as a catalogue of      Mutherfucking X                                 self-aggrandisement. There's no denying
          Mingus Tourette's book of poetry, pub-         depravity and self-destruction that Nunt        like a Virginia governor throwing the           that Tourette walks with an exaggerated
          lished this past September. Nunt is a          shines. Tourette shows us an aching             switch on a child fucker                        swagger, refferring to himself in the first
          frank chronicle of Tourette's self-destruc-                                                    like a Southern president bombing rag-          nunto as "24 & hard/ living in exile". But
          tive journey through the American heart-                                                       heads                                           if his view of himself is romaticised it is
          land, a swath of binge drinking, fucking,                                                      with that righteous wrath                       not rosy. Tourette does not flinch from
          virulent atheism, and physical aggression.                                                     only an American can have when he's             examining his most vulnerable and
          Not to mention the drugs. Tourette                                                             killing Muslims"                                debased moments, such as "taking it in
          undertook his travels in order to escape                                                                                                       the ass" for money.
          his relationship with his ex-wife Nat,                                                         Two other themes run through Tourette's
          actions he described as "the only way I                                                        book. The first is a haunted obsession          It is this unflinching quality that makes
          could think to end it without killing her or                                                   with Nat, his ex wife. She figures promi-       Nunt so worth reading. Despite the vul-
          myself."                                                                                       nently in his writings, and his treatment       garity of his language, Mingus's style is
                                                                                                         of her ranges from bitter castigations to       refreshing and straightforward. His poet-
          Arranged by 'nunto', a reference to the                                                        tender reminiscences to heartbroken             ry does not make for pretty images; how-
          'canto' of epic poetry such as Dante's                                                         appeals. He loves her still, it seems, but in   ever they piece together the heartfelt and
          Inferno, the book unleashes a series of                                                        a broken sort of way that could only ever       emotive existence of a sensitive soul. The
          sixty-three deliberately provocative                                                           be a source of separation and misery.           fleeting, tender strains of humanity that
          poems. The pages drip with blood and                                                           Thus his need for oblivion and flight.          bind together the whole of his work high-
          semen and bile, a pungent cocktail of                                                                                                          light its purpose: the task of mending
          human effluence that flows liquidly from                                                       The second theme is a coarse, sexual            together a wounded life in a world that is
          one poem to the next. Tourette recounts                                                        atheism. Tourette repeatedly mingles reli-      intrinsically broken. Tourette does not
          fights with hicktown locals, redneck wed-                                                      gious and pornographic imagery in a most        succeed, but after all, his poetry is about a
          dings, whoring himself out for money,                                                          blasphemous manner. This is of course           journey and not an end.
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            Page 10 / Culture                                              2005.02 .

                  50 floors of Manilow to the top of this grey tower.
              My soul for lunch, a coffee break, & twelve-fifty an hour?
                                     Like a ……?
                                    Feelin the itch,
                                Splitting at the stitch.
                                   Coming undone.
                             Waiting for the axe to fall
                           Waiting for the creditors to call.
                          Waiting for the big to grow small.
                           Fuck this waiting, fuck it all…
                                God, I hope and pray
                             I don’t get laid off today.
                             "Could I please supersize
                           My drink and greaseball fries?"
                               Open up your tired eyes
                            We’re living in a Web of lies
                   By Christ almighty, open up your fucking eyes!
                     Ah well, too late, in the end everyone dies,
                       Or worse yet, you could be downsized.
                          Drafted by my "corporate team"
                                 I will not sign today
                                     I’ll hold out!

                           Not for want or esteem,
                           But so I don’t fade away
                               Ah to say "I quit"
                             I can’t take this shit!
                           Fuck your coffee break
                           Fuck your water cooler
                        Fuck you and your triple latte
                      Fuck you and your French crueller
                         Fuck your poly-cotton knit
                              Corporate sweater
                                 Fuck this shit
                                I can do better.
                      Love’s for real and not fade away.

                                   by John O'Leary

                                                                           photo by M. Aikins
diatribe4x2.qxd    01/02/2005    8:13 PM     Page 11

                  2005.02                                                                                                                                                           Sex / Page 11

          ... sex
                                                           satisfactory sex life? What kind of despair    and slap of meat on meat over and over.                     I admit 'healthier' is a difficult
                                                           must they feel as they turn to yet another     What ideas were formed in our young               thing to quantify, but I think a primary
                                                           slew of internet sludge, futilely seeking to   brains?                                           characteristic of it must be honesty, espe-
                                                           soothe the raw wound within themselves,                  Porn degrades us. Indeed, that          cially self-honesty. Our current sexual

          AGAINST                                          if only for an orgasmic second. Porn, in its
                                                           current XXX embodiment, is not a rebel-
                                                                                                          degradation is what makes it so titillating,
                                                                                                          that profaning of the private parts. It
                                                                                                                                                            attitudes contain next to none. We tell our
                                                                                                                                                            children that sex and porn are wrong
          PORNOGRAPHY                                      lion against a perverted Puritanical           brings out the especially nasty in us- sex-       while we slip upstairs to the computer
                                                           morality, it is a product of that morality.    ism and racism are favourite themes               screen, to lock the door. We pay porn
          Continued from Page 12
                                                                    If we were not so repressed           among the mainstream movies. But the              stars millions as we spit on them. We tell
          the age of the XXX, industrial, or maybe         about our sexuality, then we would not         problem is that we do in fact desire these        our daughters to value themselves and
          even post-industrial porn, with the capi-        need porn so desperately. Unfortunately it     things. They do turn us on. Why? I would          buy them magazines that tell them to love
          talised and crudely punning titles, with         is that same repression that makes us so       argue that it is because of our society's         only their image. That bastard cousin of
          the format of ADJECTIVE RACE NUM-                vulnerable to porn's pernicious influence.     mixed-up and repressed attitudes towards          XXX, the soft-shoe, soft-core-whore wink-
          BER NOUN VERB, with suffixes like 'vol-          I was 12 when my friends and I first dis-      sex. If people had more, healthier sex, and       wink shit, runs on primetime family time
          ume 13' or ': Barely legal edition!!'.           covered 'porno'. By the time I lost my vir-    they had healthier relationships with each        t.v., billed as a serious reality television
                   And then there are the darker           ginity, I had seen the act of sex replayed     other, do you think there would be this           show about buxom bikini-clad babes.
          recesses of the internet, where the lust-        hundreds, perhaps thousands of times           incessant need for pornography? The real          These behaviours are not self-honest
          that-still-dares-not-speak-its-name and          onscreen, heard the pantomimed moans           thing is a far sweeter substitute.                behaviours, and they are not healthy
          other Things are available from behind                                                                                                            behaviours.
          the solipsism of screen-name anonymity.                                                                                                                     Having realised the error of one
          There are shit-eaters. Coprophages. 'Scat'.                                                                                                       extremity, it would be appallingly ironic
          There are pedophiles and pregnancy-                                                                                                               to revert to another. We cannot 'get rid' of
          fetishists, the 'pedos' and the 'preggos'.                                                                                                        porn, and we cannot keep people from
          There are those who only get off wrapped                                                                                                          seeing it. We would not even wish to try.
          in leather, others in latex, and some in                                                                                                          Because the prohibition of pornography
          rubber. There's 'WS' and 'BDSM' and of                                                                                                            only exacerbates the problem, and is
          course 'DVDA'. And that's the old shit.                                                                                                           therefore absurd, our task must instead
          There's a million coy internet nicknames                                                                                                          be to come at the problem not through
          for every imaginable perversion, and if                                                                                                           the product, but through its consumer.
          you can't find yours, then just make                                                                                                              Instead of ignoring or suppressing
          another one up. You can have it in what-                                                                                                          pornography, we should strive to promote
          ever flavour you like: MF, FF, MM,                                                                                                                healthier ways of eroticising the human
          MMMf, Fb, or any blends thereof. In none                                                                                                          body. We should strive to be more com-
          of these cases is the fetish simply an                                                                                                            fortable with ourselves and more open to
          accessory to sex. There is no separating                                                                                                          talking about everything we do, even if it
          the fetish from sex. Rather the fetish is a                                                                                                       is difficult to do so. We should be aware
          doppelganger that can ultimately usurp                                                                                                            of XXX's deleterious influence on young
          the act of sex, and by consuming it,                                                                                                              minds, and thus strive to make those
          become it.                                                                                                                                        young minds less vulnerable by educating
                    Surely this is human sexuality                                                                                                          them. Only good things can come of edu-
          gone awry. Surely this cannot be 'good'                                                                                                           cation, honesty, and understanding. We
          for us. Somewhere in the blur of gaping                                                                                                           should celebrate sex as an act of relation,
          mouths and gaping anuses, we damage                                                                                                               not of domination or acquisition. We need
          ourselves, an essential part of our being                                                                                                         nudes, not nasties. We should strive to
          wears thin, an essential part of our inno-                                                                                                        create a self-honest society where sexual
          cence dies. For there is a cost to walking                                                                                                        desire can be naturally and openly
          this wasteland of self-detached emotion.                                                                                                          expressed, where it can be naturally and
          How many of these persons, of these                                                                                                               openly satisfied.
          'preggos' and 'pedos', do you think have a                                                                                   photo by M. Aikins                Make love, not porn.

                                                                                                                                    Queer Issues Column

                        by James Boyer

                  irst off I would like to state for the   who didn't wear sweatpants to class. But                  So if straight men are now going       gay rights. While Canada is a leader in
                  record that I love Carson Kressley       if straight men are now going to shop at       to be better dressed, eat better, and live in     gay rights, our southern neighbours
                  and just about everything else           Saks, I raise my white flag in surrender.      wonderfully decorated homes, how can              amend state constitutions to ban gay mar-
          about Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I          The one time I went to Saks I could feel       the gay population distinguish itself?            riages and then go home and watch Will
          think the Fab Five are not only miracle          the watchful eye of salespeople disgusted      Well there's always the stereotypical gay         and Grace. Then again, any increase in
          workers, but also produce one of the fun-        that someone like me would dare enter          wittiness. Yet once again Carson and              exposure of the gay community reminds
          niest shows on television. Most of the           their store- and this was after I had pur-     crew are just too good for anyone to com-         those against us that we cannot be
          criticism of Queer Eye has been on its           chased something.                              pete. I often find myself on the floor after      ignored and should be seen as a step in
          stereotypical portrayal of gay males, but                  The standards set by the other       watching a Queer Eye episode - not only           the right direction.
          as a culture loving shopaholic with at           four make me feel equally inadequate.          because I'm laughing so hard, but also                       This brings me back to my origi-
          least four types of hair styling products I      My apartment has mismatched second-            because I try to match their intellect and        nal criticism of Queer Eye. I implore the
          don't think I can claim misrepresentation.       hand Ikea furniture. I will never force        fall flat on my face in failure.                  Fab Five to continue producing wickedly
                    Instead I will complain that they      someone to suffer through one of my                       With the metrosexual move-             entertaining television; I just ask that they
          raise the standard too damn high for 'the        home-cooked meals. And no matter how           ment, straight men are starting to                do not raise the bar so high as to prevent
          average gay.'. Carson's shopping sprees          early I wake up before class it will never     embrace gay culture. I should be rejoic-          me from doing what I do best: leading a
          with the straight guy regularly involve a        be early enough to use anything more           ing, but I have my apprehensions.                 life that is just a little more fabulous than
          trip to Saks Fifth Avenue. I used to take        than shaving cream to shave - if I bother      Mainstream acceptance of gay culture is           the norm.
          pride in my fashion sense as someone             to shave at all.                               not equivalent to mainstream granting of
diatribe4x2.qxd   01/02/2005     8:13 PM     Page 12

            Page 12 / Sex                                                                                                                                                                2005.02 .

           AGAINST                                                                                         porn of the instant internet. Wham bam
                                                                                                           thank you it never really happened did it?
                                                                                                           It's an Orwellian production of pornogra-
                                                                                                                                                             sensual. Let it be accepted, and remove
                                                                                                                                                             the stigma about it! Celebrate the human
                                                                                                                                                             body, in all its forms and positions! This

           PORNOGRAPHY                                                                                     phy!
                                                                                                                    Some people have spoken out in
                                                                                                           favour of pornography. The human body,
                                                                                                                                                             is essentially a capitalist outlook to sexu-
                                                                                                                                                             ality- laissez faire le free market for booty,
                                                                                                                                                             bums, backdoor, backalley, backyard,
                        PORNO. XXX. NUDES                                                                  they say, cannot be inherently wrong*, it         barnyard, whatever. In a world populated
                        Browsed by Matt Aikins                                                             is we humans who have made it so. The             by rational beings, how could a perfect
                                                                                                           disapproval of pornography is nothing but         outcome not occur?

                         e're all familiar with pic-      does not watch porno with their mother.          the self-flagellation of a morality founded               But I see now that our assump-
                         tures of naked people hav-       Indeed, the rules governing intra (and           by Puritanical perverts, who loved God so         tions were off. Porn is not a perfectly
                         ing sex. Generally they          inter)-sex shared viewings of pornography        much that they killed instead of fucking.         competitive market. We are not rational
          come into being as a vaguely forbidden          are highly complex. But I digress.               Pornography is a rebellion against that           beings. Instead we see many of the worst
          thing- we catch weird glimpses on the                    Pornography titillates society.         morality. At least that's what some people        side effects of capitalism: monopoly
          television or find clotted, wet magazines       The same role that pornography plays in          say.                                              ('platinum blonde with big tits'), worker
          by the roadside. Soon enough it becomes         our lives, it plays in society at large. It is           Others spoke of how pornogra-             exploitation, and most heinous of all, the
          apparent that people enjoy watching oth-        in many ways a half-conscious thing, an          phy and freedom of speech were linked.            ever-increasing drive towards technical
          ers 'do it'. Perhaps after that, it becomes     urge that is occasionally fed but mostly         Pornography was often the crucial pio-            efficiency. In this case that means bigger
          apparent that you enjoy watching 'it' as        ignored. Thus the glib nod to unreality so       neer in pushing the boundaries of what            cocks faster harder cheaper rawer. It
          well. Of course there is a certain negative     characteristic of the porn industry- the         was acceptable- of what was admissible,           means silicon-injected and plastic-sculpt-
          stigma of seediness and immorality about        impossibly pneumatic models, the impos-          that is, what we could admit to ourselves.        ed starlets who will press every fucking
          pornography, which translates itself into       sibly huge dicks, the impossibly simplistic                I accepted both of these argu-          biological button in your brain stem, who
          several social norms- for example, one          plot lines, the impossibly abundant fast-        ments. It seemed to me not only strange           would outdo each other in acts of contor-
                                                                                                           but tragic that our society's sexuality is so     tion and mock-ecstasy for only $1.99, trial
                                                                                                           very fucked (no pun intended) up. There           membership. The porn clip killed the

          CLUB STAUFFER                                                                                    is nothing wrong with two or three people
                                                                                                           having sex, so long as it is safe and con-
                                                                                                                                                             porno film. Pr0n, the kiddies call it. The
                                                                                                                                                             nude is long dead. In short, the ever-
                                                                                                                                                             increasing market for porn has ushered in
                        ...And other places to have sex on campus                                          * It could only be inherently beautiful                                 Continues on Page 11
                        by Oyu Wesh

                 doubt you're a member of Club            The Old Front Doors of Goodes Hall               mate conducive to a little action. Just           at all, so be sure to tell some of your clos-
                 Stauffer, but I bet you wish you         Once again we have the architects to             remember that finger prints stay on glass         est colleagues your deep dark secret for its
                 were. The whispers in the bath-          thank for this one. If you go through the        so if you're detected and flee, they might        safe keeping.
          room and the friend of a friend of a friend     swinging doors, you are at the old main          still be able to identify you. This calls for
          legend are all true - Club Stauffer is the      front entrance area and all by your lone-        some creative maneuvering, but I think            The Basement of Douglas
          place to be. No large scale donation or         some. Don't let the motion detector fool         Queen's students are up to the challenge.         Shame on you for needing to be filled in
          academic achievement can get you into           you: no camera action has been found                                                               on this! It just screams out EASY (just
          this puppy, and believe it or not, Club         after a good 20 minutes of experimenting         The Queen's Media Centre in the JDUC              like you)! I once sat in a desk in the base-
          Stauffer is not sanctioned by the AMS.          so the coast is clear. And now that I men-       Long nights in the Media Centre often get         ment of Douglas to see that it has been
                                                          tion this, can people please stop using the      lonely…Props to the staff of The United           dubbed the "Study Carrel of Love". You
          Not for the faint of heart or the bath-         break out rooms to have sex in- people           for getting such a comfy chair. 'Nuf said.        know where I mean: the four desks in the
          room/stairwell/elevator/Spring-Summer           actually work in those.                                                                            back corner. Don't worry (and you know
          term/in-and-out cop-outs, admission to                                                           Any AMS Office for that matter                    who you are), I don't study there anymore
          Club Stauffer is exclusive to the in-the-       The Glass Walkway between Mac-Corry              Have your cake and eat it too! Not only           so you can be assured your privacy, but
          stacks, around the corner, in the cubicles,     and Dunning                                      do you have access to AMS office space            kudos for the good find. I've studied
          up against the window full-out, full-fledge     The special spot is quickly becoming             (which probably means that you're good            there for hours, only seeing the security
          sexual action while trying not to disturb       "Exhibitionist's Lane" due to its growing        looking and popular) but you also have a          guard and he doesn't seem that hard to
          those around you who are studying for           popularity. It's nice and warm since the         place to have sex in and then brag about          psych out.
          midterms.                                       sun is always shining on it, making its cli-     it. And really, rumours don't spread fast
                                                                                                                                                             In general, follow these rules and every-
          Sometimes the walk home just takes too                                                                                                             thing should be okay:
          much effort and frankly the sex might not                                                                                                                1. Scope out the location ahead of
          even be that exciting. There are plenty of                                                                                                         time.
          decent places around campus to have sex                                                                                                                  2. Always bring a disguise (i.e. if
          beyond stairwells and public bathrooms                                                                                                             you're going to have sex in the library,
          (yuck!), but you may not have discovered                                                                                                           bring a book).
          them or figured out the logistics of the sit-                                                                                                            3. Try to wear loose fitting and baggy
          uation. Have no fear - Diatribe is here to                                                                                                         clothing to cover up because, really, no
          solve all of your problems!                                                                                                                        one wants to see you naked.
                                                                                                                                                                   4. Be in good enough shape to run
          Stauffer Library                                                                                                                                   away in case you get caught.
          Perhaps, the Olympic Gold Medal of                                                                                                                       5. Have the ability to laugh at your-
          Queen's campus sex, this accomplishment                                                                                                            self if you get caught (Rules #2 and #3
          is not as hard as it seems thanks to some                                                                                                          also help in this situation).
          architectural genius. On the fourth floor                                                                                                                6. Clean up after yourself because
          in the centre of the west side, there is a                                                                                                         other people should not have to
          little covey-hole big enough to get the job                                                                                                        see/touch/smell your mystery fluid.
          done. There will be plenty of people                                                                                                                     7. Email Diatribe with any new places
          walking by so be sure to bring a book so                                                                                                           to add to our list and to our personal
          you look like you're. Also, make sure your                                                                                                         achievements.
          ass doesn't bump the emergency exit at
          any time during the act - nothing kills a                                                                                                          Happy hunting!
          good lay like a fire alarm.                                                                                                   photo by M. Aikins

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