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Full Circle Seeds
         P.O. Box 807
     Sooke, B.C. V9Z 1H8
Dear FellOw FarmerS anD GarDenerS
You will find among our seeds many heritage varieties selected by generations for their
excellent flavour and pest resistance. Also, you will find unusual varieties from Asia and
Europe – prized by chefs from our best restaurants. Most of our seeds are grown on ALM
Organic Farm on Vancouver Island, certified by Islands Organic Producers Association.
Occasionally, we get certified organic seed from another source but note in our catalog
when we do. We offer open-pollinated, untreated seeds grown without herbicides,
pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers.

 Open Pollinated means you can save the seed yourself and it will come true year after year.
 Locally Grown means this seed is from plants that have adapted themselves to our climate,
   soil conditions, and ecosystem. They are resistant to pests in our region.
 Certified Organic means the plants these seeds came from have been grown without any
   chemicals and are naturally healthy and robust.

Our mOSt exCitinG new SeeDS tHiS year
Bull’s blood beets – beet tops have dark leaves great for salad mix and beets are candy striped,
Pilgrim’s cabbage – Sturdy cold hardy plants with leaves similar to collards – from Portugal,
Sugar snap edible pod peas – tall 2 meter vines produce many sweet crunchy peas,
aji Colorado hot pepper – 5" spicy hot red peppers from Bolivia. Unique, pungent flavour,
Serrano hot pepper – Hotter than jalapenos. Mexican peppers eaten raw in salsas and
Black forest kobacha winter squash – Dark green weighing 4-5 lbs with sweet orange flesh,
Costata romanesco summer squash – Italian heirloom zucchini that stays buttery even
when 12" long,
Black cherry tomato – A beautiful black great tasting cherry. Great producer,
Copia tomato – Sweet striped outstandingly beautiful beefsteak,
Stinging nettles – Eat like spinach in the spring. Dry for teas. Full of vitamins and minerals,
Clarkia – Easy to grow. Salmon, mauve, red, white, pink blossoms good for cutting,
Sweet williams – handsome long lasting flowers great for cutting or massed in garden.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about our seeds. We offer a full guarantee on all
our seeds. We grow our own seed on our farm and have only limited quantities of some varieties.
You may want to phone or email to check on supply before ordering. Please note that although we
are certified organic in B.C., this certification is not in effect for the rest of Canada or the USA.

                                                        Mary Alice Johnson and Marika Nagasaka
                                                                  IOPA/COABC Certified Organic
                                                                             Farm number #401

          all regular Seed Packets are $3.25
                      (seed quantities are listed in the catalogue)
amarantH Amaranthus cruentus                                   Fresh Pole Beans
This red leaf amaranth is delicious and            Blue lake
highly nutritious. We put it in our salad          Dark green, round in cross section,
mix and it can be used as a steamed                stringless, firm, and straight. They have a
vegetable or in soups.                             mild and sweet and tender-crisp texture.
                                                   Heavy yields of long, attractive beans are
aruGula                                            easy to pick and early yielding.
Aromatic salad green important in French           FOrtex
and Italian cooking. It is also known as rocket,   Growing to over 11", Fortex has the longest
roquette, rugula, and rucola. The taste is         pole bean pods. Dark green, firm-textured
nutty and peppery at the same time.                round pods are completely stringless and
aruGula eruCa vesicaria, subsp. sativa             delicious at all lengths, even after the seeds
This is a slow bolt annual variety that is         get big. Many believe that Fortex is the
most often used in restaurants and in fine         highest quality green bean available.
cooking. Quick to germinate, easy to grow,         laZy HOuSewiFe
cold hardy. Self seeds. Pkt. 1/2 teaspoon or       Claimed to be the first completely stringless
1000 seeds.                                        bean, introduced around 1810. First
SylVetta wild arugula Diplotaxis tenuifolia        listed in W. Atlee Burpee’s 1888 catalog,
This cold hardy variety is a smaller, wilder       “We presume it derived its name, which
form of arugula which is heat tolerant. The        seems discourteous, from its immense
leaves are finely cut and the flavour more         productiveness making it easy to gather...”
peppery. Perennial. Self seeds. Pkt. 1/4           One of the oldest documented beans, and
teaspoon or 2000 seeds.                            most productive. An ideal bean for the
                                                   home garden.
BeanS                                                              Dry Beans
When soil is warm, plant the seed about 1"
deep and 1-2" apart in the row. The rows           aPPalOOSa
should be about 2' apart. After the beans are      Beautiful tan and white beans, in a round
up, thin the plants to 3-4" apart. 45 seeds/pkt.   easy-to-shell pod. Best candidate for “good
                                                   old baked beans”. For soups and stew. Easy
              Fresh Bush Beans                     to grow, with upright plants and early
maxiBel fresh filet bush
Extra long, 6" stringless filet bean. Extra        Canellini
slender, firm-textured, but still tender.          This is the authentic delicate white bean
Maxibel is the number one French filet             for the hearty minestrone soup made
type from France. Being stringless provides        famous in Tuscany, Italy. The large beans
for a longer harvest period. Tasty, disease        stay firm and whole when cooked. Plants
resistant.                                         are large and prolific.
                                                   Caramel coloured bean with nutty flovour.
                                                   Early and prolific bush bean. Good baked
                                                   or in soup.
    OrCa                                              BrOCCOli
    Known also as Staragorsky or Ying and
    Yang. A shelling haricot bean possibly from       PurPle SPrOutinG BrOCCOli
    Greece with beautiful half black and half         An overwintering broccoli which is
    white seeds. Great flavour. Early maturity.       extremely cold hardy. Planted in the late
                                                      summer to produce small, sweet purple
    Pawnee                                            flowering shoots the next spring. The tall
    Dappled brown splash on white seeds, like         plants produce many small side-shoots
    brown Jacob’s cattle. Retains pattern after       throughout the spring. We seed them in
    cooking. Nice baking bean.                        June or July. Pkt. 1/4 teaspoon 260 seeds.
    yellOw eye                                        CaBBaGe
    The bean of choice for the “barn supper”.
    This mild tasting bean is plump, oval, and        January kinG
    medium-size, white with a yellow-brown            This is a hardy winter cabbage, not even
    figurine at the eye. A beautiful bush             severe frost seems to bother it. The heads
                                                      are crisp and crunchy and with good
                    Broad Beans                       flavour, and excellent colour, a semi-
    Broad beans, sometimes called fava beans,         savoyed heirloom dating back to Victorian
    should be planted in late fall or early spring    England. Pkt. 1/4 teaspoon 250 seeds.
    for an early June harvest.
                                                      PilGrim’S CaBBaGe (new)
    5B’S CHOiCe                                       Not a cabbage but more like collard greens.
    Selected for size and number of beans per
                                                      Also called Portugal or Braganza/ Galician
    pod for 80 years, first by David Barton and
                                                      Cabbage, or 1000 leaf headless cabbage.
    then by Peter Robin who passed them on
                                                      Developed before the 17th century. Gifted
    to our farm. They have nine or more green
                                                      to Mary Alice in 2009 by Linda Dowling,
    beans in 12-14" pods. 30 seeds/pkt.
                                                      who received it from a friend who obtained
                   Runner Beans                       it during a pilgrimage from France to
                                                      Spain. Very sturdy, very cold hardy plant.
    BeSt OF all runner                                Over wintered plants reached 5ft in height!
    An excellent Scarlet Runner. Gorgeous pole        Similar to collards, yet distinctly different
    bean with bright red flowers. Produces            (larger, thicker leaves and stem). Famous
    large flat pods of delicious snap beans, also     for Caldo Verde soup.
    good as a dry bean. 30 seeds/pkt
                                                      CaPe GOOSeBerry
    BeetS                                             Also called Sweet Mollys, a tomato family
    W Plant in light rich soil with a pH over 6.0.    member bearing 2 to 3 cm sweet golden
    Sow at 2 week intervals from April until late     orange fruit inside papery husks, 80 cm
    July. Sow 10-15 seeds per foot, 1/4" deep,        plants are prolific and decorative. Fruits
    in rows 12-18" apart. Thin to 3" apart. Eat       are incredibly sweet and tangy and can be
    thinnings for tender greens. In this area beets   eaten raw, or made into preserves, pies and
    can be left in the ground under mulch for         desserts. Plant as you would tomatoes. 50
    continuous harvesting thoughout the cold          seeds/pkg.
    months. 300 seeds/pkt.
    Bull’S BlOOD BeetS (new)
    Deep burgundy leaves for salad mix.               Carrots grow best in light soil which is
    Heirloom variety produces beautiful dark          enriched the previous year with aged compost.
    red leaves to jazz up your salad mix. Roots       Plant 1/2" deep and keep moist to germinate
    show attractive candy striped zoning when         which may take 3 weeks. Thin.

BerliCumer                                       COllarDS B. oleracea
Long and cylindrical red carrot with good
                                                 Famed for cold hardiness, these delicious
aromatic taste. We found this variety our
                                                 greens are high in iron, vitamins A and
best in trials for patio planting in the large
                                                 C, and anti-oxidants. Their sweet flavour
pot as well as a great carrot for the garden.
                                                 is heightened by fall frosts. Plant spring
Plant in early spring and again in July
                                                 through summer. Great in a salad mix.
to harvest from October throughout the
                                                 Pkt. 1/2 teaspoon or 1000 seeds.

CeleriaC                                         COrn
Celeriac needs a long cool growing period.       OlD FaSHiOneD Sweet
Start in early spring indoors and transplant     A bicolor, open-pollinated sweet corn.
out in May. Like moist fertile soil. biennial    Early maturing, with strong germination
                                                 in cool soil. Developed by Johnny’s Seeds
                                                 from a yellow corn called Burnell that was
In the same family as celery but grown for
                                                 grown in Maine in the early 1900’s and
its large, white, round solid root, harvested
                                                 an early white heirloom from New York’s
in late summer and fall at 3-5" diameter.
                                                 St. Lawrence Valley. Nice-sized, avg. 7",
Great in soup, stew, shredded like carrots
                                                 ears with 12-14 rows of yellow and white
for salads. This is an early European strain
                                                 kernels, some ears with yellow kernels
with white flavourful flesh, a chef’s delight.
                                                 only. Excellent traditional corn taste.
Pkt. 1/4t teaspoon or 8o seeds
                                                 Vigorous 5' plants. 3 Tablespoons or 150
Excellent cooked green. A good source of beta    CreSS
carotene and vitamin C, calcium, and iron.
Provides quantities of fresh greens all season   CreSS, uPlanD Curly
from one sowing. Easy to grow. Make sowings      The best cress for the outdoor garden. 6-8"
early-late spring and again in mid-summer.       rosettes of dark green, glossy, rounded
                                                 leaves. Similar to watercress but much
FOrDHOOk CHarD                                   easier to grow. The plants are very slow to
Fordhook giant chard is a vigorous variety       bolt and long-standing. A wonderful, hot
noted for its dark green deeply savoyed          flavour. Great in salads. Self seeds.
leaves and thick white stems. Plants are tall    Pkt. 1/2 teaspoon or 1000 seeds.
at 22-27" and extremely wide. More cold
hardy than other chards. Overwinters in a        CreSS, BrOaDleaF
cool frame in our area. Pkt. 1 tablespoon or     Quick-growing plant has leaves that grow
200 seeds.                                       about 7 cm long and 2 cm wide. Roughly
rHuBarB CHarD                                    oval in shape, the leaves are slightly lobed
Dark green leaf contrasts with ruby red stem     and wavy, making for a visually interesting
in the summer. In winter the leaves turn         addition to salads. Leaves can be harvested
burgundy red. Pkt. 1 tablespoon or 200 seeds.    repeatedly and have a slight bite similar to
                                                 mustards. Self seeds.
ClaytOnia Miners’ Lettuce
A beautiful, tasty, cold-hardy salad green.
Quantities of delicate heart-shaped leaves,      Plant when soil is warm 5" apart in row
each wrapped around a white-flowered             2' apart.
stem. Hardiest of the winter salad greens,
can be grown all winter in our climate.
Self sows. Pkt. 1/2 teaspoon or 1000 seeds.

    lemOn CuCumBer                                   GOBO
    Heirloom first introduced in 1894. Similar
                                                     Popular root vegetable in Japan. Slender,
    in size and appearance to a lemon, with
                                                     smooth-skinned roots up to 40" long have
    fruits that average 2" by 3". Very easy to
                                                     a delightful oyster-like flavour similar to
    digest with a crisp, clear taste and an edible
                                                     salsify, but stronger. Delicious steamed
    skin. Pick small and use them whole for
                                                     with carrots and added to hot broth.
    snacking in the garden or as a table treat. A
                                                     Powerful blood purifier. Plant March to
    favourite of our local chefs. 30 seeds/pkt.
                                                     June in deeply dug bed. Harvest in winter.
    uminami Oriental CuCumBer                        Biennial 50 seeds/pkt.
    A long crisp, crunchy non-bitter dark
    green cucumber from the Uminami Farm             kale
    in Metchosin. Will grow to 2' without            Kale is very hardy and productive year round.
    becoming bitter. Tender skin. Holds on the       Use baby leaves in salad mix. Steam larger
    vine for a long time. Trellis to keep fruit      leaves. Sweeter after a frost. Plant year round.
    straight. 30 seeds/pkt.                          Self seeds. Pkt. 1/2 teaspoon/approx. 1000
    enDiVe Cichorium endivia
                                                     DwarF Green Curly kale
    alm FriSee                                       Dark green, densely curled leaves. A
    This French endive forms a heart of              favourite with chefs because it stays
    finely-cut, frilly leaves which are mild and     firm when cooked. Very winter hardy.
    delicious. Compact (to 8") variety grows         Introduced before 1865 and popular ever
    well in a variety of soils. Endive prefers       since, it is a dwarf variety producing an
    cool growing conditions, similar to lettuce.     abundance of tender and delicate leaves.
    The inner leaves are generally sweeter           It was once also known as ‘Dwarf Curlies’.
    than outer leaves. Has a great distinctive,      laCinatO Or tuSCan kale
    slightly bitter taste. A good cool weather       Heirloom known as Tuscan Black Cabbage
    crop. Pkt. 1/2 teaspoon or 400 seeds.            in its native Italy, where it is prized for
    BianCa riCCia                                    soups and stews. Tall plants have savoyed,
    Member of the chicory family, great              dark blue-black leaves. Great taste, highly
    addition to a salad with its distinctive,        nutritious and hardy.
    slightly bitter taste. A good cool weather       reD ruSSian kale
    crop. The leaves are extra-cut and fringed, a    Rich in vitamins and minerals. Red kale’s
    unique light green colour with pink petiole.     dark green oak-leaves colour up to red and
    Relatively tolerant to heat and cold for         purple after the fall frosts. The leaves are
    growing year-round. Plant as you would           very tender compared to other kale varieties
    lettuce. Pkt. 1/2 teaspoon or 400 seeds.         and remain sweet even in the summer.
    Fennel                                           leekS
    Direct seed or transplant from spring to late    Sometimes called “the gourmet’s onion,” with
    summer. Thin or transplant 9" apart into         a more subtle taste than onions and easier to
    fertile, well-drained soil. Harvest as the       digest. They are easier to grow, and provide
    base thickens.                                   a winter vegetable in our area. Traditionally
    ZeFa FinO BulBinG Fennel                         sown indoors in February-March, and
    Delicious fresh anise flavour, specialty         transplanted when 8" tall, 6" apart, in rows
    European vegetable which is a favourite of       24" apart. They are harvested at almost any
    our best local chefs. Bulbs are delicious raw    stage for use, raw as baby leeks in salads, or
    or cooked. Put thin slices in salads. Braise,    cooked in soups and sautees. They’re rarely
    grill or roast. 1 teaspoons or 220 seeds/pkt     troubled by pests and diseases and are not
                                                     finicky about soil fertility and transplanting.
                                                     Pkt. 1/2 teaspoon or 300 seeds.
St. ViCtOr’S                                     CimmarOn red romaine
New strain selected from ‘Bleu de Solaise’.      The sweetest tasting red romaine with
Stores well in the ground, and foliage turns     soft leaves that melt in your mouth. Green
to deep violet as cold increases. A beautiful    veins with maroon edges.
glowing purple-blue French winter variety
that can be harvested until spring. It also      COwliCk green leaf
makes a good ornamental border.                  Leaf lettuce from Czechoslovakia with a
                                                 unique look. Frilly, wavy, pointed leaves
unique                                           that twist off in all different directions.
This is a prize-winning leek recommended         Sweet and succulent.
by Linda Gilkeson, author of Year-Around
Harvest. It is the largest most cold hardy       Dark lOlla rOSSa red leaf
leek we have grown yet.                          Heavily frilled green leaves with dark red
                                                 edges are essential in salad mix, providing
lettuCe                                          loft, texture, and colour. More compact
                                                 and slower growing than other lettuce
Lettuce needs moisture, light and                types. Nice for garnishes. Much darker red
temperatures above 35°F or 5°C to germinate.     than regular Lollo Rossa. Stays red even in
Does not germinate well at high temperatures.    summer.
Pkt. 1/2 teaspoon or approx. 250 seeds.
                                                 Deer tOnGue leaf
arCtiC kinG butterhead                           Heirloom bibb type lettuce. Attractive
Plant produces flavourful butterhead type        smooth tongue-shaped outer leaves.
lettuce. This variety withstands the winters     Slow to bolt and taste stays mild. Slightly
with minimal cover. Plant in August and          crinkle-edged sweet and tender triangular
September and harvest February through           green leaves grow in a rosette around a loose
May. Very reliable! Suitable for greenhouse.     head. Reliable, tolerant of heat and cold.
aSHBrOOk leaf                                    De mOrGeS Braun leaf
Unusual medium-green serrated leaves             Strong radiant, upright leaf lettuce with
resembling frisee endive, but with a sweet       beautiful rounded leaves that are tinged
mild flavour. A novelty in our lettuce trials.   pink in spring and change to light green in
Produces an upright, small loose head            summer. Tender and sweet. Rare heirloom.
when mature. A favourite for summer              Best grown spring/fall/winter.
salad mix.
                                                 Drunken wOman leaf
BereniCe green oakleaf                           Gorgeous bright green leaves with ruffled
Dense, compact heads with long, narrow,          almost fringed edges in deep bronze. Tall
dark green oak leaves. Slow bolting and          head with long, very crinkled leaves. Crisp
tolerant to mosaic virus. For spring,            texture, very beautiful with sweet taste.
summer and fall production.                      Slow to bolt.
BlaCk SeeDeD SimPSOn leaf                        GaliSSe leaf
Heirloom. One of the earliest lettuces,          Looseleaf type with smaller, more compact
maturing in about 45 days. Light green,          heads than Salad Bowl. Good taste even
crinkly, juicy and especially tasty. Our         when past optimum maturity. Leaves are
variety of Simpson is extra-slow bolting.        light green. Spring or fall crops as well as
Also good planted for fall harvest.              summers in northern, cooler areas. Mary
BrOnZe GuarD red oakleaf                         Alice’s favourite this year. Great in salad
Large, heavy, upright trumpet-shaped             mix.
heads are made of delicate, lobed, dark          iBiS leaf
green leaves with a rusty red overlay. Slow      Deep, dark purple-red, shiny leaves. Very
bolting. The best of the red arrowhead           ruffled and savoyed. Holds rich, sweet
type. Good for head lettuce and cut and          flavour well into warm weather. Rare.
come again.
    iCe queen crisphead                              OutreDGeOuS red romaine
    (Heirloom) Known in French as “Reine             Totally bright red. Outstanding colour.
    des Glaces”, Slow-bolting variety, ideal         Long, deep shiny red leaves with green
    for summer plantings. It has deeply-cut          veins and ruffled edges. Heads are big, tall
    pointed lacy leaves with wild-looking            and beautiful. Good taste.
    spikes on the outer wrapper leaves that are
    thought to resemble a crown. Stays crisp         PaBlO crisphead
    even on hot days. Use as a leaf lettuce after    Loose heads form beautiful upright
    heads are cut. Medium to dark-green leaves       rosettes that look almost like flowers.
    have a royal flavor and fulsome texture.         Wavy-edged flat leaves are extremely wide,
                                                     sometimes encircling half the head. Good
    JeBOuSek leaf                                    texture, excellent mild flavour.
    Spiral of vibrant green arrow-tipped leaves.
    Very beautiful. Succulent, crunchy and           reD SalaD BOwl reD Oak
    sweet. Old Czech variety from “someone’s         A wine red version of Saladbowl. Highly
    Grandpa” years ago, the seed was passed          lobed, delicate oak-like leaves form a full
    on to Abundant Life Seed Foundation by           rosette. Holds sweet for a long time.
    the Jebousek family to keep it going. Rare.      reD VelVet looseleaf
    JeriCHO romaine                                  Tops of leaves are solid reddish maroon,
    Bred in the hot desert of Israel, this robust,   and the backs are green tinged with
    bolt-resistant variety stays sweet and crisp     maroon. A loosely formed head with soft,
    in hot weather. Very large, medium green,        elongated leaves. Heads are slow to bolt.
    dense heads.                                     Pleasant, chewy texture.

    leS OreilleS Du DiaBle leaf                      rOSSa D’amerique leaf
    Ear of the devil. This lettuce is the real       Pale green leaf with sparkling rosy red
    workhorse of ALM Farm. Excellent for             coloured edges. This Italian specialty
    cutting for salad mix. Burgundy, starlike,       will form loose head or may be used as a
    pinwheel rosettes. Stunning glossy leaves.       cutting lettuce.
    Oily, nutty flavour. Slow to bolt and also       rOuGe De GrenOBle leaf
    cold hardy. Rare heirloom.                       The shiny, wine red leaves fairly glisten in
    merlOt red leaf                                  the sunshine. This vigorous spring lettuce
    Striking colour, the darkest red burgundy        is resistant to adverse conditions. It can be
    in our garden. Like a good red wine – dark       cut young as part of a salad mix or left to
    and deep. A loose leaf cutting lettuce that      head up.
    is slow bolting and well suited to cut and       ruBy reD
    come again mesclun culture. Cold tolerant.       A heat resistant leaf lettuce. Red leaved
    OakleaF PurPle leaf                              variety mixed red and green leaves with
    Vigorous plants with beautiful purple            delicious flavour for pretty salads all season
    leaves shaped like oak leaves with crinkled      long. Forms a large juicy head.
    edges and savoyed in the middle. Good            SunFire Oak reD Oak
    tasting and beautiful in a salad mix. Rare.      Bred specially for salad mix, Sunfire
    OlGa green romaine                               has a narrow, branching oakleaf shape
    65 days. A gourmet European Romaine-             and interesting colour pattern. Medium
    type lettuce. It has unusual leaf texture,       green leaves, have red and green veining
    is less crunchy, and is sweeter than other       underneath a red surface blush. Although
    Romaine types. Olga has light green              narrow in form, the leaves are thick providing
    leaves, forming a loose head with excellent      good weight, texture and shelf life.
    flavour. Holds flavour well without going
    bitter in the heat. Its appearance makes an
    outstanding salad. Great year round.
Sweet Valentine romaine                         HOt weatHer BlenD
This the sweetest flavoured lettuce we          A blend of our most heat resistant lettuces.
offer. The heads hold long into the heat        All slow to bolt. This blend has 15+
without bolting. The extremely deep red         varieties!!
leaves are slightly smaller than other cos
varieties. They are slightly savoyed, a great   maCHe Or COrn SalaD
lettuce for salad mixes.
                                                Gourmet salad item for cool or mild
tanGO leaf                                      weather and winter greenhouse. Northern
Deep green, heavily savoyed rosettes            European favourite. Sow in fall for over
look great in the salad bowl. Its leaves are    wintering or in spring for a late spring
frilly, crisp and densely ruffled. As well as   crop. Self-seeds.
forming beautiful compact heads, this type
of lettuce will resprout vigorously from a      maGenta SPreen
cut stem without loss of leaf quality. One      A remarkable variety of lamb’s quarter
of our most vigorous lettuces, good for         with brilliant magenta colouring on the
early and late season planting.                 young leaves. A dramatic addition to salads.
                                                Young tender plants have a pleasant
tOmaHawk leaf
                                                delicate flavour. Easy to grow. Self-seeds.
Heirloom. Crisp, smooth, thick, ruffled
                                                Plant early spring through summer.
green leaves have pink and bronze blush/
                                                Pkt. 1/2 teaspoon or 1000 seeds.
slow to bolt. Rare.
trOCaDerO butterhead                            minutina Plantago coronopus
Also called Laithue Lorthois. Nice, pale        Also known as Buck-horn Plaintain or
green, tight bunches of mellow, slightly oily   Erba Stella, minutina is a unique, cold-
tasting leaves. A good summer lettuce that      weather salad green prized in Italy for its
also does well in winter coldframes. Rare.      mild nutty flavour and crunchy texture.
yuGOSlaVian reD butterhead                      Resembling a narrow mizuna, it develops
Loose, large head, 12" wide with red outer      into a small plant with a delicate rosette of
leaves and green to white inner leaves.         slender green leaves. Sow directly outside
Excellent mild flavour and nice texture.        in early spring as soon as the ground can
Rare heirloom. Cutting the head in half         be worked or in the fall. Harvest young and
exposes solid-green interior leaves and a       tender when it is about 5" long. Cold hardy.
                                                Pkt. 1/4 teaspoon or 1000 seeds.
centre that is almost white. Bulk available.
Similar and perhaps more cold hardy than
Marvel of Four Seasons.                         muStarDS
                                                All mustards have 1/2 teaspoon/1000
lettuCe BlenD                                   seeds/pkt.
all weatHer BlenD                               mixeD muStarDS
A blend of our best salad-mix lettuces.         A blend of over 8 mustards including
This mix includes round and frilly leaved       mizuna, purple osaka, ruby streaks.
lettuces as well as a mix of red, dark and      Highly nutritious and delicious. Eat
light green and rosy colours. For a straight    greens in salads when young and cooked
high-interest lettuce.                          when mature. Flowers are great in salads.
                                                Plant in early March and again in late
COOl weatHer BlenD
                                                July/August for fall and winter harvest.
A blend of our best cold hardy salad-mix
                                                Extremely winter hardy. Easy to grow.
lettuces. Will over-winter in a cold frame
                                                Self-seed readily.
(seed Aug – mid Sept) and also great for
early spring transplants. Use bottom heat       ellen’S HOt Frilly muStarD
(15ºC) to get seed to germinate in cold         A very hot spicy mustard with bright green
weather; seed needs light to germinate.         frilly leaves. Great in salads or cooked.
This blend has 15+ varieties!!
    kOButakana                                          Jim’S OreGOn Giant eDiBle POD
    Very sweet mustard from Japan. Grows                An outstanding very large, juicy pea which
    well year round. Dark vitamin-rich leaves.          grows on 6' tall vines. Brought to our farm
    Great in salad mix and as braising greens.          by Johanna Stiver from Jim Cherrington’s
                                                        garden. The tender edible pods can be
    OSaka PurPle muStarD Brassica juncea                5" long. Produces all summer. Wilt and
    Osaka mustard has beautiful purplish                enation mosaic virus resistant. Plant
    leaves with a mild but pungent flavour.             March to September.
    Plant early spring through late summer,
    for year-round harvest.                             maxiGOlt, BuSH SHellinG Pea
                                                        Delicious, high yield. Outstanding late
    ruBy StreakS Brassica juncea                        variety with large, sweet, dark green peas.
    New salad green. Excellent frilly dark              Attractive, broad, 3½" pods. The vines avg.
    purple leaves, finely serrated like Mizuna.         3½-4' for growing with or without support.
    The colour ranges from dark green with
    red veins to dark purple. The flavour is            SuGar SnaP eDiBle
    sweet and slightly pungent. Also good               POD POle PeaS
    as a braising green.                                The original sugar snap pea! Also called
                                                        mange tout. The long growing vines can
    tatSOi Brassica rapa                                reach up to 1 meter or 6 feet and need
    This beautiful dark green, very mild
                                                        support. The 2½ to 3½ inch crunchy pods
    spinach-like Japanese mustard is easy to
                                                        are excellent for eating cooked or raw. A
    grow. It has glossy spoon-shaped dark
                                                        very good producer that freezes well! Can
    green leaves which form perfect rosettes.
                                                        be planted in January in an unheated
    Good in salads, stir fried, or steamed.
                                                        greenhouse or outside as soon as the soil
    Grow all year. Seed in early spring and
                                                        temperature reaches 10 degrees C. 65 days
    throughout the year.
                                                        tall telePHOne (alDerman)
    OraCH Atriplex hortensis                            POle SHellinG PeaS
    Orach is related to Lamb’s Quarters and             Heirloom, 6' or taller vines produce lots
    spinach. Its rounded leaves are stunning in         of late developing shelling peas. A well
    a salad and it is used in pasta in Italy. It is a   flavoured late main crop variety with large
    warm weather crop. Self seeds.                      pods. Favoured as an old-time pea, grown
                                                        since 1885. Resistant to wilt.
    reD anD PurPle OraCH
    This is a mix of the brightest red colour we        PePPerS
    have seen and a purple orach.
                                                        Start plants indoors 6-8 weeks before last
                                                        frost date. When sprouted with second set of
    ParSniPS                                            true leaves transplant to 3" pots. Harden off
    For fall and winter harvest, plant 5 cm apart       before transplanting. Peppers are real heat
    in early June in the Pacific Northwest area.        lovers. Benefit from mulching. 25 seeds/pkt.
    Thin to 10 cm. 1 Tablespoon or 400+ seeds/pkt.
    HalOeD CrOwn
    This is a cross between Hollow Crown and            antHOni rOmania yellow and red
    Gladiator made by Denis Hoddinott of                Medium-tall very productive plant from
    Stone Glen Farm on Salt Spring. I found it          Romania. Beautiful 4" x 2" tapered, pointed
    better than the hybrids offered by Johnny’s         yellow fruit are produced early. They ripen
                                                        to red. Romanians fry them in
    PeaS                                                a skillet to bring out the flavour.
    Plant as soon as ground can be worked in early      ariane orange bell
    spring, as early as February in the Pacific         A big blocky pepper 4" to 5" long and
    Northwest area. Pkt. 2 tablespoons or 70 seeds.     almost as wide, changing from medium
green to vivid orange. Each sturdy plant         BulGarian HOt CarrOt
yields a plentiful harvest of uniform, three     (CaPiSCum annuum)
to four lobed, persimmon-orange peppers.         An heirloom from Bulgaria called Shipkas.
The thick flesh is crunchy and spicy-sweet,      The 3 to 4" bright orange beauties are quite
making it a natural for the grill or stir-fry.   hot but with a fruitiness to the pungency
                                                 that makes them delicious for chutneys,
liPStiCk red
                                                 marinades, pickles and salsas. The jaunty
Shiny, smooth, most delicious sweet
                                                 colour is great for hot pepper jelly. Plants
pepper. Four inches long, fruits taper to a
                                                 are 18" tall. Fruits grow in big clusters close
blunt point and ripen to a glossy, rich red.
                                                 to the main stem.
Thick and juicy. Dependably early heavy
yields, even in a cool summer season.            HOt aPPle Or alma PaPrika
                                                 A beautiful 2", circular pepper somewhat
reD ruFFleS red
                                                 resembling an apple. Originally from
A favourite sweet pimiento with thick,
                                                 Hungary, the Hot Apple pepper has a nice
juicy walls. Great for fresh eating, this
                                                 flavor and thick, crunchy flesh. Medium-
plant produces clusters of peppers, 8-10
                                                 hot. Plant is about 30cm tall and carries
per plant. Fruits are oval, with ridges,
                                                 fruit at top. Fruit begins white and turns
similar to a pumpkin’s shape.
                                                 rosy red.
Sweet PePPer COlleCtiOn
Our four favourite sweet peppers: Lipstick
                                                 Well known 3" fat juicy hot pepper used
(red, long, and thick-wall), Red Ruffles (red,
                                                 for jalapeno poppers, in salsas and other
rumpled and round), and Ariane (orange,
                                                 Mexican cooking. Sets fruit sooner than
super sweet, bell-shaped) and Tequila
                                                 most other hot peppers. Use green or wait
Sunrise (orange, firm crunchy).
                                                 until they turn red and are at their hottest.
tequila SunriSe orange Capsicum annuum           This is a particularly hot variety of jalapeno.
Beautiful and tasty peppers on sturdy
                                                 maule’S reD HOt CHili (CaPiS-
plants, 12-16" tall by 12" wide. Carrot-
shaped fruits, 4-5" long and 1" at shoulder.     Cum FruteSCenS)
Fruits ripen from deep green to golden           Capsicum frutescens
orange. Firm crunchy flesh with sweet,           Chili Heat Level 7+. This hot chili is ideally
slightly sharp flavour when ripe. 60-78          suited for making chili sauce and using
days from transplant.                            fresh or in a chili con carne where lots of
                                                 chili flavour is needed. Produces lots of 6"
                    Hot                          to 8" fruits.

aJi COlOraDO                                     mulatO (CaPiSCum annuum)
(CaPiSCum BaCCatum)                              This pepper has an amazing smoky flavour.
Rare plant produces good yields of 5" long       Great for drying and turning into a rub.
by 1" wide hot peppers which are spicy hot       They are a mild, purple pepper with a
and turn from green to shiny orange-red          deep, fruity background – lots of flavour
when mature. from La Paz, Bolivia. Unique,       and very little heat. Also great for chile
pungent flavor.                                  rellenos.

anaHeim, numex JOe e. Parker                     PaDrOn Capsicum annuum
Medium-tall productive plant; uniform,           Small green peppers Mary brought home
6-8" x 2" fruits ripen to mahogany to red,       from Portugal. They are served fried with
but are usually eaten green. Southwest           olive oil and coarse salt. Most taste sweet
favourite for stuffing (chile rellenos),         and mild, though some are particularly hot
grilling and roasting. The flesh is thick and    and spicy. We have loved eating this dish
crisp with a delicious mild heat and richly      with beer at the end of a long day. Good
satisfying chile flavour.                        producers.

     SerranO (CaPiSCum annuum)                       chervil, many kinds of mustards, and our
     Common hot pepper from mexico, used             cool weather lettuces. Plant from August
     green pickled , in salsas and for fresh         to September and early spring.
     eating. Thick walled, crisp and juicy, when
     red ripe smoked for chipotle peppers.           HOt weatHer SalaD BlenD
     Prolific and easy to grow.                      A mix of salad greens that thrive in hot
                                                     weather. Plant from late May through
     SOme like it HOt!                               August.
     A collection of our hot peppers including
     Bulgarian Hot Carrot, Mulato, Maule’s Hot       SHunGiku Edible Chrysanthemum
     Red, Padron, Anaheim, and others.               Yellow and white daisy-like flower with
                                                     multiple petals. Young leaves are used in
     PurSlane                                        Sukiyaki in Japan. They add a meaty taste
     Sow after May in full sun. Germinates in 10     to stir fry. Use flowers and young leaves in
     days. Annual. Needs heat to germinate. Self     salad or as a garnish. Sow March through
     seeds. Can be transplated.                      July. Hold up in cool weather. Self seeds.
                                                     Pkt. 1/2 teaspoon or 300 seeds.
     GOlDen PurSlane
     A very attractive form of Purslane with         SPinaCH
     large, yellowish slightly tangy leaves
     particularly attractive in salads. Rich in      Giant winter
     vitamin C and the highest known plant           A very hardy plant, with broad, intense
     source of omega-3 fatty acid. Upright           green leaves on plant with spreading habit.
     stature makes for easy harvest. It loves        True to its name, it is a special spinach for
     hot weather. 1/4 tsp or 800 seeds/pk            late summer or fall seeding for crop in early
                                                     spring. Also does well with early spring
     raDiCCHiO                                       sowing. Harvest in 4-10 weeks if sown in
                                                     early spring. Self seeds. Pkt. 1 teaspoon or
     Palla rOSSa SPeCial                             200 seeds.
     A reliable variety which forms a gorgeous,
     firm, round, dark-red and white heads.          new ZealanD SPinaCH Tetragonia
     Its unique, bitter taste adds colour and        New Zealand Spinach is a warm weather
     crisp texture to salads. Also great on the      crop, not related to true spinach but the
     barbeque or roasted. A cool weather crop        leaves taste similar to, and some think
     but this variety also does well in summer.      better than, spinach. It does not bolt in hot
     ½ t. or 400 seeds/pkt.                          weather nor does it typically turn bitter.
                                                     Valued for its high vitamin C content.
     SalaD BlenDS                                    It tends to have a low germination rate,
                                                     taking a couple of weeks to get going. Soak
     all SeaSOn BlenD                                seeds in warm water before sowing. Keep
     A beautiful mix of leaf form and colour         soil moist until germination occurs. Self
     from our collection of lettuces, mustards,      seeds. Pkt. 2 tablespoon or 180 seeds.
     chicories, chards, kales, red orach, arugula,
     shungiku, cress, mizuna and shungiku.           SquaSH, Summer
     Plant in rows. Thin as they mature, using
     the thinnings in your salad, and then           We start our first succession of squash indoors
     harvest tender young leaves from the            in mid-April and transplant them in May when
     crown of each plant. Replant as the patches     danger of frost has passed, covering them with
     age. Pkt. 1 teaspoon or 1000 seeds.             floating row cover while the nights are still cool.
                                                     You can also direct seed them when the weather
     COOl weatHer SalaD BlenD                        is good. Plant them every 3' or 1 metre. They
     A mix of salad greens that thrive in cool       like rich soil, so add compost to the hole.
     weather including claytonia, mache,             Harvest often when young and tender.

COStata rOmaneSCO                                start tomatoes mid-March indoors. Plant
ZuCCHini C. pepo                                 into a greenhouse or covered space in April or
A wonderful heirloom zucchini from Italy.        outdoors in early May. 25 seeds/pkt.
Tender and buttery even when 12" long. A
                                                 HeritaGe tOmatO mix
favourite with our chefs. Bi-coloured and
                                                 A mix of heirloom tomatoes including
ridged. Great producer. Large flowers. 20
                                                 black, yellow, marbled, white, red, orange
                                                 tomatoes of various sizes, textures, shapes
                                                 and flavours.
SquaSH, winter
We start our winter squash indoors in mid-                 Cherry or small size
April and transplant them in May when
danger of frost has passed, covering them        CHerry tOmatO mix
with floating row cover while the nights are     A mix of red, white, yellow, black, pink,
still cool. You can also direct seed them when   and green tomatoes – some pear or olive
the weather is good. Plant them every 3' or      shaped, most round.
1 metre. They like rich soil, so add compost     BlaCk CHerry (new)
to the hole. Harvest before a hard frost when    A beautiful, very productive dark cherry
you can no longer put your fingernail into the   that is almost black. Great taste. Tall vines
stem. Cure them in a warm spot for a couple      that produce long trusses of fruit. 65 days.
weeks and then keep them dry in storage.
                                                 BlaCk anD wHite CHerry COmBO
queenSlanD Blue C. maxima                        A mix of both varieties.
100 days. This 10 to 20 lb. blue squash
from Australia is a favourite with our chefs.    BlaCk Plum
Beautiful blue turban-shaped fruit, deeply       This prolific black heirloom tomato from
ribbed. Very fine, deep orange flesh that        Russia can reach 8' tall. Loaded with
is sweet and fine flavoured. An excellent        clusters of 2" plum shaped, reddish brown
keeper. 20 seeds/pkt.                            fruits with green shoulders. Seems to be
                                                 blight resistant and lasts well into the fall
BlaCk FOreSt C. maxima (new)                     when other varieties give out.
A dark green, flat-round kabocha type
winter squash, averaging 3-4 lb. The deep        Galina
orange flesh is medium dry and sweet.            A gold cherry larger than gold nugget and
It’s popular for its strong yet sweet flavor     long keeping. Very tasty. The last tomatoes
and moist, fluffy texture, which is like         to succumb to the cold.
chestnuts. Avg. yield: 4-5 fruits/plant. 15
seeds/pkt.                                       Green GraPe
                                                 PrinCiPe BOrGHeS
A fruit used in Indian and Mexican               reD Pear
cooking, particularly in salsa verde.            Small 1" pear-shaped fruits borne in
Although tomatillos are grown like               clusters. Sweet and juicy, ideal for
tomatoes, they are easier and more hardy.        appetizers or salad. Heirloom.
Start them indoors early, transplant
outdoors after frost danger. The plants
                                                 A firm red round crack-resistant cherry
should be spaced 2-3' apart. Harvest when
                                                 tomato known for its sweetness.
paper husk loosens and fruit turns from
green to yellow.                                 tina’S De CaBO
                                                 Tina Fraser Baynes developed this crunchy
tOmatOeS                                         flavourful cherry tomato by stablizing a
All our tomatoes are indeterminate and need      hybrid that appealed to her. She graciously
staking unless noted otherwise. In our area,     has given it to our farm to offer to you. It is
                                                 perhaps my favourite cherry tomato.
     tumBlinG tOm                                      manyel mOOnS
     A yellow cherry perfect for a patio planter       Mild, juicy round yellow fruit that weigh
     because the plant stays small but produces        about a quarter pound. They ripen to a
     and abundance of tasty yellow cherry              clear yellow, not gold, colour. Produces an
     tomatoes. Determinate                             abundance of fruit.
     wHite CHerry                                      matina
     Pale yellow fruits, 1¼" in diameter, with a       Heirloom. A tried-and-true red from
     good, mild taste. Plants are compact and          Germany. Early fruiting with the flavour of
     easy to pick. Great in a basket with orange       a beefsteak. Huge plants resistant to early
     and red cherry tomatoes.                          blight. Potato leaf. Globular red, quarter-
                                                       pound fruits are borne in large clusters and
     yellOw Pear                                       free from green shoulders.
     Heirloom. Charming little lemon yellow
     pear-shaped minis. The sunny yellow fruits        nyaGOuS
     are borne in heavy clusters on tall vigorous      Great black tomato that is blemish-free!
     vines that want to climb. Mild flavour and        Baseball-sized fruits are borne in clusters
     special eye appeal.                               of up to six fruits, very productive. Excellent
                                                       full flavour. Great for markets. 80 days
     yellOw anD reD Pear COmBO                         from transplant.
     A mix of both varieties.
                                                       PineaPPle FOG
               Mid-Size Tomatoes                       Absolutely gorgeous tomato about 2"
                                                       across. It is almost translucent with a
     miD-SiZe tOmatO mix                               glow about it. Round to angular, slightly
     A mix of black, yellow, green striped, red,
                                                       flattened tomatoes with golden yellow skin
     and orange golf ball to tennis ball size.
                                                       showing some orange-red blushing. Came
     BlaCk krim                                        from a cross between Pineapple and San
     Fruits are a dark, deep red – almost a shiny      Francisco Fog. It is firm with thick outer
     black – with heavy green shoulders. Inside,       flesh. We got this tomato from the Salt
     the fruits are a deep, reddish-green colour.      Spring Seed Sanctuary.
     Sweet and tasty. An early tomato.
                                                       reD ZeBra
     FlammÉ                                            Beautiful red tennis ball sized tomato with
     Beautiful salad tomato, very juicy, a good,       gold and green stripes and a lovely tangy
     sweet flavour with fruity overtones.              real tomato taste.
     About the size of a golf ball and a lovely
                                                       SPeCkleD rOman
     persimmon orange colour both inside and
                                                       You won’t ever see another Italian paste
     out. Extremely productive French heirloom.
                                                       type tomato like this one! Stunning and
     Green ZeBra                                       unique, long pointed red fruit have wavy
     The most unusual variety you’ll ever grow!        golden stripes! A mid-size fruit, very meaty
     Fully ripe fruits are bright green, with yellow   flesh with sweet flavour. Has few seeds.
     stripes. Round, smallish fruits have excellent,
     “real tomato” flavour. Vigorous plants.
                                                       Extra early, cold tolerant medium
     JaPaneSe BlaCk triFele                            sized red tomato. High yielding with a
     Russian origin. This short potato leaf plant      wonderful, low acid taste. Our favourite
     yields prolific quantities of 6 oz. fruit that    for drying. Indeterminate. Heirloom from
     looks like a beautiful mahogany-coloured          Czechoslovakia.
     Bartlett pear with greenish shoulders.
                                                       yellOw PeaCH
     Very tasty flesh with a meaty core – the
                                                       Known as Peach tomato because of its
     tomatoes yielded are blemish free and are
                                                       buffed smooth, furry skin, these wonderful
     not subject to cracking.
                                                       heirlooms are packed with flavour and

just the right size for garden munching or     CHerOkee CHOCOlate
salads. Absolutely unique in appearance        Very large 3-5" beautiful chocolate-
with flavour to match. Semi-determinate.       coloured tomato. Very dependable
                                               producer of blemish-free flavourful fruit
    Beefsteak or Large Tomatoes                mid through late season.
BeeFSteak tOmatO mix                           COPia (new)
A mix of pink, black, yellow, marbled,         These very beautiful tomatoes are a
white, red, orange and green beefsteaks.       stunning combination of fine-lined golden
                                               yellow and red stripes. While visually
aker’S weSt VirGinia
                                               exciting, the real treat comes when you cut
A very pretty, large 1 pounder. Large,
                                               them open. Their gold flesh is streaked with
vigorous plants produce big harvests of
                                               red and is very juicy, flavorful, and sweet.
delicious red smooth tomatoes with little
                                               A stabilized cross between Green Zebra
cracking or other blemishes. A treasured
                                               and Marvel Stripe, these tomatoes weigh
family heirloom with sweet, rich flavour.
                                               about one pound each, They were named
anDrew raHart JumBO reD                        in honor of Copia, the American Center for
One of the most delicious reds. Brilliant,     Food, Wine and the Arts, in Napa California.
scarlet beefsteaks, 1-2 lbs. Very meaty and    Indeterminate. 85 days. Late season
brimming with rich robust flavour. Very
                                               Originally from Farmers Seed Co., from
anna ruSSian                                   India’s Himalaya Mountains. Big sprawling
Handed down through several generations        plant producing abundant crop of 6-10 oz.,
from a Russian immigrant. Large, juicy,        smooth, round, scarlet-red fruits with little
pinkish-red, heart shaped tomatoes,            cracking and intense sweet tomato flavour.
weighing around 1 lb. This high yielding       Matures earlier than most large fruited
tomato has sweet, juicy flesh and superb       types (80 days). Disease resistant.
                                               neVeS aZOrean reD
arDwyna paste                                  Large red beefsteak. Juicy with great taste.
Huge red paste tomato excellent for            Mid-season.
cooking or drying because they are low
in juice and high in pulp. They are early
                                               OranGe StrawBerry
                                               Heirloom. A big heart-shaped orange fruit
maturing, very productive and blight
                                               which grows on vigorous vines. The fruit
resistant. These 4-5" tomatoes, weighing
                                               sometimes weigh over a pound but they do
up to 1 lb. each, are smooth cylindrical and
                                               not get green shoulders or blemishes on
taper gradually to a point. Bulk available.
                                               their tops. They are very firm and meaty.
aunt ruBy’S German Green                       Easy to slice – a favourite at our market
Not a pretty tomato but our best tasting       because of their great taste.
tomato. Very large plant produces large,
flat beefsteak-size juicy seedy fruit with
                                               Paul rOBeSOn BlaCk
                                               A curvaceous black tomato, slightly larger
green skin and flesh which turns paler
                                               than Black Krim, traded at the Vancouver
when ripe. A favourite with chefs.
                                               Seedy Saturday. One of those, “my black
BranDywine                                     tomato is better than yours” affairs. This is
An Amish heirloom, a very good tasting         a very tasty black – juicer than the others.
large tomato with deep pink skin and red
flesh. Vigorous plants produce a large crop
                                               The best tasting large orange tomato.
of fruit. Best staked or caged. It has
                                               Maybe the best tasting tomato.
a potato-like leaf. Mid-season.

     reD SunSet HOriZOn
     We got this wonderful huge prolific
     beefsteak, also called Rostova, from Jim
     Wright in Seattle. It was brought to North
     America from Rostova in Southern Russian
     by Nikolai Peplenov Rostova tomatoes. It is
     an outstanding producer of an abundance
     of huge red to red-pink tomatoes that
     regularly exceed 2 lbs. and taste excellent.
     It excels in cool climates and is an early
     rOSe De Berne
     A pink tomato from France that tastes like
     Brandywine but is more round. Lots of
     handsome 6-8 oz. smooth pink fruits with
     soft flesh and very thin skin. Rare.           Grains are easy to grow, produce well in poor
                                                    soil and can be sprouted or cooked whole for a
     StriPeD CaVern
                                                    nutritious breakfast. They are often planted
     Beautiful stuffing tomato, blocky thick-
                                                    in late fall or early spring and harvested in
     walled jewel-like fruits with red and yellow
                                                    August in this area, making it possible to
     stripes. Many 8 ounce fruits which keep 4
                                                    plant a second late crop. Following crops
     weeks when harvested ripe. Good flavour.
                                                    benefit from the cleansing effect of grains.
     Stuff with cheese for unique appetizers. 80
     days from transplant. Prolific.                Barley
                                                    Introduced in the early 1980s, Harrington
     SuPer marmalaDe
                                                    malting barley quickly became the
     Lovely pinkish-red medium sized tomato
                                                    Canadian and then the international gold
     that is very juicy and sweet. Produces well
                                                    standard for quality in high-enzyme, two-
     mid-season until late. Very prolific.
                                                    row malting barley. Barley can be grown in
                                                    spring or winter. For winter barley, October
     turniP                                         is the best time to plant. For spring barley,
                                                    plant in January. Barley grows best in cool
     HarriS turniP                                  ground – ideal temperatures hover right
     Heirloom. This turnip has been growing         around freezing. Arrange the seeds so you
     on our farm since 1914 when Mr. Harris         have about 20-25 barley plants per square
     cleared the land and planted turnips.          foot of space. Nutritious, delicious and
     Winter hardy, pest resistant in our area.      easy to cultivate, barley is a common sweet
     Large white with purple shoulder. Sow late-    grain with loads of health benefits and a
     summer for fall and winter. ½ t. / pkg
                                                    variety of purposes.
                                                    Hull-leSS OatS
                                                    Easily threshed free of the hulls. Oats have
                                                    been grown for centuries by farmers to
                                                    use as porridge or ground into oat flour.
                                                    Plant 1/2"-1" deep and 5" apart in the early
                                                    spring. A heavy frost will kill oats.
                                                    wHeat Red Fife
                                                    First grown in Canada in 1843. This is a
                                                    late variety that was the cornerstone of
                                                    Prairie agriculture. Red Fife is a “landrace”
                                                    variety which means it has greater genetic

diversity and ability to adapt to changing      BOraGe
conditions than hybrid varieties. Plant in      A large herb, known as the “Herb of
late fall or early spring 5" apart.             Gladness”, borage has fuzzy leaves and
                                                periwinkle blue flowers. Attracts bees. Add
CrimSOn ClOVer                                  chopped leaves and flowers to salads or
Crimson clover is a cover crop – a plant        summer drinks. Cool off in the summer
grown over the winter to help suppress          with iced borage tea, adding honey and
weeds, prevent erosion and build healthier      lemon juice to taste. Borage is easy to grow
soil. Its beautiful red maroon flowers lure     and self-seeds readily. Annual.
beneficial insects into the garden. We
sometimes use the flowers in our bouquets.      CatniP Nepeta cataria
Plant in the fall or early spring in almost     Favourite of cat lovers, for cats relish
any kind of soil. Leguminous plant which        the intoxicating leaves. Tea is a popular
fixes nitrogen.                                 nightcap, as it induces a good night’s sleep.
                                                Remedy for colds and fevers. Self seeds.
Beautiful summer green manure crop.             CHamOmile German Matricaria recutita
Naturally adds organic matter into the soil     For a relaxing tea with a scent of pineapple.
and attracts beneficial pollinating insects.    Aids digestion. Sturdy spreading plant.
Very fast growing – its vigorous foliage        Blossoms in July and August from spring
suppresses weeds well, protects the soil        sowing but may be started indoors. Reseeds
from erosion and leaching especially in         readily. Prefers fertile well-drained sandy
winter. Direct sow or broadcast April to        loam. Annual. Self seeds.
June in full sun or part shade.
                                                CHerVil Anthriscus cerefolium
                                                Cool season herb with ferny, dark green
                                                foliage, looking like parsley and having
                                                a pleasant anise flavour. Excellent raw
                                                in salads. An important herb in French
                                                cuisine in egg dishes, fish and sauces or a
                                                wonderful addition to herbed vinaigrettes.
                                                Makes best crop in spring and fall but does
                                                well even in the summer in a shady spot in
                                                the cool Pacific Northwest. Self seeds.
                                                CilantrO Coriandrum sativum
                                                Sow these frost tolerant herbs throughout
                                                the spring and summer for continuous
aniSe HySSOP Agastache foeniculum               harvest. Important ingredient in Spanish,
A mint which produces many purple flower        Mexican, Indian, Chinese, and SE Asian
spikes over dark green foliage. Fragrant        cuisine. Also called coriander or Chinese
nectar attracts bees. Excellent in semi-        parsley. Best direct seeded. Annual.
shade or full sun, this biennial reproduces     Self seeds.
readily by itself from seed once established.
                                                Dill Anethum graveolans
Easy to grow. Leaves and flowers strongly
                                                Delicious, green, finely cut foliage is used
anise-scented. Used in cooking and for tea.
                                                to enhance sour cream or yogurt toppings,
Many medicinal uses. Useful in bouquets.
                                                salads, sauces, and soups. When allowed
BaSil Genovese                                  to go to seed, it can be used for dill pickles
Large-leaf type from Genoa, Italy, the          or in seed breads. Plant as soon as ground
pesto capital of the world. Bright green        can be worked in spring. Easy to grow, very
shiny leaves about 2" long with a heady,        prolific. Height 3'. Annual. Self seeds.
spicy fragrance and taste. One of the
easiest and most rewarding herbs, a real
heat lover. Annual.
     ePaZOte Chenopodium ambrosoides                  mullein Verbascum thapsus
     Important Mexican herb used in Mexican           Striking yellow flower stalks rise from a
     cooking, also called Wormseed. Stout,            huge woolly leaf base in the second year.
     aromatic herb, to 3-4' tall. Add to              Sentry of the herb garden. Good remedy
     bean dishes to reduce gas. Needs high            for coughs, hoarseness and bronchitis,
     temperature to germinate.                        rheumatism. Flowers for infused oil for
                                                      earache. Plant can be used to produce
     eVeninG PrimrOSe Oenothera lamarckiana           yellow, bronze and grey dyes. Biennial.
     Clear yellow 2" church bell blooms in            Self seeds.
     elegant spires on 3-5' tall plants. Charming
     border beauty. Oil in seeds contains             ParSley Italian
     gammalinolenic acid (GLA). Roots can             The one the chefs use. More flavour
     been eaten as a vegetable; shoots as a           than other parsleys. Vigorous, erect
     salad. These hardy, long blooming plants         plant produces flat, dark green leaves.
     prefer full sun and well drained dry soil.       Cool weather crop that holds well in hot
     Self-seeds. Biennial.                            weather. High in vitamins A, C, iron and
                                                      minerals. Self seeds.
     FeVerFew T. parthenium
     In recent years feverfew has become known        SHiSO Red Perilla Perilla frutescens
     as the “migraine” herb. This easy-to-grow        Decorative purplish red foliage reminiscent
     herb is also valued as a decorative plant in     of coleus. Cinnamon-scented leaves are
     the garden and for wreaths, potpourris,          popular in Japan for flavouring raw fish,
     etc. Perennial. Self seeds.                      bean curd, pickles and tempura. Also used
                                                      to give scarlet colour to pickled plums and
     milk tHiStle Silybum marianum                    preserved ginger. Annual.
     Bold and beautiful specimen plant for
     food and medicine. Large plant with              St. JOHn’S wOrt Hypericum perforatum
     shiny, spined leaves mottled with white.         Noted for its calming effect; valuable
     Outstanding, solitary 2" purple flowers.         for nervous disorders such as insomnia,
     All parts are edible. Medicinal: The active      depression and bedwetting. The oil has
     component, silymarin, is found in the            remarkable soothing and healing action
     seeds and is know for liver rebuilding           when rubbed into painful joints and
     properties. Easy to grow. Annual. Self           strained muscles. Bright yellow flowers.
     seeds. CAN BE INVASIVE.                          Perennial. Self seeds. INVASIVE
     mOtHerwOrt leonurus cardiaca                     SOrrel French Rumex acetosa
     Bees love the handsome, purple-pink              Most famous for sorrel soup. Large
     flower spikes. Grows to 6'. Easy to grow         succulent, slightly acid-tasting leaves give
     from seed and self seeds. Has been used          zest to salads and any dish which is insipid
     to treat female disorders throughout the         in itself. Remove flowering tops as they
     centuries. Self seeds.                           appear to keep leaves tender. Perennial.
                                                      Self seeds.
     muGwOrt Arthernisia vulgaris
     Believed to give strength and negate             StinGinG nettle urtica dioica
     negativity, mugwort has been surrounded          One of our favorite wild herbs. Powerful
     by legends and used medicinally for              perennial plant that has many uses:
     centuries. This soft, green plant has tiny       early spring nutrient rich cooking green,
     ball-shaped flower heads with deeply cut         tea ingredient, compost activator and
     leaves. It will grow 6' tall in average to       increases layer production when added to
     poor, well-drained soil in full sun. It can be   layer food through the winter (dried form).
     easily raised from its tiny seed. Self seeds.    Spreads easily by rhizome, so it should be
                                                      planted thoughtfully. Prefers rich, moist
                                                      soil. Must be cooked or dried to remove
                                                      “the sting”, which comes from chemicals
                                                      found in the plant.
Summer SaVOry Satureja hortensis                COlumBine, alm mix Aquilegia
Easy to grow. Our favourite herb for            Fairy-like woodland quality with lacy
flavouring fresh and dry beans, peas,           foliage and beautifully posed flowers in a
lentils, soups, cabbages, and sauerkraut        variety of exquisite colours and shapes.
with its spirit-awakening, peppery flavour.     Partial shade or full sun. Attracts humming
Dry for winter use. Also makes a nice           birds. Seeds sown indoors in early spring will
tea. Likes medium rich, well-drained soil.      usually bloom the first season. Perennial.
Full sun. Sow indoors in early spring or
outdoors after danger of frost. Do not          COrnFlOwerS Bachelors’ buttons
cover seed as they need light to germinate.     Blue, white, pink, wine, and mauve flowers.
Self seeds.                                     Sow directly into garden in spring.
                                                Continuous blooming late into season. Full
Sweet CiCely myrrhis odorata                    sun. Excellent cut flowers. Easy to grow.
Sugar-saver. Sweet, anise-scented leaves        Self-seeds. Hardy annual.
and stalks (fresh or dried) add delightful
flavour to sweets and desserts, saving          DelPHinium D. elatum
about half the sugar. Of particular interest    Tall, stately, old-fashioned beauty. Flower
to diabetics. A hardy perennial that grows      stalks are covered with elegant double
to 4'. Seeds have short viability and should    flowers in shades of pale to dark blue,
be sown in spring.                              orchine, rose, and white. Does well in our
                                                Pacific coast climate. Requires rich, well,
                                                drained, slightly alkaline soil. Perennial.
                                                FOxGlOVe Digitalis purpurea
                                                Graceful upright flower spikes bear large,
                                                3" thimble-shaped blooms with delicately
                                                speckled throats. Strong plants bearing
                                                cream, white, yellow, rose and mauve
                                                flowers. Sow seeds in spring in a nursery
                                                bed. Sun or light shade. Self seeds.
BOraGe – see Herbs
CalenDula, alm SPeCial mix                      GlOBe Centaurea Centaurea macrocephala
                                                Golden yellow thistle-like flowers are 3"
A wonderful mix of our best. Warm tones
                                                across. Hardy plant is for background
include pink, orange, yellow, and cream
                                                borders or fresh and dried cut flower.
with burnt orange. Some with contrasting
                                                Direct seed in spring in a sunny location
dark lower petals and darker tips. Also
                                                in well-drained soils that are not too rich.
called pot marigold. Plant in full sun in
                                                Easy to grow. The plant forms clumps 3-4'
average soil. Adapts to moist soil or little
                                                high. Perennial.
watering. Usually the last flower in the
garden to give in to the cold, often will       GlOBe tHiStle Echinops ritro
overwinter in this area. Annual. Self seeds.    Bees and butterflies adore Echinops. So easy
                                                to care for that you will too. Stunning in
Clarkia Elegans
                                                the garden or as a fresh or dried cut flower.
Easy to grow. Great cut flower or massed
                                                They thrive in well drained soil, even if it is
into borders. Plants bloom profusely in
                                                poor or sandy. They are as undemanding as
multiple colours of pink, mauve, white,
                                                any perennial you can find! Intensely blue,
salmon, and red. Direct seed outdoors in
                                                the surreal-looking globes perch on stalks
early April in sun or semi-shade. Pick a cool
                                                of elegant, jagged-edged grey-green foliage.
semi-shaded, sandy area where the soil is
                                                Blooms July–early September.
rather low in nitrogen (poorly fertilised).

     HOllyHOCk, PurPle                               tangerine-coloured small blooms and lacy
     Elegant old-fashioned flowers with a new        foliage. The small 1/2" diameter flowers are
     twist. Large 3-4" unusual eye-catching          the best tasting of all the marigolds.
     purple flowers on 4-6' stalks. Excellent
     as a focal point in the landscape or as         naSturtium tropaeolum majus
     background plants. Fun to grow with             Beautiful flowers add a sweet spicy flavour
     children. Edible flowers. Grows well in our     to salads. Prolific plants grow most
     cool summers. Grow in fertile soil. Will        anywhere and in any soil type. Leaves are
     bloom first year if started early indoors.      excellent in stir fry. Seeds can be pickled.
                                                     This is a mixture of pale yellow to bright
     larkSPur                                        orange flowers with white varigated leaves
     Larkspur is an excellent cut flower – both      and deeply scarlet flowers with dark leaves.
     for fresh and dried or everlasting markets.     Direct seed after danger of frost. Self seeds.
     Blues, mauve and pale cream. An easy-to-
     grow annual that does best in a sunny site      niCOtiana, lemOn tree N. Langsdorii
     with well-drained soil. Larkspur grow to        Striking, tall stems of pendulous, bell-
     their full potential in climates with cool,     shaped chartreuse flowers sought after
     moist summers. Self seeds.                      for cut flower arrangements. Outstanding
                                                     paired with purples or deep pinks. Intense
     lunaria, HOneSty L. annua                       evening fragrance. Long trumpet-like
     Also called the silver dollar plant because     blooms. Any well-drained garden soil will
     of its intriguing flat seed pods which look     do. Needs light for germination so sow on
     like pearly discs. Cut in the fall to use in    surface of soil or potting mix. Germinates
     winter flower arrangements. Plant in May        in 7 to 20 days at 21ºC.
     or June in any well-drained soil. Sun or
     partial shade. Clusters of purple flowers       POPPieS
     bloom in April thru June in second year.        Always eye-catching and reliable, annual
     Self seeds.                                     poppies can be broadcast into almost any soil
     luPinS, mixeD Lupinus polyphyllus               and will self-sow readily. Perennials take more
     Deep red, pink, purple blossoms.                care to start but come back year after year and
     Spectacular spires create a marvellous          can be divided to obtain more plants. Seed
     landscape effect in May and June. Long-         pods are interesting additions to dry flower
     lived plants are easy to grow in sun or light   arrangements.
     shade. Sow where you want them to grow,         Perennial – Pink, reD
     or start indoors in pots. Thrives in acid
     soils. Perennial.
                                                     anD OranGe
                                                     Huge soft pink, bright red and orange
     malVa SeBrina malva sylvestris                  blossoms with dark centre. Sow in early
     An old-fashioned garden favourite known         spring or late fall indoors and transplant
     as Hollyhock Mallow. A plant offering           outdoors after true leaves appear.
     great beauty and charm. The tall stems are
     spattered with 2" cup-shaped blooms in
                                                     POPPieS, alm
     a striking bicolour of white with narrow        annual mix Eschscholzia californica
     violet striping. Start seed indoors 6-8         A mixture of double and single petaled
     weeks before planting out. Height 4-6'.         blooms of many colours – blood-red
     Tender perennial.                               (some marked with a white “iron cross”
                                                     in the centre), pinks, mauves, and scarlets.
     mariGOlD, lemOn                                 Self seeds.
     & tanGerine Gem Tagetes signata
     Dainty blossomed plant forms a ferny
                                                     POPPieS, CaliFOrnia Papaver somniferum
                                                     Brilliant orange and yellow flowers on lacy
     mound 12" tall and as big around. Lemon-
                                                     8 to 12" plants. Mildly narcotic colourless
     scented foliage releases its fragrance when
                                                     juice was used by Californian Indians to
     brushed. Globe-shaped plant covered with
                                                     treat toothache. Best sown direct very early
in spring as it prefers cool weather. Will       OrDerinG SeeDS
often over winter. Self seeds. Easy to grow.
                                                 all seeds are $3.50.
SHunGiku – see vegetables                        Shipping and handling for orders shipped
SunFlOwer, alm mix                               to addresses in Canada:
A mix of sunflowers from small to real           Orders    $10.50 or less        $3.50
giants. Included are some with red petals,                 $10.51 to $21.00      $4.50
some with green centres, and other unusual                 $21.01 to $52.50      $6.25
varieties. Sunflowers are large, easy-to-                  $52.51 to $80.50      $7.00
grow plants which give a dramatic show.                    above $80.51          $8.00
Seeds can be saved for winter eating or
leave up heads for winter food for birds.        For orders to the U.S.A.
Plant mid-April in a sunny spot. Drought                  $10.50 or less         $4.25
resistant. Annuals.                                       $10.51 to $21.00       $6.00
                                                          $21.01 to $52.50       $8.50
Sweet PeaS –                                              $52.51 to $80.50       $9.50
alm mix Lathyrus ordratus                                 above $80.51           $12.00
Luscious, glowing, fragrant blooms. These
old-fashioned favourites thrive in our           For International orders
climate. Vining plants which reach 5' tall                 $10.50 or less        $8.50
require trellising. They can be planted in sun             $10.51 to $21.00      $12.00
or semi-shade. Start outdoors in early spring              $21.01 to $52.50      $17.00
as soon as the soil can be worked. A special               $52.51 to $80.50      $19.00
mix of heirloom varieties. Hardy annual.                   above $80.51          $24.00
Sweet william dianthus barbatus
Biennial 24" or 60 cm. attractive plants
which bear densely-packed, flattened heads
                                                 ✶ add 10¢ for shipping each packet of the
                                                 following seeds: beans, peas, and grains.
of fragrant flowers in shades of red, white,
pink, purple, salmon, and in bicolours.          Mail to: Full Circle Seeds
These handsome, long lasting flowers make                 PO Box 807
vivid romantic bouquets all by themselves                 Sooke, BC V9Z 1H8
or mixed with other flowers. A flower that
likes our cool climate.                          Please phone if you have any questions
                                                 (250) 642-3671 or 642-2131 or visit our
wilDFlOwer mix                                   website at
Contains a mixture of annuals that
reseed themselves and perennials. We’ve          Great cut flowers from our collecting
chosen varieties that are both beautiful         include: columbine, clarkia, cornflowers,
and self-sufficient. Their vibrant flushes       delphinium, globe centaurea, globe thistle,
of colour will slowly unfold in response         larkspur, lunaria, lupins, nicotiana, sea holly,
to the weather and season for constantly         sunflower, sweet peas, and sweet william
changing displays. Contains columbine,
larkspur, lupine, cornflower, feverfew,          Edible flowers include: calendula,
calendula, mullein, poppies, phacelia,           borage, nasturtium, marigold, shungiku,
hollyhocks, and foxglove.                        cornflowers, and sunflowers

                                     Seed OrderS

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     Postal Code: _____________________ Phone:_________________________
     email: __________________________ date: __________________________
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                                  All SeedS Are $3.50

         Pkts                      Seed Name                     Price

                                                 ✶ Shipping

     Mail to: Full Circle Seeds
              PO Box 807
              Sooke, BC V9Z 1H8
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anD wOrkSHOPS at alm Farm
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The following flowers need darkness to germinate – calendula, corn flowers, delphinium, sweet peas,
larkspur and perennial poppies – so cover them with soil. Columbines, annual poppies, snapdragons
need light so sprinkle them on the surface of the soil. Sweet peas and lupins need a period of coldness
to germinate. Put the seed in your freezer for 2 weeks.


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