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					There's no such thing as a high yield, low risk investment, is there? There are no
different investment options other than those you see advertised in the media, or the
ones your financial advisors suggest might be 'exactly right for you', are there?

In fact, the investment industry wants you to believe a story - a myth, if you like - and
it goes something like this...

* Investment is risky

* You need to leave it to the experts

* The experts know what they're doing

* They will, of course, charge you for their knowledge

* Every product has a commission attached

* Every loan application comes with a fee

* Every stock trade costs you money

* Every move between funds attracts a charge

* Each time we advise you, we'll charge you

* And the best we can offer you is a few percent a year

* It's simply impossible to do better without taking massive risk

* And we don't, of course, advise that course of action.

Now, I could take each of those statements apart, one by one. Instead, let me condense
my response into one simple statement...

Everything you've been told about investing is wrong!

* Your financial advisors have not told you the whole truth - mainly because they
don't know it themselves!

* Your bank manager has been unwittingly leading you astray all these years

* Your pension is not performing the way it could

* Your investments are returning you paltry sums, compared to what is possible
Now, all this does assume that you are currently an Ordinary Investor. You have a
pension pot (maybe). You have some savings (if you're lucky), perhaps in a
high-interest, online account. You sometimes dabble in the stock market, and maybe
in commodities such as gold occasionally.

You make a bit here, you lose a bit there and, overall, if you can beat the standard
bank rate (say, 5%?) then you're happy.

Is this you? Do you recognise yourself here? Then, with all due respect, you are an
Ordinary Investor.

Maverick Investors also use 5% as a benchmark.

BUT - while Ordinary Investors are thinking "5% per annum", Maverick Investors are
thinking 5% per MONTH!! And on many occasions, they'll actually exceed this target
- sometimes by a significant margin!

Why is the investment industry is set up in such a way to feed you the story outlined
above, based on highly selective information?

Because the investment industry is huge, and it largely remains so by keeping you in
the dark!

Think about it - there are thousands of investment houses out there, employing
hundreds of thousands of analysts, traders, agents, sales people and back office staff.

The retail side of this mega-business - in other words, the side that has
commission-only agents selling you low-yielding products - relies on retail customers
(like you!) buying these products and thereby funding the business through
commissions and fees.

It's in the industry's best interests to keep you coming back to the same agents for
more low-yielding investments, year after year after year.

Now, imagine this.

Imagine you found a way (or several ways) to significantly out-perform every one of
those retail investment products on your own, without any sales agents being involved,
you'd never go back, would you?

And if there really are high yield, low risk investment methods out there which
require little of your time, no special equipment, no lengthy training, which pose
minimal risk, and that you could manage yourself from home, do you really think the
investment industry would let you know about them?

Of course not!

That would threaten their commission income, and they'd never accept that!

Maverick Investors don't believe that investment is necessarily difficult, or risky, or
that it should be left entirely in the hands of 'experts'.

Experts have their place, of course, but the investment industry wants you to believe
that experts are vital, and that they are your only route through to smart investment

That simply isn't true.

With a little application, you can quickly become your own expert. The only thing that
stands between you (achieving 5% a year at a push) and me (achieving 5% a month,
almost with my eyes closed!) is knowledge.

Don't you owe it to yourself and your family to seek out this knowledge for yourself,
and start making some massive strides towards true financial freedom?

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