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					               PARTNERS!                                            sisters, neighbors and friends got to hear the gospel preached
                                                                    for the whole week before the funeral. On the day of the
                                                                                                                                         at hand. One participant said, “This project is so big and I fail
                                                                                                                                         to understand why we don’t pray more for it. We can plan as
NEWS FROM JOB & MARIE MOHLOMI                                       funeral about 300 people got to hear the message of the gospel       much as we can but if we fail to pray this project is bound to
         December 2009                                              preached once again. We really want to thank all of you for          fail.” I was once again reminded that it is always tempting to
                                                                    your prayers, encouragements and support during this time.           forget the centrality of prayer in assignments like these. The
Dear Partners!                                                                                                                           churches in Bloemfontein have take ownership of the vision
Wow, time really flies. It is another Christmas, and we’re          (Marie) We had a great Thanksgiving with a lot of our Ameri-         and will be forming a workgroup in January.
about to bid 2009 farewell. What can we say, but wish you           can co-workers. We had an evening meal since most of us had
a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year. We pray for          to work in the morning and once again we did an outdoor,             “Worldly” Way to Jesus
God’s blessings upon you and your families during this time.        candlelight supper in our backyard. It was great to eat American     (Job) It felt like coming back home as we met with some
2009 was quite an eventful year for us as we labored to fit         food & the only thing we were missing was the cranberry              pastors that are part the Thabong Pastors Fraternal. I was one
into our positions in OM South Africa and also to adapt back        sauce. Tshepo’s playgroup closed at the end of November for          of the founders of this fraternal earlier in my ministry. To see
to life here in South Africa. However, God has been really          the summer holidays. I was a bit worried how he would do             it continuing was amazing. The meeting was not that well
good to us and we saw His hand and provision upon us and            without kids to play with every day, but we’ve managed to            attended with only ten pastors present. We spoke about 2010
the projects that we are involved in. How can we forget             get him together with kids once in a while & it’s going pretty       and the opportunities that it presents to the church. What
the role that you played as you prayed for us, financially          well. He is missing playgroup though and I’m sure he will be         really bothered me was the lack of vision from the churches’
supported us, encouraged us in times of need and above all          excited to go back in mid-January. In January I’m planning           side. However, as we left the meeting I felt that there was a
stood by us in all that we did. We are always reminded about        to start studying part time for a Multi-media degree which           slight change in attitude and approach. One pastor said, “We
the important role that you play in our ministry and our            relates directly to my ministry. I’m very excited since I have had   have been steadily losing people, but 2010 is giving us the
lives. Our prayer for you is that “The LORD bless you and           this in the back of my mind for years, but I am also nervous at      opportunity to bring them back into the churches in a non-
keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be             the amount of time I will need to study. The degree is mostly        threatening way.” Another pastor said, “It is amazing how what
gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon              by correspondence, though the university (UNISA) is right            we had considered worldly could serve as an opportunity to
you, And give you peace.” (Numbers 6:24-27).                        here in Pretoria.                                                    tell the people about Jesus. We need a paradigm shift and use
                                                                                                                                         relevant methods to grow our churches.”
(Job) Besides struggling with adapting to the new environ-          HIGHLIGHTS
ment, I had to face one issue that I never thought that I would.    2010 Soccer World Cup Outreach Preparations...                       Earn the Right to Speak
I got a phone call from my sister telling me that my Dad                                                                                 (Job) As we met with the churches and schools in Tembisa
passed away. The issue with my father is complicated since I        An Opportunity Not to be Missed                                      we decided to apply a different approach as we felt that for
never knew him. My parents separated when I was still small         (Job) The meeting with the NG churches fraternal in                  sustainability we needed to engage schools. The meeting was
and I met my father for the first time in 1997 and then few         Potchefstroom was attended by about 25 pastors and leaders.          not that well attended, but it was amazing to experience the
years later when he came for our wedding. I guess that I never      The main objective was to cast the vision for and to get them        excitement and the buzz that this event has created. One of
really dealt with the issue of him not being there for me. I        onboard. The meeting was a success as everyone present felt          the pastors who attended that meeting said, “2010 might be
thought that it was a non-issue. When I heard that he died I        that the church should not miss this opportunity. We need to         the only platform that the church can use to earn the right to
had to face the issues and deal with them. I was not aware          establish the workgroup and engage the municipality to see           speak and influence the communities through its practical in-
how much resentment I had towards him. One friend of mine           how we can partner with them.                                        volvement in the communities and thus takes its right place in
wrote this, “despite him not being there for you, he has left                                                                            God’s plan for the world.” The workgroup and other logistics
a legacy in this world by just bringing you into it.” That is the   Prayer is the Key                                                    need to be finalized early next year.
reality I had to learn to live with and this time of grieving was   (Job) The meeting with the churches in Bloemfontein was a
a short journey that God led me through. I had to make the          resounding success as we managed to bring together over 120          Meeting with the FIFA Local Organizing Committee
choice to forgive my father and I felt a sense of peace after we    pastors and leaders from different denominations. After the          (Job) After trying for months to set up this meeting the
buried him. We saw God’s provision for the cost of the funeral,     presentation we were reminded of the magnitude of the task           door finally opened. The purpose of the meeting was to
but the amazing part is that my relatives, step-brothers and                                                                             seek “recognition and endorsement” from the LOC (Local
Organizing Committee). We met with their 2010 Legacy               This was very sudden and we wondered if we should go ahead              7. Pray for the local participants for the 2010 soccer world
Department and the meeting went really good. After the             with the brochure, but after discussing it we decided to make              cup event. We need at least 400 South Africans. Pray for
presentation the head of the 2010 Legacy department said,          some minor changes and finish it. After some help from my                  God’s provision as we plan to sponsor some of them.
“When I first spoke to you, I thought that you were just a         co-worker the brochure finally came together. We were both              8. Pray for the international participants for the 2010 soccer
small group, but I am overwhelmed to see that you project is       really happy with it and it felt like the crowning achievement of          world cup event. We need at least 300. Pray for God’s
so huge and the the church so united.” He still has to consult     my ministry this year. This has been a great year for me and I’m           intervention as the flight prices have escalated. Pray that
with FIFA to see what kind of recognition they can give us.        so amazed at the progress I’ve made in learning how to use the             God will provide for them as they prepare to come.
                                                                   computer programs and in learning to design different graphic           9. Pray for God’s provision for the 2010 soccer world cup
And Other Things…                                                  design projects.                                                          project.We are still trying to raise the start up costs for this event.

OM Kwazulu Natal Regional Partnership Day                          WHAT’S UP?                                                              HUMOR CORNER
(Job) This was my first time attending this event, and was         6th-10th January: OM South Africa staff retreat.                        Tshepo has a very creative vocabulary and even when we
told a day before that I had to make the presentation for the                                                                              correct his mistakes he still insist that his word is the right
2010 World Cup event. Six of us from the Pretoria ministry         12th January: Job’s birthday.                                           one. Here are some creative words from Tshepo: “popcakes”
center embraced it. Prior to that I spoke in two churches in                                                                               (pancakes), “bunglebee” (bumblebee), “jumpoline” (trampo-
the morning, and was really encouraged to see how aware the        17th-21st January: TUG national planning meeting and other              line) and “thunderworks” (lightning).
people were in regard to missions. The event itself attracted      meetings in Cape Town.
over 100 partners from different churches. What blew my                                                                                    THANK YOU!
mind was the number of missionaries that are serving with          PRAISE CORNER                                                           It is such a blessing to have you guys behind us, as we serve
OM all over the world from this area. After the presentation,      1. Praise God for his provision, protection and guidance                God here in South Africa. Words cannot tell how much we
many people came around and expressed their excitement                throughout this year.                                                appreciate your support. Our prayer is that God will
about OM and especially the 2010 soccer world cup.                 2. Praise God for leading Job through the journey of                    immensely bless you as you sacrificially give, pray and
                                                                      forgiveness for his father.                                          uplift us in our ministry. If you feel led by God to support us
Fired-up Students                                                  3. Praise Him for the excitement among the churches for the             in any way please do drop us a line. We would personally love
(Job) I spoke at the Kingdom Blazers Conference organized             2010 world cup event.                                                to hear from you. Once again, we wish you a blessed Christmas
by Capro missions for university students. Initially it was        4. Praise Him for this special year of rest and refreshing for Marie.   and a happy new year.           Job, Marie & Tshepo
planned for 350 students but due to some circumstances only
60 attended. It was such a great blessing to talk to these young   PRAYER CORNER
people as most of them were passionate about missions. I had                                                                                              E-mail:
                                                                   1. Pray for God’s guidance as we start the New Year. Pray that                       
the privilege of having one to one talks with a few of them,          He will be the centre of our lives.
trying to give them direction in regard to their call.             2. Pray for His protection as I (Job) travel around the country                        Tel: 012 807 0161 (OM RSA office)
                                                                      talking to the churches about missions and 2010.
Sailing into the End of the Year                                   3. Pray for open doors for the 2010 soccer world cup event.
(Marie) I was asked to make a brochure to use for mobiliz-                                                                                                Tel: 012 807 3242 (H)
                                                                      Pray that many churches will come onboard.
ing South Africans to go the two OM Ships (Logos Hope &            4. Pray for God’s intervention in our dealing with FIFA and
Doulos). I started on this a few months ago, but got frustrated                                                                                           Mobile: 072 592 5147 (Job)
                                                                      the government departments.                                                                071 630 4361 (Marie)
and put it aside. In December I went back to it again. It was a    5. Pray for His provision for our support. (We have lost at
huge creative challenge for me. So I was praying each time I          least 30% of our support due to the declining value of
worked on it that God would fill me with the Holy Spirit, give                                                                                            Address in South Africa:
                                                                      the Dollar).                                                                        Job & Marie Mohlomi
me ideas, creativity, skill, ability and knowledge. When I had     6. Pray for God’s provision as we are still trying to pay off the
almost finished the brochure, the OM world got the news that                                                                                              P/Bag X 03
                                                                      debts we made during relocation. Pray that God will come                            Lynnwood Ridge 0040
the Doulos would be decommissioned at the end of this year.           through for us!