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                                 semi-automatic coffee pod macHiNe

                                                                            2-50 employees

                                                                            coffee pRoductioN
                                                                            Up	to	70	coffees	per	day

A semi-automatic single point coffee pod machine inclusive of
commercial grade refrigeration for fresh milk supply.
•	 Fitted	with	Automatic-frother	for	easy	heating	and	frothing	of	milk	
   at	the	touch	of	a	button	or	can	be	used	with	conventional	steam	wand		   Total	Width:	720mm	max	
   for	manual	frothing                                                      Depth:	450mm	max
•	 No	mess	or	fuss	with	consistent	flavour                                  Height:	510mm

•	 Reduces	cleaning	time                                                    fridge:
•	 No	wastage	and	no	time	wasting                                           Width:	360mm
•	 No	plumbing	required                                                     Depth:	450mm
                                                                            Height:	510mm
•	 Easy	to	use,	reliable	and	compact
•	 Cup	warming	plate                                                        coffee machine:
•	 Commercial	type	1.25	litre	copper	boiler                                 Width:	330mm
                                                                            Depth:	440mm
                                                                            Height:	440mm

                                                                            2	x	Standard	(10	Amp)	
                                                                            240W	required.	
                                                                            (1	for	coffee	machine	and	1	for	fridge)

                                                                            Internal	2.2	litre	water	reservoir

                                                                            coffee macHiNe WeiGHt:	
                                                                            15	kilograms	(without	fridge)

                                                                            fRidGe WeiGHt:
                                                                            10	kilograms
puRcHase optioNs
24-moNtH coffee coNsumptioN packaGe
This	package	is	based	on	a	24-month	agreement	with	a	minimum	monthly	coffee	supply	applying.
•	 A	bi-monthly	delivery	of	300	single	dose	coffee	pod	portions	(2-months	supply	delivered	once	every	2	months).
•	 A	bi-monthly	service	of	the	equipment	(provided	at	the	same	time	the	coffee/consumables	are	delivered).
•	 A	bi-monthly	delivery	of	2	x	500ml	Easyclean	Auto-frother	Cleaning	Solution	
   (delivered	at	the	same	time	the	coffee/consumables	are	delivered).
•	 Complete	parts	and	labour	warranty	coverage	for	the	total	period	of	the	agreement.
•	 A	24-Hour	service	response	time	in	the	event	of	technical	equipment	failure	and	a	replacement	machine		
   provided	at	No	Extra	Charge	if	a	problem	or	repair	can	not	be	rectified	on-site.
•	 Whilst	you	are	in	this	agreement,	any	additional	coffee	portions	that	may	be	required	above	the	minimum		
   bi-monthly	supply	will	be	available	at	56	cents	per	portion	($84	per	carton	containing	150	single	dose	portions).
•	 On	completion	of	the	24-month	period	you	have	the	option	to	pay	the	residual	of	$399	(inclusive	of	GST)		
   and	take	ownership	of	the	equipment.	If	you	then	continue	to	purchase	your	coffee	pods	through	Procaffé	
   you	will	receive	them	@	$84	per	carton,	containing	150	single	dose	portions.
•	 The	bi-monthly	cost	of	this	all	Inclusive	Package	is	only:	$320	which	is	payable	every	2-months.	
   (GST	is	not	applicable	on	this	package	as	you	are	only	invoiced	for	coffee	pods	and	there	is	no	GST	
   applicable	on	coffee	pods).
Please Note: This	package	can	only	be	provided	if	you	are	located	within	a	30	kilometre	radius	of	the	Melbourne	CBD.

paYmeNt metHod:
•	 Bi-monthly	payment	directly	debited	from	your	nominated	bank	account	or	credit	card.	

outRiGHt puRcHase
•	 Boutique	coffee	pod	machine	inclusive	of	24-month	parts	and	labour	warranty	-	$1,850	plus	GST.	
•	 CTM	commercial	grade	refrigerator:	$450	plus	GST	inclusive	of	24-month	parts	and	labour	warranty.
•	 Bristot	single	dose	coffee	portions	available	at	63	cents	per	portion		
   ($94.50	per	carton	containing	150	single	dose	portions).

coffee macHiNe iNstaLLatioN RequiRemeNts
•	 2	X	10-Amp	(24OW)	single-phase	power	outlets	are	required.
IMPORTANT	NOTE:	The	electrical	connections	can	not	be	more	than	600mm	from	the	installation	point!
BeNcH top space
Minimum	Width	(with	fridge):	600mm
Minimum	Width	(without	fridge):	350mm
Minimum	Depth:	440mm
Minimum	Height:	500mm	(with	fridge)
Minimum	Height:	(without	fridge)	400mm

postal address                                  Head office, Warehouse & showroom
po Box 88, moorabbin, Victoria 3189             unit 14/150 chesterville Road,
email:                    moorabbin, Victoria 3189                       t: 1300 790 710 f: 1300 722 138