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									                                           the  Wave
                               Newsletter of the McGill University Rowing Club                             Volume VII Issue 1

                                            President’s Message
Damien Jinks                                                                                no avail. Consequently we must look to
   It is with great pleasure that I com-                                                    our standard, though not necessarily
memorate the first renewed issue of                                                         reliable, sources such as Hudson Boat-
The Wave. This is indeed an exciting                                                        works et al. If any among you have con-
time for all of us on the executive as                                                      tacts, either with a particular club or a
we make preparations for the upcom-                                                         particular distributor, that might aid us
ing year. I am very optimistic, and it                                                      in procuring boats at a reasonable rate,
is with confidence that I predict                                                           your assistance would be greatly appre-
smooth water ahead for McGill Crew.                                                         ciated. Secondly, we are always looking
   We now aspire to unite a large and                                                       for coaches for the upcoming year.
growing community of Alumni that                                                            Your expertise as a former Varsity
has grown distant over the years. We                                                        rower, and more importantly, your dedi-
hope to reestablish relations, both                                                         cation to keeping McGill Rowing alive
among the former rowers, and be-           financial contributions, thank you. Without      and well, would do a tremendous ser-
tween the Alumni and the executive.        such assistance, we surely could not keep        vice. If you, or perhaps someone else
Without such a link, the current row-      McGill Crew alive. On behalf of the execu-       you know, intend to be in Montreal next
ers and executive are isolated and at      tive and all rowers, I extend my warm appre-     fall, please inform us.
times vulnerable. Thus, The Wave           ciation.                                           Well, there is plenty abuzz, so rather
serves as our first bridge. As always,        The quest is underway for boats and           than have me spoil the suspense, I invite
I invite your feedback and active par-     coaches. Unfortunately, this is the headache     you to read on. My sincere thanks go to
ticipation in our quest to rejuvenate      that the executive faces every year. With re-    Paul Campbell, Megan Angus, and Ja-
McGill Crew.                               gard to boats, we have entreatied several        mie Paterson for getting this project go-
   To all who have supported us with       other universities (namely, the Ivies), but to   ing. Enjoy!

Novice Women: Seeds for the Future
Rob McDowall                               portunity to coach a pool of very talented and   cohesive crew that pushed each other
  McGill’s Novice Women’s pro-             strong athletes of the likes of which McGill     through the fall. As the season pro-
gram has always been a great source        Crew has not seen in several years. Going on     gressed, both boats performed similarly
of athletes for the varsity programs,      recommendations from National Team and           at all regattas, however we never suc-
and even sometimes further on down         ex-MURC members Alison Korn and Henry            ceeded in securing a victory against all
the road, Olympic programs (cf. To-        Hering, we decided to keep the rowers as         the other universities. Plagued by equip-
sha Tsang and Alison Korn). The Fall       flexible as possible by switching their sides    ment problems and the occasional crab,
1999 season was no exception. Em-          and places in the boat throughout the season.    some were skeptical of an OU victory.
mett Kelly and I had the unique op-        The result was an extremely adaptable and                              (Continued on page 2)

 McGill-Queen’s Challenge Boatrace April 30, 2000, Laval Rowing Club
Page 2                                                                                                                        theWave

 Editorial                                       As I mentioned to several of you by
                                              email, this publication is for you. As
                                                                                              Friends of McGill Rowing for the pub-
                                                                                              lication of the Wave, with the occa-
    Just like the tide that pulls away,       such, unless you wish to be subjected to        sional beer-and-pizza for the hard-
 seemingly gone, the Wave always              my one-sided, jaded-but-rose-tinted ver-        working staff. Just kidding, we don’t
 comes crashing back onto your shore.         sion of the MURC past and present (and          need pizza. Seriously though, we’ve
 And so, with a nod to Tremain, O’Con-        believe me, I’ve got lots to say), I beseech    drained the executive’s coffers to pub-
 nor, Crombie, and others, we bring the       you to let us know what you want this           lish this issue, so it will be the last
 McGill University Rowing Club news-          forum to be. Please send in stories, ideas,     without external funding. Please ear-
 letter out of hiatus and into your mail-     anecdotes, photos and personal updates.         mark your cheques FMR/Wave and we
 boxes. First, I’d like to thank the staff    Other alumni want to know what you’re           will use the money to produce a larger
 of this reborn publication, Jamie Pater-     up to, they have told us so. Thanks go out      Wave in which we can add photos,
 son and Megan Angus, for their efforts       to those who have already submitted             alumnotes and more features.
 and patience with me and my stories          ideas; they are now in the works for fu-           For those on the Internet, the MURC
 about the good old days and how it used      ture issues.                                    website has been completely rebuilt,
 to be. Second, kudos to the executive           Ah, future issues…that brings up my          thanks to fabulous efforts of ALC Web
 for supporting this endeavor, even if        next point. Originally, we had planned to       Design. We’re pretty pleased with the
 most are too new to know what it is that     make this an electronic publication,            new look; check it out at http://www.
 they’re supporting. Case in point, at the    mainly because of the costs of printing The alumni
 last AGM, someone had come across a          and mailing. However, we don’t have             website will shortly be going through
 mention of the Wave in the constitution,     email addresses for the vast majority of        its own overhaul and to reiterate – we
 when it was asked, “What’s the Wave?”        our alumni (please keep sending them in,        need photos!
 I piped in from the back row (my usual       though), and the file size of this rag is 7.5      Enough of my ramblings (it’s good
 seat at such functions) that it was the      Mb (Kill Microsoft! Sorry, was that out         to be Editor), on with the show. The
 Crew newsletter to help keep us linked       loud?). Not wanting to cut anybody off,         next edition is planned for midsummer,
 to the alumni. “It hasn’t been printed in    we agreed to publish the Wave in its tradi-     and features on the drawing board in-
 a while,” somebody said, rather dismiss-     tional format. This is where he asks for        clude revisiting the birth and rebirth of
 ively. “Well it should!” I retorted.         the cash, you say. Clever group, I say.         MURC and Olympic/National team
 Well, those three words sealed my fate,      We are reimplementing a voluntary $25           profiles. I hope you enjoy our work so
 and here we are.                             membership/subscription fee to the              far.

 Novice Women (Continued from page 1)         Women set out to execute their race plan.        “...10 meters from the finish
 Two weeks before the final race, Em-         Everything was going like clockwork, we
 mett and I decided it was time to put the    got ahead off the start, built a lead to the       line, a crab stops the boat
 faster rowers in one boat and make           500, powered through after the 1000 to
 McGill’s bid for an OU victory. The          dominate the race and continued to push
 novice women’s category at this year         the other crews back. With a spectacular
 OUA Final hosted an impressive 32            lead, it looked like it was all over for ri-    members as the officials announced:
 boats. In the heat, the A-Boat, stroked      vals Trent when 10 meters from the finish       "Western: Third, Trent: Second, ....
 by powerhouse and Novice Women               line, a crab stops the boat dead in its lane    McGill: First". In my 6 years with
 MVP Lyn Mihailovich, cruised to a            and turns it 45 degrees to the line. Gath-      McGill Crew, never before have I wit-
 commanding 19 second victory over            ered and composed, the women rowed              nessed the victory of one boat being
 second place. The B-Boat rowed their         their shell across the line. Two consecu-       felt and celebrated by all 18 athletes
 best race of the season but were just shy    tive beeps were heard, one for Trent and        alike. If the Fall 1999 season is any-
 of qualifying for the final. In the after-   one for McGill. What had seemed as a            thing to go by, McGill Crew women’s
 noon, from the starting gun, the Novice      disaster turned to ecstasy for all 18 crew      future is looking good.

          McGill University Rowing Club                   The Wave is published every once in a while by the McGill University
             President        Damien Jinks                  Rowing Club with assistance from the Friends of McGill Rowing.
   V-P Communications         Jonathan Albright                         Not responsible for lost or stolen articles
         V-P, External        Kate Gorsline                                      Editor: Paul Campbell
      V-P, Fundraising        Gerald Sheehan                           Layout: Megan Angus and Jamie Paterson
          V-P, Internal       Alain Goubau                  Comments and Suggestions may be sent to the following address:
              Manager         Isobel Reed                                        The Wave c/o MURC
             Secretary        Lindsay Darling                       475 Pine Avenue West, Montreal, QC H2W 1S4
             Treasurer        Nick Seaton                                         Ph: (514) 288-3788
Volume VII Issue 1                                                                                                         Page 3

 Paul Campbell                               and crew captain of the McGill Rowing       Association (1948-60, 1964-73), Lorne
      This section will be dedicated to      Club, participant in the 1930 British Em-   Gales sought to link the resources of
 past members of MURC who exem-              pire Games, member of the Athletic          the many alumni to the needs of the
 plify the wide range of individuals who     Board, and president of the Student Ex-     current student body. In this way, he
 have been drawn to McGill rowing,           ecutive Council. Well-rounded certainly     hoped that the variety of life outside
 and have gone on to succeed in their        seems to be a feeble description.           essays and exams that he had enjoyed
 lives, on or off the water. In this issue       While embarking on the practice of      as a student would continue to flourish.
 of The Wave, we focus on an individ-        law, Lorne Gales was elected vice-          Remembering his oarman experience,
 ual who gave much of his life to the        president of the Montreal Junior Board      Gales was integral in the rebirth of in-
 service of McGill: D. Lorne Gales.          of Trade, and 1st secretary of the McGill   tercollegiate rowing at McGill in the
      Born in 1911 in Montreal, Lorne        Associates. After World War II, in          1970s.
 Gales attended the prestigious Lower        which he served with the Royal Montreal         For his alumni efforts, Gales was
 Canada College before entering into         Regiment and rose to the rank of Staff      awarded the Graduates’ Society Gold
 McGill’s halls in 1928. He graduated        Captain with the Canadian Armoured          Medal Award for Distinguished Ser-
 with a B.A. in 1932, followed by a B.       Corps, Gales returned to his association    vice on behalf of the University. At
 C.L. in ’35, yet those degrees listed on    with McGill. Hired as Field Secretary       the convocation ceremony of 1979,
 his transcripts are but a shadow of the     for the Graduates’ Society, his mandate     McGill University bestowed upon D.
 riches of McGill life that Lorne Gales      was to reorganize and develop alumni        Lorne Gales the degree of Doctor of
 filled his student days with. Arts, ath-    branches. About his career switch from      Laws, honoris causa.
 letics, and accountability would be a       law to alumni relations and extracting          Today, MURC remembers the man
 more accurate description of Gales’         funds from his fellow graduates, Gales      and the spirit each spring, when the D.
 talents: vice-president of the Players’     claimed,” Certainly it is not very much     Lorne Gales Challenge Cup is awarded
 Club and business manager of the Red        more parasitical than law. In any event,    to the overall champion of the McGill-
 & White Revue, president of his frater-     I am happier by far now.”                   Queen’s Challenge Boatrace.
 nity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, president            As Executive Director of the Alumni

 Megan Angus                                 The McGill Crew team consisted
      This year’s turnout at the annual      of Doug Vandor, James Reid
 Pergatory was terrific thanks to an or-     (both heavy men), Melanie
 ganized executive and especially VP         Goodday and Lyn Mihailovich            Category         Name             Time
 Fundraiser, Gerald Sheehan.                 (both novice women). Everyone
                                                                                  Novice             Lyn                07:23.7
      Pergatory is a required 2000m erg      was a bit nervous when they saw
                                                                                  Women           Mihailovich
 test for McGill rowing athletes hoping      the swim team practicing, but the
 to make the spring boats.                   rowers were confident that with      Novice Men         Jamie              06:59.3
      This year the event had a little       their supreme talent they would                        Paterson
 twist. Through the ingenuity of the ex-     prevail; and of course, the row-
 ecutive, other teams and even everyday      ing team came through strong.        Varsity            Kate               07:47.0
 students were invited to take their turn        The following are the top        Women             Gorsline
 on “the beast” – for a small fee, of        results from the pergatory races:    Varsity Men        Joel               06:12.6
 course. These novices had the opportu-                                                            Warkentin
 nity to do a 1000m race or a 2000m
 relay consisting of 4 people.                                                    Beginner           Robin              03:20.8
      For days before the show, posters                                           Men 1000m          Bruen
 were up all over campus, coxes were
                                                                                  Beginner           Carrie             04:02.1
 phoning their crews, and everywhere
                                                                                  Women              Kuurne
 there was a buzz about who was com-
 ing to try out for the spring season. By
 the day of the event the crew was full                                           Intercolle-     Swim Team             06:39.2
 of energy, to pull their tests and ready                                         giate Relay
 to teach beginners to erg.
      The most exciting race of the day                                           Champion-       McGill Crew           06:25.4
 consisted of the swim team relay squad                                           ship Relay
 against the McGill Crew relay team.
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                                              1999 Season Results
                    M8+      Ltwt    W8+     JV       W8+        W4+       Ltwt       M1X    Ltwt       Novice     Novice    Novice     Novice
                             W8+             W8+                           W4+               W2X        M8+A       M8+B      W8+A       W8+B

  Head of the
Rideau - Ottawa      2nd     2nd              5th     1st        1st                   1st                                     1st       3rd

   Head of the
     Trent -         2nd     2nd              6th     5th                                                2nd         5th       4th       5th

 Brock Invites -
 St. Catherines      5th     4th      6th                        3rd                                                2nd        2nd       3rd

    Capital -        7th     4th     14th                        1st

  Invitational -     1st     2nd      4th                        1st        1st        1st               2nd         5th       5th      DNQ

   Head of the
 Charles - Boston     *      7th

     OUA -
  St Catherines      5th     4th      7th                        2nd        2nd              3rd**        3rd      DNQ         1st      DNQ

     CURC -
  St Catherines      8th                              8th                                     8th

                    * MURC Alumni Mens Lightweight 8+ placed 22nd at The Head of the Charles
                    ** Also competed in Open Women 2X, placed 5th

                                    Queen’s - McGill Challenge Boatrace
Megan Angus                                   three years, on its way to becoming one               “D. Lorne Gales Challenge Cup” is the
  For many of us MURC members, row-           of the most anticipated traditions of the             final award. In the last three years,
ing this summer is key to training for the    team over the years. This year’s event is             McGill has taken home each of these
fall. Well, in order to get the summer of     going to be a great one. All alumni are               awards and we intend on keeping them
to a big bang, MURC will be racing            encouraged to cheer on McGill and par-                here in Montreal this year again.
against Queen’s University rowing team        ticipate in an alumni boat. The actual                   So if you’re feeling the competitive
this April 30.                                races will be held at Laval Rowing Club               blood running through your veins, be at
  That’s right – it’s time for the annual     and each crew will race a sprint and a                the Queen’s-McGill Boatrace. If you’ve
Queen’s – McGill Boatrace. For those of       head race. Everyone is also invited to                got any further questions, do not hesitate
you who are unfamiliar with this excit-       attend the reception held at Tomlinson                to contact us.
ing event, here’s the lowdown: Every          Hall (5:00pm Saturday) followed by din-
spring, one of these two schools, which       ner the night before the races.

have a longstanding rivalry, picks up            Most important, the awards ceremony
their rowing gear and travels down the        is where the truth really comes out:
road to the other school. The teams take      which school is off to the better start for
turns hosting this event every other year.    the summer. The “Challenge Blade” and
This year it’s McGill’s chance to show        the “Challenge Trophy” are presented to
them what we’ve got.                          the winning men’s crew and women’s
  The boatrace has been held for the last     crew respectively. An overall trophy, the

                                                            McGill University Rowing Club
                                                            McGill University
                                                            Sir Arthur Currie Gymnasium
                                                            475 Pine Avenue West
                                                            Montreal, QC, Canada H2W 1S4

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