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Centers_ Tops and Bottoms


									                       Centers: Tops and Bottoms

Directions: Complete each center by doing your best work. Check off each
center when complete. Staple all of your completed work to this checklist.
   Each completed center is worth a raffle ticket at the end of the week.

            Log onto Acuity and review antonyms and author’s purpose.
             Once you log in you will need to click on Study and then
                                 Language Arts.

              Re-read Tops and Bottoms with a partner. When you are
                finished complete the after reading page. You must
           agree/disagree with statements given and explain your choices.
                       Create a Wordle of your spelling words

             Animal Mix-up-Practice using singular possessive nouns by
              creating a fantasy animal then write a description of your

            Listen to the leveled readers on Pearson. The books are listed
           below according to your reading group. Be sure to use your ear
           buds! Then complete the reader response questions at the end
                                      of the book.

                             Green: Growing Vegetables
                                  Yellow: Our Garden
                              Blue: The Magic of Coyote
           Write a friendly letter to bear or rabbit. Tell them someone you
             know (in real life or not) that is just like them. Give at least
            two details on how they are alike. Make sure you proof-read
                              your work before printing!

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