BOX TOPS - CAMPBELL’S LABELS - MILK CAPS
                             “Earning Cash from Trash”

Welcome to the new 2010-2011 school year! My name is Bea Spoerl and I am happy to be
Chairperson again this year for the Corporate Sponsorship Committee.

The Corporate Sponsorship Committee – Boxtop/Campbell’s labels/Milk Caps – collects and
redeems items from companies that contribute money or education items for our schools. Last
year we collected $1,100! With your help we are hoping to meet and beat our goal of $1,500.
Here is some information on how to “earn cash from trash” for your schools.

Check out the school website for lists of products for the Box Tops and Campbell’s labels to help
you spot those valuable items when you do your weekly grocery shopping. Before you throw
your packaging away, look for the Boxtops or labels! Your tiny piece of “trash” could mean cash
for your school!

Each Box Top is worth 10c and there are several items that have bonus Box Tops. Pick and Save
also gives bonus Box Top slips if a particular number of General Mills products is purchased.
This bonus slip will automatically print for you. We will have collections contests for the Box
Tops through out the year so your students will have an opportunity to win prizes such as gift
certificates, grab bags and pizza parties for their class. Box Tops can be clipped and put into
plastic bags with your child’s name, grade and teacher. These should be turned into their teachers
who will coordinate the class collection efforts for the contests. For information on more ways to
earn money through Box Tops for Education, visit their website at

Milk caps can be collected for both Kemps and Golden Guernsey. Please rinse them off with hot
water and collect them in a plastic bag. Each Milk Cap is worth 5c that goes directly to your
schools! Indian Hill has our Cash Cow outside the office and your child can put his bag in the
cow! Maple Dale has a collection jar in the office.

Campbell’s labels add up to points that are used to purchase items for the school. We will be
sending a catalog around to the teachers to start a “wish list” of items and at the end of the year
we will get as many items on the list as we can. If you aren’t sure what to clip, just include the
entire label and our volunteers will handle clipping the part of the label needed for point
collection. Both Indian Hill and Maple Dale have a Campbell’s label bin by the office for drop
off of your labels and these can be collected in plastic bags or loosely.

If you would like to help with the collection or know of any companies that would donate items
for contests, please contact me. We are always looking for new ways to reward the kids for their
hard work in collecting. Thank you again for all of your efforts last year and for helping us to
reach out goal of $1,500 for this year.

Collection Team:
Bea Spoerl Chairperson- for questions or info send an email to
Boxtops Co Chair – Tippy Holz
Campbell Labels Co Chair - Beth Hellman

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