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					                                                                          Gauteng Provincial Championships
Volume 1, Issue 4
                                                         JUNE 2008
                                                                         This year’s Gauteng Provincial Pin Shooting
                                                                         Championships was a resounding success. So
                                                                         say the shottists.
                                                                         Teams from the Free State, Limpopo and Gau-
                                                                         teng were well represented.
                                                                         Results were important, but not all important,
                                                                         with each competitor a winner. Most impor-
                                                                         tantly it was a relatively safe shoot and every-
                                                                         one had great fun.
                                                                         Special thanks has been expressed from GPSA          Pins grow wings as GPSA Chairman Jorge
                                                                                                                               send them flying in the .22 Smith event at

                                                                         Chairman Jorge Goncalves who wrote:
                                                                                                                                Gauteng’s Provincial Champs. Note the
                                                         Mountain News

                                                                         1.    To all that worked and helped: Thanks!               empty cartridge being ejected.
                                                                         2.    To all that came out to shoot: Thanks        It would be inappropriate not to mention
                                                                               for the support. It was a great turn-out.    our gratitude to Jorge Goncalves and
                                                                         Thanks go to the organisers, pin setters, ad-      George Vergos and their team of workers
                                                                         ministrative staff, range officers, timers and     who worked long hours. So too did Mike
                                                                         competitors that traveled from near and far.—      Kuhrau, Percy Deane, Karen Shawe, Ann
                                                                         From the Chairman, GPSA.                           Goncalves, Dries Esterhuize and others.
                                                                                                                            If your name was inadvertantly missed,
                                                                         Clint Niemand van die Vrystaat skryf: ,,Ja,        sorry. Its not intentional and thanks for
                                                                         ons se ook ’n groot dankie aan almal wat be-       your help. The Limpopo team sent down
                                                                         trokke was om die Ope so ’n groot sukses te        equipment as well. Thanks guys. It is ap-
                                                                         gemaak het. Dankie vir die gesindheid en           preciated!
                                                                         goeie sportmanskap. Dit word opreg waar-
                                                                         deer en dit was ’n plesier om saam met jul         Our condolences go to George Vergos
                                                                         deel te kon wees!’’.                               and family for the loss of his sister-in-law
                                                                                                                            just prior to the shoot. After all the hard
                                                                         The Free State and Limpopo teams traded            work, George had the funeral to contend
                                                                         suitcases of lead for a bakkie load of medals.     with. We were with you in spirit, George,
                                                                         Well done! As great hosts, the GPSA guys           and missed your presence.
                                                                         “allowed” you chaps to win… :-)
                                                                                                                            Valuable lessons were learnt from this
                                                                         Other GPSA members wrote:                          invitational shoot. Together with the
                                                                         “Thanks. Excellently organized.” - Leon            other provinces we hope to implement
                                                                         Stander.                                           these into our future competitions.
                                                                         “Thanks for wonderful competition.” - Mike         All comments, both positive and nega-
                                                                         Mun.                                               tive, are welcome so we can improve on
                                                                                                                            our standards. Well done all!
                                                                         Mike Kuhrau dra by: ,,Ek moet aan almal
                                                                         dankie se. Dit was werklik ’n voorreg en die
                                                                         mees suksesvol van alle voorige kampioen-
                                                                         The Limpopo contingent, lead by Tinus
                                                                         Botha, were also full of praise. From us all at
                                                                         GPSA, thanks for the opportunity to host you.
                                                                                                                            Fire and brimstone! Note the powder-flash
                                                                         We trust the memories remain with you for                     around the cylinder.
GUN OWNER’S PARADISE... Don’t you wish you lived here?
Submitted by Len Webb
Some guys have all the luck...                               and choose the battles she takes on,” said Senate Judici-
Topeka, USA. — Kansans will be able to own machine           ary Committee Chairman John Vratil, a Leawood Re-
guns, other fully automatic weapons, sawed-off shot-         publican who opposed the measure.
guns and silencers starting July 1, 2008.                    In announcing her action, Sebelius didn’t elaborate on
Governor Kathleen Sebelius signed a bill Monday, April       her reasons for signing the bill. Her past actions on gun
21 to legalize the possession of such weapons. The state     issues had raised questions about whether she would.
banned owning machine guns in 1933, but some legisla-        In 2006, she vetoed a bill allowing qualified Kansans to
tors said a change was necessary because legal questions     carry concealed handguns, only to see the Legislature
threaten to keep dealers from delivering weapons to law      override her. Last year, she rejected a bill preventing
enforcement agencies.                                        local governments from imposing additional restrictions
Supporters believe the bill will benefit mostly collectors   on concealed guns, and legislators once again nullified
because machine guns typically cost at least $20,000.        her veto.
Also, anyone wanting to own such weapons must un-            But spokeswoman Nicole Corcoran said Sebelius didn’t
dergo two federal background checks.                         receive numerous calls from law enforcement officers
“I can’t even afford them,” said Senator Phil Journey, a     asking her to veto this year’s measure, as she did with
Haysville Republican who is a strong gun-rights advo-        the concealed carry bill two years ago.
cate and championed the bill. “There may be some very        “Governor Sebelius carefully reviewed this bill, which
happy collectors who have significant disposable in-         is similar to the laws of 30 other states that require com-
come.”                                                       pliance with extensive federal guidelines,” Corcoran
The bill had bipartisan support among legislators and        said.
passed both chambers with more than the two-thirds ma-       Those federal guidelines not only will require two back-
jorities necessary to override a veto.                       ground checks, but also the approval of a prospective
“I suspect that the governor knows that it’s not good        gun owner’s local sheriff or police chief.
public policy for the state of Kansas, but she has to pick   Don’t you wish you lived here? - Len Webb.

Ever been scared?                                            Best store in the world….
Ever been scared of loosing your firearm? This               Merely going shopping is a daunting task. For one,
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                                                             swipe when making a purchase. Men are more ma-
It may, however, be slightly inconvenient to draw
                                                             cho. This shows in the choice of plastic they use to
your weapon. Or even to fire it. At least there’s no
                                                             carry their purchases in… ☺
chance of a misfire! ☺

         Page 2                                                                           MOUNTAIN NEWS
 Member News:
 OBITUARIES                                           Calendar June—October 2008
                                                         Date               EVENT                          Duty Range Officer
                                                      01 June    MTSC CLUB SHOOT                           Jorge & George
                                                      22 June    PIN 1: 9 Pin, Stock Pistol, Pin Pistol    Jorge Goncalves
                                                      06 July    Revolver Competition                      Cas & Jorge
 Our sincere condolences to friends and relatives
 of the Late Martin “Loutjie” Loubser who passed      20 July    PIN 2: .22 Smith, Pin Revolver, Stock     Len Webb
 away recently. He was lovingly referred to as                   Revolver
 “Loutjie” by those who knew him, and suc-
 cumbed to a loosing battle with sugar, which left    03 Aug     3 GUN CHALLENGE                           Cas, Jorge, Leon, &
 him blind.                                                                                                Wim
 To his devoted mate, Krappies, and his daughter
 we extend our sincere condolences.                   17 Aug     PIN A: .22 Rim Rifle, Light Rifle &       Jorge & George
 Loutjie will be remembered by us in the legacy
 that he was personally built: the present shooting   07 Sept    MTSC CLUB SHOOT                           Dries & Jurgen
 facility at the Cecil Payne range in Roodepoort.
 He physically lifted sandbags and moved earth to     21 Sept    PIN 1: 9 Pin, Stock Pistol, Pin Pistol    Len Webb
 create what we enjoy today.
                                                      05 Oct     MTSC CLUB SHOOT                           Jorge & George
 Loutjie was also a stalwart of the Mountain Tac-
 tical Shooting Club and was an excellent marks-
                                                      19 Oct     PIN 2: .22 Rim Rifle, Light Rifle &       Jorge & George
 Martin                                               25 Oct &                                             All Range Officers
                                                                 S A NATIONAL PIN CHAMPION-
 “Loutjie”                                            26 Oct     SHIPS. Event will be run by the Free      and Safety Officers
 Loubser:                                                        State, and hosted by Gauteng              are on duty
 We salute
                                                                        RED HOT Barbie
 Rest In
 Peace.                                                  We express our sincere gratitude to George Vergos
                                                         for his generous donation of a stainless steel barbe-
                                                         que stand. This will have pride of place when next
                                                         we entertain. George built this sturdy contraption
                                                         himself and donated it to the Club for members’ use.

            GPSA Golf Shirts On Order
 Gauteng members can purchase                                                       If you book early, your name and club
 their very own Team GPSA golf                                                      membership number can be embroi-
 shirts. These shirts will be avail-                                                dered on the front. Please give your size
 able for a limited period. We                                                      and quantity as soon as possible so you
 have to place a minimum quan-                                                      too can look great! We advise that you
 tity and pay cash up-front. The                                                    buy at least two shirts so that you have
 first two orders were snapped up                                                   one spare, especially for two-day events
 and sold out quickly.                                                              such as Provincial championships.
 We are making these collector’s
                                                                                    Contact Mike Kuhrau now to place
 pieces available to Club mem-
 bers again at absolute cost.                                                       your order.

V O L U M E 1 , I SSU E 4                                                                                             Page 3
Results Pages
           9 PIN TIP-OVER                                       .22 Rifle - Semi Auto
 Pos.— Shottist Name         Ave Score           Pos—Shottist Name              Average Score
 1. Leon Stander             8.36                1. Eddie Petersen              42.265
 2. Tinus Botha              8.69                2. Karen Shawe                 43.490
 3. Aliwin Fleischman        9.16                3. Tinus Botha                 86.095
 4. Leonard Webb             9.31                4. Jorge Goncalves             87.515
 5. Deon de Bruin            9.42
 6. Clint Niemand            10.47                                    .22 SMITH
 7. Karen Shawe              11.14
 8. Wim Lambrecht            11.18                Pos—Shottist Name             Average Score
 9. Danny Muller             11.30                1. Leon Stander               6.593
 10. Tony Baia               11.89                2. Danny Muller               7.303
 11. Joao Morais             12.33                3. Marita Botha               7.733
 12. Eddie Petersen          13.44                4. Dawie Oosthuizen           8.793
 13. Mike Mun                13.56                5. Deon de Bruin              8.903
 14. Mike Kuhrau             13.90                6. Aliwin Fleischman          9.010
 15. David Knox              14.16                7. Tinus Botha                9.213
 16. Dawie Oosthuizen        14.55                8. Tony Baia                  9.463
 17. Andrew Terzona          15.16                9. Mike Kuhrau                10.163
 18. William Knox            15.92                10. Frederic T van Zuydam     11.136
 19. Jorge Goncalves         16.31                11. Jan Oosthuizen            11.633
 20. Gill Marshall           17.53                12. Clint Niemand             12.446
 21. Frederic T van Zuydam   18.60                13. Leonard Webb              12.540
 22. Kenith Boomgard         20.83                14. Mahmood Cassim            13.923
 23. Kevin Wing              26.76                15. Kenith Boomgard           14.843
 24. Cynthia Wing            27.02                16. Percy Deane               16.133
 25. Wilna Muller            31.00                17. Bryan Meyer               16.686
 26. Helen Meyer             32.70                18. Eddie Petersen            16.996
 27. Bryan Meyer             33.45                19. Jorge Goncalves           18.033
 28. Jugen Pauli             38.30                20. Andrew Trezona            18.083
 29. Marita Botha            39.17                21. Karen Shawe               18.323
 30. Jan Oosthuizen          40.30                22. David Knox                18.613
 31. Mahmood Cassim          40.81                23. Mike Mun                  19.466
 32. Shipo Miya              48.67                24. Joao Morais               26.880
 33. Percy Deane             ___                  25. Helen Meyer               28.743
 34. Dries Esterhuize        ___                  26. Gill Marshall             31.906
                                                  27. William Knox              39.750
       .22 Rifle - Bolt Action                    28. Kevin Wing                43.290
                                                  29. Shipo Miya                48.000
 Pos—Shottist Name           Score
 1. Aliwin Fleischman        38.78       A Message From the Chair: Special thanks go out to all
 2. Danny Muller             45.35
                                         the GPSA members who attended the Free State Provincial
 3. Dawie Oosthuizen
 4. Deon de Bruin            59.63       Championships held in Harrismith recently. Thanks to our
 5. Bryan Meyer              113.69      hosts, especially to Clint Niemand and his dedicated team, for
 6. Jan Oosthuizen           123.37      a great shoot and warm hospitality.
 7. Marita Botha             146.65      Thanks go to Percy and Cas for ensuring our stomachs didn’t
 8. Helen Meyer              212.03      rumble louder than our firearms…! —Jorge Goncalves.
Results Pages
           PIN GUN                                STOCK GUN                              PIN REVOLVER
Pos—Shottist Name                       Pos—Shottist Name                          Pos—Shottist Name
1. Tinus Botha                          1. Tinus Botha                             1. Andrew Terzona
2. Clint Niemand                        2. David Knox                              2. Aliwin Fleischman
3. Danny Muller                         3. Danny Muller                            3. Clint Niemand
4. Aliwin Fleischman                    4. Karen Shawe                             4. Karen Shawe
5. Deon de Bruin                        5. Clint Niemand                           5. Tony Baia
6. Frederic T van Zuydam                6. Tony Baia                               6. Tinus Botha
7. Karen Shawe                          7. Deon de Bruin                           7. Danny Muller
8. Jorge Goncalves                      8. Aliwin Fleischman                       8. Deon de Bruin
9. David Knox                           9. Andrew Terzona                          9. Frederic T van Zuydam
10. Tony Baia                           10. Frederic T van Zuydam                  10. Gill Marshall
11. Percy Deane                         11. Joao Morais                            11. Mike Mun
12. Leonard Webb                        12. Eddie Petersen                         12. David Knox
13. Andrew Terzona                      13. Helen Meyer                            13. Marita Botha
14. Mike Kuhrau                         14. Mike Kuhrau                            14. William Knox
15. Gill Marshall                       15. Leonard Webb                           15. Mahmood Cassim
16. William Knox                        16. Jorge Goncalves                        16. Leonard Webb
17. Mike Mun                            17. Wim Lambrecht                          17. Helen Meyer
18. Dawie Oosthuizen                    18. Jan Oosthuizen                         18. Dawie Oosthuizen
19. Jan Oosthuizen                      19. Wilna Muller                           19. Jorge Goncalves
20. Bryan Meyer                         20. Gill Marshall                          20. Percy Deane
21. Mahmood Cassim                      21. Marita Botha                           21. Jan Oosthuizen
22. Joao Morais                         22. Mike Mun                               22. Mike Kuhrau
23. Wilna Muller                        23. William Knox                           23. Joao Morais
24. Marita Botha                        24. Dawie Oosthuizen                       24. Bryan Meyer
25. Helen Meyer                         25. Dries Esterhuize                       25. Wilna Muller
26. Jugen Pauli                         26. Kenith Boomgard                        26. Jugen Pauli
27. Wim Lambrecht                       27. Mahmood Cassim                         27. Wim Lambrecht
28. Cynthia Wing                        28. Bryan Meyer                            28. Cynthia Wing
29. Shipo Miya                          29. Kevin Wing                             29. Shipo Miya
30. Dries Esterhuize                    30. Jurgen Pauli                           30. Dries Esterhuize
31. Leon Stander                                                                   31. Leon Stander
32. Kevin Wing                                                                     32. Kevin Wing
33. Kenith Boomgard                                                                33. Kenith Boomgard
34. Eddie Petersen                                                                 34. Eddie Petersen

                                     Official Prize-giving Ceremony
                                      Official Prize-giving Ceremony

                                                                                     L to R: David, Tinus, Karen, Danny & Wim
 L to R: Wim, Tinus, Jorge & Clint
                                         L to R: Dion, Clint, Andrew, Tony & Wim
Results Pages
  STOCK REVOLVER                 SHOTGUN—Semi-Auto                         OVERALL POSITIONS
 Pos—Shottist Name              Pos—Shottist Name                      Final Positions—Shottist Name
 1. Clint Niemand               1. Tinus Botha                         1. Tinus Botha
 2. Karen Shawe                 2. Karen Shawe                         2. Clint Niemand
 3. Danny Muller                3. David Knox                          3. Aliwin Fleischman
 4. Tinus Botha                 4. Marita Botha                        4. Danny Muller
 5. Andrew Terzona              5. Bryan Meyer                         5. Karen Shawe
 6. Aliwin Fleischman           6. Deon de Bruin                       6. Deon de Bruin
 7. Frederic T van Zuydam       7. William Knox                        7. Andrew Trezona
 8. Gill Marshall               8. Percy Deane                         8. Tony Baia
 9. Marita Botha                9. Dawie Oosthuizen                    9. David Knox
 10. Deon de Bruin              10. Jan Oosthuizen                     10. Frederic T van Zuydam
 11. David Knox                 11. Helen Meyer                        11. Leonard Webb
 12. Mike Kuhrau                                                       12. Gill Marshall
 13. Tony Baia                  SHOTGUN—Pump Action                    13. Mike Kuhrau
 14. Leonard Webb                                                      14. Jorge Goncalves
 15. Dawie Oosthuizen           Pos—Shottist Name                      15. Mike Mun
 16. Jorge Goncalves            1. Aliwin Fleischman                   16. Joao Morais
 17. Mike Mun                   2. Jorge Goncalves                     17. Dawie Oosthuizen
 18. Jan Oosthuizen             3. Clint Niemand                       18. William Knox
 19. Percy Deane                4. Wim Lambrecht                       19. Marita Botha
 20. Helen Meyer                5. Kenith Boomgard                     20. Helen Meyer
 21. Mahmood Cassim             6. Mike Mun                            21. Jan Oosthuizen
 22. Joao Morais                7. Tony Baia                           22. Wilna Muller
 23. William Knox               8. Gill Marshall                       23. Mahmood Cassim
 24. Kevin Wing                                                        24. Bryan Meyer
 25. Bryan Meyer                    .223 LIGHT RIFLE                   25. Percy Deane
 26. Wilna Muller               Pos—Shottist Name                      26. Jugen Pauli
 27. Jugen Pauli                1. Aliwin Fleischman                   27. Wim Lambrecht
 28. Kenith Boomgard            2. Marita Botha                        28. Eddie Petersen
 29. Cynthia Wing               3. Dawie Oosthuizen                    29. Leon Stander
 30. Wim Lambrecht              4. Mahmood Cassim                      30. Kenith Boomgard
 31. Shipo Miya                 Note: List inconclusive as             31. Kevin Wing
 32. Dries Esterhuize           many shottist scored DNF.              32. Cynthia Wing
 33. Leon Stander               List includes only those who           33. Dries Esterhuize
 34. Eddie Petersen             completed full rounds with             34. Shipo Miya
                                no pins left standing.

                             Official Prize-giving Ceremony

                        Limpopo’s Tinus Botha          Free State’s Clint Niemand
    Jorge & Ann                                                                        Wim Lambrecht
MTSC May Club Shoot
                                                         Contact Us…
                                                        Readers are urged to speak their mind. Share your
Mike Kuhrau, Jurgen Pauli and Wim Lambrechts ran a      thoughts with fellow shottist regarding our sport and
simple yet enjoyable MTSC Club Shoot in May this        shooting related matters. Send an e-mail or letter
year. The results were as follows:                      and we’ll try to include this in a future publication.
1)      Glenn PAULI (150 points) * Won in shootout
=)      Joao MARAIS (150 points)                        E-mails can be sent to:
3)      Niko W. MIN (120 points)                        Chairman:
4)      Tony BAIA (115 points)                          Jorge Goncalves -
5)      Mike MUN (110 points)                           Vice Chairman & Editor of Mountain News:
=)      George VERGOS (110 points)                      Mahmood Cassim -
7)      Mahmood CASSIM (80 points)                      Treasurer:
8)      Yvette BAIA (50 points)                         Mike Kuhrau -
9)      Mike KUHRAU (35 points)                         Secretary:
10)     Louis (33 points)                               Len Webb -
11)     Sepp EBERL (21 points)                          To continue receiving our newsletter please ensure
12)     Jurgen PAULI (15 points).                       your e-mail address is current, or submit a new ad-
Well done Wim Lambrechts who devised the shoot! ☺       dress if your would like to add people to our mailing
                                                        list. We look forward to hearing from you.
GPSA Provincial Championships                                            The Powder Keg C.C.
Team Scores
                                                                                For all your hunting
Free State should have been clear winners of the                              and re-loading equipment
Team event but since they only fielded three shottist                    DR. LUCAS POTGIETER
instead of the four each team is allowed, they lost
out (sorry, guys!). The results were as follows:                        Eco-Africa Safaris C.C.
1)                                                                            Tel: 011 472 1720 / 1 / 2

                                         E …
                                 !     BL
                            Y… ILA RESS r
                      SO NAV TO lves f
                                       P   o            Last Laugh….
                       S U NG nca
                     LT     OI      Go                  If you re-arrange the letters of “GAUTENG” you
                 ESU OF G orge
               R    E     ct J info                     will have the phrase
                TIM conta                               “GET A GUN”
             AT ease

Member NEWS
Hi Guys! Won’t be there for the GPSA Champs. Have to
attend a funeral. Louise’s grand mother passed away.—
P.S. Did you read my article in Magnum (end March to
April issue) about loading for 44 Magnums? Regards.
To: Dave, Louise and family. From us all at GPSA:
Please accept our sincere condolences.

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