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                                                         Kelkiewyn Nuusbrief
                                                           December 2003

                      Style of wine

                                          Our wines are renowned for their healthy
                                          colours and distinctive aromatic and
                                          flavour properties, all of which are
                                          inherited from the prevailing terroir
                                          conditions, enhanced by avant garde
                                          cellar technology. Great emphasis is
                                          placed on delivering complex, fruit-driven
                                          wines, immediately accessible, easily
                                          drinkable, and consumer friendly. Within every portfolio of wines there
                      are some variants which can also be bottle matured for varying periods of time. In
                      addition, oak treatment is at times employed through stave and/or barrel wood application
                      to add judiciously to the flavour personality of the selected wines.

                      Fotograaf: Dr. Tinus van Niekerk

                      WOW! Factors

                      We produce and market quality value for money wines, originating from a
                      mesmerising terroir diversity; we maintain consistency of wine style; and also
                                                                        ensure continuity of stock
                                                                        supply. In addition we offer
                                                                        special wines in meaningful
                                                                        quantities, including reserve
                                                                        and single vineyard wines.

                      Fotograaf: Dr. Tinus van Niekerk


                      The "Great" Gariep, or Orange River, the largest
                      and longest river in South Africa, supported by an
                      elaborate canal system which snakes through the
                      countryside for a distance of 520 kilometres,
                      provides water for vineyard irrigation purposes
                      throughout the year. Altogether, 4500 hectares of
                      vineyards, both for wine and grape juice
                      production purposes, are under irrigation. The
                      most prominent wine grape cultivars are colombar, chenin blanc, chardonnay, ruby
                      cabernet, pinotage, merlot, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, red and white muscadel and

                      Fotograaf: Dr. Tinus van Niekerk

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                      The more than 700 different wine grape pro-ducing proper-ties create terroir conditions
                      which provide the resulting wine with an indelible imprint of the total environment from
                                                 whence it originates. As a result the wines from the various
                                                 cellar sub-appellations and individual vineyard properties
                                                 differ significantly, with each winery delivering products that
                                                 inimitably reflect the terroir peculiarities of its immediate
                                                 environment. Hence the mesmerising diversity in style and
                                                 complexity of the wines. In the end, though, the secret lies in
                                                 hours and days of imaginatively blending the wines from the
                                                 different cellars to create the true masterpieces.

                      Fotograaf: Dr. Tinus van Niekerk

                      OWK se 3 "Tenore"

                      Oranjerivierwynkelders het nou ook drie van die “groot variëteite” nl: Chardonnay,
                      Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz.

                      Die Cabernet Sauvignon is reeds ‘n groot sukses ,
                      aangesien die wyn, berei deur wynmaker Alecia
                      Hamman, twee toekennings verwerf het nl. by die
                      Country Cellars Wynmakers-kompetisie en die SA

                      Die Chardonnay is effens gehout en belowe om ‘n
                      treffer saam met enige pasta- of kaasgereg te

                      Die Shiraz, ‘n diep pers, medium tot swaar wyn,
                      met viooltjies en vrugtekoek aromas & geure, is
                      perfek in balans. Dié wyn is geskik vir kaas- en
                      pluimveedisse en ideaal saam met die

                      Export Wines

                      On 2 November, six containers of wines were shipped from the port of Cape Town to
                      Japan. These wines, five containers Enchantment bag-in-box products from Oranjerivier
                      Wine Cellars, and one container of Wozani Chardonnay, were exported by Monteagle
                      Wines. This is the second shipment of Enchantment wines, earmarked for the Christmas
                      season in Japan.

                      Next in line will be exporting a range of Wozani wines, some generic and others cultivar
                      wines. These will be exported primarily to markets within the European Union.

                      Tinus van Niekerk

                      Landswye verspreiding: 'n Lank gekoesterde ideaal!

                      Die afgelope twee jaar is baie tyd spandeer om Oranjerivierwynkelders se verspreiding
                      infra-struktuur uit te brei en sodoende alle gebiede in die RSA en Namibia sinvol en
                      koste-effektief te bedien. Met nog enkele haakplekke hier en daar, kan ons tog sê dat ons
                      vordering maak.

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                      Die afgelope jaar is verspreidingsagentskappe geopen in Polokwane (Pietersburg) en
                      Middelburg (Mpumalanga), terwyl die verspreidingsdepots in Randburg en Vandebijlpark
                      saamgevoeg is tot een reusagtige depot in Randburg. Groot is die opgewondenheid ook
                      oor die opening van ‘n verspreidingspunt in die Wes-Kaap wat ‘n uitdaging aan die
                      bemarkingsafdeling stel.

                      Verspreidingspunte waarborg geen sukses nie. Wat wel sukses bewerkstellig, is
                      toegewyde verteenwoordigers wat glo aan die produk wat hul bemark en bereid is om
                      alles in die stryd te werp om die produk te bevorder. Oranjerivierwynkelders beskik beslis
                      oor so ‘n bemarkingspan!

                      Koos Visser

                      Drie verspreidingspunte open

                                                                            Galewil Liquor Distributors
                              Donna Thomas & Mark Allison                            Nelspruit
                                      Randburg                                   013-7532640

                             NAEMO Distributors Middelburg

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                      Editor of Wine Magazine, Fiona McDonald, visits Oranjeriver Wine Cellars

                      Fiona McDonald, Editor of Wine Magazine, visited Oranjerivier Wine Cellars (ORWC)
                      during the early part of September for a period of three days. Fiona is also one of the wine
                      judges of the annual Country Cellars Winemakers Competition.

                      During the three days, Fiona visited the five Wine Cellars and had tastings and
                      discussions with all the winemakers. Matthee van Schalkwyk and Koos Visser also
                      participated, Dirk Malan joined in, and so did
                      Gert Visser. Fiona is a sprightly person and a
                      real news junkie with a delightful sense of
                      humour. She has an insatiable thirst for wine
                      knowledge and in this regard showed
                      particular interest in the progress with the
                      production of wines from selected single
                      vineyards. The terroir diversity and the
                      promise of good wines from these selected
                      pockets of land particularly interested her.

                      Bolla Louw arranged for a morning tasting in the Duiwelsnek vineyard where the vines
                      were just showing the first budding signs. Deon Truter took us through a selection of the
                      Keimoes wines right on the banks of the Orange River, whilst Chris Venter and Danie
                      Vollgraaff offered some of their single vineyard wines during a braai at Sanddraai. Fiona
                      admitted that savouring good wines in the shade of a camelthorn tree, with Shiraz vines
                      all around, was a first for her!

                      The wines assessed with Fiona during her visit were representative of the entire spectrum
                      of ORWC types and styles. She was impressed with a number of wines and along the line
                      she and all of us, enjoyed more than one glass of some Kakamas Colombard, Keimoes
                      Chenin Blanc, Upington Cabernet Sauvignon and the red wines from Grootdrink and
                      Groblershoop, especially so Ruby Cabernet and Shiraz. Not to mention the River’s Tale
                      red blend which was a true favourite...

                      Tinus van Niekerk
                      2003 Country Cellars Competition

                      For the winemakers of Oranjeriver Wine Cellars

                                                                           The final event of the annual Country
                                                                           Cellars Competition for the
                                                                           Winemakers of Oranjerivier Wine
                                                                           Cellars (ORWC) took place in
                                                                           Upington on the 3rd of August. During
                                                                           this dinner occasion, which was
                                                                           attended by representatives of all the
                                                                           sponsoring bodies, the merit awards
                                                                           were handed out, and each of the
                                                                           wine judges commented on the
                                                                           quality of the various wine categories.
                                                                           This year all the wines, which
                                                                           qualified for the final tasting round,
                                                                           were available at the dinner enabling
                      the guests to also enjoy these masterpieces.

                      Ray Edwards, on behalf of the SPAR Group of South Africa, (main sponsor) mentioned
                      the astounding success of this competition, the significant improvement in the quality of all
                      the wines, and the wonderful business relationship which has been established between

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                      SPAR and ORWC. He commended the winemakers and their assistants, and also paid
                      special tribute to the grape farmers without whose dedication and endeavour to deliver
                      quality grapes, no good wines can be made. In this regard Ray said: “It has become
                      evident from the final tasting results of the 2003 Competition, that the wine grapes
                      delivered from single vineyards, and the resultant wines, are making a meaningful
                      contribution to uplifting the quality and status of the wines from ORWC.”

                      This year’s winning wine is a Ruby Cabernet from Groblershoop. The winemaker is Chris
                      Venter and the single vineyard block belongs to Mr Kerneels Nortjé who is also a member
                      of the Board of Directors. The red wines from all the wineries particular attracted
                      attention, with Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon causing a stir amongst wine judges and
                      dinner guests alike. There was also consensus that the improvement in quality from the
                      2002 to the 2003 wines has been phenomenal. We just cannot wait to savour the 2004
                      This year’s competition winners in the different categories were:

                      1. Best white cultivar
                      Chardonnay from Keimoes Wine Cellar
                      Winemaker: Deon Truter
                      Producers: Dirk Malan and Albert Brink

                      2. Best white blend
                      Chenin Blanc/Colombard blend from
                      Upington Wine Cellar
                      Winemaker: Johan Esterhuizen with Assistant Winemaker Jopie Faul

                      3. Best red cultivar
                      Chardonnay from Groblershoop Wine Cellar
                      Winemaker: Chris Venter
                      Producer: Kerneels Nortjé (Single vineyard)

                      4. Best red blend
                      Pinotage/Ruby Cabernet/Shiraz blend from
                      Groblershoop Wine Cellar
                      Winemaker: Chris Venter

                      5. Best innovative wine
                      Alsace Style Muscadel from Groblershoop Wine Cellar
                      Assistant Winemaker: George Kruger
                      Producer: Abé Malan of Gannaput farms
                      (Single Vineyard)

                      6. Muscadel classical style
                      Red Muscadel from Upington Wine Cellar
                      Winemaker: Johan Esterhuizen
                      Producer: W Kennedy (Single Vineyard)

                      7. Champion Assistant Winemaker
                      Alecia Hamman of Upington Wine Cellar
                      Cultivar: Cabernet Sauvignon
                      Producer: Handré van Wyk (Single Vineyard)
                      8. Champion Winemaker of 2003
                      Chris Venter of Groblershoop Wine Cellar
                      Cultivar: Ruby Cabernet
                      Producer: Kerneels Nortjé (Single Vineyard)

                      9. Winning single vineyard producer
                      Producer: Kerneels Nortjé from the farm ‘Uitsig’.

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                      Cultivar: Ruby Cabernet
                      Winemaker: Chris Venter

                      10. Runner-up single vineyard producer
                      Cultivar: Cabernet Sauvignon
                      Producer: Handré van Wyk
                      Assistant Winemaker: Alecia Hamman

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