Electronic Cigarettes - Benefits of E-Cigarettes by aihaozhe2


									With the prices of cigarettes on the rise, people are looking for other alternatives to
get their nicotine fix. If you or someone you know have tried everything to quit
smoking, you know just how powerful the nicotine can be. I bet you have tried
everything from gum to patches to you name it, you've tried it. Until today there really
hasn't been a viable alternative that helps you stop smoking or just get your nicotine
fix in a safer way. The advancements in micro technology have made it possible for
the development of one of the most revolutionary products of this decade. The
electronic cigarette is rapidly becoming popular throughout the world and thousands
of people each day are switching to this product.

So what is an electronic cigarette? An electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette or electric
cigarette) is a smoking alternative that is comprised of 3 parts, an atomizer, a battery,
and a nicotine cartridge. The three components work together to give a smoker the
realistic sensation that they are smoking, but in fact no smoke is emitted at all. When
a user inhales on the end of the electronic cigarette just as they would a traditional
tobacco smoke, the battery is then activated. The battery activates the atomizer which
then heats up the nicotine solution into vapor form. The nicotine vapor is then inhaled
into the mouth of the user. Think of it as like a mini fog machine. Once the vapor is
inside of the users mouth, it gives them a hit that is very similar to regular tobacco
smoking. Because the vapor contains nicotine, it gives them the same feeling as a
normal cigarette. Although it does contain nicotine, it does not have all of the
thousands of other deadly chemicals that are present in traditional tobacco smokes.

Electronic cigarettes are also available with medium nicotine levels, low nicotine, and
zero nicotine. This makes it easier for a person to bridge the gap from smoking a lot
of cigarettes to smoking none at all. It is common for people to purchase an electronic
cigarette and use the high nicotine level then slowly work their way down to using
zero nicotine at all. The extreme similarities of electronic cigarettes to regular smokes
are what is making this product extremely popular in the smoking community. There
are many other benefits that using an electronic cigarette have too.

You can use an electronic cigarette whenever and wherever you want. Since the
regulations and laws in the United States only restrict products that contain tobacco,
you can use it at your discretion since the electronic cigarette contains no tobacco at
all. You can also save a lot of money every year. If you smoke a pack of regular
cigarettes a day, you could easily spend over $1,500 a year. Electronic cigarettes are
75 percent cheaper to operate because the price of the equivalent amount of "puff"
from an electronic cigarette is much cheaper than regular cigarettes. Keep an eye out
for electronic cigarettes because they are quickly taking over the world.

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