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Mergers & Acquisitions

INTRODUCTION: this is a guide to Portal databases and web sites that give you access to
mergers and acquisitions information.
NOTE: Recent research published in Online (Nov/Dec 2005)* suggests that the deal coverage
of all products is deficient. To obtain a full list of deals involving a particular company you
should search at least two products from this list i.e. SDC Platinum AND Capital IQ. In all
databases there are problems associated with the indexing of industries, deal value and
acquisition technique.

                   Portal databases

   1) Thomson Deals
      The database provides an overview of M&A deals over a defined period. The data is
      categorised under the following headings

      Overview:          Announced/completed M&A volume, by month, over last 12 months
                         Announced target industry and region comparison
                         Top announced/completed over last 12 months
                         Top announced/completed advisers
      Announced          Deals by date, target status, industry, region
      Completed          Deals by date, target status, industry, region
      League tables      Announced/completed by target region or regional/country
      Volume             Announced/completed by time period, industry, region for year-to-
      analysis           date, industry or region

   2) Acquisitions Monthly
      This periodical tables every month of deal data arranged by country and sector. It
      also includes surveys on topics like MBOs, acquisition finance, trends in particular
      countries, and institutional issues. The periodical is owned by Thomson, so the
      quantitative data is similar to that in Thomson Deals.

   3) Bloomberg
      Bloomberg gives league tables of M&A activity in US and other markets.
      type     MA and press [GO]
      select   Option 7 for league tables of M&A activity in US and other markets
      select   Option 8 for statistics of volume, average premium, payment type,
               categorised by region and industry
Use these databases to find mergers and acquisitions that meet certain criteria; e.g. specific
companies, industries, types of deal, takeover strategies and defence, etc

   1) SDC Platinum (Library only)
      search        by US and non US targets, date, industry, deal value, deal type, deal
                    status, stock transactions, ratios etc. Offers standard and customised

   2) Thomson Deals
      quick search  by company name, date; target industry, region or status; deal type,
                   status and form; adviser and financial criteria. Provides standard
      advanced      by company name, industry, region, deal information, financials, and
      search       advisers. Offers standard and customised reports, ranking lists and
                   league tables

   3) Capital IQ
      choose            Transaction screening page.
      select            General details about the transaction
      enter             company, industry, geography, date, financials, etc.
      select            M&A details.
      enter             M&A specifics like target security types, consideration offered, deal
                       conditions and deal attitude.

      choose      Advanced search
      select      M&A deals
      enter       status, date, value, multiple (based on EBITDA) and deal type.

   5) Bloomberg
      type              MA and press [GO]
      enter             region, industry, deal size and deal type

For news, comment and qualitative analysis of mergers, both specific and trends, use the
following databases

     1) Factiva
       choose          Search builder
       enter           company name or the industrial sector
       enter           subject term Acquisitions/Mergers/Takeovers
       enter           dates, if necessary, to limit the search
       enter           sources, if required, like RNS (the company news service of the
                       London Stock Exchange).
    2) Business Source Complete
      choose       Index
      select       Company Entity to find the preferred form of name
      enter        a free text search term like merger*
      enter        dates, if necessary, to limit the search
      enter        other companies involves in the transaction to limit the search

    3) FT Intelligence
      choose          advanced search,
      enter           merger in the keyword box
      enter           company name in the company field

    4) Economist
      choose          advanced search,
      enter           company name
      enter           dates to limit search

The following database helps to relate company events with financial changes.

   1. Capital IQ
      choose          Company intelligence
      enter           company name to select the equity required
      select          Charting: annotated stock chart
      enter           dates to set a time period
      expand          Series list
      click           Edit series list
      uncheck         Key developments
      check           Transactions
      click           Add or Generate chart. There are options to export the graphs and
                      timeline date to Excel

The following databases contain data on companies that have merged, or been acquired in
such a way as they no longer trade under the original name.

      choose     Advanced search
      choose     Active/Inactive in left hand menu
      select     Inactive companies

   2) Perfect Filings
      The database has all documents filed with UK Companies House since the 1980’s.
      Base date varies with the company
      enter           Company name
      select          Issue date
      enter           Time period

   3) Datastream (Library only)
      Company accounts data on Advance and AFO goes back to 1980. DS also retains
      share price data up to point where shares ceased to be traded.
      choose          DS Navigator
      select          Equities
      select          Status field
      click           Dead

The following databases show lists of subsidiary companies for a given parent. Note that
several products are selective in the subsidiaries they list.

      choose     Advanced search
      enter      Company name to select the entity required
      click      Company report
      click      Subsidiaries. All will be shown.

   2) Bloomberg
      enter           Company ticker and the command RELS
      click           Option for major subsidiaries

   3) Capital IQ
      choose          Company intelligence
      enter           company name to select the equity required
      select          Investments on left hand menu
      enter           List of major subsidiaries

SECTION B: Web sites
Official sites
UK: contains Competition Commission and
Monopolies and Merger Committee reports back to the 1950s.

Merger activity has the following free sets of
information for the USA, Europe and Asia: a report on M&A activity from the YTD2007 back
to 1963 (Europe and Asia 2004), a report on 49 industries monitored by Mergerstat, and a
report on top deals for the YTD.

Merger news has a free monthly M&A review has information on US activity.

Company names lists companies that have merged, changed name or
gone out of business since 1976.

*HARTMAN, J. 2005 Looking inside mergers & acquisitions databases. Online 29 (6), pp.33-38.

London Business School Students may use the Library subscribed electronic
database for personal educational research purposes only, and must comply at all
times with the database copyright holders’ terms and conditions. Use for any other
purposes, such as commercial activity, consultancy or resale is strictly prohibited


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