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									                                             THE CREW NEWS
                                                                                              Quarterly Newsletter Vol. 2, Iss. 1

                                                             Outgoing CREW President’s Message
Welcome 2009 President Sharon Fuchs!
                                                                                   Thank you CREW Calgary for
CREW Calgary is pleased to introduce the incoming                                  making 2008 a successful and
president for 2009, Sharon.                                                        notable year. CREW Calgary hit a
                                                                                   milestone in 2008 of 50+ members
Sharon has worked at Consolidated Real Estate Services                             and counting. Our membership is as
for the past 4 years as Corporate Controller and Co-                               strong as ever and          we have
Manager of the Commercial Real Estate Division.                                    amassed the most dynamic group of
                                                             women in the industry with representation from areas
Sharon is a member of the Certified Management               such as law, finance, development, property management,
Accountants of Alberta and has been a CREW member            leasing, design and engineering - just to name a few!
since 2006.
                                                             The 2009 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs
                                                             represent the diversity of our member companies and
President’s Message                                          these women represent the diverse expertise CREW
                                                             Calgary offers within the Commercial Real Estate
                     I anticipate a great year for CREW      industry. This organization provides not only the
                     Calgary in 2009. CREW Calgary           networking contacts needed to complete a commercial
                     will be focusing on increasing the      real estate transaction from start to finish, it also provides
                     awareness of CREW Calgary in the        a community for women in the industry. We share similar
                     marketplace. CREW Calgary offers        experiences and are able to learn from one another as we
                     many opportunities for networking.      move through our careers.
                     According to a survey completed by
CREW Network, it is networking – building and growing        2009 promises to be another exciting year. Our 2nd
a group of professional contacts that will assist most in    Annual Canadian Chapters Conference is scheduled to be
surviving the economic crisis (         held this Spring in Toronto from May 7-9, 2009 - you do
                                                             not want to miss this exceptional networking opportunity
CREW Calgary offers its members the benefits of:             with our fellow 500+ Canadian CREW Members.
    •   Access to highly competent, high-achieving
        professionals in all disciplines required to         I would like to impart a special thank you to our 2008
        complete a commercial real estate transaction.       sponsors for their generosity and assistance throughout
    •   Top-quality networking opportunities at various      the past year. Our 2008 sponsors included First Canadian
        events held during the year.                         Title, Oxford Properties Group, Ivanhoe Cambridge,
    •   Membership to the North American CREW                Mancal Properties Inc., BDC, Borden Ladner Gervais
        Network – with 8,000 members.                        LLP and Macleod Dixon LLP.
    •   Canada focused conference dealing with
        Canadian Real Estate issues at a special price for   Thank you for making my 2008 term as President so
        members.                                             enjoyable and I look forward to my continued
                                                             involvement in CREW Calgary.
As we look ahead in 2009, I encourage you to mark your
calendars for the various events held in Calgary. The        Sarah R. Martin
Canadian conference is scheduled for May 7 – 9 at the        CREW Calgary 2008 President
Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario. This will bring
together professional commercial real estate women from
all across Canada. The focus will be on developing and                         CREW Calgary
enriching our skills. In these uncertain economic times,                        Bankers Hall
it’s important to come together and build bridges.
                                                                               PO Box 22487
Sharon Fuchs                                                                   Calgary, Alberta
CREW Calgary 2008 President                                                       T2P 4G7
                                              THE CREW NEWS
                                                                                         Quarterly Newsletter Vol. 2, Iss. 1

          RECENT EVENTS                                      Members Bring a Guest Event Recap
                                                             CREW Calgary’s Member Services Committee hosted
Report on CREW Network Winter’s Meeting                      its first event on January 15, 2009, at The Main Dish,
                                                             a trendy establishment located in the Bridgeland area
The Winter meeting of CREW Network was held in San           offering dine-in or fresh meals to go.
Diego on January 30th, 2009. CREW Network President
Jane Snoddy Smith asked CREW Network Delegates to            The wine and cheese event was well attended with
take back one message to their chapters: “There is never     approximately half of the attendees being potential
a cold call in CREW Network.”                                new members.

CREW Network supports its members’ success through           The evening featured two excellent local speakers:
services such as the CREW Network Career Center which        past-president Karen Price spoke about the benefits of
provides members with access to positions with more than     CREW Calgary and current CREW Calgary President
4,700 of the industry’s premier real estate employers.       Sharon Fuchs talked about the upcoming CREW
Additionally, the Career Center allows members to            Conference to be held in Toronto May 2009.
manage job search, post resumes and more.
                                                             A special guest speaker, Diane Butler, visited from
Delegates were reminded about CREW Networks’                 Dallas, Texas, representing the CREW Network.
aggressive industry research initiative. To date, CREW       Diane gave an excellent overview of the benefits of
Network has published its first benchmarking study in        the greater CREW Network.
2005 on the status and achievement of women in the
industry and is gearing up for its second study to be
published in 2010, a follow-up report entitled “Minding
the Gap”, that provides women with strategies to close the
gap on the advancement and compensation disparities that
exist within the industry. CREW Network has a white
paper which will be published in April 2009 titled
“Repositioning Your Career to Succeed in an Era of
I invite you to take a look at the resources CREW
Network has on its website:
                                                             New CREW President, Sharon Fuchs, welcoming new members
        CREW Christmas Party 2008                            to CREW Calgary.

The CREW Calgary Members Christmas Party was held
on November 25, 2008 at Murrieta’s and was a huge
success thanks in part to superb member turnout, the
dedication and hard work put into planning the event by
the Events Committee and the very generous support from
our CREW Board and to Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
who sponsored the event. The evening included cocktails,
followed by a gorgeous four course meal in Murrieta’s
private dining room and plenty of games and prizes!
Christmas ornaments were for sale with all proceeds
going to a local charity. We were able to present Inn from
the Cold with a cheque in the amount of $187. It was a       (Left to Right) CREW Calgary Member Karen Price, Diane
wonderful and fun end to another great year with CREW        Butler of CREW Network, CREW Calgary Members Sharon
                                                             Fuchs and Jaime Evaskevich
                                             THE CREW NEWS
                                                                                        Quarterly Newsletter Vol. 2, Iss. 1

                                                         2009 CREW Canada Conference
      UPCOMING EVENTS                                    May 7 – 9, 2009 Toronto, ON
                                                         A must attend event, this
Monday, April 6, 2009                                    unique conference offers great
Bowling at the Glencoe - Bring a Guest Networking        opportunities for professional
Event. Join us for 5 pin bowling from 4:00 p.m. to       development and networking
6:00 p.m. followed by pizza and wings in the West        with members from the four
room.                                                    Canadian Chapters, Toronto
                                                         CREW, CREW Montreal,
Monday, April 27, 2009                                   Vancouver CREW and CREW
Luncheon and Presentation on the Impact of the           Calgary as well as the Midwest
Economy and Commercial Real Estate.                      American Chapters. The Keynote speaker is Lyn Heward,
                                                         Creative Director for Cirque du Soleil and she has been
Hotel Arts 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Members $35           touring the globe giving executive speeches on the subject
and Non-Members $65.                                     of creativity and its relation to human and corporate
                                                         growth and success.
July 2009
4th Annual Golf Event – Details to follow.               Check out the CREW Calgary website at
                                                for more information. Don’t miss
                                                         this exciting opportunity to join fellow CREW Network
November 2009
                                                         members at the first CREW Canada Conference.
Christmas Party – Details to follow.

                             Can YOU Promote CREW?
                  The Sponsorship Committee challenges CREW Calgary Members
                   to secure sponsors. Cash incentives will be paid quarterly based
                       upon the number of dollars committed by your sponsors.

  For each commitment under $1,000 you will receive $50. For each commitment of $1,000 - $2,000
         you will receive $75. For each commitment of $2,000 or more you will receive $100.

You do the math! If you secure 5 sponsors for $2,000 – you will receive $500!!! Not only does this
help you pocketbook but it allows CREW Calgary to continue to be the most effective organization to
                represent, respond to and promote women in commercial real estate.

 Watch your ‘Inbox” for details on how to approach sponsors about various sponsorship levels.

                                     Thank you to our annual sponsors!
                          Special thanks to our AAA Sponsor, First Canadian Title!

     Also, a special thanks to CresaPartners for volunteering their time to produce this newsletter!

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