The Boats of Vic-Maui 2008

					RACING Corner
Compiled by Dale Miller

The Boats of Vic-Maui 2008
Pacific Yachting’s dockside guide to the boats and racers of Vic-maui 2008
                                               helmsman on two other T-Tens. The boat
                                               is a Sparkman and Stephens design and a          Red Heather
                                               joy to sail.

                                               Mystic – Lahaina Yacht Club
                                               Steve Crary’s Mystic sails under the Lahaina
                                               Yacht Club burgee but is based out of Seat-
                                               tle, Washington. As overall winner on cor-
 Black Watch                                   rected time in the 2002 Vic-Maui, she’ll
                                               be one of the boats to beat. Mystic is a Bill
Black Watch – Vancouver Rowing Club            Lee-designed Santa Cruz 52, which holds         on arrival, day or night. Red Heather plans on
Black Watch is a 1974 C&C 39 purchased in      the distinction of Sailing World’s 1996 Boat    sailing safely, competitively and with the fun
February of 2006 by Dan Matthieu for long-     of the Year.                                    gauge dialed as high as possible.
distance racing. Black Watch was signed up
for the 2006 Vic-Maui but had to retire        Passepartout – Anacortes Yacht Club             Seeker – Anacortes Yacht Club
because of crew illness. Instead, they took    Peter Shainin’s Stephens Custom 47 Passep-      Seeker is a Pretorien 35 built by the Wau-
her on the 2006 Baja Ha-Ha and ended up        artout hails from the Anacortes Yacht Club.     quiez yard in France in 1982. She has been
in Cabo San Lucas. She then spent a year       She placed third overall on corrected time      cruised and raced extensively in Northwest
in Los Angeles and San Francisco. With a       in the 2006 Vic-Maui and has several            waters. The name Seeker is inspired by the
PHRF rating of 112, they have a great chance   Swiftsure, Southern Straits and Oregon          adventuresome, exploratory spirit of owners
at the title. The name Black Watch origi-      Offshore races under her keel. Along with       Ken and Kaye Greff, who raised their family
nates with the British Army Royal Highland     Shainin, Passepartout’s crew is rounded         while cruising. The 2008 Vic-Maui team is
Regiment, founded in 1624 to keep watch        out by Clay Adams, Marlene Bolster, Chris       a group of friends who’ve been sailing and
on the highlanders of Scotland; their kilts    Crookes, Daniel Crookes, Ann Hansen,            racing together for years, including eight
and other clothing were very dark or black,    Andrew Nelson, and Candace and Kenneth          consecutive long-course Swiftsures. They
earning them the name Black Watch.             Van Gaasbeek.                                   now look forward to this extended blue-
                                                                                               water sailing adventure. The crew includes

                                                                                                                                                CloCkwise: dAVid woodCoCk;; lee youngblood; dAVid woodCoCk
Freedom X – Vashon Island                      Red Heather – Squamish Yacht Club               skipper Ken Greff, Andrew Berg as naviga-
Freedom X’s owner, Alex Wigley, is a North     The Olson 40 Red Heather borrows her name       tor, Lauren Buchholz as foredeck crew, Gary
American trapeze dinghy champion who           from the Red Heather Meadows in Garibaldi       Hammons as trimmer, and Gordon Sims as
decided to get into bigger boat racing. In     National Park, where meadows and fabulous       trimmer and medical officer.
2001, he purchased his Tartan Ten for less     backcountry ski pitches offer untold adven-
than the cost of the main winches, but there   ture and downhill thrills—just like the Olson   Something Wicked – Royal Vancouver
was some work to be done: Two years pre-       40. Red Heather’s crew enjoy both pleasures     Yacht Club
vious, after winning Swiftsure overall, the    equally. Primarily based out of the Squamish    Something Wicked, a Beneteau 40.7, is new
boat had the misfortune of hitting the Des     Yacht Club, the crew have shared many           to local waters. She was shipped up from
Moines Pier, dismasting and going under        past adventures. They’re looking forward        Mexico, where her owners, Kevin and Sandy
the pier in some good-sized waves. Since       to this year’s race, especially the amazing     Reath, lived before calling Sidney home.
then, Wigley has won Swiftsure twice as        Lahaina community spirit that is so evident     The boat was successfully raced in Puerto

                                                Passepartout                                    Seeker

                                   Freedom X

 110 June 08
  RACING Corner
Vallarta, winning the overall title in the   Bay in February 2001 and spent her com-      Strum – Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
Banderas Bay Regatta in 2005 and 2007,       missioning day racing back and forth         The 2008 Vic-Maui will be the first major
also winning the Vallarta Cup in 2006 and    across the bay at 12.5 knots in absolutely   offshore race for Strum, a Riptide 50
2007, and the Governors Cup in 2007.         frigid conditions.                           designed by Paul Bieker. Designed to be a
   The crew consists of Kevin and Sandy         This convinced the Florida-based          comfortable and capable cruising boat with-
Reath, Mike Danielson, and Vic-Maui          Hunter team that Canada was truly a          out compromising offshore performance,
veterans Nick Banks, Rob Tape and Vern       cold and forbidding country. Starlight       Strum weighs in at a svelte 13,500 pounds
Burkhardt, who raced Tape’s boat Pointe de   Express’ skipper and chief cook, Al and      and carries a powerful sail plan that will pro-
Fuite to a fourth place finish in Vic-Maui   Betty Bartlett, are joined by Greg Tranter   vide some exciting rides on the downwind
2004. Something Wicked is named after        on communications, Dr. Bill Pratt as med-    blast to Hawaii. This will be owner Wink
the famous line in Shakespeare’s Macbeth:    ical officer, and Scott Winton and Rikk      Vogel’s fifth Vic-Maui race, and the third he’ll
“By the pricking of my thumbs, something     Watts as the boat’s designated speed men.    do with his two sons, Randy and Tim, on
wicked this way comes.”                      Lured by the deep blue of the ocean,         the same boat together; between them, this
                                             the Starlight Express crew have the goal     will be their 12th Vic-Maui race. Another
Starlight Express – Burrard Yacht Club/      of completing the race while build-          father and son combination on Strum is
West Vancouver Yacht Club                    ing camaraderie and memories—and,            Eric Jespersen and his 14-year-old son Ross
One of six Hunter’s Child HC-50s,            of course, reaching the Hawaiian recep-      competing in their first Vic-Maui. Joining
Starlight Express was splashed in English    tion party.                                  the Vogels and Jespersens is Jeff Eckard,

 Something Wicked                             Starlight Express                            Strum

                                                                                                                                             FAR RigHT: dAVe woodCoCk

 112 June 08
                       Eric Holden and Andrew McCorquodale.
                       This crew boasts an impressive string of        Turicum                                                                                               Zulu
                       accomplishments, including two world
                       championships, two America’s Cups, many
                       offshore races and an Olympic medal.

                       Turicum – Vancouver Rowing Club
                       The Vancouver Rowing Club’s C&C 44 Turi-
                       cum takes on the Vic-Maui race for the fifth
                       time this year. Previous results are a third   Zulu – Royal Vancouver Yacht Club                     tem; dual wheels; a modern carbon bowsprit;
                       place in 1998 and second in 2006—missing       Made from cold-molded ply and hand-fin-               and a huge downwind sail inventory—perfect
                       first by one hour 25 minutes after 17 days     ished by Sidney’s Jespersen Boat Builders             for the Vic-Maui racetrack. While Zulu resides
                       of racing. Turicum’s skipper, Warren Hale,     in 2005, Findlay Gibbon’s Zulu was built as           on Vancouver Island, most of her crew comes
                       has managed divisional wins in Southern        a single-handed offshore cruiser. But with            from the Vancouver racing scene. The Gib-
                       Straits and Swiftsure. Turicum’s crew for      the help of his sons Trevor and Peter, they’ve        bons boys are joined by Greg Westerlund,
                       2008 is possibly the most talented crew        whipped Zulu into fine offshore racing form.          Doug Beckett, and PY’s Tyrone Stelzenmuller
                       she’s ever had. Headed by Dennis Lefeaux       This Paul Gartside-designed Custom 42 fea-            and Dale Miller. Following the race, Zulu will
                       of North Sails, the crew includes Gunnar       tures an extensive, integrated electrical sys-        continue on to New Zealand.
                       Jonsson, Lew Forth and Carl Dobler, who
                       are Rowing Club members, along with
                       Doug Little, Mark Grey and Chris Ray-            Racing events
FAR RigHT: seAn TRew

                       burn. All have extensive racing experience,      May 30–Jun 1      VARC Randy Vogel Silva Bay Layover Race                         RVyC
                       although offshore racing may be a bit new        Jun 14            VARC Martin Marine Round Bowen Island Race                      biyC
                       to some. Turicum is the historical Roman/        Jun 21–22         VARC Waves Keelboat Regatta                                     RVyC
                       Latin name for Zurich, Switzerland.              Jun 22            Vic-Maui 2008 Yacht Race                                        RVyC, RVicyC & lyC
                                                                        aug 29–31         Maple Bay Yacht Club Regatta                                    maple bay

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