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FROM ROWLEY’S KEYBOARD:                        Well, before you read the rest, join me in a
celebration. After 24 hours, (almost solid,) it looks like I have mastered this 2007 Windows to
at least find this 12 02 and the internet connection that goes with it. Hopefully you will receive
your News this evening still. Rowley 9F        PLEASE CHAPS DON’T DROP ME THIS YEAR. Don’t
forget to write your letters to Postman Pat.!!!!! OK, you have only one week to get letters off
to Santa so what about sending a message, through the Nine Foxtrot News wishing your friends a
“Happy/Prosperous New Year?”                I don’t know where the hell I was last week or what the hell I
was doing but let us just say” L was dearmekaar” I dated last week’s News as 19th December and
numbered it 12 03. I will try to get it right from here on.
                                            Some of you will have received my e-mail regarding my
misfortune this week. The Mother Board, (I was so the hell-in that I referred to it as a “Mother
something else,” decided to drop me on Wednesday evening. The screen was as black as a devils hood,
No lights on my keyboard or my mouse. Just plane blank. OK Thursday I rushed the Mother ....... still
in its casing to the computer shop who gave a quote of R5000:00. I managed to turn on the pensioners
charm and ended up have to run around borrowing R3870:00 so as to get the computer back in time for
tomorrows “send.” I got it back this afternoon, (Saturday) but the “new Computer has Windows 2007
on it. It has taken me, (is taking me,) the whole afternoon and this evening to try to find where things
are in the new programme. Slowly it is taking shape. Please consider helping me pay the loan.
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                                  DECEMBER 12th 2010 NUMBER 12 / 02

                                    On Monday evening, 19:00 news on SABC 3 a cutting was shown of
how dilapidated the living conditions were which the soldier in today’s National Defence Force has to
live in. We, the, retired soldiers can only shake our heads in disbelief at what was shown. It is a bloody
disgrace. With it being shown on SABC TV for the whole country/world? To see.
                           At the Hospital this morning, (Tuesday,) I must compliment whoever it was
that has shown the flag orderlies how to hoist the different flags. For the first time in “years,” they
were correctly hoisted to truck.
                           At the Pille Afd I had a chat to Bill Fielding (old Rhod medic) and past as
RSM of 7 Med Bn. Not looking too good with plumbing up his nose etc. I also ran into Tommy Parks
(Signals.) He is still talking nonstop. Hell it sounds like the old water-cooled Vickers but he is looking
good.                      I have had a number of mails recently about the state of the SA Navy. What I
received did not look kosher so I sent it to a few naval officers for comment (senior perde not subies,)
and although the report did contain an element or two of truth, it was pulled completely out of
proportion. I decided not to publish it. This week another report came in telling us how well the navy
did in their sea operations (See Manual’s report below.) Good work Boys.
                                            I asked our resident retired (Fired,) Padre of the old Fire and
Brimstone sort that was with us in the front lines, in other words one who knows what a soldier needs
to be told and how to tell him, to give us a Christmas message: See ‘From Bob Moore” below.) Thanks
Bob. He even has a bit more to say about the country he has now adopted as his Country.
                                    Does anyone have an idea where Dougie Oostelaag is and how is he
doing? I have tried to find out but seem to hit a black wall every time.       Lastly, Please excuse the
spelling and taal in this issue, I have not found my spell-check yet and I am racing against time to get
this out. I also will cut it short, as I cannot find the PDF converter.             Rowley

FROM THE GOOD PADRE:                     CHRISTMAS MESSAGE - Padre Bob Moore.
        Greetings to all my fellow "Ou Manne", now of the "brille and pille" brigade. Seems funny to
speak of the "ou manne" as we have probably not used the term since the end of the NSM, but then
probably some of the earlier one are also like us - retired!

        Christmas means the birth of Jesus and the arrival of God's peace among us - if we will give it
a chance. Usually there is too much noise in our lives to allow us to stop and listen for the still, small
voice of God. The noise comes from demands of family, finances, crime, corruption and political
madness. Yo must surely know the true story from the trenches of World War I. As Christmas came
the voices of German soldiers singing "Stille nacht, heilige nacht" drifted to the British lines. They
joined with them in the English version, and soon, at first very cautiously, then joyful the erstwhile
enemies met in "no man's land" and sang carols, exchanged sweets and cigarettes, and kicked a ball
around. After Christmas they refused to shoot at their new friends, so had to be transferred so that the
war could get back on track. All this because they remembered a Bethlehem baby who came and lived
and died and rose again so that there could be hope on earth!

Now Christmas 2010 is coming. For South Africa the Soccer World Cup is over, and for New Zealand
where I am now living the 2011 Rugby World Cup is coming. (As an aside after seeing the huge
money spent on stadia in SA, NZ is spending $8 million on a temporary "Party Centre", which is a
fancy term for a pub as big as a hangar!) Now we are planning presents, holidays and family get
togethers - and getting anxious about the effect of same on our budgets. But for some among us this
                                       NINE FOXTROT NEWSLETTER                                                                   3
                                        DECEMBER 12th 2010 NUMBER 12 / 02

Christmas will be painful as they celebrate without loved ones who were "promoted to glory" during
the past year.
         No purely rational human reason, other that the action of God, can explain how belief in Jesus
could survive His execution, the vicious persecutions from hostile authorities, and even the terrible
things we Christians did to each other. Yet all the empires built by military might that the world
has known are now material for historians. Their pomp, power and glory are gone - Britain, Spain,
Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin.Yet the Man of Peace has millions of believers in Him all over the world, and
they will call their dogs Caesar, Nero, Napoleon etc., and their sons Peter, John and Paul.
         My fellow old soldiers, we have all found that it is not enough to fight for a cause, we need to
live for one. If in any way we call ourselves Christian, then we and our churches must find the way of
Jesus, the way of peace, kindness, tolerance. We belonged to many services and corps in the military,
and yet, despite frictions we were able to work together with one loyalty as soldiers. Surely we as old
soldiers can teach even the church that being different does not make us rivals or enemies. The cause
of Christ demands higher standards of loyalty and discipline than before. Let us bind ourselves to that
cause this Christmas that as old warriors we may now be agents of the Prince of Peace. We lived and
were prepared to die for the old cause, now let us live and work until we die for the more excellent
         I wish you all a very blessed Christmas. May the Child of Bethlehem become the Lord of you
life, and may the New Year bring happiness and good health to you and those you hold dear.
God bless you all,
Bob Moore.

AGAIN FROM OUR PADRE O’ER DA SEA: BOB MOORE:                                       Dear Rowley,           Was it you who wrote the
article about the causes of the WW I depicted as a bar fight? Whoever it was, my congratulations. Since our move to NZ I
have become involved with the RSA (Returned and Services Association), the NZ equivalent of the MOTHs, but with a much
more open policy for admission to membership in that anyone who agrees with the aims of the RSA can be a member - even
though there is special recognition to those who are returned servicemen. Consequently the RSA has 119 000 members
compared with the very poor figure for the MOTH Order.
           The RSA was formed when the Australian and NZ men returned home after service in SA during the Anglo-Boer
war. History here records that NZ was raring to go when WW I was brewing, and volunteered their services even before war
was declared! I am not sure when exactly they first got involved, but their first disaster was at Gallipoli when the Australia
and New Zealand Army Corps was sent to attack the Turks on the Peninsula. The extent of the disaster was such that ANZAC
Day immediately became a day of National Remembrance. It is the 25th April, and is a compulsory holiday in NZ, and no
shops are allowed to open until after noon, unless they have special permission. (I wish we in SA took Remembrance Day
as seriously.) Many, but not all, ANZAC Day parades are held at dawn, and the attendance is amazing with young and old.
Our village of 2500 had about 1000 at the parade. ANZAC Day is a much bigger day of remembrance that 11th November, I
think simply because they had started remembering Gallipoli before the war ended. They also sell their poppies for ANZAC
Day, not in Nov., for the simple but astonishing reason that the first time the poppies were ordered from Europe for the first
poppy day they arrived too late for Nov.., so were held over to ANZAC Day the next year, and it has stayed that way!
           The point I am getting to is that I have had to do both ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day parade addresses, and
for the 11th Nov this year had to explain the above things to the local Kiwi who were ignorant of their own tradition - die
Suid Afrikaners kom altyd na vore om te red! However in researching the events, I had to do work on WW I, and discovered
the details of the causes of that war, and the "Bar Fight" scenario captures the gist of it brilliantly. My impression of WW I is
that, despite its bloodiness, it must rank as the most pointless war in history. They were not fighting about principles, or
human rights or even land, (as happened in WW II). Austria wanted to have a go at Serbia and thought it would be a minor
skirmish, and ended as the bloodiest bar brawl in history!
           On a different subject, we were watching the history channel the other evening and saw Celia Sandys presentation
of "Chasing Churchill". She is Winston's granddaughter, who I met when we from Natal Command were involved in the
commemoration of Churchill's capture near Estcourt during the Anglo-Boer War. It traces Churchill's life, and therefore
naturally also the SA adventure. In the presentation it was good to see the scenes of Natal, and also of Pretoria, but specially
my old NFA friend Ken Gillings!! The story was filmed a few years ago as David Rattray was also in it. Ken, it was good to
see you, you haven't grown an inch! I was impressed that you have "pinched" the gunners motto "UBIQUE' for your number
plate! A bit cheeky isn't it? Goes with the territory, I suppose! I must add that while NZ is a beautiful country, SA is in a class
by itself!
           I see in the greetings there are those who are named from the 55 Club. Does this still exist? I was a life member and
thought I had outlived it! Greetings to all members.

                                   NINE FOXTROT NEWSLETTER                                                            4
                                    DECEMBER 12th 2010 NUMBER 12 / 02

          I close with best wishes to all who read this for Christmas and the New Year. May it be for you a time of
renewal of our foundations in our Christian heritage as we celebrate the child of Bethlehem, and an opportunity to
build on them for the future as the New Year opens its doors.       Kind regards,    Bob Moore

FROM MANUEL FERREIRA:                          SA Sub sinks Atlasur fleet           By Dean Wingrin

         A South African Navy submarine returned to Cape Town on Sunday 5 November, having
successfully participated in an international maritime exercise which included transiting the Atlantic
Ocean. In the process, they 'sank' two vessels of the opposing fleet. The submarine SAS Charlotte
Maxeke (S102) participated in Exercise Atlasur VIII, a multinational maritime exercise between the
navies of South Africa, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. This year, the exercise was hosted by Argentina
and the submarine departed Simon's Town naval base for the Argentinean naval base of Mar Del
Plato on 4 October.                Although the submarine was joined by the Combat Support Ship SAS
Drakensburg (A301) in its deployment to Argentina, they did not travel in convoy and the submarine
operated independently on the 3,700 nm voyage to Argentinean waters. However, the two vessels
did spend one day together at the mid-mark position. Speaking in an exclusive interview aboard the
submarine prior to docking in Simon's Town, the commander, Cdr Daren White, said: "The boat was
so well prepared, we didn't need any assistance." Although the surface ship evolutions comprised the
majority of the exercise, the Charlotte Maxeke also exercised with the Argentinean submarine ARA
Salta (S-31). These evolutions included submarine against submarine, formation transit and evading
P-2 Tracker and P-3 Orion anti-submarine patrol aircraft.
         The crew of the Charlotte Maxeke were particularly proud of their accomplishments. Lt Cdr
Graham Mountifield, Operations Officer, recounted: "Our last exercise was where we had to attack
the combined Atlasur surface fleet. We penetrated the screen and simulated the firing at the
Uruguay (Uruguayan frigate) and the Drakensburg. We sunk them both."
         White noted that only once before had a South African submarine crossed the Atlantic. That
was in 1993 when the old Daphne class SAS Maria van Riebeek (S97) also went to Argentina. The trip
across the Atlantic is generally feared as it presents logistical and other problems. White continued,
"Because we were crossing the Atlantic and the fear of the unknown, we decided to reduce our speed
to 6.7 kts, which made it 23 days. It just made it more comfortable, we really didn't know what to
expect with the currents, weather, etc. It's lucky we did that, because we went through a hectic
storm which lasted about five days." During the storm, the submarine went deeper than normal in
order to reduce the roll. As they had that experience, the return trip was faster, taking only 20 days.
"On the way back, we did a replenishment at sea exercise with the Drakensburg. Not because we
needed fuel, but because we wanted to do the exercise," White explained.            The Argentinean
navy (Armada Argentina) currently operates three submarines, of which the Salta is also a Type 209
submarine, the same as the Charlotte Maxeke. However, it is an older version, manufactured in the
early 1970's. An Argentinean submariner accompanied the Charlotte Maxeke from Simon's Town to
Mar Del Plato, while another submariner was aboard for the return trip. During the exercise, three
Argentinean submarine crew were also aboard. "They were sonar people, to see how we do the
sonar," White said        After the exercise, the Charlotte Maxeke went alongside the Drakensburg in
Montevideo, Uruguay for a goodwill visit and participated in the Uruguayan Fleet Review to celebrate
their Navy's 193rd anniversary.            The Charlotte Maxeke has had a busy 2010. The total
distance covered during the recent trip, over 64 days, was 9,800 nm, of which 81% was under water.
                               NINE FOXTROT NEWSLETTER                                                   5
                                DECEMBER 12th 2010 NUMBER 12 / 02

The submarine completed Exercise IBSAMAR, together with Brazil and India, just a week before
leaving for Argentina. "We penetrated the IBSAMAR fleet, also a screen, at night off Scarborough and
fired a torpedo," a proud White commented. Prior to that, the submarine participated in Operation
Kgwele, the SANDF safety and security contribution to the Soccer World Cup and also performed a 31
day patrol off the South African east coast. All in all, the Charlotte Maxeke spent 103 days at sea
during 2010. The crew of the Charlotte Maxeke can be proud of what they have achieved. For White,
arriving back safely had an additional necessity: His wife is expecting twins in a week's time. In light of
this, the last words should go to White: "The guys are tired, very happy, but tired."

MANUAL;           Offisiere bedwelm en verkrag glo 2 lugmag-rekrute
2010-12-06 22:18          Erika Gibson
         ’n Strafregtelike ondersoek gaan deur die militêre polisie ingestel word nadat minstens een
vroulike rekruut by die lugmag se gimnasium op Hoedspruit glo deur ’n adjudant-offisier bedwelm en
toe verkrag is. Dié rekruut ontvang berading en gebruik anti-retrovirale middels nadat sy en nog ’n
vroulike rekruut glo gedwing is om saam met twee besoekende adjudant-offisiere na ’n gastehuis te
gaan. Die twee mans – een van die Ysterplaat-lugmagbasis en een van Durban – het juis as deel van
die rekrute se induksie vir hulle lesings gegee oor hoe om seksuele teistering in die militêre omgewing
te hanteer.
         Mnr. Siphiwe Dlamini, woordvoerder van die departement van verdediging, het vandeesweek
bevestig dat die saak ondersoek word. Volgens hom sal streng stappe gedoen word as ’n lid van die
weermag ná die ondersoek weens die beweerde misdryf vervolg word. Geen stappe is nog teen enige
van die twee offisiere gedoen nie, terwyl die twee vroue hul basiese opleiding die afgelope week
voltooi het.
         Volgens ’n familielid van die een vrou (19) het die twee offisiere sowat twee weke gelede vir
die rekrute klasgegee. Hulle het gevra of twee van die vroue met die voorbereiding van sertifikate vir
die studente kan help. Die een wou nie gaan nie, maar ’n senior instrukteur het aan haar gesê dit is ’n
opdrag. Die twee is vervolgens saam met die mans na ’n gastehuis in die Drakensig-woonbuurt naby
die basis. Volgens die familielid het die twee die vroue koeldrank aangebied. Kort daarna het een van
naar geword en gedisoriënteerd geraak. Terwyl sy in die toilet gebraak het, het een van die mans
haar glo van agter gegryp. Toe sy haar bewussyn herwin, was die man besig om haar te verkrag.
         Die ander offisier het die ander meisie glo intussen gegryp en verkrag. Later die aand het die
senior instrukteur glo by die huis opgedaag en die vroue teruggeneem na die basis toe hy sien in
watter toestand hulle is. Volgens die familielid is die een vrou stil en teruggetrokke. Sy wag nog om ’n
afspraak by ’n sielkundige in 1 Militêre Hospitaal te kry.
         “Ek wil weet hoekom die kinders die basis in opdrag moes verlaat om verkrag te word. Ek wil
weet hoekom daar nie onmiddellik teen die mans opgetree is nie,” het die ontstoke familielid gesê.


ANNETJIE BOTES: (Wife of our Cassiga friend Frans Botes,) sends wishes to all who know Frans,

FROM ALLAN PREDDY: More importantly, may the guys in the Sandpits, ex vets, ex rsm’s, ex
roofs, ex border boys, ex generale (and offisiere), all have a merry xmas & new year and most
important – be safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                    NINE FOXTROT NEWSLETTER                                                                6
                                     DECEMBER 12th 2010 NUMBER 12 / 02

STORIES: We will resume the Boys are Back next week


FROM PAUL ELS: Deon           Nou net met tannie Ellaine gesels, Oom bill (Dalton,) opgeneem
Maandag in 1 mil met maag probleme en ‘n baie lae bloedruk. Hy ook baie deurmekaar Sal julle op
hoogte hou sodra meer info beskikbaar is.    Mooi loop        PS Rowley ; Oom Bill is die Pa van
Mike wat onlangs oorlede is en hy is ook 'n ex Seiner Stoffel Theron Cell : 082 452 1343                           Fax :
0865103111 Dankie Stoffel, Ek onhou Bill in die dae toe hy nog “Seargent” was. Rowley 9F

FROM TREVOR FLOYD:              Subject: Telly Smit   Telly het hartomleiding ondergaan maar sterk
nou by die huis aan. Kontak no is 0726061798 Groete Trevor Floyd


FROM MANIE GROVE:                        The South African Department of Labour claimed a small Robertson farmer was not
paying proper wages to his help and sent an agent out to investigate him.
Department of Labor Employee: "I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them."
Farmer: "Well, there's my farm hand who's been with me for 30 years. I pay him R1 400 a week plus free room and board."
"Then there's the mentally challenged worker. He works about 18 hours a day, seven days a week and does about 90% of all
the work around here. He makes about R100 per week, pays his own room and board, and I buy him a bottle of brandy every
Saturday night so he can cope with life.
Department of Labour Employee: "That's the guy I want to talk to...the mentally challenged one."
Farmer: "That would be me."

FROM MANIE GROVE:                        The South African Department of Labour claimed a small Robertson farmer was not
paying proper wages to his help and sent an agent out to investigate him.
Department of Labor Employee: "I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them."
Farmer: "Well, there's my farm hand who's been with me for 30 years. I pay him R1 400 a week plus free room and board."
"Then there's the mentally challenged worker. He works about 18 hours a day, seven days a week and does about 90% of all
the work around here. He makes about R100 per week, pays his own room and board, and I buy him a bottle of brandy every
Saturday night so he can cope with life.
Department of Labour Employee: "That's the guy I want to talk to...the mentally challenged one."
Farmer: "That would be me."

                                     NINE FOXTROT NEWSLETTER                                                                  7
                                       DECEMBER 12th 2010 NUMBER 12 / 02

FROM ORAFs (With thanks,):              SMILE A WHILE New version of the Three Bears
A far more accurate account of the events of that fateful morning....
         Baby bear goes downstairs, sits in his small chair at the table.         He looks into his small bowl. It is empty.
         'Who's been eating my porridge?' he squeaks.
         Daddy Bear arrives at the big table and sits in his big chair. He looks into his big bowl and it is also empty. 'Who's
         been eating my porridge?!?' he roars.
         Mummy Bear puts her head through the serving hatch from the kitchen and yells, 'For goodness sake, how many
         times do I have to go through this with you idiots? It was Mummy Bear who got up first. It was Mummy Bear who
         woke everyone in the house. It was Mummy Bear who made the coffee. It was Mummy Bear who unloaded the
         dishwasher from last night and put everything away. It was Mummy Bear who swept the floor in the kitchen. It was
         Mummy Bear who went out in the cold early morning air to fetch The newspaper and croissants. It was Mummy
         Bear who set the damn table.
         'It was Mummy Bear who walked the bladdy dog, cleaned the cat's litter tray, gave them their food, and refilled
         their water.
         'And now that you've decided to drag your sorry bear-arses downstairs and grace Mummy Bear with your grumpy
         presence, listen carefully, because I'm only going to say this once....
                                        'I HAVEN'T MADE THE FRIGGING PORRIDGE YET


We may be the Retired, Fired, Packaged, Bandaged
and Kicked in the Arse Sergeants Major/Warrant
Officers but we still salute the officers who still
acknowledge that it was
     the Sergeant Major/Warrant Officer who assisted
 to achieve their rank and appointment that they held.
                                           “STAND EASY,”

                         Have a fantastic week everyone.