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					                                                                                 ST STITHIANS BOYS’ COLLEGE
                                                                  A South African School Making a World of Difference

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NO. 17                                     2 DECEMBER 2009                          ONE AND ALL       NEWS

                      Dear One and All
    CONTENTS          The end of year always brings with it a range of seemingly conflicting emotions: there
 HEADMASTER’S         is the satisfaction of tasks well done; the joy of unexpected achievements; some
 MESSAGE              regrets; the knowledge that we have done the best we can under all circumstances;
 CHAPLAIN’S           the determination to do better and improve next year; the anticipation of the
 MESSAGE              opportunities that lie ahead.
 MATRICS’ SHOES       We have experienced all these and more at the Boys‟ College this year but underneath
                      it all there has been the sense of our continued commitment to fulfilling the ethos of
                      our school, of ensuring that we constantly move towards fulfilling the words of the
                      Saints Honour Code –
                            Honour God
                            Honour others
 2010 MARCH
                            Honour self
    LONG                    Honour the College
  WEEKEND                   Honour society and the environment – and of making them a living reality.
  Please note         I would, sincerely, like to thank all of you who have once again contributed to making
 the following:       this a memorable year, students, parents and staff alike: our people are our greatest
                      asset and it is this sense of unity and common purpose that will continue to drive us
 Ccompulsory          towards achieving excellence.
 Sat 20 March         The end of year also brings with it farewells and this year we lose some long serving
 8:00 Hockey &        members of staff, Marion Kamps and Don Hean. In the final Chapel service before the
                      start of exams, these staff were thanked and heartily applauded by the boys.
  Rugby vs St
   David’s (H)        We bid farewell to Donovan Allyn Duff Hean: I include all his names as Don Hean is
        &             often called DAD by his students, his colleagues and his friends, a mark of the
     “Saints          universal affection in which he is held.
                      Don began teaching at the Boys‟ College in 1980 and has served the school with
                      loyalty, humility and integrity in his thirty years here. Amongst his many roles he has
                      not only been a Science teacher of the highest calibre, but also Director of Science for
                      the Boys‟ College and the Girls‟ College, as well as being a talented and multi-faceted
                      sports‟ coach.
 Desk Diary           Don is a true gentleman and the value of his years of service to the school is
                      immeasurable and beyond mere gratitude.
 Cost: R120.00        Don, you will forever be a part of our school and we wish you a well-deserved rest.
     each.            You will be sorely missed.
  Available to        Marion Kamps has been at the Boys‟ College since January 1987 and in her 23 years
   purchase           here she has been recognised amongst her colleagues, both here and at other
     from:            schools, as one of the best and most accomplished of Mathematics teachers. She
 Boys' College        leaves us not only to retire but to begin a new stage of her life when she marries Jake
   Reception          Pressley on 4 December. We wish her nothing but joy and health in the years ahead
       or             and our sense of loss at her going is immeasurable.
 Stythian Shop
                      Marion, from all of us, God speed, and may you always travel safely.

                             A South African School Making a World of Difference                                   1
                    Sadly Dalene Hoogenhout leaves us this year to study her Masters at Wits, whilst
                     also lecturing in choral conducting in the Wits Music Department. Dalene began
                  teaching at the Boys‟ College in January 1998 and in the time that she has been here
                 she has been instrumental in changing the musical landscape of the school. Under her
                  expert guidance being a member of the choir and of the Dukes has become enviable,
                                  and a position in either is considered to be prestigious.
                 Under Dalene‟s leadership, the Boys‟ College Music department has grown
                 considerably and it would be impossible to quantify the contribution she has made to
                 the school, and the impact she has made on the lives of her students and of all those
                 who have been privileged to attend one of the many performances she has put
                 At this year‟s Prestige Concert Dalene‟s farewell speech included the following lines
                 from the Billy Joel song Lullaby:
2010 Junior
  Round                                          Someday we’ll all be gone
                                                 But lullabies go on and on.
  Square                                               They never die,
Conference                                      That’s how you and I will be.
 17-21 Feb
                 For Dalene, this is how her memory of St Stithians will live on, as will our memories of
 The following   her.
boys have been                           ----------------------------------------------------
  selected as
  delegates:     We also lose Sandy Catterson who is moving to the Cape with her family. Her
                 enthusiasm for teaching and for her subject is infectious and under her guidance, her
 Tim Douglas,    students have developed a love for, and an understanding of, the intricacies of
   Jonathan      Physical Science. To listen to her teach is to gain a glimpse of what can be achieved
  Hawinkels,     by a passionate and dedicated teacher who believes in the purpose of education.
Jason Hyslop,    We thank her for everything she has done for her students and for the Boys‟ College
   Lebogang      over the past eleven years and wish her and her family everything of the best in the
  Latakgomo,     years ahead.
Kerone Naidoo,                         --------------------------------------------------------
 Ignaz Richter
Roaldt Roodt &   Another significant loss to the College is Andrew Baker‟s departure to Redhill School,
    James        as Headmaster. Andrew Baker arrived at the Boys‟ College from the Cape in January
  Schlebusch     2004 and immediately made his mark, both as Head of Department for Life Sciences,
                 and as a vibrant member of the staff common room.
                 Those of us who have been privileged to work with this extraordinarily talented man
                 are aware that we will be losing far more than a consummate professional; we will be
                 losing a kind and compassionate colleague and friend. Regardless of his position on
                 the Boys‟ College Executive, he has never lost „the common touch‟ and always has
                 time to share a laugh or to help whenever needed. He is ever approachable to
                 students, to parents and to his colleagues and his wisdom and common sense have
                 prevailed in the many lives that he has touched in the relatively short time that he has
                 been at this school.
                 We are proud of his promotion to Headmaster of Redhill School and we know that his
                 new school will soon realise that they have far more than just a new Head of school.
                 We wish Andrew everything of the best for his future career and thank him for
                 everything he has done for the school, for our students and for us.
                 We shall miss him.

                       A South African School Making a World of Difference                                  2
                        OTHER NEWS
 CONGRATS               Mr Peter Wright has been appointed to fill the position of Deputy Headmaster and I
   TO THE               take this opportunity on behalf of everyone at the Boys‟ College to congratulate him on
 FOLLOWING              his promotion. Peter is a loyal and totally professional member of the Saints
   STAFF:               community and we know that under his leadership and guidance, the academics of the
                        College will be in extremely capable hands.
 Mrs Christine
  (Art Dept) &          In Newsletter No 16 mention was made of the Microsoft Certified Application
   Mr George            Specialists (MCAS) for PowerPoint Programme, with a list of names of the boys who
 Poulos, on the         have already completed this exam. We are delighted to add the following boys to the
birth of their first    ever-growing list:
       Ella,            Oliver Schuurmans-Stekhoven, Justin Suzor, Mitchell Livingstone, Herman de Beer,
   born to their        Luke Penney, Angus Ellis-Cole, Ryan Plant, Matthew Tyler, Kyle Venter, Andrew
oldest daughter,        Hellens, Claudio Fernandes, Keenan Williams, Ryan Schultze, Thamsanqa Shangase
     Angela.            Brendan Nelson, Luke van der Stokker, Ross Howard, Edwin Porbeni and Tim Evans.

  To Mr Alan            Congratulations to the twenty-four St Stithians College boys who completed the 94.7
(English Dept) &        Cycle race on Sunday 15 November – most of them in grade 10 and riding the race for
   Mrs Tessa            the first time. The team was determined to compete to earn sponsorship of R50
Weakley, on the         000.00 for the charities the Interact Club is supporting this year: Habitat for Humanity
 early, but safe,       and Christ Church Orphanage.
 arrival of their
   first child,
      a son,
   Myles Jon.


Please diarise the
following date for
       the                    L-R: Alex Bouter, Chris Fisher, Nick Sims, James Schlebusch, Gordon Shaw,
  2010 Interact               Jonathan Wilks, Zaahid Allie, Nick Douglas, Struan Monteith, Marcus Warriner.
    Golf Day:
                        I take this opportunity to wish you all peaceful and blessed Christmas and a safe and
  Wed 10 March          trouble free holiday. Next year will bring new challenges, both to the College and to the
      at the            country, particularly with the much anticipated 2010 Soccer World Cup, and I look
  Johannesburg          forward to our meeting these challenges together.
  Country Club
                        With kind regards

    Enquiries to        DAVE KNOWLES
    Jaco Roodt          HEADMASTER   ____________________________________________________________________________
     Marcus             CHAPLAIN’S CHRISTMAS MESSAGE
                        “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy; and fell down and
     Warriner           worshipped Him”. (Matt. 2:10-11 NKJV)
                        The celebration of Christmas Day will take place again amidst speculation from some people
                        who that the world is “going to the dogs”. They complain that things are not what they were and
                        that times are changing but not for the better. If there is any justification of this attitude then it is
                        an indictment upon the human race. God created the world and all that is in it and then out of

                               A South African School Making a World of Difference                                             3
                       His infinite goodness and mercy, He entrusted His creation to the stewardship of His people. If
                       things have gone wrong then it is certainly not the fault of the Lord who made all things well: it
                       must be the result of our neglect.

                       In this highly sophisticated fast moving world in which we live there is danger of overlooking the
                       real significance of Christmas as we meet dead-lines and as we become caught up in the social
                       round. One has to be very careful to ensure that this highly commercialised season, with its
                       emphasis on spending, does not overshadow or even obscure the true meaning of Advent.

                       One and All, while the giving of and receiving of gifts at Christmas is a lovely tradition, we
                       should never lose sight of the fact that this season commemorates God‟s priceless gift of His
                       Son Jesus to the world, and that He alone should be the central figure, for without Christ there
                       can be no Christmas.

                       When the wise men found the Christ-Child they first “fell down and worshipped Him.” Then
                       only did they present their gifts, not the other way round. This should be our priority at this
                       wonderful time, to give precedence over everything to the worship of our Lord for our salvation.
                       He took our human form and dwelt among men and women to bring the gift of love to a harsh
                       There are so many distractions in our life today and these lead unfortunately to the fact that for
                       so many, Christmas has become a season of sentiment, just an ordinary holiday in a
                       demanding commercial wilderness.

                       However, if you are seeking peace and contentment in your life please make the time to draw
                       apart from the frenzy of merry-making and boldly give priority to the worship of the central
                       figure of Christmas, I mean to Jesus Himself. May the peace of Christ enfold and possess you.

                       To Mrs Debbie Jutzen (Computer Studies & EMS) and her family, Mr Michael Jutzen, sons
                       Gary and Ryan, on the sudden death of her sister.

                       MATRICS DONATE THEIR SHOES
                       As has become custom at the Boys‟ College, the Matrics donate their school shoes to the
                       needy, as they leave Mears Hall after their final exam. They are all happy to walk away in their

                                                                              Chris van Zyl, Jayden Schiff, David van der Walt,
                                                                                     Katlego Latakgomo & Stephen Robertson

 David van der Walt,
    Chris Joubert,
 Katlego Latakgomo,
Stephen Robertson &
  Nicholas Randall
                                             Dustin Claassens & Luke Hollis

                              A South African School Making a World of Difference                                            4
                                  A REQUEST FROM A FORMER MEMBER OF STAFF: Mr Hugh Huggett
                                  On many occasions the members of the Boys‟ College Choir and the Duke of Cornwall Singers
                                  have enjoyed the opportunity to sing with the “Men in Red” Welsh Male Voice Choir. The “Men
                                  in Red” are looking for new members to join. If you are interested, kindly contact the
                                  gentlemen in the advert below.
                                  Join the singing group                   - “MEN IN RED” -                         Male Voice Choir
                                                        The choir practises at St Peter‟s Prep –Dodgson Hall on:

                                                                            Monday evenings 19:00-21:00

                                                     Contact: Jonathan 082 896 5001                                 Doug 0832665884

                                                         Hugh Huggett 011 787 4246                 
                                  The Johannesburg Welsh Male Voice Choir was formed in 1988. It has a regular entourage of
                                  up to 20 singers under the direction of Jonathan Vieler, Music Director.

                                  The choir is widely referred to as “The Men in Red” because of the distinctive, emblazoned
                                  jackets worn when performing together.

                                  The choir sings a range of choral music, in different parts, for male voices, some of much loved
                                  Welsh origin and lilt with others being well known, popular song or traditional hymns, generally
                                  to piano accompaniment.

                                  A regular performance will include solos and duets amongst others. Each selected programme
                                  is introduced by a compere, practised in story-telling and fun in support of joyful and often
                                  uplifting choral entertainment from spirituals, popular songs, show hits, opera and classics. The
                                  emphasis is generally light-hearted and, whilst most works are performed in Welsh and English,
                                  there is a South African flavour too when music is sung in Afrikaans, Xhosa, Sotho and Zulu.

                                  Stirring religious music and hymns in the Welsh choral tradition are also frequently sung. Thus
                                  a typical programme might include:

                                      Softly as I leave you            Speed your journey             When I’m Sixty-Four              The Rhythm of Life

                                      Joseph          Any dream will do             The Rose             Stout-hearted Men             Shosholoza

                                      Guide me, O thou Great Jehovah                      Morte Criste             Shine            Siyahamba

                                      My Lord What a Morning                    Calan Lan            Men of Harlech

                                     The Welsh National Anthem

                                  The choir is a non profit making organisation made–up of amateurs who come together for the
                                  joy of singing with weekly practices on Mondays at St. Peter‟s School.

                                  Fees range from R 3 000 for concerts in the Johannesburg area. Performances further afield
                                  have been repeated for some years with fees charged being set individually. Concerts at the
                                  Johannesburg Country Club, special fund-raising events, weddings or joint performances with
                                  school and other choirs are typical engagements along with appearances at churches, fetes
                                  and retirement villages in a full programme of annual activity.
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