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Telesat Report - Summer 2006

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					T E L E S A T   C A N A D A             SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS NEWSLETTER                              SUMMER/2006

Canadian Coast
Guard upgrades
for sea-bound

                                                                n a given day, a Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) vessel and

                                                     O        its specialized crew might support a science-research project
                                                            while decommissioning navigational aids and serving as both
                                                           a secondary search-and-rescue vessel and a physical symbol of

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                                                          Canadian sovereignty.                     (continued on page 2)

                                                 - 5 Shin Satellite chooses Telesat’s OnOrbit Flight Dynamics
                                                     System for Thaicom 4 (IPSTAR)
                                 PAGE 6     -7     Telesat’s iMpACT™ integrated managed solution offers best
                                                  of satellite and terrestrial worlds
                              PAGE 8   -9         Online, anywhere: Telesat’s TeliPro™ delivers a new
                                                 business reality
                          PAGE 10           Anik F2 in the spotlight with Frost and Sullivan award

                        B R I N G I N G S AT E L L I T E S O L U T I O N S T O T H E W O R L D
Vessel Satellite Communications
System delivers TV, e-mail,
and Voice over IP

     Despite the variety of this work,      opportunity,” said Frank Vellone, CCG      allow crew members to exchange
prolonged periods at sea can be hard on     deputy project manager. “Consequently,     e-mail with family and friends, lessening
crew members. For one, they are away        crew members would like to have the        isolation. And television would help
from their families for up to five weeks    same communications services that          crews pass off-duty hours. The CCG
at a time. Crew members also typically      Coast Guard employees on shore             also wanted to test voice over Internet
operate in 12-hour shifts. With little to   receive.”                                  protocol (VoIP) as a means to provide
do when off duty, they can easily get                                                  telephony on ships.
bored, and morale may suffer.               Telesat solution expected to
                                            reduce isolation and improve                    “Only a small number of companies
     As well, crew members forgo the        morale                                     can provide both television and data
communications conveniences that their                                                 services on a mobile marine platform,”
shore-bound peers take for granted, such         Recognizing this need, the CCG set    said Mr. Vellone. “Telesat’s solution
as e-mail, voice communications, and        out its requirements for a mobile marine   met all of our requirements, and it was
access to the CCG intranet and its news     communications service and then issued     certainly the least expensive.”
about the organization. “For instance,      a request for proposal. Two requirements
a crew member at sea might miss             were mandatory: data services and             Dubbed the Vessel Satellite
out on the internal posting of a job        television. The data capability would      Communications System (VSCS),

Telesat bundled a television downlink
with the company’s TeliPro™ service, a
broadband Internet Protocol (IP) private
network. (See accompanying article on
TeliPro service.) When the project is
completed, the Canadian Coast Guard
will outfit 38 of its ships with VSCS.
Twenty-eight vessels will share two
100-kilobits per second (kbps) outbound
links and one 562-kbps inbound link.
Ten other vessels—those that patrol
the Arctic—will share one 100-kbps
outbound link and one 364-kbps inbound

     And should the Coast Guard
requirements expand to accommodate
new applications, the VSCS can easily
handle this expansion. In fact, the
TeliPro service can supply up to
4.2 megabits per second (Mbps) of
inbound bandwidth and 18 Mbps of
outbound bandwidth.

Mobile marine communications
                                               issues,” said Mr. Vellone. “We were soon              regions (Pacific, Central and Arctic,
present antenna-design                         able to send e-mails and photographs,                 Quebec, and Newfoundland and
challenges                                     receive TV signals, and test the VoIP                 Labrador). In the fourth and final
                                               application.”                                         phase, after receiving training from
     In designing the service, Telesat had                                                           Telesat, Coast Guard maintenance
to consider that satellite antennas on         VSCS sea tested in second phase                       and installation teams will install
ships not only move up and down                                                                      VSCS on the remaining vessels.
(“pitch”) and side to side (“yaw”) but              The project’s second phase—a sea
also roll, a movement that mobile              test—took place on May 21, 2006.                           How will crew members respond
terrestrial-system designs do not have         The VSCS was installed on the                         to their newfound e-mail, TV, and VoIP
to address. How does an antenna track          Canadian Coast Guard Ship Sir                         services? “I expect they’ll be elated,”
a satellite while three-metre swells           William Alexander, a light icebreaker                 said Mr. Vellone. “I’m sure that the
buck the hulls?                                stationed in the CCG’s Maritimes region               system will work out as well as we hope.
                                               in Dartmouth, N.S. The Sir William                    I have a lot of confidence in Telesat.”
     The solution lay in stabilizing the       Alexander sailed out of the harbour,
antenna on three axes, not just two. In        and the antenna and system worked
the project’s first phase, Telesat installed   flawlessly during the sea trial.
a three-axes stabilized antenna on an
outdoor movable platform to simulate                In the project’s third phase, Telesat
operation on rough seas. “Telesat did an       will oversee installation of the service on
excellent job of solving the technical         a ship in each of the four other CCG

                                               Telipro is a registered trademark of Telesat Canada                                           3
Shin Satellite chooses Telesat’s
OnOrbit Flight Dynamics System
for Thaicom 4 (IPSTAR)
Proven technology uses automation to reduce
orbit-analysis time and effort
               hen Shin Satellite Plc of

W            Thailand decided to launch
            a communications satellite
          that would employ 84 narrow
satellite beams, the company knew that
firmly anchoring the spacecraft in orbit
would be vital. Given the precision of
the beams, if the satellite were to drift
even modestly from its designated
station-keeping window, service
quality could suffer.

    Built by Space Systems/Loral
(SS/L) and launched in August 2005,
Shin Satellite’s Thaicom 4 (IPSTAR)
spacecraft is the first of a new
generation of broadband satellites.
Thaicom 4 acts both as an Internet
backbone connection to fibre optic
cables for Internet service providers
and as a last-mile broadband Internet
service to consumers, competing with
cable modem and ADSL services. Shin
Satellite uses Thaicom 4 and its massive
45 Gbps bandwidth capacity to serve                But the fact that Thaicom 4’s          Whereas the flight dynamics system
customers in the Asia Pacific region.        thrusters must be fired daily introduced     plans the thruster firing to keep the
                                             a problem: “The frequent firings make        satellite in position, the real-time ground
     To keep the world’s largest             it difficult to determine the satellite’s    control system monitors satellite
commercial satellite squarely in position,   orbit,” said Dr. Thanapong Jaturavanich,     telemetry and sends commands to
Shin Satellite fires a combination of        Department Manager, Satellite                fire the thrusters, switch transponders,
chemical bipropellant and ion thrusters      Engineering with Shin Satellite.             balance battery power, and perform other
in maneuvers that are performed up to        “Without an efficient flight dynamics        operational tasks. Shin Satellite issued
four times per day. (Ion thrusters propel    tool, our orbit analysis team will be busy   a request for proposal for both services
spacecraft with an inert gas called          planning for the station-keeping and         to be integrated into one solution.
Xenon, which is ionized by electricity       determining the orbit every day.”
generated from solar panels.) Each                                                             L-3 Communications Telemetry-
maneuver uses a very small amount of         Integrated ground                            West (L-3 TW) had a ground control
propellant to maintain the satellite’s       control solution                             system, InControl-NG, but no integrated
position. The ion thrusters are oriented                                                  flight dynamics system. The company
to minimize the attitude disturbance             Shin Satellite wanted one vendor to      therefore approached Telesat to provide
during each firing, which adds to the        supply both the flight dynamics system       the missing link and then bid a fully
satellite’s stability.                       and the real-time ground control system.     integrated solution. The two companies

had worked together before, using             control, so we believe that the system                    satellite position within the station-
Telesat’s FDS to operate Boeing 702           should be reliable, user-friendly, and                    keeping box and using fuel within
satellites, which employ ion propulsion       always up to date.”                                       the budget.”
                                                                                                             The OnOrbit FDS offers a variety
     In addition to the Telesat portion       OnOrbit FDS automates orbit                               of other tools and capabilities that
of the L-3 TW bid, Shin Satellite             analysis and reduces effort,                              also appealed to Shin Satellite. For
considered other competing flight             time, and cost                                            example, the company can automatically
dynamics systems. However, Telesat                                                                      reconstruct fuel usage, routinely plan for
had a clear advantage by having an                Telesat’s OnOrbit FDS is a powerful                   station-keeping and transfer the plan to
FDS that was being used for the station-      and easy-to-use suite of tools that can                   the ground control system for scheduled
keeping of satellites with ion-thrusters.     determine, predict, and control the orbits                uploads. As well, Shin Satellite can
So this proven technology presented a         and attitudes of geostationary satellites.                automatically plot the station-keeping
lower risk.                                   Designed by Telesat’s orbital analysts to                 history. Moreover, the system can be
                                              maximize propellant life, OnOrbit FDS                     used with any satellite and any ground
                                              has been continually enhanced since                       control system—an effort- and cost-
Telesat chosen for experience                 Telesat introduced the system in 1976.                    saving convenience for satellite
with ion-propulsion systems                                                                             operators with diverse fleets.
                                                   One of the primary attractions
     Initially Shin Satellite was skeptical   of OnOrbit FDS is an innovation                           Responsive service backs up
about Telesat’s solution because OnOrbit      known as the Kalman filter. Working                       innovative technology
FDS™ had never been paired with a             in the background, the Kalman filter
Loral satellite. “We emphasized that          automatically updates the orbit state                          To fulfill its promise, strong
Telesat and L-3 TW had worked                 estimate based on azimuth, elevation,                     technology needs strong support, and
together before and that L-3 TW was           and range data from the tracking                          Telesat delivers on both fronts. “What
familiar with Telesat’s FDS product on        stations.                                                 impressed us is Telesat's response time
other vehicles,” said Paul Blanchard,                                                                   after we contact their personnel or help
Satellite Control Systems Marketing                Without the Kalman filter, orbit                     desk,” said Dr. Jaturavanich. “Telesat
Manager with L-3 TW. “Shin Satellite          analysts would have to collect two                        personnel respond back to us the
was satisfied that we wouldn’t have           days’ worth of tracking data after a                      following day, and we get prompt
recommended Telesat if we didn’t have         station-keeping maneuver and then use                     attention when the issue is critical to
complete faith in the FDS product.”           a batch process to determine the new                      the operation.”
More over, L-3 TW knew the two                orbit—a time-consuming task. And
products were designed for ease of            when thrusters fire on four occasions                          Shin Satellite aims to use the
integration, providing Shin Satellite         each day, manually calculating orbits                     IPSTAR system on board the Thaicom 4
with a complete solution.                     becomes a full-time job. By automating                    satellite to compete with terrestrial
                                              the process, the Kalman filter makes the                  broadband solutions such as ADSL,
     After considering its options, Shin      orbit analysts’ jobs much easier.                         cable modem, and fixed wireless while
Satellite selected the L-3 TW bid.                                                                      capitalizing on the satellite’s expansive
“Telesat’s FDS has successfully                    “FDS is an efficient planning and                    coverage and ability to deploy services
supported the station-keeping of              analysis tool that helps our orbit analysis               quickly. Shin Satellite can rest assured
satellites with ion propulsion prior          team run their operation with less time                   knowing that Telesat’s OnOrbit FDS is
to Thaicom 4,” said Dr. Jaturavanich.         and effort,” says Dr. Jaturavanich. “The                  helping to deliver the service reliability
“In addition, Telesat develops and uses       system demonstrates good control of                       upon which IPSTAR’s success much
OnOrbit FDS themselves for satellite          station-keeping by maintaining the                        depends.

                                              OnOrbit FDS is a registered trademark of Telesat Canada                                            5
Telesat’s iMpACT™ integrated
managed solution offers best of
satellite and terrestrial worlds
One-stop-shop approach cuts administration
and improves network performance

              y integrating terrestrial DSL

 B          technology with its iMpACT
           very small aperture terminal
         (VSAT) service, Telesat is
offering customers outstanding
performance, cost savings, and
convenience. Lottery companies, gas
stations, car dealers, financial service
firms, food and retail chains, and            metropolitan areas. Consequently,          levels of service. But now customers
other organizations with widely               customers would often have to deal         will receive a single service level agree-
dispersed sites can now operate               with multiple service providers,           ment, one backed by Telesat’s uniformly
their communications networks more            compounding administration and costs.      high service performance guarantees.
easily—and more cost efficiently—             Now, one call to Telesat does it all.
than ever before.                                                                             Businesses whose livelihoods
                                              A single service level agreement           depend on their networks—take lottery
    “With this integration, customers         guarantees uniform network per-            companies, for instance—will also
have only one service provider to deal        formance                                   appreciate the service’s resiliency
with, not two or more,” said Barbara                                                     options. Telesat iMpACT operates two
Ham, senior market planner with                    In addition to reducing               network operation centres (NOCs) and
Telesat. “This convenience can save           administration, Telesat’s iMpACT           two points of presence (POPs) in
customers a lot of time and money.”           integrated managed solution also           geographically dispersed locations.
                                              promises to provide customers with high    If one NOC or POP goes down, traffic
     Before, businesses that wanted to        service availability and reliability—      from a customer’s data centre can be
deliver broadband services to locations       another benefit of Telesat’s new one-      automatically switched to the other
across Canada, including those in             stop-shop approach. If too many cooks      NOC or POP. And for even greater
off-net areas, had to knit together           spoil the broth, too many service          network resiliency, this traffic can
solutions themselves. These solutions         providers can potentially spoil overall    also travel through the Internet
typically involved satellite for off-net      network performance. In other words,       utilizing a secure Virtual Private
sites and terrestrial DSL services for        not all service providers offer the same   Network (VPN) connection.


                                                                                    Telesat's T    rt


                                                                                                                        Receiver Dish
    “These three separate data paths                                                                                    andTerminal
make Telesat iMpACT a very robust
network,” said Ms. Ham. “Many of our
customers consider this redundancy a

Customers gain unprecedented
network control                                             Web
                                                                               Point of Sale             Credit Debit                   Intranet

     Telesat iMpACT customers also                                   LOTTO
get access to a customizable network-                                000000
management system. This system lets
them monitor traffic flows, measure                                  Lottery
data speeds and network performance,
locate congestion spots, and set
thresholds for alarms. Consequently,            Telesat iMpACT service can                                              Telesat iMpACT service features
customers gain excellent visibility        provide broadband communications to
into their networks, a perspective         virtually any site in Canada and the                                         • The ability to serve any site
that translates into vastly increased      U.S.—all over a private network. And                                           anywhere in North America
control. “Customers are usually            customers can easily add more band-                                            with broadband access
surprised when they find out how           width or new sites. As well, Telesat                                         • The convenience of dealing
much network information they              iMpACT service prices have fallen                                              with a one-stop shop
can get,” said Ms. Ham.                    appreciably—by as much as 50 percent                                         • A single bill
                                           in some instances depending on network                                       • Reduced administration
    Yet customers can still rely on        size and the relative number of satellite                                    • A single, stringent service
Telesat to monitor their networks and      and DSL sites.                                                                 level agreement
promptly repair any faults. “We can fix                                                                                 • Three-tiered network diversity
a problem often before a customer even     Ideal for companies looking to                                               • Network management and control
sees it,” said Ms. Ham. “We react to       upgrade to IP-based networks                                                 • A nation-wide network of field
alarms that quickly.”                                                                                                     service representatives
                                                Who should consider Telesat’s new
     Customers can also tap into           iMpACT integrated managed solution?                                      For more information about
Telesat’s web-based InfoTrac trouble-      Any business with numerous dispersed                                 Telesat’s new iMpACT integrated
ticketing and tracking system, which       sites that is looking to upgrade its                                 managed solution, please contact
lets them see the status of any faults     systems and applications to an Internet                              Barbara Ham at
related to their networks. For instance,   protocol (IP)-based network would be a
InfoTrac will tell customers whether       strong candidate. The service offers the
Telesat has dispatched a field service     best of the satellite and terrestrial worlds
representative to a site and when this     in an attractively priced package that
person is expected to arrive. The          promises to cut administration and
system also enables customers to           improve network performance.
produce custom reports that summarize
network performance as well as service
histories for specific sites.

                                           iMpACT is a registered trademark of Telesat Canada                                                                 7
Online, anywhere: Telesat’s
TeliProTM delivers a
new business reality
             eing online anywhere            and prioritize traffic across your          Hubert Janssen, senior market business

 B          was once but a dream for         network. For instance, you’d likely want    planner with Telesat. “Consequently,
          telecommunications managers        your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)    customers truly pay only for what
         whose businesses operated in        traffic to take precedent over your email   they need.”
       out-of-the-way locations. And if      traffic. If voice packets dawdle en route
remote sites could get online, costs and     to their destination, voice quality can          Customers can also save
limited bandwidth often compromised          drop, which can make conversing by          considerably, thanks to the system’s
the performance and features of the          phone frustrating and in severe cases       space-segment efficiency. TeliPro service
communications services available to         even impractical.                           squeezes ample useable bandwidth from
these sites.                                                                             a given portion of space segment—up
                                                  TeliPro service enables you to         to 50 percent more than an inefficient
     With the recent launch of Telesat       prioritize traffic by protocol, source,     digital video broadcast MPEG
TeliPro service, however, today both         destination address, and port number,       encapsulation scheme—and this
off-net and on-net locations can enjoy       to name a few. This flexibility makes it    efficiency translates into lower
high bandwidth and a smart array             easy to fit the system perfectly to your    transmission costs.
of advanced business applications.           applications.
Cost-effective, robust, and reliable,                                                    Three hub configurations offer
TeliPro service is an Internet protocol           Available in mesh, star, single        tailored security options
(IP)-based wireless network offering         channel per carrier, or hybrid
that allows enterprises to overcome          configurations, TeliPro service also             A private network service, Telesat
traditional connectivity barriers            lets you increase bandwidth on the fly.     TeliPro service comes in a variety of hub
throughout North America.                    Upstream carriers can vary from             configurations, each offering different
                                             100 kilobits per second (KBps) up to a      security and control. The shared-hub
    Service candidates include               4.2 megabits per second (MBps), and         option provides you with your own
wireline service providers, oil and          downstream carriers can vary from           inbound and outbound routes (the
gas companies, utilities, government         128 KBps to 18 MBps. And long gone          bandwidth is not shared), and you
agencies, essentially any enterprise-scale   are the days when capacity increases        share hub equipment with other users.
organization that needs to provide           were restricted to 64 KBps increments.      The private-hub option dedicates
high-quality voice, data, or video           “With TeliPro service, customers can        physically isolated hub equipment
services to all sites in its network,        increase their bandwidth in increments      to your organization, and either you
even those off the beaten path. You          as small as one bit per second,” said       or Telesat operate and control this
can operate TeliPro service in any
number of environments—fixed, mobile,
or marine—and by standardizing your
broadband communications on a single
technology platform, you can reduce the
costs to deploy and maintain your

Quality-of-service choices
     Because TeliPro service operates on
IP technology, you can easily classify

equipment. The third and most secure
option involves putting a standalone              TeliPro Service in Action
hub on your premises.
                                                  Weatherford Canada Partnership assesses drilling
     Whatever hub configuration you
                                                  results for oil and gas industry
choose, you can also subscribe to TeliPro
service’s disaster recovery option. This
                                                  Access to large bandwidth is a big reason why Weatherford
option mimics your primary hub in
                                                  Canada Partnership uses the TeliPro technology from Telesat.
another geographically dispersed hub in
                                                  Weatherford helps oil and gas companies evaluate the results
either Canada or the U.S. If the primary
                                                  of their open-hole drilling, which typically takes place in
hub fails for any reason, the backup hub
                                                  out-of-the-way locations that lack even basic cellular service.
will take over and keep traffic up and
                                                  Weatherford lowers sensors into freshly drilled oil-exploration
                                                  holes and then transmits sensor well-log data back to its
Comprehensive solution                            processing centre. This data is transmitted by TeliPro antennas
                                                  mounted on a fleet of approximately 40 well-log recording
covers all the bases                              trucks—transportable remotes, in essence.
     Quick to install and easy to use             These data files can be huge—as much as 100MB, so having
and service, TeliPro service’s integrated         access to large bandwidth is crucial. “The problem we had in
remote solution will get you online               the past was that other VSAT systems restricted the in-route
quickly. The service comprises a                  capacity, and consequently, the links were way too slow,”
set-top box, antennae, and outdoor                said Tom Vanderveen, wireline data communications logistics
electronics…along with the satellite              and support coordinator with Weatherford Canada Partnership.
capacity, hub services, engineering,              “The Telesat solution lets us transmit at much higher speeds,
installation, field maintenance, and               so we’re able to do our job much faster.”
depot repair—everything you need to
run your communications network                   Weatherford Canada Partnership also wanted a private hub,
effectively, no matter where business             which the current solution also offers. Telesat is managing
takes you.                                        this hub now, but in the future, Weatherford expects to take
                                                  advantage of the technology’s virtual network operator function,
     For more information about TeliPro           which allows customers to run the hub themselves remotely.
service, please contact Hubert Janssen at                             “I’ve used Telesat’s services since the early nineties,”
                                                  said Mr. Vanderveen, “and I’ve been very impressed with
                                                  the company. They come up with solutions that fit our business
                                                  plan, and their after-sales support is second to none. We’ve had
                                                  opportunities to consider other suppliers, but we haven’t really
                                                  wanted to look elsewhere. For what we’re doing now in North
                                                  America and parts of Central America, Telesat is helping us out
                                                  in a big way with this particular product.”

                                            Telipro is a registered trademark of Telesat Canada                      9
Anik F2 in the spotlight with
Frost and Sullivan award
              rost and Sullivan, a global

F           consulting firm, recently
           recognized Telesat with its
          2006 Frost and Sullivan Award
for Product Innovation. Telesat was
honoured for developing and deploying
its Anik F2 satellite, which uses a
groundbreaking Ka-band spot-beam
design to provide cost-effective,
two-way broadband services across
North America.

     “Telesat’s Ka-band technology
delivers a number of significant
advantages to businesses, consumers,
and governments, specifically in rural
or remote areas,” said Max Engel, an        “Telesat is now offering this                selection, including the significance
analyst for Frost and Sullivan. “The        combination, and they were the first         of the new product, its acceptance and
technology is clearly improving             satellite operator to do so. This            value in the market, its technological
communications availability and             accomplishment puts Telesat ahead            innovation, and its competitive
reliability for Telesat’s customers.        of the industry curve.”                      advantages.
As a major innovator in satellite
communications services, Telesat                 Used for both commercial and
deserves our recognition.”                  public services, Telesat’s Anik F2
                                            delivers tele-health, distance education,
     Launched in 2004, Telesat’s Anik F2    high-speed Internet, video conferencing,
was the first satellite to make full        and other critical services to small towns   Telesat Report is available in print
commercial use of the Ka-frequency          and rural communities across the             or on-line @ Telesat
band, an advanced satellite                 continent. The service provides              believes the information contained
communications technology that              always-on, high-speed Internet               in this newsletter to be accurate as
delivers cost-effective, two-way            connectivity to places where geography       of the print date. Some information
broadband service. Anik F2’s unique         or economics prevent traditional DSL         is subject to change without notice
spot-beam design re-uses Ka-band            or high-speed cable.                         and Telesat is not responsible for any
frequencies, which cost-effectively
                                                                                         inadvertent errors. Correspondence
increases capacity and delivers faster          “With the Anik F2 satellite, we          should be forwarded to:
service, no matter where customers          knew Telesat had a breakthrough that         Patricia Kube
reside or work.                             would allow more cost-effective satellite    Editor, Telesat Report
                                            broadband services,” said Larry              Telesat Canada, 1601 Telesat Court,
Ka-band technology
                                            Boisvert, Telesat’s president and CEO.       Gloucester, Ontario K1B 5P4
spawns groundbreaking                       “Our team is proud to be recognized by       Phone: 613-748-0123
                                                                                                                                  Produced by:

consumer service                            Frost and Sullivan for this achievement.”    Toll-Free: 1-800-267-1870
    “To compete with terrestrial                 The Frost and Sullivan Award for
broadband services such as DSL and          Product Innovation is presented to a         If you are currently receiving a
cable in the consumer market, satellite     company that demonstrates excellence         printed copy of this newsletter and
services need low equipment costs           in new products or technologies.             would prefer an electronic version,
and high bandwidth,” said Mr. Engel.        Numerous criteria influence this             please contact us to update our
                                                                                         records accordingly.