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Newsletter 08 - St John's Preparatory School by sdsdfqw21


									                         St John’s Preparatory School
                   St. John’s Preparatory School                                       31 July 2008
                   Tel: 011 645 3100                                                Newsletter Number 8

      Reminders from                        From the Headmaster...
        the Diary                           Dear Parents and Boys
                                            I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very
                                            happy and relaxing holiday! This has been a very busy, happy
                                            and fun-filled term! Our boys have really given of their best,
2/9    Michaelmas Term commences
                                            both in the classroom and on the fields. The soccer season
       Play Rehearsal (LIII & UIII)         was enjoyed by all sides and we held our heads up high
3/9    U9 and U10 Inter-House               against some stiff opposition.     Likewise, we have done
       Hockey                               exceptionally well in rugby and all our boys have been
                                            enthusiastic and committed. Well done also to all the cross
       Ist XI Hockey Tour to KZN            country runners who improve their positions with every run!
4/9    U11, U12 and Open Inter-             On the academic front, I extend congratulations to Mr David
       House Hockey                         Mulenga whose teams came first and second respectively in
                                            the Think Quest Web Design competition . This is a national
       Play Rehearsal (LIII & UIII)
                                            web design competition and I am very proud of our boys!
6/9    1st XI Hockey returns                Enjoy the holiday!!
9/9    Hair inspection                                                                    Mike Workman
       Play Rehearsal (LIII & UIII)
11/9   Tennis Championships
                                                          There are two primary choices in
       (Round 1)                                          life; to accept conditions as they
       Play Rehearsal (LIII & UIII)                      exist, or accept the responsibilities
                                                                   for changing them.
16/9   Play Rehearsal (LIII & UIII)
18/9   2nd XI Cricket Tour departs

Entrepreneurial Day
Well done to all our up-and-coming entrepreneurs for
running a successful Market Day! Thank you to all our
happy shopping parents, visiting schools and the rest of St
John’s College for their wonderful support. A total profit of
approximately R 40 000 was generated by the boys on the
day! 10% of this was taxed and the money given to charity.
Upper II B: R 367.50           Upper II R: R 763.00
Upper II H: R 846.10

Lower III L: R 360.00          Lower III M: R 404.90

Upper III L: R 310.00          Upper III N: R 512.50
Upper III M: R 485.00
Total Tax Collected: R 4 429.00.        Thank you to the parents for making this a realistic learning
                                                                                         David Mulenga
      Page 2                                St John’s Preparatory School

Individual Achievements
Zayan Daya competed in the Style Provincial Trials on 25 May. He won a silver medal for Kata and a
bronze medal for Kumite. He has also been selected to attend the National Tournament later this year.
Llewellyn Craddock won the silver medal in the 10—11 year old Black Belt Division at the WKF Southern
Gauteng Karate Championships. This qualifies him to get Southern Gauteng colours and to participate
in the National Competition in Bloemfontein later this year. Llewellyn has also qualified to go to Slovenia
for the World Karate Confederation Championships in late October.

Congratulations to Nicholas Redelinghuys on being successful in his audition to take part in the Sanlam
National Music Competition. The competition will run from 22 September to 26 September where there
will be 4 rounds to compete in. We wish Nicholas all the best!

Community Service
The Johannesburg Zoo has sent a letter of thanks to Riyaad Ahmid for doing his community service at
the Zoo. Riyaad worked alongside the Animal Keepers, cleaning and caring for the animals. He worked
for two eight-hour days, gaining valuable insight into the zoo and its animals, animal husbandry, team
work and work ethic.

During Easter Term, some of the Lower III and Upper III Art boys entered a competition based on the
Beijing Olympics theme: ‘One World, one Dream’. The boys spent a Saturday morning with Mrs Janet
Simmonds in the Art room designing their posters. We are very pleased to announce that Robert
Bernadie and Kameel Pillay won their section of the competition. They have both been given an Absa
pre-loaded gift card as their prize. Well done!

702 Walk the Talk
Amu Mashele, Jaishil Modi and Sachin Modi all competed in the 702 Walk the Talk race held on Sunday,
27 July. They all successfully walked 5 km. Well done!

Sporting results
Inter-Schools Cross Country
At St Stithians on 9 July:
U9                           U10                           U11
Matthew Robinson—8th         Lodewijk Volkersz—19th        Matthew Powell—11th
Seth Streeter—14th           Nicholas Hallendorf—22nd      William Young—20th
Christopher Ching—18th
U12                          Open
Simon Greeff—29th            Jordi Sanders—26th
                             Dean Maxton—27th
                           St John’s Preparatory School                                     Page 3

Sporting results continued

Inter-Schools Cross Country continued
At St John’s on 16 July:
U9                           U10                         U11
Matthew Robinson—9th         Mpilo Mseleku—14th          Brogan Sanders—3rd
Christopher Ching—10th       Nicholas Hallendorf—17th    Matthew Powell—8th
Seth Streeter—18th           Lodewijk Volkersz—18th      Robert Glover—18th
                                                         Matthew Roos—19th
U12                          Open
Simon Greeff—20th            Jordi Sanders—30th
                             Christopher Murphy—31st
                             Joshua Hooper—34th

Inter-House Rugby
The Inter-House rugby was held on Saturday, 12
July. The results are as follows:
1st    Darragh
2nd    Bousfield and Cullinan
4th    Carter

Rock Climbing
                      Well done on the successful climbing competitions this term, and thanks to the
                      schools that hosted. The standard of climbing and competition has definitely
                      gone up a notch since last year. All three rounds have now been completed.
                      The results are as follows:
                                    1st            Crawford             90%
                                    2nd            St John’s            82%
                                    3rd            St Peter’s           78%
                                    4th            Heron Bridge         77%
                                    5th            Michael Mount        68%

Coin Challenge
On Tuesday, 15 July, Cullinan House challenged the other three houses to collect the most 20c pieces
and lay them end to end in the quad to make the longest line of coins. On the day the boys in each
house laid out their coins, with Cullinan being pushed to the end by Carter. At the end of the morning,
Cullinan came first, Carter 2nd, Bousfield 3rd and Darragh 4th. A total of R3 300 was collected and
donated towards the Upper III Statue. Well done to all the boys who brought coins!
     Page 4                                  St John’s Preparatory School

Staff News
SAALED Conference
        The three learning support teachers from St John’s: Sue de Witte (College), Jill Arnold (Prep) and
Julie Rigby (Pre-Prep) enjoyed the privilege of attending the SAALED (South African Association for
Learning and Educational Difficulties) Conference from 9—12 July 2008. Representatives from the Pre-
Prep were Geraldine Blackhurst and Elaine Owen. The theme of the conference was: “From Inclusion to
Belonging: Widening the Classroom Circle.” For the first three days the programme was very intensive
with international and local speakers presenting.
        Dr Mara Sapon-Shevin was the first speaker. She teaches at Syracuse University, U.S.A. and her
talks set the tone for the whole conference. “What is Inclusion? It’s not a place. It’s not a set of services.
It’s a commitment to how we want the world to be.” Other speakers were from Australia (Dr Loretta
Giorcelli and Simon Heard), United Kingdom (Tilly Mortimore) and Nigeria (Dr Bola Olu Sanya). Local
people with disabilities who had triumphed or achieved spoke about their experiences of coping in the
world. Their plea was “don’t look at the disability, look at the ability.” The concluding talk stressed that
children who weren’t exposed to inclusion were actually missing out on developing into caring members
of our community.
        On Saturday, 9 July, the number of delegates for the conference doubled (900) when we were
privileged to have Dr Mel Levine address us at the Wits Great Hall. The Pre-Prep had all their teachers in
attendance and a few representatives from the Prep were also there. Dr Levine is Professor of Paediatrics
at the University of North Carolina Medical School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Dr Levine spoke on
“Educating All Kinds of Minds: A Non-Labeling Approach to Understanding Differences in Learning”.
                                                                                                  Jill Arnold

World Final of the Kids’ Lit Quiz – Oxford July 2008
       It was an enormous privilege for me to be given an ISASA Visitorship to attend the World Finals of
the Kids’ Lit Quiz in Oxford at the beginning of July.
       This beautiful University town certainly lends itself to these sort of “bookish” events and the 12
KLQ teams from around the world were exposed to every literary treat imaginable. From a tour around
the ancient and exquisite Bodleian Library to a visit to Christ Church College where “Alice In
Wonderland” had its beginnings and where Harry Potter was filmed, to a high tea at the High Table in
Christ Church dining hall. The beauty and sense of tradition that these places are steeped in, is beyond
compare. At the high tea we were entertained by none other than the Children’s Laureate and poet
Michael Rosen.
        The Finals were held in the Oxford Playhouse and attended by local school children and no less
than 35 authors! For the participating teams it must have been quite nerve-wracking, up on stage, under
the lights and having to press the buzzer to answer the questions. The winning team was from a boys’
school in London, Arnold House, not unlike St John’s.
       That evening we attended a grand dinner in the Oxford Town Hall at which we had time to meet
many of the authors and invite them to attend the KLQ Finals here in South Africa next year. Most of
them were tremendously supportive and keen to visit this country. We were also able to chat to some of
the publishers who were eager to look into sponsorship for next year.
       As far as plans for next year’s quiz here in South Africa are concerned, we have had positive
responses and pledges of support from Exclusive Books and the organising committee of the Cape Town
Book Fair.
       I visited a number of school libraries while in the UK and the two that stand out were, Pinewood
Prep and Chandlings, both set in the Oxfordshire countryside.
        These schools reminded me so much of St John’s in the way they were run, and even though their
libraries were not as well-resourced as ours, the activities taking place in them were very similar. It is
always good to get a sense that you are reading from the same page even though you are 10 000kms
        This trip was as rich an experience of English books and literature that I think one could get. We
have learnt a huge amount about the planning and organising of such an event – a large undertaking.
Marj Brown and I are looking forward to organising and hosting the KLQ final here next year with a
distinctly South African flavour.
                                                                                                Nicky Sulter
                         St John’s Preparatory School                                        Page 5

Author Julia Golding at a dinner                            School Library, Chandlings Oxford

Oxford Town Hall, venue for Kid’s Lit Quiz Dinner

             Nicky Sulter with author Alan Gibbons

Web Design
Congratulations to teams ‘Tastic Trio’ and ‘Fantastic 4’ for attaining 1st and 2nd place (South Africa –
U12) in the Think Quest Web Design competition run by the Oracle Foundation in America. Team
members will each receive a cash prize and certificates from the organizers.

The teams were represented by Aashish Diayar, Adam Harvey, Christoff Du Plessis, James Gooch,
Simon Greeff, Vincent Pansegrouw, Jacques Swanepoel and George Stanchev. Well done, boys!
                                                                                        David Mulenga
     Page 6                                  St John’s Preparatory School

Chatterbox Public Speaking Festival
This term’s Chatterbox Public Speaking Festival was held on Tuesday 8 July at Kingsmead Junior
School. Boys delivered prepared speeches on topics suggested by the titles of several books. The orators
spoke eloquently and above all enjoyed the experience of public speaking, such a worthwhile and
important life-skill.

The following boys participated and were awarded certificates
Lower II
Mpilo Mseleku                 Silver         Fayadh Haffejee               Gold
Nikhil Moodley                Silver
Upper II
Mohammad Omar                 Silver         Nicholas Bielderman           Silver
Llewellyn Craddock            Gold
Lower III
Aashish Diayar                Bronze         Jamie Batchelor               Bronze
Edward Kerr-Phillips          Bronze         Grant Carroll                 Bronze
Upper III
Benedict Didcott-Marr         Gold           James Sulter                  Gold
Stephen Mark                  Silver         Nicholas Redelinghuys         Silver

Senior Public Speaking Finals
The final round of the Senior Public Speaking Competition was held on Wednesday 23 July. Boys
presented a 2-3 minute prepared speech where they had used an English proverb as stimulus for the
topic. In addition to this they were required to present a 1 minute impromptu speech on a topic randomly
drawn by each speaker. Mrs Gillian McCabe adjudicated the competition.

The following boys participated in the finals:
Lower III
Aashish Diayar                Adam Andreani
Stephen De Souza              Jeremy Prior
Kyllian Pather
Upper III
Edwin Williamson              Nicholas Redelinghuys
James Sulter
Benedict Didcott-Marr was selected to participate but unfortunately was ill on the day of the final.

Congratulations to Stephen and James who were chosen as the winners.
                                                                                           Karen Maitland

                                       If I won’t be myself, who will?
                                                                                    A Hitchcock
                            St John’s Preparatory School                                                Page 7

Community Service and Charitable Donations
St John’s boys are generous boys!
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the R5 request at the beginning of this term. With such
difficult times upon us and so many communities in dire need we have been able to make contributions
to the following charitable organisations:
•   Bethany Home for Abused Women and Children in Bertrams - a cash donation.
•   Ikageng Ikiraleng AIDS Ministry in Soweto – a box of a month’s groceries to be given to a
    child-headed household.
•   ABC Kids Children’s Home – donations of new tracksuits and winter pyjamas
    (see separate report and photo)
•   FLOC (For Love of Children) in Central Johannesburg – a cash donation

On behalf of all the charities who have sent their heartfelt thanks, thank you to everyone who gave so
                                                                                                  Karen Maitland

      ABC Kids 


      In response to an urgent appeal from the ABC children’s home, some of our charity fund was 
      used  to  purchase  tracksuits  and  pyjamas  for  new  arrivals  at  the  home.  ABC  is  a  children’s 
      home catering for abandoned children. 
      This  photo  shows  some  of  the  happy  recipients  wearing  their  new  warm  winter  clothing! 
      Many thanks to those who regularly contribute to our charity fun and to Karen Maitland for 
      so  happily  doing  the  shopping!  Thanks  must  also  go  to  Liz  Berry  who  so  kindly  provided 
      additional clothing at short notice! 
                                                                                               Margot Long 
     Page 8                                 St John’s Preparatory School

Grahamstown Children’s Arts Festival
         After months of planning and anticipation, a group of 21 Lower and Upper III boys and 2 teachers
left for the Grahamstown Arts Festival on Thursday 26 June. A short uneventful flight saw us landing in
Port Elizabeth at lunchtime. From here we boarded a bus and drove the rest of the way to Grahamstown.
The boys then joined children from many other schools, mostly from Gauteng, for the Children’s Arts
Festival which is run by St Andrew’s Prep School.
       During the stay in Grahamstown we were fortunate enough to see the following theatre
productions Sky’s the Limit, Raiders: The Daily Lama, An African Celebration, Sidesplitting Hypnosis and
Best of Mamba. It would be difficult to select the most popular show but undoubtedly An African
Celebration performed at the impressive Guy Butler Theatre at the 1820 Settlers’ Monument was the
most professional and elaborate. Starring the inimitable Sibongile Khumalo and a stellar cast including
our own OJ Nic Nicolaides it was indeed a celebration of African music. Raiders and Mamba have
become firm festival favourites and were as always highly entertaining, topical and downright hilarious!
       In addition to the theatre productions, boys attended numerous, craft, drama and music
workshops, marveling at the fact that the crafts they made were so ‘cool’ they didn’t have to buy gifts for
family members but could present them with hand crafted gifts they’d made themselves.
       A trip to the world famous Shamwari Private Game Reserve situated between Grahamstown and
Port Elizabeth was organised to prevent an overdose of culture! The programme ended with a festival
disco at St Andrew’s Hall which turned out to be the social event of the year.
     Lasting friendships were forged and phone numbers exchanged on the flight back home on
Monday 30 June, just in time to enjoy the rest of the week’s half-term holiday.

                                                                   Karen Maitland and Zeza De Oliveira

                                                                   All the boys ready to board their

     This was not an
     uncommon sight in
     the suburbs.
                    St John’s Preparatory School                                      Page 9

Notice to Parents
Please note that for security reasons school bags have now become part of the school uniform.
Please ensure that when you next purchase a bag for your son, that you purchase a St John’s
bag. The Swop Shop stocks the St John’s bags and their times are as follows: Monday, Tuesday
and Thursday from 12h00 – 14h00.
    Page 10                              St John’s Preparatory School

“One of the first techniques was engineered by Kathy and Mac, who began secretly collecting
empty matchboxes. Mac had the idea of constructing a false bottom to the box and placing in it a
tiny written message. Laloo Chiba wrote minuscule coded messages that would be placed in the
converted matchbox. Joe Gqabi, another MK soldier who was with us, would carry the matchboxes
on our walks to the quarry and drop them at a strategic crossing where we knew the general
prisoners would pass. Designated prisoners from F and G would pick up the matchboxes on their
walks, and we retrieved messages in the same fashion. It was far from perfect, and we could easily
be foiled by something as simple as the rain. We soon evolved more efficient methods.”
Taken from “Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela” by Nelson Mandela

Each boy in the Prep was given a matchbox to decorate. They then added a special birthday wish for
Nelson Mandela to their matchbox. On Friday, 18 July, we used the matchboxes to make the figure “90”
in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday. Below are some of the letters that our boys sent to
St John’s Preparatory School   Page 11
     Page 12                                St John’s Preparatory School

My Icon                                               Dear Nelson Mandela
I am inspired by you because you changed our          You are an example to the whole world because
country to a democracy and all of our lives with      you made the country into peace. We admire you
your influence. You gave us something to live for     because you forgave and forgot the people that
and you taught me to never give up hope. The          put you into prison. You’ve shown us what a true
most important lesson you taught me is to fight       leader is because you walked the “long walk” to
for what I believe in.                                freedom!! I think you’re a hero because you
                                                      stopped apartheid. I’m inspired by you because
                You are my hero.
                                                      you’re a true legend.
               Happy 90th birthday
                                                                                             Mase Koki
                                Morgan Fairbairn
                                                      Dear Nelson Mandela.
                                                      I am very grateful for what you have done for
You are a South African Super hero. You are an        Africa. I absolutely hope you have a magnificent,
example to the world because you fought for your      marvelous and fantastic birthday for I know how
rights and you stopped apartheid and never let go     special it is for you. My best wishes to you! Have
of your dream. I am inspired by you because           some fun!
what you have done for our country and for
freedom. I remember meeting you, it was so                                             Matthew Nelson
special. You have done well.
                 Happy Birthday                       You are an example to the whole world because
                            Cameron Thompson          you were a very brave man to stay in jail for
                                                      twenty six years and lead the country to peace. I
                                                      also like you because you stopped the country
Dear Madiba. You are an example to the whole          from going into war whilst you were being freed.
world because you changed everyone's life in          You are a great man. I remember when you came
South Africa. We admire you because you are the       to my old school and shook all of our hands
best.                                                 because your grandson was coming. You are a
                                                      true leader and also happy birthday. May God
                                 Ayanda Mothudi       bless you and keep you in eternal life.
                                                                                        James Shelton
You have inspired me because you are a great
man for fighting for peace and love during the
hardest time ever: Apartheid! I still can’t believe   Dear Nelson Mandela
you spent 27 years in jail and weren’t angry with     I wish you a very, very happy birthday. I like you
anyone. I love you, we love you! Happy 90th!          because you never gave up on stopping apartheid.
                                Stuart McKernan       It took you a long time but your hard work finally
                                                      paid off.
                                                                                        Matthew Whall
I love you because you are a brave man. You
have shown us what a true leader is by fighting       Dear Nelson Mandela
for freedom. You are a hero to me for everything      Thank you for all you have done. You stopped
you have done for South Africa. I am inspired by      apartheid and you let everybody have a chance to
you, thank you very much!                             vote. You made everything equal for everyone.
                                     Sbusiso Moyo     And for that, I think you. God bless you, make a
                                                      good wish.
                                                                                       Reabetswe May
Dear Nelson Mandela
I think you are a hero because you saved our
country from a civil war even though you had just     Dear Nelson Mandela
been in prison for 26 years. We admire you            I wish you a very very happy birthday. Thank you
because you forgave everyone instead of trying to     for stopping apartheid. You never gave up. I
kill them for what they did and kept everybody        hope you live to 100 so lets start the countdown.
                                                                                          Oliver Kieser
                                   Mpilo Mseleku
St John’s Preparatory School   Page 13
Page 14   St John’s Preparatory School
St John’s Preparatory School   Page 15
Page 16   St John’s Preparatory School
St John’s Preparatory School   Page 17
Page 18   St John’s Preparatory School
St John’s Preparatory School   Page 19
    Page 20                         St John’s Preparatory School

              Escola Primaria do Gran de Chingongoene,             San   Sebastian
              Mozambique is a very rural and poor school.
          There are 200 children between the ages of 4 and 14 years old who
     attend this school. Some of these children walk for more than four hours a
  day to school and back. They have no toys and use plastic packets tied up
with string for a soccer ball.
I would like to help them by collecting the following:
•    20 soccer balls ( with air let out)
•    20 skipping ropes
•    Tennis Balls
If you would like to be part of this initiative, please contact Jack Berry in Upper
III M early next term.
St John’s Preparatory School   Page 21
    Page 22                                St John’s Preparatory School

     Holiday Cricket Coaching
       Upper I and Grade 2
Cricket coaching sessions will be held at St John’s during the August
school holidays. Boys keen on their cricket are more than welcome to
Upper I: Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 14h00—15h45
(that is 4th, 6th, 11th, 13th, 18th, 20th, 25th and 27th August.)
Grade 2: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 14h00—15h20 (that is 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 19th,
21st, 26th and 28th August.)

The cost per session for boys in Upper I is R40-00 and for boys in Grade 2 is R35-00. It is not required
that boys attend every session.

Parents who would like their sons to take part in the August holiday cricket coaching, please contact Mr
MacIntosh on 011—609 3717 after 18h00.
The Cricket Clinic will run from 4—7 August 2008 at
     Grayston Preparatory School in Sandown.
Page 24   St John’s Preparatory School
St John’s Preparatory School   Page 25
Page 26                          St John’s Preparatory School

          Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you
          leave them all over everything you do.
                                                         Elvis Presley
St John’s Preparatory School   Page 27
Page 28   St John’s Preparatory School
     Page 29                                       St John’s Preparatory School

         Ponder on these
    imponderables for a minute:
•   If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?
•   Why is the person who invests all your money called a
•   When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?
•   Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist
    but a person who drives a racing car not called a
•   Why do “overlook” and “oversee” mean opposite
•   Why isn't the number 11 pronounced onety one?
•   “I am” is reportedly the shortest sentence in the
    English language. Could it be that “I do” is the
    longest sentence?
•   If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked,
    doesn’t it follow that electricians can be delighted,
    musicians denoted, cowboys deranged, models
    deposed, tree surgeons debarked, and dry cleaners
•   What hair colour do they put on the driver’s licences of bald men?
•   Why do they put pictures of criminals up in the Post Office? What are we supposed to do, write to
    them? Why don’t they just put their pictures on the postage stamps so the postmen can look for
    them while they deliver the mail?
•   You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive.
•   No one ever says, “It’s only a game” when their team is winning.

                                                                                   Mike Workman

               Continuous effort—not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking our
                                                                                  W. Churchill

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