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             Tactical Airborne Crew
           Electronic Warfare Trainer
Train with your aircraft self-protection systems where you fight with them…in the air

Operational aircraft such as transports, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft lack
the means to realistically train aircrew in-flight in the use of self-protection suites. A
method of providing a high fidelity airborne simulation of Radar Warning Receivers
(RWR) and Missile Approach Warning Systems (MAWS) systems, such as the ALR-56
and AAR-47, is therefore a requirement. The Tactical Airborne Crew Electronic
Warfare Trainer (TACET) fulfills that requirement. A rangeless system supporting both
instructor-led and automatically generated scenarios, TACET delivers high-fidelity
visual and audio stimulus that allows air crews to react to realistic threats.

TACET – Making it real                           Scenario Control
TACET can either replace or drive the            The instructor’s laptop will display the
actual aircraft displays with scenarios          RWR and MAWS display, a map
controlled by an instructor laptop used          display, as well as suitable controls to
in the cockpit during flight. Threat             facilitate rapid threat selection and
symbology is identical to that of RWR            modification, scenario control, and
systems including threat “breathing”             scenario analysis as shown. The
and “mippling” effects and the system            instructor display replicates displayed
will also provide simulated MAWS                 threat symbology on the remote
visual cues. Movement of displayed               cockpit display. A map view enables
threats will respond to aircraft                 selection of the analysis aids of range
movement relative to the threat                  rings and cardinal axis lines centred on
position. Displayed threat symbols to            the aircraft; the instructor is then able
the crew will appear in the same                 to select a path history that will depict
location as selected on the instructor           the flight path of the aircraft in the
display. TACET audio is identical to             horizontal from a gods-eye perspective.
actual RWR and MAWS audio and will               The instructor can also select an event
be provided via connection to the                history function that superimposes
aircraft inter-communication system              symbology over the aircraft path
(ICS). Threat audio signals are                  history to coincide with the time of
generated at the same time that a threat         threat events (e.g.: threat
symbol is displayed to the crew and any          commencement, mode change,
changes in threat system mode will               removal). The scenarios and aircraft
generate the appropriate audio                   movements will be recorded for
notification.                                    mission replay and debriefing

                                      TACET will be delivered to the              xwave has built a significant
                                      Canadian Department of National             understanding of the defence business.
                                      Defence during the summer of 2003.          Our core competencies are:
                                      The Canadian Forces must train aircrew
                                      to operate the CC-130 Hercules for          Simulation and Training systems
                                      operations in a medium threat               Delivering a range of devices ranging
                                      environment. The Canadian Air Force         from computer-based training packages
                                      CC-130 is currently fitted with the ALR-    to part-task trainers right through to
                                      56(M) Advanced Radar Warning                intermediate level training devices
                                      Receiver (RWR) and AAR-47 Missile           incorporating high fidelity visual
                                      Approach Warner.                            systems and tactical environments;
                                                                                  Information Operations
                                                                                  A trusted partner of DND for over 20
                                      Instructor Display
                                                                                  years, designing, developing, and
                                                                                  fielding numerous Electronic Warfare
                                                                                  (EW) support systems, Command and
                                                                                  Control, Secure Communications,
                                                                                  Security & Intelligence, and Data
                                                                                  Fusion systems; and
                                                                                  Air Traffic Management
                                                                                  Our extensive ATM Displays and
                                                                                  System Interfaces experience,
                                                                                  combined with our skillful
                                                                                  management of new technologies,
                                      xwave’s defence & aerospace business        provides the building blocks to
                                      is an integral part of its success as a     modernize ATM around the world.
                                      world-class systems engineering and         Our ISO registered quality processes
                                      information technology (IT) provider.       ensure that the solutions we create
                                      For more than 30 years, xwave has           meet the stringent performance and
                                      been a key defence and aerospace            reliability criteria of the military and
                                      contractor, specializing in land, naval,    civil aviation.
                                      aerospace, air traffic management and
                                      information applications. Highly            Contact Us
                                                                                  For more information:
                                      specialized, real-time and performance-
                                      critical software and systems solutions     Visit our website at
                                                                                  Call toll free: 1-877-449-9283
                                      are hallmarks of xwave’s engineering
                                      expertise.                                  Email:

                                      xwave offers clients the strength of an     Or contact your local xwave office in
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