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					                PARKLANDS COLLEGE

PARKLANDS TIMES                                                                                      July-August / 2009


  19 September 2009
       @ 19H00


                                            Founder’s Message                                                       DATES FOR 2009:         PROPOSED
                                            Lorraine Roth                                                           Summer Quarter          FOR 2010:
Cape Philharmonic Youth                        On the 24th July that bastion of tradition, the stately Mount
                                                                                                                    21 Jan -27 Mar
                                                                                                                    Autumn Quarter
    Wind Ensemble                            Nelson Hotel, played host to the highly anticipated Parklands
                                            College Matric Ball of 2009. Like the cotillions of old, the Matric
                                                                                                                    15 Apr - 26 Jun
                                                                                                                    Mid-Term Break
                                                                                                                                            Summer Quarter
                                                                                                                                            14 Jan - 26 Mar
                                              Dance serves as a final stepping out of childhood into young          27 April - 1 May        Autumn Quarter
                                                adulthood and this year's Matric learners embraced this                                     14 Apr to 9 Jun
 Guest Conductor: Dr John Stanley              glittering event with style and panache. The parade of the
                                                                                                                    Winter Quarter
                                                                                                                                            Winter Quarter
                                                                                                                    22 Jul - 23 Sept
                                               enchantingly beautiful and the sartorially sharp would have          Spring Quarter          14 Jul - 23 Sept
                                            brought a twinkle to the eye of that most famous past patron of
   Scenes from the Louvre - Dello Joio        the beloved 'Nellie', the old stoic Winston Churchill. It was a       6 Oct to 10 Dec         Spring Quarter
                                                                                                                                            6 Oct - 9 Dec
        Ave Maria - Franz Biebl              splendid evening; elegant and magical and undoubtedly it will
    Gallimaufry - Guy Woolfendon             remain seared in its brilliance into the hearts and minds of the
                                                                 Matrics of 2009 forever.
                                                                                                                                            GATE TIMES

  Chorale & Alleluia - Howard Hanson        - Cathy Dodders
        Spring Festival - Yi Chen
     Beguine for Band - Glenn Osser         After the Ball its time for the books and as the Matrics write their preliminary                 PRE-PRIMARY
                                            examinations, it is with great fondness that the College reflects upon the contribution          Monday - Friday
                                            each learner has made to the College over the years. Special thanks go to the                    07h30 - 08h30
                                            exemplary head prefects Tholo Lerotholi and Helene Bam and their dedicated prefect               12h45 - 14h30
 Cape Philharmonic Youth                    body for their outstanding leadership during 2009. The College extends its best wishes
                                            to all of the Matrics as they set off in pursuit of further studies. It is hoped that you will   PREPARATORY
Orchestra Concerto Festival                 all become active members of our burgeoning alumni and keep in touch by signing up               Monday - Thursday
                                            on Parklands College Facebook. Best of luck for the Finals.                                      07h30 - 08h15
                                            We are once again proud to inform you, that the CPYO will be performing in the hall on           12h45 - 13h30
  Conductor: Alexander Fokkens              Saturday 19 September at 19h00. The CPYO consists of highly skilled and talented                 14h00 - 14h45
                                            young musicians between the ages of 14 and 27 who promise to deliver an exciting                 Friday
         Flute Concerto - Quantz            programme of Flute and Violin Concertos as well as highlights from Westside Story. As            07h30 - 08h15
                                            you will see from the banner accompanying this message the show promises to be                   12h45 - 13h45
     (Flautist: Lauren De Doncker)          crammed with well-known and much enjoyed favourites. We look forward to your
  Violin Concerto (Summer) - Vivaldi        support and encourage you to bring family and friends. All the proceeds from this                SECONDARY
                                            performance will be donated to the CPYO. Avoid disappointment by booking your                    Monday - Thursday
          (Violinist: Odile Lesch)          tickets through the Pre-Primary and Secondary Faculty receptions. Alternatively tickets          07h00 - 08h10
       Flute Concerto - Briccialdi          will be available at the door.                                                                   14h10 - 14h50
         (Flautist: Travis Moore)           The Secondary Faculty Sport, Culture and Service Awards will take place on                       Friday
                                            Wednesday 9 September at 18h30. The audience will be treated to interludes of dance              07h00 - 08h10
 West Side Story (Highlights) - Bernstein   and music, once again showcasing our learner's exceptional talents. Your invitation will         13h45 - 14h30
                                            be emailed to you shortly and we look forward to your participation.                             Monday - Friday
                                            We would like to acknowledge the commitment and time put in by many mums and                     15h40 - 16h20
                  VENUE                     dads, who volunteer their services to the college. The PCOS, the ladies who work in
          PARKLANDS COLLEGE HALL            the library and the willing hands that serve our ever hungry learners at cake sales.
                                            Thank you for your contribution to the happiness and well-being of our learners. Your
            Wood Drive, Table View          services are truly appreciated!
                                            I would like to compliment our staff, learners and their parents for their co-operation and commitment during
                                            the recent bout of flu and hope that everyone is truly on their way to recovery.
       Tickets: R 30.00                     Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish the Prep Sports Tour well as they leave us on Sunday 13
                                            September for their tour of the Garden Route as well as the Secondary Faculty learners who will be leaving us
                                            on Tuesday 22 September on their fabulous tour of France. I wish you all a wonderful time and may you
   For more information contact:            return home safely!

Henriette Weber 021 410 9982 /              Please join us on Open Day Saturday 17 October 2008 from 10h00 - 13h00. All are welcome.
                                            For information regarding the calendar of events, kindly refer to the back page.

                 complete service breakdown on
                                                                                                                                  10%       ~ OFF ~
                                                                                                                                        all treatments
                  021 557 7032 / 021 557 7029                                                                                          on presentation
                                                                                                                                       of this voucher
               Pre-Primary Faculty

                        From the Principal’s Office
                        Lee-ann Steynberg

                        The Pre-Primary has begun to settle back into its routine and we welcomed Lucette Torbet to Rabbit's House. Lucette is
                        teaching the Rabbit's whilst Riëtte is on maternity leave. We wish her a happy stay with us and trust the parents will
                        welcome her to the faculty.

                        A little earlier than expected, our congratulations go to Riëtte and Jacques Pieterse on the birth of their baby boy, Juan.
                        Juan was born on Monday 24 August and weighed 3.3 kg. Mom and baby are doing well.

                        Our little ones have had a wonderful time bringing their bicycles to school and many of the teachers will be setting dates for
                        the rest of the quarter. Please keep an eye on the weekly e-mails for your class dates and log on to our website next month
                        for an update of photographs -

    Next month the Grade 0s are looking forward to a Global warming workshop and we are excited to welcome back the Cape Philharmonic Youth
    Orchestra. They will be performing on Saturday 19 September in our Hall. We will once again be hosting our Educational Games Drive from
    the 14 – 18 September in the Pre-Primary reception. This is a wonderful opportunity to stock up on birthday and Christmas gifts for the little

    We hope you have a wonderful quarter and we look forward to the many exciting happenings in the Pre-Primary.

    Grade 0
    Owl, Pooh Bear and Rabbit’s House
    Justine de Wet, Tali Maltz and Riette Pieterse

    The Grade 0 classes have been thoroughly captivated by the dynamic shows and outings
    this past month. They were enthralled by the rhythmic beats of Drum Kidz.
    Andy, the show's presenter was delighted by the natural talent of many of our learners. Each
    learner had the opportunity to use a Djembe drum to retell a story using bass, treble and a
    variety of different drumming techniques. Thereafter the learners had the opportunity to
    develop unique rhythms and music, which they eagerly shared with one another.
    Our August outing to Giraffe house was both exciting and informative. The learners were
    presented with an interesting array of reptiles and were enlightened about their eating habits,
    natural habitat and behaviour. Thereafter we were led on a muddy but exhilarating and
    refreshing walk to view the various animal species in their enclosures. The children were
    captivated by the very friendly 3 year old orphaned giraffe, who was rescued by the
    conservationists. We were also fortunate to see camels, buffalo, crocodile, caracal, vultures, and a variety of
    indigenous buck. Thank you to all the parents who dressed their children in appropriate clothing
    for this wet weather. The children loved jumping in puddles with their wellington boots!
    Bicycle day was a great success for Pooh Bears and Owl's House and is eagerly anticipated by
    the Rabbit’s House learners. The learners brought an array of vehicles and modes of transport,
    including scooters, roller skates and little cars.
    We are hard at work preparing for the art exhibition in October and the learners are looking
    forward to more exciting themes and events in September.

    Grade 00
    Christopher Robins, Kanga and Roo's House
    Lyn-Maree van Enter, Candice Acheson, Suzette Watkins

    After a wonderful and well deserved June/July holiday, we arrived back at school rested and
    eager to tackle all the third quarter had in store for us.
    We have spent the last few weeks learning about animals, from the pets we have at home, to animals we
    would find on the farm or in the wild. We have discovered many new and interesting facts and have enjoyed
    discussing these themes during our morning discussion time. But it certainly hasn't been all work and no play .
    . . we thoroughly enjoyed our energetic drumming session with Drum Kidz. During this exciting activity we
    were able to express ourselves creatively, as well as enjoy an entertaining story. We also loved riding our own
    scooters and bikes on Bicycle Day.
    We look forward to the second half of this quarter being just as busy and fun filled as the first!

    Grade 000
    Piglets, Tigger and Honey Bee's House
    Ingrid Vorster, Maliney Bailey and Jayne Naidoo

    WOW!! What an awesome quarter it has been for the Honey Bees, Tiggers and Piglets. We have had such exciting
    themes and learnt so much about the different types of animals from pets to farm animals to wild animals……and of
    course our favourite has been “Extinct Animals”. We have been fascinated to discover all sorts of amazing facts
    about the gigantic dinosaurs that walked our planet a long time ago, from the frilled Triceratops to the ferocious
    Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    Thank you to Luca Wolvaardt's dad, Derik who came to chat to us about fossils and bones. This was very interesting and we all learnt a great
    deal. According to Jean-Rene Dedant, dinosaurs still exists because he saw one at Woolies.
    Then the “Drums Kids” came to visit which was loads of fun. Emihle Danisa in Honey Bee's House won a T shirt for drumming so beautifully to
    the beat. Next came the day we were all anticipating. “Honey Bee and Tigger's Bicycle Day”!! It was such an exhilarating day for us all…as
    we took our wheeled toys out to the driveway and rode excitedly on our very own “chalk drawn” roads. The Piglets are looking forward to their
    bicycle day and will tell us all about it in the next newsletter.


               Preparatory Faculty

                            From the Principal’s Office
                            Colleen Millar

                            In Robert D. Ramsay's book on leadership, he compares the different facets of a school to playing with an old-fashioned
                            Chinese finger trap. This is the type of exercise where you insert your forefingers and then try to pull them out. The
                            harder you pull in opposite directions, the tighter the trap grips your fingers. The trick is simply to bring your fingers
                            together and then the trap releases them.

                            The lesson of the Chinese finger trap metaphor is that a school cannot succeed as long as everyone is pulling in different
                            directions. It really only succeeds when people come together. Never has this simple analogy been more evident than
                            during our current crisis with the H1N1 virus. It has been heartwarming to witness our school drawing together as a
                            community and supporting each other in every possible way. The management and staff of the College are appreciative of
                            the support and understanding displayed thus far and we look forward to the time when all facets of our school are able to
                            function at optimum capacity again.

    Grade One - Writers’ Corner
    100 School Days of Grade One Left!

    Every morning the Grade One learners take out their 100 blocks to cross off the next number and to work out how many Grade One days there
    are left. We have done a number of class activities involving the number 100. One such activity was to write what they would do with R100,
    should they be lucky enough to receive it.

    I would save it for the poor people. -Kaylee Musikanth
    I would buy a toy jet that could fly with a remote control or I would buy a remote control car. - Robin Hannie
    I would buy cool soccer boots. If I get change I would buy a soccer ball. - Luka September
    I would buy a lego batman and if I didn't spend it all I would be rich and put it in the bank. - Bruce Carlisle
    I would buy some dresses and some toys and some makeup. - Micaela Bauer

    Grade Two - Autumn Poems
    The leaves have turned beautiful.              One Autumn day I saw a squirrel.
    Winter is ready to come.                       With lots and lots of nuts.
    All the animals and birds                      He was getting ready for Winter.
    Are ready to hibernate and migrate.            Then as I turned around
    It is very breezy in Autumn.                   there was a huge pile of leaves.
    The days are getting shorter
    And the nights are getting longer.             Kieran Smith
    We can collect Autumn leaves
    And make stuff.

    Su-Young Hong

    Grade Three - How The...
    Gorilla Got His Fur... Once upon a time there lived a gorilla. He was the odd one out. All the other gorillas had hair. His friends, Spider and
    Snake decided to help him. They were going to get him fur. The next day they called him to the dandelions. They first went to a gum tree.
    They put lots of gum on him then the spider spun a sticky web around Gorilla. They went back to the dandelions. They made Gorilla spin in the
    dandelions. They made him roll in the dandelions so Gorilla was full of dandelions. The gum stuck all the dandelions to Gorilla's body. A few
    days later the gum was dry and the dandelions went black. That night Gorilla went to sleep with fur on his body. The next day he went home to
    his family and he lived happily every after. - D'Angelo Savvas

    Giraffe Got A Long Neck… Once there was a giraffe. Giraffe had a lovely short neck. He was so proud of his neck. One day Giraffe
    met Cheetah. Giraffe said to Cheetah, “I am so nice. I am better than you!” “No, you are not,” said Cheetah. “Just because you are nice it
    doesn't mean you are better than me!” said Cheetah. Cheetah walked away. The next day Giraffe saw Lion and said, “I am better than you!”
    “Oh yes, you are!” said Lion, tricking Giraffe. The next day Giraffe and Lion went to the lake to drink water but lion said, “You drink first, Giraffe.”
    So, Giraffe drank first and Crocodile, who was Lion's friend, waited in the water. Crocodile pulled Giraffe's neck and it started to stretch. It
    stretched and stretched until finally Crocodile let go. Giraffe's neck was now so long and from then on Giraffe has always had a long neck. -
    Tamira Corker

    Grade Four - I Wish...
                        I could be a famous mathematician and scientist who could help ill people and solve the world's problems.
                                                I would love to stop the SWINE FLU! - Lauren Abrahall
                   I was a dog because I could stay at home and sleep all day. I could eat, bite and chew everything in sight and play
                                                       innocent when they are angry. – Chloé Bagg
                   I could be an author one day, like Enid Blyton. I have already written a few small books by myself about nature and
                                                          books for my friends. – Lindsay Friday

                            I had a lot of money to buy my mom a Harley Davidson motorbike because that is her dream and it
                                                       would make her overjoyed. – Michaela Lloyd

    Grade Five - Our Trip to The Castle
    Mikhailan Naicker

    On the 24 of June the Grade Five classes went to the Castle which was built about 400 years ago. In
    that time the Castle was on the shore of Cape Town's beach. We got there by school bus. When we
    arrived they performed the key ceremony; they shot a mini cannon. It was very loud. The tour guide
    took us to the different gun powder storage rooms. When the guide switched off the lights in the room,
    it was so dark that you couldn't see your own hand. Then they took us to the torch room and the
    dungeon. It was also very dark. There was only one spot of light in the dungeon which was from a
    small window. Then we went into a room which had a very long table with a hundred chairs and doors
    on each side where the spirits of the dead come out to play and eat on the table. There were really
    one hundred ghosts and chairs! The outing was such fun and very interesting. I really
    learned a lot that day!

    Grade Six - My Year
    Agata Sobkow

    E verybody got so sad, When Mam said she was very mad.
    M y friends say that I am so good, Well I hope so – I touch wood.
    O f course I do not like tests, So I sit and watch the teachers go tick, tick, yes!
    T the hardest thing for me is that, I cannot use a cricket bat.
    I miss and hit, But then I look like a squirming nit.
    O h no!, I'm being such a fool, They are probably thinking I'm a bull.
    N ow come exams I'm not ready, I need to get my lucky teddy.
    S tudy, study is my motto, That's the way I will win the lotto.

    Emilio Ramos

    Ek hou van sokker, basketbal en ek speel met my skaatsplank by my huis. Ek kyk graag sokker en
    partykeer tennis en rugby op die televisie. Ek wil die 2010 Wêreld Beker Sokker by die stadion kyk.
    Dit sal ʼn groot oomblik in my lewe wees. Ek doen swemlesse met ʼn afrigter elke Donderdag
    middag en ek hou baie van swem.

    Courageous Challenges Have Grade Sixes Buzzing
    As part of the Grade Six personal development programme, Courageous Challenges were introduced
    where learners within groups devise tasks to meet specific requirements using initiative and
    originality. Their first challenge was to think of a way in which to thank the support staff for their valued
    contribution to the smooth running of the College. Activities ranged from the cleaning of classrooms to the
    setting out of lunch, picnics, the distribution of notes of appreciation and to play performances. We were
    delighted with the warm and enthusiastic response of our learners to their tasks.

    Grade Six ‘Parklands Apprentice’Tasks
    Louise Wijker

    The clear weather on Friday 7 August was a welcome addition as the Grade Six learners
    transformed the Preparatory play park into a 'fun fair' for an hour. The task encouraged the
    learners to make use of predominantly recycled materials in the construction of a fun fair
    game or activity. It also provided the learners with an opportunity to sell a service instead of
    a product. Their young customers took great delight in testing their skills in a variety of good
    old-fashioned games. Whilst prizes were awarded on a rotational basis, some were just
    content with the thrill of hunting for treasures in jelly or maneuvering a metal ring around
    convoluted wire. It was delightful to observe the manner in which the Grade Sixes managed
    their stalls and patiently assisted those who participated in their games. A carnival
    atmosphere provided the ideal setting for some incidental learning experiences, both for the
    consumers and the suppliers.

    Kids’ Lit Quiz
    Louise Wijker

    On Monday 27 July the Cape Town regional event for the 6th Kids' Lit Quiz, sponsored by Exclusive Books, took place
    at Rustenburg Girls' Junior School. 100 children took part, in 25 teams, from schools around the Cape. Quiz master, Wayne Mills from New
    Zealand, quizzed the participants on ten topics: the USA, authors, book knowledge, cars, comic characters, fathers, giants, law, poetry and
    quests. We are extremely proud of our representatives - Jack Donde and Jack Carlisle in Grade Five, Michelle Carstens and Shaun Nothard in
    Grade Six and Jonathan Alp, Liam O'Donoughue, Sarah Donde and Sarah Thom in Grade Seven.

    SMART Education Seminar 2009
    Tanya Dean

    In a media-rich digital generation, it is essential for education to be an interactive experience involving a total integration of technology. At
    Parklands College, interactive whiteboards transform the classrooms, encouraging learners to collaborate, to communicate effectively and to
    think critically. On Friday 31 July the principals and some of the educators attended a SMART Education seminar at Bergvliet High School. The
    seminar highlighted the value of these interactive teaching tools, and provided input and ideas for creating stimulating content in the classroom.

    Fab Friday
    Tracy Wahl

    On Friday 14 August the Preparatory School celebrated FAB FRIDAY! The educators swapped classes, Grade Six with Grade Three, Grade Five
    with Grade Two and Grade Four with Grade One. This was an interesting exercise, especially for the Intermediate Phase educators, to come down to

_   the little ones' level. After school, Discovery Health came to check the 'wellness' of the teachers by checking their blood pressure and cholesterol.
    Some blood pressures were a little higher than normal after a day’s work! The staff ended off the day creatively, painting personalised mugs.

    Sports Report
    Wendy Hindle - HOD: Sport

    SPORTS TOUR 2009 We are counting down the weeks until we
    leave to travel down the Garden Route to test our cricket and
    soccer skills against various schools en route. The boys are
    excited to embark on their first sports tour and this has been
    heightened by a meeting held to highlight the tour itinerary and to
    reveal some of the surprises planned for the squad.

    Congratulations to the following boys who made the tour squad:

     Ryan Bastos, Pierre Hodgson, Daniel de Gouveia,
    Joshua Conradie, Aleco Savvas, Matt van Galen, Akeem Manual,
    Michael Nesbitt, Jaron Burt, Joshua Jones, Niki Tavares,
    Nicolas van Ysendyk, Matthew Bodington, Oliver Ng Pan Hing,
    Charles Nelson, Marco Arnoldi, Pano Giannakopoulos,
    James Robson and Karl Pferdekamper.

    We would also like to extend a very big THANK YOU to the
    following parents who have sponsored the following items:
                                                                                          Front Row: Matt van Galen, Joshua Conradie, Aleco Savvas,
                                                                                                       Akeem Manuel, Oliver Ng Pan Hing
    Mr and Mrs van Galen - Tour kit bag,                                             Second Row: Pierre Hodgson, Joshua Jones, Jaron Burt, Michael Nesbitt,
    Mr and Mrs Nelson - Personalised shirts,                                                   Nicolas v Ysendyk, Niki Tavares, Daniel de Gouveia
    Mr and Mrs Boddington - Personalised tour jackets,                                    Third Row: Charles Nelson, Ryan Bastos, Karl Pferderkamper,
    Mr and Mrs Conradie - Tour caps,                                                          James Robson, Marco Arnoldi, Pano Giannakopolous
    Mr and Mrs van Ysendyk - Tour photographs/DVD.                                        Back Row: Ms Wendy Hindle (Manageress), Mr Knott (Coach)
                                                                                                           Inset: Matthew Bodington
    Tour Itinerary:

    Sun 13 Sept          Depart for Mossel Bay. Overnight at Mossel Bay Protea Hotel
    Mon 14 Sept          Soccer match vs Cape St Blaize. Day/night cricket match vs Cape St Blaize. Overnight at Mossel Bay Protea Hotel
    Tues 15 Sept         Depart for George. Cricket match vs Glenwood House. Overnight at Knysna Protea Hotel
    Wed 16 Sept          Soccer match vs Oakhill College. Depart for Oudtshoorn. Overnight at Cango Ostrich Farm
    Thur 17 Sept         Depart for George. Soccer match vs Rooi Rivier Soccer Club. Return to Oudtshoorn. Braai and camp fire prize giving.
                         Overnight at Cango Ostrich Farm
    Fri 18 Sept          Return to Cape Town

    Additional entertainment and activities have been planned for each day.

    We have a talented tour squad of 19 boys, who will be accompanied by Mr Gareth Knott (coach) and Ms Hindle (manageress). The squad is a mixture
    of U11 and U12 learners who have achieved selection into this tour squad over the last two seasons. The soccer and cricket successes over the past
    two years of these players are displayed in their consistent performances and we wish them luck as they play together in one team for the first time
    against the various independent schools and sports club on tour.

    Sport Results
    U9A vs Seamount: Won 2 – 0: Player of the Match – Joshua Bradley
    U9B vs Seamount: Lost 2 – 0: Player of the Match – Daniel Stein
    U10A vs Blouberg International: Won 7 – 1: Player of the Match – Will Smit
    U11A vs Seamount: Won 7 – 0: Player of the Match – Jaron Burt
    U12A vs Seamount: Won 2 – 0: Player of the Match – Akeem Manuel

    U10A vs Blouberg Ridge: Won 2 – 1: Player of the Match – Devon Crowther
    U10B vs Blouberg International: Won 6 – 0: Player of the Match – Caleb Solomon
    U11A vs Blouberg Ridge: Won 4 – 1: Player of the Match – Alex Prescu
    U11B vs Milnerton A: Lost 4 – 0: Player of the Match – Mikhailan Naicker
    U12A vs Blouberg Ridge: Won 5 – 0: Player of the Match – Jaron Burt
    U12B vs Milnerton A: Lost 3 – 2: Player of the Match –The Team

    U10A vs Elkanah: Won 13 – 1: Player of the Match – Jamie Behrens
    U11A vs Elkanah: Lost 4 – 2: Player of the Match – Aimee Otto
    U12A vs Elkanah: Won 7 – 0: Player of the Match: Hannah Crafford

    U10 Boys vs Elkanah: Won 13 – 0: Player of the Match – Michael Liebenberg
    U10 Girls vs Elkanah: Won 6 – 1: Players of the Match – Veda Reid and Laura Wolvaardt
    U11 Boys vs Elkanah: Drew 2 – 2: Player of the Match – Calvin Jordaan
    U11 Girls vs Elkanah: Won 1 – 0: Player of the Match – Megan Doveton
    U12 Boys vs Edgemead: Won 3 – 0: Players of the Match – Bradley Wheeler and Charles Nelson

    Cultural News
    Beulah Watson - HOD: Culture

    Music is the medicine of the mind. ~John A. Logan

    Our pianists recently participated in the Tygerberg Music Eisteddfod and are to be congratulated on receiving the following outstanding results

_   for their solos delivered to Mrs Van der Blerk, an accomplished piano adjudicator. Highest Honours - Hannah Min. Honours - Bobbi den Bakker,
    Tae Jun Park, Sung-Jun Bok, Antonia Da Mata, Su-Young Hong. Honourable Mention - Tae Jun Park, Chelsea Botha, Cecilia van der Walt,
    Jessie Brown, Aimee Otto.

    Miss Renēe Hayward, our violin specialist, recently accompanied our violinists to the Tygerberg Eisteddfod. Being adjudicated by Elmien Fillipi
    and having the privilege of hearing other musicians from the Northern suburbs was a beneficial experience for the learners and parents who
    attended. Honourable Mention - Sophie Zaaiman, Gaby Gess, Chelsea Botha, Zahra Payne, Nicholas Bunn, Hannah Min.
    Merit - Robert Walton, Andrew Coutts.

    It is with regret that due to the precautions taken by the College surrounding the H1N1 virus, both our Junior and Senior Choirs withdrew from the West
    Coast Song Festival. We look forward to both these groups performing their programmes for us at the Intermediate and Foundation Phase Arts

    Congratulations to Mrs Jessica Fritz and the Art Department on the wonderful colourful displays of artwork which line the walls of the old staffroom.

    Special Achievements
    Ryan Baines in Grade One participated in a tennis match at the Table View Tennis Club where he
    made it through to the finals and came second. Well done, Ryan!
    Sheldon Stanley, Kieran Conradie, Adam Crafford and Luka September all members of the U7A
    Table View Football Club, entered in the Rygersdal Soccer Tournament in the holidays and ended up in
    the finals against 16 teams. Unfortunately, they lost the trophy to Fish Hoek. Better luck next time
    Well done to Duncan and Gordon Haylett who both received Beginners and Intermediate Rock
    Climbing certificates these holidays.
    Laura Wolvaardt and Michael Liebenberg, members of our Cricket Academy, were fortunate enough
    to have their photograph taken with their sporting hero, Graeme Smith, at his book launch at Exclusive
    During the school holidays, Jamie Behrens participated in the SA Pony Rider Championships that                                 Jamie Behrens
    were held in George. She rode exceptionally well in all her classes and obtained second place in the
    PRE Welcome stakes on her pony Ying Yang.
    After winning two gold medals at the WP Gymnastics Championships in
    Somerset West last month, Jared Johnson Wright qualified for the national           Laura Wolvaardt and
    event (level 1 - 3) in Uitenhage and participated in the South Zone Challenge       Michael Liebenberg
    on Saturday, July 11th. He managed to win gold for his floor routine, gold for
    the H-bar and silver on the vault. His scores earned him first place overall in
    the championships. This is an outstanding achievement and we are very proud

                                                                                                                                                        Jared Johnson Wright
    of him!
    Selin Alp in Grade Four received her Western Province colours for chess.
    Recently, she attended the Open Tournament for selection to the national team.
    Unfortunately, the competition was extremely strong between the provinces and
    she did not make the national team. However, we believe that this is a
    commendable achievement for such a young lass. Well done, Selin!
    Matthew Reaper participated in the Western Province Short Course Champs
    during the holidays. He competed in six events and received two silver and
    three bronze medals. He also improved on five of his times too. He is a very
    dedicated swimmer and we are extremely proud of his achievements.
                                     Johnathan Wilmans also participated in the Western Province Short Course Champs
                                     these holidays. He swam in five age group events winning five gold medals for 400m freestyle, 200m freestyle,
                                     100m freestyle, 200m backstroke and 200m individual medley. He also swam in two age group events (13 and
                                     under) coming fourth in both the 400m individual medley and the 200m butterfly.
                                     Rebecca Crous and Josh Cilliers both represented Western Province in the Gauteng Inter-Provincial held in
                                     Kempton Park last weekend. Rebecca who skated in the Pre-Novice Girls' (Under 12) section finished seventh
                                     and managed to obtain the qualifying scores required to skate at Nationals. Joshua finished second in the Pre-
                                     Novice Boys' (under 12) section. The Western Province team also managed to take the team trophy. Both will
                                     be travelling to Pretoria in
                                     October to represent
      Rebecca Crous

                                     Western Province at the
                                     SA National Figure
                                     Skating Championships.
                                     We are very proud of
                                     these two learners!


               Secondary Faculty

                                    From the Principal’s Office
                                    Sylvia Steyn

                                    The past month has been dominated by the impact of the H1N1 virus on the College. Not only has it severely
                                    affected our academics but our sports programme was interrupted and we even had to, sadly, cancel the highly
                                    anticipated Derby vs Elkanah, as well as our participation in the West Coast Song Festival and the Artscape
                                    Festival. However, we plan to make up for lost time in all spheres. Watch this space!

                                    In the meantime, our young debaters have gone ahead and excelled, as you can read in this newsletter. We are also
                                    very pleased with the excellent results in the various Olympiads in which our learners have participated.
                                    Congratulations toeveryone.

                                    A visitor to the College commented the other day that she was overwhelmed by the friendliness of our learners. What
                                    a wonderful compliment to all of them. I believe they are friendly because they are happy at school. Happy learners
                                    are creative and effective learners. We treasure that at Parklands College.

    As always in August we become extremely aware of our learners' big hearts when we spend the month focused on various charities. Thank you to
    everyone who has contributed to our ‘Awareness in August’ campaign. Your contribution is making a real difference in someone's life.

    Our special congratulations go out to two staff members who are tying the knot soon: Debbie Waldeck as well as Trevor Allen.

    Spring is around the corner and hopefully the viruses are on their way out. Wishing everyone the best of health and happiness for the month ahead.

    First Semester GETTop Achievers
    7P: Liam O'Donoghue 7A: Alannah Brannagan-Fuller, Luke Fourie, Leslie Wu 7R: Ural Jonathan Alp, Karly Ament, Sarah Donde,
    Pieter Goos, Tayla Shergold-Smith 8P: Emma Baines, Kayla Coetzee, Ryan de Villiers, Kay-Lee Lewis, Spyro Orfanos 8A: Steffen Jacobs,
    Janell Matthews, Brandon Klaver, Megan McCarthy, Tara Meyer, Conor O'Sullivan, Sophia Ratcliffe, Claire Simonis, Laené van Niekerk
    8R: Emma Newton 8K: S'thokozile Ngcobo 9P: Robyn Africa, Claudia Blecha, Stephanie van Zyl, Emma –Jane Wilkinson,
    Chambrez Zauchenberger 9R: Timothy de Wet

    First Semester Top Achievers FET
    Grade 10: Alexander Strydom, Simone Kyle, Keagan Adriaanse, Atanas Stavrev, Michelle Lee-Sun, Mitchell Davies, Michelle Smal,
    Jazmin Edmondson, Chelsea Lawrence, Werner Engelbrecht Grade 11: Caitlin Jacobs, Pierre Marais, Jeanique Davidson, Inge Heradien,
    Jared Paisley Grade 12: Trent Harris, Elaan Coetzee, Dewald Engelbrecht, Jacqueline du Plessis, David Metlerkamp, Claudette Gomes,
    Megan Hobbs, Rebecca Allen, Kiriaki Marantidis, Tamsyn Mally

    Musica Monthly Merits Awards:
    Grade 7: Leslie Wu, Jonathan Alp Grade 8: Kay - Lee Lewis, Claire Simonis Grade 9: Robyn Africa, Claudia Blecha Grade 10: Keagen
    Adriaanse, Mitchell Davies Grade 11: Caitlin Jacobs, Bronwyn Green Grade 12: Elaan Coetzee, Jacqueline du Plessis

    The Matric Ball...
    “Extraordinary and timeless”
    - Claudette Gomes

    “It was the greatest weekend of my life!”
     - Tamsyn Mally

    “The dance was awesome!”
    - Taryn Adams

    “Conglomerate” - Dayne Collings

    “It was very exciting!” - Carla Marques

    “Unforgettable” - Nicole May

    “The food was good”- Samantha Allchin

    “It was the most amazing night of my life” - Kiriaki Marantidis

    “I think that for all the preparation that went into it, it flew by too quickly. It was an unbelievable night and the matrics united”
     - Tholo Lerotholi

    “It was a spectacular night and full of fun! We all came together and were treated like royalty! Thank you Mrs Roth.” - Carmia Schutte

WP Colours for Debating…
Astrid Strauss

Congratulations to the junior debating team - Timothy de Wet, Emma Baines, Chambrez Zauchenberger and Feifei Mabusha - who were invited to the
Western Cape Schools Debating Board's annual provincial tournament. This promising young team managed to beat St George's in the final.
Furthermore, Emma Baines and Timothy de Wet were invited back to try out for the Western Cape Debating Teams. Special mention must be made of
Timothy who was one of three juniors to be invited to the open trials. Timothy consequently received his WP Colours. We are very proud of this
versatile young man.

                                                   GET Poetry Competition
Here is the winning poem for the GET phase poetry competition. It is written by Janel Matthews in Grade 8. The poem is very special as it can
                                         be read from the top down as well as from the bottom up.

                                                                By Jay Matthews

                                                              I'm at the starting block
                                                              And what do you know
                                                               A contagious disaster
                                                                 I'm in a state I'm in
                                                      Love the word that speaks for itself
                                                    No need for proof I have forgotten about
                                                   The tears and the bitter taste of loneliness
                                                     Consuming me day and night are my
                                                        Flights of fancy...a fantasy world
                                                                   No more time for
                                                       Counselling other smitten friends
                                                      I realize I did not know when I was
                                                         Being trapped by my emotions
                                                  Desperately in every possible way avoiding
                                                          The one who stole my heart
                                                           I don't care anymore about
                                                  What these inexperienced talkers might say
                                                         Blindly and purposely ignoring
                                                  The reasoning behind ending this escapade
                                                             Now I really understand
                                                  Of whom and what great writers talked about
                                                         Unfortunately I am not the one
                                                  Expressing everything in such perfect words
                                                                    Are these fools
                                                           Denying me my happiness
                                                           It is the way the story goes
                                                     But some stories do not work out.......

                      What if the one I love didn't love me back??? I would have to go back??? (read from bottom to top)

English Olympiad
Congratulations to the following candidates who achieved certificates for the 2009 English

         Tamsyn Mally – Bronze, Claudette Gomes – Merit, Caroline Robson – Merit,
Odette Booysen – Merit, Ronan Henrick – Merit, Trent Harris – Bronze, Mikhail Petersen – Merit,
       Dayne Collings – Merit, David Metlerkamp – Merit, Dewald Engelbrecht – Bronze,
    Roxanne van Zyl – Merit, Sean Todt – Merit, Robert Hall – Merit, Craig le Roux – Merit,
          Taryn Adams – Merit, Samantha Allchin – Merit, Dominique Essop – Merit,
          Caitlin Jacobs – Bronze, Pierre Marais – Bronze, Danielle Cowing – Merit,
                                   Geena da Silva - Bronze

                                      ABSA General Knowledge Olympiad
                                      Astrid Strauss, Olympiad co-ordinator

                                      On Tuesday, 19 May, some of our learners wrote the ABSA General Knowledge Olympiad. We would like
                                      to congratulate Timothy De Wet on his outstanding achievements in this Olympiad. Timothy is the top
                                      Grade 9 learner in the Western Cape and receives a Gold Certificate for this achievement. He is also the
                                      second Grade 9 learner in South Africa and receives R900 for this achievement.This is truly an
                                      exceptional achievement and we are extremely proud of Timothy.

Grade 11 Art Workshop
Jane Hoskyn

On Saturday,25 July, the Grade 11 Art learners forfeited their 'sleep in' and attended an Art
Workshop instead. One really dedicated learner who attended the Grade 12 Ball was even
early! They were given a picture of a landscape that they painted in 30 minutes. That was
followed by a 20 minute oil pastel drawing. Then, to their shock and horror, they were told to
tear up each others' work and paste it onto an outline of one of their peers that had been
traced onto newspaper.

The results were unexpected and rather pleasing. In fact, one learner had so much fun that he
did not want to leave!

    Mathematics Competition
    Francois Du Preez, Head of Mathematics

    Congratulations to our 3 Junior learners who qualified for the 3rd and final round of the National Mathematics Olympiad (Junior Section):
    Jonathan Alp (Grade 7), Timothy de Wet (Grade 9), Feifei Mabusha (Grade 9). This is a first for Parklands College. Usually, in the competition
    (Junior Section), only Grade 8 and 9 learner participate, which makes Jonathan Alp's achievement more outstanding. The following learners
    also reached the top 100 in the province: Yun-ho Lee (Grade 9), Emma Newton (Grade 8) Chambrez Zauchenberger (Grade 9). This
    promises well for the future. We are looking forward to the next few years. The final round has been scheduled to take place on 8 September
    (09h00 - 13h00) at Bishops.

    Dancing Achievements
    Kayla Bosman performed at the Danz-D-Lites performance in Bellville recently and Thalia Burt received
    a Grade A distinction with 89% for her ISTD Modern Dance & Theatre Exam at the Waterfront Theatre

    FACETS@SansSouci 2009
                                             Dear Mrs Steyn

                                             Congratulations on the success of your learners who were runner ups in the debating category at our
                                             annual FACETS Festival that was held recently. I would like to thank you for your participation in FACETS
                                             2009 and look forward to your participation next year.

                                             Your results - FACET: Debating - High Schools, 2nd Prize

                                             Yours sincerely

                                             Mrs C Murray
                                             Principal, San Souci

    House Play Report 2009
    Judith Herbig

    Congratulations to all the houses! Wonderful work has once again been done in a very short space of time.

    Oxford's play, Marriage Mishap, had the lovely idea of all the funny things that happen
    surrounding a wedding and even misunderstandings regarding the groom's “proposal.”
    The use of a freezing tableaux to continue from one scene to the other was very
    effective and the settings were creatively laid out. The costumes were especially
    colourful and appropriate and Geena da Silva and Danielle Cowing did excellent work in
    their choices with this.The data projector backdrop for the church scene was effective
    and the acting of Zane Lee as the minister, Claire Simonis as the mother, Dario da Silva
    as the Rasta and Laylah Salie's dancing were all quite remarkable.

    Yale's play, In between Flatliners, started in a very dramatic way and three clever
    flashback scenes took us through the main character's life, played competently and
    believably by Chase Agulhas. I really enjoyed the dancers, Kayla Bosman and Claudia
    Blecha. It was a poignant, professional and interesting script, written by Chase Agulhas.
    Emma-Jane Wilkinson's emotional portrayal of the girlfriend was very believable.

    Harvard's play, Home Grown, also kicked off with a great dance sequence that set the tone for this lovely
    play. It was really all about what makes us as South Africans unique and special. Chelsea Lawrence played
    the secretary very well, Godwin's entrance was very dramatic, Andrew Magotse as the soccer supporter
    impressed and Calvin King was like a real chameleon, jumping between characters. The dance
    choreographed by Cleo Ng Pan Hing stood out with its detail and eloquence. I think the use of lighting was
    excellent (Bronwyn Green) and the set was interesting.

    Cambridge's play, Reasons to Emigrate, had a striking start with special effects and stunning movement by the players. The political
    speeches were done with clever overlapping and excellent acting by Nicole Steyn and Itu Mabusha. Some really excellent comic acting by
    Jared Paisley, Jamie Heradien and Pierre Marais, was enjoyed by all. Overall excellent directing was evident in this play – so congratulations to
    the winning directors, Pierre Marais, Jared Paisley and Jeanique Davies. They deserved to walk away with the House Play trophy for best play.

    Results in a Nutshell:
    Best Directors: Pierre Marais, Jared Paisley and Jeanique Davies
    Best Script: Chase Agulhas
    Best Lighting: Bronwyn Green
    Best Sound and Technical Elements: Matthew Fourie
    Best Choreography: Cleo Ng Pan Hing
    Commendable Performers: Emma Jane Wilkinson of Yale, Dane Marshall of Harvard, Nicole Steyn of Cambridge and Zane Lee of Oxford.
    Overall Best Performers: Chase Agulhas and Itu Mabusha

    Our appreciation goes to Ansie Bailly for her support and supervision of the house plays and my co-judge Jenny Verwoerd.

    We would also like to thank the technical support staff, Richard Knaggs, Alex Wickham and Euan Bense.

                                     Epilepsy South Africa Wine Auction
                                     Hezel Ndlovu, Interact Vice-President

                                     On the 25th of June 2009, members of the Interact Club were involved in the Epilepsy South Africa Wine
                                     Auction. This took place at Bay Hotel. We all had a magnificent time filled with lots enthusiasm. We were
                                     fortunate to be involved in this event , because we were paying back to the community and we got a chance to
                                     meet one of South Africa's best cricket players - Jonty Rhodes! We had an incredible time and I would like to
                                     thank all the members that took their time to serve the community, and I would like to encourage learners to
                                     join Interact , because the little time you give goes a long way.

    Interact Outing to Cheshire Homes
    Debbie Waldeck

    The Cheshire Home is for people who are physically challenged. 45 profoundly disabled
    residents live at this home in the Western Cape. The care is of an ongoing nature that
    demands care workers around the clock to see to the needs of the disabled. The residents are
    mostly happy in their day to day living and have their freedom to choose what to do. For
    example: go to the malls to do their shopping, choose what their rooms should look like, have
    their hair done by volunteer hairdressers who come in every 2nd week, etc. They will have a
    wedding in December 2009. They are generally as normal as you and me. The Parklands
    School Interact Committee, who regularly visits the home and interacts with the residents,
    approached David Green Eyewear for a donation. On Thursday 6 August the spectacles were
    handed over and an indigenous tree was planted in their recreational grounds.

    Class Rep Camp
    Kirsten Patterson

    After a long day of school, the newly elected class reps packed into the bus for a weekend at Granzekraal, a beautiful campsite with even more
    beautiful sea views. Upon arrival, we all claimed our little houses before meeting back at the conference room where we were separated into our
    groups: the Lennons, Marleys, Presleys and best of all, The Sinatras. We had a jam-packed schedule to get through and so we began straight
    away. The food was great and we always had enough of it. Each group was competing for points which were gained by being on time, good
    participation, testing our teamwork in Mr Meyer's outdoor game, and of course, the plays… that were totally dominated by the Sinatras. We were
    encouraged to rise up as public speakers, use our authority and represent our school with pride. Over the weekend, despite the cold weather,
    we were all given the opportunity to get to know everyone that we would be in partnership with for the rest of the year and create relationships
    with people that we had never taken the opportunity to speak to before. The camp was an amazing experience and it definitely stirred up the
    effective leader juices in each one of us which will ensure that this group of class reps will be the best group of class reps that Parklands
    College has ever seen before. On behalf of all of the class representatives of the last two quarters of 2009, I would like to thank all of the
    prefects and teachers who were involved in making the camp such a success.

    Class Reps: Winter 2009
    7P Liam O'Donoghue          7A Aya Fouad                     7R David McDonough
    8P Emma Baines              8A Michael-Paul Roth             8R Emma Newton 8K Damian Bull
    9P Gabriella Johnson        9A Anastasia Marantidis          9R Jamie Heradien 9K Kyle Mackintosh
    10P Keagan Adriaanse        10A Kirsten Patterson            10R Annita Danielli
    11P Godwin Ijieh            11A Dylan Peterson (7A)
        Inge Heradien (7P)          Kathryn Niewstadt
        Anastasia Aitkinhead (7R)

    Leslie Woos the Examiners again                            Leslie Wu received 94% (diploma) for his performance of "Visions" by Prokofiev.

    Rockschool Music Exams
    Please congratulate the following learners on achieving excellent results at the Rockschool: Carla Marques,
    Ntombothando Sigabi, Jeanique Davidson, Stephanie van Zyl, Janell Matthews, Renato Santo,
    Benjamin Mackenzie, Mitchell Davies. A very special congratulations to Ben Mackenzie and Mitchell Davies
    who were asked by the examiner to come back to perform for the Rockschool training evening which was
    presented by Trinity Guildhall. Many music teachers from around Cape Town were at this seminar, so well done
    to Ben and Mitchell for flying the Parklands College flag. Thank you very much to Dalene du Pisanie (voice) and
    Rob Hack (guitar) for preparing the learners so thoroughly for these exams.

    Artscape Outing
    Catherine Dodders

    A number of our Gr 9, 10 and 11 Drama learners went on an outing to Artscape this week to watch the play, “Lago's Last Dance” written by Mike
    van Graan, directed by Lara Bye. It is a powerful trilogy about betrayal and vengeance set against the backdrop of the “three-letter plague” –
    HIV and AIDS. The three playlets - featuring three actors playing a different character in each play – move from betrayal within a marriage to
    betrayal of friendship and finally, betrayal by the larger society. All the playlets - Heartbreak Medea, Iago's Last Dance and Valiant Spartacus -
    reference classical texts but their power and contemporary relevance leaves the audience gasping at times, with the Weekend Post describing it
    as “one of the most hard-hitting, thought-provoking shows you'll find at this year's National Arts Festival…a brilliant piece of theatre which
    deserves to have long runs throughout the country and even abroad.”

    Grade 8 Langa Township Tour
    Debbie Waldeck

    Despite rainy weather, the Grade 8s enjoyed an informative and pleasant tour of the Langa township on
    Wednesday 24 June. This tour provided, for many of these learners, a rare if not once-in-a-lifetime
    opportunity to get a face-to-face experience of Langa and its people. The shebeen and the traditional
    healer are two visits that stand out, because these are not common in the community where our
    learners live. Speaking to locals and going into the homes and hostels was a memorable experience
    and many, especially the girls in the group, commented on how seeing the people's living conditions
    evoked empathy in them. The tour guides and the speakers at each venue were all friendly
    and helpful. The food was good and substantial for the group size and age. My overall
    impression was that the tour went well because it was well-organised and structured and that
    the organisers stuck to the time limits very well. Thank you for a very memorable experience!

    Winter Sport Newsflash…
    This quarter's sport was heavily affected by the swine flu scare which resulted in many matches
    being postponed, including of course the Derby day against Elkanah. Tholo, our Head prefect
    and his team have consequently organised some shoot outs during break to lesson this huge

    Nevertheless, our learners have still accomplished some wonderful achievements.

_   Devon Reid was capped with his Western Province Action Cricket colours for U13 and was named captain of his side for the Interprovincial
    Tournament in September.
    After receiving his Western Province colours for School Chess, Jonathan Alp received his second provincial colours for Western Province
    Junior Chess. He will be playing for both the School Chess and Western Province Junior Chess teams to gain National Colours.
    Jason Rademan qualified for the 2009 Western Province squash satellite tournament in George.
    Rhys Milne was part of the WP Schools A team who competed in the SA Schools Tournament in Pietermartizburg these holidays. The team
    finished in 2nd place losing out to Kwa Zulu Natal. Each member was awarded a silver medal.
    Alannah Brannagan-Fuller was the youngest female competitor by eight years in the Slopestyle (Ramps, Rails & Jumps) competition and
    finished a really respectable seventh place as a lady and taking the position of being best junior female in the competition for snow boarding.
    Chase Agulhas was awarded a silver award in the Boys’ Advanced Grappling Gi division for his weight category at the Cape of Storms National Jiu
    Jitsu Competition on the 2 & 3 August 2009.
    Mitchell Wagstaff has achieved in numerous international and provincial windsurfing competitions recently and finished the season 2nd in the
    Western Cape and as the fastest wind powered junior sailor in South Africa at 38knts- 72 km per hour
    If your son or daughter has achieved on the sports field, please contact the school.
    Results from this quarter

    U/19                                    U/16                                    U/14
    Edgemead (H) Lost 2-0                   Elkanah (H) Lost 4-1                    U/14 soccer Herzlia Won
    Fairmont Lost                           Edgemead Lost                           Oude molen Won
    U/19                                    U/15
    Reddham Won                             Milnerton Lost 15-10
    Rondebosch 5th lost                     Rondebosch U/15 D Won
    U/19                                    U/16                                    U/14
    Atlantis U/19 won 15-5                  u/16 won 14-6                           U/14 won 20-12
    Proteas U/19 won 22-7                                                           U/14A won25-9, U/14 B Lost 16-3
    U/19 A Parklands won 20-5               U/16 A Parklands lost 8-17              U/14 A Parklands won 25-5
    Squash Herzlia Won 13-6                 Bishops Lost 11-7

                                     PAST LEARNERS DO PARKLANDS PROUD
               Nathalie Bailly (Head Prefect Matric 2000) Completed MSc (Cum Laude) at the University of Stellenbosch - busy
              with PhD Research - Topic: Polymer micelles in drug delivery systems for anticancer therapy. The study involves the
              encapsulation of anticancer drugs in polymer micelles for tumour specific drug targeting. The polymer carrier system
                    being developed should localise the anticancer agent at the tumour site without damaging the normal cells.
                                Tony Ho (Matric 2003) is busy doing his Masters in Electrical Engineering at UCT
                   Sara-Jane Appleby (Matric 2004) graduated with LLB (Honours) from the Newcastle University Law School
                 Shaun Duddy (Matric 2005) is currently busy studying Actuarial Science at UCT and is in his 4th and final year
                 Byron Resch (Matric 2006) is at Varsity College completing his 3rd year B.Com Management.Together with Kyle
                Puller they formed their own company called Dual Records and have already produced a couple of CD's. They are
                   presently busy with organizing their first “big” event (4000 people) to be held at the end of the year. They are
              managing a local band (from Tableview) called White Collar Kiss and hope to get them launched with their first CD at
                                                                        this event.
                         Alan Jones (Matric 2005) is busy with his final year of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCT.
                   Nushke Grobler (Matric 2005) completed B.Com Marketing at Stellenbosh is furthering her studies at AAA in
                                                                  Advertising Directing.
                     Special congratulations to Ché Smïd (Matric 2007) who recently received an award from the University of
               Johannesburg acknowledging her as the best first year student in the Diploma: Retail Business Management 2008.
              Leigh Douglas, Head Boy of 2007, spent last year at 43 Air School in Port Alfred and obtained his Commercial Pilots
                 Licence in February 2009. He is currently completing a Pilots Instructors course after which he will work at 43 Air
               School as a flight instructor. He has passed one Airline Pilots Licence subject and plans to write the other 6 subjects
               this year. Working at the school will enable him to build up flying hours which is needed before venturing further with
                                                                     his flying career.

          Wendy Tailor’s
           073 700 2071
        For all your clothing alterations
              done professionally

             Unit 13B, Village on Main,
          Parklands Main Road, Parklands
             (Same complex as Midas)

‘DESTINY’            is the only true 'open' tournament in SA in that
any club/fighter may enter regardless of style. Should you win, you
can consider yourself a true Champion! NMA / ISKA sends open
invitations to everyone in SA including rival organisations and their
                                   th   th
members. It took place on the 7 & 8 of August 2009.
'Destiny' is also the qualifying event to attend the US open / ISKA
world championships. Televised world wide on ESPN (including on
Super Sport SA) it is known globally as the world's most prestigious
Martial Arts event with well over 4500 competitors. The tournament
is staged in Colorado springs resort hotel & Convention centre –
Disney World Orlando, Florida USA.
We are proud to announce that Euan Bense, a member of staff,
competed at Destiny. He qualified and has been selected to go to
the US open / ISKA world champions. Euan will be representing his
local dojo and South Africa at the tournament in the USA in the near

                     Congratulations to Shawn & Melodie Lezar on
                     the birth of their baby boy, Ezra!

                     Congratulations to Riette &
                     Jacques Pieterse on the
                     birth of their baby boy, Juan.

Wedding bells…
                            Congratulations to Meryl Budge who is

                            now Mrs Diab.
                            Congratulations to Debbie Waldeck who
                            is engaged, and soon to be Mrs Rowe.
                            We are looking forward to the wedding on
                            the 20 September!

                            Congratulations to Mr Allen, who is also
                            getting married in the September

                                                                          Date             Activity                    PP   PS   SS
                                                                          15     Tue    Sports Tour                         x
Date             Activity                             PP   PS       SS                  Open ICT Morning: Gr 1              x
                                                                                        Parent Meetings                     x
31     Mon    Readathon Week                          x                   16     Wed    Sports Tour                         x
              Travelling Bookshop                          x                            Open ICT Morning: Gr 2              x
              Matric Prelims Commence                      x                            Parent Meetings                     x
                                                                          17     Thur   Sports Tour                         x
                                                                                        Open ICT Morning: Gr 3              x
                            SEPTEMBER                                                   Aquarium: Gr 2                      x
                                                                          18     Fri    Gr 8 Excursion to Waterworks             x
Date          Activity                                PP   PS       SS                  GET Entrepreneurs’ Day                   x
                                                                                        Open ICT Morning: Gr 6              x
1      Tue    Leadership Assembly                                   x                   Christopher Robin Cake Sale    x
              Travelling Bookshop                          x              19     Sat    CPYO Spring Showcase
              Readathon Week                          x                   20     Sun
2      Wed    PCOS: Fruit Collection for                                  21     Mon    Awards Assembly                          x
              Melkbos Care Centre                     x    x        x                   Open ICT Morning: Gr 4              x
              Grade Four: Observatory                 x                                 Final Dance Prac Exam                    x
3      Thur   Cake Sale: 3F                           x                                 Interhouse Maths & GK
              Rabbit’s Cake Sale                      x                                 PCOS Cake Sale
5      Sat    Matric Drama Prac Final & ICT Prac                    x                   Grade 5 & 6 Camp                    x
6      Sun                                                                22     Tue    French Tour                              x
8      Tue    National Maths Olympiad - Final                       x                   Gr 10 Workshadow                         x
9      Wed    Sport & Culture Awards & Showcase                     x                   Grade 5 & 6 Camp                    x
10     Thur   IEB Life Sciences Paper 3                             x     23     Wed    End of Winter Quarter          x    x    x
11     Fri    Cake Sale: 3L                                x                            Gr 10 Workshadow                         x
              Roo’s Cake Sale                   x                                       Matric Prelims End                       x
12     Sat                                                                              Grade 5 & 6 camp                    x
13     Sun    Sports Tour Commences                        x              24     Thur   Public Holiday
14     Mon    Sports Tour                                  x
              Parent Meetings                              x
              Open ICT Morning: Gr 5                       x                     To all the families celebrating festivals at
              14 - 18 Educational Games Drive              x
                                                                                 this time, Parklands College sends you all
                                                                                                good wishes.


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