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Easy Piano Lessons For Beginners Do Exist


									If you 抳 e ever tried to learn the piano from a beginner 抯 book you will have
discovered two things at least. Two things that make learning piano much harder than
it need be.

1. Most piano beginner books are aimed at children. There seems to be a belief in the
piano lesson publishing industry that it 抯 only children that learn the piano from
scratch. This is plainly not the case as there are thousands and thousands of people
who have always dreamed of playing piano but who never had the chance to learn
when they were children. I know because I 抦 one of them. Years ago, when I was a
kid, I didn 抰 know anyone who played the piano or who even had a piano in their
front room. This was always the norm in middle-class Victorian families but not, alas,
among the working classes. So very few of us had the opportunity of learning the
piano at that time. Nowadays, children do have that opportunity and so today, if you
pick up any of the majority of beginner piano books, you 抣 l find that it 抯 littered
with little elves and pixies, the tunes will be mindlessly dull and the net effect will be
to turn you away from what you 抮 e trying to achieve. That 抯 not to say that there
aren 抰 any beginner piano books targeted at adults, but they are not easy to find. And
they still suffer from one major problem. Which brings me to my next point:

2. Piano lessons from books are intrinsically flawed. Here 抯 a little experiment: Try
writing down on a piece of paper the sound that a bluebird makes, so that someone
who 抯 never heard a bluebird can make the sound back to you. Of course, it can 抰
be done. No amount of words (supplied in a visual medium) can ever translate into an
auditory one. It 抯 the same as trying to tell a blind man what the color blue looks
like. It 抯 not possible. So what 抯 the answer? Well, for many years there was no
answer and poor unfortunate teach-yourself piano beginners were stuck with these
books which could never effectively teach them what they needed to know. But now,
it 抯 time to rejoice! Easy piano lessons for beginners do exist at last! The new
generation of piano lesson software contains not only the words and the notes written
on the staves that you expect to see but also, and this is the killer difference, they
contain audio clips of the pieces of music that you 抮 e supposed to be learning. It
makes a world of difference because at last you can see the notes on the page and hear
both the rhythm and the melody which makes it so much easier to emulate the piece
for yourself. It makes it so much easier and much, much faster to learn piano than
ever before.

So it 抯 true, easy piano lessons for beginners do exist. It 抯 simply a matter of
downloading the best package for you and get playing at last!

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