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									Survey of Fluorine Industry in China

                                                          Researched & Prepared by:

                         Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
                                                              Guangzhou, P. R. China

                                      July 2010

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Fluorine industry in China is now developing fast with the advantages of rich raw materials,
beneficial domestic policies, industrial transfer and huge demand from overseas, enjoying
potential commercial opportunities.

Fluorite is the start of fluorine industry, and China is rich in fluorite with reserves over 260
million tonnes which accounts for 2/3 of the global reserves and ranks first in the word. And
China’s output of fluorite accounts for over 1/2 of the global output. China is also the top
fluorite origin with large volume of fluorite exported every year.

However, in recent years, the Chinese government has carried out series of policies to restrict
the fluorite export as it is a kind of nonrenewable resources. Besides, due to strict
environmental policy and high labor force in developed countries, many overseas producers of
fluoride and intermediates have relocated to China, thus activating the fluorine industry to
develop fast in recent years in China with CAGR of about 12% in 2006~2009. And the fluoride
and intermediates instead of fluorite increase fast in export volume.

Foreign enterprises’ entry into China’s fluorine industry brings fierce competition among
producers and accelerates the fluorine industry upgrading in China. Current fluorine industry in
China has the weakness of low industrial concentration, superfluous capacity of low end
fluoride, obsolete technique and short industry chain.

Fluorine industry will keep fast growing in the next few years in China, but compared with that
in overseas markets, domestic fluoride is poor in species and quality. And current major
application of fluoride in China is mainly in pharmaceutical, pesticide, electronic material,
coatings and other particular areas.

What’s more, the Chinese government also encourages fluorine fine chemaicals industry.
Fluorine materials are listed in the State High and New Technology Products Catalogue (2006


        To figure out the detailed and accurate fluorine industry situation in China which includes:
    -    Raw materials supply situation (mainly fluorite )
    -    Fluoride production and consumption situation
    -    Key producers of fluorite and fluoride
    -    Fluorine industry chain
    -    Fluorine technique
    -    IE situation of fluorite and fluoride
        To identify the present and future commercial opportunities in this industry.

This report mainly focuses on fluorine industry chain in China which includes:
-       Raw material situation
        Overall situation
        Major producers
        Price and its trends

-   Fluoride and intermediates
        Key species
        Key producers of each fluoride and intermediates with capacity and output in 2009 and
              2010 as well as current price.
        Competitiveness of key producers
        New project, expansion plan and potential project.
        Price and its trends of each fluoride and intermediates

-   Key fluorination technique in China
        Route/ fluorination technique
        Advantages and weakness
        Raw materials situation
        Developing trends

-   Consumption situation of fluoride in China
        Historical development
        Current applications in key downstream industries with market size and market share
            Special dyes
            Liquid crystals
        Top end-users in each key downstream industry
        Drives and barriers of consumption
        Future trends

-   Import and export situation of fluorite and key fluoride in recent years (2005~2009).

Besides, CCM will also focuses on the relative policies on the whole industry chain.

    Main Content of Report

Code       Title
           Executive Summary
         Methodologies and definitions
I        Fluorite supply in China
I-1      Overview of fluorite reserves in China
I-2      Major producers of fluorite in China
I-3      Price of fluorite and its trends
II       Overview of fluorine industry in China
II-1     Fluorine industry chain
II-2     Influencing factors (Policy, technology, pollution, and demand)
III      Inorganic-fluoride (capacity, output, key producers and main application)
III-1    Hydrogen fluoride
III-2    Potassium fluoride
III-3    Sodium fluoride
III-4    Ammonium fluoride
III-5    Aluminum fluoride
III-6    Others
IV       Refrigerant
IV-1     Overview of refrigerant industry in China
         Production status of fluor-refrigerant industry in China (main product, capacity and
         output producers)
IV-3     Development trend (main ODS and its development trend)
V        Organic-fluorides intermediates
V-1      Overview of organic-fluorides intermediates in China
V-2      Main synthesis technique of organic-fluorides intermediates in China
         Introduction of synthesis routes (main routes and main products synthesized with
         the main routes)
V-2-2    Comparison of synthesis routes
V-2-3    Development trend
V-3      Market status of organic-fluorides intermediates in China
         Applications of organic-fluorides intermediates in China (Main application and
         development, main applied product, main end users)
         Supply of organic-fluorides intermediates in China (main product series, key
V-4      Development trend (Development hot point)
VI       Fluor polymer
VI -1    Fluor resins
VI-1-1   Overview of fluor resins industry
VI-1-2   Technology
         -       Introduction of technique
         -       Comparison of technique routes
         -       Development trend
         Market of fluor resins in China (production status, key producers, main application
VI -2    Fluor rubber
VI-2-1       Overview of fluor rubber industry
VI-2-2       Technology
             -    Polymerization technique route
             -    Polymerization production craft
             -    Technique limitation
             -    Developing trend
             Market status of fluor rubber in China (production status, key producers, main
             application etc.)
VII          Import and export analysis of fluorite and common fluoride
VIII         Forecast (2011-2015)
VIII-1       Inorganic-fluoride
VIII-2       Refrigerant
VIII-3       Organic-fluorides for intermediates
VII-4        Fluor polymer
IX           Conclusion
X            Profiles

CCM suggest doing Imp&Exp analysis for better understanding of this industry, as China is the
top exporter of fluorite and fluoride. In recent years, export volume of fluorite and fluoride has
accounted for about 20%~30% of the total output in China.
Please be noted that trade analysis is extra service, but not included in this report and the above is our


       Word-format final report
       Excel-format market data, including forecast data;
       Excel-format producers’ information, covering the key data and findings obtained from
       telephone interviews;
       Other supporting document, if any.
       Trade analysis upon your order

       CCM’s Methodology

        Desk research
Search of the second party information, including published magazines, journals, newspapers,
Internet information, government documentation, etc.
Desk research will help CCM to understand the industry more widely.

       Telephone interviews
In order to define the actual production situation, comprehensive telephone interviews with
major end-users & major producers of fluoride and major producers of fluorite will be carried
out. If necessary, CCM will also contact traders, experts, academics, etc.
    Site visit
In order to verify the findings in desk research and telephone interviews, CCM will carry out the
site visit to some target producers (2-4) and some end users (2-4).

CCM Visit Team:
    -   CCM will use one team consist of two persons to carry out site visits;
    -   The site visit team has good knowledge relating to fluorine industry.
CCM will set site visit target and relative evaluations to ensure the site visit successful.

    Third party assistant
CCM will also consult various information sources such as industrial associations, local
statistics, China Customs, etc.

    Data analysis
CCM will employ its own methodology to make in-depth analysis and create a data matrix to
conduct the analysis.

     Program Approach

At present, telephone interview is the key of survey. CCM will conduct severel terms of
telephone interviews to reach the target of report.

    CCM will seek available publications to get the historical data and general situation of
    fluoride applications in different industries. Then CCM will cross check the historical data
    and situation with experts or chairman in the industries association to ensure the accuracy
    of historical data and situation. CCM will summarize key factors on consumption, based on
    which CCM will forecast the future of consumption. CCM will also collect comments from
    experts, producers and consumers to revise the future trends in each downstream
    Base on the desk research, CCM will generally confirm a few key fluoride and then search
    for some producers for preliminary telephone interview to figure out all the key fluoride.
    Further, CCM will investigate more fluoride producers according to the preliminary
    telephone interview. In the telephone interview, the production situation and major
    consumption filed of each fluoride will be referred.
    Base on the telephone interview of producers, CCM will search for end-users in each field
    and then conduct telephone interview with end-users to survey the consumption situation
    of fluoride and the application of fluorination technique. Then CCM will trace the origin of
    fluorination technique and conduct telephone interview with technique providers for more
    information about fluorination technique and corresponding products.

     Critical Path
Table Critical path for the research
Critical Action                   Person involved Target                                                        Difficulties                                        Solutions

                                                 - Collect the historical data of this industry and get basic
                                                 knowledge of this industry.                                    Identify the key producers and fluoride for CCM will set relative question to
1.Desk Research         5         2
                                                 - Collect all the possible producers of fluorite and fluoride. following telephone interview                       check with producers
                                                 - Identify the possible key fluoride.

                                                                                                                                                                    -CCM will refer to Industrial statistics
                                                                                                                                                                    analysis (if there is) and identify top
                                                                                                                                                                    50    producers     through   telephone
                                                 -Identify the production situation of key producers of - There will be more than 500 producers of
                                                 fluoride and fluorite                                          fluoride and fluorite which may cost plenty of
                                                                                                                                                                    -CCM will focuses on key end users,
                                                 -Investigate end-users to confirm consumption situation        time to investigate them
                                                                                                                                                                    but if necessary, wide telephone
2.Telephone interview   15        3              -Check market information with producers, experts, etc.        - The numbers of end users are even bigger
                                                                                                                                                                    interview with end users will be done
                                                 -Check IE situation of enterprises in the IE data from than producers.
                                                                                                                                                                    to ensure the consumption accuracy.
                                                 China Custom                                                   -    The       consumption   situation   may   be
                                                                                                                                                                    -CCM will communicate with experts
                                                 -Confirm enterprises for site visit                            complicated.
                                                                                                                                                                    for advice of consumption situation
                                                                                                                                                                    for   good    data     rationality   and

                                                 - Import & export data analysis                                                                                    CCM will adopt telephone interview to
3.Third party assistance 5        1                                                                             Traders’ fluoride and fluorite origin
                                                 - Industrial statistics analysis                                                                                   survey the origin

                                                                                                                                                                    CCM connect with key producers for
                                                 - Preparation & initial communication for the site visit                                                           site visit and try best to crosscheck
                                                                                                                Some producers many not accept CCM’s site
4. Site visit           10        2              - Site visit of 4 producers and 4 end users                                                                        the key producers’ information with
                                                 - Site visit summary                                                                                               other producers who are willing to
                                                   - Perfect the matrix excel
                                                                                                                                              CCM will crosscheck the data with
5. Data analysis        3          1               - Analyze the data                               Some data may conflict with each other.
                                                   - Export the data in table-format

6. Report draft         15         2

7. Quality control      3          1               Internal cross-check, reviewing & supplement

8. Generate Final report 2         2

Note: There will be some interworking between 2.Telephone interview and 3.Third party assistance.

      Time & Price

CCM will activate the research after your confirmation and will finish and deliver the report with 2.5 months and 2 researchers needed to complete this

The quotation of this study is USD12,000/copy for single user PDF; USD30,000/copy for corporate license, if trade analysis is not covered. If trade analysis is
required in the deliverables, then the quotation would be USD20,000/copy for single user PDF and USD50,000/copy for corporate license.

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