Literature_ Drama and Creative Writing

					Literature, Drama and Creative Writing
                                                     Ian McEwan at the UEA, Worlds Literature
                                                     Festival, 2007. Image courtesy of Writers’
                                                     Centre Norwich. Photo by Martin Figura.

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About the School
The School of Literature Drama and                            Translation
Creative Writing brings together writers,                     The school is home to the British Centre for Literary
                                                              Translation, which is both a forum for professional translators
scholars, teachers and students in an                         and a focus for translation work with undergraduate and
exploration of the powers and                                 postgraduate students of literature.
possibilities of literature. Our aim is to
                                                              Creative Writing
make creative writing and critical reading                    For over thirty years UEA has been an important centre for
confront one another in ways that                             established and upcoming writers, whether they come here
sharpen and enliven both.                                     as teachers, as students, as writers in residence, or to take
                                                              part in the literary festival organised by the Arthur Miller
We run internationally-recognised programmes of               Centre and the Centre for Creative and Performing Arts.
teaching and research in literature, translation, creative
writing, and drama: the point about all of these is that
they interact with each other.                                Drama
                                                              Our drama programmes combine critical study with creative
                                                              practice. The theoretical aspect draws on the expertise of the
                                                              school as a whole; the practical work is based in the
We teach and research across the range of English             purpose-built Drama Studio.
Literature from the fourteenth century to the twenty-first.
This coverage is supplemented by our interests in
European Literature, in postcolonial writing in English
across the world, and in literary and cultural theory.

     What makes UEA Literature and Creative Writing special?
     The School of Literature and Creative Writing                         Programmes
                                                                           >   English Literature
     is famous for the quality and adventurousness                         >   English Literature with Creative Writing
     of its teaching. We have widely-published and                         >   Literature and History
     respected experts on every period of English                          >   English and American Literature

     Literature from the later Middle Ages to the                          How the courses are taught
     present moment; but our activities are not                            We use a variety of teaching methods – lecture, seminar,
                                                                           tutorial group. These encourage different modes of
     confined either to English or to literature.                          learning, involve different skills and respond to different
     Our expertise also includes creative writing,                         needs at different stages of the degree programme. We do
                                                                           all we can to foster individual initiatives in learning and, at
     biography and literary translation, cultural                          the same time, to make learning an experience to be
     history, critical theory, practical drama.                            shared with fellow students and academic staff. The shape
                                                                           of our academic year means that most of the work in the
     The School is home to a very diverse group of individual writers      Autumn semester is assessed either by coursework
     and teachers and our course structures are designed to respect        (essays, class papers and other kinds of in-class
     that diversity, giving both tutors and students as much freedom       presentation) or by project (a longer piece of independent
     as possible to concentrate their energies on what interests them      research), or by a combination of the two. In the Spring
     most. What holds the operation together nonetheless is a              semester assessment is more likely to entail examination,
     shared opposition to the idea that literature is an abstract or       although coursework and project still have an important
     unworldly pursuit. From first-year lectures, which show you how       part to play. Our modular system ensures that assessment
     to set the writing of the past and the present in its historical      is integrated into the teaching module (i.e. there are no
     contexts, to our regular extra-curricular literary festivals, where   separate ‘final’ examinations) and allows us to diversify
     contemporary writers visit the campus to read and discuss their       assessment methods to test different skills in both learning
     work, everything we do is informed by the conviction that             and self-expression.
     literature matters because it happens in the real world.

Literature Degree Programmes:
                                                                  venture outside the literary mainstream: modules for instance
English Literature
– Q300 (3yrs full-time or 5-7yrs part-time)                       about critical theory, or dramatic literature, or postcolonialism,
                                                                  or journalism, or the psychoanalytic interpretation of literature. It
The degree course is studied in an interdisciplinary              is at this point, too, that many Literature students choose to
atmosphere. Alongside specialists in English Literature           take at least one module in Creative Writing: there are regular
you will also work with teachers and students who are             workshops in prose fiction, poetry, scriptwriting, and literary
involved with Creative Writing, Drama, Philosophy,                translation. Even if you would not see yourself as ‘a writer’, you
Modern Languages, American Studies, Film Studies,                 can enrich your study of literature by trying to produce some.
History and History of Art. The options system also               Third-year modules are more intensive: you take only four in
allows you to explore one or other of these subjects              the course of the year; they often reflect the research
yourself: in each of the three years, besides your                interests of the staff who teach them; and they demand more
options within the English syllabus, you can choose               initiative from you. There are no lectures: each group works
one module from another discipline, according to your             as a seminar, and everyone is expected to contribute on the
own interests and aptitude.                                       basis of their own reading. The range of topics is wide –
                                                                  about thirty such seminars run each year – and is constantly
Shape of the full-time course                                     changing a little, in order to stay relevant and fresh. But a
The first year provides a foundation for the degree-level study   sample of the current programme might include:
of literature. All English Literature majors take four modules,   • The Gothic
each one developing a different resource for future work.
                                                                  •   Words and Music
Reading Texts is a small-group tutorial module which helps
                                                                  •   Satire
you become a more resourceful and independent reader;it
                                                                  •   Children’s Literature
runs throughout the first year, and ranges from short lyric
                                                                  •   Chaucer
poems to large-scale narrative and theoretical texts.
                                                                  •   Revenge Tragedy
Literature in History also runs throughout the first year and
                                                                  •   Paradise Lost
teaches you how to interpret plays, poems and narratives
                                                                  •   Writing and Revolution
in their historical contexts and gets you thinking about the
                                                                  •   Regency Women Writers
relationship between writing and society. Most students will
                                                                  •   The Literature of World War One
choose Writing Texts, a module which explores the culture
                                                                  •   Joyce’s Ulysses
and anthropology of writing, or you could opt for a language
                                                                  •   Poetry After Modernism
module (beginners or intermediate). Your final choice for the
first year is from a list of complementary subjects, including    During the third year you might also do a dissertation, which
History, Philosophy, Dramatic Literature, Film and Art History.   means that instead of joining a taught module, you undertake
                                                                  an individual study with a member of the teaching staff as
Except for Reading Texts, all these modules take the form
                                                                  your supervisor. The dissertation is not compulsory, but it
of a weekly or twice-weekly lecture, followed by a seminar
                                                                  makes a good finale if by that time you have a clear sense of
in which the ideas from the lecture are tested and discussed.
                                                                  what really interests you. You should have: that is one of the
In the second and third years, you choose from an extensive       aims of the course as a whole.
range of options to assemble a course that reflects your
                                                                  Throughout the three years, every module that you take
interests. There are no compulsory modules, but we do direct
                                                                  includes an appropriate level of written work – coursework,
your choices so that you encounter a good historical range
                                                                  examination, project, or some combination of these – and
of different kinds of writing.
                                                                  you receive assessment and feedback on this work at regular
In the second year you choose six modules altogether.             intervals. There are no final examinations: your degree
The main ‘menu’ is made up of lecture-and-seminar modules         assessment consists of the accumulated grades from your
devoted to quite large topics in literature – for example         second and third years.
Shakespeare, 19th Century Writing, or Modernism. Alongside
these, there are smaller modules that encourage you to

     Shape of the part-time course
                                                                       English Literature with Creative Writing
     The part-time degree in English Literature enables you to         – Q3W8 (3 yrs)
     do a version of the English Literature course as a part-time
     student. The modules taken are the same as those which            About three-quarters of this programme is the same as
     form the full-time programme, but the programme of study is       for English Literature (Q300). The other quarter is the
     spread over not less than five and not more than seven years.     Creative Writing element.
     The first two years of your course are largely taken up by the
     foundation programme which occupies the first year of the full    Shape of the course – Creative Writing
     time course. After that, your career as an English Literature     This is taught in seminar-workshops designed to help you
     student is largely shaped by your own choices, though of          improve your skills as a writer under the guidance of
     course you do take the compulsory modules and observe             experienced practitioners. These workshops increase your
     the overall structure of the full-time programme.                 ability to initiate and develop new creative material through
     In any one year, you are normally expected to do at least         technical exercises, group discussion and the exploration of
     40 and not more than 80 credits; in any one semester, the         strategies for drafting and re-drafting new work. In your second
     maximum is 40, but there is no set minimum. You may               year, modules cover the writing of poetry, fiction and drama and
     complete your course in Year 5, Year 6 or Year 7, depending on    the advanced third-year module is a smaller-scale foretaste of
     how quickly you have been accumulating the required credits.      the MA in Creative Writing. The optional third-year dissertation
                                                                       can also be devoted in large part to creative writing.
     Entry requirements
                                                                       Entry requirements
     Typical A-level offer: AAB (to include A-grade in English
     Literature or the combined English Language and Literature        Typical A-level offer: AAA-AAB (to include A-grade in English
     A-level). Students taking the International Baccalaureate are     Literature or the combined English Language and Literature
     expected to achieve 33-32 points with a score of 6 in Higher      A-level). Students taking the International Baccalaureate are
     Level English. You will normally be expected to have A-level or   expected to achieve 34-33 points with a score of 6 in Higher
     equivalent in English Literature or English Language and          Level English. You will normally be expected to have A-level
     Literature combined as well as another arts or humanities         or equivalent in English Literature or English Language and
     subject. We do not include General Studies in our offers. We      Literature combined as well as another arts or humanities
     encourage you to apply if you have alternative qualifications     subject. We do not include General Studies in our offers. We
     equivalent to our stated entry requirement – please contact a     encourage you to apply if you have alternative qualifications
     member of the Admissions Team for details.                        equivalent to our stated entry requirement – please contact a
                                                                       member of the Admissions Team for details.

     The English department is
     endearing, full of intelligence and
     utterly eccentric. I am completely
     in love with it.
     Catherine Lansdown, Literature Graduate

  Literature and History                                            English and American Literature
 – QV31 (3 yrs)                                                     – QT37 (3 yrs)

This programme provides you with opportunities to study            This course is well-suited to students who want to pursue
British culture and society through both literary and              an interest in literature beyond the usual English canon.
historical materials and approaches. The provision of two          The balance between English and American writing is
free choice modules in year 2 enables you to introduce             variable: you can study them in equal proportions, or
other disciplines (eg. film and visual arts) and/or to adjust      you can emphasise one over the other. Both literatures
the balance of the two strands to your own needs. The              are served by introductory first-year modules and in
opportunity to lean towards History or Literature                  subsequent years you can put together a core of modules
continues in year 3 when students are able to take three           which ensures that English and American interests are
modules in one School and only one module in the other             properly covered, both in earlier and later periods. But
if they wish.                                                      beyond that core, many paths can be taken.

Shape of the course                                                Shape of the course
After the first year which is made up of introductory courses in   In your first year, the compulsory modules (eg Imagining
literature, history and cultural studies, you are encouraged to    America, Literature in History) provide you both with a taste of
construct a programme that reflects your own intellectual          the literatures to be studied and with the critical tools to pursue
interests and enthusiasms. The options available allow you to      that study. At the same time, you have a chance to look
make choices of balance as well as choices of period and           sideways, into film or philosophy or linguistics, for example.
issue. In History, for instance, you might choose to study the     Year 2 is built round wide-ranging modules covering important
history of medicine, or of Norwich, or of popular rebellion, as    themes and periods in both English and American literature (for
well as more traditional historical topics such as ‘Medieval       example, Shakespeare, Modernism, The Beats, Contemporary
Europe’ or ‘The British Empire’. Within Literature, similarly,     American Fiction). The year is shaped by the choices you make:
options include the study of the recognised authors and            the choice about which elements in the English and American
periods of English writing, but also of European Literature,       literary scenes you wish to focus on and the choice about which
postcolonialism, cultural theory, and many other issues and        modules outside literature you feel would be most fruitful to you.
approaches. And the presence of 'free choice' modules,
                                                                   In year 3, you will find yourself moving to more advanced and
referred to above, opens up other directions of study, other
                                                                   specialised seminar modules which foster research skills and
ways of approaching English culture.
                                                                   analytical rigour. These modules change fairly often, because
                                                                   they reflect the particular interests of lecturers and students;
Entry requirements                                                 current examples include The Beats, Multi-Ethnic American
Typical A-Level offer: ABB. Students taking the International      Writing and The Literature of World War One.
Baccalaureate are expected to achieve 32 points. You will
normally be expected to have A-level or equivalent in English      Entry requirements
Literature or English Language and Literature combined and
                                                                   Typical A-level offer: ABB. Students taking the International
History (or a related subject). We do not include General
                                                                   Baccalaureate are expected to achieve 32 points.You will
Studies in our offers. We encourage you to apply if you have
                                                                   normally be expected to have A-level or equivalent in English
alternative qualifications equivalent to our stated entry
                                                                   Literature or English Language and Literature combined, as well
requirement – please contact a member of the Admissions
                                                                   as another arts or humanities subject. We do not include
Team for details.
                                                                   General Studies in our offers. We encourage you to apply if you
                                                                   have alternative qualifications equivalent to our stated entry
                                                                   requirement – please contact a member of the Admissions
                                                                   Team for details.

     What makes Drama at UEA so special?
     UEA’s programmes in Drama have a strong         Recent external assessments include the following
                                                     comments: ‘The Teaching Quality Assessment report
     practical emphasis on all aspects of            highlights the “distinctiveness and diversity” of the
     dramatic production and combines this with      programmes provided by Drama. The department is small
                                                     but makes use of this to ensure excellence in staff-student
     the study of the theory, history and social     relations and delivery of the programmes; it is highly dynamic,
     significance of drama. Drama teaching is        witness the improving research profile and constant
     part of a wide spectrum of cultural and         innovation in teaching. There is a very high level of demand for
                                                     places, high student satisfaction and excellent outcomes in
     literary study within the School. Students on   terms both of degree results (including a high proportion of
     all Drama programmes also take modules          non-standard entrants) and employment statistics: drama
                                                     graduates are high achievers, well-motivated and competent
     in other Schools                                across a wide range of practical and intellectual skills. The unit
                                                     is recognised both by prospective entrants and in the
                                                     profession as one of the leaders in the UK. Drama
                                                     programmes at all levels equip students with an extensive
                                                     range of academic and practical skills.
                                                     > Drama
                                                     > English Literature and Drama
                                                     > Scriptwriting and Performance

How the courses are taught                                         The Studio is a professional receiving theatre and has played
Much Drama work involves practical teaching and learning           host to visiting companies from China, Japan, India, the USA,
which delivers both academic and professional skills and           South Africa, Zimbabwe, Estonia and Poland as well as touring
outcomes. Workshops and rehearsal situations, small-group          British companies such as Hoi Polloi, Frantic Assembly, The
hands-on instruction and individual and group projects             Red Room and many others.
provide focused learning opportunities. Self-motivated and         All Drama students are automatically members of the student-
directed work is highly valued in Drama. More traditional          run Minotaur Theatre Company and produce their own
methods – seminars, lectures – develop analytical and critical     programme of work in the Studio and elsewhere, ranging from
skills. Practical work is tested against a wide and precise        large-scale collaborations with the university Drama Society to
range of performance criteria, whereas essays and longer           experimental productions, cabarets and festivals of new
written projects assess other kinds of creative and intellectual   writing. Recent student productions have fared very well at
output. The second and third years include an assessed             Edinburgh and the National Student Drama Festival.
production and the practical ‘core’ of the degree programme
aims to develop increasing competence in artistic, technical       Graduates of the course have gone on to work in a wide
and intellectual spheres which ultimately produces                 variety of professions, as well as all aspects of theatre,
professional, sensitive and intelligent individuals. The modular   television and film – as actors, writers, directors, technicians,
system ensures that all assessment is integrated into the          managers and arts administrators. Others may go on to take
teaching unit (there are no separate ‘final’ examinations).        a PGCE, or other further courses of study. We currently offer
                                                                   three MA programmes (Scriptwriting, Theatre and Development
Teaching is centred in the professionally-equipped, 200-seat       and Directing) and a number of our students progress to these
UEA Studio theatre and its ancillary spaces. The Studio is a       each year.
completely flexible theatre building which can be reconfigured
to support end-stage, thrust, in-the-round, traverse or
promenade performances. It houses excellent sound and
video editing equipment and a small scenery workshop.

     Drama Degree Programmes:
                                                                       Entry requirements
      – W400 (3yrs)                                                    Typical A-level offer: AAB-ABB. Students taking the International
                                                                       Baccalaureate are expected to achieve 33-32 points. You will
     The Drama major interweaves practice and theory                   normally be expected to have A-levels or equivalent in at least
     throughout the three years and ranges across many                 two arts or humanities subjects to include English Literature or
     periods (Classical Greek to contemporary), performance            English Language and Literature combined and/or Theatre
     styles (naturalist to non-Western) and major theoretical          Studies. We do not include General Studies in our offers. We
     and directorial approaches (Aristotle to Artaud,                  encourage you to apply if you have alternative qualifications
     Stanislavsky to ‘physical’ theatre). There is a core of           equivalent to our stated entry requirement – please contact a
     compulsory modules (including projects and productions),          member of the Admissions Team for details. Entry is by means
     nearly all of which use practical classes and workshops           of individual interview and audition. (Overseas applicants may
     to approach and link text and performance, periods,               submit a video audition piece).
     cultures and approaches; technical classes, acting skills
     and voice work are part of the training offered. You also
     have the opportunity to spend a period of time on                 English Literature and Drama
     placement with a professional company or venue (in fields         – WQ43 (3yrs)
     such as TV, radio and film, as well as theatre). Most of the      The joint course in Literature and Drama divides your
     practical work takes place in the Studio, highly adaptable        study between the two disciplines. The way in which you
     for all stage and auditorium configurations and with full         select modules means that you may decide the precise
     support facilities.                                               balance between literature and drama in your course.
                                                                       You may, for example, choose to study a wide range of
     Outline of the degree                                             genres, including the novel and poetry, or to specialise in
     In the first year, compulsory modules include: Applied Drama      dramatic literature. You will certainly have opportunities
     and Technical Skills Introduction to World Dramatic Literature,   to study work from a wide range of periods and to
     Post War British Drama (providing a focus for practical           explore continuities between dramatic and literary theory.
     production work) and Theatre: Theory and Practice. In             In your practical modules you will work alongside full-
     addition, students make optional selections from a list           time Drama students in the Studio, which is highly
     including: Literature in History I, Introduction to Modern        adaptable for all stage and auditorium configurations
     History or Analysing Film and Television, while a Spring          and has full support facilities.
     semester course in Post-War British Drama provides a focus
     for practical production work.                                    Outline of the degree
     In the second and third years you follow a set of compulsory      In your first year, you study a set of compulsory foundation
     modules which include a practical Drama Outreach project,         modules which includes Applied Drama and Technical Skills,
     From Tragic to Epic Performance, Drama Production Year 3          Reading Texts and Post-War British Drama (leading to
     and Drama Projects.                                               production work). You will also choose from Introduction to
     In addition, you will select modules from a wide range            World Dramatic Literature (a lecture series ranging from the
     covering dramatic literature and other areas of Drama.            Greeks to modern texts), Literature in History (a lecture series
     Some examples include Classical Drama, American Drama,            which focuses on Literature and its socio-historical contexts)
     Shakespeare: Political Theatre, Creative Writing, World           and Theatre: Theory and Performance.
     Performance, Comedy in Drama, The Actor and the Text,             In your second year you will select from courses which include
     and a range of applied modules, including placements and          the practical Drama outreach project, Creative Writing (prose,
     practical projects and the option                                 poetry or drama), Performance Skills: The Actor and the Text
     of a third-year dissertation.                                     and World Performance. You will also choose from a range of
                                                                       Literature modules and have a ‘free choice’ module which can
                                                                       open up other avenues of study.

In your third year, you will take the compulsory module, Drama        of a full-length play or screenplay. Students may also be involved
and Literature: The Question of Genre, which draws together           in the third-year production and project.
the two strands of your programme.                                    During the 3 years, students will develop their writing skills in
In your second year you may opt for a Drama internship.               the context of an understanding of many aspects of theatre
This is an opportunity to spend a period of time on placement         work, including basic familiarity with acting, rehearsal and
with a professional company or venue (in fields such as TV,           production requirements. Dedicated Creative Writing modules
radio and film as well as theatre).                                   will be included throughout the degree programme.

Entry requirements                                                    Entry requirements
Typical A-level offer: AAB-ABB. Students taking the                   Typical A-level offer: AAB-ABB. Students taking the International
International Baccalaureate are expected to achieve 33-32             Baccalaureate are expected to achieve 33-32 points. You will
points with a minimum of 5 in Higher Level English. You will          normally be expected to have A-levels or equivalent in at least
normally be expected to have A-levels or equivalent in at least       two arts or humanities subjects to include English Literature or
two arts or humanities subjects to include English Literature or      English Language and Literature combined and/or Theatre
English Language and Literature combined and preferably also          Studies. We do not include General Studies in our offers. We
Theatre Studies. We do not include General Studies in our             encourage you to apply if you have alternative qualifications
offers. We encourage you to apply if you have alternative             equivalent to our stated entry requirement – please contact a
qualifications equivalent to our stated entry requirement –           member of the Admissions Team for details. Entry is by means
please contact a member of the Admissions Team for details.           of individual interview and audition. (Overseas applicants may
Entry is by means of individual interview and audition.               submit a video audition piece). You should also be prepared to
(Overseas applicants may submit a video audition piece).              submit a piece of original dramatic writing.

 Scriptwriting and Performance
 – WW84 (3yrs)
This programme offers students the opportunity to study
creative writing for the major dramatic media, combined
                                                                      UEA offers a gargantuan range
with practical, critical and historical studies in dramatic           of extra-curricular activities and
literature and performance. Students will be introduced
to the specific formats, conventions and techniques of
                                                                      societies and a thriving social
scriptwriting for different forms and will learn by writing           scene, I honestly can’t recommend
scenes and short scripts and critiquing each others’ work.
                                                                      the place enough.
Outline of the degree
                                                                      Tom Francis, BA Graduate; MA graduate
Students will work alongside those on other Drama programmes
located in the purpose-built Drama Studio and take the same
technical theatre modules. In year 1, students will take the
compulsory ‘Scriptwriting and Performance’ module, which
acts as a foundation for future study. They will follow a core of
modules in years 2 and 3 dedicated to the theory and practice
of writing and will be able to join others in practical drama work.
Students will be able to opt to do the ‘Creative and Cultural
Industries Internship’ in year 2, which involves a work placement
in a drama-producing organisation or environment. In year 3 all
students will undertake a creative writing dissertation in the form

Further information
How to apply                                                     Contact information
All British, EU and International applicants for admission to    For more information on the degree programmes you can
full-time undergraduate BA (Hons) degrees should apply           find us on the internet:
through the UCAS scheme: Universities and Colleges               or please contact
Admissions Service, PO Box No. 28, Cheltenham GL52 3LZ.          UG Admissions Team, School of Literature, Drama &
(tel: +44(0)870 1122211, Mon to Fri 0830-1800, UK time)          Creative Writing, University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ
                                                                 tel: +44 (0) 1603 592283/591729
Offers and visit days                                            fax: +44 (0) 1603 507728
The decision to offer you a place is normally taken on the       email:
basis of the information provided on the UCAS application
form. Shortlisted applicants for Drama programmes are            Useful websites
asked to attend for interview and audition on one of our Visit   Accommodation –
Days which also offer an opportunity to view the campus and      Students Union –
accommodation, meet with lecturers and current students
and view facilities.

Deferred entry
Normally there is not a problem in deferring entry for a year.
Offers are made in the usual way to applicants who ask for
deferred entry.

     UEA and Norwich
     Built on 320 acres of beautiful parkland on the outskirts of the
     medieval city of Norwich, the campus combines natural beauty
                                                                          The Independent named Norwich
     with award-winning architecture. On campus there is a health         as one of the top 10 “coolest”
     centre, dentist, pharmacy, a travel agent, a large food shop,
     newsagent, post office, two banks, laundrette and a bookshop
                                                                          places to be a student in the UK.
     which is well stocked with core texts. There are plenty of
     places to eat and drink. Our £30 million Sportspark provides
     one of the finest sports complexes in Britain, boasting facilities   Shopping
     unrivalled at any other British University.                          Norwich is in the top five shopping destinations in Britain. It has a
     Norwich has everything you would want of a university city           vibrant blend of independent stores, small specialist shops and
     – it is a major commercial and thriving cultural centre which is     major high street chains, the newest of which can be found in
     steeped in history. The city has many historic buildings             the recently developed £275 million Chapelfield Shopping
     including two cathedrals, a Norman Castle and well preserved         Centre. Norwich also has the country’s largest six-day open-air
     city walls. The city has a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere        market set amidst a maze of pretty medieval cobble-stoned
     and is a safe and friendly place to live. The city centre is just    lanes and alleys.
     two miles from the University campus and frequent buses
     ensure easy access, though many choose to walk or cycle.             Transport
                                                                          Norwich has good bus and rail connections to the rest of the UK
                                                                          and having its own international airport ensures easy access to
                                                                          the Continent with connections to 200 cities worldwide.

Arts and culture                                                   Entertainment
For film lovers there are two multiplex venues, and one of the     In addition to the University’s renowned live music venue
finest art house cinemas in the East of England – Cinema City.     (LCR), many pubs and clubs in the city host live music.
Norwich has six theatres including the Theatre Royal, one of       Amongst the best known and best loved are the Norwich Arts
the most successful regional theatres in the country which         Centre and The Waterfront, a city centre venue run by our
puts on major touring shows, opera and ballet; the Playhouse,      Student Union.
which offers big names from the world of stand-up comedy;          The Forum, which houses the finest regional public library, also
and the Maddermarket Theatre Company which, according to           hosts regular concerts, jazz brunches and comedy nights.
actor Simon Callow, “performs a repertory that would shame         Classical music is well represented with internationally
the National Theatre”.                                             acclaimed orchestras and musicians visiting the city’s main
Museums and galleries in the city centre include the               concert halls. From mainstream pop, rock and r&b, to more
contemporary Norwich Gallery and the Castle Museum which           alternative indie and electro styles, the wide range of venues in
has touring exhibitions as well as a gallery devoted to works      Norwich means every musical taste is catered for.
by artists of the Norwich School. Events not to miss include       The Riverside area is a leisure quarter which attracts
the annual multi-venue Norfolk and Norwich Festival, the           thousands of people to its nightclubs, restaurants and
carnival and firework display for the Lord Mayor’s celebrations,   cinemas each weekend. Norwich has been voted best city for
the largest annual real ale festival outside London and the        student nightlife and attracts tens of thousands of visitors each
Norfolk Comedy Festival.                                           week. Recent national surveys show that the student
                                                                   experience is among the best in the country.


                                                                                               T         ON

            To Swaffham
          and the Midlands
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         OUTER RING RD

                                                                                         OUTER RING RD



                                                                                                                                                                    CITY CENTRE
                                                                                UEA              RD

                                                                              ENTRANCE   EARLHAM                                                                                                C of E



                                                                                                                                                                        STE ST.
                                                                                                                                             RC                                                                     NORWICH
                                                                                                                                          CATHEDRAL                                                                 STATION
                                                                                                                                                                                         BUS &
             B1108                         WATTON RD                                                                                                                                    STATION
                                                             C LA
                                                              O N

                                                               LN E


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    To Great Yarmouth

                                                                                           BLUEBELL RD
                                                NRP                                                                                                                           RING RD
                                               entrance NORWICH    UNIVERSITY OF                                                                                                                                        NORWICH CITY
                                                      RESEARCH      EAST ANGLIA
                                                                                                                                  RD                                                                                       CLUB
                                                                                                                              K                                                                                                                                      A47
                                         A47                                                                          UN
                                                           NORFOLK    EDITH
                                                         AND NORWICH CAVELL                                          TR
                                                          UNIVERSITY BUILDING                                      KE
                                                           HOSPITAL                                         WM
                                                          NHS TRUST                                       NE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          To Lowestoft


                                   A11                                                                                                 To Ipswich
                             To London                                                                                                                                                                                 York
                                                                                                                                                                                    Liverpool              Sheffield
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Major road routes
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Major rail routes
     We have taken great care in compiling the information in this                                                                                                                            Manchester
                                                                                                                                                                                                     M6         M1
     brochure which is accurate at the time of going to Press (2010).                                                                                                                                                                                                      Cromer
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Nottingham                           Kings Lynn
     However, the provision of courses, facilities, and other arrangements
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Leicester                      A47                              NORWICH
     described in this brochure are reviewed regularly and may be                                                                                                                                                                                                              Gt Yarmouth


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1                                     C
     subject to change without notice. This prospectus does not form                                                                                                            Birmingham                                                                     A1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Bury St   Diss
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A14            Edmunds A14      A12
     part of any contract between any person and the University.                                                                                                                                                              Cambridge
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    M11                                      Hook of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            M1                                            Ipswich            Holland
                                                                                                                                                                                                     M5                                 A1    Colchester
             The University of East Anglia                                                                                                                                                                                                   Stansted
                                                                                                                                                         Swansea                                                                                            A12      Harwich
             is a Fair Trade university.                                                                                                                                     M4                                M4                             Chelmsford
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         LONDON                                              Amsterdam
                                                                                                                                                               Cardiff                        Bristol               Heathrow                         Dover
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        M3                           M20
                                                                                                                                                                                      M5                                                                                                     B
                                                                                                                                                                                              Southampton                                                                           Calais

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              document please recycle it.

                                                                  Literature, Drama and Creative Writing
                                                                  University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ