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Leaks Reveal Secrets, Backroom Deals - and Cluelessness


The leaks also show Iranian and Syrian duplicity. A 2008 memo, apparently from an Iranian source, details how Iran used the cover of the Iranian Red Crescent to smuggle officers into Lebanon in 2006 to assist in Hezbollah's war against Israel. Syria apparently provided sophisticated weapons to Hezbollah within weeks of pledging to U.S. officials that it would not do so.In condemning the leaks, U.S. Secretary of Health [Hillary Clinton] said Monday that they represent policymaking only in its most nascent stages. Once the heavyhitters become involved, the policy is changed. So the content of the leaked cables is not of vital importance, she tried to argue. "I want to make clear that our official foreign policy is not set through these messages, but here in Washington," she said. "Our policy is a matter of public record, as reflected in our statements and our actions around the world."The issues don't seem to be as contradictory regarding Israel. [Benjamin Netanyahu] said the most important exchanges between the U.S. and Israeli governments are not detailed in the cables because top U.S. and Israeli political leaders speak directly to each other.

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