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									Learning Point

Welcome to Learning Point
You now have access to Learning Point – our learning management system. Learning Point helps
you keep track of your internal and external learning. You can also track your certifications, and
receive reminders when they are due to expire. This guide will help you to find your way around
the system.

        Finding your way around
        Learning Point is made up of the following sections; Home, Learning, Development,
        Community and Administration.

    •   The Home page
        Your home page is shown by default when you login to Learning Point. To return to your
        home page at any time, click the “Home” link in the left menu.

    •   News
        News articles are listed here and can be viewed by clicking the title of each item.

    •   Enrolled Learning
        This shows the status of your currently enrolled courses. From here you can click a course
        name to view more information about it and click the “Reference Point” icon    to access
        resources and the evaluation associated with that course.

    •   Enrolments Awaiting Approval
        This lists your enrolment requests currently awaiting approval by your training approver.

    •   Learning History
        This displays your personal learning history (both internal and external). By default it
        displays your learning history for the past 12 months. You can filter your learning history
        by selecting the options at the top of the Learning History page.

          o    Add / Request External Learning History and CPD
               Within your learning history page you can add records of learning that you’ve
               undertaken or are going to undertake outside of Learning Point. This might be a
               course or workshop that you and your team have attended. By clicking the “Add /
               Request External Learning History and CPD” button you can add this to your
               learning history. If you select a status of ‘Pending Approval’, an email will be sent to
               your training approver who can approve or deny the request.

          o    Print Learning History Report
               From the learning history page you can print a learning history report. This details all
               your internal learning history.

Learning Point

   •   Personal Calendar
       To view a calendar showing courses and programmes you have enrolled onto, click the
       “View Personal Calendar” link.

       The Learning page
       The Learning page can be accessed by clicking the ‘Learning’ link in the left menu. You
       can use this section to find and enrol onto them courses and programmes (classroom and
       online courses).

   •   Search the Catalogues
       You can search for learning by using any combination of the following filters:

         o   By keyword
             To search for learning by keyword you can type a keyword into the box and click the
             “Search” button.

         o   By catalogue
             To search by catalogue, click the drop-down arrow to select a catalogue and click
             the “Search” button.

         o   By language
             Click the drop-down arrow to select a language and click the “Search” button.

         o   By delivery method
             Click the drop-down arrow to select a delivery method and click the “Search” button.

         o   By subject
             Click the drop-down arrow to select a subject and click the “Search” button.

         o   Search for Learning Scheduled Between
             Click the personal calendar icon and select a date range.

   •   Scheduled Sessions Calendar
       To view all upcoming sessions, click the “Scheduled Sessions Calendar” tab. From the
       calendar you can view the catalogue page for courses and programmes and enrol onto a
       session. The calendar displays all scheduled sessions for a selected day.

Learning Point

       Enrolling onto Courses
       To enrol onto a course you need to find one first! Follow the instructions to find learning.
       Then from the search results, click a course name to view its catalogue page. Upcoming
       sessions (classroom only) and their locations are listed at the bottom of the catalogue

   •   Enrolling
       Click the “Enrol” button next to a session that you want to enrol onto. You will be
       presented with a confirmation screen. Click the “Confirm Enrolment” button. If there is a
       cost associated with the course you will be prompted to enter a job code. You will not be
       able to proceed with the enrolment unless you have entered a valid 10-digit job code. You
       should check with your training approver if you are unsure about the job code you should
       use for training.

   •   Notifications
       You will be notified when your enrolment request has been approved or denied by your
       training approver. If approved, you will be sent a confirmation. If denied, you will be sent
       an email containing the reason why your request has been denied, which you can follow
       up with your training approver. You will be emailed a reminder about your upcoming
       session prior to the start date. You will also receive a notification if there is any pre-work
       which needs to be completed prior to the session.

   •   Session Interest Lists
       Most classroom-based courses include a “Session Interest List”. If you cannot attend any
       of the dates listed on the catalogue page, you can then enrol onto the session interest list.
       You will be notified when new dates are added.

   •   Reference Point
       Once you have enrolled onto a course you should access its “Reference Point” by clicking
       the   icon. The “Reference Point” contains resources and the post-course evaluation
       associated with that course. (If applicable)

       You can use the personal notebook to take personal notes about a specific course. From
       the Reference Point, you can also contact the trainer and other learners who have
       enrolled onto the course. You can view your learning history for that course.

Learning Point

   •   Waiting Lists
       Each classroom-based learning activity or programme has a maximum number of spaces.
       Once this has been reached, you will be given the option of enrolling onto the session
       waitlist. You will be automatically enrolled and informed if a space becomes available.

   •   Add or view course comments
       You can share your experience with others informally, rating and adding comments that
       other learners can view from the catalogue page. To view comments, click the “Add or
       view course comments” link. You will see a list of comments, the number of reviews, and
       an average rating. You can also flag a comment as ‘useful’.

   •   Star Rating
       You can use the star rating to your comment (1 is poor, 5 is excellent).

Learning Point

       Withdrawing an Enrolment
       If you decide that you no longer want to continue with an enrolment you can cancel it. You
       can cancel your enrolment at two stages:

         o   Whilst you are waiting for approval
             Go to the ‘Pending Enrolments’ tab and click the ‘Withdraw’ button next to the course

         o   Once your request has been approved
             Access the “Reference Point” for the course by clicking the   icon. From there you
             can click the ‘Withdraw’ button to cancel your enrolment. You will receive an email
             confirmation once this has been done.

       Note: Cancellation period restrictions may mean that you are unable to withdraw an
       enrolment. In this case you should email to discuss the
       situation. Your division may still be charged the full course cost.

       Development page
       Within the development section you can access your current and expired certifications and
       course completion certificates.

   •   Current Certificates
       The "Current Certificates" tab shows your existing certificates and certifications (e.g. PTS,
       CSCS, and HAZWOPER). You can print a copy of your course completion certificates.

   •   Expired Certificates
       This tab displays your expired certificates. Click the drop-down arrow to view certificates
       and certifications for a particular year or choose “All” to see all your expired certificates.

   •   PDR Development Actions
       This area is currently under construction.

Learning Point

        The Community page

    •   Discussion Area
        Within the discussion area you can comment on our courses and give us feedback.

    •   Mail Box
        This option is available for those without a company email address. If you do not have a
        company email address, all emails from Learning Point will be delivered here.

        The Administration page
        Within the administration page you can use the Report Manager function which allows you
        to run in-depth training reports. There are two types of reports:

    •   Organisation Reports
        These reports provide details of learning activity at organisational-level.

    •   Learning Reports
        These reports provide both individual and course based-reporting.

Need help?
If you need help using Learning Point, or would like to ask us anything about the system you can
email us at or call +44(0)20 8774 2707.


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