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Galesburg, IL Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Hayden, Recognized As An Authority On Natural Spinal Pain Relief by AndrwKar69


Dr. Jeffrey Hayden, Galesburg Chiropractor has focused his practice on helping individuals suffering from spinal pain to find relief and enjoy a greater quality of life. The doctor creates individualized programs to address the immediate pain and provide patients with the tools and resources they need to gain mobility and function naturally and safely.

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									Galesburg, IL Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Hayden, Recognized As An
Authority On Natural Spinal Pain Relief

Galesburg, IL, 21-JAN-2011 -- Dr. Jeffrey Hayden, Galesburg Chiropractor
has been recognized as an authority on natural spinal pain relief. The
doctor develops individualized programs for individuals who may suffer
from chronic pain and give them the ability to enjoy a more active and
mobile life.

Through a series of tests, the doctor is able to identify the areas in
the spine that are misaligned or have compressed discs. In addition to a
physical examination, the doctor discusses lifestyle, diet, exercise and
past medical history with clients to determine what factors may be
contributing to the pain.

In many cases, an individual with spinal pain will also have issues with
their extremities. When discs are compressed, they often pinch the nerves
in the back and restrict the circulation throughout the body. By
realigning the discs, pressure is relieved from the nerves and the body
is able to heal more quickly and easily.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Hayden stated, "I have focused my practice
on spinal pain relief because there is no other condition that has an
impact on every aspect of a person's life. When a person is in pain, they
are often limited in the activities they can participate in and cannot
enjoy the quality of life that they should. I work closely with my
patients to make sure they are relieved from pain quickly and get the
function and mobility that they need to be able to live their life

To get more information on how Dr. Jeffrey Hayden, Galesburg Chiropractor
helps individuals who are suffering from sudden or chronic spinal pain
visit today. Individuals or members of the
press wishing to get more details about this press release will find
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Dr. Jeffrey Hayden

Hayden Chiropractic

1174 N. Seminary St.

Galesburg IL 61401

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